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153 Se thou my mekenesse, and delyuere thou me; for Y

154 format not thi lawe. Deme thou my dom, and a^enbie thou

155 me; quikene thou me for thi speche. Heelthe is fer fro
i56synners; for thei sou5ten not thi iustifiyngis. Lord, thi
157 mercies lfe?i manye ; quykene thou me bi thi dom. T/iet

ben manye that pursuen me, and doen tribulacioun to me ;
i;SY bowide not awei fro thi witnessingis. I si^ brekers of

the lawe, and Y was meltid ; for thei kepten not thi spechis.
159 Lord, se thou, for Y louede thi comaundementis ; quikene
)6othou me in thi merci. The bigynnyng of thi wordis is

treuthe ; alle the domes of thi ri3twisi^sse ben with-outen



i6i Princes pursueden me with-outen cause; and my herte
iGidredde of thi wordis. I schal be glad on thi spechis; as
163 he that fyndith many spuylis. I hatide and wlatide wickid-
i64nesse; forsothe Y louede thi lawe. I seide heriyngis to

thee seuene sithis in the dai; on the domes of thi rijtful-
ir)5nesse. IMiche pees is to hem that louen thi lawe; and
J 66 no sclaundir is to hem. Lord, Y abood thin heelthe ; and
J 67 Y louede thin heestis. Mi soule kepte thi witnessyngis ;
168 and louede tho greetli. I kepte thi comaundementis, and

thi witnessingis ; for alle my weies ben in thi si^t.


v(m) Lord, my biseching come ni^ in thi si^t ; bi thi speche

1 70 5yue thou vndurstonding to me. Myn axing entre in thi

i7isi3t; bi thi speche delyuere thou me. Mi lippis schulen

telle out an ympne; whanne thou hast tau^te me thi iusti-


72 fiyngis. Mi tunge schal pronounce thi speche ; for whi

73 alle thi comaundementis den equite. Thin bond be maad,

74 that it saue me ; for Y haue chose thin heestis. Lord, Y

75 coueitide thin heelthe ; and thi lawe is my thenking. Mi
soule schal lyue, and schal herie thee; and thi domes

76 schulen helpe me. I erride as a scheep that perischide ;
Lord, seke thi seruaunt, for Y forjat not thi comaunde-

Psalm CXIX (CXX.)

1 T/ie title of the hundrid and nyntenthe salni.

The song o/greces.

Whanne Y was set in tribulacioun, Y criede to the Lord ;

2 and he herde me. ^ Lord, delyuere thou my soule fro wickid
slippis; and fro a gileful tunge. What schal be jouun to
. thee, ether what schal be leid to thee ; to a gileful tunge ?
4 Scharpe arowis of the my5ti ; with colis that maken de-
ssolat. Alias to me! for my dwelling in an alien lond is
6 maad long, Y dwellide with men dwellinge in Cedar; my
7 soule was myche a comelyng. I was pesible with hem

that hatiden pees ; whanne Y spak to hem, thei a^enseiden
me with-outen cause.

Psalm CXX (CXXI).

1 The title 0/ the hundrid and twentithe salm.

The song o/greces.

I KEisiDE myn i3en to the hillis ; fro whannus help schal

2 come to me. Myn help is of the Lord ; that made heuene

3 and erthe. The Lord 5yue not thi foot in to mouyng ;

4 nether he nappe, that kepith thee. Lo ! he schal not nappe,
5 nether slepe; that kepith Israel. The Lord kepith thee;


6 the Lord is thi proteccioun aboue thi ri^thond. The sunne
schal not brenne thee bi dai; nether the moone bi ny3t.

7 The Lord kepe thee fro al yuel ; the Lord kepe thi soule.

8 The Lord kepe thi goyng in and thi goyng out ; fro this
tyme now and in to the world.


1 T/ic tiile of the hundrid mid oon and iweniithe sahn.

The song of the greets of Dauid.

I AM glad in these thingis, that ben seid to me ; We

2 schulen go in to the hous of the Lord. Oure feet weren

3 stondynge ; in thi hallis, thou Jerusalem. Jerusalem, which
is bildid as a citee; whos part taking therof is in to the

4 same thing. For the lynagis, the lynagis of the Lord stieden
thidir, the witnessing of Israel ; to knouleche to the name

5 of the Lord. For thei saten there on seetis in doom ; seetis
f) on the hous of Dauid. Preie 56 tho thingis, that ben to

the pees of Jerusalem; and abundaunce be to hem that

7 louen thee. Pees be maad in thi vertu ; and abundaunce

8 in thi touris. For my britheren and my nei3boris ; Y spak

9 pees of thee. For the hous of oure Lord God ; Y sou3te
o:oodis to thee.



1 The titte of the hundrid and two and twefttithe satm. The
song of greets.

To thee Y haue reisid myn i3en ; that c\vellist in heuenes.
J Lo 1 as the i5en of seruauntis ; hen in the hondis of her lordis.

As the i3en of the handmaide ben in the hondis of her ladi ;

so oure i3en beii to oure Lord God, til he haue mercy on vs.
3 Lord, haue thou merci on vs, haue thou merci on vs ; for we

1(S6 PSALMS, cxxin, CXXIV {cxxiv, cxxv).

4 ben myche fillid with dispisyng. For oure soule is mycbe
fillid ; we hen schenschipe to hem that ben abundaunte ivith
richessis, and dispising to proude men.


1 The title of the hundrid and thre and twentithe sahn.

The song of grecis of Daiiith.

2 Israel seie now, No but for the Lord was in vs ; no but
for the Lord was in vs. Whanne men risiden vp a^ens vs ;

.s in hap thei hadden swalewid vs quike. Whanne the wood-

4 nesse of hem was wrooth a^ens vs ; in hap watir hadde sope

5 vs vp. Oure soule passide thoru^ a stronde ; in hap oure

6 soule hadde passide thoru^ a watir vnsuffrable. Blessid be

7 the Lord ; that 5af not vs in taking to the teeth of hem. Oure
soule, as a sparowe, is delyuered ; fro the snare of hunters.

s The snare is al to-brokun ; and we ben delyuered. Oure
helpe IS in the name of the Lord ; that made heuene and


I The title of the hiindrid and f oure and tiventithe sahn.

The song of greces.

Thei that tristen in the Lord ben as the hil of Syon ;

_' he schal not be moued with-outen ende, that dwellith in
Jerusalem. Hillis ben in the cumpas of it, and the Lord
is in the cumpas of his puple; fro this tyme now and in

;, to the world. For the Lord schal not leeue the 5erde of
synneris on the part of iust men; that iust men holde not

4 forth her hondis to wickidnesse. Lord, do thou wel; to

5 good men, and of ri^tful herte. But the Lord schal lede
them that bowen in to obligaciouns, with hem that worchen
wickidnesse; pees be on Israel.



1 T/ie title of the hundrid and fyiie and twentithe salm.

The scmg of greets.

Whanne the Lord turnede the caitifte of Sion ; we weicn

2 maad as coumfortid. Thanne oure mouth was fillid wiih
ioye; and oure tunge with ful out ioiyng. Thanne thei
schulen seie among hethene men; The Lord magnefiede

.:; lo do with hem. The Lord magnefiede to do with vs ; we

4 ben maad glad. Lord, turne thou oure caitifte ; as a stronde

5 in the south. Thei that sowen in teeris ; schulen repe in ful

6 out ioiyng. Thei goynge 5eden, and wepten ; sendynge her
seedis. But thei comynge schulen come wdth ful out ioiyng ;
berynge her handfullis.


1 The title of the hundrid and sixe and twentithe satm.

The song of greces of Salomon.

No but the Lord bilde the hous; thei that bilden it han
trauelid in veyn. No but the Lord kepith the citee ; he

2 wakiih in veyn that kepith it. It is veyn to 50U to rise
bifore the li3t ; rise ^e after that 56 han sete, that eten the
breed of sorewe. Whanne he schal 5yue sleep to his loued ;

,^ lo ! the eritage of the Lord is sones, the mede is the fruyt of

4 wombe. As arowis hen in the hond of the mi^ti ; so the

5 sones of hem that ben schakun out. Blessid is the man, that
hath fillid his desier of tho ; he schal not be schent, w^hanne
he schal speke to hise enemyes in the 5ate.



I T/ie tillc of the hundrid a7id seuene and iiveiitithe salm.

The song of greces.

Blessid he7i alle men, that dreden the Lord ; that gon in

J hise weies. For thou schalt ete the trauels of thin hondis ;

.:; thou art blessid, and it schal be wel to thee. Thi wijf as a

plenteous vyne ; in the sidis of thin hous. Thi sones as the

newe sprenges of olyue-trees ; in the cumpas of thi bord.

4 Lo I so a man schal be blessid ; that dredith the Lord.

5 The Lord blesse thee fro Syon ; and se thou the goodis of

6 Jerusalem in alle the daies of thi lijf. And se thou the sones
of thi sones ; se thou pees on Israel.


1 The title of the hundrid and ei'^te and Iwcntithe salm.

The so?ig of greces.

Israel seie now ; Ofte thei fou3ten a^ens me fro my

2 5ongth. Ofte thei fou3teri a^ens me fro my 3ongthe ; and

3 sotheli thei mi3ten not to me. Synneris forgeden on my

4 bak ; thei maden long her wickidnesse. The iust Lord

5 schal beete the nollis of synneris ; alle that haten Sion be

6 schent, and turned abak. Be thei maad as the hey of hous-

7 coppis ; that driede vp, bifore that it be drawun vp. Of
which hei he that schal repe, schal not fille his hond ; and he

8 that schal gadere hondfullis, schal not fille his bosum. And
thei that passiden forth seiden not, The blessing of the Lord
be on 30U j we blessiden 50U in the name of the Lord.



1 T/ie iitlc of the liundrid and nyne and Iwenfifhe salm.

The simg of gi'eces.

Lord, Y criede to thee fro dcpthes; Lord, here thou mi

2 vols. Thin eeris be maad ententif ; in to the vois of my

3 biseching. Lord, if thou kepist wickidnessis ; Lord, who

4 schal susteyne ? For merci is at thee ; and, Lord, for thi

5 lawe Y abood thee. Mi soule susteynede in his word ; my

6 soule hopide in the Lord. Fro the morewtid keping til to

7 ni3t ; Israel hope in the Lord. For whi merci is at the Lord ;

8 and plenteous redempcioun is at hym. And he schal a^en-
bie Israel; fro alle the wickidnessis therof.


1 The title of the hundrid and thrittithe salm. The song of

greces, to Daiiith himself.

Lord, myn herte is not enhaunsid; nether myn i^en ben
reisid. Nether Y 3ede in the grete thingis ; nether in mer-

2 ueiHs aboue me. If Y feelide not mekely ; but enhaunside
my soule. As a childe wenyde on his modir ; so 3elding he

3 in my soule. Israel hope in the Lord ; fro this tyme now
and in to the world.


1 The title of the hundrid and oon and thrittithe salm.

The song of greces.

Lord, haue thou mynde on Dauid ; and of al his mylde-

2 nesse. As he swoor to the Lord ; he made a vowe to God

3 of Jacob. I schal not entre in to the tabernacle of myn hous ;

190 PSALMS, cxxxii (cxxx in).

4 V schal not slic in to the bed of mi restyng. I schal not
5yue s4eep to myn i3en ; and napping to myn i^e-liddis.

5 And rest to my templis, til Y fynde a place to the Lord ;
a tabernacle to God of Jacob. Lo ! we herden that arke of

testament in Efifrata, that is, in Silo; we founden it in the
7 fecldis of the wode. We schulen entre in to the tabernacle

of h\ m ; we schulen worschipe in the place, where hise feet

s stoden. Lord, rise thou in to thi reste ; thou and the ark of

9 thin halewing. Thi prestis be clothid with ri5tfulnesse ; and

J o thi seyntis make ful out ioye. For Dauid, thi seruaunt;

1 1 lurne thou not awei the face of thi crist. The Lord swoor
ireuthe to Dauid, and he schal not make hym veyn ; of the

1 2 fruyt of thi wombe Y schal sette on thi seete. If thi sones
schulen kepe my testament; and my witnessingis, these
whiche Y schal teche hem. And the sones of hem til in to

I ; the world ; thei schulen sette on thi seete. For the Lord
i4chees Sion ; he chees it in to dwelling to hym silf. This is

my reste in to the world of world ; Y schal dwelle here, for Y
1 5 chees it. I blessynge schal blesse the widewe of it ; Y schal
i^)fille with looues the pore men of it. I schal clothe with

heelthe the preestis therof ; and the hooli men therof schulen
1 7 make ful out ioye in ful reioisinge. Thidir Y schal bringe

forth the horn of Dauid ; Y made redi a lanterne to my crist.
iS I schal clothe hise enemyes with schame ; but myn halewing

schal floure out on hym.


1 The title 0/ the hundrid and two and thrittiihe salm.

The song of grecis.

Lo ! hou good and hou myrie it is; that britheren dwelle

2 togidere. As oynement in the heed ; that goith doun in to
the beerd, in to the beerd of Aaron. That goith doun in to


3 the coler oi^ his cloth ; as the dew of Ermon, that goilh doiin
in to the hil of Sion. For there tlie Lord sente blessincr ;
and lijf til in to the world.


1 T/ie title of the Juindrid and tJirc and thrittithe salm.

The song of greces.

Lo! now blesse 56 the Lord; alle the seruaiintis of the
Lord. 3^ that stonden in the hous of the Lord; in the

2 hallis of the hous of oure God. In ny^tis raise ^oure hondis
;, in to hooli thingis ; and blesse 5e the Lord. The Lord

blesse thee fro Syon ; which Lord made heuene and erthe.


1 The title of the hiindrid and four e and thrittithe salm.


Herie 5e the name of the Lord ; 36 seruauntis of the

2 Lord, herie ^e. ^t that stonden in the hous of the Lord ;
;, in the hallis of the hous of oure God. Herie ^e the Lord, for

4 the Lord is good ; singe ^e to his name, for it is swete. For
the Lord chees Jacob to him silf ; Israel in to possessioun to

5 him silf. For Y haue knowe, that the Lord is greet ; and

6 oure God bifore alle goddis. The Lord made alle thingis,
what euere thingis he wolde, in heuene and in erthe ; in the

7 see, and in alle depthis of watris. He ledde out cloudis fro the
farthest part of erthe ; and made leitis in to reyn. Which

S bringith forth wyndis fro hise tresours ; which killide the

: Lord, Lord, for myn i3en ben to thee, Y hopide in thee ;

9 take thou not awei my soule. Kepe thou me fro the snare
which thei ordeyneden to me; and fro the sclaundris of
hem that worchen wickidnesse. Synneris schulen falle in
10 the nett therof; Y am aloone til Y passe.


1 T/ie title of the hundrid and oon and fotirtithe salm. The Icryiymg

of Daiiid ; his preier^ whaiine he was in the denne.

2 With my vois Y criede to the Lord; with my vois Y
.:; preiede hertli to the Lord. I schede out my preier in his

4 si^t ; and Y pronounce my tribulacioun bifor him. While
my spirit failith of me ; and thou hast knowe my pathis. In
this weie in which Y 5ede ; proude men hidden a snare

5 to me. I bihelde to the ri^t side, and Y sij ; and noon
was that knew me. Fli3t perischide fro me ; and noon is

(^ that sekith my soule. Lord, Y criede to thee, Y seide,
7 Thou art myn hope ; my part in the lond of lyueris. 3}'^^

thou tent to my biseching; for Y am maad low ful greedi.

Del}iiere thou me fro hem that pursuen me ; for thei ben


s coumforlid on me. Lede my soule out of keping to knou-
Icche to thi name; iust men abiden me, til thou ^elde
to me.


1 The title of the hundrid and two and four tithe salm.

The salm of Dauid.

Lord, here thou my preier, with eeris perseyue thou my
biseching; in thi treuthe here thou me, in thi ri5twisnesse.

2 And entre thou not in to dom with thi seruaunt : for ech

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