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s neihir comaundour, nether prince ; makith redi in somer mete

to hym silf, and gaderith togidere in heruest that, that he

9 schal ete. Hou long schalt thou, slow man, slepe ? whanne

loschalt thou rise fro thi sleep? A litil thou schalt slepe,

a litil thou schalt nappe ; a litil thou schalt ioyne togidere
1 1 thin hondis, that thou slepe. And nedynesse, as a weigoere?

schal come to thee ; and pouert, as an armed man. For-

solhe if thou art not slow, thi ripe corn schal come as a
i2welle; and nedynesse schal fle fer fro thee. A man apos-

tata, a man vnprofitable, he goith with a weiward mouth ;

13 he bekeneth with i^en, he trampith with the foot, he spekith

1 4 with the fyngur, bi schrewid herte he ymagyneth yuel, and

15 in al tyme he sowith dissenciouns. His perdicioun schal
come to hym anoon, and he schal be brokun sodeynli ; and

i6he schal no more haue medecyn. Sixe thingis ben, whyche
the Lord hatith ; and hise soule cursith the seuenthe thing.

17 Hi3e i3en, a tunge Here, hondis schedinge out innocent

18 blood, an herte ymagynynge worste thou^tis, feet swifte to

19 renne in to yuel, a man bringynge forth lesingis, a fals
witnesse; and him that sowith discordis among britheren.

20 Mi sone, kepe the comaundementis of thi fadir; and for-
i\ sake not the lawe of thi modir. Bynde thou tho continueli

22 in thin herte; and cumpasse to thi throte. Whanne thou
goist, go tho with thee; whanne thou slepist, kepe tho

23 thee; and thou wakynge speke with tho. For the comaunde-


ment of God is a lanterne, and the lawe is Yi-^i, and the

24blamyng of techyng u the weie of lijf; that the comaunde-

rnentis kepe thee fro an yuel womman, and fro a flaterynge

25 tunge of a straunge womman. Thin herte coueite not the
fairnesse of hir ; nether be thou takun bi the signes of hir.

26 For the prijs of an hoore is vnnethe of o loof; but a
2 7 womman takith the preciouse soule of a man. Whether

a man mai hide fier in his bosum, that hise clothis brenne
2.snot; ethir go on colis, and hise feet be not brent? So
29 he that entrith to the wijf of his nei3bore; schal not be
^Dcleene, whanne he hath touchid hir. It is not greet synne,

whanne a man stelith ; for he stehth to fille an hungri soule.

31 And he takun schal 5elde the seuenthe fold; and he schal
5yue al the catel of his hous, and schal delyuere hym silf.

32 But he that is avouter; schal leese his soule, for the pouert

33 of herte. He gaderith filthe, and sclaundrith to hym silf;
;4 and his schenschip schal not be don awei. For the feruent

loue and strong veniaunce of the man schal not spare in
35 the dai of veniaunce, nether schal assente to the preieris
of ony ; nether schal take ful many 3iftis for raunsum.

Cap. VII.

1 I\Ii sone, kepe thou my wordis ; and kepe myn heestis to
thee. Sone, onoure thou the Lord, and thou schalt be

2 my^ti ; but outakun hym drede thou not an alien. Kepe
thou myn heestis, and thou schalt lyue; and my lawe as the

3 appil of thin i5en. Bynde thou it in thi fyngris ; write thou

4 it in the tablis of thin herte. Seie thou to wisdom. Thou art

5 my sistir ; and clepe thou prudence thi frendesse. That it
kepe thee fro a straunge womman ; and fro an alien wom-

6 man, that makith hir wordis swcte. For-whi fro the wyndow
of myn hous bi the latijs Y bihelde ; and Y se litle children.


7, s I biholde a ^ong man coward, that passith bi the stretis,
,j bisidis the corner ; and he goith m-^ the weie of hir hous in

derk tyme, whanne the dai drawith to ni^t, in the derknessis
10 and myst of the ny^t. And lo ! a womman, maad redi with

ourncment of an hoore to disseyue soulis, meetith hym, and
u sche IS a ianglere, and goynge about, and vnpacient of reste,
12 and mai not stonde in the hous with hir feet; and now

wilhout-forth, now in stretis, now bisidis corneris sche
i,^aspieth. And sche takith, and kissith the ^ong man; and
14 llaterith with wowynge cheer, and seith, Y ou3te sacrifices for
i5heelthe; to-dai Y haue ^olde my vowis. Therfor Y 5ede

out in to thi meetyng, and Y desiride to se thee ; and Y
16 haue founde ihee. Y haue maad my bed with coordis, Y haue
i7arayed with tapetis peyntid of Egipt; Y haue bispreynt my
isbed with myrre, and aloes, and canel. Come thou, be we

fillid with tetis, and vse we collyngis thai hen coueitid ; til the

19 dai bigynne to be deer. For 77iyn hosebonde is not in his

20 hows ; he is goon a ful long weie. He took with hym
a bagge of money ; he schal turne a3en in to his hous in

21 the dai of ful moone. Sche boonde hym with many wordis;

22 and sche drow forth hym with flateryngis of lippis. Anoon he
as an oxe led to slayn sacrifice sueth hir, and as a ioli lomb
and vnkunnynge ; and the fool woot not, that he is drawun

2i to bondys, til an arowe perse his mawe. As if a brid hastiih

to the snare ; and woot not, that it is don of the perel of his

J4lijr. Now therfor, my sone, here thou me; and perseyue

25 the wordis of my mouth. Lest thi soule be drawun awei in
the weies of hir ; nether be thou disseyued in the pathis of

26 hir. For sche castide doun many woundid men ; and alle

27 strongeste men weren slayn of hir. The weies of helle is hir
hous; and persen in to ynnere thingis of deeth.


Cap. VIII.

1 Whether wisdom crieth not ofte ; and prudence 5yuelh

2 his vois? In souereyneste and hi^ coppis, aboue the weie, in

3 the myddis of pathis, and it stondith bisidis the 5ate of the

4 citee, in thilke closyngis, and spekith, and seith, A ! 56 men,
Y crie ofte to 50U ; and my vois is to the sones of men.

5 Litle children, vndirstonde 3e wisdom ; and 5e vnwise men,
6perseyue wisdom. Here ^e, for Y schal speke of grete

thingis ; and my lippis schulen be openyd, to preche ri5tful

7 thingis. ]\Iy ihrote schal bithenke treuthe ; and my lippis

s schulen curse a wickid man. My wordis ben iust ; no

9 schrewid thing, nether weiward is in tho. My ivordis ben

ri3trul to hem that vndurstonden ; and ben euene to hem that

lofynden kunnyng. Take ^e my chastisyng, and not money;

1 1 chese 5e teching more than tresour. For wisdom is betere

than alle richessis moost preciouse; and al desirable thing

i2mai not be comparisound therto. Y, wisdom, dwelle in

1 3 counsel; and Y am among lernyd thou^tis. The drede of
the Lord hatith yuel; Y curse boost, and pride, and a

14 schrewid weie, and a double tungid mouth. Counseil is
myn, and equyte is myn ; prudence is myn, and strengthe

15 is myn. Kyngis regnen bi me ; and the makeris of lawis
i6demen iust thingis hi me. Princis comaunden bi me; and
ijmy^ti men demen ri^tfulnesse bi me. I loue hem that louen

me; and thei that waken eerli to me, schulen fynde me.
I S With me ben rychessis, and glorie ; souereyn richessis, and
I.; ri3tfulnesse. My fruyt is betere than gold, and precyouse

20 stoon ; and my seedis hen betere than chosun siluer. Y go in
the weies of ri^tfulnesse, in the myddis of pathis of doom ;

2 1 that Y make riche hem that louen me, and that Y fille her
j2tresouris. The Lord weldide me in the bigynnyng of hise

weies ; bifore that he made ony thing, at the bigynnyng.


23 Fro wiih-out bigynnyng Y was ordeined; and fro elde tymes,

24 bifor that the crthe was maad. Depthis of watris weren not
5it ; and Y was conseyued thanne. The wellis of watris

25 hadden not brokun out 5it, and hillis stoden not togidere

26 5it bi sad heuynesse ; bifor Htil hillis Y was born. 3it he
hadde not maad erthe ; and floodis, and the herris of the

27 world. Whanne he made redi heuenes, Y was- present;
whanne he cumpasside the depthis of watris bi certeyn

28 lawe and cumpas. Whanne he made stidfast the eir aboue ;

29 and weiede the wellis of watris. Whanne he cumpasside to
the see his marke; and settide lawe to watris, that tho
schulden not passe her coostis. Whanne he peiside the

30 foundementis of erthe ; Y was making alle thingis with
him. And Y delitide bi alle dales, and pleiede bifore hym

3 1 in al tyme, and Y pleiede in the world ; and my delices den

32 to be with the sones of men. Now therfor, sones, here je

33 me ; blessid den ihei that kepen my weies. Here ^e teching,

34 and be je wise men ; and nile je caste it awei. Blessid
is the man that herith me, and that wakith at my 5atis al

35 dai ; and kepith at the postis of my dore. He that fyndith
me, schal fynde lijf; and schal drawe helthe of the Lord.

36 But he that synneth ajens me, schal hurte his soule; alle
that haten me, louen deeth.

Cap. IX.

1 Wisdom bildide an hous to him silf ; he hewide out seuene

2 pileris, he offride his slayn sacrifices, he medlide wijn, and

3 settide forth his table. He sente hise handmaides, that thei

4 schulden clepe to the tour ; and to the wallis of the citee. If
ony man is litil ; come he to me. And wisdom spak to

5 vnwise men, Come 5e, ete ^e my breed ; and drynke 5e the
Owiyn, which Y haue medlid to 30U. Forsake je jong


childbed, and lyue ^e ; and go ^e bi the weyes of prudence.
7 He that techith a scornere, doith wrong to him silf; and he

that vndirnymmeth a wickid man, gendrith a vvem to him
S silf. Nile thou vndirnyme a scornere ; lest he hate thee.
9 Vndirnyme thou a wise man ; and he schal loue thee. 3yue

thou occasioun to a wise man; and wisdom schal be en-

creessid to hym. Teche thou a iust man; and he schal

10 haste to take. The bigynnyng of wisdom is the dreed of

1 1 the Lord ; and prudence is the kunnyng of seyntis. For
thi daies schulen be multiplied bi me; and jeeris of lijf

12 schulen be encreessid to thee. If thou art wijs; thou schalt
be to thi silf, and to thi neijboris. Forsothe if //lou art

1 3 a scornere ; thou aloone schalt here yuel. A fonned worn-
man, and ful of cry, and ful of vnleueful lustis, and that kan

14 no thing outirli, sittith in the doris of hir hous, on a seete, in

15 an hij place of the cite ; to clepe men passinge bi the weie,

16 and men goynge in her iournei. Who is a litil man of wit;
i7bowe he to me. And sche spak to a coward, Watris of
iSthefte ben swettere, and breed hid is swettere. And wiste

not that giauntis ben there ; and the gestis of hir ben in the
depthis of helle. Sotheli he that schal be applied, ether
fastned, to hir ; schal go doun to hellis. For-whi he that
goith awei fro hir; schal be saued.

Cap. X.

1 The parahlis of Salomon. A wijs sone makith glad the

2 fadir ; but a fonned sone is the sorewe of his modir. Tre-
souris of wickidnesse schulen not profile ; but ri^tfulnesse

3 schal delyuere fro deth. The Lord schal not turmente
the soule of a iust man with hungur; and he schal distrie

4 the tresouns of vnpitouse men. A slow bond hath wTou5t
nedynesse; but the hood of stronge men makith redi rich-

21 8 PROl^ERBS, X.

cssis. Forsothe he that enforsith /o gete ony thing bi
leesyngis, fedith the ^vyndis; sotheli the same man sueth

5 briddis fleynge. He that gaderith togidere in heruest, is
a wijs sone ; hut he that slepith in sommer, is a sone of

6 confusioun. The blessing of God is ouer the heed of a
iust man ; but wickidnesse hilith the mouth of wickid men.

7 The mynde of a iust man schal be with preisingis ; and the

8 name of wickid men schal wexe rotun. A wijs man
schal resseyue comaundementis with herte ; a fool is betun

9 with lippis. He that goith simpli, goith tristili ; hut he that
lomakith schrewid hise weies, schal be opyn. He that bek-

eneth with the i3e, schal 5yue sorewe; a fool schal be
II betun with lippis. The veyne of lijf is the mouth of a

iust man ; but the mouth of wickid men hilith wickidnesse.
i2Hatrede reisith chidingis ; and charite hilith alle synnes.

13 Wisdom is foundun in the lippis of a wise man ; and a 3erd

14 in the bak of him that is nedi of herte. Wise men hiden
kunnyng ; but the mouth of a fool is nexte to confusioun,

15 The catel of a riche man is the citee of his strengthe ; the
i6drede of pore men is the nedynesse of hem. The werk

of a iust man is to lijf; but the fruyt of a wickid man is

1 7 to synne. The weie of lijf is to him that kepith chastising ;

18 but he that forsakith blamyngis, errith. False lippis hiden
iQhatrede; he that bringith forth dispisinge is vnwijs. Synne

schal not faile in myche spekyng ; but he that mesurith hise

20 lippis, is moost prudent. Chosun siluer is the tunge of a

21 iust man ; the herte of wickid men is for nou^t. The lippis
of a iust man techen ful manye men ; but thei that ben

2 2vnlerned, schulen die in nedinesse of herte. The blessina:

of the Lord makith riche men ; and turment schal not be

23 felowschipid to hem. A fool wojchith wickidnesse as bi lei5-

i\ yng ; but wisdom is prudence to a man. That that a wickid

man dredith, schal come on hym; the desire of iust men


2 5 schalbe ^ouun to hem. As a tempeste passynge, a wickid
man schal not be ; but a iust man schal be as an euerlastynge

26 foundement. As vynegre noieth the teeth, and smoke 7ioieth the
i5en ; so a slow man noieih hem that senten hym in the weie.

27 The drede of the Lord encreesith daies; and the 3eeris of

28 wickid men schulen be maad schort. Abiding of iust men is

29 gladnesse ; but the hope of wickid men schal perische. The
strengthe of a symple man is the weie of the Lord ; and

30 drede to hem that worchen yuel. A iust man schal not
be moued with-outen ende ; but wickid men schulen not

31 dwelle on the erthe. The mouth of a iust man schal bringe

32 forth wisdom ; the tunge of schrewis schal perische. The
lippis of a iust man biholden pleasaunt thingis; and the
mouth of wickid men byholdith weiward thingis.

Cap. XL

1 A GiLEFUL balaunce is abhominacioun anentis God; and

2 an euene wei^te is his wille. Where pride is, there also
dispising schal be; but where meeknesse is, there also is

3 wisdom. The simplenesse of iust men schal dresse hem ;
and the disseyuyng of weiward men schal destrie hem.

4 Richessis schulen not profite in the dai of veniaunce ; but

5 ri3trulnesse schal delyuere fro deth. The ri^tfulnesse of a
simple man schal dresse his weie ; and a wickid man schal

rjfalle in his wickidnesse. The ri5tfulnesse of ri3tful men
schal delyuere hem ; and wickid men schulen be takun in

7 her aspiyngis. Whanne a wickid man is deed, noon hope
schal be ferther ; and abidyng of bisy men schal perische.

8 A iust man is delyuered from angwisch ; and a wickid man

9 schal be 50uun for hym. A feynere bi mouth disseyueth his
10 freend ; but iust men schulen be deliuered bi kunnyng. A

citee schal be enhaunsid in the goodis of iust men; and


1 1 prcysyng schal be in the perdicioun of wickid men. A citee
schal be enhaunsid bi blessing of iust men ; and it schal be

1 2 distried bi the mouth of wickid men. He that dispisith his
freend, is nedi in herte; but a prudent man schal be stille.

13 He that goith gilefuli, schewith priuetees ; but he that is
i4feithful, helith the priuetee of a freend. Where a gouernour

is not, the puple schal falle ; but helthe 0/ the puple is, where

15 ben many counsels. He that makith feith for a straunger,
schal be turmentid with yuel ; but he that eschewith snaris,

16 schal be sikur. A graciouse womman schal fynde glorie;

1 7 and stronge men schulen haue richessis. A merciful man
doith wel to his soule ; but he that is cruel, castith awei, 5he,

j^ kynnesmen. A w'ickid man makilh vnstable werk ; but

iQfeithful mede is to hym, that sowith ri5tfulnesse. Merci

schal make redi lijf ; and the suyng of yuels schal make redi

2odeth, A schrewid herte is abhomynable to the Lord; and

21 his wille is in hem, that goen symply. Thow^ bond he in the
bond, an yuel man schal not be innocent ; but the seed of

22 iust men schal be sauyd. A goldun sercle, ether ryng, in the

23 nose-thrillis of a sowe, a womman fair and fool. The desir
of iust men is al good ; abiding of wickid men is woodnesse.

24 Sum men departen her owne thingis, and ben maad richere;
other men rauyschen thingis, that hen not hern, and ben

25euere in nedynesse. A soule that blessith, schal be maad
26 fat ; and he that fillith, schal be fillid also. He that hidith

wheete in tyme, schal be cursid among the puplis; but
2 7blessyng schal come on the heed of silleris. Wel he risith

eerli, that sekith good thingis; but he that is a serchere

28 of yuels, schal be oppressid of tho. He that tristith in hise
richessis, schal falle ; but iust men schulen buriowne as a

29 greene leef. He that disturblith his hows, schal haue wyndis
in possessioun ; and he that is a fool, schal serue a wijs man.

30 The fruyt of a ri3tful man is the tre of lijf; and he that


3itakiih soulis, is a wijs man. If a iust man receyucth in
erthe, how miche more an vnfeithful man, and synnere.

Cap. XII.

1 He that loueth chastisyng, loueth kunnyng ; but he that

2 hatiih blamyngis, is vnwijs. He that is good, schal drawe to
hym silf grace of the Lord ; but he that tristith in hise

3 thou3Us, doith wickidli. A man schal not be maad strong by
wyckidnesse ; and the root of iust men schal not be moued.

4 A diligent womman is a coroun to hir hosebond ; and rot is
in the boonys of that womman, that doith thingis worthi of

5 confusioun. The thou^tis of iust men den domes ; and the

6 counselis of wickid men den gileful. The wordis of wickid
men setten tresoun to blood ; the mouth of iust men schal

7 delyuere hem. Turne thou wickid men, and thei schulen
not be ; but the housis of iust men schulen dwelle perfitli.

8 A man schal be knowun bi his teching ; but he that is veyn

9 and hertles, schal be open to dispising. Betere is a pore man,
and sufficient to him silf, than a gloriouse man, and nedi

10 of breed. A iust man knowith the soulis of hise werk

1 1 beestis ; but the entrailis of wickid men den cruel. He that
worchith his lond, schal be fillid with looues; but he that
sueth idilnesse, is moost fool. He that is swete, lyueth in
temperaunces ; and in hise monestyngis he forsakith dis-

i2pisyngis. The desir of a wickid man is the memorial of
worste thingis; but the roote of iust men schal encreesse.

13 For the synnes of lippis falling doun nei^eth to an yuel

14 man; but a iust man schal scape fro angwisch. Of the
fruyt of his mouth ech man schal be filHd with goodis ; and
bi the werkis of hise hondis it schal be 5oldun to him.

15 The weie of a fool is ri^tful in hise i3en ; but he that is wijs,
i6herith counsels. A fool schewith anoon his ire; but he that


] 7 dissymelith wrongis, is wijs. He that spekith that, that he
knowith, is a iuge of ri^tfulnesse ; but he that heth, is a

iSgileful witnesse. A man is that bihetith, and he is prickid as
with the swerd of conscience ; but the tunge of wise men is

i9helthe. The Hppe of treuthe schal be stidfast with-outen
ende ; but he that is a sudeyn witnesse, makith redi the

20 tunge of leesyng. Gile is in the herte of hem that thenken
vuels; but ioye sueth hem, that maken counsels of pees.

21 What euere bifallith to a iust man, it schal not make hym
j:sori; but wickid men schulen be fiUid with yuel. False

lippis is abhominacioun to the Lord; but thei that don

23 feidifuli, plesen him. A fel man hilith kunnyng ; and the

24 herte of vnwise men stirith foli. The bond of stronge men
schal haue lordschip ; but the bond that is slow, schal serue

2510 tributis. IMorenynge in the herte of a iust man schal
make hym meke ; and he schal be maad glad bi a good

jOword. He that dispisith harm for a frend, is a iust man;

27 but the weie of wickid men schal disseyue hem. A gileful
man schal not fynde wynnyng ; and the substaunce of man

25 schal be the prijs of gold. Lijf is in the path of ri5tfulnesse ;
but the wrong weie leedith to deeth.

Cap. XIII.

1 A wijs sone is the teching of the fadir; but he that is

2 a scornere, herith not, w^hanne he is repreuyd. A man schal
be filHd with goodis of the fruit of his mouth ; but the soule

3 of vnpitouse men is wickid. He that kepith his mouth,
kepith his soule ; but he that is vnwar to speke, schal feel

4 yuels. A slow man wole, and wole not ; but the soule of

5 hem that worchen schal be maad fat. A iust man schal
wlate a fals word ; but a wickid man schendith, and schal be

o wlaten hem that fleen yuels. He that goith with wijs men,

schal be wijs ; the freend of foolis schal be maad lijk hem.
-^ I, Yuel pursueth synneris ; and goodis schulen be joldun to
2i iust men. A good man schal leeue a/iir him eiris, sones,

and the sones of sones ; and the catel of a synnere is kept to

23 a iust man. Many meetis hat in the new tilid feeldis of

24 fadris ; and ben gaderid to othere men with-out doom. He
that sparith the ^erde, hatith his sone; but he that loueth

25 him, techith bisili. A iust man etith, and fillith his soule ;
but the wombe of wickid men is vnable to be fiUid.


Cap. XIV.

I A wijs womman bildith hir hous ; and an unwijs womman

z schal distrie whh hondis an hous bildid. A man goynge in

ri^tful weic, and dredinge God, is dispisid of hym, that goith

3 in a weie of yuel fame. The ^erde of pride is in the mouth

4 of a fool ; the lippis of \vijs men kepen hem. Where oxis
ben not, the cratche is void ; but where ful many cornes

5 apperen, there the strengthe of oxe is opyn. A feithful
v/itnesse schal not lie ; a gileful witnesse bringith forth a

6 leesing. A scornere sekith wisdom, and he fyndith not ; the

7 teching of prudent men is esy. Go thou a^ens a man a

8 fool ; and he schal not knowe the lippis of prudence. The
wisdom of a fel man is to vndirstonde his weie ; and the

9 vnwarnesse of foolis errith. A fool scorneth synne ; grace

10 schal dwelle among iust men. The herte that knowith the
bittirnesse of his soule ; a straunger schal not be meddlid in

1 1 the ioie therof. The hous of wickid men schal be don

12 awei ; the tabernaclis of iust men schulen buriowne. Sotheli
a weie is, that semeth iust to a man ; but the laste thingis

13 therof leden forth to deth. Lei5yng schal be medlid with
sorewe ; and morenyng ocupieth the laste thingis of ioye.

14 A fool schal be fillid with hise weies; and a good man schal

15 be aboue hym. An innocent man bileueth to eche word;

16 a felle man biholdith hise goyngis. A wijs man dredith, and
bowiih awei fro yuel; a fool skippiih ouer, and tristith.

17 A man vnpacient schal worche foli ; and a gileful man is
IS odiouse. Litle men o/wi/ schulen holde foli ; and felle men

19 schulen abide kunnyng. Yuel men schulen ligge bifor
goode men ; and vnpitouse men bifor the ^atis of iust men.

20 A pore man schal be hateful, ^he, to his nei^bore ; but many
J I men den frendis of riche men. He that dis[ isith his nei3bore,

doiih synne ; but he that doith merci to a pore man, schal


22 be blessid. He that bileueth in the Lord, loueth merci; thei
erreu that worchen yuel. Merci and treuthe maken redi

23 goodis ; abundaunce schal be in ech good werk. Sotheli

24 Nvhere ful many wordis ben, there nedynesse is ofte. The
coroun of wise men is the richessis of hem; the fooh of

25 foohs is vnwarnesse. A feithful witnesse delyuereth souHs ;

26 and a fals man bringith forth leesyngis. In the drede of the
Lord IS trisle of strengthe ; and hope schal be to the sones

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