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Ninth District Charles Raper Jonas Lincolnton

Tenth District James T. Broyhill Lenoir

Eleventh District Roy A. Taylor Black Mountain


Warren E. Burger Chief Justice Minnesota

Potter Stewart Associate Justice Ohio

Hugo L. Black Associate Justice Alabama

Byron R. White Associate Justice Colorado

William O. Douglas Associate Justice Connecticut

Thurgood Marshall Associate Justice New York

William J. Brennan, Jr Associate Justice New Jersey

John M. Harlan Associate Justice New York

Harry A. Blackmun Associate Justice Minnesota



Eastern District Algernon L. Butler, Chief Judge Clinton

John D. Larkins, Jr., Judge ...Trenton

Franklin T. Dupree, Jr., Judge Raleigh

Middle District Edwin M. Stanley, Chief Judge Greensboro

Eugene A. Gordon, Judge Burlington

Western District Woodrow W. Jones, Chief Judge Rutherfordton

James B. McMillan, Judge Charlotte

Wilson Warlick, Senior Judge Newton


Eastern District Samuel A. Howard Raleigh

Middle District Carmon J. Stuart Greensboro

Western District Thomas E. Rhodes Asheville


Eastern District Warren Coolidge Fayetteville

Middle District William L. Osteen Greensboro

Western District Keith S. Snyder Lenoir


758 North Carolina Manual


For the Fourth Circuit

Judge J. B. Craven, Jr Morganton


Governor State Address

George C. Wallace Alabama State Capitol, Montgomery

William A. Egan Alaska State Capitol, Juneau

John M. Haydon American Samoa Government House, Pago Pago

Jack Williams Arizona State House, Phoenix

Dale Bumpers Arkansas State Capitol, Little Rock

Ronald Reagan California State Capitol, Sacramento

John A. Love Colorado State Capitol, Denver

Thomas J. Meskill Connecticut State Capitol, Hartford

Russell W. Peterson Delaware Legislative Hall, Dover

Reubin Askew Florida State Capitol, Tallahassee

Jimmy Carter Georgia State Capitol, Atlanta

Carlos G. Camacho Guam Executive Chambers, Agana

John A. Burns Hawaii lolani Palace, Honolulu

Cecil Andrus^ Idaho State Capitol, Boise

Richard B. Ogilvie Illinois State Capitol, Springfield

Edgar D. Whitcomb ...Indiana State Capitol, Indianapolis

Robert D. Ray Iowa... State Capitol, Des Moines

Robert B. Docking Kansas State House, Topeka

Louie B. Nunn Kentucky State Capitol, Frankfort

John J. McKeithen Louisiana State Capitol, Baton Rouge

Kenneth M. Curtis Maine State House, Augusta

Marvin Mandel Maryland State House, Annapolis

Francis W. Sargent Massachusetts State House, Boston

William G. Miliken Michigan State Capitol, Lansing

Wendell R. Anderson Minnesota State Capitol, St. Paul

John Bell Williams Mississippi State Capitol, Jackson

Warren E. Hearnes Missouri State Capitol, Jefferson City

Forrest H. Anderson Montana State Capitol, Helena

James Exon Nebraska State Capitol, Lincoln

D. N. O'Callaghan Nevada State Capitol, Carson City

Walter R. Peterson New Hampshire State House, Concord

William T. Cahill New Jersey State House, Trenton

Bruce King New Mexico State Capitol, Santa Fe

Nelson A. Rockefeller New York ....State Capitol, Albany

Robert W. Scott North Carolina State Capitol, Raleigh

William L. Guy North Dakota State Capitol, Bismarck

John J. Gilligan Ohio ....State House, Columbus

David Hall Oklahoma State Capitol, Oklahoma City

Tom McCall Oregon State Capitol, Salem

Milton J. Shapp Pennsylvania State Capitol, Harrisburg

Luis Ferre Puerto Rico La Fortaleza, San Juan

Frank Licht Rhode Island State House, Providence

John C. West South Carolina State House, Columbia

Richard S. Kneip South Dakota State Capitol, Pierre

Winfield Dunn Tennessee State Capitol, Nashville

Preston Smith. . Texas State Capitol, Austin

Calvin L. Rampton Utah State Capitol, Salt Lake City

Deane C. Davis Vermont State House, Montpelier

Linwood Holton.. Virginia State Capitol, Richmond

Melvin Evans Virgin Islands Government House, Charlotte

Amalie, St. Thomas

Daniel J. Evans Washington State Capitol, Olympia

Arch A. Moore, Jr West Virginia State Capitol, Charleston

Patrick J. Lucey Wisconsin State Capitol, Madison

Stanley K. Hathaway Wyoming State Capitol, Cheyenne


President of the Senate H. Patrick Taylor, Jr Wadesboro

Speaker of the House of

Representatives Philip P. Godwin Gatesville


Governor Robert W. Scott Alamance

Lieutenant Governor H. Patrick Taylor, Jr Anson

Secretary of State Thad Eure Hertford

Auditor Henry L. Bridges Guilford

Treasurer Edwin Gill Scotland

Superintendent of Public

Instruction Craig Phillips Guilford

Attorney General Robert Morgan Harnett

Commissioner of Agriculture James A. Graham Rowan

Commissioner of Labor Frank Crane Union

Commissioner of Insurance Edwin S. Lanier Orange

Supreme Court

Chief Justice William H. Bobbitt *Raleigh

Associate Justice Carlisle Higgins *Raleigh

Associate Justice Susie Sharp *Raleigh

Associate Justice I. Beverly Lake *Raleigh

Associate Justice Joseph Branch *Raleigh

Associate Justice J. Frank Huskins *Raleigh

Associate Justice Dan K. Moore *Raleigh

Emergency Justice William B. Rodman, Jr Washington

Emergency Justice E. B. Denny Raleigh

Emergency Justice J. Will Pless, Jr Marion

Administrative Assistant

to Chief Justice Frank W. Bullock, Jr Raleigh

Librarian and Marshal Raymond M. Taylor Raleigh

Clerk Adrian J. Newton Raleigh

Reporter Wilson B. Partin, Jr Raleigh

Court of Appeals

Chief Judge Raymond B. Mallard *Raleigh

Judge Hugh B. Campbell *Raleigh

Judge Walter E. Brock *Raleigh

Judge David M. Britt *Raleigh

Judge Naomi E. Morris *Raleigh

Judge Frank M. Parker *Raleigh

Judge Robert A. Hedrick *Raleigh

Judge Earl W. Vaughn *Raleigh

Judge William E. Graham, Jr *Raleigh

Clerk Theodore C. Brown, Jr Raleigh

Reporter Wilson B. Partin, Jr Raleigh

♦Official (not legal) residences.

Superior Court Judges

District Name Address

1st Walter W. Cohoon Elizabeth City

2nd Elbert S. Peel, Jr Williamston

3rd Robert D. Rouse, Jr Farmville

4th Howard H. Hubbard Clinton

5th Bradford Tillery Wilmington

5th Joshua S. James Mapel Hill

6th Joseph W. Parker Windsor

7th George M. Fountain Tarboro

8th Albert W. Cowper Kinston

9th Hamilton H. Hobgood Louisburg


760 North Carolina Manual

District Name Address

10th William Y. Bickett Raleigh

10th James H. Pou Bailey Raleigh

11th Harry E. Canaday Benson

12th E. Maurice Braswell Fayetteville

12th Coy E. Brewer... ...Fayetteville

13th Edward B. Clark Elizabethtown

14th Clarence W. Hall Durham

15th Thomas D. Cooper, Jr Burlington

16th . Henry A. McKinnon, Jr Lumberton

17th James M. Long Yancey ville

18th James G. E.xum, Jr. Greensboro

18th Walter E. Crissman High Point

18th Charles T. Kivett Greensboro

19th Frank M. Armstrong Troy

19th Thomas W. Seay, Jr Spencer

20th John D. McConnell Southern Pines

21st Walter E. Johnston, Jr Winston-Salem

21st Harvey A. Lupton Winston-Salem

22nd ...Robert A. Collier, Jr Statesville

23rd Robert M. Gambill ....North Wilkesboro

24th W. E. Anglin Burnsville

25th Sam J. Ervin, III Morganton

26th Fred H. Hasty Charlotte

26th William T. Grist Charlotte

26th Frank W. Snepp, Jr Charlotte

27th John R. Friday Lincolnton

27th B. T. Falls, Jr Shelby

28th W. K. McLean Asheville

28th Harry C. Martin ...Asheville

29th J. W. Jackson Henderson ville

30th T. D. Bryson Bryson City

Special Judges

Fate J. Beal Lenoir Lacy H. Thornburg Webster

James C. Bowman Southport A. Pilston Godwin, Jr Raleigh

J. William Copeland Murfreesboro Marvin K. Blount, Jr Greenville

Robert M. Martin High Point

Emergency Judges

Walter J. Bone Nashville F. Donald Phillips Rockingham

W. H. S. Burgwyn Woodland Henry L. Stevens, Jr Warsaw

Zeb V. Nettles. Asheville Chester R. Morris Coinjock

Hubert E. Olive Lexington Francis O. Clarkson Charlotte

George B. Patten Franklin


District Name Address

1st John Herbert Small Elizabeth City

2nd ....William C. Griffin, Jr Williamston

3rd Eli Bloom, Jr Greenville

4th Walter T. Britt ...Clinton

5th William Allen Cobb Wilmington

6th W. H. S. Burgwyn, Jr Woodland

7th Roy R. Holdford, Jr Wilson

8th F. Ogden Parker Goldsboro

9th Charles M. White, III Warrenton

10th William G. Ransdell, Jr Raleigh

11th John W. Twisdale Smithtield

12th Jack A. Thompson Fayetteville

13th Lee J. Greer Whiteville

14th Anthony Brannon Durham

15th Herbert F. Pierce Graham

16th John B. Regan Saint Pauls

17th Allen D. Ivie, Jr Eden

State Government 761

District Name Address

18th W. Douglas Albright Greensboro

19th James E. Roberts.. Kannapolis

20th Carroll Lowder Wingate

21st Frank J. Yeager Winston-Salem

22nd H. W. Zimmerman, Jr Lexington

23rd J. Allie Haves North Wilkesboro

24th Clyde M. Roberts Marshall

25th Donald E. Greene Hickory

26th Thomas F. Moore, Jr Charlotte

27th W. Hampton Childs, Jr Lincolnton

28th Robert D. Lewis Asheville

29th M. Leonard Lowe Caroleen

30th Marcellus Buchanan, III Sylva

District Court Judges

District Name Address

1st Fentress Horner (Chief) Elizabeth City

Wilton F. Walker Currituck

2nd Hallett S. Ward (Chief) Washington

Charles H. Manning Williamston

3rd J. W. H. Roberts (Chief).. ....Greenville

Charles H. Whedbee Greenville

Herbert O. Phillips, III Morehead City

Robert D. Wheeler ...Grifton

4th Harvey Boney (Chief) Jacksonville

Paul M . Grumpier Clinton

Russell J. Lanier Beulaville

Walter P. Henderson Trenton

5th Gilbert H. Burnett (Chief) Wilmington

N. B. Barefoot Wilmington

John M . Walker Wilmington

6th J. T. Maddrey (Chief) Weldon

Joseph D. Blythe Harrellsville

Ballard S. Gay Jackson

7th J. Phil Carlton (Chief) Pinetops

Allen W. Harrell Wilson

Tom H. Matthews Rocky Mount

Ben H. Neville Whitakers

8th W. Milton Nowell (Chief) Mt. Olive

Herbert W. Hardy Maury

Emmett R. Wooten Kinston

Lester W. Pate Kinston

9th Julius Banzet (Chief) Warrenton

Claude W. Allen, Jr Oxford

Linwood T. Peoples Henderson

10th George F. Bason (Chief) Raleigh

Edwin S. Preston, Jr Raleigh

S. Pretlow Winborne Raleigh

Henry V. Harnett, Jr Raleigh

N. F. Ransdell Fuquay-Varina

11th Robert B. Morgan, Sr. (Chief) LiUington

W. Pope Lyon Smithfield

William I. Godwin Selma

Woodrow Hill ..Dunn

12th Derb S. Carter (Chief) Fayetteville

D. B. Herring, Jr Fayetteville

Joseph E. Dupree Raeford

Seavy A. Carroll Fayetteville

13th Ray H. Walton (Chief) Southport

Giles R. Clark Elizabethtown

14th E. Lawson Moore (Chief) Durham

J. Milton Read, Jr Durham

Thomas H. Lee Durham

762 North Carolina Manual

District Name Address

15th Harry Horton (Chief) Pittsboro

Stanley Peele Chapel Hill

D. Marsh McLelland Graham

Coleman Cates Burlington

16th Samuel E. Britt (Chief) Lumberton

John S. Gardner Lumberton

Charles G. McLean Lumberton

17th. Leonard H. van Noppen (Chief). _ Danbury

Foy Clark Mt. Airy

George M. Harris Yancey ville

Frank Freeman Dobson

18th E. D. Kuykendall, Jr. (Chief) Greensboro

Byron Haworth High Point

Elreta M . Alexander Greensboro

Herman G. Enochs, Jr Greensboro

B. Gordon Gentry Greensboro

Edward K. Washington Jamestown

Kenneth M. Carrington Greensboro

19th Hal H. Walker (Chief) Asheboro

L. T. Hammond, Jr Asheboro

Robert L. Warren Concord

Frank M. Montgomery Salisbury

Odell Sapp Salisbury

20th F. Fetzer Mills (Chief) Wadesboro

Edward E. Crutchfield ....Albemarle

Walter M. Lampley Rockingham

A. A. Webb _ Rockingham

21st _A.bner Alexander (Chief) Winston-Salem

Buford T. Henderson Winston-Salem

Rhoda B. Billings. Winston-Salem

John (Red) Clifford _ Winston-Salem

A. Lincoln Sherk Winston-Salem

22nd — Hubert E. Olive, Jr. (Chief)..._ Lexington

L. Roy Hughes Thomasville

Preston Cornelius Troutman

C. H. Dearman Statesville

23rd Ralph Davis (Chief) North Wilkesboro

Samuel L. Osborne Wilkesboro

24th J. Ray Braswell (Chief) Newland

J. E. Holshouser, Sr Boone

25th Joe H. Evans (Chief) Hickory

Gene Sigmon Newton

Wheeler Dale Morgan ton

Joe K. Matheson Hickory

26th William H. Abernathy (Chief) Charlotte

Willard I . Catling Charlotte

Howard B. Arbuckle Charlotte

J. Edward Stukes Charlotte

Claudia W. Belk Charlotte

P. B. Beachum, Jr.._ Charlotte

Clifton Johnson Charlotte

27th Lewis Bulwinkle (Chief) Gastonia

Robert W. Kirby Cherry ville

Oscar F. Mason, Jr Gastonia

Joe F. Mull „ Shelby

John J. Mahoney, Jr Shelby

28th Gary Walter Allen (Chief) Asheville

Zebulon Weaver, Jr Asheville

Dennis J. Winner Asheville

James O. Israel, Jr Candler

29th Robert T. Gash (Chief) Brevard

Everett C. Carnes Marion

Wade B. Matheny..._ Forest City

30th F. E. Alley, Jr. (Chief) Waynesville

Robert J. Leatherwood, III Bryson City

State Government 763

heads of administrative departments, boards and commissions

Adjutant General Ferd L. Davis Wake

Department of Administration William L. Turner, Director Wake

Department of Agriculture James A. Graham, Commissioner Rowan

Board of Alcoholic Control William Charles Cohoon, Chairman Wake

State Department of Archives

and History H. G. Jones, Director Wake

Department of Auditor Henry L. Bridges, State Auditor Guilford

Banking Department Frank L. Harrelson, Commissioner Wake

Commission for the Blind W. E. Early, Executive Director Wake

N. C. Burial Associations Daniel K. Muse, Commissioner Alamance

Budget Bureau G. A. Jones, Jr., State Budget Officer Wake

N. C. Civil Defense Agency James W. Denning, Director Harnett

Coastal Plains

Regional Commission Leigh H. Hammond, Director Wake

Department of Conservation

and Development Roy G. Sowers, Jr., Director._ Lee

Department of Community

Colleges..._ Ben Fountain, Jr., Director._ Wake

State Department of

Correction,_ V. L. Bounds, Commissioner Wake

Administrative Office of the

Courts Bert M. Montague, Director Wake

Disbursing Office George S. Lambert, Disbursing Officer Wake

State Board of Education A. C. Davis, Controller Wake

Board of Higher Education Cameron P. West, Director Wake

State Board of Elections Alex K. Brock, Executive Secretary Wake

Employment Security

Commission Henry E. Kendall, Chairman Cleveland

General Services Division James Hogarth, Physical Plant Director.- Wake

N. C. Good Neighbor Council Fred L. Cooper, Director Hertford

Governor's Committee on the

Employment of the

Handicapped W. Joseph Strickland, Executive Secretary Wake

Governor's Coordinating

Council on Aging J. Eddie Brown, Executive Director Durham

State Board of Health Dr. Jacob Koomen, State Health Director Wake

State Highway Patrol. _ Edwin C. Guy, Commander Wake

State Highway Commission Duncan McLauchlin Faircloth, Chairman Sampson

State Highways George Willoughby, Jr., Administrator Wake

Department of Mental Health Dr. Eugene A. Hargrove, Commissioner

of Mental Health Wake

Industrial Commission J. Howard Bunn, Jr., Chairman Wake

Department of Insurance Edwin S. Lanier, Commissioner Orange

Bureau of Investigation Charles Dunn, Director Wake

Board of Juvenile Correction Blaine M. Madison, Commissioner Iredell

Department of Justice Robert Morgan, Attorney General. Harnett

Department of Labor Frank Crane, Commissioner Union

Law Enforcement Officers'

Benefit and Retirement Fund H. G. McFayden, Executive Secretary Wake

Legislative Services Commission Clyde Ball, Legislative Services Officer Wake

N. C. State Library Philip S. Ogilvie, State Librarian Wake

Department of Local Affairs G. Irvin Aldridge, Director Caswell

Local Government Commission Harlan E. Boyles, Secretary Wake

Medical Care Commission William F. Henderson, Executive Secretary Wake

N. C. Milk Commission Grady Cooper, Jr., Executive Secretary Wake

Department of Motor Vehicles Joe W. Garrett, Commissioner Wake

Museum of Art Charles Stanford, Director Wake

State Board of Paroles Wade E. Brown, Chairman Watauga

Personnel Department Claude E. Caldwell, Director Wake

State Ports Authority.... James W. Davis, Executive Director _.New Hanover

Probation Commission William H. Gibson, Director Wake

State Property Officer Carroll L. Mann, Jr Wake

N. C. Federal Property Officer Carl L. Williamson, Jr Wake

Department of Public

Instruction Craig Phillips, Superintendent Guilford

764 North Carolina Manual

State PurchasiriK Officer R. D. McMillan, Jr ...Robeson

Departmi'Tit of Revenue Ivie L. Clayton, Commissioner Wake

Rural Elect rilication Authority Gwyn B. Price, Chairman Ashe

N. C. Board of Science and

Technolofjy Peter J. Chenery, Director Durham

Seashore Advisory Board Archie Hathcock, Executive Secretary Wake

State Department of

Social Services Clifton M. Craig, Commissioner Wake

Department of State Thad Eure, Secretary of State Hertford

Supreme Court Frank W. Bullock, Jr., Administrative

Assistant to Chief Justice Wake

Raymond M. Taylor, Librarian

and Marshal Wake

Adrian J. Newton, Clerk Wake

Wilson B. Partin, Jr., Reporter Wake

Department of Ta.\ Research H. C. Stansbury, Director. Wake

Ta.x Review Board Harlan E. Boyles, Executive Secretary Wake

Teachers' and State Employees'

Retirement System J. E. Miller, Director Wake

Treasury Department Edwin Gill, State Treasurer Scotland

Utilities Commission Harry T. Wescott, Chairman Wake

Departme.'it of Veterans Affairs Collin McKinne, Director Franklin

Department of Water and

Air Resources George E. Pickett, Director Wake

Wildlife Resources Commission Clyde P. Patton, Executive Director Wake

All official addresses, Raleigh, N. C.



Confederate Woman's Home Mrs. Mable Williford._ Fayetteville


C. A. Dillon School Bill D. Noland Butner

Richard T. Fountain

School W. Robert Atkinson Rocky Mount

Juvenile Evaluation Center J. Louis Parrish Swannanoa

Samarkand Manor., _ Reva Mitchell Eagle Springs

Samuel Leonard School William R. Windley McCain

Cameron Morrison School Henry W. Parker Hoffman

State Training School

for Girls Mae D. Holmes Kinston

Stonewall Jackson School Hoyt O. Sloop Concord

N. C. Agricultural and

Technical State University Lewis C. Dowdy Greensboro

Appalachian State University Herbert W. Wey Boone

The Central Orphanage of

North Carolina H. V. Bryant Oxford

East Carolina University Leo W. Jenkins Greenville

Eastern North Carolina

School for the Deaf R. M. McAdams Wilson

Elizabeth City State University Marion D. Thorpe Elizabeth City

Fayetteville State University Charles Lyons, Jr Fayetteville

The Governor Morehead School S. J. Cole Raleigh

N. C. Central University Albert N. Whiting Durham

N. C. School of the Arts Robert Ward Winston-Salem

N. C. School for the Deaf Ranee Henderson Morganton

Oxford Orphanage A. D. Leon Gray Oxford

Pembroke State University English Jones Pembroke

University of North Carolina:

President William C. Friday Chapel Hill

State Government 765

UNC at Chapel Hill,

Chancellor J. Carlyle Sitterson Chapel Hill

UNC at Charlotte, Chancellor D. W. Colvard Charlotte

N. C. State University at

Raleigh, Chancellor...- John T. Caldwell Raleigh

UNC at Asheville, Chancellor W. E. Highsmith Asheville

UNC at Greensboro, Chancellor James S. Ferguson Greensboro

UNC at Wilmington, Chancellor. William H. Wagoner Wilmington

North Carolina Vocational

Textile School John M. Jenkins Belmont

Western Carolina University Alexander S. Pow CuUowhee

Winston-Salem State University..._.Kenneth R. Williams Winston-Salem


Anson Technical Institute (Vacancy) Ansonville


Technical Institute Thomas W. Simpson Asheville

Beaufort County Technical

Institute.. Charles H. Byrd Washington

Bladen Technical Institute George Resseguie Elizabethtown

Blue Ridge Technical Institute William D. Killian..._ Hendersonville

Caldwell Community College

and Technical Institute H. E. Beam._ Lenoir

Cape Fear Technical Institute M. J. McLeod Wilmington

Carteret Technical Institute Henry J. McGee Morehead City

Catawba Valley Technical

Institute Robert E. Paap Hickory

Central Carolina Technical

Institute J. F. Hockaday Sanford

Central Piedmont Community

College Richard Hagemeyer Charlotte

Cleveland County Technical

Institute ..James Petty Shelby

Coastal Carolina Community

College James L. Henderson, Jr Jacksonville

College of the Albemarle S. Bruce Petteway Elizabeth City

Craven Technical Institute Thurman Brock New Bern

Davidson County Community

College Grady E. Love Lexington

Durham Technical Institute Harold K. Collins Durham

Edgecombe County Technical

Institute Charles B. Mclntyre Tarboro

Fayetteville Technical Institute Howard E. Boudreau - FayetteviUe

Forsyth Technical Institute Ernest Parry Winston-Salem

Gaston College Woodrow B. Sugg _ Dallas

Guilford Technical Institute Luther R. Medlin Jamestown

Halifax County Technical

Institute ....Phillip Taylor Weldon

Haywood Technical Institute M. C. Nix Clyde

Isothermal Community College Fred J. Eason Spindale

James Sprunt Institute Dixon Hall Kenansville

Johnston County Technical

Institute John Tart Smithlield

Lenoir Community College Jesse L. McDaniel Kinston

Martin Technical Institute E. M. Hunt Williamston

McDowell Technical Institute John Alfred Price Marion

Montgomery Technical

Institute David Bland Troy

Nash Technical Institute Jack Ballard Rocky Mount

Pamlico Technical Institute Paul Johnson Alliance

Person Technical Institute Craven H. Sumerell Roxboro

Pitt Technical Institute William E. Fulford, Jr Greenville

Randolph Technical Institute M. H. Branson Asheboro

Richmond Technical Institute Joseph H. Nanney Hamlet

766 North Carolina Manual

Roanoke-Chowan Technical

Institute J. W. Young Ahoskie

Robeson Technical Institute Craig Allen -St. Pauls

Rockingham Community College....Gerald B. James Wentworth

Rowan Technical Institute C. Merrill Hamilton Salisbury

Sampson Technical Institute James E. Vann Clinton

Sandhills Community College Raymond A. Stone Southern Pines

Southeastern Community

College W. Thomas Cottingham WhiteviUe

Southwestern Technical

Institute Edward E. Bryson Sylva

Surry Community College I. John Krepick Dobson

Technical Institute of ^

Alamance William E. Taylor Burhngton

Tri-County Technical Institute _. Holland McSwain Murphy

Vance County Technical

Institute Donald R. Mohorn Henderson

Wayne Community College Clyde A. Erwin, Jr Goldsboro

Western Piedmont Community

College Gordon Blank Morganton

Wilkes Community College Howard E. Thompson._ Wilkesboro

Wilson County Technical

Institute (Vacancy) Wilson

W. W. Holding Technical „ , . ,.

Institute Robert W. LeMay Raleigh


Broughton Hospital Dr. Capers Smith Morganton

Cherry Hospital Dr. Frank James Goldsboro

Dorothea Dix Hospital Dr. Robert Rollins Raleigh

John Umstead Hospital Dr. Pedro J. Irigaray Butner


Caswell Center.__ Dr. Frank Badrock Kinston

Murdoch Center Dr. James F. Elliott Butner

O'Berry Center Dr. Vernon Mangum Goldsboro

Western Carolina Center Dr. J. Iverson Riddle Morganton


Butner Center Dr. Norman Desrosiers Butner

Greenville Center Don Dancey Greenville

Black Mountain Center Dr. Neil Mitchell Black Mountain


Wright School Richard Yell Durham

Other Hospitals

N. C. Cerebral Palsy Hospital Dr. Lenox D. Baker Durham

N. C. Orthopedic Hospital Dr. George R. Miller Gastoma

N. C. Sanatoriums for

Treatment of Tuberculosis Dr. W. H. Gentry, Medical Director.- Chapel Hill

N. C. Sanatorium Joseph Lennon McCain

Eastern Sanatorium Dr. H. F. Eason Wilson

Gravely Sanatorium Earl Hartsell, Jr Chapel Hill

Western Sanatorium ....Dr. C. D. Thomas Black Mountain

State Government 767

heads of some organizations other than state agencies

N. C. Association Clerks

Superior Court Institute of Government,

Secretarial Agency Chapel Hill

N. C. Association County

Commissioners John T. Morrisey, Sr., General Counsel Raleigh

N. C. Citizens Association,

Incorporated Edward L. Rankin, Jr.,

Exec. Vice President Raleigh

N. C. Dental Society Andrew M. Cunningham, Exec. Sec'y Raleigh

N. C. Association of Educators Dr. A. C. Dawson, Exec. Sec'y Raleigh

N. C. Fire Insurance Rating

Bureau Charles E. Hibbard, Manager Raleigh

Institute of Government John L. Sanders, Director Chapel Hill

N. C. League of Municipalities S. Leigh Wilson

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