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8 thou me saaf. For thou hast smyte alle men beynge ad-
uersaries to me with out cause ; thou hast al to-broke the

9 teeth of synneris. Helthe is of the Lord; and thi blessyng,
Lord^ is on thi puple.

Psalm IV.

1 The title of the four the salm. To the victorie in or guns ;

the salm of Daidd.

2 Whanne Y inwardH clepid, God of my ri5twisnesse herde

3 me ; in tribulacioun thou hast alargid to me. Haue thou
mercy on me ; and here thou my preier. Sones of men,
hou long ben y of heuy herte.? whi louen 5e vanite, and

4 seken a leesyng ? And wite ^e, that the Lord hath maad
merueilous his hooH man ; the Lord schal here me, whanne

5 Y schal crye to hym. Be ^e wrothe, and nyle ^e do synne ;
and for tho thi?tgis whiche 3e seien in ^oure hertis and in

6 30ure beddis, be ^e compunct. Sacrifie 56 the sacrifice of
ri^tfulnesse, and hope 3e in the Lord ; many seien. Who

7 schewide goodis to vs ? Lord, the li3t of thi cheer is markid

8 on vs ; thou hast ^oue gladnesse in myn herte. Thei ben
multiplied of the fruit of whete, afid of wyn ; and of her oile.

9 In pees in the same thing; Y schal slepe, and take reste.

10 For thou, Lord ; hast set me syngulerli in hope.

Psalm V.

1 The title of thefyuethe salm. To the oner comer e o?i the

eritagis, the song of Daiiid.

2 Lord, perseyue thou my wordis with eeris ; vndurstonde

3 thou my cry. Mi kyng, and my God ; 5yue thou tent to


4 the vois of my preier. For, Lord, Y schal preie to thee ;

5 here thou eerly my vois. EerH Y schal stonde ny3 thee,
and Y schal se ; for thou art God not willynge wickidnesse.

6 Nethir an yuel-willid man schal dwelle bisidis thee ; nethir

7 vniust men schulen dwelle bifor thin i5en. Thou hatist alle
that worchen wickidnesse ; thou schalt leese alle that speken
leesyng. The Lord schal holde abhomynable a manquel-

slere, and gileful man. But, Lord, in the multitude of thi
merci Y schal entre in to thin hows ; Y schal worschipe to

9 thin hooli temple in thi drede. Lord, lede thou forth me

in thi ri3tfulnesse for myn enemyes ; dresse thou my weie

10 in thi si3t. For whi treuthe is not in her mouth; her herte

1 1 is veyn. Her throte is an opyn sepulcre, thei diden gilefuli
with her tungis; God, deme thou hem. Falle thei doun
fro her thou^tis, vp the multitude of her wickidnessis caste
thou hem doun ; for, Lord, thei han terrid thee to ire. And
alle that hopen in thee, be glad ; thei schulen make fulli

1 2 ioye with outen ende, and thou schalt dwelle in hem. And

13 alle that louen thi name schulen haue glorie in thee; for
thou schalt blesse a iust man. Lord, thou hast corouned
vs, as with the scheeld of thi good wille.

Psalm VL

1 T/ie title of the sixte salm. To the ouer comer e in saltJies,

the salm 0/ Datiid, on the ei'^the.

2 Lord, repreue thou not me in thi stronge veniaunce;

3 nether chastice thou me in thin ire. Lord, haue thou merci
on me, for Y am sijk ; Lord, make thou me hool, for alle

4 my boonys ben troblid. And my soule is troblid greedi;

5 but thou, Lord, hou long.? Lord, be thou conuertid, and

6 delyuere my soule ; make thou me saaf, for thi merci. For
noon is in deeth, which is myndful of thee; but in helle


7 who schal knouleche to thee ? I traueilide in my weilyng,
Y schal waische my bed bi ech ny^t ; Y schal moiste, elher

8 make weet^ my bedstre with my teeris. Myn ije is disturblid

9 of woodnesse ; Y waxe eld among alle myn enemyes. Alle
36 that worchen wickidnesse, departe fro me ; for the Lord

lohath herd the vois of my wepyng. The Lord hath herd
1 1 my bisechyng ; the Lord hath resseyued my preier. Alle
my enemyes be aschamed, and be disturblid greetli ; be thei
turned togidere, and be thei aschamed ful swiftli.

Psalm VIL

1 The title of the seuenthe salm. For the ignoraunce of Dauid,

which he songe to the Lord on the wordis of Ethiopien^ the
sone of Gemyny.

2 Mi Lord God, Y haue hopid in thee ; make thou me saaf

3 fro alle that pursuen me, and delyuere thou me. Lest ony
tyme he as a lioun rauysche my soule ; the while noon is

4 that a^enbieth, nether that makith saaf. Mi Lord God, if Y

5 dide this thing, if wickidnesse is in myn hondis ; if Y ^eldide
to men 5eldynge to me yuels, falle Y bi disseruyng voide fro

6 myn enemyes ; myn enemy pursue my soule, and take, and
defoule my lijf in erthe ; and brynge my glorie in to dust.

7 Lord, rise thou vp in thin ire ; and be thou reysid in the

8 coostis of myn enemyes. And, my Lord God, rise thou in
the comaundement, which thou hast comaundid ; and the

9 synagoge of puplis schal cumpasse thee. And for this go
thou a^en an hi^ ; the Lord demeth puplis. Lord, deme
thou me bi my ri^tfulnesse ; and bi myn innocence on

10 me. The wickidnesse of synneris be endid ; and thou,
God, sekyng the herds and reynes, schalt dresse a iust

1 1 man. Mi iust help is of the Lord ; that makith saaf ri^t-

12 ful men in herte. The Lord is a iust iuge, stronge and

PSALMS, Fill. 6^

13 pacient ; whether he is wrooth bi alle daies ? If ^e ben not
conuertid, he schal florische his swerd ; he hath bent his

i4bouwe, and made it redi. And therynne he hath maad redi
the vessels of deth ; he hath fulh maad his arewis with bren-

i^nynge thingis. Lo ! he conseyuede sore we ; he peynfuH

i6brou;te forth vnri5tfuhiesse, and childide wickidnesse. He
openide a lake, and diggide it out ; and he felde in to the

1 7 dich which he made. His sorewe schal be turned in to his
heed ; and his wickidnesse schal come doun in to his necke.

18 I schal knouleche to the Lord bi his ri3tfulnesse ; and Y schal
synge to the name of the hijeste Lord.

Psalm VIII.

I T/ie title of the ei-^the salm. To the otier comer e, for

pressotirs, the salm of Dauid.

Lord, thou art oure Lord ; thi name is ful wonderful in a!

3 erthe. For thi greet doyng is reisid, aboue heuenes. Of the
mouth of 5onge children, not spekynge and soukynge mylk,
thou madist perfitli heriyng, for thin enemyes ; that thou

4 destrie the enemy and avengere. For Y schal se thin heue-
nes, the werkis of thi fyngris ; the moone and sterris, whiche

5 thou hast foundid. What is a man, that thou art myndeful
of hym; ethir the sone of a virgyn, for thou visitist hym?

6 Thou hast maad hym a litil lesse than aungels ; thou hast

7 corouned hym with glorie and onour, and hast ordeyned

8 hym aboue the werkis of thin hondis. Thou hast maad
suget alle thingis vndur hise feet ; alle scheep and oxis,

9 ferthermore and the beestis of the feeld ; the briddis of the
eir, and the fischis of the see ; that passen bi the pathis of

10 the see. Lord, thou art oure Lord; thi name is wondurful
in al erthe.


Psalm IX.

1 Tke title of the iiynthe sal??i. In to the ende,/or the pry uy tees

of the sone, the salm of Dauid.

2 Lord, Y schal knouleche to thee in al myn herte ; Y schal

3 telle alle thi merueils. Thou hi^este, Y schal be glad, and
Y schal be fulli ioieful in thee ; Y schal synge to thi name.

4 For thou turnest myn enemy abac ; thei schulen be maad

5 feble, and schulen perische fro thi face. For thou hast maad
my doom and my cause ; thou, that demest ri^tfulnesse, hast

6 set on the trone. Thou blamedist hethene men, and the
wickid perischide ; thou hast do awei the name of hem in to

7 the world, and in to the world of world. The swerdis of the
enemy failiden in to the ende ; and thou hast distried the
citees of hem. The mynde of hem perischide with sown ;

8 and the Lord dwellith with outen ende. He made redi his

9 trone in doom ; and he schal deme the world in equite, he

10 schal deme puplis in ri^tfulnesse. And the Lord is maad
refuyt, ether help, to a pore man ; an helpere in couenable

1 1 tymes in tribulacioun. And thei, that knowen thi name,
haue hope in thee ; for thou. Lord, hast not forsake hem that

12 seken thee. Synge 5e to the Lord, that dwellith in Syon;

13 telle 5e hise study es among hethene men. God for5etith not
the cry of pore men ; for he hath mynde, and sekith the

14 blood of hem. Lord, haue thou merci on me ; se thou my

15 mekenesse of myn enemyes. Which enhaunsist me fro the
5atis of deeth ; that Y telle alle thi preisyngis in the ^atis of

16 the dou5ter of Syon. Y schal be fulli ioyeful in thin helthe ;
hethene men ben fast set in the perisching, which thei maden.
In this snare, which thei hidden, the foot of hem is kau5t,.

17 The Lord makynge domes schal be knowun ; the synnere is

18 takun in the werkis of hise hondis. Synneris be turned

19 togidere in to helle ; alle folkis, that for^eten God. For the

PSALMS, IX (X). 6^

for5etyng of a pore man schal not be in to the ende; the
pacience of pore men schal not perische in to the ende.

20 Lord, rise thou vp, a man be not coumfortid ; folkis be

2 1 demyd in thi si3t. Lord, ordeine thou a lawe-makere on

1 hem ; wite folkis, that thei ben men. (X.) Lord, whi hast
thou go fer awei .? thou dispisist in couenable tymes in tribu-

2 lacioun. While the wickid is proud, the pore man is brent ;
thei ben taken in the counsels, bi whiche thei thenken.

3 Forwhi the synnere is preisid in the desiris of his soule ; and

4 the wickid is blessid. The synnere wraththide the Lord ;
.^ vp the multitude of his ire he schal not seke. God is not in

his si^t ; hise weies ben defoulid in al tyme. God, thi domes
ben takun awei fro his face ; he schal be lord of alle hise

6 enemyes. For he seide in his herte, Y schal not be moued,

7 fro generacioun in to generacioun without yuel. Whos mouth
is ful of cursyng, and of bitternesse, and of gyle ; trauel and

8 sorewe u vndur his tunge. He sitlith in aspics with ryche

9 men in priuytees ; to sle the innocent man. Hise i3en bi-
holden on a pore man ; he settith aspies in hid place, as a
lioun in his denne. He settith aspies, for to rauysche a
pore man ; for to rauysche a pore man, while he drawith the

10 pore man. In his snare he schal make meke the pore man ;
he schal bowe hym silf, and schal falle doun, whanne he

11 hath be lord of pore men. For he seide in his herte, God
hath for5ete ; he hath turned awei his face, that he se not in

12 to the ende. Lord God, rise thou vp, and thin bond be

13 enhaunsid ; for5ete thou not pore men. For what thing
terride the wickid man God to wraththe ? for he seide in his

14 herte, God schal not seke. Thou seest, for thou biholdist
trauel and sorewe; that thou take hem in to thin hondis.
The pore man is left to thee ; thou schalt be an helpere to

15 the fadirles and modirles. Al to-breke thou the arme of the
synnere, and yuel willid ; his synne schal be sou5t, and it


66 PSALMS, X, XT (XI, XIl).

i6schal not be foundun. The Lord schal regne with outen

ende, and in to the world of world; folkis, ^e schulen perische

1 7 fro the lond of hym. The Lord hath herd the desir of pore

iSmen; thin eere hath herd the makyng redi of her herte. To

deme for the modirles and meke ; that a man leie to no more

to magnyfie hym silf on erthe.

Psalm X (XI).

1 T/ie title of the tenthe salm. To the victorie of Dauid.

2 I TRiSTE in the Lord ; hou seien 5e to my soule, Passe

3 thou ouere in to an hil, as a sparowe doith P For lo ! syn-
neris han bent a bouwe ; thei han maad redi her arowis in
an arowe-caas ; for to schete in derknesse ri5tful men in

4 herte. For thei han distryed, whom thou hast maad perfit ;

5 but what dide the ri^tful man .? The Lord is in his hooli
temple ; he is Lord, his seete is in heuene. Hise i^en bi-
holden on a pore man ; hise i3elidis axen the sones of men.

6 The Lord axith a iust man, and vnfeithful man ; but he, that

7 loueth wickidnesse, hatith his soule. He schal reyne snarls
on synful men ; fier, brymston, and the spirit of tempestis

8 den the part of the cuppe of hem. For the Lord is ri^tful,
and louede rijtfulnessis ; his cheer si3 equite, ethir eiien-

Psalm XI (XII).

1 The title of the eleuenthe salm. To the victorie on the

ei'^te, the song of t)auid.

2 Lord, make thou me saaf, for the hooli failide ; for treuthis

3 ben maad litle fro the sones of men. Thei spaken veyn
thingis, ech man to hys nei^bore ; thei han gileful lippis, thei

4 spaken in herte and herte. The Lord destrie alle gileful

5 lippis ; and the greet spekynge tunge. Whiche seiden, We


PSALMS, X77, X777 (A'777, XIV). 67

schulen magnyfie oure tunge, our lippis ben of vs ; who is

6 oure lord ? For the wretchednesse of nedy men, and for
the weilyng of pore men ; now Y schal ryse vp, seith the
Lord. I schal sette in helthe ; Y schal do tristili in hym.

7 The spechis of the Lord ben chast spechis ; siluer examynyd
s bi fier, preued fro erthe, piirgid seuen fold. Thou, Lord^

schalt kepe vs ; and thou schalt kepe vs fro this generacioun
9 with outen ende. Wickid men goen in cumpas ; bi thin hi^-
nesse thou hast multiplied the sones of men.

Psalm XII (XIII).

1 T/ie iiik of the Iwelfihe salm. To the victorie of Dauid.

Lord, hou long for5etist thou me in to the ende? hou

2 long turnest thou awei thi face fro me ? Hou long schal Y
sette counsels in my soule ; sore\ve in my herte bi dai ?

3, 4 Hou long schal myn enemy be reisid on me ? My Lord
God, biholde thou, and here thou me. Li5tne thou myn

5 i5en, lest ony tyme Y slepe in deth ; lest ony tyme myn
enemye seie, Y hadde the maistri a^ens hym. Thei, that
troblen me, schulen haue ioie, if Y schal be stirid ; forsothe

6 Y hopide in thi merci. IMyn herte schal fulli haue ioie in
thin helthe j Y schal synge to the Lord, that 3yueth goodis
to me, and Y schal seie salm to the name of the hi5este

Psalm XIII (XIV).

1 The title of the threttenthe salm. To the victorie of


The vnwise man seide in his herte, God is not. Thei ben
corrupt, and ben maad abhomynable in her studies ; noon is

2 that doith good, noon is til to oon. The Lord bihelde fro
heuene on the sones of men ; that he se, if ony is vndur-

F 2

68 PSALMS, XIV [xv).

.3 stondynge, ethir sekynge God. Alle bowiden awei, togidere
thei ben maad vnprofitable ; noon is that doth good, noon is
til to oon. The throte of hem is an open sepulcre, thei
diden gilefuli with her tungis ; the venym of snakis is vndur
her lippis. Whos mouth is ful of cursyng and bittirnesse ;
her feet ben swift to schede out blood. Sorewe and cursid-
nesse is in the weies of hem, and thei knewen not the weie

4 of pees ; the drede of God is not bifor her i^en. Whether
alle men that worchen wickidnesse schulen not knowe ; that

5 deuowren my puple, as, mete of breed ? Thei clepeden not
the Lord; thei trembliden there for dreed, where was no

6 drede ; for the Lord is in a ri5tful generacioun. Thou hast
schent the counsel of a pore man ; for the Lord is his hope.

7 Who schal ^yue fro Syon helthe to Israel ? Whanne the
Lord hath turned awei the caitifte of his puple ; Jacob schal
fulli be ioiful, and Israel schal be glad.

Psalm XIV (XV). .
The title of the fourtenthe salm. The salm of Daiiid.

1 Lord, who schal dwelle in thi tabernacle ; ether who schal

2 reste in thin hooli hil } He that entrith with out wem ; and

3 worchith rijtfulnesse. Which spekith treuthe in his herte ;
which dide not gile in his tunge. Nethir dide yuel to his

4 nei3bore ; and took not schenschip a3ens hise nei^boris. A
wickid man is brou^t to nou^t in his si3t; but he glorifieth
hem that dreden the Lord. Which swerith to his nei^bore,

.; and disseyueth not ; which ^af not his money to vsure ; and
took not 5iftis on the innocent. He, that doith these thingis,
schal not be moued with outen ende.


Psalm XV (XVI).

The iiilc of the fiuetcnthc salm. Of the meke and symple, the
salin of Dauid.

\ , 2 Lord, kepe thou me, for Y haue hopid in thee ; Y seide

to the Lord, Thou art my God, for thou hast no nede of my

.^ goodis. To the seyntis that ben in the lond of hym ; he

4 made wondurful alle my willis in hem. The sikenessis of
hem ben multiplied; aftirward thei hastiden. I schal not
gadire togidere the conuenticulis, ethir title couentis, of hem
of bloodis ; and Y schal not be myndeful of her names bi my

5 lippis. The Lord is part of myn eritage, and of my passion ;

6 thou art, that schalt restore myn eritage to me. Coordis felden
to me in ful clere thingis ; for myn eritage is ful cleer to me.

7 1 schal blesse the Lord, that ^af vndurstondyng to me ; fer-

S thermore and my reynes blameden me til to ny^t. I purueide
euere the Lord in my si^t ; for he is on the ri^thalf to me,

i) that Y be not moued. For this thing myn herte was glad,
and my tunge ioyede fulli ; ferthermore and my fleisch schal

[o reste in hope. For thou schalt not forsake my soule in helle ;
nether thou schalt 5yue thin hooli to se corrupcioun. Thou
hast maad knowun to me the weies of lijf ; thou schalt fille
me of gladnesse with thi cheer ; delityngis ben in thi ri5thalf
til in to the ende.

Psalm XVI (XVII).

I The title of the sixtenthe salm. The preier of Dauid.

Lord, here thou my ri3tfulnesse ; biholde thou my preier.

Perseuye thou with eeris my preier ; not maad in gileful lippis.

2, 3 INIi doom come forth of thi cheer ; thin i3en se equite. Thou

hast preued myn herte, and hast visitid in nijt; thou hast

exam}'nyd me bi fier, and wickidnesse is not foundun in me.


4 That my mouth speke not the werkis of men ; for the wordis

5 of thi Hppis Y haue kept harde weies. Make thou perfit my
6goyngis in thi pathis; that my steppis be not moued. I

criede, for thou, God, herdist me ; bowe doun thin eere to

7 me, and here thou my wordis. Make wondurful thi mercies ;

8 that makist saaf men hopynge in thee. Kepe thou me as the
appil of the i5e ; fro men a5enstondynge thi ri^t bond. Keuere

9 thou me vndur the schadewe of thi wyngis ; fro the face of
vnpitouse men, that ban turmentid me. Myn enemyes ban

locumpassid my soule; thei ban closide togidere her fatnesse ;
1 1 the mouth of hem spak pride. Thei castiden me forth, and

ban cumpassid me now ; thei ordeyneden to bowe doun her
i2i5en in to erthe. Thei, as a boun maad redi to prey, ban

take me ; and as the whelp of a lioun dwellynge in bid places.

13 Lord, rise thou vp, bifor come thou hym, and disseyue thou

14 hym ; delyuere thou my lijf fro the vnpitouse, delyiiere thou
thi swerd fro the enemyes of thin bond. Lord, departe thou
hem fro a fewe men of the lond in the lijf of hem; her
wombe is fillid of thin hid thingis. Thei ben fillid with

15 sones ; and thei leften her relifis to her litle children. But Y
in ri^tfulnesse scbal appere to thi si3t ; Y scbal be fillid,
whanne thi glorie scbal appere.


1 The title of the seiienetenthe salm. To vie tone, the word of the

Lord to Dauid; which spak the wordis of this sofig, in the
dai in which the Lord delyuerede hym fro the hond of alle hise
enemyes, and fro the hond of Saul ; and he seide:

2 Lord, my strengthe, Y scbal loue thee ; the Lord is my

3 stidfastnesse, and my refuyt, and mi deliuerere. Mi God is
myn belpere ; and Y scbal hope in to hym. My defendere,

4 and the born of myn beltbe ; and myn vptakere. I scbal


preise, and ynwardli clepe the Lord ; and Y schal be saaf fro

5 myn enemyes. The sorewis of deth cumpassiden me ; and

6 the strondis of wickidnesse disturbUden me. The sorewis of
helle cumpassiden me; the snaris of deeth bifor ocupieden

7 me. In my tribulacioun Y inwardli clepide the Lord ; and Y
criede to my God. And he herde my vois fro his hooli

S temple ; and my cry in his si3t entride in to hise eeris. The
erthe was mouede togidere, and tremblede togidere ; the
foun dementis of hiUis weren troblid togidere, and weren

9 moued togidere ; for he was wrooth to hem. Smoke stiede
in the ire of hym, and fier brente out fro his face ; coolis

10 weren kyndlid of hym. He bowide doun heuenes, and cam

1 1 doun ; and derknesse was vndur hise feet. And he stiede on

12 cherubym, and flei ; he fley ouer the pennes of wyndis. And
he settide derknesses his hidyng-place, his tabernacle in his
cumpas; derk water was in the cloudes of the lowere eir.

13FUI cleer cloudis passiden in his si5t; hail and the coolis of

14 fier. And the Lord thundrid fro heuene ; and the hi5este

i5 5af his vois, hail and the coolis of fier camen doun. And he

sente hise arowis, and distriede tho men ; he multipliede leytis,

1 6 and disturblide tho men. And the wellis of watris apperiden;
and the foundementis of the erthe weren schewid. Lord, of

1 7 thi blamyng ; of the brething of the spirit of thin ire. He
sente fro the hi5este place, and took me ; and he took me fro

18 many M'atris. He delyuerede me fro my strongeste enemyes ;
and fro hem that hatiden me, for thei weren coumfortid on

19 me. Thei camen bifor me in the dai of my turment ; and

20 the Lord was maad my defcndere. And he ledde out me in

21 to breede ; he maad me saaf, for he wolde me. And the
Lord schal ^elde to me bi my ri3tfulnesse ; and he schal ^elde

22 to me bi the clennesse of myn hondis. For Y kepte the
weies of the Lord ; and Y dide not vnfeithfuli fro my God.

23 For alle hise domes hen in my si3t ; and Y puttide not awei


24 fro me hisc ri3tfulnessis. And Y schal be vnwemmed wilh

25 hym ; and Y schal kepe me fro my wickidnesse. And the
Lord schal 3elde to me bi my ri^tfulnesse ; and bi the clen-

26 nesse of myn hondis in the si5t of hise i3en. With the hooli,
thou schalt be hooli ; and with a man innocent, thou schalt

27 be innocent. And with a chosun man, thou schalt be chosun;
2S and with a weiward man, thou schalt be weiward. For thou

schalt make saaf a meke puple ; and thou schalt make meke

29 the i^en of proude men. For thou, Lord, li^tnest my lanterne ;

30 my God, li5tne thou my derknessis. For bi thee Y schal be
delyuered fro temptacioun ; and in my God Y schal go ouer

31 the wal. Mi God, his weie is vndefoulid, the speches of the
Lord ben examyned bi fier; he is defendere of alle men

32 hopynge in hym. For whi, who is God, out-takun the Lord?

33 ethir who is God outakun oure God } God that hath gird me

34 with vertu; and hath set my weie vnwemmed. Which made
perfit my feet as of hertis; and ordeynynge me on hi5e

35 thingis. Which techith myn hondis to batel ; and thou hast

36 set myn armys as a brasun bouwe. And thou hast ^oue to
me the kyueryng of thin helthe ; and thi ri3thond hath vptake
me. And thi chastisyng amendide me in to the ende; and

37thilke chastisyng of thee schal teche me. Thou alargidist
my paaces vndur me ; and my steppis ben not maad vnstide-

38 fast. Y schal pursue myn enemyes, and Y schal take hem ;

39 and Y schal not turne til thei fallen. I schal al to-breke hem,
and thei schulen not mowe stonde ; thei schulen falle vndur

40 my feet. And thou hast gird me with vertu to batel ; and
thou hast supplauntid, ether disseyued, vndur me men risynge

4 1 a5ens me. And thou hast 50ue myn enemyes abac to me ;

42 and thou hast distried men hatynge me. Thei crieden, and
noon was that maad hem saaf; thei crieden to the Lord, and

43 he herde not hem. And Y schal al to-breke hem, as dust
bifor the face of wynd ; Y schal do hem awei, as the cley of


PSALMS, XVIII {xix). 73

4^ stretis. Thou schalt delyuere me fro a^enseiyngis of the

45 puple ; thou schalt sette me in to the heed of folkis. The
puple, which Y knewe not, seruede me ; in the herynge of

46 eere it obeiede to me. Alien sones lieden to me, alien sones

47 wexiden elde; and crokiden fro thi pathis. The Lord lyueth,
and my God Se blessid; and the God of myn helthe be

48 enhaunsid. God, that 5auest veniaunces to me, and makist
suget puplis vndur me ; my deiyuerere fro my wrathful

49 enemyes. And thou schalt enhaunse me fro hem, that risen
I 5c a3ens me ; thou schalt delyuere me fro a wickid man. Ther-

for, Lord, Y schal knouleche to thee among naciouns ; and
I Y schal seie salm to thi name. Magnyfiynge the helthis of
his kyng; and doynge merci to his crist Dauid, and to his
seed til in to the world.

Psalm XVIII (XIX).

1 T/ie title of the d-i^tenthe salm. To victor ie, the salm of Dauid.

2 Heuenes tellen out the glorie of God ; and the firmament

3 tellith the werkis of hise hondis. The dai tellith out to the
dai a word; and the ny5t schewith kunnyng to the ny5t.

4 No langagis ben, nether wordis ; of whiche the voices of hem

5 ben not herd. The soun of hem 3ede out in to al erthe ; and

6 the wordis of hem yden out in to the endis of the world. In
the sunne he hath set his tabernacle ; and he as a spouse
comynge forth of his chaumbre. He fulh ioyede, as a giaunt,

7 to renne his weie ; his goynge out was fro hijeste heuene.
And his goyng a^en was to the hi^este therof ; and noon is

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