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Wildlife Protector... Horace A. Cohoon Hertford

Forest Ranger Lewis Stallings. Rt. 1, Belvidere

County Attorney Silas M. Whedbee Hertford

County Librarian Mrs. Lucy T. Whedbee Hertford

Veterans Service Officer Hilton M. White Rt. 3, Hertford

County Commissioners:

Chairman Lester Simpson Rt. 1, Hertford

Commissioner R. S. Monds Hertford

Commissioner Thomas D. Nixon Rt. 2, Hertford

Commissioner Ellis Winslow Belvidere

Commissioner G. H. Webb Rt. 3, Hertford


Person County was formed in 1791 from Caswell. Was named in honor of General
Thomas Person, Revolutionary patriot, member of the Council of Safety, and trustee
of the University. He gave a large sum of money to the University, and a building was
erected in his honor called Person Hall.

816 North Carolina Manual

Population — 25,914 County Seat — Roxboro

State Senators 11th District Gordon P. Allen, Roxboro

Claude Currie, Durham

Members House of Representatives 17th District James E. Ramsey, Roxboro

William T. Watkins, Oxford

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Rama J. Williams Roxboro

Register of Deeds J. Alex Bass _ Roxboro

Sheriff Garland Lee Graves Roxboro

Treasurer Rachael B. Long Roxboro

Auditor Rachael B. Long Roxboro

Tax Supervisor ._ S. C. Tillman Roxboro

Tax Collector Ben Solomon Roxboro

County Accountant Rachael B. Long Roxboro

Coroner George W. Gentry, Jr. Roxboro

Medical Examiner George W. Gentry, Jr Roxboro

Surveyor Roy Gates, Jr Roxboro

County Health Director., Dr. O. David Garvin Chapel Hill

Supt. of Schools., Walter S. Rogers Roxboro

Director of Social Services Margaret A. Brite Roxboro

County Ext. Chairman M. H. Montgomery. Roxboro

Chmn. ABC Board Clyde Sattertield Rt. 1, Timberlake

Chmn. Bd. Education Bradsher Gentry Rt. 2, Roxboro

Chmn. Bd. Elections Dolian D. Long Roxboro

Wildlife Protector J. K. Davis Rt. 1, Roxboro

Forest Ranger Ronald E. Tilley Timberlake

County Attorney Charles B. Wood Roxobro

County Librarian Katharine W. Craven Roxboro

Civil Defense Director Vernon Huff Rt. 4, Roxboro

Veterans Service Officer Emogene G. Carver Rt. 3, Roxboro

County Commissioners:

Chairman Bennie L. Bradsher Hurdle Mills

Commissioner Ronald Dunevant Rt. 4, Roxboro

Commissioner Robert Wagstaff Rt. 1, Roxboro

Commissioner Sam Shotwell Rt. 2, Roxboro

Commissioner..., Ralph Lewis Roxboro


Pitt County was formed in 1760 from Beaufort. Was named in honor of William Pitt
(See Chatham County.)

Population — 73,900 County Seat— Greenville

State Senators 4th District Julian R. Allsbrook, Roanoke Rapids

Vernon E. White, Winterville

Members House of Representatives 8th District Sam D. Bundy, Farmville

H. Horton Rountree, Greenville

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court H. L. Lewis, Jr Greenville

Register of Deeds Elvira T. ,A.llred Greenville

Sheriff R. L. Tyson Greenville

Auditor H. R. Gray Greenville

Tax Supervisor Robert S. Moye Greenville

Tax Collector W. R. Smith Greenville

County Accountant H. R. Gray Greenville

Coroner... E. W. Harvey, Jr Greenville

Mental Health Director..... Dr. Walter P. Savage Greenville

Supt. of Schools ...Arthur S. Alford Greenville

Director of Social Services Dorothy Bolton Greenville

County Ext. Chairman Edwin L. Yancey Greenville

Chmn. ABC Board J. P. Davenport, Jr Pactolus

Chmn. Bd. Education..._„ Mark Owens, Jr Fountain

County Government 817

Office Officer Address

Chmn. Bd. Elections _ J. B. Spilman, Jr Greenville

Wildlife Patrolman Wilton Pate Ayden

Wildlife Protector R. S. Wright Rt. 5, Greenville

Forest Ranger Ben I. Hardison, Jr Farmville

County Manager H. R. Gray..... Greenville

County Attorney W. W. Speight... Greenville

County Librarian ...Elizabeth Copeland Greenville

Civil Defense Director J. H. Rose Greenville

Veterans Service Officer Walter Tucker Greenville

County Commissioners:

Chairman Vernon Cox Winterville

Commissioner Chas P. Gaskins Greenville

Commissioner R. L. Martin Bethel

Commissioner Vance Perkins..._ Greenville

Commissioner Alton Gardner.... Ayden

Commissioner Bruce Strickland Bell Arthur


Polk County was formed in 1855 from Rutherford and Henderson. Was named in
honor of Colonel William Polk, "who rendered distinguished services in the battle of
Germantown, Brandywine, and Eutaw, in all of which he was wounded." Polk County,
voted with Rutherford until 1868.

Population — 11,735 County Seat — Columbus

State Senator 32nd District Zebulon Doyle Alley, Waynesville

Members House of Depresentatives 43rd District Robert Z. Falls, Shelby

Robert A. Jones, Forest City
W. K. Mauney, Jr., Kings Mountain

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court J. Thurston Arledge.__ Columbus

Register of Deeds Doris M. Scoggins Columbus

Sheriff H. M. Shelton Columbus

Treasurer Paul W. Gilbert Columbus

Auditor Charles Boyce Howard Columbus

Tax Supervisor J. W. Cantrell Columbus

Tax Collector Paul W. Gilbert Columbus

County Accountant Charles Boyce Howard Columbus

Coroner Dr. John Z. Preston Columbus

Medical Examiner Charles P. Blomeley Columbns

Surveyor Howard B. Frankenfield, Jr Tryon

County Health Director.__ Dr. T. F. Hahn Rutherlord

Supt. of Schools David A. Cromer ......Tryon

Director of Social Services Richard L. Shambaugh Columbus

County Ext. Chairman Paul E. Culberson Columbus

Chmn. Bd. Education Glenn York Rt. 1, Tryon

Chmn. Bd. Elections Mrs. Janie J. Thompson Columbus

Wildlife Protector Arthur Pack Rt. 1, Tryon

Forest Ranger Joe Ritchie Columbus

County Attorney John T. McKinney, Jr Tryon

County Librarian Louise H. Blodgett Columbus

Civil Defense Director Phillip D. Walker Columbus

Veterans Service Officer Loraine Page Columbus

County Commissioners:

Chairman Theodore L. Burrell Tryon

Commissioner Billy Hugh Ruff. Rt. 1, Mill Spring

Commissioner Phillip Walker Columbus

818 North Carolina Manual


Randolph County was formed in 1779 from Guilford. Was named in honor of Peyton
Randolph, of Virginia, the President of the first Continental Congress.

Population — 76,358 County Seat — Asheboro

State Senators 18th District Hargrove (Skipper) Bowles, Greensboro

L. P. McLendon, Jr., Greensboro
Coolidge Murrow, High Point

Members House of Representatives 27th District Colon Blake, Candor

John Randolph Ingram, Asheboro

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court John H. Skeen Asheboro

Register of Deeds Mrs. Annie C. Shaw Asheboro

Sheriff . Lloyd E. Brown Asheboro

Treasurer Mrs. Annie C. Shaw Asheboro

Tax Supervisor.. James E. Raines Asheboro

Tax Collector James E. Raines... Asheboro

County Accountant . Mrs. Annie C. Shaw Asheboro

Coroner C. Julian Brady Asheboro

Surveyor Clot us Craven Asheboro

County Health Director Dr. Jesse T. Barnes Asheboro

Supt. of Schools John R. Lawrence Ramseur

Director of Social Services Marion Smith.. Asheboro

County Ext. Chairman Ben Jenkins Asheboro

Chmn. Bd. Education R. S. Davis Randleman

Chmn. Bd. Elections Mrs. Joyce L. Ward Asheboro

Wildlife Protector John D. Story Rt. 7, Asheboro

Forester C. A. Fox Asheboro

County Attorney T. Worth Coltrane Asheboro

County Librarian Charlesanna Fox Asheboro

Civil Defense Director C. Julian Brady Asheboro

Veterans Service Officer Edison E. Marley Asheboro

County Commissioners:

Chairman William Farlow High Point

Commissioner James W. Morris Asheboro

Commissioner Kenyon Davidson Asheboro

Commissioner J. W. Plummer Asheboro

Commissioner Floyd Langley Staley


Richmond County was formed in 1779 from Anson. Was named in honor of Charles
Lennox, Duke of Richmond, principal Secretary of State in William Pitt's second ad-
ministration. He was a strong friend of the American colonies and made the motion in
the House of Lords that they be granted their independence.

Population — 39,889 County Seat — Rockingham

State Senators 19th District Charles B. Deane, Jr., Rockingham

William P. Saunders, Southern Pines
Member House of Representatives 29th District Thomas B. Hunter, Rockingham

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Thomas L. Covington Rockingham

Register of Deeds Agnes C. Carroll - Rockmgham

Sheriff . R. W. Goodman Rockmgham

Treasurer Mary T. Covington Rockingham

Auditor..... Mary T. Covington... Rockingham

Tax Supervisor Amsev A. Boyd Rockingham

Tax Collector Waddell Ashford Rockingham

County Accountant Mary T. Covington Rockingham

Coroner Grover Baxley Rockingham

County Government 819

Office Officer Address

Surveyor.. Marshall T. Bray Rockingham

County Health Director Dr. Zack Long Rockingham

Supt. of Schools Irie Leonard Rockingham

Director of Social Services ..Brent P. Yount Rockingham

County Ext. Chairman Wallace G. Flynt Rockingham

Chmn. Bd. Education „ Worth Walker Rockingham

Chmn. Bd. Elections Lester Adcock Rockingham

Wildlife Patrolman Donald Edwards.^ Hamlet

Forest Ranger ...Ronald Cline Rockingham

County Attorney John T. Page, Jr Rockingham

County Librarian Mrs. C. M. Pepper Hamlet

Civil Defense Director Virgil Bratton Rockingham

Veterans Service Officer Jack Ingram Rockingham

County Commissioners:

Chairman Richard Conder Rockingham

Commissioner D. Leonard McDonald Hamlet

Commissioner N. Palmer Nicholson Mt. Gilead

Commissioner Robert B. Williams Hamlet

Commissioner Willie Reid Rockingham


Robeson County was formed in 1786 from Bladen. Was named in honor of Colonel
Thomas Robeson, a soldier of the Revolution. He was one of the leaders at the battle
of Elizabethtown, which was fought in September, 1781. By this battle the Tories in the
southeastern part of the State were crushed forever. The commander of the Whigs was
Colonel Thomas Brown.

Population — 84,842 County Seat — Lumberton

State Senator 20th District Luther J. Britt, Jr., Lumberton

Members House of Representatives 24th District Joy J. Johnson, Fairmont

Neill L. McFadyen, Raeford

Mrs. Mary H. Odom, Wagram

Gus Speros, Maxton

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Ben G. Floyd, Jr Lumberton

Register of Deeds D. G. Kinlaw Lumberton

Sheriff Malcolm G. McLeod Lumberton

Treasurer W. Paul Graham Lumberton

Auditor S. P. Douglas, Associates Lumberton

Tax Supervisor V. D. Baker, Jr.. Lumberton

Tax Collector Carl D. Stephens Lumberton

County Accountant _ S. P. Douglas, Associates Lumberton

Coroner J. Chalmers Biggs Lumberton

Medical Examiner Dr. Marion Pate. Lumberton

Surveyor Wayland McDuffie Lumberton

County Health Director Dr. Marion Pate Lumberton

Supt. of Schools Young Allen Lumberton

Director of Social Services Mrs. Mary Ruth Vitou Lumberton

County Ext. Chairman W. C. Williford . Lumberton

Chmn. Bd. Education Albert McCormick Rowland

Chmn. Bd. Elections W. F. French Lumberton

Wildlife Patrolman Gene H. Abernathy Lumberton

Wildlife Protector Tomie J. England Red Springs

Forest Ranger David Wilcox Rt. 6, Lumberton

County Manager W. Paul Graham Proctorville

County Attorney Ellis E. Page Lumberton

County Librarian Mrs. Betsy Parmele Lumberton

Civil Defense Director Malcolm McLeod Lumberton

Veterans Service Officer J. Earl Musselwhite Lumberton

820 North Carolina Manual

Office Officer Address

County Commissioners:

Chairman Howard Cooper Lumberton

Commissioner Carl Britt Fairmont

Commissioner Herman Dial Pembroke

Commissioner Sam R. Noble Lumberton

Commissioner George Reed Pate Rowland

Commissioner _ J. A. Singleton, Jr Red Springs

Commissioner W. D. Wellington Lumberton


Rockingham was formed in 1785 from Guilford. Was named in honor of Charles Watson
Wentworth, Marquis of Rockingham, who was the leader of the party in the British Parlia-
ment that advocated American independence. He was prime minister when the Stamp
Act was repealed.

Population — 72,402 County Seat — Wentworth

State Senator Itith District W. C. Taylor, Rt. 1, Yanceyville

Members House of Representatives 25th District Jule McMichael, Reidsville

Wesley D. Webster, Madison

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court David M. Blackwell Wentworth

Register of Deeds Irene Pruitt ...Wentworth

Sherifl Carl H. Axsom Wentworth

Treasurer G. Hugh Taylor Wentworth

Auditor G. Hugh Taylor Wentworth

Tax Supervisor Henry E. Sands Wentworth

Tax Collector Henry E. Sands ...Wentworth

County Accountant G. Hugh Taylor Wentworth

Mental Health Administrator Billy G. Witherspoon Wentworth

Medical Examiner Dr. Robert E. Balsley Reidsville

County Health Director William V. Thompson Eden

Supt. of Schools Dr. Richard H. Schultz Wentworth

Director of Social Services.. Glenn D. Fuqua Eden

County Ext. Chairman Horace J. Hux Wentworth

Chmn. Bd. Education M. Clay McCollum Madison

Chmn. Bd. Elections Albert J. Post Reidsville

Wildlife Protector A. D. Neal Rt. 1, Stokesdale

County Manager Archie S. Daniels Eden

County Attorney Jule McMichael Reidsville

County Librarian Martha H. Davis Reidsville

Civil Defense Director Archie S. Daniels Eden

Veterans Service Officer Barney Carroll Eden

County Commissioners:

Chairman Crounbie W. Roberts Eden

Commis.sioner Russell Newman Eden

Commissioner Leonard Powell Ruflin

Commissioner Conrad Duncan Madison

Commissioner Pete Baker Madison


Rowan County was formed in 1753 from Anson. Was named in honor of Matthew
Rowan, a prominent leader before the Revolution, and for a short time after the death of
Governor Gabriel Johnston, acting Governor.

Population— 90,035 County Seat — Salisbury

County Government 821

State Senator 23rd District Phillip J. Kirk, Jr., Rt. 5, Salisbury

Members House of Representatives 34th District Austin A. Mitchell, Kannapolis

Robie L. Nash, Salisbury

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Francis C. Glover Salisbury

Register of Deeds Mrs. Jack A. Ramsey Salisbury

Sheriff John F. Stirewalt _ Salisbury

Treasurer Seth S. Murdoch Salisbury

Tax Supervisor Wallace Peeler Salisbury

Tax Collector Glenn Trexler Salisbury

County Accountant Seth S. Murdoch Salisbury

Coroner William (Bill) Mills _ Salisbury

Mental Health Director Dr. Jane Higbee Salisbury

Surveyor Tommy Hudson Salisbury

County Health Director Herbert Hawley Salisbury

Supt. of Schools Jesse Carson ...China Grove

Director of Social Services Mrs. Lucile Donnelly Salisbury

County Ext. Chairman Rowe R. McNeely Salisbury

Chmn. ABC Board Dr. L. C. Holshouser Rockwell

Chmn. Bd. Education Lamar Trexler Salisbury

Chmn. Bd. Elections W. C. Coughenour Salisbury

Wildlife Protector Clay V. Clark China Grove

Forester. William T. Grain Salisbury

County Manager Seth S. Murdoch Salisbury

County Attorney Clarence Kluttz „ .....Salisbury

County Librarian Edith Clark Salisbury

Civil Defense Director .Leslie M. Lee Salisbury

Veterans Service Officer Robert Wolfe Salisbury

County Commissioners:

Chairman Eugene McCombs Faith

Commissioner Charlie Walters Salisbury

Commissioner Dick Messinger Salisbury

Commissioner Rufus Honeycutt China Grove

Commissioner Lewis Sowers Salisbury


Rutherford County was formed in 1779 from Tryon and Burke. Was named in honor
of General Griffith Rutherford, one of the most prominent of the Revolutionary patriots.
He led the expedition that crushed the Cherokees in 1776, and rendered other important
services, both in the Legislature and on the battlefield.

Population — 47,337 County Seat — Rutherfordton

State Senator 30th District Clyde Norton, Old Fort

Members House of Representatives 43rd District Robert Z. Falls, Shelby

Robert A. Jones, Forest City
W. K. Mauney, Jr., Kings Mountain

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court E. W. Tanner Rutherfordton

Register of Deeds C. F. Jones Rutherfordton

Sheriff Blane Yelton Rutherfordton

Auditor Charles H. Metcalfe.__ Rutherfordton

Tax Supervisor Horace Yelton Rutherfordton

Tax Collector O. M . York Rutherfordton

County Accountant Charles H. Metcalfe Rutherfordton

Coroner Horton Landreth Rutherfordton

Medical Examiner Dr. R. S. Eaves Rutherfordton

Surveyor Mike Hodge RFD, Rutherfordton

County Health Director Dr. T. F. Hahn, Jr Rutherfordton

Supt. of Schools Forrest Hunt Rutherfordton

Director of Social Services.. Mrs. Gladys W. Doggett Rutherfordton

822 North Carolina Manual

Office Officer Address

County Ext Chairman G. E. Biddix, Jr Rutherfordton

Chmn. Bd. Education Dr. Beaty Bass Ruthcrfordlon

Chmn. Bd. Elections John H. Jones Rutherfordton

Wildlife Protector W. H. Ragland Rutherfordton

Wildlife Protector Walter A. Hicks Rutherfordton

Forest lianger Wm. H. Allen Rt. 2, Rutherfordton

County Attorney J. Toliver Davis _.._ Forest City

County Librarian Elizabeth Bawl Rutherfordton

Civil IJefense Director Robert A. Jones Forest City

Veterans Service Officer Herbert Downey Forest City

County Commissioners:

Chairman Sam Hargett Rutherfordton

Commissioner ....S. B. Tanner Rutherfordton

Commissioner J. D. Cooley Forest City

Commissioner Harvey Powell Caroleen

Commissioner C. A. Kennedy Ellen boro


Sampson County was formed in 1781 from Duplin and New Hanover. Was named
in honor of Colonel Sampson, who was a member of Governor Martin's Council.

Population — 44,954 County Seat — Clinton

State Senators 10th District.,., John J. Burney, Jr., Wilmington

Stewart B. Warren, Clinton

Members House of Representatives 12tfi District James C. Green, Clarkton

C. Graham Tart, Clinton

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Charles R. Reeves Clinton

Register of Deeds Dixie Honeycutt Clinton

Sheritl . James Tew Clinton

Treasurer AUie Ray McCuUen Clinton

Auditor ...AUie Ray McCullen „ Clinton

Tax Supervisor M. B. AicLamb Clinton

Tax Collector M . B. M cLamb ...Clinton

County Accountant AUie Ray McCullen Clinton

Coroner Rohmer Hall — Clinton

Medical Examiner ....Dr. Bruce Caldwell.. Clinton

Medical Examiner Dr. J. Cooper Howard Clinton

Surveyor L. C. Kerr... Clinton

County Health Director Dr. Carolyn Callison Clinton

Supt. of Schools J . T. Denning Clinton

Director of Social Services Mrs. Margaret H. Gunter Clinton

County Ext. Chairman Wortn Gurkin Clinton

Chmn. Bd. Education Bynum Jackson Godwin

Chmn. Bd. Elections Ray Turlington Clinton

Wildlife Protector Charles A. Adams Clinton

Wildlife Protector Foster Harrell Garland

Forest Ranger ...William E. Herring Clinton

County Attorney John R. Parker..... Clinton

County Librarian Margaret Weeks Clinton

Civil Defense Director C. J . Markus Clinton

Veterans Service Officer Dallas Pope... Clinton

County Commissioners:

Chairman Perry Lockerman Clinton

Commissioner Garrett Strickland Mt. Olive

Commissioner.^ Dan McLamb - Clinton

Commissioner Sherrill Williams Newton Grove

Commissioner Lonnie Bass Clinton

County Government 823


Scotland County was formed in 1899 from Richmond. Was named after the country
of Scotland, the northern part of the island of Great Britain. Most of the people of this
county are descendants of Scotch Highlanders.

Population — 26,929 County Seat — Laurinburg

State Senators 19th District ....Charles B. Deane, Jr., Rockingham

William P. Saunders, Southern Pines

Members House of Representatives 24th District Joy J. Johnson, Fairmont

Neill L. McFadyen, Raeford

Mrs. Mary H. Odom, Wagram

Gus Speros, Maxton

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court J. M. McGregor Laurinburg

Register of Deeds Margaret S. Peden Laurinburg

Sheriff B. P. Lytch Laurinburg

Treasurer...- John Q. Byrd.... Laurinburg

Auditor John Q. Byrd Laurinburg

Tax Supervisor S. A. McRimmon Laurinburg

Tax Collector S. A. McRimmon Laurinburg

County Accountant ....John Q. Byrd... Laurinburg

Coroner H. B. McDougald Laurinburg

Medical Examiners.... Dr. E. C. Womble Wagram

Medical Examiners Dr. T. Chalmers Vinson Laurel Hill

Medical Examiners Dr. T. G. Gibson, Jr Gibson

Medical Examiners ...Dr. George O. Creed Laurinburg

Medical Examiners Dr. Mark H. Huckeriede Laurinburg

County Health Director Dr. H. M. McArn Laurinburg

Supt. of Schools Kenneth R. Newbold Laurinburg

Director of Social Services Mrs. Jean B. Rogers Laurinburg

County Ext. Chairman K. V. Perkins... Laurinburg

Chmn. ABC Board ..Don Lewis, Sr Laurinburg

Chmn. Bd. Education John M. McLaurin Laurinburg

Chmn. Bd. Elections...- Floyd W. Nichols Laurinburg

Wildlife Protector Norwood Wooten ..Rt. 2, Laurinburg

Forest Ranger Spurgeon McMillan Laurinburg

County Manager John Q. Byrd Laurinburg

County Attorney Walter J. Cashwell, Jr Laurinburg

County Librarian Helen Thompson Laurinburg

Civil Defense Director Daniel N. Shaw Wagram

Veterans Service Officer Ed Smith._ Laurinburg

County Commissioners:

Chairman Turner K. McKenzie Laurinburg

Commissioner James A. Gibson _ Laurinburg

Commissioner Jesse Snead Laurinburg

Commissioner Albert R. McMillan, Jr Rt. 1, Wagram

Commissioner Kenwyn N. Johnson. Rt. 1, Wagram


Stanly County was formed in 1841 from Montgomery. Was named in honor of John
Stanly, for many years a member of the Legislature, and several times Speaker of the
House of Commons.

Population — 42,822 County Seat — Albemarle

State Senators 24th District F. O'Neil Jones, Wadesboro

Farnk N. Patterson, Jr., Albemarle
Member House of Representatives 32nd District Richard Lane Brown, III, Albemarle

824 North Carolina Manual

Office Officer Address

('lork of Court Joe H. Lowder Albemarle

Het;ister of Deeds Ray B. Crisco Albemarle

SherifT Ralph L. McSwain Albemarle

Tax Supervisor Flora F. Moore Albemarle

Tax ('oUeclor John M. Furr Albemarle

('ounty Accountant Robert I). Lee Albemarel

Coroner Dr. John S. Gaskin, Jr Albemarle

Surveyor Dent Hall Turner Albemarle

(,'ounty Health Director Dr. George Leiby Albemarle

Sup I. of Schools Luther A. Adams Albemarle

Director of Social Services Myra G. Ledbetter Troy

County Ext. Chairman Vernon Huneycutt.... Albemarle

Chmn. Hd. Education Robert E. Young Norwood

Chmii. Bd. Elections J. Boger Little Albemarle

Wildlife Protector. Joe Goode Rt. 5, Albemarle

Wildlife I'rotector John C. Lanius Albemarle

Forest Ranger D. K. Shaver, Jr Albemarle

County Attorney R. L. Brown, Jr Albemarle

County Librarian Margaret Johnston Albemarle

Civil Defense Director H. L. Snuggs Albemarle

Veterans Service Officer William C. Bowers Norwood

County Commissioners:

Chairman J. Theodore Ford Richfield

Commissioner Carlton B. Holt Albemarle

Commissioner W. Davis Forte.. Albemarle

Commissioner C. B. Crook, Jr Albemarle

Commissioner Frank R. Reeves Albemarle


Stokes County was formed in 1789 from Surry. Was named in honor of Colonel John
Stokes, a brave soldier of the Revolution, who was desperately wounded at the Waxhaw
massacre, when Colonel Buford's regiment was cut to pieces by Tarleton. After the war
Washington appointed him a judge of the United States Court in North Carolina.

Population — 23,782 County Seat — Danbury

State Senator 21st District Fred Folger, Jr., Mt. Airy

Members House of Representatives 37th District P. C. Collins Jr., Laurel Springs

J. Worth Gentry, King
George W. Marion, Jr., Dobson

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Robert Miller Danbury

Register of Deeds . Frances Burwell Danbury

Sherill ....Clyde Duggins Danbury

Treasurer Glenn Smith Danbury

Auditor John Hutcherson Danbury

Tax Supervisor Kodell Shelton Danbury

Tax Collector Kodell Shelton Danbury

County Accountant Glenn Smith Danbury

Coroner Arch Tultle Danbury

County Health Director Dr. Spot Taylor Danbury

Supt. of Schools ...William Davis Germanton

Director of Social Services Paul Priddy Danbury

County Ext. Chairman S. B. Brandon Danbury

Chmn. Bd. Education Roy Gibson Walnut Cove

Chmn. Bd. Elections Wesley Cox Rt. 1, King

Wildlife Protector Victor Gregory Rt. 2, Walnut Cove

Forest Ranger Elmo Cromer Rt. 5, Walnut Cove

County Manager Glenn Smith Rt. 1, Westfield

County Attorney..... Wm. F. Marshall, Jr Danbury

County Librarian Elizabeth Smith Danbury

County Government 825

Office Officer Address

Civil Defense Director John W. Burwell, Jr King

Veterans Service Officer James Jones Pinnacle

County Commissioners:

Chairman Edwin Lee Dunlap RFD, Walnut Cove

Commissioner Fred Young Walnut Cove

Commissioner Wm. Gentry King

Commissioner C. T. Lasley _ Rt. 1, Madison

Commissioner Elma King Rt. 1, Westfield


Surry County was founded in 1771 from Rowan. Was named in honor of Lord Surry,
a prominent member of Parliament who opposed the taxation of the American colonies
by Parliament.

Population — 51,415 County Seat — Dobson

State Senator 21st District Fred Folger, Jr., Mt. Airy

Members House of Representatives 37th District P. C. Collins, Jr., Laurel Springs

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