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THIS pamphlet is published
by The Farmers' Loan and
Trust Company, and is designed
for the convenience of those of
its customers who do not care to
be hampered with a guide book,
but who wish some brief general
information to help them in their
way about Paris, and in their

Additional information, if de-
sired, may be obtained at any of
the offices of the Company.

Copyright, 1914
The Fanners' Loan and Trust Company


JUL 28 1914


Arrangements can be made to hire automobiles
by the hour, by the day, by the week or for any
desired period at the following places:

Wiiliam S. Hogan, 48 Avenue Kleber
Oscar Guttmaim, 41 Boulevard Haussmann
Krieger-Brasier, 48 Rue de la Boetie
The Motor Car, 194 Rue de Rivoli


By far the larger number of churches in Paris are,
of course, Roman Catholic, but there are as well
some English and American churches of various
denominations where the services are conducted in

Amekican and English: — ^American Episcopal
Church of the Holy Trinity ^ 23 Avenue de I'Alma;
Sunday, 10.30 and 5 . American Presbyterian Churchy
21 Rue de Berri; Sunday, 11 and 3. British Embassy
Church, 5 Rue d'Aguesseau; Sunday 10.30, 3 30 and
8. St. George^ s Church (English), 7 Rue Auguste-
Vacquerie. Wesleyan Methodist Church, 4 Rue
Roquepine, Boulevard Malesherbes; Sunday 10.45
and 8. New Baptist Church, 61 Rue Meslay, near
the Porte St. Martin; Sunday 2 and 8 p.m.

Synagogues (Service in French) : — 15 Rue N6tre
Dame de Nazareth; Saturday. 44 Rue de la
Victoire; Saturday.

The following list indicates the more important
Roman Catholic French churches. Mass is usually
at 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11.30; sermons at 10 and 3.15.

Roman Catholic:— iV^o/re Dame, Place Notre
Dame. La Sainte Chapelle, Rue d'Arcole. La
Madeleine, Place de la Madeleine. Le Sacr6 Coeur,
end Rue des Martyres (Montmartre). Eglise Saint
Augustin, Place Saint Augustin, Boulevard Hauss-
mann. Eglise Saint Etienne du Mont, Place du Pan-
theon. Eglise Saint Franqois Xavier, Boulevard des
Invalides. Eglise Saint Germain I'Auxerrois, Rue
du Louvre. Eglise Saint Germain des Pres, Place
Saint Germain des Pres. Trinite, Place de la


There is a district messenger service in Paris
somewhat similar to that in New York. The
organization is called "Petits Messagers" and has
oflSces at 21 Place du Marche St. Honore, Telephone
Nos., Gutenberg 28-55 and Gutenberg 25-87. The
boys deliver the messages on bicycles, and the


charges are 50 centimes for the first quarter of an

hour and 25 centimes for every additional quarter

of an hour.


In the more expensive hotels tips are about five

francs each to the chambermaid, valet, porter and

concierge. The tips for meals taken at the hotel

are about 10% of the amount of the bill and are

given to the head waiter. The porter who attends

to the luggage expects one to two francs at arrival

and departure. In the larger restaurants the

average tip is about 10% of the amount of the bill

and is paid to the waiter who served the meal. A

tip of 25 centimes is sufficient at the cloakroom

unless there is a party of several persons. In smaller

establishments the tips should be reduced about

one-third. At the theatres the attendants who

take people to their seats expect 30 to 50 centimes.

Railway porters receive about 50 centimes per

package. Tipping is quite frequent in Paris, but

small amounts, 30 or 50 centimes, are sufficient for

small services.


The following hotels are classified according to

the district in which they are situated and are

numbered 1, 2, 3 and 4 according to their prices:

No. 1. Rooms from 20-25 francs upwards

No. 2. Rooms from about 10 francs upwards

No. 3. Rooms from 5-6 francs upwards

No. 4. Smaller hotels, rooms from about 5 francs upward

Champs-Elysees Quarter

No. 1. Hotel Astoria, 131 Avenue des Champs-Elys^es
No. 1. Carlton Hotel, 119 Avenue des Champs-Elysees

No. 2. Elysee Palace Hotel, 103 Avenue des Champs-
No. 2. Hotel d'lena, 28 Avenue d'lena
No. 2. Hotel Majestic, 19 Avenue Kleber

No. 3. Hotel Campbell, 45 Avenue Friedland

No. 3. Hotel de la Tremoille, 14 Rue de la Tremoille

No. 4. Hotel Cecilia, 11 Avenue Mac Mahon
No. 4. Hotel Lord Byron, 16 Rue Lord Byron

Quartier Latin

No. 3. Hotel Lutetia, 43 Boulevard Raspail

No. 4. Hotel des Saints-Peres, 65 Rue des Saints-P^res

Opera Quarter

No. 1. H6tel Mirabeau, 8 Rue de la Paix
No. 1. Hotel Westminister, 11 Rue de la Paix

No. 2. Hotel Chatham, 17 Rue Daunou
No. 2. Grand Hotel, 12 Boulevard des Capucines
No. 2. H6tel de Hollande, 20 Rue de la Paix
No. 2. Hotel Scribe, 1 Rue Scribe

No. 3. Grand Hotel Terminus, Gare Saint Lazare
No. 3. Hdtel Ste. Anne, 10 Rue Ste. Anne

No. 4. Hotel de Calais, 7 Rue des Capucines
No. 4. Hotel de I'Empire, 7 Rue Daunou

Rivoli Quarter

No. 1.

Hotel Bristol, 3 Place Venddme (suites only)

No. 1.

H6tel de Castiglione, 12 Rue de Castiglione

No. 1.

Hotel de Crillon, 10 Place de la Concorde

No. 1.

H6tel de Liverpool, 11 Rue de Castiglione

No. 1.

Hotel Lotti, 7 Rue de Castiglione

^0. 1.

H6tel Meurice, 228 Rue de Rivoli

No. 1.

H6tel du Rhin, 4-6 Place Venddme (suites only)

No. 1.

Hotel Ritz, 15 Place Vend6me

No. 1.

H6tel Vend6me, I Place Vendome

No. 2.

Hotel Brighton, 218 Rue de Rivoli

No. 2.

H6tel Continental, 3 Rue de Castiglione

No. 2.

Grande Hotel du Louvre, Place du Palais Royal

No. 2.

Hdtel Montana, 11 Rue de I'Echelle

No. 2.

H6tel Normandy, 7 Rue de TEchelle

No. 2.

H6tel du Palais d'Orsay, 9 Quai d'Orsay

No. 2.

Hotel Regina, 2 Place de Rivoli

No. 2.

Hotel Wagram, 208 Rue de Rivoli

No. 3.

Hotel de Castille, 37 Rue Cambon

No. 3.

H6tel de France et Choiseul, 241 Rue St. Honors

No. 3.

H6tel de Lille et d' Albion, 223 Rue St. Honore

No. 3.

Hotel St. James et d'Albany, 202 Rue de Rivoli


There is a large motor omnibus system through- 1

out Paris

and nearly all important thoroughfares are


These vehicles have large placards

giving the names of the localities to which and |


which they run. The charges are 15


per section first-class, and 10 centimes




There are numbers of branch post offices scattered
throughout Paris, and stamps may also be purchased
in tobacconists' shops, the columns on the boulevards
and in stationery shops. The offices are open daily
from 7 a.m. from March 1st to November 1st
(8 a.m. in winter) till 9 p.m. (12 noon on Sunday
and holidays). Late letters with an extra 5 centime
stamp will be dispatched by the evening mails if
they are posted in the special late boxes before the
hours given on the boxes. The Parcel Post in
France is indirectly in charge of the Post Office and
is managed by the Railway Companies and for-
warding agents. There are forwarding agents in
practically every street of importance, and they are
usually tobacconists, stationers, or shopkeepers of
some sort. Parcels not exceeding 22 lbs. in weight
may be sent in France or to the French colonies
at the rate of 60 centimes for 6^^ lbs. (3 kg.), 80
centimes for 11 lbs. (5 kg.), and 1 franc, 60 centimes
for parcels not exceeding 22 lbs., if delivered to a
railway station or post office, but an extra charge of
25 centimes is made when parcels are sent to a
private address. The limit of weight by parcel post
for the United States and England is 11 lbs.


Gare du Nord, Place de Roubaix, is the terminus of the
Chemins de Fer du Nord, trains for England, via Calais
or Boulogne, Belgium and Germany, via LiSge.

Gare de l'Est, Place de Strasbourg, is one of the termini of
the Chemins de Fer de l'Est, whose lines run to Nancy
and the eastern districts, Germany via Metz, Switzerland
via Belfort and Italy via the St. Gotthard Tunnel.

Gare de Vincennes, Place de la Bastille, trains to Vincennes.
A terminus of the Chemins de Fer de l'Est.

Gare St. Lazare, Rue St. Lazare, a terminus of the Chemins
de Fer de I'Ouest, lines to Dieppe, Havre, Cherbourg,
and a suburban service including Versailles, St. Cloud,
St. Germain and Argenteuil.

Gare Montparnasse, Boulevard Montparnasse, another
terminus of the Chemins de Fer de I'Ouest, serving
Brittany, and running also to Bordeaux via Chartres.
A short line goes to Versailles.

Gare des iNVALroES, Esplanade des Invalides, the third
terminus of the Chemins de Fer de I'Ouest. Suburban
service to St. Cloud and to, Versailles, but also connects
with the Brittany lines and the Bordeaux route.

Gare du Quai-d'Orsay, Quai-d'Orsay, terminus of the
Chemins de Fer d'Orleans, running to Orleans, Bordeaux
via Tours, the Pyrenees and Spain.

Gare du Quai-d'Austerlitz, Quai-d'Austerlitz, also a
terminus of the Chemins de Fer d'Orleans, whose trains
connect by a loop with those using the Gare du Quai-

Gare du Luxembourg, corner Boulevard St. Michel and Rue
Gay-Lussac, third terminus of the Chemins de Fer
d'Orleans, of which the trains connect as above. Luggage
can not be registered at this station.

Gare de Lyon, Boulevard Diderot, is the terminus of the
Chemins de Far de Paris a Lyon et a la Mediterranee,
which serves the South of France and Mediterranean
districts, Switzerland via Pontarlier and Macon, and
Italy via the Mont Cenis Tunnel or via Nice. Trains to


This list of restaurants is arranged according to
prices, on the same plan as the list of hotels, that is
No. 1 represents those of the most expensive grade,
and Nos. 2 and 3 indicate a diminishing scale of

Opera Quarter

No. 1. Cafe de Paris, 41 Avenue de I'OpIra

No. L Restaurant Henry, 30 Rue St. Augustin

No. 1. Restaurant Paillard, 38 Boulevard des Italiens

No. 2. Cafe Americain, 4 bis Boulevard des Capucines
No. 2. Cafe de la Paix, 12 Boulevard des Capucines
No. 2. Cafe Riche, 16 Boulevard des Italiens
No. 2. Restaurant Vian, 22 Rue Daunou
No. 2. Restaurant Volney, 16 Rue Volney

No. 3. Restaurant Drouant, 18 Rue Gaillon

No. 3. Taverne Pousset, 14 Boulevard des Italiens

Near the Madeleine and Rue Royale

No. 1. Restaurant Larue, 27 Rue Royale

No. 1. Restaurant Viel, 8 Boulevard de la Madeleine

No. 1. Restaurant Voisin, 16 Rue Cambon

No. 2. Restaurant Lucas, 9 Place de la Madeleine
No. 2. Restaurant Prunier, 9 Rue Duphot
No. 2. Restaurant Weber, 21 Rue Royale

No. 3. Taverne Royale, 25 Rue Royale


Bois de Boulogne

No. 1. Pavilion d'Armenonville
No. 1. Restaurant du Pres Catelan

No. 2. Ermitage de Longchamps
No. 2. Pavilion de la Cascade
No. 2. Pavilion Royal

Boulevard Montmartre

No. 3. Grande Taverne du Coq d'Or, 149 Rue Mont-
No. 3. Noel Peters, 84 Passage des Princes

There are also the following restaurants located
in other districts:

No. 1. Ch&teau de Madrid, 31 Boulevard Richard Wal
lace, Neuilly

No. 2. Laperouse, 1 Rue des Grands Augustins, left

bank of Seine
No. 2. Marguery, 36 Boulevard Bonne Nouvelle, near the
Inexpensive meals may be obtained at any of the
Duval Restaurants scattered throughout Paris.

The following shops are listed alphabetically
according to subject, but no attempt has been made
to indicate prices.

Art Dealers, including Print Sellers

Thos. Agnew & Sons, 22 Place Vend6me

J. AUard, 20 Rue des Capucines

Duveen Bros., 20 Place Venddme

M. Knoedler & Co., 17 Place Venddme

Sedelmeyer, 6 Rue de la Rochefoucauld

Tedesco Bros., 33 Avenue de rOp6ra

Arthur Tooth & Sons, 41 Boulevard des Capucines


Booksellers and Stationers

Brentano's, 37 Avenue de I'Opera

Elysee Palace Hotel
Galignani's, 224 Rue de Rivoli
Smith & Son, 248 Rue de Rivoli
Timotei, 14 Rue de Castiglione

Boots and Shoes

Hanan Shoe Stores, 43 Avenue de I'Opera
Hellstern & Sons, 43 Place Vendome
New York Shoe Company, 15 Avenue de l'0p6ra

2 Rue du 4 Septembre
94 Rue La Fayette
Randall, 91 Rue St. Lazare
Saxone & Sorosis, 5 Boulevard de la Madeleine
Walk Over Shoe Co., 34 Boulevard des Italiens


See Drug Stores


Mile. Emilie Agier, 22 Avenue de I'Opera
Barreiros, 4 Rue des Capucines
Batby, 187 Rue St. Honor6
Bellanger, 47 Boulevard Haussmann
Leoty, 8 Place de la Madeleine
Maria Marcel, 16 Rue de la Paix

Department Stores

Bon Marche, 131-137 Rue du Bac

Galeries Lafayette, 38, 40, 42 Boulevard Haussmann

Louvre (Grands Magasins du), Place du Palais Royal

164 Rue de Rivoli

151 Rue St. Honore
Old England, 2 Rue Scribe

Printemps, Rue du Havre, Boulevard Haussmann
Trois Quartiers, 17-23 Boulevard de la Madeleine


Dressmakers and Ladies' Tailors

Beer, 7 Place Vend6me

Callot Soeurs, 24 Rue Taitbout

Cheruit, 21 Place Vendome

Doeuillet, 18 Place Vendome

Doucet, 21 Rue de la Paix

Drecoll, 4 Place de I'Opera

Linker & Cie., 7 Rue Auber

Ney Soeurs, 22 Place Vendome

Paquin, 3 Rue de la Paix

Poiret, 26 Avenue d'Antin and 107 Faubourg St, Honor 6

Premet, 8 Place Vendome

Redfern, 242 Rue de Rivoli

Worth, 7 Rue de la Paix
Drug Stores

Beral & Co., 194 Rue de Rivoli

Cauthier, 21 Rue Marbeuf

39 Rue Francois l^r

Lees, 124 Rue du Bac
Michel, 6 Avenue Victor Hugo
Roberts & Co., 5 Rue de la Paix
Swann, 12 Rue de Castiglione

Ruffier, 1 Rue Scribe
Bois, 15 Rue des Pyramides
Lion-Fleurs, 2 Boulevard de la Madeleine
Bron, 75 Rue St. Lazare


F61ix Potin, Place St. Augustin
Gerbout, 58 Faubourg St. Honore

Potel & Chabot, 25 Boulevard des Italiens and
4 Avenue Victor Hugo


Busvine & Co., 4 Rue Marbeuf
Mme. Henriette Favre, 5 Rue de la Paix
Gaudebert, 7 Place de la Madeleine
Gnmwaldt, 6 Rue de la Paix
Revillon Freres, 77 Rue de Rivoli



Barclay, 18 and 20 Avenue de I'Opera

Carnaval de Venise, 3 Boulevard de la Madeleine

Gant Perrin, 45 Avenue de I'Opera

Grande Maison de Blanc, 6 Boulevard des Capucines


Barclay, 18-20 Avenue de I'Opera

Carnaval de Venise 3 & 5 Boulevard de la Madeleine

Charvet et Fils, 25 Place Vend6me

1 Rue des Capucines
The Sport, 17 Boulevard Montmartre
Spiers Brothers, 49 Boulevard Haussmann

Hairdressers (Ladies')

Barnes, 30 Rue Boissy-d'Anglas

Henri Boinard, 416 Rue St. Honore

Girault, 12 Boulevard des Capucines

Georges, 15 Rue Royale

Hamilton & Henry, 12 Rue du Helder

Henri, 8 Rue de la Paix

Jean & Cie., 255 Rue St. Honor6

Loisiel, 10 Boulevard de la Madeleine

Long, 40 Rue de Moscou

Veyren, 85 Boulevard Haussmann

Hats (Ladies')

Andr6ry, 5 Rue Scribe
Blanche Robert, 19 Rue La Fayette
Carlier, 16 Rue de la Paix
Demay, 11 Rue Royale
Georgette, 1 Rue de la Paix
Camille Marchais, 17 Rue de la Paix
Maria-Guy, 8 Place Vendome
Reboux, 23 Rue de la Paix
R6jane, 15 Rue Daunou
Suzanne Talbot, 14 Rue Royale


Hats (Men's)

Albert D^lion, 24 Boulevard des Capucines
223 Boulevard St. Germain

L^on, 21 Rue Daunou

Stagg, 9 Rue Scribe

Willoughby, 5 Rue de Castiglione

Barclay, 18 and 20 Avenue de rOp6ra

Grande Maison de Blanc, 6 Boulevard des Capucines

Chaumet, 12 Place Venddme

Cartier, 13 Rue de la Paix

Leroy et Cie., 7 Boulevard de la Madeleine

E. Morgan, 17 Rue de la Paix

Polak Ain6, 18 Rue de la Paix

Sandoz, 10 Rue Royale

Spaulding & Co., 36 Avenue de I'Op^ra

Tiffany & Co., 3 Place de I'Op^ra
Leather Goods

Maquet, 10 Rue de la Paix

Kendall & Co., 17 Rue de la Paix

AgnSs, 7 Rue Auber

Doucet, 21 Rue de la Paix

Favre, 5 Rue de la Paix

Ferrand Soeurs, 4 Boulevard Malesherbes

Girand, 4 Rue de Castiglione

Grande Maison de Blanc, 6 Boulevard des Capucines

Guilbert-Bret, 10 Rue de Castiglione

Loquaillarde, 157 Faubourg St. Honor6

Premet, 8 Place Venddme

Rouff, 6 Boulevard des Italiens

A. Gualdoni, 228 Rue de Rivoli

E. B. Meyrowitz, 3 Rue Scribe

Pryor, 1 bis Rue Auber



Gell6 Freres, 6 Avenue de rOp6ra
Guerlain, 15 Rue de la Paix
Houbigant, 19 Faubourg St. Honore ,

Pinaud, 18 Place Vendome
Rimmel, 9 Boulevard des Capucines
Roger & Gallet, 8 Rile de la Paix

Photographic Supplies

Eastman Kodak Co., 4 Place Vend6me

5 Avenue de I'Opera
Photo-Hall, 5 Rue Scribe
Reutlinger, 21 Boulevard Montmartre
Carl Zeiss, 6 Rue aux Ours

Tobacco, Cigars, Cigarettes, Pipes

The manufacture and sale of tobacco in France
is carried on by the State, and cigars, cigarettes,
tobacco and matches can only be sold by licensed
dealers, who are established in practically every
important street. Postage stamps may be obtained
at the same shops. Below are given some of those
tobacco shops that specialize in cigars and cigarettes
of the well known foreign makes.

Au Khedive, 8 Boulevard des Italiens

Manufacture des Tabacs, 23 Boulevard des Capucines

La Civette, Place du Theatre Franpais

Au Pacha, 3 Place de la Bourse

Petit Pacha, 17 Rue Auber


Barclay, 18 and 20 Avenue de rOp6ra
Innovation Trunk Co., 10 Rue Auber

84 Rue des Petits-Champs
Moynat, 5 Place du Th64tre-Franf ais
Louis Vuitton, 1 Rue Scribe



Although there are still a few cabs without taxi-
meters, they have been almost entirely superseded
in Paris by the taxis, both horse and motor.

The tariff for horse taxis is as follows:

For 1200 metres (about }i mile) or 9 min. drive, 75

For each 400 metres (about yi mile) or 3 min. extra, 10

At night per drive or per hour an additional charge of

50 centimes
Each additional person beyond two, 50 centimes
Each piece of luggage, 25 centimes

The charges made for motor taxis are as follows^

For the first kilo, (about % mile), 1 franc, 25 centimes

For each additional kilo., 50 centimes

At night per drive or per hour an additional charge of

1 franc
Each additional person beyond two, 50 centimes
Each piece of luggage, 25 centimes

Each time a city gate is passed, either going out
or coming in an extra 50 centimes is paid, and for a
cab discharged outside a city gate, one franc.


The short list of tea rooms given below is clas-
sified in the same manner as the restaurants.

No. 1. Rumpelmayer's, 226 Rue de Rivoli
No. 1. Colombin, 6 Rue Cambon
No. 1. Ritz Hotel, 15 Place Venddme
No. 1. Elys6e Palace Hotel, 103-113 Avenue des Champs-

No. 2. Chinese Umbrella, 114 Rue du Bac
No. 2. Afternoon Tea, 20 Place Venddme


No. 2. Th6 R^camier, 24 Rue du Mont Thabor

No. 2. A la Marquise de Sevigne, 11 Boulevard de la

No. 3. Kardomah, 184 Rue de RivoH
• No. 3. Lilia, 44 Rue de la Chausee-d'Antin

Nearly all the large hotels have tea rooms where
there is music during the tea hour, and where tea
is served at a charge of two francs inclusive. During
summer tea is also served at the various restaurants
in the Bois.


Telegrams are received at all post offices, and
after 9 p.m. at the following places: Till 11 p.m.f
Gare du Nord, 24 Rue de Vaugirard, 33 Avenue
des Champs Elysees, 10 Place de la Republique,
9 Rue des Halles, 93 Rue Blomet, 40 Rue Singer,
2 Rue de la Bastille, 31 Rue Ballu, 41 Boulevard
St. Martin, 104 Rue Monge, 26 Boulevard de
l'H6pital; till midnight ^ Grand Hotel, Boulevard des
Capucines, 4 Rue Sainte Anne, 3 Rue Boissy-
d'Anglas, 19 Rue d' Amsterdam; all night, the
Bourse, (entrance on RueNotre-Dame-des-Victoires),
and 103 Rue de Grenelle.

A system of Pneimiatic Tubes, known popularly
as Petits Bleus, is very much used for dispatching
messages in Paris and the immediate suburbs. The
cards and envelopes for this system may be ob-
tained at the telegraph offices, and letters can be
sent at a moderate cost.


Telephones are to be found in almost every post
office, as well as in the railway stations, hotels and
other public places.

Theatres in Paris are quite expensive, the best
seats in many of them being as high as 15 francs or
more. The arrangement and naming of the seats
differ a good deal, and the charges for admission
vary to such an extent that no attempt has been
made to give typical scale of prices.



Character of











Folies-Dramatiques. .



Grand Guignol




Op^ra Comique


Porte St. Martin






2 Boulevard St. Martin

14 Boulevard de Strasbourg

20Ruede Clichy

78 Boul. des Batignolles

Square de I'Opera

4 Rue Monsigny

39 Boul. des Capucines

Place du Chatelet

71 Boul. St. Germain

90 Ave. des Champs Elysees

40 Rue de Bondy

Place du Theatrc-Frangais .
Square des Arts-et-Metiers.

20 Rue Chaptal

38 Boul. Bonne-Nouvelle..

Place de I'Odeon

Place de I'Opera

Place Boieldieu -

38 Rue Montpensier

18 Boul. St. Martin

15 Rue Blanche

19 Rue de Bondy

Place du Chatelet

7 Boul. Montmartre

2 Boul. des Capucines


Modem plays

Musical Comedy




Modem one-act play

Spectacular plays



Farce Comedy

Classical & literary plays

Light & comic opera

Sensational one-act plays


Classical & serious plays

Grand Opera

Lyrical & lighter opera


Comedy, drama, etc.

Modem plays

High-class comedy

Drama, etc.

Comic opera

High-class comedy





Character of

Alcazar d'Ete


Open-air Music Hall,



Open-air Music Hall,

Barrasford's Alhambra

50 Ruede Malte



58 RuePigalle



120 Boul. RochechoLiart. . .
32 Rue Richer . -.

Spectacular Revues

Folies-Bergere ...

Music Hall


Place Clichy

Varieties, Cinematograph

Jardin de Paris .


Circus, dances, bowling,


Nouveau Cirque


Place Blanche

251 Rue St. Honore

28 Boul. des Capucines


Revues, varieties, etc.
Music Hall


Variety. Open-air pro-

Scala -.

13 Boul. de Strasbourg

Music Hall

Tulleries (Jardin des)..

Open-air opera from June
till August

Skating Rinks

American Skating Rink St. Didier, Rue St. Didier (Place

Victor Hugo)
Edimbourg Skating Rink, 11 Rue d'Edimbourg
Palais de Glace, Ice Skating, (October to March), Ave.

des Champs-Elysees
Magic City, Pont de I'Alma


The American Graduate Nurses' Central Registry
of Paris, 15 Rue Petrarque, is maintained under the
best patronage to provide authorized competent
American Graduate Nurses.



There are a number of tramways traversing
Paris and running out to the suburbs, all of which
have large placards designating the localities to
which and between which they run, but they are
not apt to be much used by the tourist, so a descrip-
tion of their routes is not included in this booklet.
It may be noted, however, that among other places,
h'nes go to Vincennes, St. Cloud, Versailles, and
Auteuil, but it is not advised to make any of these
excursions on holidays when the cars are very



Days and Hours



Admission free except
when otherwise stated


Arc de Triomphe . .
Archives Nationales .
Beaux-Arts, Ecole des,

Place de PEtoile . . 10 to 6

60 Rue des Francs-
Bourgeois ....

14 Rue Bonaparte

Bibliotheque Nationale58 Rue de Richelieu

Camavalet Museum .

Catacombs of Paris .

23 Rue de S6vign6

Place Denfert-

12 to 4

9 to 4 or 6

10 to 4 Winter; 11 to 5

Cernuschi Museum . 7 A venue Velasquez. ilO to 4

Chantilly, Chateau de

Chantilly (Gare du

1 to5


of Admission

Admission free except when otherwise

Week Days


10 to 6. Fee to attendant. . .


'w to 5, on presentation of visi-
tor's card

10 to 4, upon application ....
9 to 4 or 6

Built in memory of Napoleon's
victories in 1805-6. View.

National archives, Interesting .
mural decorations.

Academy of fine arts. Paint-
ings, sculptures and collection
of casts.


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