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27 of it. The drede of the Lord t's a welle of lijf ; that it bowe
2S awei fro the fallyng of deth. The dignite of the king is in

the multitude of puple ; and the schenschipe of a prince is in

29 the fewnesse of puple. He that is pacient, is gouerned bi
myche wisdom ; but he that is vnpacient, enhaunsith his foli.

30 Helthe of herte is the lijf of fleischis ; enuye is rot of

31 boonys. He that falsli chalengith a nedi man, dispisith his
maker; but he that hath merci on a pore man, onourith that

32 makere. A wickid man is put out for his malice ; but a iust
^^ man hopith in his deth. Wisdom restith in the herte of a

34 wijs man ; and he schal teche alle vnlerned men. Ri^tful-

35 nesse reisith a folc ; synne makith puplis wretchis. A
mynystre vndurstondynge is acceptable to a kyng ; a myfiyslre
vnprofitable schal sufifre the wrathfulnesse of him.

Cap. XV.

r A SOFT answere brekiih ire ; an hard word reisith wood-

2 nesse. The tunge of wise men ourneth kunnyng ; the

3 mouth of foolis buylilh out foli. In ech place the i^en of

4 the Lord biholden good men, and yuel men. A plesaunt
tunge is the tre of lijf; but the tunge which is vnmesurable,

5 schal defoule the spirit. A fool sc.orneth the techyng of
his fadir; but he that kepith blamyngis, schal be maad
wisere. Moost vertu schal be in plenteuouse ri3tfulnesse ;


2 26

but the thoii^tis of wickid men schulen be dravvun vp bi

6 the roote. The hous of a iust man t's moost strengthe ;

7 and disturbhng is in the fruitis of a wickid man. The
hppis of wise men schulen sowe abrood kunnyng; the

s herte of foolis schal be vnlijc. The sacrifices of wickyd
men den abhomynable to the Lord ; avowis of iust men

y)drn plesaunt. The lijf of the vnpitouse man is abhomy-
nacioun to the Lord ; he that sueth ri3tfulnessej schal be

loloued of the Lord. Yuel teching is of men forsakinge the

1 1 weie of lijf; he that hatith blamyngis, schal die. Helle
and perdicioun den open bifor the Lord ; hou myche more

1 2 the hertis of sones of men. A man ful of pestilence loueth
not hym that repreueth him ; and he goith not to wyse

13 men. A ioiful herte makith glad the face; the spirit is

14 cast doun in the morenyng of soule. The herte of a wijs
man sekith techyng ; and the mouth of foolis is fed with

15 vnkunnyng. Alle the daies of a pore man ben yuele; a sikir

1 6 soule is a contynuel feeste. Betere is a litil with the drede

1 7 of the Lord, than many tresouris and vnfillable. It is betere
to be clepid to wortis with charite, than with hatrede to

1 s a calf maad fat. A wrathful man reisith chidyngis ; he that

19 is pacient, swagith chidyngis reisid. The weie of slow men
is an hegge of thornes ; the weie of iust men is with-out

20 hirtyng. A wise sone makith glad the fadir ; and a fonned

21 man dispiseth his modir. Foli is ioye to a fool; and a

22 prudent man schal dresse hise steppis. Thou5tis ben dis-
tried, where no counsel is ; but where many counseleris ben,

27, tho ben confermyd. A man is glad in the sentence of his

2 V mouth; and a couenable word is best. The path of lijf

is on a lernyd man ; that he bowe awei fro the laste helle.

25 The Lord schal distrie the hows of proude men ; and he

26 schal make stidcfast the coostis of a widewe. luele thou3tis
is abhomynacioun of the Lord; and a cleene word moost


:; fair schal be maad stidfast of hym. He that sueth aueryce,

disturblith his hous ; but he that hatith 5iftis schal lyue.

Synnes ben purgid bi merci and feith ; ech man bowith
28 awei fro yuel bi the drede of the Lord. The soule of a iust

man bithenkith obedience ; the mouth of wickid men is ful
-•9 of yuehs. The Lord is fer fro wickid men ; and he schal
30 here the preyers of iust men. The li^t of i^en makith glad
.^ I the soule ; good fame makith fat the boonys. The eere

that herith the blamyngis of lijf, schal dwelle in the myddis
.;:of wise men. He that castith awei chastisyng, dispisith his

soule ; but he that assentith to blamyngis, is pesible holdere
...- of the herte. The drede of the Lord is teching of wisdom ;

and mekenesse goith bifore glorie.

Cap. XVL

1 It perteyneth to man to make redi the soule ; and il per-

2 ttyjieth to the Lord to gouerne the tunge. Alle the weies
of men ben opyn to the i^en of God ; the Lord is a weiere

I of spiritis. Schewe thi werkys to the Lord ; and thi thou3tis

J schulen be dressid. The Lord wrou^te alle thingis for hym

5 silf ; and he made redi a wickid man to the yuel dai. Abho-

mynacioun of the Lord is ech proude man ; 5he, thou3 the

bond is to the hond, he schal not be innocent. The bigyn-

nyng of good weie is to do ri5twisnesse ; forsothe it is more

f' acceptable at God, than to olfre sacrifices. Wickidnesse is

a5en-bou3t bi merci and treuthe; and me bowith awei fro

7 yuel bi the drede of the Lord. Whanne the weyes of man
plesen the Lord, he schal conuerte, 5he, hise enemyes to

8 pees. Betere is a litil with ri3tfulnesse, than many fruytis
o with wickidnesse. The herte of a man schal dispose his

weie ; but it perteyneth to the Lord to dresse hise steppis.
ic Dyuynyng is in the lippis of a king ; his mouth schal not

Q 2


iicrrc in doom. The domes of the Lord ben wei3te and a

balaunce ; and hise werkis ben alle the stoonys of the world.

1 1 Thei that don wickidli ben abhomynable to the king ; for

i.Uhe {.Tone of Ihe reiume is maad slidfast bi ri^tfulnesse. The

wille of kyngis is iust lippis ; he that spekith n3tful thingis,

i4schal be dressid. Indignacioun of the kyng is messangeris

i-^o{ deth ; and a wijs man schal plese him. Lijf is in the

gladnesse of the cheer of the king ; and his merci is as

16 a reyn comynge late. Welde thou wisdom, for it is betere
than gold; and gete thou prudence, for it is precyousere

1 7 than siluer. The path of iust men bowith awei yuelis ; the
iskepere of his soule kepiih his weie. Pride goith bifore

sorewe; and the spirit schal be enhaunsid byfor fallyng.

19 It is betere to be maad meke with mylde men, than to

20 departe spuylis with proude men. A lerned man in word
schal fynde goodis; and he that hopith in the Lord is

2. 1 blessid. He that is wijs in herte, schal be clepid prudent ;

and he that is swete in speche, schal fynde grettere thingis.
22 The welle of lijf is the lernyng of him that weldith; the
2.^ techyng of foolis is foli. The herte of a wijs man schal

leche his mouth ; and schal encreesse grace to hise lippis.

24 Wordis wel set togidere is a coomb of hony ; helthe of

25 boonys is the swetnesse of soule. A weye is that semeth
ri3tful to a man ; and the laste thingis therof leden to deth.

26 The soule of a man traueUnge trauelith to hym silf; for

27 his mouth compellide hym. An vnwijs man diggith yuel;

28 and fier brenneth in hise lippis. A weiward man reisith
2(jstryues; and a man ful of wordis departith princis. A

wickid man flaterith his friend; and ledith hym bi a weie

30 not good. He that thenkith schrewid thingis with i^en

31 astonyed, bitith hise lippis, and parformeth yuel. A coroun
of dignyte is eelde, that schal be foundun in the weies of

32 r:3ifulnesse. A pacient man is betere than a sLronge man;


and he that is lord of his soule, is hetcre than an ouer-
3.; comere of citees. Lottis ben sent into the bosum ; but tho
ben tcmperid of the Lord.

Cap. XVII.

1 Betere is a drie mussel with ioye, than an hous ful of

2 sacrifices with chidyng. A wijs seruaunt schal be lord of
fonned sones ; and he schal departe eritage among bri-

.^ theren. As siluer is preued bi fier, and gold is preued bi

4 a chymnei, so the Lord preueth hertis. An yuel man
obeieth to a wickid tunge ; and a fals man obeieth to false

5 lippis. He that dispisith a pore man, repreueth his maker ;
and he that is glad in the fallyng of another man, schal

6 not be vnpunyschid. The coroun of elde men is the sones
"of sones; and' the glorie of sones is the fadris of hem.

7 Wordis wel set togidere bisemen not a fool ; and a liynge
slippe hicometh not a prince. A preciouse stoon moost ac-
ceptable is the abiding of hym that sekith ; whidur euere

■) he turneth hym silf, he vndurstondith prudentli. He that

helith trespas, sekith frenschipis ; he that rehersith bi an

hi^ word, departith hem, that ben knyt togidere in pees.

ic A blamyng profitith more at a prudent man, than an

1 1 hundryd woundis at a fool. Euere an yuel man sekith

12 stryues; forsothe a cruel aungel schal be sent a3ens hym. It
spedith more to meete a femal here, whanne the whelpis ben

13 rauyschid, than a fool tristynge to hym silf in his foli. Yuel
schal not go a-wei fro the hous of hym, that 5eldith yuels

14 for goodis. He that leeueth watir, is heed of stryues; and
isbifor that he suffrith wrong, he forsakith dom. Bothe he

that iustifieth a wickid man, and he that condempneth a iust

16 man, cuer ethir is abhomynable at God. What profitith

it to a fool to haue richessis, sithen he mai not bie wisdom .?


lie that makith his hous hi^, sekith falling; and he that

1 - escliewith to lerne, schal falle in to yuels. He that is a

frend, loueth in al tyme; and a brother is preuyd in ang-
iS wischis. A fonned man schal make ioie with hondis, whanne

19 he hath bihi3t for his frend. He that bilhenkith discordis,
loueth chidingis ; and he that enhaunsith his mouth, sekith

20 fallyng. He that is of weiward herte, schal not fynde good ;
J I and he that turneth the tunge, schal falle in to yuel. A fool

is borun in his schenschipe ; but nether the fadir schal be
22 glad in a fool. A ioiful soule makith likinge age; a sorew-
2.^ful spirit makith drie boonys. A wickid man takith 5iftis
24 fro the bosum, to mys turne the pathis of doom. Wisdom

schyneth in the face of a prudent man ; the i^en of foolis
2; bt7t in the endis of erthe. A fonned sone zs the ire of the
26 fadir, and the sorewe of the modir that gendride hym. It

is not good to brynge in harm to a iust man ; nether to

2 7smyte the prince that demeth ri^tfuli. He that mesurith

his wordis, is wijs and prudent ; and a lerud man is of
28 preciouse spirit. Also a foole, if he is stille, schal be gessid
a wijs man ; and, if he pressith togidre hise lippis, he schal
hi gessid an vndurstondynge man.


I He that wole go a-wei fro a frend, sekith occasiouns ;
i in al t}me he schal be dispisable. A fool resseyueth not

the wordis of prudence ; no-but thou seie tho thingis, that
;, ben turned in his herte. A wickid man, whanne he cometh

in to depthe of synnes, dispisith ; but sclaundre and schen-
4schipe sueth hym. Deep watir is the wordis of the mouth

of a man ; and a stronde fletinge ouer is the welle of wis-

5 dom. It is not good to take the persoone of a wickid man

6 in doom, that thou bowe awei fro the treuthe of dom. The


lippis of a fool medlen hem silf with chidyngis ; and his

7 mouth excitith stiyues. The mouth of a fool is defoulyng

8 of hym ; and hise lippis be?i the fallynge of his soule. The
wordis of a double tungid man ben as symple; and tho
comen til to the ynnere thingis of the wombe. Drede
castith doun a slowe man ; forsothe the soulis of men turned

9 in to wymmens condicioun schulen haue hungur. He that
is neisch, and vnstidfast in his werk, is the brother of a man

10 distriynge hise werkis. A strongeste tour is the name of
the Lord; a iust man renneth to hym, and schal be en-

1 1 haunsid. The catel of a riche man is the citee of his
i2Strengthe; and as a stronge wal cumpassinge hym. The

herte of man is enhaunsid, bifor that it be brokun ; and
1 3 it is maad meke, bifore that it be glorified. He that an-

swerith bifore that he herith, shewith hym silf to be a fool ;
i4andworthi of schenschipe. The spirit of a man susteyneth

his feblenesse ; but who may susteyne a spirit li^t to be
i5wrooth? The herte of a prudent man schal holde stid-

fastli kunnyng ; and the eere of wise men sekith techyng.

16 The ^ift of a man alargith his weie; and makith space to

1 7 hym bifore princes. A iust man is the first accusere of

1 8 hym silf; his frend comeih, and schal serche hym. Lot
ceessith a^enseiyngis ; and demeth also among mi3ti men.

19 A brother that is helpid of a brothir, is as a stidfast citee ;

20 and domes ben as the barris of citees. A mannus wombe
schal be fillid of the fruit of his mouth ; and the seedis of

21 hise lippis schulen fiUe hym. Deth and lijf ben in the werkis
of tunge; thei that louen it, schulen ete the fruytis therof.

22 He that fyndith a good womman, fyndith a good thing;
and of the Lord he schal drawe vp myrthe. He that puttith
a wey a good womman, puttith awei a good thing ; but he

23 that holdith auowtresse, is a fool and vnwijs. A pore man
schal speke with bisechingis; and a riche man schal speke


24 sterneli. A man freendli to felouschipe schal more be a
fiend, than a brothir.

Cap. XIX.

1 Betere is a pore man, diat goith in his simplenesse, than

2 a riche man bitynge hise lippis, and vnwijs. Where is not
kunnyng of the soule, is not good; and he that is hasti,

3 in feet hirtith. , The foli of a man disseyueth hise steppis;

4 and he brenneth in his soule a^ens God. Richessis en-
creessen ful many freendis ; forsothe also thei ben departid

5 fro a pore man, whiche he hadde. A fals witnesse schal
not be vnpunyschid; and he that spekith leesingis, schal

6 not ascape. Many men onouren the persoone of a myjti

7 man ; and ben frendis of hym that deelith ^iftis. The
britheren of a pore man haten hym ; ferthermore and the
freendis 5eden awei fer fro hym. He that sueth wordis

Soonli, schal haue no thing; but he that holdith stabli the

mynde, loueth his soule, and the kepere of prudence schal

9 fynde goodis. A fals witnesse schal not be vnpunyschid ;

10 and he that spekith leesyngis, schal perische. Delices bi-
comen not a fool; nether zV bicomeih a seruaunt to be lord

1 1 of princes. The teching of a man is knowun bi pacience ;

12 and his glorie is to passe ouere wickid thingis. As the
gnasting of a lioun, so and the ire of the king; and as

i^deewe on eerbe, so and the gladnesse of the kyng. The
sorewe of the fadir is a fonned sone ; and roofes droppynge

i4ContynueH is a womman ful of chiding. Housis and riches-
sis ben 30uun of fadir and modir; but a prudent wijf is

x^^ouiin propirli of the Lord. Slouth bringith in sleep; and

16 a negligent soule schal haue hungur. He that kepith the
comaundement of God, kepith his soule ; but he that chargith

17 not his weie, schal be slayn. He that hath mercy on a pore
man, leeneth to the Lord; and he schal 3elde his while to


iShym, Teche thi sone, and dispeire thou not; but sellc thou
19 not thi soule to the sleyng of hym. Forsothe lie ilvat is

vnpacient, schal suffre harm ; and whanne he hath rauyschid,
JO he schal leie to anothir thing. Here thou counsel, and take
J 1 thou doctryn ; that thou be wijs in thi laste thingis. IMany

thou^tis dm in the herte of a man ; but the wille of the
J J Lord schal dwelle. A nedi man is merciful; and betere
-'.^ is a pore iust man, than a man liere. Tiie drede of the

Lord kdi//i to lijf of blis; and he //la/ drediih God schal

24 dwelle in plentee, wilh-outen visityng of the worste. A slow
man hidith his hond vndur the armpit; and putteth it not

25 to his mouth. Whanne a man ful of pestilence is betun,
a fool schal be wisere. If thou blamist a wijs man, he schal

26 vndurstonde techyng. He that turmentith the fadir, and
fleeth fro the modir, schal be ful of yuel fame, and schal

21 he cursid. Sone, ceesse thou not to here techyng; and

28 knowe thou the wordis of kunnyng. A wickid witnesse
scorneth doom ; and the mouth of vnpitouse men deuourilh

29 wickidnesse. Domes ben maad redi to scorneris ; and
hameris smytynge hen maad redi to the bodies of foolis.

Cap. XX.

T WiYN is a letcherouse thing, and drunkenesse is ful of
2 noise ; who euere delitith in these, schal not be wijs. As

the roryng of a lioun, so and the drede of the kyng ; he that
?, territh hym to ire, synneth a^ens his owne lijf. It is onour

to a man that departith hym silf fro stryuyngis ; but fonncd

4 men ben medlid with dispisyngis. A slow man noldc ere for
coold ; therfor he schal begge in somen and me schal not

5 5yue to hym. As deep watir, so counsel is in the hcrte of
(^ a man ; but a wijs man schal drawe it out. ]\Liny men ben
7 clepid merciful ; but who schal fvnde a feitliful man ? l''or-


sothe a iust man that goith in his simplenesse, schal leeue
s blessid sones aftir hym. A king that sittith in the seete of
9 doom, distrieth al yuel bi his lokyng. Who may seie, Myn

10 herte is clene ; Y am clene of synne ? A wei3te and a
wei3te, a mesure and a mesure, euer eithir is abhomynable at

1 1 God. A child is vndurstondun bi hise studies, yf his werkis

12 ben ri3tful and cleene. An eere heringe, and an i^e seynge,

13 God made euere eithir. Nyle thou loue sleep, lest nedynesse
oppresse thee; opene thin i3en, and be thou fillid with

i4looues. Ech biere seith, It is yuel, it is yuel; and whanne
1 5 he hath go awey, thanne he schal haue glorie. Gold, and

the multitude of iemmes, and a preciouse vessel, den the
i6lippis of kunnyng. Take thou awei the cloth of hym, that

was borewe of an othere man ; and for straungeris take

1 7 thou awei a wed fro hym. The breed of a leesing is sweet
to a man ; and aftirward his mouth schal be fillid with

18 rikenyng. Thou3tis ben maad strong bi counselis ; and
i9bateils schulen be tretid bi gouernals. Be thou not medlid

with him that schewith pryuetees, and goith gylefulli, and
2oalargith hise lippis. The li3t of hym that cursith his fadir

and modir, schal be quenchid in the myddis of derknessis.
21 Eritage to which me haastith in the bigynnyng, schal wante
2 2 blessing in the laste /}'me. Seie thou not, I schal 3elde yuel

for yuel ; abide thou the Lord, and he schal delyuere thee.

23 Abhomynacioun at God is wei3te and wei3te ; a gileful

24 balaunce is not good. The steppis of man ben dressid of
the Lord ; who forsothe of men mai vndurstonde his weie ?

25 Falling of man is to make auow to seyntis, and aftirward to
26withdrawe the vowis. A wijs kyng scaterith wickid men;

27 and bo with a bouwe of victorie ouer hem. The lanterne
of the Lord t's the spirit of man, that sekith out alle the

28 priuetees of the wombe. Merci and treuthe kepen a kyng ;

29 and his trone is maad strong bi mekenesse. The ful out


ioiyng of 5onge men u the strengthe of hem ; and the
30 dignyte of elde men ts hoornesse. The wannesse of wounde
schal wipe aweie yuels, and woundis in the priuyere thingis
of the wombe.

Cap. XXI.

1 As departyngis of watris, so the herte of the kyng /s in the
power of the Lord ; whidur euer he wole, he schal bowe it.

2 Ech weye of a man semeth ri3tful to hym silf; but the Lord

3 peisith the hertis. To do merci and doom, plesith more the

4 Lord, than sacrifices doen. Enhaunsyng of i^en is alargyng

5 of tlie herte ; the lanterne of wickid men is synne. The
thou5tis of a stronge man de?i euere in abundaunce ; but ech

6 slow man is euere in nedynesse. He that gaderith tresours
bi the tunge of a leesing, is veyne, and with-outen herte ;

7 and he schal be hurtlid to the snaris of deth. The raueyns
of vnpitouse men- schulen drawe hem doun ; for thei nolden

8 do doom. The weiward weie of a man is alien fro God ;

9 but the werk of hym that is cleene, is ri^tful. It is betere to
sitte in the corner of an hous with-oute roof, than with a

lowomman ful of chydyng, and in a comyn hous. The soule
of an vnpitouse man desirith yuel ; he schal not haue merci

1 1 on his nei3bore. Whanne a man ful of pestilence is
punyschid, a litil man q/" wit schal be the wisere ; and if he

i2sueth a wijs man, he schal take kunnyng. A iust man of
the hous of a wickid man thenkith, to withdrawe wickid men

13 fro yuel. He that stoppith his eere at the cry of a pore

14 man, schal crye also, and schal not be herd. A ^ift hid
quenchith chidyngis ; and a ^ift in bosum qutuchilh the

15 moost indignacioun. It is ioye to a iust man to make
doom ; and it is drede to hem that worchen wickidnesse.

16 A man that errith fro the weie of doctryn, schal dwelle in the
i7cumpany of giaunlis. He that loueth metis, schal be in


nedynesse ; he that loueth wiyn and fatte thingis, schal not
iSbe maad riche. An unpitouse man schal be 50uun for a iust

19 man ; and a wickid man sc/ial be louun for a ri^tful man. It
is betere to dwelle in a desert lond, than with a womman ful

20 of chidyng, and wrathful. Desirable tresoure and oile is in
the dwelling places of a iust man ; and an vnprudent man

2\ schal distrie it. He that sueth ri^tfulnesse and mercy, schal

jifynde lijf and glorie. A wijs man stiede in to the citee of

.'^stronge men, and distriede the strengthe of trist therof. He

that kepith his mouth and his tunge, kepith his soule from

24 angwischis. A proude man and boosteere is clepid a fool,

25 that worchith pride in ire. Desiris sleen a slow man ; for

26 hise hondis nolden worche ony thing. Al dai he coueitith
and desirith ; but he that is a iust man, schal 5yue, and schal

27 not ceesse. The offringis of wickid men, that ben offrid of

28 greet trespas, ben abhomynable. A fals witnesse schal

29 perische ; a man obedient schal speke victorie. A wickid
man makith sad his cheer vnschamefastH ; but he that is

3ori3tful, amendith his weie. No wisdom is, no prudence is,
31 no counsel is a^ens the Lord. An hors is maad redi to the
dai of batel ; but the Lord schal ^yue helthe.

Cap. XXn.

1 Betere is a good name, than many richessis ; for good

2 grace is aboue siluer and gold. A riche man and a
pore man metten hem silf; the Lord is worchere of euer

3 eithir. A felle man seeth yuel, and hidith him silf; and an

4 innocent man passid, and he was turmentid bi harm. The
ende of temperaunce is the drede of the Lord ; richessis, and

5 glorye, and lijf. Armuris and swerdis ben in the weie of
a weiward man ; but the kepere of his soule goith awei fer

6 fro tho. It is a prouerbe, A 3ong wexynge man bisidis his


weie, and whanne he hath wexe elde, he schal not go awei
7 fro it. A riche man comaundith to pore men ; and he that
S takith borewyng, is the seruaunt of the leenere. He that

sowith wickidnes, schal repe yuels ; and the jerde of his yre
9 schal be endid. He that is redi to merci, schal be blessid ;

for of his looues he 3af to a pore man. He that ^yueth

5iftis, schal gete victorie and onour ; forsothe he takith awei

10 the soule of the takeris. Caste thou out a scornere, and
strijf schal go out with hym ; and causis and dispisyngis

1 1 schulen ceesse. He that loueth the clennesse of herte, schal

1 2 haue the kyng a freend, for the grace of hise lippis. The
i^en of the Lord kepen kunnyng ; and the wordis of a

13 wickid man ben disseyued. A slow man schal seie, A Houn
is withoutforth ; Y schal be slayn in the myddis of the

14 stretis. The mouth of an alien w^omman is a deep diche ; he
15 10 whom the Lord is wrooth, schal falle in to it. Foli is

boundun togidere in the herte of a child ; and a 5erde of
i6chastisyng schal dryue it awey. He that falsli chalengith

a pore man, to encreesse hise owne richessis, schal ^yue to
17 a richere man, and schal be nedi. My sone, bowe doun thin

eere, and here thou the wordis of wise men ; but sette thou
iS the herte to my techyng. That schal be fair to thee, whanne

thou hast kept it in thin herte, and it schal flowe a^en in thi

19 lippis. That thi trist be in the Lord ; wherfor and Y haue

20 schewid it to thee to-dai. Lo ! Y haue discryued it in thre

21 maneres, in thou3tis and kunnyng, that Y schulde schewe to
thee the sadnesse and spechis of trewthe ; to answere of

22 these thingis to hem, that senten thee. Do thou not violence
to a pore man, for he is pore ; nethir defoule thou a nedi

2T, man in the 3ate. For the Lord schal deme his cause, and

24 he schal turmente hem, that turmentiden his soule. Nyle
thou be freend to a wrathful man, nether go thou with a

25 wood man; lest pcrauenture thou Icrne hise wcies, and take


26 sclaundir to thi soule. Nyle thou be with hem that oblischen

27 her hondis, and that proferen hem silf borewis for dettis ; for
if he hath not wherof he schal restore, what of cause is, that

jSthou take awei hilyng fro thi bed? Go thou not ouer the
2() elde markis, whiche thi faders han set. Thou hast seyn a

man smert in his werk ; he schal stonde bifore kyngis, and

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