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Executive Director Raleigh

Medical Society of the State

of North Carolina William N. Hilliard, Executive Director Raleigh

Sheriff's Association J. C. Rumple, Sec.-Treas Statesville

Social Security Administration Robert A. Flynn, Manager Raleigh

N. C. State Bar B. E. James, Sec.-Treas Raleigh

N. C. State Employees'

Association Emmett W. Burden, Exec. Sec'y Raleigh

State Employees Credit Union W. E. Greer, General Manager Raleigh

State Highway Employees'

Association Otis Banks, Executive Secretary Raleigh



Alamance county was founded in 1819 from Oranfje. The name is supposed to be
derived from an Indian word meaning "blue clay." The county j;ets its name from Alamance
Creek, on the banks of which was fought the battle between the colonial troops under
Governor Tryon and the Regulators, May 16, 1771.

Population — 96,362 County Seat — Graham

State Senator 17th District Ralph H. Scott, Rt. 1, Haw River

Members House of Representatives 21st District VV. S. Harris, Jr., Rt. 1, Graham

James E. Long, Burlington

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Wiley P. Wooten Graham

Register of Deeds Duke Parrish Graham

Sheriff John H. Stockard Graham

Treasurer.. Colleen L Foust Graham

Auditor Hogan & Henderson Graham

Ta.x Supervisor Claude CIreen Graham

Tax Collector Sadie Petty Graham

County Accountant Colleen 1. Foust Graham

Coroner Lewis W. Strickland, Jr. Graham

County Health Director Dr. W. L. Norville..... Burlington

Supt. of Schools Dr. John Deason Graham

Director of Social Services Annie Laurie Burton Graham

County E.xt. Chairman George Coble Graham

Chmn. Bd. Education Dr Carl Sellars Graham

Chmn. Bd. Elections H. Clav Hemric Burlington

Wildlife Patrolman ....E. R. Jarrett Rt. 1, Haw River

Forest Ranger Robert B. Jones Graham

County Attorney D. J. Walker, Jr Graham

County Librarian Evelyn Parks Burlington

Civil Defense Director ...Jim Parris Graham

Veterans Service Officer Ola Hudson Graham

County Commissioners:

Chairman Crawford Amick Mebane

Commissioner J. B. Long Elon College

Commissioner Wayne Mooneyham Burlington

Commissioner... N. N. Fleming, III Haw River

Commissioner Jack Paris Saxapahaw


Alexander County was formed in 1817 from Iredell. Caldwell and Wilkes. Was named
in honor of William J. Alexander, of Mecklenburg County, several times a member of the
Legislature and Speaker of the House of Commons.

Population — 19,466. County Seat — Taylors ville

State Senators 26th District Bobby Lee (Bob) Combs, Hickory

Norman H. Joyner, Rt. 1, Statesville

Members House of Repre.sentatives 42nd District William M. Fulton, Morganton

Donald R. Kincaid, Lenoir
Teral T. Bostian, Rt. 1, Taylorsville

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Atwell Bumgarner Taylorsville

Register of Deeds. . Ravford Rogers Taylorsville

Sheriff Thomas E. Bebber Taylorsville

Treasurer Gerald White Taylorsville

Auditor Gerald White Taylorsville

Tax Supervisor Gerald White Taylorsville

Tax Collector Gerald White Taylorsville


County Government 769

Office Officer Address

County Accountant Gerald White Taylorsville

Surveyor Walter Harrington Rt. 4, Taylorsville

County Health Director Dr. Melvin F. Eyerman Hickory

Supt. of Schools Dwight Isenhour Taylorsville

Director of Social Services Luther Dyson Rt. 4, Taylorsville

County Ext. Chairman Henry M. Ramseur Taylorsville

Chmn. Bd. Education Bill Mauney ....Taylorsville

Chmn. Bd. Elections Harold Price Rt. 3, Taylorsville

Wildlife Protector J. H. Smiley Rt. 3, Taylorsville

Forest Ranger ....Glenn Lackey Hiddenite

County Attorney Richard Gwaltney Taylorsville

County Librarian Mrs. Lois Neal Taylorsville

Civil Defense Director R. L. Tatum Taylorsville

Veterans Service Officer Ewell Dagenhart Rt. 5, Taylorsville

County Commissioners:

Chairman Glenn Deal Taylorsville

Commissioner Mack Treadway Rt. 4, Taylorsville

Commissioner J. M. Lackey Hiddentie


Alleghany County was formed in 1859 from Ashe. The name is derived from an Indian
tribe in the limits of North Carolina.

Population— 8,134 County Seat— Sparta

State Senator 21st District Fred Folger, Jr., Mt. Airy

Members House of Representatives 37th District P. C. Collins, Jr., Laurel Springs

J. Worth Gentry, King
George W. Marion, Jr., Dobson

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Glenn Busic Sparta

Register of Deeds Ernest E. Edwards Sparta

Sheriff Kyle A. Caudill Sparta

Treasurer Kyle A. Caudill Sparta

Auditor Georgia Edwards Sparta

Tax Supervisor Albert Richardson Sparta

Tax Collector Kyle A. Caudill Sparta

County Accountant Georgia Edwards Sparta

Coroner Dr. E. L. Taylor Sparta

County Health Director Carl D. Tuttle Boone

Supt. of Schools. John F. Woodruff Sparta

Director of Social Services Mrs. Doris Busic Sparta

County Ext. Chairman Roger Merdock Sparta

Chmn. Bd. Education Duke C. Bedsaul, Jr Sparta

Chmn. Bd. Elections George T. Finney Sparta

Wildlife Protector John F. V/ishon Sparta

Forest Ranger Edsel Andrews Rt. 4, Sparta

County Attorney Edmund I. Adams Sparta

County Librarian Mrs. Maude Andrews Sparta

Civil Defense Director Bill Choate Sparta

Veterans Service Officer Dean Miller Sparta

County Commissioners:

Chairman Blake Hampton Piney Creek

Commissioner J. R. Gambill Sparta

Commissioner B. H. Rector Sparta

770 North Carolina Manual


Anson County was formed in 1719 from Rladen. Was named in honor of George Lord
Anson, a celebrated English admiral who circumnavigated the globe. He lived for a while
on the I'ee Dee in South Carolina. In lT(il he was given the honor of bringing to her
marriage with King (jeorge III, Charlotte, Princess of Mecklenburg, for whom Mecklenburg
County was named.

Population — 23,488 County Seat — Wadesboro

Stale Senators 24th District F. O'Neil Jones, Wadesboro

Frank N. Patterson, Jr., Albemarle

Members House of Representatives 33rd District Richard S. Clark, Monroe

Foyle Hightower, Jr., Wadesboro

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court H. C. Tucker Wadesboro

Register of Deeds Haxel Tice Wadesboro

Sheriir Edd T. Jarman Wadesboro

Treasurer Hazel Tice Wadesboro

Auditor Hazel Tice Wadesboro

Tax Supervisor Carroll Pratt Wadesboro

Tax Collector Carroll Pratt Wadesboro

County Accountant Hazel Tice Wadesboro

Coroner H. H. Leavitt, Jr Wadesboro

Surveyor Frank Clark Wadesboro

Supt. of Schools ...-W. L. Wildermuth Wadesboro

Director of Social Services Charles Haskell Wadesboro

County Ext. Chairman John R. Potter, Jr. Wadesboro

Chmn. Bd. Education Jimmy Hardison Wadesboro

Chmn. Bd. Elections H. C. Gray Wadesboro

Wildlife Protector Ralph Gritfin Wadesboro

Forest Ranger . Earl Robertson Wadesboro

County Manager Bill Brooks Polkton

County .Attorney Taylor and McLendon Wadesboro

County Librarian Jenelle Kendall Wadesboro

Civil Defense Director Bill Brooks Wadesboro

Veterans Service Officer R. C. Covington Wadesboro

County Commissioners:

Chairman Bryant Braswell Wadesboro

Commissioner Chesley Greene Wadesboro

Commissioner Jetl Cloud Wadesboro

Commissioner Ralph Bricker Polkton

Commissioner J. Edwin Wall Morven


Ashe County was formed in 1799 from Wilkes. Was named in honor of Samuel Ashe
of New Hanover, brother of General John Ashe. Samuel Ashe was a Revolutionary patriot,
one of the tirst judges of the state, and afterwards governor.

Population — 19,571 County Seat — JefTerson

State Senator 21st District...., Fred Folger, Jr., Mt. Airy

Members House of Representatives 37th District P. C. Collins, Jr., Laurel Springs

J. Worth Gentry, King
George W. Marion, Jr., Dobson

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Virginia D. Winebarger Jefferson

Register of Deeds Kyle Baldwin Jefferson

Sheriff George Miller Jefferson

Treasurer Carol Tucker Jefferson

Auditor Will Worth JefTerson

Tax Supervisor Doris Burchette Jefferson

Tax Collector Edd Roland Jefferson

County Accountant Carol Tucker Jefferson

County Government 771

Office Officer Address

Coroner Dean C. Jones, Jr Jefiferson

Surveyor Greer Sheets Laurel Springs

County Health Director Carl Tuttle Jefferson

Supt. of Schools Carl James Warrensville

Director of Social Services..... Frances Tucker ..Jefferson

County Ext. Chairman _ C. E. Gardner Jefferson

Chmn. Bd. Education Robert Goodman Jefferson

Chmn. Bd. Elections _.. Van Woodruff Jefferson

Wildlife Protector Roland Koontz Jefferson

Forest Ranger.. Luther Anderson, Jr Jefferson

County Attorney Thomas Johnston and Allen Worth Jefferson

County Librarian _ Mildred Little Warrensville

Civil Defense Director Hoyle Stringer Jefferson

Veterans Service Officer John Eastridge Warrensville

County Commissioners:

Chairman Frank McMillan Grumpier

Commissioner Reeves Weaver West Jefferson

Commissioner Harold Stanley Jefferson

Commissioner., Dean Hart Warrensville

Commissioner Joe Robinson Warrensville


Avery County was formed in 1911 from Mitchell, Watauga, and Caldwell. Was named
in honor of Colonel Waightstill Avery "of Revolutionary fame," Attorney General of
North Carolina, 1777-1779.

Population — 12,655 County Seat — Newland

State Senator 30th District Clyde Norton, Old Fort

Member House of Representatives 44th District James E. Holshouser, Jr., Boone

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Dean B. EUer Newland

Register of Deeds Dan G. Vance Newland

Sheriff H. Beverly Daniels Newland

Tax Supervisor., Buster Hayes Newland

Tax Collector Howard Turbyfill Newland

County Accountant.__ B. E. Burleson Newland

Medical Examiner Dr. A. P. Dixon Newland

Surveyor Paul B. Banner Banner Elk

Supt. of Schools Harry McGee. Minneapolis

Director of Social Services.- Mrs. Mary Jane Hartley Newland

County Ext. Chairman _ Waightstill Avery Plumtree

Chmn. Bd. Education Martha Guy Newland

Chmn. Bd. Elections _ Mrs. Lucille T. Winters Elk Park

Wildlife Protector Doran Robbins Newland

Forest Ranger Maynard Ollis Cranberry

County Attorney Robert H. Lacey Newland

County Librarian Margo Braswell Montezuma

Civil Defense Director L. E. McGuire Newland

Veterans Service Officer J. B. Clark Morganton

County Commissioners:

Chairman Lonzo Hughes Rt. 1, Newland

Commissioner Floyd Banner Newland

Commissioner Jason R. Hughes Newland


Beaufort County was formed in 1705 from Bath. Was first called Archdale and name
changed to Beaufort about 1712. It was named in honor of Henry Somerset, Duke of
Beaufort, who in 1709 became one of the Lords Proprietors of Carolina. He purchased
the share originally owned by the Duke of Albemarle.

772 North Carolina Manual

Population— 35,980 County Seat — Washington

State Senator 2nd District Ashley B. Futrell, Washington

Members House of Representatives 2nd District Archie Burrus, Manteo

William R. Roberson, Jr., Washington

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Bessie J. Cherry Washington

Register of Deeds John I. Morgan Washington

Sheriff Jack D. Harris Washington

Treasurer Jay Hodges, Jr Washington

Auditor Jay Hodges, Jr Washington

Tax Collector Hubert R. Johnson Washington

County Accountant Jay Hodges, Jr Washington

Coroner Junius Woolard Washington

Medical Examiner Dr. Harry Carpenter Washington

County Health Director Dr. Karl L. Vanhorn Washington

Supt. of Schools Gray Hodges Washington

Director of Social Services ....Betty Agnew Washington

County Ext. Chairman M. P. Chesnut Washington

Chmn. ABC Board George Taylor Washington

Chmn. Bd. Education Jasper Warren Chocowmity

Chmn. Bd. Elections Cecil Lilley Bath

Wildlife Patrolman Scott Beasley Chocowmity

Wildlife Protector James R. Modlin Bath

Wildlife Protector J. E. Waters, Jr Aurora

County Attorney William P. Mayo Washington

County Librarian Mrs. Mary B. Wilson Washington

Civil Defense Director E. Gene Alligood Washington

Veterans Service Officer Carolyn Taylor Washington

County Commissioners:

Chairman Jack E. Swindell Bath

Commissioner Linwood L. Cayton Aurora

Commissioner Calvin Pittmen Chocowmity

Commissioner J. Stancill Lilley Washington

Commissioner M. D. Whisnant Belhaven


Bertie County was formed in 1722 from Bath. Was named in honor of James and Henry
Bertie, Lords Proprietors, who in 1728 owned the share of Lord Clarendon.

Population— 20,528 County Seat— Windsor

State Senators 1st District J. J- Harrington, Lewiston

George M. Wood, Camden
Members House of Representatives 6th Dist Roberts H. Jernigan, Jr., Ahoskie

Perry Martin, Rich Square

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Robert E. Williford Windsor

Register of Deeds J. S. Warlick Windsor

Sheriff . ... Edward H. Daniels Windsor

Treasurer Hallie D. Perry Windsor

Tax Supervisor Jack A. Williford Windsor

Tax Collector Jack A. Williford Windsor

County Accountant J. S. Warlick Windsor

Coroner Goodwin Byrd Windsor

Surveyor J. B. Parker Windsor

Supt. of School's J. L. Dupree W mdsor

Director of Social Services Mrs. Norma P. Smith Windsor

County Ext. Chairman George C. Jennings Windsor

Chmn. ABC Board Lewis Perry Windsor

Chmn. Bd. Education G. W. Capehart, Jr Merry Hill

Chmn. Bd. Elections Roy L. Powell - Aulander

Wildlife Patrolman Charles Davis Windsor

County Government 773

Office Officer Address

Wildlife Protector Ray Elks Lewiston

Forest Ranger Alton Miller Windsor

County Attorney John R. Jenkins, Jr Aulander

County Librarian Mrs. J. L. Byrd Windsor

Civil Defense Director Phillip N. Waters Windsor

Veterans Service Officer Mrs. Bina Davis Windsor

County Commissioners:

Chairman B. F. Hoggard Aulander

Commissioner W. J. Barnacascel Windsor

Commissioner Bennie Bazemore Aulander

Commissioner Charles H. Edwards Lewiston

Commissioner Robert Spivey Windsor


Bladen County was formed in 1734 from Bath. Was named in honor of Martin Bladen,
one of the members of the Board of Trade which had charge of colonial affairs.

Population — 26,477 County Seat — Elizabethtown

State Senator 15th District S. Bunn Frink, Shallotte

Members House of Representatives 12th District James C. Green, Clarkton

C. Graham Tart, Clinton

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Carl C. Campbell Elizabethtown

Register of Deeds Carl S. McCoUuch Elizabethtown

Sheriff John B. Allen Elizabethtown

Treasurer The Bank of Elizabethtown Elizabethtown

Auditor D. E. Evans Elizabethtown

Tax Supervisor Paul Campbell Elizabethtown

Tax Collector H. Milton Chason ..Elizabethtown

Coroner Edgar E. Smith Elizabethtown

County Health Director Dr. Caroline Callison Elizabethtown

Supt. of Schools W. J. Hair Elizabethtown

Director of Social Services Ronald M. Huffman Elizabethtown

County Ext. Chairman Ralph Sasser Elizabethtown

Chmn. Bd. Education Rudolph Potter Elizabethtown

Chmn. Bd. Elections R. B. Harper Elizabethtown

Wildlife Patrolman W. L. Crawley Bladenboro

Wildlife Protector Ben W. Wade.. Rt. 1, Council

Wildlife Protector. Cary D. Thompson Elizabethtown

Forest Ranger Frank Sholar Elizabethtown

County Attorney R. J. Hester, Jr Elizabethtown

County Librarian Mrs. Roy Williford Clarkton

Civil Defense Director W. G. Fussell Bladenboro

Veterans Service Officer Louis T. Vaught Elizabethtown

County Commissioners:

Chairman J. S. Singeltary Clarkton

Commissioner ....Ed Nye . Elizabethtown

Commissioner Ballard Carroll Dublin

Commissioner Carl S. Suggs Bladenboro

Commissioner F. L. Tatum White Oak


Brunswick County was formed in 1764 from New Hanover and Bladen. Was named in
honor of the famous House of Brunswick, of which the four Georges, Kings of England,
were members.

Population — 24,223 County Seat — Southport

State Senator 15th District S. Bunn Frink, Shallotte

Members House of Representatives 13th District R. C. Soles, Jr., Tabor City

Thomas J. Harrelson, Southport

774 North Carolina Manual

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Jack E. Brown Southport

Register of Deeds D. T. Clark Southport

Sheriff Harold Willetts Southport

Treasurer Ressie Whatley Southport

Auditor Ressie Whatley Southport

Tax Supervisor Ira Butler Southport

Tax Collector Homer McKeithan Southport

Coroner Lowell B. Bennett Southport

County Health Director Dr. J. R. Black Southport

Supt. of Schools Ralph King Ash

Director of Social Services ..Emma Chadwick Shallotte

County Ext. Chairman Archie F. Martin Supply

Chmn. Bd. Education Wilbur Rabon Leland

Chmn. Bd. Elections H. Foster Mintz Bolivia

Wildlife Protector David L. Cause Shallotte

Wildlife Protector Joseph M. Newman Southport

Forest Ranger Kenneth Johnson Bolivia

County Manager Jerry Lewis Shallotte

County Attorney.. Thomas Home. Southport

County Librarian Mrs. Dorothy Davis Southport

Civil Defense Director F. G. Moffitt Supply

Veterans Service Officer Willfred Bill Leuer Southport

County Commissioners:

Chairman.. W. A. Kopp, Jr Bolivia

Commissioner John H. Bray Southport

Commissioner J. T. Clemmons Shallotte

Commissioner Robert Simmons Shallotte

Commissioner Vardell Hughes Asheville


Buncombe County was formed in 1791 from Burke and Rutherford. W'as named in
honor of Colonel Edward Buncombe, a Revolutionary soldier who was wounded and
captured at the battle of Germantown. October 4, 1777, and died a paroled prisoner,
May 1778, in Philadelphia. Colonel Buncombe lived in Tyrrell County. He was noted
for his hospitality. Over the door of his house were these lines: "Welcome all to Buncombe

Population — 145,056 County Seat — Asheville

State Senators 31st District I. C. Crawford, Asheville

Lamar Gudger, Asheville

Members House of Representatives 45th District Hugh Beam, Marion

Claude DeBruhl, Rt. 1, Candler

Herschel S. Harkins, Asheville

John S. Stevens, Asheville

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court J. Ray Elingburg Asheville

Register of Deeds William E. Digges Asheville

Sherifl Tom H. Morrissey Asheville

Treasurer Charles K. Woodward Asheville

Purchasing Agent E. M. Salley Asheville

Tax Supervisor Edward McElrath Asheville

Tax Collector R. D. Eskridge Asheville

County Accountant Charles K. Woodward Asheville

Coroner Dr. John C. Young Asheville

Medical Examiner Dr. Robert C. Molfatt Asheville

Mental Health Dir... Dr. G. Norman Boyer Asheville

County Health Director Dr. H. W. Stevens Asheville

Supt. of Schools Fred Martin Asheville

Director of Social Services Mrs. Margaret Coman Asheville

County Ext. Chairman Riley Palmer Asheville

Chmn. Bd. Education James McClure Clark Fairview

Chmn. Bd. Elections Herbert A. Wallace Asheville

County Government 775

Office Officer Address

Wildlife Patrolman Steve W. Morrison _ Asheville

Wildlife Protector Frank D. Speare Weaverville

Forest Ranger Ralph W. Sales.. Asheville

County Manager Gordon H. Greenwood Black Mountain

County Attorney W. M. Styles Swannanoa

County Librarian Kenneth Brown Asheville

Civil Defense Director Jack Leatherwood Black Mountain

Veterans Service Officer E. B. DeBruhl Asheville

County Commissioners:

Chairman Gordon H. Greenwood Black Mountain

Commissioner Roy M. Trantham Asheville

Commissioner John N. Daniel _ Asheville


Burke County was formed in 1777 from Rowan. Was named in honor of Dr. Thomas
Burke, member of the Continental Congress and Governor of North Carolina.

Population — 60,364 County Seat — Morganton

State Senator 28th District David T. Flaherty, Lenoir

Members House of Representatives 42nd District William M. Fulton, Morganton

Donald R. Kincaid, Lenoir
Teral T. Bostian, Rt. 1, Taylorsville

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Tellis G. Bumgarner Morganton

Register of Deeds Boger McGimsey Morganton

Sheriff Alvin H. Wise Morganton

Treasurer Kermit Cooper Morganton

Auditor Graham S. DeVane Morganton

Tax Supervisor Richard Perkins Morganton

Ta.x Collector William Avery Morganton

County Accountant Kermit Cooper Morganton

Coroner John C. Reece Morganton

Medical Examiner John C. Reece Morganton

Surveyor E. A. Mallone Morganton

County Health Director G. F. Reeves ....Morganton

Supt. of Schools Charles Weaver Glen Alpine

Director of Social Services James Blakely Morganton

County Ext. Chairman Herbert Speas Morganton

Chmn. Bd. Education J. Iverson Riddle Morganton

Chmn. Bd. Elections Ernest Yoder Hildebran

Wildlife Protector Garland Hamrick Morganton

Wildlife Protector Fred Capps Morganton

Forest Ranger Ralph White Morganton

County Manager Richard Perkins Morganton

County Attorney H. L. Riddle, Jr Morganton

County Librarian Mrs. Mary L. Barnett Morganton

Civil Defense Director J. C. Sossoman Morganton

Veterans Service Officer Nancy Duckworth Morganton

County Commissioners:

Chairman John A. Bleynat Valdese

Commissioner A. W. Hamer Morganton

Commissioner Leighton Harbison Morganton

Commissioner Joe McGimsey Morganton

Commissioner Jimmy Jacumin Icard

776 North Carolina Manual


Cabarrus County was formed in 1792 from Mecklenburg. Was named in honor of
Stephen Cabarrus, of Edenton, several times a member of the Legislature and often Speaker
of the House of Commons.

Population — 74,629 County Seat — Concord

State Senator 24th District F. O'Neill Jones, Wadesboro

Frank N. Patterson, Jr., Albemarle

Members House of Representatives 35th District James C. Johnson, Jr., Concord

Dwight W. Quinn, Kannapolis

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Estus B. White Concord

Register of Deeds James O. Bonds Concord

Sheriff J. B. Roberts Concord

Tax Supervisor Ralph Li taker Concord

Tax Collector C. Gice Allen Concord

Medical Examiner Dr. J. O. Williams Concord

County Health Director Albert Klimas Concord

Supt. of Schools Jay Robinson Concord

Director of Social Services Mrs. Frances Long Concord

County P^xt. Chairman J. Ray Allen Concord

Chmn. Bd. Elections John Sharpe Hartsell Concord

Wildlife Patrolman Kenneth W. Beam Concord

Wildlife Protector Reuben K. Gunnells.. Concord

Forest Ranger.. J. N. Black Concord

County Attorney Williams, Willeford <t Roger... ..Concord

County Librarian Mrs. Mary A. Cline Concord

Civil I)efense Director H. P. Crowell Concord

Veterans Service Officer Corum F. Miller Concord

County Commissioners:

Chairman S. Glenn Hawlield, Jr. Concord

Commissioner Robert A. McClary Kannapolis

Commissioner Charles Galliniore Concord

Commissioner John A. Hammett Concord

Commissioner C. Frank James Mt. Pleasant


Caldwell County was formed in 1841 from Burke and Wilkes. Was named in honor
of Joseph Caldwell, the first president of the University of North Carolina. He was one
of the first and strongest advocates of the public school system and of the railroad through
the center of the state from Morehead City to Tennessee.

Population — 56,699 County Seat — Lenoir

State Senator 28th District David T. Flaherty, Lenoir

Members House of Representatives 42nd District William M. Fulton, Morganton

Donald R. Kincaid, Lenoir
Teral T. Bostian, Rt. 1, Taylorsville

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Mary Hood Thompson Lenoir

Register of Deeds Patsy Thomas Lenoir

Sheriff S. Ray Moore Lenoir

Treasurer Norman Schronce Lenoir

Auditor Norman Schronce Lenoir

Tax Supervisor Paul Crump Lenoir

Tax Collector Jerri Kirby . Lenoir

County Accountant Norman Schronce Lenoir

Medical Examiner Robert L. Rogers, Jr Lenoir

Surveyor Thomas P. Isbell Lenoir

County Health Director Dr. Marjorie Strawn Lenoir

Supt. of Schools Eugene M. White Lenoir

Director of Social Services H. Gene Herrell Lenoir

County Government 777

Office Officer Address

County Ext. Chairman Tommy Andrews Lenoir

Chmn. Bd. Education Reece Corpening..^ Lenoir

Chmn. Bd. Elections Cecil Hailey Lenoir

Wildlife Patrolman Ronnie Ross Lenoir

Wildlife Protector Jerry Rich Hudson

Forest Ranger Russell W. Dale Lenoir

County Manager Norman Schronce Lenoir

County Attorney Hugh M . Wilson Lenoir

County Librarian Joyce Whitman Lenoir

Veterans Service Officer P. J. McMichael Lenoir

County Commissioners:

Chairman Clarence Holden Lenoir

Commissioner James M. Clark Lenoir

Commissioner William Tysinger Lenoir

Commissioner Earl Land Hudson

Commissioner Alden Starnes Granite Falls


Camden County was formed in 1777 from Pasquotank. Was named in honor of the
learned Englishman, Charles Pratt, Earl of Camden, who was one of the strongest friends
of the Americans in British Parliament. He took their side in the dispute over taxation
without representation.

Population — 5,453 County Seat — Camden

State Senators 1st District J. J. Harrington, Lewiston

George M. Wood, Camden

Members House of Representatives 1st District W. T. Culpepper, Jr., Elizabeth City

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