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Chmn. Bd. Elections S. H. Grimes Williamston

Wildlife Protector Harold R. Dail Robersonville

Forest Ranger Leon Hughes Rt. 2, Williamston

County Attorney Peel & Peel Williamston

County Librarian Mrs. Mary B. Wilson Williamston

806 North Carolina Manual

Office Officer Address

Civil Defense Director Don E. Johnson Williamston

Veterans Service Officer Mrs. Joe Johnson Rt. 1, WiUiamston

Countv Commissioners:

Chairman John L. House RobersonviUe

Commissioner Paul M. Barber Jamesville

Commissioner R. C. M alone Rt. 2, Williamston

Commissioner Joseph H. Thigpen Williamston

Commissioner John Sledge Oak City


McDowell County was formed in 1842 from Rutherford and Burke. Was named in
honor of Colonel Joseph McDowell, an active officer of the Revolution. McDowell voted
with Rutherford and Burke until 1854.

Population— 30,648 County Seat— Marion

State Senator 30th District Clyde Norton, Old tort

Members House of Representatives 45th District Hugh Beam, Marion

Claude DeBruhl, Rt. 1, Candler

Herschel S. Harkins, Asheville

John S. Stevens, Asheville

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Robert G. Jarrett Marion

Register of Deeds Ruth L. Lambeth Marion

Sheriff J. Hubert Havnes.. Marion

Treasurer Ruth L. Lambeth Marion

Auditor Calder-Crawley & Co Marion

Tax Supervisor Jack Harmon Marion

Tax Collector Barbara Jenkins Marion

Countv Accountant Billy R. Truett J^'*"""

Coroner T. Walton Clapp Marion

County Health Director Dr. T. F. Hahn ^,^".°"

Supt. of Schools Culver Dale H'' "°"

Director of Social Services Michael S. Gibson Marion

County Ext. Chairman Bob Love - Marion

Chmn. Bd. Education Paul Brooks Old l^ort

Chmn. Bd. Elections Rodney Hemphill Marion

Wildlife Protector Walton Gooden Marion

Forest Ranger Monroe U. Marlowe Marion

County Manager Jack Harmon Old Fort

County Attorney Robert Hunter Marion

County Librarian Alice Newell... Marion

Civil Defense Director John L. Sullivan - Marion

Veterans Service Officer Cecil Dobson Marion

County Commissioners:

Chairman J. L. Haney H^"""

Commissioner O. D. Rowe Marion

Commissioner Pierce S. Bradley, Jr ^^^""^

Commissioner Paul Richardson. Old Port

Commissioner Bryan Geouge Marion


Mecklenburg County was formed in 1762 from Anson. Was named in honor of Princess
Charlotte, of Mecklenburg, Queen of George lU, King of England. The county seat,
Charlotte, one of the prettiest cities in the State, was also named in her honor. Mecklen-
burg County was the scene of some of the most stirring events in the Revolution.

County Government 807

Population — 354,656 County Seat — Charlotte

State Senators 27th District Philip Jackson Baugh, Charlotte

Eddie Knox, Charlotte
Herman A. Moore, Rt. 1, Matthews

Members House of Representatives 36th District James TuUy (Jim) Beatty, Charlotte

Hugh Campbell, Jr., Charlotte

Laurence A. Cobb, Charlotte

Peter A. Foley, Charlotte

Ernest L. Hicks, Charlotte

Craig Lawing, Rt. 9, Charlotte

James B. Vogler, Charlotte

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Robert M. Blackburn Charlotte

Register of Deeds Charles E. Crowder Charlotte

Sheriff Donald W. Stahl Charlotte

Treasurer Mrs. Juanita I. Cadieu Charlotte

Auditor Harold R. Marshall ...Charlotte

Tax Supervisor _ Robert P. Alexander ...Charlotte

Tax Collector J. A. Stone Charlotte

County Accountant Harold R. Marshall Charlotte

Medical Examiner Dr. Hobart R. Wood Charlotte

County Health Director.. Dr. Maurice Kamp..._ ....Charlotte

Supt. of Schools William Self Charlotte

Director of Social Services Wallace H. Kuralt Charlotte

County Ext. Chairman Phil Haas Charlotte

Chmn. ABC Board Jones W. Pharr, Jr _ Charlotte

Chmn. Bd. Education.. William E. Poe Charlotte

Chmn. Bd. Elections Mrs. S. C. Hair Charlotte

Wildlife Protector Bobby Tatum Charlotte

Wildlife Protector William Cordell Charlotte

County Manager Glenn C. Blaisdell Charlotte

County Attorney Thomas C. Ruff Charlotte

County Librarian Hoyt R. Galvin Charlotte

Civil Defense Director Kenneth D. Williams Charlotte

Veterans Service Officer James O. Howard... Charlotte

County Commissioners:

Chairman Dr. James G. Martin Davidson

Commissioner W. M. Peterson Charlotte

Commissioner John A. Campbell Charlotte

Commissioner Charles M. Lowe.. Charlotte

Commissioner.- W. T. Harris Charlotte


Mitchell County was formed in 1861 from Yancey, Caldwell, Burke and McDowell.
Was named in honor of Dr. Elisha Mitchell, a professor in the University of North Caro-
lina. While on an exploring expedition on Mt. Mitchell, the highest peak of the Rocky
Mountains, Dr. Mitchell fell from a high peak and was killed. His body is buried on top
of this lofty mountain. Mitchell County voted with Yancey County until 1868.
Population — 13,447 County Seat — Bakersville

State Senators 31st District _.._ 1. C. Crawford, Asheville

Lamar Gudger, Asheville
Member House of Representatives 44th District James E. Holshouser, Jr., Boone

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Guy E. Snyder Bakersville

Register of Deeds Frank Glenn Whitson Bakersville

Sheriff Brownlow Moffett Bakersville

Treasurer Frank P. Garland.... Bakersville

Auditor Frank W. Jones Bakersville

Tax Supervisor Frank W. Jones Bakersville

Tax Collector Frank P. Garland. Bakersville

808 North Carolina Manual

Office Officer Address

County Accountant Frank W. Jones Bakersville

Medical Examiner Dr. Charles Wilson Spruce Pine

Supt. of Schools Walter Thomas Bakersville

Director of Social Services Rayburn Yelton Bakersville

County Ext. Chairman George Conrad Bakersville

Chmn. Bd. Education Hazen Ledford Bakersville

Chmn. Bd. Elections James A. Phillips Spruce Pine

Wildlife Protector Carl Colvard Spruce Pine

Forest Ranger Bruce Street Bakersville

County Attorney Pritcharb & Hise Spruce Pine

County Librarian Vaughty Young Bakeisville

Civil Defense Director George Bartlett Spruce Pine

Veterans Service Officer Burbage Buchanan Bakersville

County Commissioners:

Chairman Glen J. Buchanan Spruce Pine

Commissioner Carl Baker Spruce Pine

Commissioner Robert Jenkins Bakersville


Montgomery County was formed in 1778 from An.son. Was named in honor of the
brave General Richard Montgomery, who lost his life at the battle of Quebec in 1775
while trying to conquer Canada.

Population — 19,267 County Seat — Troy

State Senators 19th District Charles B. Deane, Jr., Rockingham

William P. Saunders, Southern Pines

Members House of Representatives 27th District Colon Blake, Candor

John Randolph Ingram, Asheboro

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Charles M. Johnson Troy

Register of Deeds Thad Cranford Troy

Sheriflf James R. Norris Troy

Auditor J. B. Watson Co Troy

Tax Supervisor.. Van McQueen Troy

Tax Collector Van McQueen Troy

County Accountant James S. Smitherman Troy

Coroner... John C. Wallace Troy

Medical Examiner Dr. C. N. Eckerson Troy

Supt. of Schools C. Wade Mobley Troy

Director of Social Services Frank M. Ledbetter Troy

County Ext. Chairman R. H. Wesson Troy

Chmn. Bd. Education _ Howard Dorsett Mt. Gilead

Chmn. Bd. Elections Homer Haywood Ml. Gilead

Wildlife Protector Cleat E. Poole Troy

Forest Ranger Carl W. Wood Troy

County Attorney Charles H. Dorsett Mt. Gilead

County Librarian Mrs. D. W. Hurley Biscoe

Civil Defense Director John C. Wallace Troy

Veterans Service Officer Mrs. Lee Ella Pipkin Troy

County Commissioners;

Chairman R. B. Jordan, Jr Mt. Gilead

Commissioner., Henry Allen Rt. 1, Troy

Commissioner H. Page McAulay Candor

Commissioner Paul Russell._ Troy

Commissioner. Clarence R. Williams Star

County Government 809


Moore County was formed in 1784 from Cumberland. Was named in honor of Captain
Alfred Moore, of Brunswick, a soldier of the Revolution and afterwards a Justice of the
Supreme Court of the United States.

Population — 39,048 County Seat — Carthage

State Senators 19th District Charles B. Deane, Jr., Rockingham

William P. Saunders, Southern Pines
Member House of Representatives 28th District T. Clyde Auman, West End

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court C. M. McLeod Carthage

Register of Deeds Mrs. Audrey McCaskill Carthage

Sheriff Charles G. Wimberly Carthage

Treasurer Carolina Bank Carthage

Auditor John C. Muse Co Carthage

Tax Supervisor Mrs. Estelle T. Wicker Carthage

Tax Collector Roy P. Wallace.. Carthage

County Accountant Mrs. Estelle T. Wicker Carthage

Coroner A. B. Parker, Jr Vass

Medical Examiner Dr. Alfred G. Siege Carthage

Surveyor Paul S. Ward Southern Pines

County Health Director.. Dr. Alfred G. Siege Carthage

Supt. of Schools Robert E. Lee Carthage

Director of Social Services Mrs. Walter B. Cole Carthage

County Ext. Chairman. ._ Talmadge Baker Carthage

Chmn. ABC Board Bryan Poe Southern Pines

Chmn. Bd. Education ..Mrs. John L. Frye Robbins

Chmn. Bd. Elections.. Angus M. Brewer Carthage

Wildlife Protector L. N. Shotwell West End

Forest Ranger Travis Wicker Southern Pines

County Attorney M. G. Boyette Carthage

County Librarian Mrs. Doris M. Stewart Carthage

Civil Defense Director Col. A. M. Koster Southern Pines

Veterans Service Officer N. Archie McLeod Carthage

County Commissioners:

Chairman W. Sidney Taylor. Aberdeen

Commissioner Lee Williams _ Carthage

Commissioner Arthur Purvis ....High Falls

Commissioner R. S. E wing Southern Pines

Commissioner Floyd Cole West End


Nash County was formed in 1777 from Edgecombe. Was named in honor of General
Francis Nash, a soldier of the Revolution, who was mortally wounded while fighting under
Washington at Germantown. The United States has erected a monument in his honor
at the Guilford Battleground near Greensboro.

Population— 59,122 County Seat— Nashville

State Senators 8th District J. Russell Kirby, Wilson

Henry M. Milgrom, Battleboro

Members House of Representatives 14th District.- Allen C. Barbee, Spring Hope

Larry P. Eagles, Tarboro
Julian B. Fenner, Rocky Mount

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Rachel M. Joyner Nashville

Register of Deeds Catherine F. Griffin Nashville

Sheriff G. O. Womble Nashville

Treasurer J. C. Ellis Nashville

Auditor J. C. Ellis Nashville

Tax Supervisor... J. C. Ellis Nashville

810 North Carolina Manual

Office Officer Address

Tax Collector J. C. Ellis Nashville

County Accountant J. C. Ellis Nashville

Coroner Russell Williams Nashville

Medical Examiner Dr. F. B. Bryant Rocky Mount

Medical Examiner Dr. O. E. Bell Rocky Mount

Medical Examiner. Dr. W. S. Wall Rocky Mount

County Health Director...- Dr. John Chamblee._ Nashville

Supt. of Schools C. H. Fries Nashville

Director of Social Services James Glover Nashville

County Ext. Chairman J. P. Woodard Nashville

Chmn. ABC Board George I. Womble Nashville

Chmn. Bd. Education Warren Evans Nashville

Chmn. Bd. Elections Don T. Evans Rocky Mount

Wildlife Protector Al Boone Nashville

Forest Ranger Elmer Brown Nashville

County Manager J. C. Ellis Nashville

County Attorney J. W. Keel, Jr Rocky Mount

County Librarian Annie Parker Nashville

Civil Defense Director Elmer Daniels Spring Hope

County Commissioners:

Chairman Fred Harris Bailey

Commissioner Frederick Cooper._ Nashville

Commissioner Hoy Jeff Cobb Rocky Mount

Commissioner Bob Siler Rocky Mount

Commissioner Elmer Daniels Spring Hope


New Hanover County was formed in 1729 from Bath. Was named after Hanover, a
country in Europe whose ruler became King of England with the title of George I.

Population— 82,996 County Seat— Wilmington

State Senators 10th District John J. Burnoy, Jr., Wilmington

Stewart B. Warren, Clinton

Members House of Representatives 5th District Howard A. Penton, Jr., Wilmington

George Rountree, III, Wilmington

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court James G. McKeithan Wilmington

Register of Deeds Lois C. LeRay Wilmington

Sheriff Marion W. Millis Wilmington

Treasurer Perry Shepard Wilmington

Auditor Perry Shepard Wilmington

Tax Supervisor Laurence O. Bowden ■V^ ilmington

Coroner Starr McMillan Wilmington

County Health Director.^ Dr. Joseph C. Knox Wilmington

Supt. of Schools Dr. Heyward Bellamy Wilmmgton

Director of Social Services Leila Moore Hall Wilmington

County Ext. Chairman Durwood D. Baggett Wilmmgton

Chmn. ABC Board Dr. James A. Oldham, Jr W ilmington

Chmn. Bd. Education Emsley A. Laney Wilmington

Chmn. Bd. Elections... William H. McEachern, III Wilmington

Wildlife Protector J. L. Musselwhite Wilmington

County Administrator Laurence O. Bowden Wilmington

County Attorney James C. Fox Wilmington

County Librarian Catherine Howell W ilmington

Civil Defense Director Gen. Andrew Harriss, Jr Wilmington

Veterans Service Officer Thurston Formy Duval Wilmington

County Government 811

Office Officer Address

County Commissioners:

Chairman Meares Harriss_. Wilmington

Commissioner Berry A. Williams Wilmington

Commissioner James M. Hall, Jr Wilmington

Commissioner. Henry A. Marks Wilmington

Commissioner...- John R. Oxenfield Wilmington


Northampton County was formed in 1741 from Bertie. Was named in honor of George
Earl of Northampton, an English nobleman. His son, Spencer Compton, Earl of Wilming-
ton, was high in office when Gabriel Johnston was Governor of North Carolina who had
the town of Wilmington named in his honor.
Population — 24,009 County Seat — Jackson

State Senators 1st District J. J. Harrington, Lewiston

George M. Wood, Camden

Members House of Representatives 6th District Roberts H. Jernigan, Jr., Ahoskie

Perry Martin, Rich Square

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court R. J. White, Jr Jackson

Register of Deeds Wilson Bridgers Jackson

Sheriff E. Frank Outland Jackson

Treasurer The Farmers Bank _ Jackson

Tax Supervisor W. T. Bradley ...Jackson

County Accountant. L. R. Holoman, Jr Jackson

Coroner J. C. Edwards, Jr Jackson

Director Indust. Dev. Comm W. E. Howell Jackson

Supt. of Schools Roy F. Lowry _ Jackson

Director of Social Services James P. Clark Jackson

County Ext. Chairman B. H. Harrell Jackson

Chmn. ABC Board B. R. Burgwyn Jackson

Chmn. Bd. Education W. C. Conner Rich Square

Chmn. Bd. Elections R. L. Grant Jackson

Wildlife Protector Hoyt Giles _ Jackson

Forest Ranger I^eroy W. Wheeler Seaboard

County Manager L. R. Holoman, Jr Jackson

County Attorney.- Angus A. McKellar Jackson

County Librarian Mrs. Frances S. Midyette Jackson

Civil Defense Director H. C. Guthrie Jackson

Veterans Service Officer Ola Mae Johnson Jackson

County Commissioners:

Chairman J. Guy Revelle, Sr Conway

Commissioner John H. Liverman, Jr Woodland

Commissioner Jasper Eley Jackson

Commissioner W. W. Grant Gaston

Commissioner John W. Faison Seaboard


Onslow County was formed in 1734 from Bath. Was named in honor of Arthur Onslow,
for more than thirty years Speaker of the House of Commons in the British Parliament.

Population— 103,126 County Seat— Jacksonville

State Senator 6th District William D. Mills, Rt. 1, Maysville

Members House of Representatives 4th District.- Richard S. James, Maple Hill

J. F. Mohn, Richlands
Carl V. Venters, Jacksonville

812 North Carolina Manual

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Everittc Barbee Jacksonville

Register of Deeds Mildred Thomas Jacksonville

Sheriff . Thomas J. Marshall Jacksonville

Treasurer First Citizens Bank Jacksonville

Auditor Roy Stevens Jacksonville

Tax Supervisor James Justice Jacksonville

Tax Collector W. H. Walton Jacksonville

Coroner Bobby Johnson Jacksonville

Surveyor Roscoe Sandlin Jacksonville

County Health Director Dr. Eleanor H. Williams Jacksonville

Supt. of Schools Paul J. Tyndall Jacksonville

Director of Social Services Edward C. Sexton Jacksonville

County Ext. Chairman D. A. Halsey Jacksonville

Chmn. ABC Board Timmons Jones Jacksonville

Chmn. Bd. Education .._ Clyde Hurst Jacksonville

Chmn. Bd. Elections O. T. Marshburn Richlands

Wildlife Patrolman Paul Metters Jacksonville

Wildlife Protector Shelton Brickhouse Richlands

Forest Ranger Robert Kinsey Jacksonville

County Manager Roy Stevens Jacksonville

County Attorney James R. Strickland Jacksonville

County Librarian Mrs. Louise Passingham Jacksonville

Civil Director Vance Kee Jacksonville

Veterans Service Officer Henry Ross Jacksonville

County Commissioners:

Chairman Ormand Barbee Richlands

Commissioner Luther Midgett Sneads Ferry

Commissioner Edward Hurst Swansboro

Commissioner El wood Whaley Jacksonville

Commissioner Talbert Jones Jacksonville


Orange County was formed in 1753 from Granville, Johnston and Bladen. Was named
in honor of William of Orange, who became King William III of England. He was one of
the greatest Kings of England and saved the English people from the tyranny of James II.
His name is held in honor wherever English liberty is enjoyed.

II. Population — 57,707 County Seat — Hillsborough

State Senators 11th District Gordon P. Allen, Roxboro

Claude Currie, Durham

Members House of Representatives 20th District Ike F. Andrews, Siler City

Carl M. Smith, Chapel Hill

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Frank S. Frederick Hillsborough

Register of Deeds Betty June Hayes ...Hillsborough

Sheriff C. D. Knight Hillsborough

Tax Supervisor Sam Gattis Hillsborough

Tax Collector Ortense Dixon Hillsborough

County Accountant Sam Gattis Hillsborough

Coroner Allen Walker, jr Hillsborough

Medical Examiner Dr. Page Hutson Chapel Hill

Surveyor Robert Jones Hillsborough

County Health Director Dr. O. David Garvin Chapel Hill

Supt. of Schools George F. Williams Hillsborough

Director of Social Services Thomas Ward Hillsborough

County Ext. Chairman. .._ Elbert Pierce Hillsborough

Chmn. ABC Board Temple Gobbel Chapel Hill

Chmn. Bd. Education Bob Haas Hillsborough

Chmn. Bd. Elections Marshall Gates Hillsborough

Wildlife Protector Gary Maddox Hillsborough

County Government 813

Office Officer Address

Forest Ranger Ed Sykes Rt. 4, Chapel Hill

County Manager Sam Gattis Hillsborough

County Attorney Lucius Cheshire Hillsborough

County Librarian Lloyd J. Osterman Hillsborough

Civil Defense Director Burch Compton Hillsborough

Veterans Service Officer Walter G. Wrenn Hillsborough

County Commissioners:

Chairman Harvey Bennett Chapel Hill

Commissioner Ira Ward Chapel Hill

Commissioner Henry Walker Hillsborough

Commissioner Norman Walker Hurdle Mills

Commissioner Bill Ray Hillsborough


Pamlico County was formed in 1872 from Craven and Beaufort. Was named after
the sound of the same name, which was the name of a tribe of Indians in eastern North
Carolina. There was a Pamlico Precinct in North Carolina as early as 1705. Pamlico
County voted with Beaufort up to 1883.

Population — 9,467 County Seat — Bayboro

State Senator 3rd District... Norris C. Reed, Jr., New Bern

Members House of Representatives 3rd District Chris Barker, Jr., New Bern

Joe L. Bright, Rt. 2, Vanceboro
Ronald Earl Mason, Beaufort

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Sadie W. Edwards Bayboro

Register of Deeds Ida J. McCotter Bayboro

Sheriff Leland V. Brinson Bayboro

Treasurer Wachovia Bank & Trust Co Bayboro

Auditor John K. Preister Bayboro

Tax Supervisor John K. Preister Bayboro

Tax Collector Leland V. Brinson Bayboro

County Accountant John K. Preister Bayboro

Coroner Lisker Draughon Bayboro

County Health Director Dr. Verna Barefoot Bayboro

Supt. of Schools George R. Brinson Arapahoe

Director of Social Services Willie C. Sutton . Bayboro

County Ext. Chairman .James L. Rea, Jr Bayboro

Chmn. ABC Board... Preston Spruill Oriental

Chmn. Bd. Education Bert C. Day Florence

Chmn. Bd. Elections L. Carlyle Brinson Arapahoe

Wildlife Protector Dennsi E. Barkley Oriental

Forest Ranger Vernon J. Daniels Oriental

County Attorney Bernard B. HoUowell Bayboro

County Librarian . Mrs. Bessie Hooker Bayboro

Civil Defense Director Derrill C. Quigley Arapahoe

Veterans Service Officer Rebecca Cahoon Arapahoe

County Commissioners:

Chairman Troy D. Potter Rt. 1, Bayboro

Commissioner B. McAdoo Whorton Whortonsville

Commissioner Earl Sadler Lowland

Commissioner Frederick T. Hardison Arapahoe

Commissioner Robert A. Paul Grantsboro


Pasquotank County was formed in 1672 from Albemarle. Was named for a tribe of
Indians in eastern North Carolina.

814 North CarolIna Manual

Population— 26,821 County Seat— Elizabeth City

State Senators 1st District J. J. Harrington, Lewiston

(leorge M. Wood, Camden

Members House of Representatives 1st District W. T. Culpepper, Jr., Elizabeth City

Philip P. Godwin, Gatesville

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Naomi A. Chesson Elizabeth City

Register of Deeds . J. C. Spence Elizabeth City

Sheriff ....D. M. Sawyer., - Elizabeth City

Treasurer First Union National Bank Elizabeth City

Auditor M. M. Miller Elizabeth City

Tax Supervisor. M. M. Miller Elizabeth City

Tax Collector D. M. Sawyer Elizabeth City

County Accountant M. M. Miller Elizabeth City

Coroner Dr. J. F. Weeks Elizabeth City

Supt. of Schools Dr. B. P. Hammack Elizabeth City

Director of Social Services Mrs. Emma J. Edwards Elizabeth City

Countv Ext. Chairman S. L. Lowery Elizabeth City

Chmn. ABC Board L. B. Belanga Elizabeth City

Chmn. Bd. Education W. F. Thompson Elizabeth City

Chmn. Bd. Elections ..F. V. Dunstan..... ..Elizabeth City

Wildlife Patrolman W. P. Barber, Jr Elizabeth City

Forest Ranger ....G. C. Harris Rt. 3, Elizabeth City

County Attorney White, Hall & Mullen Elizabeth City

County Librarian Mrs. A. V. Irvin Elizabeth City

Civil Defense Director F. W. Clark Elizabeth City

County Commissioners:

Chairman Alphonso Nixon Rt. 1, Elizabeth City

Commissioner F. P. Markham, III Elizabeth City

Commissioner Selby Scott Rt. 1, Fllizabeth City

Commissioner..... M. B. Brothers Elizabeth City

Commissioner W. B. Cullipher Elizabeth City


Pender County was formed in 1875 from New Hanover. Was named in honor of General
William D. Pender of Edgecombe County, a brave Confederate soldier who was killed
at the battle of Gettysburg.

Population — 18,149 County Seat — Burgaw

State Senators 10th District John J. Burney, Jr., Wilmington

Stewart B. Warren, Clinton

Members House of Representatives 4th District Richard S. James, Maple Hill

J. F. Mohn, Richlands
Carl V. Venters, Jacksonville

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Frances N. Futch Burgaw

Register of Deeds.... Hugh Overstreet, Jr — . Burgaw

Sheriff K. S. Powers.. Burgaw

Treasurer Mrs. Ester A. Padgett Burgaw

Auditor Howard Holly Burgaw

Tax Supervisor Howard Holly.. Burgaw

Tax Collector Harry Lee Webb Burgaw

Coroner B. Simmons Burgaw

County Health Director Dr. N. C. Wolfe Burgaw

Supt. of Schools B. L. Davis Burgaw

Director of Social Services.. H. B. Thomas Burgaw

County Ext. Chairman J. N. Honeycutt Burgaw

Chmn. ABC Board H. P. Bell, Jr Currie

Chmn. Bd. Education W. D. Bobbins Willard

Chmn. Bd. Elections John W. James, Jr Burgaw

County Government 815

Office Officer Address

Wildlife Protector J. J. Rivenbark Burgaw

Wildlife Protector J. M. Burns Hampstead

Forest Ranger Maxie Lanier Burgaw

County Attorney... Clifton L. Moore, Jr Burgaw

County Librarian Mrs. Eleanor D. Casey Burgaw

Civil Defense Director W. M. Baker Burgaw

Veterans Service Officer R. W. Fussell Burgaw

County Commissioners:

Chairman B. F. Williams Currie

Commissioner Cecil Eakins Watha

Commissioner Arthur Batson Burgaw

Commissioner Gordon Jones Burgaw

Commissioner S. A. Lanier Maple Hill


Perquimans was formed in 1672 from Albemarle. Was named after a tribe of Indians.

Population — 8,351 County Seat — Hertford

State Senators 1st District.. J. J. Harrington, Lewiston

George M. Wood, Camden

Members House of Representatives 1st District W. T. Culpepper, Jr., Elizabeth City

Philip P. Godwin, Gatesville

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court W. J. Ward Hertford

Register of Deeds Julian C. Powell Hertford

Sheriff Julian H. Broughton Hertford

Treasurer Floyd Benton Hertford

Tax Supervisor Julian C. Powell Hertford

Tax Collector Walter E. Harrison Hertford

County Accountant D. F. Reed, Jr Hertford

Coroner Keith W. Haskett Hertford

Surveyor David Cox Hertford

Supt. of Schools C. C. Walters Hertford

Director of Social Services C. Edgar White Hertford

County Ext. Chairman Richard Bryant Hertford

Chmn. Bd. Education ...Clifford Winslow Belvidere

Chmn. Bd. Elections William Tilley Hertford

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