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307 Justice Building, Raleigh, N. C.

Biographical Sketches 611



Daniel Killian Moore, Democrat, was born in Asheville, N. C,
April 2, 1906. Son of Fred and Lela (Enloe) Moore. Attended Pub-
lic Schools of Sylva, N. C; University of North Carolina; grad-
uated with B.S. degree in Business Administration, 1927; Univer-
sity of North Carolina Law School, 1927-1928. Lawyer and busi-
ness executive. Member Phi Beta Kappa; Masonic Order; Civitan
Club; Rotary Club. Attorney for Town of Sylva, 1931-1933; Attor-
ney for Jackson County and Legal Representative for Jackson
County Board of Education, for 12 years. Served in ETO, U. S.
Army, 1943-1945. Solicitor 20th Judicial District, 1946-1948; Rep-
resentative from Jackson County in the General Assembly of 1941 ;
appointed Judge of 20th Judicial District, Superior Court, 1948;
elected Judge in 1950; resigned in 1958. Vice-Chairman, North
Carolina Board of Water Resources, 1959-1964. Member State
Democratic Executive Committee; delegate, State and National
Democratic Party Conventions; Precinct Chairman; member vari-
ous county and State Committees. Division Counsel and Assistant
Secretary, Champion Papers, Inc., Canton, N. C, 1958-1965; Direc-
tor, University of North Carolina Law School Foundation; Direc-
tor U. N. C. General Alumni Association; former member. More-
head Scholarship Committee; former member North Carolina Rail-
road Board of Directors. Governor of North Carolina, 1965-1969.
Partner, Joyner, Moore & Howison, Raleigh, N. C, 1969. Ap-
pointed November 20, 1969 by Governor Robert W. Scott as As-
sociate Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court; elected with-
out opposition to a full eight-year term, November 3, 1970. Life
Trustee, University of North Carolina; Trustee, High Point Col-
lege, 1966- ; Director, Wachovia Bank and Trust Company, 1969;
Director, Durham Life Insurance Company, 1969. Member Eden-
ton Street Methodist Church, Raleigh, N. C. Married Jeanelle
Coulter of Pikeville, Tennessee, May 4, 1933. Children: Mrs. Edgar
B. (Edith) Hamilton, Jr., Shelby, N. C, and Dan K. Moore, Jr.,
Lexington, N. C. Home address: 3621-E Anclote Arms, Raleigh,
N. C. Official address: Justice Building, Raleigh, N. C.




Raymond Bowden Mallard, Democrat, was born in Faison, N. C,
February 20, 1908. Son o± Judson R. and Eva (Bowden) Mallard.
Attended Calypso High School; Wake Forest College and Wake
Forest College Lavv School. Practiced law in Columbus County
from 1931 to 1935. Representative from Columbus County in the
General Assembly of 1939. Former member of Board of Trustees
of Campbell College and Pembi'oke State University. First Presi-
dent of Rotary Club of Tabor City, 1937-1938. Thirty-second De-
gree Mason; past Master of Tabor Lodge No. 563, Served in World
War II, Corporal. President of the Conference of Superior Court
Judges of North Carolina, 1966-1967. Vice President of North Car-
olina Bar Association, 1966-1967 and 1968-1969. Resident Superior
Court Judge of the Thirteenth Judicial District from July 1, 1955
to July 7, 1967. Appointed Judge of Court of Appeals by Gov-
ernor Dan K. Moore, July 1, 1967; designated Chief Judge of the
Court of Appeals by Chief Justice R. Hunt Parker, July 7, 1967;
elected Judge of Court of Appeals, November 5, 1968; designated
Chief Judge of Court of Appeals by Chief Justice William H. Bob-
bitt, November 20, 1969. Member of American Bar Association and
North Carolina Bar Association; recipient of the Judge John J.
Parker Award from North Carolina Bar Association. Member,
Sunday School Teacher and Deacon in Tabor City Baptist Church.
Married Lula McGougan, June 8, 1935. One daughter, Anne Eliza-
beth Sanders. Home address: Tabor City, N. C. Official address:
Raleigh, N. C.


Chief Judge Mallard

Judge Campbell

Judge Brock

Judge Britt

Judge Morris
Judge Parker
Judge Hedrick

Judge Vaughn

Judge Graham

614 North Carolina Manual



Hugh Brown Campbell, Democrat, was born in Waynesvilie,
N. C, March 14, 1907. Son of Wilburn Camrock and Stella (Brown)
Campbell. Attended St. Paul's School, Garden City, Long island.
New York, 1922-1923; University Scnool, Cleveland, Unio, 1923-
1925; Amherst College, Amherst, Massachusetts, 1929, A.B.; Uni-
versity of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N. C, 1932, J.D. Member
Mecklenburg County Bar Association, North Carolina Bar Asso-
ciation, North Carolina State Bar Association, American Bar As-
sociation, American Judicature Society and International Bar As-
sociation. Member Delta Upsilon Social Fraternity, Phi Alpha
Delta Legal Fraternity, Phi Beta Kappa and Order of Coif. Stu-
dent Editor, The North Carolina Law Review, 1930-31-32. City
Attorney, Charlotte, N. C, 1941-1944; Judge, North Carolina Su-
perior Court, 1955-1967; Judge North Carolina Court of Appeals
since 1967. Member St. Martin's Episcopal Church, Charlotte,
N. C. ; former Vestryman, former Senior Warden, and at present a
Layreader. Married Thelma Welles, December 2, 1933. Children:
Hugh Brown Campbell, Jr., Elizabeth Campbell Cantey and Wil-
burn Welles Campbell. Address: 1626 Queens Road, Charlotte, N. C.
28207. Official address, Raleigh, N. C.



Walter Edgar Brock, Democrat, was born in Wadesboro, N. C,
March 21, 1916. Son of Walter E. and Elizabeth (Ashcraft)
Brock. Attended N. C. Public Schools, 1921-1933; University of
North Carolina, 1937-1941, B.S.: University of North Carolina Law
School, 1947, LL.B. Member North Carolina Bar Association;
American Bar Association; American Judicature Society; Presi-
dent, 20th Judicial District Bar; Councillor, Noi-th Carolina State
Bar; Phi Delta Phi, honorary legal fraternity. Associate Editor,
North Carolina Law Review. Chairman, Anson County Democratic

Biographical Sketches 615

Executive Committee, 1959-1963; member, State Democratic Exec-
utive Committee, 1959-1963. Appointed Judge of Superior Court by
Governor Terry Sant'ord, January 1, 1963. Appointed Judge of
Court of Appeals by Governor Dan K. Moore, July 1, 1967; elected
November 5, 1968. Private, 2nd Lt., 1st Lt., Captain, Major, 1941-
1945. Episcopalian; member of Vestry; Junior Warden; Senior
Warden; Lay Reader; Sunday Sciiool Teacher, 1947-1967. Married
Sarah Frances Cahoon, December 24, 1939. Children: Sarah Fran-
ces Brock Moore, Elaine Alison Brock Rogers, Walter E. Brock,
Jr., Elizabeth Harrison Brock. Address: 204 Walden Place, Ra-
leigh, N. C. 27609



David Maxwell Britt, Democrat, was born in McDonald, N. C,
January 3, 1917. Son of Dudley H. and Martha Mae (Hall) Britt.
Attended McDonald Elementary School, 1922-1929; Lumberton
High School, 1929-1933; Wake Forest College, 1933-1935; Wake
Forest College Law School, 1935-1937. Lawyer. Member Ameri-
can and North Carolina Bar Associations. Solicitor, Fairmont
Recorder's Court, 1940-1944. Served on State Democratic Execu-
tive Committee for two terms. Member Board of Trustees South-
eastern General Hospital, President, 1958; President Wake Forest
College Alumni Association, 1952-1953; member Phi Kappa Alpha
National Society Fraternity; member Rotary Club, Governor of
Rotary District 279, 1951-1952; Chairman Robeson County Demo-
cratic Executive Committee, 1956-1958; Chairman, Fairmont Board
of Education, 1954-1958. Selected "Man of the Year" for Robeson
County, 1957. Representative in the General Assembly of 1959,
1961, 1963, 1965 and 1967; Speaker in 1967. Member Advisory
Budget Commission, 1963-1965. Member N. C. Courts Commission,
1963-1967. Appointed Judge of Court of Appeals by Governor Dan
K. Moore, July 1, 1967; elected 1968. Private, U. S. Army, 1943.
Baptist; Deacon; Teacher, Bible Class since 1939; 1st Vice Presi-
dent Baptist State Convention of N. C, 1968, 1969. Awarded hon-

616 North Carolina Manual

orary LL.D. degree by Wake Forest University, 1969. Married
Louise Teague of Fairmont, N. C, July 16, 1941. Children: Nancy
Britt Orcutt, Martha Neill B. Green, Mary Louise B. Hayes and
David, Jr. Address: 617 Glen Eden Drive, Raleigh, N. C.



Naomi Elizabeth Morris, Democrat, was born in Spring Hope,
N. C, December 1, 1921. Daughter of Edward Eugene Morris
(deceased) and Blanche Beatrix (Boyce) Morris. Attended Charles
Li. Coon High School, Wilson, N. C. ; Atlantic Christian College,
Wilson, N. C, A.B., 1943; University of North Carolina Law
School, Doctor of Law, 1955. Associate Editor North Carolina Law
Review, 1955. Member Wilson County Bar Association; Seventh
Judicial District Bar Association ; North Carolina Bar Associa-
tion; American Bar Association; American Judicature Society;
Order of the Coif. Precinct Chairman and Vice Chairman; member
State Democratic Executive Committee. Appointed Judge of Court
of Appeals by Governor Dan K. Moore, July 1, 1967; elected No-
vember 5, 1968. Member First Baptist Church, Wilson, N. C. Ad-
dress: 204 Warren Street, Wilson, N. C. Official address: Raleigh,
N. C.



Francis Marion Parker, Democrat, was born in Asheville, N. C,
August 25, 1912. Son of Haywood and Josie Buel (Patton) Parker.
Attended Asheville City Schools, 1926-1930; University of North
Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1934, A.B.; University of North Carolina
Law School, 1936, J.D. with honors. Member North Carolina State
Bar; North Carolina Bar Association; American Bar Association;
American Judicature Society; Phi Kappa Sigma; Phi Delta Phi;

Biographical Sketches 617

Phi Beta Kappa, 1933; Order of the Coif, 1936. Represented 31st
Senatorial District in General Assembly of 1947 and 1949. Ap-
pointed Judge of Court of Appeals by Governor Dan K. Moore,
December 23, 1967 ; elected November 5, 1968. Served in U. S. Army,
Sergeant, 1944-1945. Episcopalian. Married Dorothy Acee, May
18, 1940. Children: Martha Elizabeth Parker, Dorothy Patton Par-
ker, Mary T. Parker, and Frank M. Parker, Jr. Address: 244
Country Club Road, Asheville, N. C. Official address: Raleigh, N. C.



Robert Alfred Hedrick, Democrat, was born in Statesville, N. C,
August 23, 1922. Son of Horace E. Hedrick (deceased) and Sarah
E. (Morrow) Hedrick. Attended Scotts Elementary School; Gov-
ernor Morehead School, 1936-1943; University of North Carolina,
1946, A.B. degree; University of North Carolina Law School, 1949,
LL.B. Member North Carolina Bar Association; North Carolina
State Bar; American Bar Association; Phi Alpha Delta Legal
Fraternity; Delta Psi Social Fraternity. President, Iredell County
Young Democrats, one term; member State Democratic Executive
Committee, two terms. Solicitor, Iredell County Court, 1950-1958;
Judge, Iredell County Court, 1958-1969; member Board of Direc-
tors, Governor Morehead School; member State Bar Council 22nd
Judicial District. Councillor, North Carolina State Bar; President,
22nd Judicial District Bar; President, Iredell County Bar Associa-
tion. Member Concord Presbyterian Church, Statesville, N. C;
Deacon. Married Patricia Joanne Owen, December 31, 1955. Chil-
dren: Jeffrey Miles, Martha Jean, Joanna Rose, and John Alfred
Hedrick. Address: 4704 Stiller Street, Raleigh, N. C. 27609.

618 North Carolina Manual



Earl W. Vaughn, Democrat, was born in Reidsville, N. C, June
17, 1928. Son of John H. and Lelia F. Vaughn. Attended Ruffin
High School, 1941-1945; Pfeiffer Junior College; University of
North Carolina, 1950, A.B. degree; University of North Carolina
Law School, 1952, LL.B. degree. Lawyer. Member North Carolina
State Bar Association, past President Rockingham County Bar
Association; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity; Draper Rotary Club,
President, 1955; Tri-City Rescue Squad, President, 1957. Attorney
for Town of Draper, 1955-1967; Attorney for City of Eden, 19G7-
1970; Solicitor Leaksville Recorder's Court, 1959-1960; President
Rockingham County Young Democrats Club, 1956; Secretary-
Treasurer Rockingham County Democratic Executive Committee.
U. S. Army, 1945-1947. Representative in the General Assembly of
1961, 1963, 1965, 1967 and 1969. Speaker of N. C. House of Repre-
sentatives, 1967 and 1969. Member N. C. Courts Commission, 1966-
1970; Trustee, Rockingham Community College, 1963-1970; Direc-
tor, Council of State Governments, 1963-1970; Chairman, Southern
Council of State Governments, 1968. Director, Regional Education
Lab. for the Carolinas & Virginia, 1967-1970; Director, Raleigh
Zoological Foundation, Inc., 1967-1970; member. Legislative Build-
ing Governing Commission, 1967-1970; Co-Chairman, Legislative
Research Commission, 1967; Commission on Federal & Interstate
Cooperation, 1963, Chairman 1963-1965. Appointed Judge of Court
of Appeals by Governor Robert W. Scott, July 1, 1969; elected No-
vember 3, 1970. Methodist; Chairman Official Board, 1957; mem-
ber Board of Trustees since 1955. Married Eloise Freeland Mad-
dry, December 20, 1952. Three sons; Mark Foster, John Maddry
and Stuart E.; one daughter, Mary Rose Vaughn. Address: Field-
crest Road, Eden, N. C.



William Edgar Graham, Jr., Democrat, was born in Jackson
Springs, N. C, December 31, 1929. Son of William Edgar Graham,

Biographical Sketches 619

Sr. and Minnie Autry Graham. Attended West End Elementary
School, 1936-1944; University of North Carolina, A.B. degree,
1952; University of North Carolina School of Law, LL.B. (w^ith
Honors), 1956. Member American Bar Association; North Carolina
Bar; North Carolina Bar Association; American Judicature So-
ciety. Member Masonic Order, Scottish Rite and York Rite Masons,
Phi Delta Phi, Order of the Coif, Order of the Golden Fleece, Or-
der of the Grail and Civitan Club. Member State Democratic
Executive Committee (two terms) ; President, Young Democrats
of North Carolina, 1962. First Lieutenant, U. S. A. F., 1952-1954.
Presbyterian; Chairman Board of Deacons, Covenant Presbyterian
Church, Charlotte, 1967-1969. Married Jean Dixon McLaurin, No-
vember 24, 1962. Children: William McLaurin, John McMillan and
Sally Faircloth. Address: Raleigh, N. C.




(Eleventh Senate District — Counties: Durham, Orange and
Person. Two Senators.)

Gordon Phillip Allen, Sr., Democrat, of Person County, repre-
senting' the Eleventh Senatorial District, was born in Roxboro,
N. C. Son of George Lemuel and Sallie (Wilkerson) Allen. At-
tended Mars Hill College, AA Business, 1949. Partner Thompson
Allen Insurance and Realty; Secretary and Director of Somerset-
Hill Co., Inc., (yarn mfg.) ; President Roxboro Building Company,
Inc.; Chairman, Roxboro Board of Home Savings & Loan Assn. of
Durham. Director Central Carolina Bank and Trust; Chairman of
Board of Trustees Person Technical Institute. Member Tax Study
Commission; Legislative Research Commission. Chairman Water
and Air Committee of LRC ; Director Roxboro Development Corpor-
ation; member Governor's Commission on Reorganization of the
Democratic Party. Past President, Kiwanis Club and Roxboro
Chamber of Commerce; member Person Masonic Lodge, 113; V.F.W.
Received Distinguished Service Award from Jaycees, 1959. Chair-
man, United Fund Budget Commission; Vice President United
Fund; Chairman Democratic County Executive Committee, 1960-
1968. State Senator in the General Assembly of 1969. Served
three years active duty U.S. Army, Korean War; Platoon Leader,
Second Infantry Division; awarded Bronze Star for action against
enemy; Company Commander of Roxboro Unit of North Carolina
National Guard. Member Long Memorial Methodist Church; Fi-
nance Chairman; Chairman of Trustees; Chairman of Official
Board and Building Committee; Delegate to Annual Conference;
Sunday School Teacher for 12 years. Married Betsy Reade Harris,
July 12, 1952. Chi'ldren : Phillip, age 17, Katherine Lee, age 14,
Betsy Reade, age 11, George, age 9 and Page, age 5. Address:
233 Crestwood Drive, Roxboro, N. C.


Biographical Sketches 621


(Thirty-second Senate District — Counties: Haywood, Henderson
and Polk. One Senator.)

Zebulon Doyle Alley, Democrat, of Haywood County, represent-
ing the Thirty-second Senatorial District, was born in Sylva, N. C,
August 9, 1928. Son of Doyle and Edith (Purcell) Alley. At-
tended Waynesville Township High School; Oak Ridge Military
School; University of North Carolina, A.B. degree, 1953; Uni-
versity of North Carolina Law School, LL.B. degree, 1955. Lawyer.
Member North Carolina Bar Assn. ; North Carolina Academy of
Trial Lawyers; North Carolina State Bar. Member Benevolent
and Protective Order of Elks. Attorney, Haywood County, 1966-
1970; City Attorney, Waynesville, N. C, 1963-1967; City Attorney,
Clyde, N. C, 1966-. National Committeeman Young Democrat
Club; alternate delegate, Democratic Convention, 1964. Served in
the military service, 1948-1951, Corporal. Awarded the Bronze
Star with V device for valor. Member First United Methodist
Church. Two sons: Doyle and Randy. Address: P. O. Box 1018,
Waynesville, N. C.


(Fourth Senatorial District — Counties: Edgecombe, Halifax,
Pitt and Warren. Two Senators.)

Julian Russell Allsbrook, Democrat, of Halifax County, repre-
senting the Fourth Senatorial District, was born in Roanoke Rapids,
North Carolina, F'ebruary 17, 1903. Son of William Clemmons and
Bennie Alice (Waller) Allsbrook. Graduated from Roanoke Rapids
Public Schools in 1920; University of North Carolina, 1920-1924;
University of North Carolina Law School, 1922-1924; President,
student body, 1923-1924; Permanent Vice President, Class of 1924.
Lawyer. Member Halifax County Bar Assn. ; North Carolina Bar
Assn. ; North Carolina and United States Supreme Court Bars.
Member of the American Judicature Society; Registered in Who's
Who in the South and Southwest; Personalities of the South and
The National Register of Prominent Americans; Presidential

622 North Carolina Manual

Elector from Second Congressional District, 1936; former member
Board of Trustees Roanoke Rapids School District; Board of City
Commissioners of Roanoke Rapids for one term. State Senator in
the General Assembly of 1935, 1947, 1949, 1951, 1965, 1967 and
1969; Representative from Halifax County in the General As-
sembly of 1941; Democratic nominee to State Senate, 1942, resign-
ed to enter U.S. Naval Reserve as Lieutenant, 1942. and served
until placed on inactive duty, 1945; now Lieutenant Commander,
U.S. Naval Reserve. Chairman, Committee on Platform and Re-
solutions, State Democratic Convention, 1956-1958; received the
1965 North Carolina Public Health Association Award for Dis-
tinguished Service Citation for genuine interest in public health
needs of our citizens in all walks of life throughout North Caro-
lina and for unselfish and untiring efforts in promoting the pro-
grams in Public Health that would meet these needs. Appointed
as delegate to Southern Regional Education Board Legislative
Work Conference by Governor Moore, held in Asheville, North
Carolina, July, 1966. Member Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity;
Golden Fleece; Order of the Grail; lau Kappa Alpha Debating
Fraternity; American Legion; Woodmen of the World; Roanoke
Rapids Kiwanis Club; Mason, Widow's Lodge No. 519. Director,
Medical Foundation of North Carolina, Inc. Past member North
Carolina Committee on Nursing and Patient Care; Trustee North
Carolina Symphony, Inc. ; Secretary, State Municipal Road Com-
mission; Trustee, Chowan College, Murfreesboro, North Carolina,
1950-1954. Baptist. Member of The Governor's Study Commis-
sion on the Public School System of North Carolina, 1967-. Chair-
man, Commission for the Study of the Rules of Civil Procedure,
1967-. Married Frances Virginia Brown (now deceased) of Garys-
burg. North Carolina, June 24, 1926. Children: Richard Brown,
Mary Frances and Alice Harris. Address: Roanoke Rapids, N. C.


(Twenty-second Senate District — County: Forsyth. Two Sen-

Harry Stroman Bagnal, Republican, of Forsyth County, repre-
senting the Twenty-second Senatorial District, was born in Wins-

H. Patrick Taylor. Jr.
President of the Senate

Allen of Person
Alley of Haywood
Allsbrook of Halifax

Bagnal of Forsyth
Bailey of Wake

Baugh of Mecklenburg

Bingham of Davie
Bowles of Guilford
Britt of Robeson

Burney of New Hanover
Church of Vance
Coggins of Wake

Combs of Catawba

Crawford of Buncombe
Currie of Durham


1 1 ^w


624 North Carolina Manual

ton-Salcm, N. C, May 5, 1928. Son of Luther N. and Susie (Lof-
ton) Ba{?nal. Attended Reynolds Hi^h School, 1941-1945; The
Citadel, A.B. degree, 1949; Graduate School, University of North
Carolina at Chapel Hill. Secretary-Treasurer, Bagnal Lumber
Company. Served in U.S. Army, 1st Lieutenant. Member N.C.
Forestry Association and American Forestry Association. Senate
Minority Leader 1969 and member Republican State Control Com-
mittee. State Senator in the General Assembly of 1967 and 1969.
Member First Baptist Church; Deacon; Sunday School Teacher.
Married Anne Elizabeth Broyles, April 4, 1959. Children: Harry
S., Jr.; David C; Alice Anne; Mary Lofton and Samuel J. Bag-
nal. Address: 2861 Wesleyan Lane, Winston-Salem, N. C. 27106.


Twelfth Senate District— County : Wake. Two Senators.)

James Ruffin Bailey, Democrat, of Wake County, representing
the Twelfth Senatorial District, was born in Jacksonville, N. C,
April 13, 1919. Son of Isaac Mayo and Ida (Thompson) Bailey.
Attended Needham B. Broughton High School, Raleigh, N. C,
1936; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, A.B. degree,
1941; University of North Carolina Law School, LL.B., 1948.
Lawyer. Member of Wake County Bar Association; North Caro-
lina Bar Association; North Carolina State Bar. Member Raleigh
Rotary Club, President 1965-1966; Pi Kappa Alpha, President
Tau Chapter, 1940-1941; District President Pi Kappa Alpha,
1952-1953; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity. Served in United
States Army Air Force, 1941-1945; Lieutenant Colonel United
States Air Force Reserve. State Senator in the General Assem-
bly of 1965, 1967 and 1969. Chairman Legislative Study Commis-
sion on Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility and Compulsory
Insurance, 1965-1966; Chairman N. C. Courts Commission, 196S,
1969, 1970; member of Legislative Research Commission, 1968 and
Governor's Council on Juvenile Delinquency, 1968. N. C. Delegate
to Interstate Compact on Education, 1966; member of Education
Commission of the States, 1967-1968; member N. C. Mining Com-
mission, 1968; member Legislative Services Commission, 1969-
19 lO; Legislative Reseai'ch Commission Sub Commlctee, 1969-19/0;
Member Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, Raleigh, N. C; mem-

Biographical Sketches 625

ber of Vestry, 1950-1952, 1954-1956, 1961-1963 and 1968; Junior
Warden, 1956 and 1963, Senior Warden, 1969. Member Board of
Directors of Raleigh Chamber of Commerce. Married Nelle Rous-
seau, January 18, 1945. Children: James Ruffin Bailey, Jr., age 18
and Jane Rousseau Bailey, age 14. Address: 924 Cowper Drive,
Raleigh, N. C.


(Twenty-seventh Senate District — County: Mecklenburg. Three

Philip Jackson Baugh, Democrat, of Mecklenburg County, rep-
resenting the Twenty-seventh Senatorial District, was born in
Charlotte, N. C, February 20, 1932. Son of the late Philip Jack-
son Baugh and Mrs. R. E. Wilson. Attended Charlotte Central
High School; Duke University, A.B. degree, 1954. Business: Real
estate, cotton products, commercial horse breeding. Member Char-
lotte Downtown Association ; Charlotte Executives Club ; Good-
fellows Club; President elect, Duke University Alumni Association
and member of the Executive Committee. Charlotte Director North
Carolina National Bank; member Soaring Society of America;
Sigma Chi Fraternity; Theta Tau, professional engineering fra-
ternity, 32nd degree Mason and Shriner. Served as Captain,
USAF, Jet Fighter Pilot, 1954-1956-1962. Representative in the
General Assembly of 1967 and 1969. Member Covenant Presby-
terian Church; Deacon; member Finance Committee; Planning
Committee. Married Patricia Jeanne Meyers, June 6, 1953. Chil-
dren: Frances Kimberly, age 16; Lisa Jeanne, age 14; Philip
Jackson, age 13, and Patricia Leigh, age 11. Address: 2018 Sharon
Road, Charlotte, N. C. 28207. Business address: Baugh Bldg.,
Charlotte, N. C.


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