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Ps. xi. 6 ; Prov. iii. 23.
Trodun, p. p. trodden, Job xxiv.

1 1.
Tungis, $. pi tongues, Ps. v. ii.
Twei. tnim. two, Ps. Ixi. 12.
Tympan, s. a timbrel, Job xxi. 12.

Veer-tyme, s. spring, Ps. Ixxiii. 17.
Veniaunce, s. vengeance, Job ix.

5 ; Ps. xxxvii. 2.
Venym-makere, s. charmer, Ps.

Ivii. 6.
Ver, s. a glass cup, Prov. xxiii. 31.
Vertu, s. power, Ps. xx. 14 ; xxviii.

4, II; pi. vertues, powers,

mights, armies, Ps. xxiii. 10;

xliii. 10.
Vndirnyme. v. to reprove, Prov.

ix. 8.
Vndursette, v. to prop up, Job

viii. 15; pr. t. vndursettith,

placeth beneath, Ps. xxxvi. 24 ;

/'./>. vndurset, supported, Eccles.

iv. 10.
Vndurstoden, /). t.pl. stood under,

Ps. Ivii. 10.
Vnknew, p. t. knew not, was

ignorant, Job vi. 24.

Vnknyt, p. p. loosed, unbound,

Job vi. 17.
Vnkunnynge, pr. p. ignorant, Ps.

xxxviii. 9.
Vnkunnyngis, s. pi. ignorances,

Ps. xxiv. 7.
"Vnnethe, vnnethis, adv. scarcely,

Job xxvi. 14; Prov. vi. 26.
Vnnoble, adj. ignoble, Job xxx. 8.
Vnperfit, adj. imperfect, Ps.

cxxxviii. 16.
Vnpite, s. impiety, Job xxxiv. 10 ;

Prov. iv. 17.
"Vnpitouse, adj. merciless, impious,

Job xxxiv. 18 ; Ps. xvi. 9.
Vnri5tfulnesse, s. unrighteous-
ness, Job xi. 14.
Vnwemmed, adj. without blemish,

Ps. xvii. 24; xxxvi. 18; Ixiii, 5.
Voide, adj. empty, despoiled, Ps.

vii. 5.
Volatils, volatilis, s. pi. birds,

Job xii. 7; Ps. xlix. II.
Vp, vpe, prep, after, according to,

on account of, Ps. v. li ; ix (x).

4; xxvii. 4 ; Ixxviii. il.
Vpsedoun, adv. upside down, Job

xxx. 12 ; Ps. cxvii. 13.
Vttermere, adj. outer, Ps. Ixii. 6.
Vynegre, s. vinegar, Ps. Ixviii. 22.
Vyner, s. a vineyard, Job xxiv. 6 ;

S. Sol. i. 5 ; pi. vyneris, Job

xxiv. 18.

"Waisclie, v. to wash, Ps. xxv. 6 ;

p. t. waisclaide, Job xxix. 6.
"Wank-teeth, s. pi. molar teeth,

Prov. xxx. 14.
"Wannesse, s. lividness, Prov. xx.

"War, adj. wary, prudent, wise,

aware. Job xxxvi. 20.
Wed, s. a pledge, Job xxii. 6 ;

Prov. XX. 16.
Weeten, pr. t. pi. make wet, Job

xxiv. 8.
"Weilen, pr. t. pi. wail, mourn,

Job xxv. 5.
Weijte, s. weight, Job xxviii, 25.



Welde, V. to possess, obtain, Prov.

xxviii. 10; pr. t. pi. welden,

Prov. i. 19; imp. welde, Ps.

Ixxviii. II; Prov. iv. 3; p. t.

weldide, established, Prov. viii.

22; pi. weldiden, obtained,

Ps. xliii. 4.
"Weldere, 5. possessor, Eccles. vii. 1 3.
"Wellid, p. p. welded. Job xxviii. i.
"Wellyng-place, a smelting-place,

a furnace, Prov. xxvii. 21.
"Wem, s. stain, blemish, Ps. xviii,

S ; cxviii. i.
"Wengis, wyngis, s. pi. wings, Ps.

XXXV. 8 ; Ix. 5 ; Ixii. 8.
"Wenyde, p. t, weaned, Ps, cxxx. 2.
"Were, p. t. 2 p. wert, Ps. xliii. 4.
"Werk-beeste, s. beast of burden,

Ps. Ixxii. 23.
Werst, adj. worst, very bad, Ps.

xxxiii. 22.
"Wexe, s. wax, Ps. Ivii. 9.
"Wexe, V. to grow. Job viii. 1 1 ; pr.

t. wexeth. Job viii, 12; p. t.

wexide, Ps. xxxvi. 25 ; pr. p.

"wexynge, Job xiii, 26.
"Wlial, s. a whale, Job vii. 12.
â– Whannus,whennus,nrfz/.whence,

Job i. 7 ; Ps. cxx. i.
What, wherefore, why, Job xv. 12,

13 ; xxvii. I 2.
"WTiele, s. a wheel, Ps, Ixxxii. 14.
Whiche, which ; whiche heri-

yngis, which as praise, Ps. Iv. \2.
Wielde, wyelde, adj. wild. Job

xxiv. 5 ; xxxix. I ; Ps. xlix. 10,

Wilfxil, adj. willing, gracious, Ps.

Ixvii. 10.
"Wilne, V. to will, desire, Job

xxxix. 9 ; Ps. xxxvi. 23 ; cxi. i ;

pr. t.Vfo\e, Job ix. 20; xxxvi.

29 ; Ps, xxi, 9 ; pi. wolen, Ps.

xxxiv. 27; xxxix. 15; p. t.

wolde, Ps. xvii. 20; xxxix. 9;

2 p. woldist, Ps. xl. 12 ; p. p.

wold, Ps. 1, 18.
Wite, V. to know, Job v. 24; Ps.

lii. 5 ; pr. t. woot. Job ix. 2 ;

XXX. 23 ; Ps. Ixxii. il ; 2 p.

woost, Job xxxvii. 15; p. t.

wiste, Ps. Ixxii. 22 ; 2 />, wis-

tist. Job xxxviii. 21 ; Ps. xxxix.

10; imp. pi. wite, Ps, iv, 4;

i\. 21.
With-out, with-outen, with-

outen, prep, without. Job iv, 20 ;

viii, II ; Ps. V, II ; ix, 7 ; xxxvi.

With-outforth, with-out-forth,

adv. outwardly, without, Ps. xxx.

12; xl. 8.
With-ynne, prep, within, Ps.

xxxiv. 13; xxxviii. 4.
Witti, ad], skilful, S. Sol. iii. 8.
"Wlappynge, pr. p. wrapping. Job

xxxviii, 2 ; /;, p. wlappid. Job

iii. 5.
"Wlatide, p. t. hated, Job xix. 17 ;

Ps, cvi. 18.
Wold, wolde, woldist, wole,

wolen. See Wilne.
Wombe, s. belly. Job xl. 11; Ps.

xvi. 14.
Wondirii, adv. wonderfully. Job

X. 16.
Wood, adj. mad, Prov. xxii. 24.
Woost, woot. See Wite.
World, s. age, everlasting, Ps. xx.5 ;

world of world, ever and ever,

Ps. XX. 5, 7 ; xxi. 27 ; xxxvi. 27 ;

til in to the world, for ever,

Ps. xvii. 51 ; in to worldis, for

ever, Ps. xlvii. 15; fro the

world, from everlasting, Ps. xxiv.
16 ; xl. 14.
Wortis, .s. pi. herbs, Ps. xxxvi, 2 ;

Prov. XV. I 7.
Wowynge, pr. p. wooing, Prov.

vii. 13.
Wraththide, p. t. angered. Ps. ix

(x). 4; /'/. wraththiden, Ps.

Ixxvii. 4 I.
Wraththis, s. pi. anger, Ps. Ixxxvii.

Wroot, p. t. wrote, Eccles. xii. 10,
Wroujte, p. t. worked, made, Job

xxxi. 15; p. p. wroujt. Job

xxxvi. 23.
Wyelde. See Wielde.




"Wyndewe, v. to winnow, Ps.

xliii. 6.
Wyngis. See "Wengis.

Ymage, s. a shadow, vain thing,

vanity, Ps. xxxviii. 7.
Ympnes, s. pi. hymns, Ps. xcix. 4.
Ynneste, adj. superl. innermost,

Prov. xxvi. 22.
Yreyne, s. a spider, Ps. xxxviii.

12 ; Ixxxix. 9 ; pi. yreyns, Job

viii. 14.
Yrun, iron, Job xix. 24 ; Ps. ii. 9.
Ysope, s. hyssop, Ps. 1. 9.
Yuel. See Euel.
Yuer, ivory, Ps. xliv. 9 ; S. Sol.

Yje. See Ije.


3af, jauen, jauest. See 3yu.e.
Bate, s. a gate, Ps. cxvii. 20 ; pi.

5atis, Ps. cxvii. 19.
3e, you, Job vi. 22,
3eer, s. year, Ps. Ixiv. 12; Ixxxix.

4 ; />/. 5eeris, jeris, Job xxxvi.

26; Ps. Ixxxix. 10; ci. 25, 28.
5eld.e, V. to yield, render, pay, re-
pay, Job ix. 19; Ps. xxi. 26;

p. t. jeldide, Job xxix. i r ; Ps.

vii. 5 ; pr. sub';, jelde. Job xli.

2 ; pr. p. 5eldynge, Ps. vii. 5 ;

p. p. jolde, 3olden, joldun,

Job xxi. 19; Ps. Ixiv. 2; Prov.
vii. 14.

3elding, jeldyng, s. reward, re-
tribution, Ps. xviii. 12; cxxxvi.
8 ; pi. jeldyngis, Ps. Ixviii. 23.

5erde, s. rod, staff, Job ix. 34 ;
Ps. ii. 9.

3eris. See 3eer.

5h.e, yea, Job vi. 7; xiii. 15.

5istirdai, yesterday. Job viii. 9.

5it, yet, Job i. 16 ; Ps. xxxvi. ll.

5iueth. See 5yue.

3ok, s. yoke, Ps. ii. 3 ; pi. 50Ckis,
Job i. 3 ; xlii. 12.

5olde, 5olden. joldun. Scq

3ong, 5onge, adj. young. Job xiii.
16; Ps. viii. 3; comp. jongere,
Ps. xxxvi. 25.

5ongthe, s. youth, Job xxix. 4 ;
Ps. xlii. 4 ; pi. 5ongthis, Ps.
xlv. I.

3otun, p. p. molten, Job xli. 6 ;
Ps. cv. 19.

5oue, 30uun. See 5yu.e-

3yue, V. to give. Job xxii. 3 ; Ps.
XX. 7 ; pr. t. jiueth, jyueth,
Job vi. 8 ; xiv. 13 ; p. t. 5af, Job
i. 21 ; Ps. xxxix. 2 ; 2 />. jauest.
Job xxii. 8 ; pi. jauen. Job xlii.
II; Ps. Ixviii. 22 ; imp. pi. jiue.
Job vi. 22; p. p. 50ue, 5ouun,
Job iii. 20, 23; X. 12; Ps. xxix.
8 ; XXX. 13.


It is not uncommon in old authors to find the Psalms quoted by their
Latin names, such as Beati qjiortwi (Ps. xxxii), and the like ; we still speak
of Venite (Ps. xcv). The following index to the Psalms, made for my own
use many years ago, has often proved of service ; and it is here printed, in
the hope that it may be of service to others.

The references are to the English numbering of the Psalms, mostly indi-
cated, in the present volume, by being placed within marks of parenthesis.
The various parts of Psalm cxix are denoted by the usual Hebrew letters;
thus Beati immaculati is Psalm cxix, aleph. W. W. S.

Ad Dominum, I 20.
Ad te, Domine, 28.
Ad te, Domine, levavi, 25.
Ad te levavi, 123.
Adhaesit, {daleth) 119.
Afferte Domino, 29.
Appropinquet, {tau) 119.
Attendite, popule, 78.
Audite haec, 49.
Beati immaculati, {aleph) 119.
Beati omnes, 128.
Beati quorum, 32,
Beatus qui intelligit, 41.
Beatus vir, 112.
Beatus vir, qui non, i.
Benedic, anima mea, 103, 104.
Benedicam Domino, 34.
Benedictus Dominus, 144.
Benedixisti, Domine, 85.
Bonitatem fecisti, {teth) 119.
Bonum est confiteri, 92.

Cantate Dumino, 96, 98, 149.
Clamavi in toto, (koph) 119.
Coeli cnarrant, 19.
Confitebimur tibi, 75.
Confitebor tibi, 9, ill, 138.
Confitemini, 105. 106, 107, 1 1 8, 136.
Conserva me, 16.
Cum invocarem, 4.

De profundis, 130.
Defecit anima, {caph) 1 1 9.

Deus, auribus, 44.
Deus deorum, 50.
Deus, Deus mens, 22, 63.
Deus, in adjutorium, 70.
Deus, in nomine, 54.
Deus, judicium, 72.
Deus laudum, 109.
Deus misereatur, 67.
Deus noster, 46.
Deus, quis similis, 83.
Deus, repulisti, 60.
Deus stetit, 82.
Deus ultionum, 94.
Deus, venerunt, 79.
Dilexi quoniam, 116.
Diligani te, 18.
Dixi, custodiam, 39.
Dixit Dominus, 1 10.
Dixit injustus, 36.
Dixit insipiens, 14, 53.
Donu'ne, clamavi, 14 1.
Domine Deus, 88.
Domine, Deus mens, 7.
Domine, Dominus, 8.
Domine, exaudi, 102, 143.
Domine, in virtute, 21.
Domine, ne in furore, 6, 38.
Domine, non est, 131.
Domine, probasti, 139.
Domine, quid, 3.
Domine, quis, 15.
Domine, refugium. 90.



Domini est terra, 24.
Dominus illuminatio, 27.
Dominus regit me, 23.
Dominus regnavit, 93, 97, 99.

Ecce nunc, 134.
Ecce, quam bonuni, 133.
Eripe me de inimicis, 59.
Eripe me, Domine, 140.
Eructavit cor, 45.
Et veniat super me, {vati) 119.
Exaltabo te, Deus, 145.
Exaltabo te, Domine, 30.
Exaudi, Deus, 55, 61, 64.
Exaudi, Domine, 17.
Exaudiat te, 20.
Expectans expectavi, 40.
Exsurgat Deus, 68.
Exultate Deo, 81.
Exultate, justi, 33.

Feci judicium, (am) 119.
Fundamenta ejus, 87.

In aeternum, (la??ied) 119.
In convertendo, 126.
In Domino confido, 1 1.
In exitu Israel, 114.
In quo corriget, {beih) II9.
In te, Domine, 31, 71.
Inclina, Domine, 86.
Iniquos odio, {saviech) 119.

Jubilate Deo, 66, 100.
Judica, Domine, 35.
Judica me, Deus, 43.
Judica me, Domine, 26.
Justus es, {tsaddi) 119.

Laetatus sum, 122.

Lauda, anima mea, 146.

Laudate Dominum, 117, 147, 148,

Laudate nomen, 135.
Laudate, pueri, 113.
Legem pone, {he) 119.
Levavi oculos, 121.
Lucerna pedibus, {mm) 119.
Magnus Dominus, 48.

Manus tuae, {yod) 119.
Memento, Domine, 132.
Memor esto, {zain) 119.
Mirabilia, {pe) 119.
Miserere mei, 51, 56, 57.
Misericordiam, lol.
Misericordias, 89.

Nisi Dominus, 127,
Nisi quia Dominus, 124.
Noli aemulari, 37.
Non nobis, Domine, 115.
Nonne Deo, 62.
Notus in Judtea, 76.

Omnes gentes, plaudite, 47.

Paratum cor, 108.
Portio mea, {cheth) 119.
Principes persecuti, {shin) 1 19.

Quam bonus Israel, 73.
Quam dilecta, 84.
Qiiare fremuerunt, 2.
Quemadmodum, 42.
Qui confidunt, 125.
Qui habitat, 91.
Qiii regis Israel, 80.
Quid gloriaris, 52.
Quomodo dilexi, {mem) 119.

Retribue servo, {gimel) 119.

Saepe expugnaverunt, 1 29.
Salvuni me fac, 12, 69.
Si vere utique, 58.
Super flumina, 137.

Te decet hyi


Usque quo, Domine, 1 3.
Ut quid, Deus, 74.
Ut quid, Domine, 10.

Venite, exultemus, 95,
Verba mea auribus, 5.
Vide humilitatem, {resh) 119.
Voce mea, 77, 142.


Jamiary 1881.






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