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9 helthe to vs. I schal here what the Lord God schal speke

in me ; for he schal speke pees on his puple. And on

hise hooli men ; and on hem that ben turned to herte.


loNcthcles his helthe is ni^ men dredynge him; that glorie

1 1 dwelle in oure lond. Merci and treuthe metten hem silf;

1 2 ri-twisnesse and pees weren kissid. Treuthe cam forth of
i.^erthe; and ri3tfiilnesse bihelde fro heuene. For the Lord

schal 3yue benignyte ; and oure erthe schal 5yue his fruyt.
I.J Ri3tfulnesse schal go bifore him ; and schal sette hise steppis
in the wcic.

77ie mil of Ihcfyue and ei-^teiithe sal?n. The preier of Dauid.

I Lord, bowe doun thin eere, and here me; for Y am
1 ncdi and pore. Kepe thou my lijf, for Y am holi ; my

3 God, make thou saaf thi seruaunt hopynge in thee. Lord,

4 haue thou merci on me, for Y criede al day to thee ; make
thou glad the soule of thi seruaunt, for whi, Lord, Y haue

5 reisid my soule to thee. For thou, Lord, art swete and
mylde ; and of myche merci to alle men inwardli clepynge

6 thee. Lord, perseyue thou my preier with eeris ; and 5yue

7 thou tente to the vois of my bisechyng. In the dai of my

8 tribulacioun Y criede to thee ; for thou herdist me. Lord,
noon among goddis is lijk thee ; and noon is euene to thi

9 werkis. Lord, alle folkis, whiche euere thou madist, schulen
come, and worschipe bifore thee ; and thei schulen glorifie

lothi name. For thou art ful greet, and makinge merueils;
1 1 thou art God aloone. Lord, lede thou me forth in thi weie,

and Y schal entre in thi treuthe ; myn herte be glad, that
I : it drede thi name. Mi Lord God, Y schal knouleche to

thee in al myn herte ; and Y schal glorifie thi name with-
i;, outen ende. For thi merci is greet on me; and thou de-
i.jliueridist my soule fro the lower helle. God, wickid men

ban rise vp on me ; and the synagoge of my^ti men han

sou5t my lijf; and thei han not set forth thee in her si5t.
15 And thou, Lord God, doynge merci, and merciful; pacient,


16 and of myche mcrci, and sothefast. Biholde on me, and
haue mercy on me, ^yue thou the empire to thi child ; and

1 7 make thou saaf the sone of thin handmayden. ]\Iake thou
with me a signe in good, that thei se, that haten mc, and
be aschamed ; for thou, Lord, hast helpid me, and hast
coumfortid me.


1 T/ie title of the sixte and ei-i^tetithe salm. The salm

of the so Jig of the so?ies of Chore.

2 The foundementis therof ben in hooU hiUis; the Lord
loueth the 3atis of Sion, more than alle the tabernacHs of

3 Jacob. Thou citee of God, with-outen ende ; gloriouse
4thingis ben seide of thee. I schal be myndeful of Raab,

and Babiloyne ; knowynge me. Lo ! aHens, and Tyre, and

5 the puple of Ethiopiens ; thei weren there. Whether a man
schal seie to Sion, And a man is born ther-ynne ; and that

6 man altherhijeste foundide it ? The Lord schal telle in the
scripturis of puplis; and of these princis, that weren ther

7 ynne. As the dwellyng of alle that ben glad ; is in thee.


1 The title of the seuene and ei-^tetithe salm. The sojig of salm,
to the sones of Chore, to victor ie on Mahalat,for to answer e, the
lernyng of Heman Ezraite.

2 Lord God of myn helthe ; Y criede in dai and ny^t

3 bifore thee. I\Ii preier entre bifore thi si3t ; bowe doun thin

4 eere to my preier. For my soule is fillid with yuels; and my

5 lijf nei3ede to helle. I am gessid with hem that goon doun
u in to the lake ; Y am maad as a man with-outen help, and fre

among deed men. As men woundid slepinge in sepulcris, of
whiche men noon is myndeful aftir ; and thei ben put awei


: fro thin hoiul. Thei han put me in the lower lake ; in derke

s places, and in the schadewe of deth. Thi strong veniaunce

is confermed on me ; and thou hast brou^t in alle thi wawis

9 on me. Thou hast maad fer fro me my knowun ; thei han

set me abhomynacioun to hem silf. I am takun, and Y 5ede

lonot out; myn i^en weren sijk for pouert. Lord, Y criede to

1 1 thee ; al dai Y spredde abrood myn hondis to thee. Whethir

thou schalt do merueils to deed men ; ether leechis schulen

i2reise, and thei schulen knouleche to thee? Whether ony

man in sepulcre schal telle thi merci ; and thi treuthe in per-

13 dicioun ? Whether thi merueilis schulen be knowun in derk-

1 4 nessis ; and thi ri^tfulnesse in the lond of for5etyng ? And,
Lord, Y criede to thee ; and erli my preier schal bifor come

1 5 to thee. Lord, whi puttist thou awei my preier ; turnest
1 (' awei thi face fro me ? I am pore, and in traueils fro my

3ongthe ; sotheli Y am enhaunsid, and Y am maad low, and
17 disturblid. Thi wraththis passiden on me; and thei dredis
I s disturbliden me. Thei cumpassiden me as watir al dai ;
lythei cumpassiden me togidere. Thou madist fer fro me a

frend and nei3bore ; and my knowun fro wretchidnesse.


1 TAe title of the ei'-^fe and ei^te tithe salm. The lernyng of

Ethan, Ezraite.

2 I SCHAL synge with-outen ende ; the mercies of the Lord.
In generacioun and in to generacioun ; Y schal telle thi

.', treuthe with my mouth. For thou seidist, With-outen ende
merci schal be bildid in heuenes ; thi treuthe schal be maad

4 redi in tho. I disposide a testament to my chosun men ; Y

5 swoor to Dauid, my seruaunt, Til in to with-outen ende
I schal make redi thi seed. And Y schal bilde thi seete ;

6 in generacioun, and in to generacioun. Lord, heuenes


schulen knouleche thi merueilis ; and thi treuthe in the
7 chirche of seyntis. For who in the cloudis schal be maad

euene to the Lord ; schal be lijk God among the sones of
s God ? God, which is glorified in the counsel of seyntis ;

ts greet, and dreedful ouere alle that ben in his cumpas.
9 Lord God of vertues, who is lijk thee ? Lord, thou art
lomi^ti, and thi treuthe is in thi cumpas. Thou art Lord

of the power of the see ; forsothe thou aswagist the stiryng

1 1 of the wawis therof. Thou madist lowe the proude, as
woundid; in the arm of thi vertu thou hast scaterid thin

1 2 enemyes. Heuenes ben thin, and erthe is thin ; thou hast
i.^foundid the world, and the fulnesse therof; thou madist of

nou3t the north and the see. Thabor and Hermon schulen

14 make ful out ioye in thi name ; thin arm with power. Thin

15 bond be maad stidefast, and thi ri3thond be enhaunsid; ri3L-
fulnesse and doom is the makyng redy of thi seete. IMerci

1 6 and treuthe schulen go bifore thi face ; blessid is the puple
that kan hertli song. Lord, thei schulen go in the li^t of

17 thi cheer ; and in thi name thei schulen make ful out ioye al
iSdai; and thei schulen be enhaunsid in thi ri3tfulnesse. For

thou art the glorie of the vertu of hem ; and in thi good

lyplesaunce oure horn schal be enhaunsid. For oure takyng

vp is of the Lord; and of the hooli of Israel oure kyng.

20 Thanne thou spakist in reuelacioun to thi seyntis, and seidist,
Y haue set help in the my^ti ; and Y haue enhaunsid the

2 1 chosun man of my puple. I foond Dauid, my seruaunt ; Y
2 1 anoyntide hym with myn hooli oile. For myn bond schal
2 3helpe him; and myn arm schal conferme hym. The ene-

mye schal no thing profite in him ; and the sone of wickid-

24 nesse schal not ley to, for to anoye him. And Y schal sle
hise enemyes fro his face ; and Y schal turne in to fli^t hem

25 that haten hym. And my treuthe and mercy sc/iai be with
jGhim ; and his horn schal be enhaunsid in my name. And Y



schal seite his bond in the see ; and his ri^t hoond in flodis.
.•7 He schal inwardli clepe me, Thou art my fadir ; my God, and
jsthe vptaker of myn heelthe. And Y schal sette him the

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