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drawen awei fer hem silf fro thee, di deedli synne, schulen
perische ; thou hast lost alle men that doen fornycacioun fro

28 thee. But it is good to me to cleue to God ; and to sette
myn hope in the Lord God. That Y telle alle thi prechyngis ;
in the 3atis of the doubter of Syon.


1 T/h iillc of the ihre and seuentitlie sabn. The lernjmg of


God, whi hast thou put awei in to the ende ; thi strong

2 vcniaunce is wroolh on the scheep of thi leesewe .? Be thou
myndeful of thi gadering togidere ; which thou haddist in
}K)ssessioun fro the bigynnyng. Thou a5enbor.5tist the 5erde
of thin eritage; the hille of Syon in which thou dwellidist

3 ther ynne. Reise thin hondis in to the prides of hem ; hou

4 grete thingis the enemy dide wickidli in the hooli. And


thei that hatiden thee ; hadden glorie in the myddis of thi

5 solempnete. Thei settiden her signes, e//u'r baneris, signes
on the hi5este, as in the outgoing ; and thei knewen not.

6 As in a wode of trees thei heweden doun with axis the 5atis
therof in to it silf; thei castiden doun it with an ax, and

7 a brood fallinge ax. Thei brenten with fier thi seyntuarie ;
s thei defouliden the tabernacle of thi name in erthe. The

kynrede of hem seiden togidere in her herte ; Make we alle
9 the feest-daies of God to ceesse fro the erthe. We han not

seyn oure signes, now no profete is ; and he schal no more
loknowe vs. God, hou long schal the enemye seie dispit.? the
1 1 aduersarie territh to ire thi name in to the ende. Whi turnest

thou awei thin hoond, and io drawe out thi ri^thond fro the
1 1 myddis of thi bosum, til in to the ende ? Forsothe God

oure kyng bifore worldis ; wrou3te heelthe in the mydis of
13 erthe. Thou madist sad the see bi thi vertu ; thou hast
i4troblid the heedis of dragouns in watris. Thou hast broke

the heedis of the dragoun; thou hast ^oue hym to mete to
15 the puplis of Ethiopiens. Thou hast broke wellis, and
ir)Strondis; thou madist drie the flodis of Ethan. The dai is

thin, and the ni^t is thin ; thou madist the moreutid and the
i7sunne. Thou madist alle the endis of erthe; somer and
isveer-tyme, thou fourmedist tho. Be thou myndeful of this

thing, the enemye hath seid schenschip to the Lord ; and

19 the vnwijs puple hath excitid to ire thi name. Bitake thou
not to beestis men knoulechenge to thee ; and for^ete thou

20 not in to the ende the soulis of thi pore men. Biholde
in to thi testament; for thei that ben maad derk of erthe,

J I ben fillid with the housis of wickidnessis. A meke man
be not turned awei maad aschamed; a pore man and nedi

11 schulen herie thi name. God, rise vp, deme thou thi cause ;
be thou myndeful of thin vpbreidyngis, of tho that ben

:;, al dai of the vnwise man. For5ete thou not the voice-j



of thin cnemycs ; the pride of hem that haten thee, stieth'



1 The I ilk' of the four c and seueniithe salm. To the ouercomere ;

lecse thou fwt the salm of the sojig of Asaph.

2 God, we schulen knouleche to thee, we schulen knou-

3 leche ; and we schulen inwardli clepe thi name. We schulen
telle thi merueilis ; whanne Y schal take tyme, Y schal deme

4 ri5tfulnesses. The erthe is meltid, and alle that duellen ther-

5 ynne ; Y confermede the pileris therof. I seide to wickid
men, Nyle ^e do wickidli; and to trespassouris, Nyle 3e

ri enhaunce the horn. Nyle ^e reise an hi^ 50ure horn ; nyle

7 3e speke wickidnesse a^ens God. For nether fro the eest,

s nethir fro the west, nethir fro desert hillis ; for God is the

9 iuge. He mekith this man, and enhaunsith hym ; for a

cuppe of cleene wyn ful of meddling is in the hoond of the

Lord. And he bowide of this in to that ; netheles the drast

ihcrof is not anyntischid ; alle synneris of erthe schulen

lodrinke therof. Forsothe Y schal telle in to the world;

1 1 Y schal synge to God of Jacob. And Y schal breke alle

the homes of synneris ; and the homes of the iust man

schulen be enhaunsid.


1 The tille ofihefyue and seueniithe salm. To the victor ie in

orguns, the salm of the song of Asaph.

2 God is knowun in Judee ; his name is greet in Israel.
.', And his place is maad in pees ; and his dwellyng is in Syon.
4 Ther he brak poweris ; bowe, scheeld, swerd, and batel.
r And thou, Gcd, li5tncst wondirfuli fro euerlastynge hillis;


6 alle vnwisc men of hcrte wcren troblid. Thei sleptcn lier
sleep ; and alle men founden no thing of richessis in her

7 hondis. Thei that stieden on horsis ; slepten for thi blam-
s yng, thou God of Jacob. Thou art feerful, and who schal
-j a5enstonde thee ? fro that tymc thin ire. Fro heuene thou

10 madist doom herd ; the erthe trcmblide, and restide. Whanne
God roos vp in to doom ; to make saaf al the mylde men of

1 1 erthe. For the thou5t of man schal knouleche to thee ; and
s I the relifs of thou3t schulen make a feeste-dai to thee. Make

5e a vow, and 3elde ^e to ^oure Lord God ; alle that bringen
1;. 3iftis in the cumpas of it. To God ferdful, and to him that
takith awei the spirit of prynces ; to the ferdful at the kyngis
o{ erthe.


1 The title of the sixte and seuentithe salm. To the ouercomcre

on Vditiwi, the salm of Asaph.

2 With my vois Y criede to the Lord; with my vois to
.i God, and he ^af tent to me. In the dai of my tribulacioun

Y sou5te God with myn hondis; in the ny5t to-fore hym, and

4 Y am not disseyued. Mi soule forsook to be coumfortid ; Y
was myndeful of God, and Y delitide, and Y was exercisid ;

5 and my spirit failide. Myn i^en bifore took wakyngis ; Y
(^ was disturblid, and Y spak not. I thou5te elde daies ; and
7 Y hadde in mynde euerlastinge 5eeris. And Y thou^te in

the ny5t with myn herte ; and Y was exercisid, and Y clensid
> my spirit. Whether God schal caste awei with-outen ende ;
9 ether schal he not lei to, that he be more plesid 3it ? Ethir

schal he kitte awei his merci into the ende ; fro generacioun
10 in to generacioun.^ Ethir schal God for^ete to do mercy;
1 1 ethir schal he withholde his mercies in his ire ? And Y

seide, Now Y bigan ; this is the chaunging of the ri^thond of
! J the hi3e God. I hadde mynde on the werkis of the Lord ;


for V schal bane mynde fro the bigynnyng of thi merueilis.
I ;, And Y schal thcnke in alle thi werkis ; and Y schal be
1 1 (Kcupied in thi fyndyngis. God, thi weie zvas in the hooli ;
, 5 what God IS greet as oure God ? thou art God, that doist

merueilis. Thou madist thi vertu knowun among puplis ;
iMJiou a3enbou5tist in thi arm thi puple, the sones of Jacob and
1 7 of Joseph. God, watris sien thee, watris sien thee, and
I > dredden ; and depthis of watris weren disturblid. The mul-
i.;tiuide of the soun of. watris; cloudis ^auen vois. For whi

diin arewis passen ; the vois of thi thundir was in a wheel.

Thi li5tnyngis schyneden to the world ; the erthe was moued,
JO and tremblid. Thi weie in the see, and thi pathis in many
2 1 watris ; and thi steppis schulen not be knowun. Thou

leddist forth thi puple as scheep ; in the bond of Moyses

and of Aaron.


1 T/ic title of the seiiene and seuentithe salm. The lernyng of


Mi puple, perseyue 56 my lawe; bowe joure eere in to

2 the wordis of my mouth. I schal opene my mouth in para-

3 blis ; Y schal speke perfite resouns fro the bigynnyng. Hou
grete thingis han we herd, and we han knowe tho ; and oure

4 fadris telden to vs. Tho ben not hid fro the sones of hem ;
in anothir generacioun. And thei telden the heriyngis of
the Lord, and the vertues of hym; and hise merueilis,

5 whyche he dide. And he reiside witnessyng in Jacob ; and
he settide lawe in Israel. Hou grete thingis comaundide he

010 oure fadris, to make tho knowun to her sones; that
another generacioun knowe. Sones, that schulen be born,

7 and schulen rise vp ; schulen telle out to her sones. That
thei sette her hope in God, and for3ete not the werkis of

8 God ; and that thei seke hise comaundementis. Lest thei


be maad a schrewid generacioun ; and terrynge to wraththe,

as the fadiis of hem. A generacioun that dresside not his

9 herte ; and his spirit was not bileued with God. The sones

of Effraym, bendinge a bouwe and sendynge arowis; weren

10 turned in the dai of batel. Thei kepten not the testament of

1 1 God ; and thei nolden go in his lawe. And thei for^aten
hise benefices; and hise merueils, whiche he schewide to

1 2 hem. He dide merueils bifore the fadris of hem in the loond

1 3 of Egipt; in the feeld of Taphneos. He brak the see, and
ledde hem thorou ; and he ordeynede the w^atris as in a

i4bouge. And he ledde hem forth in a cloude of the dai ;
{5 and al ni3t in the H3tnyng of fier. He brak a stoon in

deseert ; and he 5af watir to hem as in a myche depthe.
3 6 And he ledde watir out of the stoon; and he ledde forth
i 7 watris as floodis. And thei leiden to ^it 'to do synne ajens

hym ; thei excitiden hi3e God in to ire, in a place with out
1 8 water. And thei teraptiden God in her hertis ; that thei
igaxiden meetis to her lyues. And thei spaken yuel of God ;

thei seiden. Whether God may make redi a bord in desert .'*

20 For he smoot a stoon, and w'atris flowiden ; and streemys
5eden out in aboundaunce. Whether also he may 5yue

2 1 breed ; ether make redi a bord to his puple } Therfor the
Lord herde, and delaiede; and fier was kindelid in Jacob,

21 and the ire of God stiede on Israel. For thei bileueden not

2.:; in God ; nether hopiden in his heelthe. And he comaundide

to the cloudis aboue ; and he openyde the 5atis of heuene.

24 And he reynede to hem manna for to eete ; and he 3af to

25 hem breed of heuene. I\Ian cet the breed of aungels ; he

26 sent to hem meetis in aboundance. He turnede ouere the
south wynde fro heuene; and he brou3te in bi his vertu the

27weste wynde. And he reynede fleischis as dust on hem;

and he reinede volatils fethered, as the grauel of the see.

:S And tho felden doun in the myddis of her castels ; aboute

I ^ 4 PSA L MS, L XX VII (LXX VI 1 1) .

•.,llie tiibernaclis of hem. And thei eeten, and weren fillid
j-rcelli, and he brou3te her desire to hem; thei weren not

(Icfraudid of her desier. 3it her metis weren in her mouth ;
■,i and the ire of God stiede on hem. And he killide the fatte
•,: men of hem ; and he lettide the chosene men of Israel. In

alle these thingis thei S3mneden ^it ; and bileuede not in the
.v; mcrueils of God. And the daies of hem faihden in vanytee ;
;,4 and the ^ecris of hem faileden with haste. Whanne he

killide hem, tliei sou5ten hym ; and turneden a^en, and eerli
y^ thei camen to hym. And thei bithou^ten, that God is the

helper of hem ; and the hi3 God is the a^enbier of hem.
36 And thei loueden hym in her mouth ; and with her tunge thei
.:;7lieden to hym. Forsothe the herte of hem was not rJ3tful

with hym; nethir thei weren had feithful in his testament.

38 But he is merciful, and he schal be maad merciful to the
synnes of hem ; and he schal not destrie hem. And he dide
greedi, to turne awei his yre ; and he kyndelide not al his ire.

39 And he bilhou3te, that thei ben fleische ; a spirit goynge, and

40 not turnynge a5en. Hou oft maden thei hym wrooth in
desert ; thei stireden hym in to ire in a place with out watir.

41 And thei weren turned, and temptiden God; and thei

42 wraththiden the hooli of Israel. Thei bithou^ten not on
his hond ; in the dai in the which he a5en-bou3te hem fro

43 die hond of the trobler. As he settide hise signes in
Kgipt ; and hise grete wondris in the feeld of Taphneos.

44 And he turnede the flodis of hem and the reynes of hem
4> in to blood; that thei schulden not drynke. He sente a

lleisch flie in to hem, and it eet hem ; and he sente a paddok,
.\U and it loste hem. And he 5af the fruytis of hem to rust ; and
47 he yif the trauels of hem to locustis. And he killide the

vyncs of hem bi hail ; and the moore trees of hem bi a frost.

45 And he bitook the beestis of hem to hail ; and the posses-
4v sioun of hem to fier. He sente in to hem the ire of his


indignacioun ; indignacioun, and ire, and tribulacioun, send-

50 ingis in bi iuel aungels. He made weie to the path of his
ire, and he sparide not fro the deth of her lyues ; and he

51 closide togidere in deth the beestis of hem. And he smoot
al the first gendrid thing in the lond of Egipt; the first
fruytis of alle the trauel of hem in the tabernaclis of Cham.

52 And he took awei his puple as scheep; and he ledde hem

53 forth as a flok in desert. And he ledde hem forth in hope,
and thei dredden not ; and the see hilide the enemyes of

54 hem. And he brou3te hem in to the hil of his halewyng ; in
to the hil which his ri3thond gat. And he castide out hethene
men fro the face of hem ; and bi lot he departide to hem the

55 lond in a cord of delyng. And he made the lynagis of Israel

56 to dwelle in the tabernaclis of hem. And thei temptiden, and
wraththiden hei3 God ; and thei kepten not hise witnessyngis.

57 And thei turneden awei hem silf, and thei kepten not couen-
aunt; as her fadris weren turned in to a schrewid bouwe.

58 Thei stiriden him in to ire in her litle hillis ; and thei
,^9te^•iden hym to indignacioun of her grauen ymagis. God

herde, and forsook ; and brou^te to nou5t Israel greetli.
60 And he puttide awei the tabernacle of Sylo ; his tabernacle
''nwhere he dwellide among men. And he bitook the vertu

of hem in to caitiftee; and the fairnesse of hem in to the
f)2 hondis of the enemye. And he closide togidere his puple in

63 swerd ; and he dispiside his erytage. Fier eet the ^onge
men of hem ; and the virgyns of hem weren not biweilid.

64 The prestis of hem fellen doun bi swerd ; and the widewis of

65 hem weren not biwept. And the Lord was reisid, as slep-
56 ynge ; as mi3ti greetli fillid of wiyn. And he smoot hise

enemyes on the hynderere partis ; he ^af to hem euerlastyng
67 schenschipe. And he puttide awei the tabernacle of Joseph ;
f)8and he chees not the lynage of Eff'raym. But he chees the

lynage of Juda; ke chees the hil of Syon, which he louede.


(hj And he as an vnicorn bildide his hooli place ; in the lond,
:o which he foundide in to worldis. And he chees Dauid his

seruaunt, and took hym vp fro the flockis of scheep; he took
; 1 hym fro bihynde scheep with lambren. To feed Jacob his
; J seruaunt ; and Israel his eritage. And he fedde hem in the

innocens of his herte ; and he ledde hem forth in the vndur-

slondyngis of his hondis.


1 77/1? ////c of the ei'^te and seuentithe salm. Of Asaph.

God, hethene men cam in to thin eritage ; thei defouliden
thin hooli temple, thei settiden Jerusalem in to the keping

2 of applis. Thei settiden the slayn bodies of thi seruauntis,
meetis to the volatilis of heuenes ; the fleischis of thi seyntis

I to the beestis of the erthe. Thei schedden out the blood
of hem, as \vatir in the cumpas of Jerusalem ; and noon

4 was that biriede. We ben maad schenschipe to oure nei^-
boris ; mowynge and scornynge to hem, that ben in oure

5 cumpas. ^ Lord, hou longe schalt thou be wrooth in to

6 the ende ? schal thi veniaunce be kyndelid as fier ? Schede
out thin ire in to hethene men, that knowen not thee ; and

7 in to rewmes, that clepiden not thi name. For thei eeten
s Jacob; and maden desolat his place. Haue thou not mynde

on oure elde wickidnesses ; thi mercies bifore take vs soone,
9 for we ben maad pore greedi. God, oure heelthe, helpe
thou vs, and. Lord, for the glorie of thi name delyuer thou
I D vs ; and be thou merciful to oure synnes for thi name. Lest
perauenture thei seie among hethene men, Where is the
God of hem? and be he knowun among naciouns bifore
oure i^en. The veniaunce of the blood of thi seruaunds,
which is sched out; the weilyng of feterid men entre in

I I thi si5t. Vpe the greetnesse of thin arm ; welde thou the

PSA L MS, LXXIX ( LXXX ) . I 3 7

1 2 sones of slayn men. And ^elde thou to oure nei^boris
seuenfookl in the bosum of hem ; the schenschip of hem,

13 which thei diden schenschipfuH to thee, thou Lord. Bui
we //laf ben thi puple, and the scheep of thi leesewe ; schulen
knouleche to thee in to the world. In generacioun and in
to generacioun ; we schulen telle thin heriyng.


1 The title of the nyne and seuentiihe salm. To victor ie ; this

satm is witnessing of Asaph for lilies.

2 Thou that gouernest Israel, ^yue tent; that leedist forth
Joseph as a scheep. Thou that sittist on cherubym ; be

3 schewid bifore Effraym, Beniamyn, and Manasses. Stire
4 thi power, and come thou; that thou make vs saaf. God

of vertues, turne thou vs; and schewe thi face, and we

5 schulen be saaf. Lord God of vertues ; hou longe schalt

6 thou be wrooth on the preier of thi seruaunt t Hou longe
schalt thou feede vs with the breed of teeris; and schalt

7 5yue drynke to vs with teeris in mesure .? Thou hast set
vs in to a^enseiyng to oure nei3boris ; and oure enemyes

8 han scornyde vs. God of vertues, turne thou vs ; and

9 schewe thi face, and we schulen be saaf. Thou transla-
tidist a vyne fro Egipt ; thou casiidist out hethene men,

icand plauntidist it. Thou were leeder of the weie in the
si^t therof; and thou plauntidist the rootis therof, and it

1 1 fillide the lond. The schadewe therof hilide hillis ; and

1 2 the braunchis therof filliden the cedris of God. It strei5te
forth hise siouns til to the see, and the 2:eneracioun ther-

).;of til to the flood. Whi hast thou destried the wal therof;
and alle men that goen forth bi the weie gaderiden awei

14 the grapis therof.^ A boor of the wode distriede it; and

15 a singuler wielde beeste deuouride it. God of vertues, be


liiou turned ; biholde thou fro heuene, and se, and visite
i6iliis vync. And make thou it perfit, which thi ri3thond

plauntide ; and bihohk iliou on the sone of man, which
1 7 thou hast confermvd to thee. Thingis brent with fier, and

vndurmyned ; schulen perische for the blamyng of thi cheer.
iSThin hond be maad on the man of thi ri3thond ; and on

the sone of man, whom thou hast confermed to thee.
19 And we departiden not fro thee; thou schalt quykene vs,
20 and we schulen inwardli clepe thi name. Lord God of

vermes, turne thou vs ; and schewe thi face, and we schulen

be saaf.


I The I tile of ihc vi-^lelilhe sahn. To the oner comer

in the pressoiu's of Asaph.

^Iake 3e fuUi ioye to God, oure helpere ; synge ^e hertii

3 to God of Jacob. Take 36 a salm, and 5yue 36 a tympan ;

4 a myrie sautere with an harpe. Blowe 36 with a trumpe

5 in Neomenye; in the noble dai of 30ure solempnite. For
whi comaundement is in Israel; and doom is to God of

r. Jacob. He settide that witnessing in Joseph; whanne he

3ede out of the lond of Egipt, he herde a langage, which

7 he knew not. He turnede a-wei his bak fro birthens ; hise

shondis serueden in a coffyn. In tribulacioun thou inwardli

clepidist me, and Y delyuerede thee ; Y herde thee in the

hid place of tempest, Y preuede thee at the water of a3en-

vseiyng. My puple, here thou, and Y schal be witnesse

ioa5ens thee; Israel, if thou herist me, a fresche God schal

not be in thee, and thou schalt not worschipe an alien

1 1 god. For Y am thi Lord God, that ladde thee out of

the lond of Egipt ; make large thi mouth, and Y schal

ijfille it. And my puple herde not my vois ; and Israel

i;. 5auc not tente to me. And Y lefte hem aftir the desiris


14 of her hertc ; thei schulcn go in her fyndyngis. If my
puple hadde herde me ; if Israel hadde go in my weies.

liFor nou5t in hap Y hadde maad low her enemyes; and
Y hadde send myn hond on men doynge tribulacioun to

if) hem. The enemyes of the Lord lieden to hym ; and her

1 7 tyme schal be in to worldis. And he fedde hem of the
fiUnesse of whete ; and he fillide hem with hony of the stoon.


1 T/ie title of the oon and ei'i^tetithe salm. Of Asaph.

God stood in the synagoge of goddis; forsothe he demelh

2 goddis in the myddil. Hou longe demen 50 wickidnesse ;

3 and taken the faces of synneris? Deme ^e to the nedi
man, and to the modirles child; iustifie 5e the meke man

4 and pore. Raueische 56 out a pore man; and delyuere 56

5 the nedi man fro the hond of the synner. Thei knewen
not, nether vndirstoden, thei goen in derknessis ; alle the

T) foundementis of erthe schulen be moued. I seide, 5^ ben
7 goddis ; and alle ^e ben the sones of hi^ God. But 56

schulen die as men; and ^e schulen falle doun as oon of
s the princis. Ryse, thou God, deme thou the erthe ; for

thou schalt haue eritage in alle folkis.


! The title of the two a?id ei^tetithe salm. The song

of the salm of Asaph.

1 God, who schal be lijk thee? God, be thou not slille,
,:; nether be thou peesid. For lo ! thin enemyes sowneden ;

4 and thei that haten thee reisiden the heed. Thei maden
a wickid counsel on thi puple ; and thei thou^ten a3ens

5 thi sevntis. Thei seiden. Come 5e, and leese we hem fro


the folk; and the name of Israel be no more hadde in
6, 7 myndc. For thei thou5ten with oon acord ; the tabernaclis

of Ydumo3'S, and men of Ismael disposiden a testament
h togidere a^ens thee. Moab, and Agarenus, Jebal, and Amon,
i) and Amalech ; alienys with hem that dwellen in Tyre. For

Assur cometh with hem ; thei ben maad in to help to the
losones of Loth. Make thou to hem as to Madian, and
1 1 Sisara ; as to Jabyn in the stronde of Sison. Thei pe-

rischiden in Endor ; thei wcren maad as a toord of erthe.
I -! Putte thou the prynces of hem as Oreb and Zeb ; and

Zebee and Salmana. Alle the princis of hem, that seiden ;
i;,i4Holde we bi eritage the seyntuarie of God. My God,

putte thou hem as a whele; and as stobil bifor the face
15 of the wynde. As fier that brenneth a wode ; and as
ir')flawme brynnynge hillis. So thou schalt pursue hem in

thi tempeste ; and thou schalt disturble hem in thin ire.
1 7 Lord, fille thou the faces of hem with schenschipe ; and
I s thei schulen seke thi name. Be thei aschamed, and be

thei disturblid in to world of world; and be thei schent
19 and perische thei. And knowe thei, that the Lord is name

to thee ; thou aloone ar/ the hi^este in ech lond.


I T/ic iiile of the tlirc and ei^tetithe sabn. The salm

of the sones of Chore.

2, 3 Lord of vertues, thi tabernaclis ben greedi loued ; my
soule coueitith, and failith in to the porchis of the Lord.
Myn herte and my fleische; ful out ioyeden in to quyk

4 God. For whi a sparewe fyndith an hous to it silf; and
a \.\iT\\t fyiidith a neste to it silf, where it schal kepe hise
bryddis. Lord of vertues, thin auteris; my king, and my

5 God. Lord, blessid ben thei that dwellen in thin hous ;


6 thei schulen preise thee in to the worldis of worldis. Blessid
is the man, whos help is of thee ; he hath disposid stiyngis

7 in his herte, in the valei of teeris, in the place which he
s hath set. For the ^yuer of the lawe schal 5yue blessyng,

thei schulen go fro vertu in to vertu; God of goddis schal

9 be seyn in Sion. Lord God of vertues, here thou my preier ;

10 God of Jacob, perseyue thou with eeris. God, oure de-
fender, biholde thou ; and biholde in to the face of ihi

i 1 crist. For whi o dai in thin hallis is bettere ; than a thou-
synde. I chees to be an out-cast in the hous of my God ;

1 2 more than to dwelle in the tabernaclis of synneris. For
God loueth merci and treuthe ; the Lord schal ^yue grace

i.^and glorie. He schal not depriue hem fro goodis, that
gon in innocence; Lord of vertues, blessid is the man,
that hopilh in thee.


1 The title of the four e and e^tetithe salm. Of the

sofies of Chore.

2 Lord, thou hast blessid thi lond ; thou hast turned awei
.^ the caitifte of Jacob. Thou hast forgone the wickidnesse

4 of thi puple ; thou hast hilid alle the synnes of hem. Thou
hast aswagid al thin ire ; thou hast turned awei fro the ire

5 of thin indignacioun. God, oure helthe, conuerte thou vs ;

6 and turne awei thin ire fro vs. Whether thou schalt be
wrooth to vs withouten ende ; ether schalt thou holde forth

7 thin ire fro generacioun in to generacioun ? God, thou
conuertid schalt quykene vs ; and thi puple schal be glad

s in thee. Lord, schewe thi merci to vs ; and 3yue thin

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