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5 of strengthe fro the face of the enemye. I schal dwelle in thi
tabernacle in to worldis ; Y schal be keuered in the hilyng of

^^ thi wengis. For thou, my God, hast herd my preier ; thou
7 hast 30ue eritage to hem that dreden thi name. Thou schalt

adde daies on the daies of the king ; hise 5eeris til in to the
> dai of generacioun and of generacioun. Fie dwellith with-

outen ende in the si^t of God ; who schal seke the merci and
treuthe of hym ? So Y schal seie salm to thi name in to the

world of world ; that Y 3elde my vowis fro dai in to dai.

Psalm LXI (LXII).

T The titil of the oon and sixtithe salm. To the victorie on
Iditu7n, the salm 0/ Dauid.

1 Whether my soule schal not be sugct to God ; for myn
7, heelthe is of hym. For whi he is bothe my God, and myn
4 heelthe ; my taker vp, Y schal no more be moued. Hou

longe fallen 30 on a man .? alle 56 sleen ; as to a wal bowid,
; and a wal of stoon with out morter cast doun. Netheles thei

thou^ten to putte awei my prijs, Y ran in thirst ; with her
(' mouth thei blessiden, and in her herte thei cursiden. Netheles,

my soule, be thou suget to God ; for my pacience is of hym.
7 For he is my God, and my saueour ; myn helpere, Y schal
^ not passe out. Myn helthe, and my glorie is in God ; God is


^the -^yiicr of myn help, and m)n hope is in God. Al the
gaderyng togidcre of the puple, hope ^e in God, schede 56
. )ul 30ure hertis bifore hym ; God is oure helpere with outen

loendc. Netheles the sones of men hen veyne; the sones of
men hiU Hers in balauncis, that thei disseyue of vanytee in to

1 1 ilic same thing. Nile 5e haue hope in wickidnesse, and nyle
;e coueyte raueyns ; if ritchessis be plenteuouse, nyle 56 sette

I -• ihe herte thcrto. God spak onys, Y herde these twei thingis,
IS that i)o\ver is of God, and, thou Lord, mercy is to thee ; for

ihou schalt 3elde to ech man bi hisc worlds.


1 Thi iilil of the two and sixtithc salm. The salm of Dauid,

whanne he ivas in ihe desert of fudee.

2 God, my God, Y wake to thee ful eerli. Mi soule thirstide

3 to thee ; my fleisch thirstide to thee ful many foold. In a
lond forsakun with out wei, and with out water, so Y apperide
to ihee in hooH ; that Y schulde se thi vertu, and thi glorie.

4 For thi merci is betcre than lyues ; my lippis schulen herie
.; thee. So Y schal blesse thee in my lijf ; and in thi name Y

6 schal reise myn hondis. INIi soule be fillid as with inner fat-
nesse and vttermere fatnesse ; and my mouth schal herie with

7 lippis of ful out ioiyng. So Y hadde mynde on thee on my
s bed, in morewtidis Y shal thenke of thee ; for thou were myn

helpere. And in the keueryng of thi wyngis Y schal make
V ful out ioye, my soule cleuede after thee ; thi ri3thond took
10 me vp. Forsothe thei sou5ten in veyn my lijf, thei schulen

I I onlre in to the lower thingis of erlhe ; thei schulen be bitakun
in to the hondis of swerd, thei schulen be maad the partis of

i.'foxis. But the king schal be glad in God; and alle men
scliulen be preysid that sweren in hym, for the mouth of
hem, that spcken wickid thingis, is stoppid.



I T/ie iiiil of the thrc and six tithe sal?7i. In Ehreive thus, To the
victorie, the salm of Dauid. In ferom thus, To the oner comer,
the sojig of Dmiid.

:: God, here thou my preier, whanne Y biseche; delyuere

:; thou my soule fro the drede of the enemy. Thou hast de-

fendid me fro the couent of yuele-doers ; fro the multitude of

4 hem that worchen wickidnesse. For thei scharpiden her

5 tungis as a swerd, thei benten a bowe, a bittir thing ; for to
f) schete in priuetees hym that is vnwemmed. SodeynH thei

schulen schete hym, and thei schulen not drede ; thei maden

stidefast to hem silf a wickid word. Thei telden, that thei
7 schulden hide snaris ; thei seiden, Who schal se hem ? Thei

sou3ten wickidnessis ; thei sou5ten, and failiden in sekinge.
s A man nei^be to deep herte ; and God schal be enhaunsid.
■; The arowis of litle men ben maad the woundis of hem ; and

the tungis of hem ben maad sijk a^ens hem. Alle men ben
10 disturblid, that sien hem; and ech man dredde. And thei

telden the werkis of God ; and vndurstoden the dedis of God.
\ 1 The iust man schal be glad in the Lord, and schal hope in

hym ; and alle men of rijtful herte schulen be preisid.

Psalm LXIV (LXV).

1 The titil of thefoiire and sixtithe salm. To victorie, the salm of

the song of Dauid.

2 God, heriyng bicometh thee in Syon ; and a vow schal be
^^ 3olden to thee in Jerusalem. Here thou my preier ; ech man

4 schal come to thee. The wordis of wickid men hadden the
maistrye ouer vs ; and thou schalt do merci to oure wickld-

5 nessis, Blessid is he, whom thou hast chose, and hast take ;


he schal dwelle in thin hallis. We schulen be fiUid with the
f) goodis of thin hous ; thi temple is hooh, wondurful in equite.

God, oure heelthe, here thou vs ; //lou art hope of alle coostis
7 of erthe, and in the see afer. And thou makest redi hillis in
S thi vertu, and art gird with power ; which disturbhst the
9 depthe of the see, the soun of the wawis therof. Folkis

schulen be disturblid, and thei that dwellen in the endis

schulen drede of thi signes ; thou schalt delite the outgoingis
10 of the morewtid and euentid. Thou hast visitid the lond,

and hast greedi fillid it ; thou hast multiplied to make it

riche. The flood of God was fillid with watris ; thou madist
1 redi the mete of hem, for the makyng redi therof is so. Thou

fillynge greetli the stremes therof, multiplie the fruytis therof;

the lond bringinge forth fruytis schal be glad in goteris of it.
I : Thou schalt blesse the coroun of the 5eer of thi good wille ;
.:; and thi feeldis schulen be fillid with plentee of fruytis. The

feire thingis of desert schulen wexe fatte ; and litle hillis
1 4 schulen be cumpassid with ful out ioiyng. The wetheris of

scheep ben clothid, and valeis schulen be plenteuouse of

wheete ; thei schulen crye, and sotheli thei schulen seye


Psalm LXV (LXVI).

1 The titil of the fy lie and sixtithe salm. To the victor ie^ the song

of salm.

2 Al the erthe, make ^e ioie herdi to God, seie ^e salm to

3 his name ; ^yue 5e glorie to his heriyng. Seie 5e to God,
Lord, thi werkis ben dredeful ; in the multitude of thi vertu

4 thin enemyes schulen lie to thee. God, al the erthe worschipe

5 thee, and synge to thee ; seie it salm to thi name. Come 5e
and se ^e the werkis of God; ferdful in counseils on the

6 sones of men. Which turnede the see in to drie lond ; in
the flood thei schulen passe with foot, there we schulen be


7 glad in hym. Which is Lord in his vertu withouten ende,
hise i^en biholden on folkis ; thei that maken scharp be not

8 enhaunsid in hem silf. 3e hethen men, blesse oure God ;

9 and make 56 herd the vois of his preising. That hath set my
iosoule to lijf, and 3af not my feet in to stiryng. For thou,

God, hast preued vs ; thou hast examyned vs bi fier, as siluer

1 1 is examyned. Thou leddist vs in to a snare, thou puttidist

1 2 tribulaciouns in oure bak ; thou settidist men on oure heedis.
We passiden bi fier and water ; and thou leddist vs out in to

13 refreschyng. I schal entre in to thin hous in brent sacrifices ;

14 Y schal ^elde to thee my vowis, which my lippis spaken dis-
i5tinctly. And my mouth spake in my tribulacioun ; Y shal

ofi"re to thee brent sacrificis ful of merow3, with the brennyng

of rammes; Y schal ofFre to thee oxis with buckis of geet.

16 Alle 5e that dreden God, come and here, and Y schal telle;

ijhou grete thingis he hath do to my soule. I criede to hym

xS with my mouth ; and Y ioyede fulli vndir my tunge. If Y

bihelde wickidnesse in myn herte ; the Lord schal not here.

19 Therfor God herde ; and perseyuede the vois of my bisech-

20 yng. Blessid de God ; that remeued not my preyer, and /oo^
7ioi aivei his merci fro me.


1 The iitil of the sixe and sixtithe salm. In EbreiL thus. To the

vidorie in orguns, the salm of the song. In ferom thus, To
the ouercomer in sahnes, the song of writing of a delitable
thing with metre.

2 God haue merci on vs, and blesse vs; li5tne he his cheer

3 on vs, and haue merci on vs. That we knowe thi weie on

4 erthe ; thin heelthe in alle folkis. God, puplis knowleche to

5 thee ; alle puplis knouleche to thee. Hethen men be glad,
and make fulli ioye, for thou demest puplis in equite ; and


6drcssist hethene men in erthe. God, puplis knouleche to
7 thee, alle puplis knouleche to thee ; the erthe ^af his fruyt.

God, oure God blesse vs, God blesse vs ; and alle the coostis

o( crthc drede hym.


1 T/ie mil of the scuc7ie and sixtithe salm. To the victorie, the

salm of the song of Dauid.

2 GoD rise vp, and hise enemyes be scaterid ; and thei that

3 haten hym fle fro his face. As smoke failith, faile thei : as
wax fietith fro the face of fier, so perische synneris fro the

4 face of God. And iust men eete, and make fuUi ioye in the

5 si5t of God ; and delite thei in gladnesse. Synge ^e to God,
seie 5e salm to his name ; make 56 .weie to hym, that stieth
on the goyng doun, the Lord is name' to hym. Make 5e fulli
ioye in his si5t, eneniyes schulen be disturblid fro the face of

6 hym, which is the fadir of fadirles and modirles children ;

7 and the iuge of widewis. God is in his hooli place ; God
that makith men of o wille to dvvelle in the hous. Which
leedith out bi strengthe hem that ben boundun ; in lijk maner

8 hem that maken scharp, that dwellen in sepulcris. God,
whanne thou 5edist out in the si^t of tBi puple ; whanne thou

9 passidist forth in the desert. The erthe was mpued, for
heuenes droppiden doun fro the face of God of Synay ; fro

10 the face of God of Israel. God, thou schalt departe wilful
reyn to thin eritage, and it was sijk ; but thou madist it par-

i I fit. Thi beestis schulen dwelle therynne ; God, thou hast

1 2 niaad redi in thi swetnesse to the pore man. The Lord
schal 3yue a word; to hem that prechen the gospel with

i.:;myche vertu. The kyngis of vertues ben maad loued of the
derlyng ; and to the fairnesse of the hous to departe spuylis.

14 If 5^ slepen among the myddil of eritagis, the fetheris of the

PSALMS, LX VII (LX VII i). 1 2 1

culuer ben of siluer ; and the hyndrere thingis of the bak

15 therof den in the shynyng.of gold. While //le king c/"heuene
demeth kyngis theronne, thei schulen be maad whitter then

16 snow in Selmon ; the hille of God is a fat hille. The crud-

1 7 did hil is a fat hil ; wherto bileuen 56 falsli, cruddid hillis ?
The hil in which it plesith wel God to dwelle ther ynne ; for

18 the Lord schal dwelle in to the ende. The chare of God is
manyfoold with ten thousynde, a thousynde of hem that ben

1 9 glad; the Lord was in hem, in Syna, in the hooli. Thou
stiedist an hi^, thou tokist caitiftee; thou resseyuedist ^iftis
among men. For whi thou tokist hem that bileueden not;

20 for to dwelle in the Lord God. Blessid he the Lord ech dai ;

2 1 the God of oure heelthis schal make an eesie wei to vs. Oure
God is God to make men saaf; and outgoyng fro deeth is

J 2 of the Lord God. Neiheles God schal breke the heedis of
hise enemyes ; the cop of the heere of hem that goen in her

23 trespassis. The Lord seide, Y schal turne fro Basan ; Y

24 schal turne in to the depthe of the see. That thi foot be
deppid in blood ; the tunge of thi doggis he dippid 171 blood of

25 the enemyes of hym. God, thei sien thi goyngis yn ; the
goyngis yn of my God, of my king, which is in the hooli.

26 Prynces ioyned with syngeris camen bifore ; in the myddil of
2 7;onge dameselis syngynge in tympans. In chirchis blesse 56

28 God ; hlesse y the Lord fro the wellis of Israel. There
Beniamyn, a 3onge man ; in the rauyschyng of mynde. The
princis of Juda weren the duykis of hem ; the princis of

29 Zabulon, the princis of Neptalym. God, comaunde thou to
thi vertu ; God, conferme thou this thing, which thou hast

30 wrou5t in vs. Fro thi temple, which is in Jerusalem ; kyngis
;,i schulen offre ^iftis to thee. Blame thou the wielde beestis of

the reheed, the gaderyng togidere of bolis is among the kien

of puplis ; that thei exclude hem that ben preuyd bi siluer.

32 Distrie thou folkis that wolen batels, legatis schulen come fro


Egipt ; Elhiopic schal come bifore the hondis therof to God.

33 Rewmes of the erdie, synge 56 to God ; seie ^e salm to

34 the Lord. Singe 3e to God ; that stiede on the heuene
of heuene at the eest. Lo ! he schal ^yue to his vois the

^^ vois of vertu, 3yue ^e glorie to God on Israel ; his greet
36dovng and his vertu 2's in the cloudis. God 2S wondirful in

hise seyntis ; God of Israel, he schal ^yue vertu, and strengthe

to his puple; blessid be God.


I T/it' iitil of the ei-^ie and sixtiihe salm. In Ebreu thus, To the
victoric, on the roosis of Dauid. In ferom thus. To the ouer-
comcr,for the soncs of Dauid.

God, make thou me saaf; for watris entriden til to my

3S0ule. I am set in the sliym of the depthe; and substaunce

is not. I cam in to the depthe of the see ; and the tempest

4 drenchide me. I traueilide criynge, my cheekis weren maad
hoose ; myn ijen failiden, the while Y hope in to my God.

5 Thei that hatiden me with out cause ; weren multiplied aboue
ihe heeris of myn heed. ]\Iyn enemyes that pursueden me
vniustli weren coumfortid ; Y paiede thanne tho thingis,

6 whiche Y rauischide not. God, thou knowist myn vnkun-

7 nyng ; and my trespassis ben not hid fro thee. Lord, Lord
of vertues ; thei, that abiden thee, be not aschamed in me.
God of Israel ; thei, that seken thee, be not schent on me.

s For Y suffride schenschipe for thee ; schame hilide my face.
9 I am maad a straunger to my britheren ; and a pilgryme to

10 the sones of my modir. For the feruent loue of thin hous eet
me; and the schenschipis of men seiynge schenschipis to

1 1 thee fellen on me. And Y hilide my soule with fastyng ;
I .' and it was maad in to schenschip to me. And Y puttide my

cloth an heirc ; and Y am maad to hem in to a parable.


13 Thci, that saten in the ^ate, spaken ajens me ; and thei, that

1 4 drunken wien, sungen of me. But Lord, Y dresse my preier
to thee ; God, Y abide the tyme of good plesaunce. Here
thou me in the multitude of thi mercy ; in the treuthe of thin

!5heelthe. Delyuer thou me fro the cley, that Y be not faste

set in ; delyuere thou me fro hem that haten me, and fro
i6depthe of watris. The tempest of watir drenche not me,

nethir the depthe swolowe me ; nethir the pit make streit his
] 7 mouth on me. Lord, here thou me, for thi merci is benygne ;

vp the multitude of thi merciful doyngis biholde thou in to
is me. And turne not awei thi face fro thi child ; for Y am in
icj tribulacioun, here thou me swiftli. 3yue thou tente to my

soule, and delyuer thou it; for myn enemyes delyuere thou
20 me. Thou knowist my schenschip, and my dispysyng ; and
J I my schame. Alle that troblen me ben in thi si3t ; myn herte

abood schendschipe, and wretchidnesse. And Y abood hym,

that was sory togidere, and noon was ; and that schulde
11 coumforte, and Y foond not. And thei 5auen galle in to my

meete ; and in my thirst thei 5auen to me drinke with
li vynegre. The boord of hem be maad bifore hem in to a

24 snare; and in to 5eldyngis, and in to sclaundir. Her i^en
be maad derk, that thei se not ; and euere bouwe doun the

25 bak of hem. Schede out thin ire on hem ; and the strong
26veniaunce of thin ire take hem. The habitacioun of hem be

maad forsakun ; and noon be that dwelle in the tabernaclis
27 of hem. For thei pursueden hym, whom thou hast smyte ;
it and thei addiden on the sorewe of my woundis. Adde thou

wickidnesse on the wickidnesse of hem ; and entre thei not
jy in to thi ri3twisnesse. Be thei don awei fro the book of
;,o lyuynge men ; and be thei not writun with iust men. I am
.:;i pore and sorewful ; God, thin heelthe took me vp. I schal

herye the name of God with song ; and Y schal magnefye
32 hym in heriyng. And it schal plese God more than a newe


;,.:; calf; bryngynge forth homes and clees. Pore men se, and
.V4 be glad ; seke 5e God, and ^oure soule schal lyue. For the

Lord herde pore men ; and dispiside not hise boundun men.
;.5 Heuenes and erthe, herye hym ; the se, and alle crepynge
,^6 bestis in tho, ^irye hyin. For God schal make saaf Syon ;

and the citees of Juda schulen be bildid. And thei schulen
37d\velle there; and thei schulen gete it bi eritage. And the

seed of hise seruauntis schal haue it in possessioun ; and thei

that louen his name, schulen dwelle ther-ynne.

Psalm LXIX (LXX).

I Tht litil of the nyne and sixtithe salm. To the victorie of
Dauid, to haue mynde.

God, biholde thou in to myn heelp ; Lord, hast thou to

3 helpe me. Be thei schent, and aschamed ; that seken my
lijf. Be thei turned a-bak ; and schame thei, that wolen

4 yuels to me. Be thei turned awei anoon, and schame thei ;

5 that seien to me, Wei ! wel ! Alle men that seken thee,
make fulli ioie, and be glad in thee ; and thei that louen thin

6 heelthe, seie euere, The Lord be magnyfied. Forsothe Y am
a nedi man, and pore ; God, helpe thou me. Thou art myn
helper and my delyuerere ; Lord, tarye thou not.

Psalm LXX (LXXI).

1 The seuentiihe salm hath no title.

Lord, Y hopide in thee, be Y not schent with-outen ende ;

2 in thi ri^twisnesse delyuere thou me, and rauysche me out.

3 Bowe doun thin eere to me ; and make me saaf. Be thou to
me in to God a defendere ; and in to a strengthid place, that
thou make me saaf. For thou art my stidefastnesse ; and

4 my refuit. My God, delyuere thou me fro the hoond of the


s}nner ; and fro the hoond of a man doynge a^ens the lawe,

5 and of the wickid man. For thou, Lord, art my pacience ;

6 Lord, fhou art myn hope fro my ^ongthe. In thee Y am
confermyd fro the wombe ; thou art my defendere fro the

7 wombe of my modir. My syngyng zs euere in thee ; Y am
maad as a greet wonder to many men ; and thou aj'i a strong

s helpere. J\Iy mouth be fillid with heriyng ; that Y synge thi
y glorie, al dai thi greetnesse. Caste thou not awei me in the

lyme of eldnesse ; whanne my vertu failith, forsake thou not
lome. For myn enemyes seiden of me ; and thei that kepten
1 1 my lijf maden counsel togidere. Seiynge, God hath forsake

hym ; pursue ^e, and take hym ; for noon is that schal
I J delyuere. God, be thou not maad afer fro me ; my God,
I .^ biholde thou in to myn help. INIen that bacbiten my soule,

be schent, and faile thei ; and be thei hilid with schenschip
14 and schame, that seken yuels to me. But Y schal hope

I -^ euere ; and Y schal adde euere ouer al thi preising. Mi

mouth schal telle thi ri5tfulnesse ; al dai thin helthe. For Y

knewe not lettrure, Y schal entre in to the poweres of the

] 6 Lord; Lord, Y schal bithenke on thi ri^tfulnesse aloone.

i 7 God, thou hast tau3t me fro my 5ongthe, and til to now ; Y

18 schal telle out thi merueilis. And til in to the eldnesse and

the laste age; God, forsake thou not me. Til Y telle thin

arm ; to eche generacioun, that schal come. Til Y telle thi

] 9 my3t, and thi ri3tfulnesse, God, til in to the hijeste grete dedis

JO which thou hast do ; God, who is lijk thee ? Hou grete

iribulaciouns many and yuele hast thou schewid to me ; and

thou conuertid hast quykenyd me, and hast eft brou5t me

I I a3en fro the depthis of erthe. Thou hast multiplied thi greet
1 2 doyng ; and thou conuertid hast coumfortid me. For w4ii

and Y schal knowleche to thee, thou God, thi treutlie in the

instrumentis of salm ; Y schal synge in an harpe to thee, that

22, art the hooli of Israel. Mi lippis schulen make fulli ioye,


whannc Y schal synge to thee; and my soule, which thou
a5en-bou3tist. But and my tunge schal thenkc al dai on thi
ri^tfulnesse ; uhanne thei schulen be schent and aschamed,
that scken vuclis to me.


1 IVn iitlc of the oon and seiLcntiihe salm. To Salomon,

2 God, 3yue thi doom to the king ; and thi rl3tfulnesse to the
sone of a king. To deme thi puple in ri3tfulnesse ; and thi

3 pore men in doom. ]\Iounteyns resseyue pees to the puple ;

4 and lide hillis resseyue ri3tfulnesse. He schal deme the pore
men of the puple, and he schal make saaf the sones of pore

.; men ; and he schal make low the false chalengere. And he
schal dwelle with the sunne, and bifore the moone ; in genera-

6 cioun and in to generacioun. He schal come doun as reyn

7 in to a flees ; and as goteris droppinge on the erthe. Ri3t-
fulnesse schal come forth in hise dayes, and the aboundaunce

8 of pees ; til the moone be takun awei. And he schal be lord
fro the see til to the see ; and fro the flood til to the endis of

9 the world. Ethiopiens schulen falle doun bifore hym ; and

10 hise enemyes schulen licke the erthe. The kyngis of Tarsis
and ilis schulen offre 3iftis ; the kyngis of Arabic and of Saba

1 1 schulen brynge 3iftis. And alle kyngis schulen worschipe

1 2 hym ; alle folkis schulen seruc hym. For he schal delyuer a
pore man fro the mi3ti ; and a pore man to whom was noon

i;, helpere. He schal spare a pore man and nedi ; and he schal

i.jmake saaf the soulis of pore men. He schal a5en-bie the
soulis of hem fro vsuris, and wickidnesse ; and the name of

15 hem is onourable bifor hym. And he schal lyue, and me
schal 3yue to hym of the gold of Arabic ; and thei schulen
cuere worschipe of hym, al dai thei schulen blesse hym.

ir)Stidefastnesse schal be in the erthe, in the hi3este places of


mounteyns ; the fruyt therof schal be enhaunsid aboue the

Liban ; and thei schulen blosme fro the citee, as the hey of
1 7 erthe doith. His name be blessid in to \vorldis ; his name

dwelle bifore the sunne. And all the lynagis of erthe schulen
I s be blessid in hym ; alle folkis schulen magnyfie hym. Blessid

be the Lord God of Israel ; M-hich aloone makith merueiylis.
JO Blessid be the name of his maieste with-outen ende ; and

al erthe schal be fillid with his maieste ; be it doon, be it

:o The prcieris of Daiiid, the sone of Ysay, hen endid.


1 The title of the two and senentithe satm. The salm of Asaph.

God of Israel is ful good ; to hem that ben of ri3tful herte.

2 But my feet weren moued almeest ; my steppis weren sched

3 out almeest. For Y louede feruentli on wickid men ; seynge

4 the pees of synneris. For biholdyng is not to the deth of

5 hem ; and stidefastnesse in the sikenesse of hem. Thei ben
not in the trauel of men ; and thei schulen not be betun with

r. men. Therfore pride helde hem ; thei weren hilid with her

7 wickidnesse and vnfeithfulnesse. The wickidnesse of hem

cam forth as of fatnesse ; thei 5eden in to desire of herte.

s Thei thou^ten and spaken weiwardnesse ; thei spaken wickid-

9 nesse an hi3. Thei puttiden her mouth in to heuene ; and

10 her tunge passide in erthe. Therfor my puple schal be con-

uertid here ; and fuUe daies schulen be foundun in hem.

; 1 And thei seiden, How woot God ; and whether kunnyng is

1 2 an hei^e, that is, in heuene ? Lo ! thilke synneris and hauynge

i^aboundance in the world; helden richessis. And Y seide,

Therfor without cause Y iustifiede myn herte ; and waischide

]4myn hoondis among innocentis. And Y was betun al dai ;

i; and my chastisyng zvas in morutidis. If Y seide, Y schal telle


161I1US ; lo ! Y rcprcuede the nacioun of thi sones. 1 gesside,
17 thai Y schulde knowc this ; trauel is bifore me. Til Y entre

in lo llie seynluarie of God ; and vndurstonde in the last
iS thingis of hem. Netheles for gilis thou hast put to hem;
19 thou castidist hem doun ; while thei weren reisid. Hou ben

ihei maatl into desolacioun ; thei failiden sodeynli, thei peri-
io schiden for her wickidnesse. As the dreem of men that

risen ; Lord, thou schalt dryue her ymage to nou3t in thi
21 citee. For myn herte is enflaumed, and my reynes ben
2 2chaungid; and Y am dryuun to nou5t, and Y wiste not.

23 As a werk-beeste Y am maad at thee ; and Y am euere

24 with thee. Thou heldist my ri5thond, and in thi wille thou

25 leddist me forth ; and with glorie thou tokist me vp. For
whi what is to me in heuene ; and what wolde Y of thee on

26erthe ? Mi fleische and myn herte failide ; God of myn herte,

27 and my part is God withouten ende. For lo ! thei that

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