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to hym ; and he nolde blessing, and it schal be maad fer fro
iiim. And he clothide cursing as a cloth, and it entride as

PSALMS, CIX (cx). 169

water in to hise ynnere thingis; and as oile in hise boonus.
I') Be it maad to him as a cloth, with which he is hilyd; and as
JO a girdil, with which he is euere gird. This is the werk of

hem that bacbiten me anentis the Lord ; and that speke
2 1 yuels a5ens my lijf. And thou, Lord, Lord, do with me for
2 2thi name; for thi merci is swete. Delyuere thou me, for Y

am nedi and pore; and myn herte is disturblid with ynne me.
J .:; I am takun awei as a schadowe, whanne it bowith awei ; and

24 Y am schakun awei as locustis. Mi knees ben maad feble

25 of fasting ; and my fleische was chaungid for oile. And
Y am maad schenschipe to hem ; thei sien me, and moueden

26 her heedis. Mi Lord God, helpe thou me; make thou me

2 7saaf bi thi merci. And thei schulen wite, that this is thin

jShond; and thou, Lord, hast do it. Thei schulen curse, and

thou schalt bles?e, thei that risen a5ens me, be schent ; but

29 thi seruaunt schal be glad, Thei that bacbiten me, be
clothid with schame ; and be thei hilid with her schenschipe

30 as with a double cloth. I schal knouleche to the Lord greetli
with my mouth ; and Y schal herie hym in the myddil of

/,! many men. Which stood ny^ on the ri3t half of a pore man;
to make saaf my soule fro pursueris.

Psalm CIX (CX).

1 T/ie title of the hundrid and nynthe salm. The salm

of Dauith.

The Lord seide to my Lord ; Sitte thou on my ri^t side.

2 Til Y putte thin enemyes ; a stool of thi feet. The Lord
schal sende out fro Syon the 3crde of thi vertu ; be thou

;, lord in the myddis of thin enemyes. The bigynnyng is with
thee in the dai of thi vertu, in the bri3tnessis of seyntis ;

4 Y gendride thee of the wombe before the dai-sterre. The
Lord swoor. and it schal not repente him ; Thou art a preest


5 with-outen ende, bi the ordre of Melchisedech. The Lord
on thi ri^t side ; hath broke kyngis in the dai of his ven-

6iaunce. He schal deme among naciouns, he schal fille
fallyngis ; he schal schake heedis in the lond of many men.

7 He dranke of the stronde in the weie ; therfor he enhaunside
the heed.

Psalm CX (CXI).

T/ie tille of the himdrid and tent he salm. Alleluya.

1 Lord, Y schal knouleche to thee in al myn herte ; in the

2 counsel and congregaci oun of iust men. The werkis of the

3 Lord hen greete ; sou^t out in to alle hise willis. His werk
is knoulechyng and grete doyng ; and his ri^tfulnesse dwellith

4 in to the world of world. The Lord merciful in wille, and

5 a merciful doere, hath maad a mynde of hise merueilis ; he
hath 50ue meete to men dredynge hym. He schal be

6 myndeful of his testament in to the world ; he schal telle to

7 his puple the vertu of hise werkis. That he ^yue to hem the
critage of folkis ; the werkis of hise hondis heii treuthe and

8 doom. Alle hise comaundementis ben feithful, confermed in

9 to the world of world ; maad in treuthe and equite. The
Lord sente redempcioun to hys puple ; he comaundide his
testament with outen ende. His name is hooli and dreedful ;

10 the bigynnyng of wisdom is the drede of the Lord. Good
vndirstondyng is to alle that doen it ; his preising dwellith in
to the world of world.

Psalm CXI (CXII).
The title of the hiindrid and enteuenthe salm, Alleluya.

1 Blissid is the man that dredith the Lord ; he schal wilne

2 ful myche in hise comaundementis. His seed schal be my^ti
in erthe ; the generacioun of rijtful men schal be blessid.

3 Glorie and richessis hen in his hous ; and his r!3:fulnesse

PSALMS, cxn, cxiii [cxiii, cxiv). 171

4 dwellith in to the world of world. Li5t is risun vp in
derknessis to ri5tful men ; the Lord is merciful in wille, and

5 a merciful doere, and ri3tful. The man is merye, that doith

6 merci, and leeneth ; he disposith hise wordis in dom ; for he

7 schal not be moued with-outen ende. A iust man schal be
in euerlastinge mynde ; he schal not drede of an yuel heryng.

^ His herte is redi for to hope in the Lord ; his herte is

confermed, he schal not be moued, til he dispise hise enemyes.
y He spredde abrood, he 5af to pore men ; his ri^twisnesse

dwellith in to the world of world ; his horn schal be reisid in
1 glorie. A synner schal se, and schal be WTOoth ; he schal

gnaste with hise teeth, and schal faile ; the desijr of synneris

schal perische.

Psalm CXH (CXIII).

The title 0/ the hundrid and twelfihe salm. Alleliiya.

1 Children, preise 5e the Lord ; preise ^e the name of the
-• Lord. The name of the Lord be blessid ; fro this tyme now

3 and til in to the world. Fro the risyng of the sunne til to
the goyng doun ; the name of the Lord is worthi to be

4 preisid. The Lord is hi5 aboue alle folkis ; and his glorie is

5 aboue heuenes. Who is as oure Lord God, that dwellith in

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