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nei5bore. With the proude i3e and an herte vnable to be

6 fillid ; Y eet not with this. Myn i5en iveren to the feithful
men of erthe, that thei sitte with me ; he that 5ede in a weie

7 wiih out wem, mynystride to me. He that doith pride,
schal not dwelle in the myddil of myn hous ; he that spekith

s wickid thingis, seruede not in the si3t of myn i3en. In
the morutid Y killide alle the synners of erthe ; that Y
schulde leese fro the citee of the Lord alle men worchynge

156 PSALMS, CI {CIl).

Psalm CI (CII).

1 T/ic title of the hiindrid and salm. The preier of a pore

man, wha?me he was angwishid, and schedde out his speche
hi fore the Lord.

2 Lord, here thou my preier; and my crie come to thee.

3 Turne not awei thi face fro me ; in what euere dai Y am
trobhd, bowe doun thin eere to me. In what euere day

4 Y schal inwardU clepe thee ; here thou me swifdi. For my
daies han faihd as smoke ; and my boonus han dried vp as

5 critouns. I am smytun as hei, and myn herte dried vp ; for

6 Y haue for5ete to eete my breed. Of the vois of my weilyng ;

7 my boon cleuede to my fleische. I am maad hjk a pellican
s of wildirnesse ; Y am maad as a ni^t-crowe in an hous. 1

wakide; and Y am maad as a sohtarie sparowe in the roof.

9 Al dai myn enemyes dispisiden me ; and thei that preisiden

10 me sworen a^ens me. For Y eet aschis as breed; and Y

1 1 meddlide my drinke with weping. Fro the face of the ire
of thin indignacioun ; for thou reisinge me hast hurthd me

12 doun. JNIi daies boweden awei as a schadewe ; and Y

13 wexede drie as hei. But, Lord, thou dwelhst with-outen
ende ; and thi memorial in generacioun and in to genera-

i4cioun. Lord, thou risinge vp schalt haue merci on Sion ;

for the tyme to haue merci therof cometh, for the tyme

i5Cometh. For the stones therof plesiden thi seruauntis ; and

16 thei schulen haue merci on the lond therof. And, Lord,
hethen men schulen drede thi name; and alle kingis of

1 7 erthe schulen drede thi glori. For the Lord hath bildid Sion ;
I Sand he schal be seen in his glorie. He bihelde on the

preier of meke men ; and he dispiside not the preier of hem.
19 Be these thingis writun in an othere generacioun; and the
2opuple that schal be maad schal preise the Lord. For he

PSALMS, CI I (cm). 157

bihelde fro his hi^e hooli place ; the Lord lokide fro heuene

2 1 in to erthe. For to here the weilingis of feterid men ; and

22 for to vnbynde the sones of slayn men. That thei telle in
Sion the name of the Lord ; and his preising in Jerusalem.

23 In gaderinge togidere puplis in to oon ; and kingis, that thei
2 4serue the Lord. It answeride to hym in the weie of his

25 vertu ; Telle thou to me the fewnesse of my daies. A^enclepe
thou not me in the myddil of my daies ; thi 5eris den in

26 generacioun and in to generacioun. Lord, thou foundidist
the erthe in the bigynnyng; and heuenes ben the werkis

2 7 of thin hondis. Tho schulen perische, but thou dwellist
perfitli ; and alle schulen wexe eelde as a clooth. And thou
schalt chaunge hem as an hiling, and tho schulen be chaungid ;

2S but thou art the same thi silf, and thi 5eeris schulen not faile.

29 The sones of thi seruauntis schulen dwelle ; and the seed
of hem schal be dressid in to the world.

Psalm CII (CIII).

1 T/ie title of the hmidred and secounde salm. Of Dauid.

Mi soule, blesse thou the Lord ; and alle thingis that ben

2 \viih-}'nne me, blesse his hooli name. Mi soule, blesse thou
the Lord ; and nyle thou for5ete alle the 3eldyngis of him.

3 Which doith merci to alle thi wickidnessis ; which heelith

4 alle thi sijknessis. Which a3enbieth thi lijf fro deth ; which

5 corowneth thee in merci and merciful doyngis. Which fillith
thi desijr in goodis ; thi ^ongthe schal be renulid as the

(, ymgthc of an egle. The Lord doynge mercies ; and doom

7 to alle men suffringe wrong. He made hise weies knowun

8 to Moises ; hise willis to the sones of Israel. The Lord is
a merciful doer, and merciful in wille ; longe abidinge, and

9 myche merciful. He schal not be wrooth with-outen ende ;
10 and he schal not thretne with-outen ende. He dide not to

1 58 PSALMS, cm {civ).

vs aftir oure synnes ; nether he ^eldide to vs aftir oure

1 1 wickidnessis. For bi the hi3nesse of heuene fro erthe ; he

12 made strong his merci on men dredynge hym. As myche
as the east is fer fro the west ; he made fer oure wickidnessis

i.:;fro vs. As a fadir hath merci on sones, the Lord hadde

1 4 merci on men dredynge him; .for he knewe oure makyng.

15 He bithou5te that we ben dust, a man u as hey; his dai
i6schal flowre out so as a flour of the feeld. For the spirit

schal passe in hym, and schal not abide ; and schal no more
1 7 knowe his pkce. But the merci of the Lord t's fro with out

bigynnyng, and til in to with outen ende ; on men dredinge
ishym. And his ri3tfulnesse is in to the sones of sones; to

hem that kepen his testament. And ben myndeful of hise
i^comaundementis ; to do tho. The Lord hath maad redi his

seete in heuene; and his rewme schal be lord of alle.
20 Aungels of the Lord, blesse ^e the Lord ; ^e my5ti in vertu,
.'idoynge his word, to here the vois of hise wordis. Alle

vertues of the Lord, blesse 56 the Lord ; 3e mynystris of
.'2 hym that doen his wille. Alle werkis of the Lord, blesse 56

the Lord, in ech place of his lordschipe ; my soule, blesse

thou the Lord.

Psalm CIII (CIV).
T/ie hundrid and ihridde salm.

1 Mi soule, blesse thou the Lord; my Lord God, thou art
magnyfied greedi. Thou hast clothid knouleching and fair-

2 nesse ; and thou art clothid with li^t, as with a cloth. And

3 thou stretchist forth heuene as a skyn ; and thou hilist with
watris the hi3er partis therof. Which settist a cloude thi

4Stiyng; which goest on the fetheris of wyndis. Which

makist spiritis thin aungels ; and thi mynystris brennynge

sfier. Which hast foundid the erthe on his stablenesse; it

c> schal not be bowid in to the world of world. The depthe

PSALMS, cm {civ). 159

of watris as a cloth is the clothing therof; watris schulen

7 stonde on hillis. Tho schulen fie fro thi blamyng ; men

8 schulen be aferd of the vois of thi thundur. Hillis stien vp,
and feeldis goen doun ; in to the place which thou hast

9 foundid to tho. Thou hast set a terme, which tho schulen
not passe ; nether tho schulen be turned, for to hile the erthe.

10 And thou sendist out wellis in grete valeis; watris schulen

1 1 passe bitwix the myddil of hillis. Alle the beestis of the feeld
schulen drynke ; wielde assis schulen abide in her thirst.

I z Briddis of the eir schulen dwelle on tho ; fro the myddis
13 of stoonys thei schulen ^yue voices. And thou moistist hillis

of her hi3er thingis ; the erthe schal be fiUid of the fruyt of
14 thi werkis. And thou bringist forth hei to beestis; and

eerbe to the seruyce of men. That thou bringe forth breed
i;of the erthe; and that wiyn make glad the herte of men.

That he make glad the face with oile ; and that breed make
i6stidefast the herte of man. The trees of the feeld schulen be

fillid, and the cedris of the Liban, whiche he plauntide ;
1 7 sparewis schulen make nest there. The hous of the ger-
iSfaukun is the leeder of tho; hi^e hillis den refute to hertis;
19 a stoon is refutt to irchouns. He made the moone in to
iotymes; the sunne knewe his goyng doun. Thou hast set

derknessis, and ny3t is maad ; alle beestis of the wode

I I schulen go ther ynne. Liouns whelpis rorynge for to
j.'rauysche; and to seke of God meete to hem silf. The

sunne is risun, and tho ben gaderid togidere ; and tho
:.:; schulen be set in her couchis. A man schal go out to his
j.fwerk; and to his worching, til to the euentid. Lord, thi

werkis ben magnefiede ful myche, thou hast maad alle thingis
.'5 in wisdom ; the erthe is fillid with thi possessioun. This see

is greet and large to hondis; there ben crepinge beestis, of
'■ which is noon noumbre. Litil beestis with grete; schippis

schulen passe there. This dragoun which thou hast formyd;


27 for to scorne hym. Alle thingis abiden of thee; that thou
.>8 5yue to hem meete in tyme. Whanne thou schalt ^yue to
hem. ihei schulen gadere ; whanne thou schalt opene thin
2yhond, alle thingis schulen be fillid with goodnesse. But
whanne thou schalt turne awey the face, thei schulen be
disturblid ; thou schalt take awei the spirit of them, and thei
schulen faile ; and thei schulen turne a^en in to her dust.

30 Sende out thi spirit, and thei schulen be formed of the newe ;

31 and thou schalt renule the face of the erthe. The glorie
of the Lord be in to the world ; the Lord schal be glad in

32 hise werkis. Which biholdith the erthe, and makith it to
^T, tremble ; which touchith hillis, and tho smoken. I schal

singe to the Lord in my lijf ; Y schal seie salm to my God,

34 as longe as Y am. Mi speche be myrie to him ; forsothe

35 Y schal delite in the Lord. Synneris faile fro the erthe, and
wickid men /ai'k, so that thei be not ; my soule, blesse thou
the Lord.

Psalm CIV (CV).

T/ie title of the hundrid afidfoiirthe salm. Alleluya.

1 Knouleche 5e to the Lord, and inwardli clepe ^e his

2 name ; telle je hise werkis among hethen men. Synge 56
to hym, and seie 56 salm to him, and telle ^e alle hise

3merueyHs; be 50 preisid in his hooH name. The herte of

4 men sekynge the Lord be glad ; seke 56 the Lord, and be

5 3e confermed ; seke 56 euere his face. Haue ^e mynde
on hise merueilis, whiche he dide ; on his grete wondris,

6 and domes of his mouth. The seed of Abraham, his ser-

7 uaunt ; the sones of Jacob, his chosun man. He is oure

8 Lord God ; hise domes ben in al the erthe. He was
myndeful of his testament in to the world; of the word
which he comaundide in to a thousynde generaciouns.

r> Which he disposide to Abraham ; and of his ooth to

PSALMS, CIV (cr). 16 I

:o Isaac. And he ordeynede it to Jacob in to a comaurnlc-
1 1 ment ; and to Israel in to euerlastinge testament. And he

seide, I shal ^iue to thee the lond of Canaan ; the cord
I J of 5oure eritage. Whanne thei weren in a htil noumbre ;
I ;, and the comeUngis of hem weren ful fewe. And thei

passiden fro folk in to folk ; and fro a rewme in to ano-
iiiher puple. He lefte not a man to anoye hem; and he
\ 3 chastiside kyngis for hem. Nile ^q touche my cristis ; and
lonyle 5e do wickidli among my prophetis. And God clepide

hungir on erthe; and he wastide al the stidefastnesse of

1 7 breed. He sente a man bifore hem ; Joseph was seeld in

18 to a seruaunt. Thei maden lowe hise feet in stockis, irun

1 i) passide by his soule ; til the word of him cam. The speche

2 3 of the Lord enflawmede him; the king sente and vnbond
2 1 hym ; the prince of puplis sente and delyuerede him. He

ordeynede him the lord of his hous; and the prince of al
->2his possessioun. That he schulde lerne hise princis as him

silf; and that he schulde teche hise elde men prudence.
2;, And Israel entride in to Egipt; and Jacob was a comeling

24 in the lond of Cham. And God encreesside his puple

25 greetli ; and made hym stidefast on hise enemyes. He
turnede the herte of hem, that thei hatiden his puple; and

:6diden gile a3ens hise seruauntis. He sent Moises, his ser-
2 7uaunt; thilke Aaron, whom he chees. He puttide in hem

the wordis of hise myracHs; and of hise grete wondris in
iS the lond of Cham. He sente derknessis, and made derk ;
29 and he made not bitter hise wordis. He turnede the watris

of hem in to blood ; and he killide the fischis of hem.
,-",0 And the lond of hem 5af paddoks ; in the priue places of
;,i the kyngis of hem. God seide, and a fleische flie cam ; and
32 gnattis in alle the coostis of hem. He settide her reynes
',;, hail; fier brennynge in the lond of hem. And he smoot

the vynes of hem, and the fige-trees of hem; and al to-


l62 PSALMS, CV (CVl).

34 brak the tree of the coostis of hem. He seide, and a
locuste cam; and a bruk of which was noon noumbre.

35 And it eet al the hey in the lond of hem ; and it eet al

36 the fruyt of the lond of hem. And he kiUide ech the
firste gendrid thing in the lond of hem ; the firste fruitis

37 of alle the trauel of hem. And he ledde out hem with
siluer and gold ; and noon was sijk in the lynagis of hem.

sSP^gipt was glad in the goyng forth of hem; for the drede
39 of hem lai on Egipcians. He spredde abrood a cloude,

in to the hiling of hem ; and fier, that it schynede to hem
40 bi ny^t. Thei axiden, and a curlew cam; and he fillide
41 hem with the breed of heuene. He brak a stoon, and
4J watris flowiden ; floodis 5eden forth in the drye place. For

he was myndeful of his hooli word; which he hadde to

43 Abraham, his child. And he ledde out his puple in ful

44 out ioiyng ; and hise chosun men in gladnesse. And he
5af to hem the cuntreis of hethen men ; and thei hadden

45 in possessioun the trauels of puplis. That thei kepe hise
iustifiyngis ; and seke his lawe.

Psalm CV (CVI).

T/ie title of the hundrid ajid fifthe salm. Alleliiya.

1 Knouleche 5e to the Lord, for he is good ; for his mercy
J is with-outen ende. Who schal speke the powers of the

3 Lord ; schal make knowun alle hise preisyngis 1 Blessid
ben thei that kepen dom ; and doon ri^tfulnesse in al tyme.

4 Lord, haue thou mynde on vs in the good plesaunce of

5 thi puple ; visite thou vs in thin heelthe. To se in the
goodnesse of thi chosun men, to be glad in the gladnes

6 of thi folk ; that thou be heried with thin eritage. We han
synned with oure fadris ; we han do vniustli, we han do


7 wickidnesse. Oure fadris in Egipt vndirstoden not thi mer-
ueils ; thei weren not myndeful of the multitude of thi mcrci.
And thei stiynge in to the see, in to the reed see, terreden

8 to wraththe ; and he sauede hem for his name, that he

9 schulde make knowun his power. And he departide the
reed see, and it was dried ; and he lede forth hem in the

jodepthis of watris as in deseert. And he sauede hem fro
the hond of hateris ; and he a5en-bou3te hem fro the hond

1 1 of the enemye. And the watir hihde men troublynge hem ;

1 2 oon of hem abood not. And thei bileueden to hise wordis ;

13 and thei preisiden the heriynge of hym. Thei hadden soone
do, thei for^aten hise werkis ; and thei abididen not his

i4C0uncel. And thei coueitiden coueitise in deseert; and

i5temptiden God in a place with-out watir. And he 5af to

hem the axyng of hem; and he sente fulnesse in to the

iGsoulis of hem. And thei wraththiden Moyses in the cas-

1 7 tels ; Aaron, the hooli of the Lord. The erthe was opened,
and swolewid Datan ; and hilide on the congregacioun of

18 Abiron. And fier brente an hi5e in the synagoge of hem ;

1 9 flawme brente synneris. And thei maden a calf in Oreb ;

20 and worschipiden a 50tun ymage. And thei chaungiden

2 1 her glorie ; in to the liknesse of a calf etynge hei. Thei
2 2for5aten God, that sauede hem, that dide grete werkis in

Egipt, merueils in the lond of Cham ; feerdful thingis in

23 the reed see. And God seide, that he wolde leese hem;

if Moises, his chosun man, hadde not stonde in the brekyng

of his sijt. That he schulde turne awei his ire ; lest he

24loste hem. And thei hadden the desirable lond for nou5t,

25 thei bileueden not to his word, and thei grutchiden in her

26 tabernaclis; thei herden not the vois of the Lord. And
he reiside his hond on hem ; to caste doun hem in desert.

27 And to caste awei her seed in naciouns; and to leese hem

28 in cuntreis. And thei maden sacrifice to Belfagor; and

M 2

164 PSALMS, CV (CVl).

2>){hei ecten the sacrificis of deed beestis. And thei wrath-

ihiden God in her fyndyngis ; and fallyng was multipHed
30 in hem. And Fynees stood, and pleeside God; and the
:^i veniaunce ceesside. And it was arrettid to hym to ri^t-

fulncsse ; in generacioun and in to generacioun, til in to
;,2 with-oiUen ende. And thei wraththiden God at the watris

of a^cnseiyng; and Moises was trauelid for hem, for thei
3.:;maden bittere his spirit, and he departide in his lippis.
7.4 Thei losten not hethen men ; whiche the Lord seide to
35 hem. And thei weren meddlid among hethene men, and
;,r) lerneden the werkis of hem, and serueden the grauen ymagis

of hem; and it was maad to hem in to sclaundre. And
37 thei offriden her sones; and her dou3tris to feendis. And
3S thei schedden out innocent blood, the blood of her sones

and of her doujtris ; whiche thei sacrificiden to the grauun

39 ymagis of Chanaan. And the erthe was slayn in bloodis,
and was defoulid in the werkis of hem ; and thei diden

40 fornicacioun in her fyndyngis. And the Lord was wrooth
bi strong veniaunce a^ens his puple; and hadde abhomin-

41 acioun of his eritage. And he bitook hem in to the
hondis of hethene men ; and thei that hatiden hem, weren

42 lordis of hem. And her enemyes diden tribulacioun to
hem, and thei weren mekid vndir the hondis of enemyes;

43 ofte he delyuerede hem. But thei wraththiden hym in her
counsel; and thei weren maad low in her wickidnessis.

44 And he si^e, whanne thei weren set in tribulacioun ; and

45 he herde the preyer of hem. And he was myndeful of
his testament; and it repentide hym bi the multitude of

46 his merci. And he 5af hem in to mercies; in the si5t of

47 alio men, that hadden take hem. Oure Lord God, make

thou vs saaf; and gadere togidere vs fro naciouns. That

we knouleche to thin hooli name; and haue glorie in thi

4S i)rcisyng. Blessid be the Lord God of Israel fro the world


and til in to the world; and al the puple schal seye, Be
it don, be it don.

Psalm CVI (CVII).

T/ie title of the huiidrid and sixte salm. Alleluya.

} Knouleche 56 to the Lord, for he is good ; for his merci

2 is in to the world. Sei thei, that ben a5en-bou3t of the Lord;
whiche he a3en-bou3te fro the hond of the enemye, fro

3 cuntreis he gaderide hem togidere. Fro the risyng of the
sunne, and fro the goyng doun ; fro the north, and fro the

4 see. Thei erriden in wildirnesse, in a place with-out watir ;

5 thei founden not weie of the citee of dwellyng place. Thei

6 ivercn hungri and thirsti ; her soule failide in hem. And
thei crieden to the Lord, whanne thei weren set in tribula-

7 cioun; and he delyuerede hem fro her nedynesses. And he
ledde forth hem in to the ri5t weie ; that thei schulden go in

8 to the citee of dwelling. The mercies of the Lord knouleche
to hym ; and hise merueilis knouleche to the sones of men.

9 For he fillide a voide man ; and he fillide with goodis an

10 hungry man. God delyuerede men sittynge in derknessis,
and in the schadowe of deth ; and men prisoned in beggerye

1 1 and in yrun. For thei maden bitter the spechis of God ;

1 2 and wraththiden the councel of the hi^este. And the herte
of hem was maad meke in trauelis ; and thei weren sijk, and

13 noon was that helpide. And thei crieden to the Lord,
whanne thei weren set in tribulacioun ; and he delyuerede

1 4 hem from her nedyneSsis. And he ledde hem out of derk-
nessis, and schadowe of deth; and brak the boondis

15 of hem. The mercies of the Lord knouleche to hym ; and

16 hise merueils hiouleche to the sones of men. For he al

1 7 to-brak brasun ^atis ; and he brak yrun barris. He vp-took
hem fro the weie of her wickidnesse ; for thei weren maad

l66 PSALMS, cvi {cvii).

iSlowc for her vnri5tfulnesses. The soule of hem wlatide al
19 mete; and thei nei3eden til to the 5atis of deth. And thei

criedcn to the Lord, whanne thei weren set in tribulacioun ;
20 and he delyuerede hem fro her nedynessis. He sente his

word, and heelide hem ; and delyuerede hem fro the per-
2iischino-is of hem. The mercies of the Lord knouleche to
2 2hym; and hise merueils to the sones of men. And offre

thei the sacrifice of heriyng ; and telle thei hise werkis in ful

23 out ioiyng. Thei that gon doun in to the see in schippis ;

24 and maken worching in many watris. Thei sien the werkis

25 of the Lord; and hise merueilis in the depthe. He seide,
and the spirit of tempest stood ; and the wawis therof weren

2riarerid. Thei stien til to heuenes, and goen doun til to the

2 7depthis; the soule of hem failide in yuehs. Thei weren

troblid, and thei weren moued as a drunkun man : and al

28 the wisdom of hem was deuourid. And thei crieden to the
Lord, whanne thei weren set in tribulacioun ; and he ledde

29 hem out of her nedynessis. And he ordeynede the tempest
therof in to a soft wynde; and the wawis therof weren

30 stille. And thei weren glad, for tho weren stille ; and he

31 ladde hem forth in to the hauene of her wille. The mercies
of the Lord knouleche to hym ; and hise merueilis to the

.^2 sones of men. And enhaunse thei him in the chirche of the

33 puple ; and preise thei him in the chaier of eldre men. He
hath set floodis in to deseert ; and the out-goingis of watris

34 in to thirst. He hath set fruytful lond in to saltnesse ; for the
.-,5 malice of men dwellyng ther-ynne. Lie hath set deseert in

to pondis of watris; and erthe with-out watir in to out-
36 goyngis of watris. And he settide there hungri men; and
37 thei maden a citee of dwelHng. And thei sowiden feeldis,

35 and plauntiden vynes ; and maden fruyt of birthe. And
he blesside hem, and thei weren multiplied greetli ; and he

39 made not lesse her werk-beestis. And thei weren maad


fewe ; and thei weren trauelid of tribulacioun of yuelis and
40 of sorewis. Strijf was sched out on princes; and he

made hem for to erre without the weie, and not in the weie.
41 And he helpide the pore man fro pouert ; and settide
42meynees as a scheep bringynge forth lainbren. Ri3tful men

schulen se, and schulen be glad; and al wickidnesse schal
-1.:; stoppe his mouth. Who is wijs, and schal kepe these

thinds; and schal vndirstonde the mercies of the Lord?


I The title 0/ the hundrid and seuenthe salm. The song of
the salni of Dauid.

MiN herte is redi, God, myn herte is redi ; Y schal singe,

3 and Y schal seie salm in my glorie. ]\Iy glorie, ryse thou vp,

4 sautrie and harp, rise thou vp ; Y schal rise vp eerli. Lord,
Y schal knouleche to thee among puplis ; and Y schal

5 seie salm to thee among naciouns. For whi, God, thi
merci is greet on heuenes; and thi treuthe is til to the

6cloudis. God, be thou enhaunsid aboue heuenes; and thi
7 glorie ouer al erthe. That thi derlingis be delyuerid, make

thou saaf with thi ri3thond, and here me ; God spak in his
s hooli. I schal make ful out ioye, and Y schal departe

Siccimam; and Y schal mete the grete valei of tabernaclis.
(J Galaad is myn, and Manasses is myn ; and Effraym is the

vptaking of myn heed. Juda is my king; Moab is the
locaudron of myn hope. In to Ydume Y schal stretche forth

1 1 my scho ; aliens ben maad frendis to me. Who schal lede
me forth in to a stronge citee ; who schal lede me forth til in

1 2 to Idume .? Whether not thou, God, that hast put vs awei ;

1 3 and, God, schalt thou not go out in oure vertues? 3yue
thou help to vs of tribulacioun ; for the hcelthe of man is

l68 PSALMS, CVIII {cix).

1. 1 veyn. We schulen make vertu in God; and he schal bringe
oiire enemyes to nou5i.

Psalm CVIII (CIX).

1 T/ie title of the hundrid mid ei'^tthe salm. To victorye, the

salm of Dauid.

2 God, holde thou not stille my preisyng ; for the mouth of
the synner, and the mouth of the gileful man is openyd on

3 me. Thei spaken a^ens me with a gileful tunge, and thei
cumpassiden me with wordis of hatrede ; and fou^ten a5ens

4 me with-out cause. For that thing that thei schulden loue

5 me, thei bacbitiden me ; but Y preiede. And thei settiden
a^ens me yuelis for goodis ; and hatrede for my loue.

6 Ordeyne thou a synner on him ; and the deuel stonde on

7 his ri3t half Whanne he is demed, go he out condempned ;

8 and his preier be maad in to synne. Hise dales be maad

9 fewe ; and another take his bischopriche. Hise sones be
10 maad faderles; and his wijf a widewe. Hise sones trem-

blinge be born ouer, and begge ; and be cast out of her
] I habitaciouns. An vsurere seke al his catel ; and aliens
1 2 rauysche hise trauelis. Noon helpere be to him ; nether
i;, ony be that haue mercy on hise modirles children. Hise

sones be maad in to perisching ; the name of him be don

1 4 awei in oon generacioun. The wickidnesse of hise fadris
come a5en in to mynde in the si5t of the Lord; and the

15 synne of his modir be not don awei. Be thei maad euere
a^ens the Lord ; and the mynde of hem perische fro erthe.

16, 17 For that thing that he thoujte not to do merci, and he
pursuede a pore man and beggere ; and to slee a man com-

18 punct in herte. And he louede cursing, and it schal come

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