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3 man lyuynge schal not be maad iust in thi si^t. For the
enemy pursuede my soule ; he made lowe my lijf in erthe.

4 He hath set me in derk placis, as the deed men of the world,
and my spirit was angwischid on me ; myn herte was disturblid

: in me. 1 was myndeful of elde dales, Y bithou3te in alle thi

6 werkis ; Y bithoujte in the dedis of thin hondis. I helde
forth m}-n hondis to thee ; my soule as erthe with-out water

7 to thee. Lord, here thou me swiftli ; my spirit failide.
Turne thou not a-wei thi face fro me; and Y schal be lijk

sto hem that gon doun in to the lake. Make thou erli thi
mcrci herd to me; for Y hopide in thee. Make thou
knowun to me the weie in which Y schal go ; for Y reiside my

»; soule to thee. Delyuere thou me fro myn enemyes, Lord,

10 Y fleddc to thee ; teche thou me to do thi wille, for thou art
my God. Thi good spirit schal lede me forth in to a ri3tful

1 1 lond ; Lord, for thi name thou schalt quikene me in thin
1 -' equite. Thou schalt lede my soule out of tribulacioun ; and

in thi merci thou schalt scatere alle myn enemyes. And
thou schalt leese alle them, that troublen my soule; for
Y am thi seruaunt.



1 The title of the hiindrid and thre and foiirtithe salni. A salm.

Blessid be my Lord God, that techith myn hondis to

2 werre ; and my fyiigris to batel. Mi merci, and my refuyt ;
my takere vp, and my delyuerer. Mi defender, and Y
hopide in him ; and thou makist suget my puple vnder me.

3 Lord, what is a man, for thou hast maad knowun to him ;
ether the sone of man, for thou arettist him of sum valu?

4 A man is maad lijk vanyte; hise daies passen as schadow.

5 Lord, bowe doun thin heuenes, and come thou doun ; touche

6 thou hillis, and thei schulen make smoke. Leite thou schyn-
yng, and thou schalt scatere hem ; sende thou out thin

7 arowis, and thou schalt disturble hem. Sende out thin bond
fro an hi5, rauysche thou me out, and delyuere thou me fro

s many watris ; and fro the bond of alien sones. The mouth

of which spak vanite ; and the ri^thond of hem is the ri3t

9 bond of wickidnesse. God, Y schal synge to thee a new

song ; I schal seie salm to thee in a sautre of ten stringis.

10 Which 5yuest heelthe to kingis ; which a5en-bou5tist Dauid,

tbi seruaunt, fro the wickid swerd rauische thou out me.

J I And delyuere thou me fro the bond of alien sones ; the

mouth of whiche spak vanyte, and the ri^thond of hem is the

1 2 ri3t bond of wickidnesse. Whose sones ben ; as new plaunt-
ingis in her ^ongtbe. The dou^tris of hem befi arayed ;

13 ourned about as the licnesse of the temple. The selers of
hem ben fulle ; bringinge out fro this vessel in to that. The
scheep of hem be7i with lambre, plenteuouse in her goingis

1 4 out ; her kien ben fatte. No falling of wal is, nether passing
i^ouere; nether cry is in the stretis of hem. Thei seiden.

The puple is blessid, that bath these thingis ; blessid is the
puple, whos Lord is the God of it.



1 T/ie iHk of the himdrid and four e ajid four tithe salm.

Theympne of Dauith.

Mi God king, Y schal enhaunse thee ; and Y schal blesse

2 thi name in to the world, and in to the world of world. Bi
alle daies Y schal blesse thee; and Y schal herie thi name

3 in to the world, and in to the world of the world. The Lord
is greet, and worthi to be preisid ful myche ; and noon ende

4 is of his greetnesse. Generacioun and generacioun schal
preise thi werkis ; and thei schulen pronounse thi power.

5 Thei schulen speke the greet doyng of the glorie of thin

6 holynesse ; and thei schulen telle thi merueils. And • thei
schulen seye the vertu of thi ferdful thingis ; and thei schulen

7 telle thi greetnesse. Thei schulen bringe forth the mynde
of the abundaunce of thi swetnesse ; and thei schulen telle

8 with ful out ioiyng thi ri^tfulnesse. The Lord is a merciful
doere, and merciful in wille ; paciente, and myche merciful.

9 The Lord is swete in alle thingis ; and hise merciful doyngis
\ohe7i on alle hise werkis. Lord, alle thi werkis knouleche to

1 1 thee ; and thi seyntis blesse thee. Thei schulen seie the

1 2 glorie of thi rewme ; and thei schulen speke thi power.
That thei make thi power knowun to the sones of men ; and

i.^the glorie of the greetnesse of thi rewme. Thi rewme is the
rewme of alle worldis ; and thi lordschipe is in al generacioun
and in to generacioun. The Lord is feithful in alle hise

uwordis; and hooli in alle hise werkis. The Lord Hftith vp
alle that fallen doun ; and reisith alle men hurtlid doun.

15 Lord, the ijen of alle beestis hopen in thee ; and thou 5yuest

1 6 the mete of hem in couenable tyme. Thou openest thin
lyhond; and thou fillist ech beeste with blessing. The Lord
18 is iust in alle hise weies; and hooli in alle hise werkis. The

PSA LMS, CXL V ( CXL Vl) . 201

Lord is ni^ to alle that inwardli clepen him ; to alle that

iQinwardli clepen him in treuthe. He schal do the wille of

hem, that dreden him, and he schal here the biseching of

20 hem ; and he schal make hem saaf. The Lord kepith alle

21 men louynge him; and he schal leese alle synners. Mi
mouth schal speke the heriyng of the Lord ; and ech man
blesse his hooli name in to the world, and in to the world
of world.


1 77;r /i/k of the hundred andfyue and four lithe salm.


2 J\Ii soule, herie thou the Lord ; Y schal herie the Lord in
my lijf, Y schal synge to my God as longe as Y schal be.

3 Nile 5e triste in princis ; nether in the sones of men, in

4 whiche is noon helihe. The spirit of hym schal go out, and
he schal turne a5en in to his erthe ; in that dai alle the

5 thou^tis of hem schulen perische. He is blessid, of whom
the God of Jacob is his helpere, his hope is in his Lord God,

6 that made heuene and erthe ; the see, and alle thingis that

7 ben in tho. Which kepith treuthe in to the world, makith
dom to hem that suffren wrong; 3yueth mete to hem that

s ben hungri. The Lord vnbyndith feterid men ; the Lord

li5tneth blynde men. The Lord reisith men hurtlid doun ;
9 the Lord loueth iust men. The Lord kepith comelyngis, he

schal take vp a modirles child, and widewe ; and he schal
lodistrie the weies of synners. The Lord schal regne in to the

worldis ; Syon, thi God schal regne in gcneracioun and in to




1 The title of the hundrid and sixe and foiirtithe salm.


Herik 5e the Lord, for the sahn is good ; heriyng be

2 myrie, and fair to oure God. The Lord schal bilde Jeru-
salem ; and schal gadere togidere the scateryngis of Israel.

3 Which Z(?r^makith hool men contrit in herte; and byndith

4 togidere the sorewes of hem. Which noumbrith the multi-

5 tude of sterris ; and clepith names to alle tho. Oure Lord
is greet, and his vertu is greet ; and of his wisdom is no

6 noumbre. The Lord takith vp mylde men ; forsothe he

7 makith low synneris til to the erthe. Bifore synge ^e to the
Lord in knoulechyng; seye ^e salm to oure God in an

S harpe. Which hilith heuene with cloudis ; and makith redi
reyn to the erlhe. Which bryngith forth hei in hillis ; and

9eerbe to the seruice of men. Which ^yueth mete to her
werk beestis ; and to the briddys of crowis clepinge hym.

10 He schal not haue wille in the strengthe of an hors ; nether
it schal be wel plesaunt to hym in the leggis of a man. It is

1 1 wel plesaunt to the Lord on men that dreden hym ; and in
hem that hopen on his mercy.

Psalm CXLVII (CXLVII, contimied).
The hundrid and seuene and foiirtithe salfn.

Jerusalem, herie thou the Lord; Syon, herie thou thi

13 God. For he hath coumfortid the lockis of thi 5atis ; he

14 hath blessid thi sones in thee. Which hath set thi coostis

1 5 pees ; and fiUith thee with the fatnesse of wheete. Which
sendith out his speche to the erthe ; his word renneth swiftli.

iG Which jyueth snow as wolle; spredith abrood a cloude as



i7aische. He sendilh his cristal as mussels ; who schal sulTre
iSbifore the face of liis cooldnesse ? He schal sende out his

word, and schal melte tho ; his spirit schal blovve, and watris
iQSchulen flowe. Which tellith his word to Jacob; and hise
20 ri^tfulnessis and domes to Israel. He dide not so to ech

nacioun ; and he schewide not hise domes to hem.


I The title of the hundrid and ei'-^le and foiw tithe salm.


3e of heuenes, herie the Lord; herie ^e hym in hi5e
J thingis. Alle hise aungels, herie 5e hym ; alle hise vertues,
,:; herye 56 hym. Sunne and moone, herie 5e hym ; alle sterris

4 and li3t, herie ^e hym. Heuenes of heuenes, herie 5e hym ;

5 and the watris that ben aboue heuenes, herie 36 the name

6 of the Lord. For he seide, and thingis weren maad ; he
comaundide, and thingis weren maad of nou5t. He ordeyn-
ede tho thingis in to the w^orld, and in to the w^orld of
world ; he settide a comaundement, and it schal not passe.

7 3e of erthe, herie 56 the Lord ; dragouns, and alle depthis
N of watris. Fier, hail, snow, iys, spiritis of tempestis ; that
9 don his word. Mounteyns, and alle Htle hillis ; trees berynge

lofruyt, and alle cedris. Wielde beestis, and alle tame beestis ;

1 1 serpentis, and fetherid briddis. The kingis of erthe, and alle

1 1 puplis ; the princis, and alle iugis of erthe. '^ovi%^ men, and
virgyns, elde men with ^ongere, herie 3e the name of the

13, 14 Lord; for the name of hym aloone is enhaunsid. His
knouleching he on heuene and erthe ; and he hath enhaunsid
ihe horn of his puple. An ympne be to alle hise seyntis; to
the children of Israel, to a puple nei3ynge to hym.


Psalm CXLIX.

I The lille of the hundrid and iiyne and four iithc salm.


Synge 50 to the Lord a newe song ; hise heriyng he in the

J chirche of seyntis. Israel be glad in hym that made hym ;

and the dou5tris of Syon make ful out ioye in her king.

3 rierie thei his name in a queer ; seie thei salm to hym in

4 a tympan, and sautre. For the Lord is wel plesid in his
; puple ; and he hath reisid mylde men in to heelthe. Seyntis

schulen make ful out ioye in glorie ; thei schulen be glad in
6 her beddis. The ful out ioiyngis of God in the throte of

hem ; and swerdis scharp on ech side in the hondis of hem.
7, 8 To do veniaunce in naciouns ; blamyngis in puplis. To

bynde the kyngis of hem in stockis; and the noble men
9 of hem in yrun manaclis. That thei make in hem doom

writun ; this is glorye to alle hise seyntis.

Psalm CL.

1 The title of the hundrid and fif tithe salm. AUeluya.

Herie 5e the Lord in hise seyntis ; herie 5e hym in the

2 firmament of his vertu. Herie ^e hym in hise vertues ; herie

3 3e hym bi the multitude of his greetnesse. Herie 5e hym in
the soun of trumpe; herie ^e hym in a sautre and harpe.

4 Herie je hym in a tympane and queer ; herie 5e hym in

5 strengis and orgun. Herie 36 hym in cymbalis sownynge

6 wel, herye ^e hym in cymbalis of iubilacioun ; ech spirit,
hcrye the Lord.

PROVERBS, 7. 205


Cap. I.

I The parablis of Salomon, the sone of Dauid, king of

2, 3 Israel ; to kunne wisdom and kunnyng ; to vndurstonde

the wordis of prudence ; and to take the lernyng of teching ;

4 /o take ri3tfulnesse, and dom, and equyte ; that felnesse be
50uun to litle children, and kunnyng, and vndurstonding to

5 a 5ong wexynge man. A wise man heringe schal be wisere ;

6 and a man vndurstondinge schal holde gouernails. He schal
perseyue a parable, and expownyng ; the wordis of wise

7 men, and the derk iiguratif spechis of hem. The drede of
the Lord is the bigynning of wisdom ; foolis dispisen wisdom

s and teching. IMy sone, here thou the teching of thi fadir,

V and forsake thou not the lawe of thi modir ; that grace be

addid, ethii' encreessid, to thin heed, and a bie to thi necke.

10 ]\Ii sone, if synneris flateren thee, assente thou not to hem.

1 1 If thei seien. Come thou with vs, sette we aspics to blood,
hide we snaris of disseitis a5ens an innocent without cause ;

i2Swolowe we him, as helle swolowiih a man lyuynge ; and
i^al hool, as goynge doun in to a lake; we schulen fynde al

preciouse catel, we schulen fille oure housis with spuylis;
i-i, 15 sende thou lot with vs, o purs be of vs alle; my sone, go

thou not with hem ; forbede thi foot fro the pathis of hem.
if) For the feet of hem rennen to yuel; and thei hasten to
i7schede out blood. But a net is leid in veyn bifore the i3en
]8of briddis, that han wengis. Also thilke wickid disseyucris

setten aspies a3ens her owne blood ; and maken redi fraudis
ii^a^ens her soulis. So the pathis of ech auerouse man
20 rauyschen the soulis of hem that welden. Wisdom prechith


. with-oulforlh ; in stretis it 5yueth his vois. It crieth ofte in

the heed of cumpenyes ; in the leeues of ^atis of the citee it
J bringith forth hise wordis, and seith, Hon long, 36 litle men

in icif, louen ^ong childhod, and foolis schulen coueyte tho

tliingis, that ben harmful to hem silf, and vnprudent men
;.^ schulen hate kunnyng ? Be 56 conuertid at my repreuyng ;

lo, Y schal profre forth to 30U my spirit, and Y schal schewe
;4my wordis. For Y clepide, and ^e forsoken ; Y helde forth
:.:; myn bond, and noon was that bihelde. 3e dispisiden al my
;6councel; and chargiden not my blamyngis. And Y schal

lei3e in 30ure perisching; and Y schal scorne 50U, whanne
: 7 that, that 56 dreden, cometh to 30U. Whanne sodeyne

wretchidnesse fallith in, and perisching bifallith as tempest ;
:S whanne tri])ulacioun and angwisch cometh on 50U. Thanne

thei schulen clepe me, and Y schal not here ; thei schulen
:i) rise eerli, and thei schulen not fynde me. For thei hatiden
■,c teching, and thei token not the drede of the Lord, nether

as^entiden to my councel, and depraueden al myn amendyng.
^, 1 Therfor thei schulen ete the fruytis of her weie ; and thei
^,j schulen be fillid with her counseils. The turnyng awei of

litle men in wil schal sle hem ; and the prosperite of foolis
^,;, schal leese hem. But he that herith me, schal reste with-

outen drede ; and he schal vse abundaunce, whanne the

drede of yuels is takun awei.

Cap. II.

1 Mi sone, if thou resseyuest my wordis, and hidist myn

2 heestis anentis thee ; that thin eere here wisdom, bowe thin
7 hcrte to knowe prudence. For if thou inwardli clepist wis-

4 dom, and bowist thin herte to prudence ; if thou sekist it as

5 money, and diggist it out as tresours ; thanne thou schalt
vndirstonde the drede of the Lord, and schalt fynde the

PROVERBS, in. 207

f> kunnyng of God. For the Lord 5yueth wisdom ; and pru-

7 dence and kunnyng is of his mouth. He schal kepe the
heelthe of ri^tful men, and he schal defende hem that goen

8 sympli. And he schal kepe the pathis of ri3tfulnesse, and he
() schal kepe the weies of hooli men. Thanne thou schalt

vndirstonde ri5tfulnesse, and dom, and equytee, and ech good

10 path. If wysdom entrith in to thin herte, and kunnyng

1 1 plesith thi soule, good councel schal kepe thee, and pru-

1 2 dence schal kepe thee ; that thou be delyuered fro an yuel
\ I weie, and fro a man that spekith weiward thingis. Whiche

1 4 forsaken a ri5tful weie, and goen bi derk weies ; whiche ben
glad, whanne thei han do yuel, and maken ful . out ioye in

1 5 worste thingis ; whose weies hen wey werd, and her goyingis
\(^ben of yuel fame. That thou be delyuered fro an alien

womman, and fro a straunge womvian, that makith soft hir
1 7 wordis ; and forsakith the duyk of hir tyme of mariage, and
J 8 hath for5ete the couenaunt of hir God. For the hous of hir
i^is bowid to deeth, and hir pathis to helle. Alle that entren

to hir, schulen not turne a^en, nether schulen catche the
2c pathis of lijf. That thou go in a good weie, and kepe the
I \ pathis of iust men. Forsothe thei that ben ri^tful, schulen

dwelle in the lond ; and symple men schulen perfitli dwelle
J2ther-ynne. But vnfeithful men schulen be lost fro the

loond ; and thei that doen wickidli, schulen be takun awey

fro it.

Cap. III.

I Mi sone, for^cte thou not my lawe ; and thyn herte kepe
1 my comaundementis. For tho schulen sette to thee the

3 lengthe of dales, and the 5eeris of lijf, and pees. Merci and
treuthe forsake thee not ; bynde thou tho to thi throte, and

4 write in the tablis of thin herte. And thou schalt fynde

5 grace, and good teching bifore God and men. Haue thou


irisi in the Lord, of al thin herte ; and triste thou not to thi

6 prudence. In alle thi weies thenke thou on hym, and he

7 schal dresse thi goyngis. Be thou not wijs anentis thi silf ;

8 drede thou God, and go awei fro yuel. For-whi helthe
() schal be in thi nawle, and moisting of thi boonys. Onoure

thou the Lord of thi catel, and of the beste of alle thi fruytis
lojyue thou to pore men; and thi bernes schulen be fillid with

1 1 abundaunce, and pressours schulen flowe with wiyn. My
sone, caste thou not awei the teching of the Lord, and faile

1 2 thou not, whanne thou art chastisid of him. For the Lord
chastisith hym, whom he loueth ; and as a fadir in the sone he

i;, plesiih hym, Blessid is the man that fyndiih wisdom, and

14 which flowith with prudence. The geting therof is betere
than the marchaundie of gold and of siluer; the fruytis

15 therof (^tvz the firste and clenneste. It is preciousere than
alle richessis ; and alle thingis that ben desirid, moun not be

16 comparisound to this. Lengthe of dales is in the ri3thalf therof,

17 and richessis and glorie den in the lifthalf therof. The weies
therof 6en feire weies, and alle the pathis therof den pesible.

is It is a tre of lijf to hem that taken it ; and he that holdith it,
i.^is blessid. The Lord foundide the erthe bi wisdom; he

20 stablischide heuenes bi prudence. The depthis of watris
braken out bi his wisdom ; and cloudis wexen togidere bi

2 1 dewe. INIy sone, these thingis flete not awey fro thin i^en ;
i2kepe thou my lawe, and my counsel ; and lijf schal be to thi
2.^ soule, and grace sc/ial be to thi chekis. Thanne thou schalt

24 go tristili in thi weie ; and thi foot schal not snapere. If
thou schalt slepe, thou schalt not drede ; thou schalt reste,

25 and thi sleep schal be soft. Drede thou not bi sudeyne feer,

26 and the powers of wickid men fallynge in on thee. For the
Lord schal be at thi side ; and he schal kepe thi foot, that

27 thou be not takun. Nil thou forbede to do wel him that mai ;

28 if ihou maist, and do thou wel. Seie thou not to thi frend, Go,


and turne thou a^en, and to morewe Y schal 5yue to thee ;
29 whanne thou maist 5yue anoon. Ymagyne thou not yuel to
3othi freend, whanne he hath trist in thee. Stryue thou not

a^ens a man with-out cause, whanne he doith noon yuel to

31 thee. Sue thou not an vniust man, sue thou not hise weies.

32 For ech disseyuer is abhomynacioun of the Lord; and his
^T, speking t's with simple men. Nedinesse t's sent of the Lord in

the hous of a wickid man ; but the dwelling places of iust

34 men schulen be blessid. He schal scorne scorneris ; and he

35 schal 3yue grace to mylde men. Wise men schulen haue
glorie ; enhaunsing of fooUs is schenschipe.



1 SoNES, here ^e the teching of the fadir; and perseiue ^e,

2 that 36 kunne prudence. Y schal ^yue to 50U a good 3ifte ;

3 forsake 3e not my lawe. For-whi and Y was the sone of my
fadir, a tendir sone, and oon gendride bifore my modir.

4 And my fadir tau3te me, and seide, Thin herte resseyue my
wordis; kepe thou myn heestis, and thou schalt lyue.

5 Welde thou wisdom, welde thou prudence ; for3ete thou not,

6 nethir bowe thou awey fro the wordis of my mouth. Forsake
thou not it, and it schal kepe thee ; loue thou it, and it schal

7 kepe thee. The bigynnyng of wisdom, welde thou wisdom ;

8 and in al ihi possessioun gete thou prudence. Take thou it,
and it schal enhaunse thee ; thou schalt be glorified of it,

9 whanne thou hast biclippid it. It schal 3yue encresyngis of
graces to thin heed ; and a noble coroun schal defende thee.

10 Mi sone, here thou, and take my wordis ; that the 3eris of lijf

11 be multiplied to thee. Y schal schewe to thee the weie of

1 2 wisdom ; and Y schal lede thee bi the pathis of equyte. In
to whiche whanne thou hast entrid, thi goyngis schulen not
be maad streit ; and thou schalt rennen, and schalt not haue



13 hirtvng. Iloldc thou leching, and forsake it not ; kepe thou

14 it, for it is thi Hjf. Delite thou not in the pathis of wyckid

15 men ; and the ^^•eie of yuele men plese not thee. Fie thou
fro it, and passe thou not therbi; bowe thou awei, and for-

j 6 sake it. For thei slepen not, no-but thei han do yuele; and
1 7 sleep is rauyschid fro hem, no-but thei han disseyued. Thei
iten the breed of vnpite, and drinken the wyn of wickidnesse.
iSBut the path of iust men goith forth as Ii3t schynynge, and
J 9 cncreessith til to perfit dai. The weie of wickid men z's derk ;

20 thei witen not where thei schulen falle. IMi sone, herkene thou

2 1 my wordis ; and bowe doun thin eeris to my spechis. Go
not tho awei fro thyn i^en ; kepe thou hem in the myddil of

22 thin herte. For tho ben lijf to men fyndynge thoo, and
^^heelthe of al fleisch. With al keping kepe thin herte, for lijf
24Cometh forth of it. Remoue thou a schrewid mouth fro
25 thee ; and backbitynge lippis be fer fro thee. Thin i3en

se ri3tful thingis ; and thin i5eliddis go bifore thi steppis.
26Dresse thou pathis to thi feet, and alle thi weies schulen be
2 7Stablischid. Bowe thou not to the rijtside, nether to the
leftside ; turne awei thi foot fro yuel. For the Lord knowith
the weies that ben at the ri^tside ; but the weies ben weiward,
that ben at the leftside. Forsothe he schal make thi goyngis
ri5tful ; and thi weies schulen be brou5t forth in pees.

Cap. V.

1 I\Ii sone, perseyue thou my wisdom, and bowe doun thin

2 eere to my prudence ; that thou kepe thi thou^tis, and thi
lippis kepe teching. 3yue thou not tent to the falsnesse

7, of a womman ; for the lippis of an hoore /^en an hony-

4 coomb droppinge, and hir throte zs clerere than oile; but
the last thingis den bittir as wormod, and hir tunge t's scharp

5 as a swerd keruynge on ech side. Hir feet gon doun in


(> to deeth ; and hir steppis persen to liellis. Tho goon not

bi the path of lijf; hir steppis ben vncerteyn, and moun
7 not be sou5t out. Now therfor, my sone, here thou me,
sand go not awei fro the wordis of my mouth. INIake fer

thi weie fro hir, and nei5e thou not to the doris of hir
vhous. 3yue thou not thin onour to aUens, and thi ^eeris
10 to the cruel; lest perauenture straungeris be fillid with thi
] I strengthis, and lest thi trauels be in an alien hous ; and

thou biweile in the laste daies, whanne thou hast wastid
1 2 thi fleschis, and thi bodi ; and thou seie, Whi wlatide Y
J 3 teching, and myn herte assentide not to blamyngis ; nether

Y herde the voys of men techinge me, and Y bowide not
!4doun myn eere to maistris? Almest Y was in al yuel, in
15 the myddis of the chirche, and of the synagoge. Drinke
! 6 thou watir of thi cisterne, and the floodis of thi pit. Thi

wellis be stremed forth ; and departe thi watris in stretis.
1 7 Haue thou aloone tho ivatris ; and aliens be not thi par-
iSceneris. Thi veyne be blessid; and be thou glad with the
njwomman of thi 5ong wexynge age. An hynde moost dere-

worthe ; and an hert calf moost acceptable. Hir teetis fille

thee in al tyme ; and delite thou contynueli in the loue of hir.
.'o ]\Ii sone, whi art thou disseyued of an alien womman ; and

2 1 art fostrid in the bosum of an othere .'' The Lord seeth

22 the weie of a man; and biholdith alle hise steppis. The
wickidnessis of a wyckid man taken hym ; and he is boundun

2.5 with the roopis of hise synnes. He schal die, for he hadde
not lernyng; and he schal be disseyued in the mychilnesse
of his fooli.

Cap. VI.

i I\Ii sone, if thou hast bihi^t for thi frcend ; thou hast

J fastned thin hoond at a straunger. Thou art boundun bi

the wordis of thi mouth ; and thou art takun with thin owne

p 2


^ wordis. Thcrfor, my sone, do thou that that Y seie, and
delyuerc thi silf; for thou hast fallun in to the hond of
thi nei3bore. Renne thou aboute, haste thou, reise thi

4 freend ; ^yuc thou not sleep to thin i3en, nether thin i3eliddis

5 nappe. Be thou rauyschid as a doo fro the hond ; and as

6 a bridde fro aspiyngis of the foulere. O ! thou slowe man,
go to the amte, ether pisseyny re ; and biholde thou hise weies,

7 and lerne thou wisdom. Which whanne he hath no duyk,

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