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s that hidith hym silf fro his heet. The lawe of the Lord is
with out wem, and conuertith souHs ; the witnessyng of the

9 Lord is feithful, and 3yueth wisdom to litle children. The

ri3tfulnessis of the Lord hen ri3tful, gladdynge hertis ; the

10 comaundement of the Lord is cleere, li3tnynge i3en. The

74 PSALMS, XIX [xx).

hooli drede of the Lord dwellith in to world of world; the
1 1 domes of the Lord ben trewe, iustified in to hem silf. De-
sirable more than gold, and a stoon myche preciouse ; and
i2Swcttere than hony and honycoomb. Forwhi thi seruaunt
iskepith thoo ; myche ^eldyng is in tho to be kept. Who
vndurstondith trespassis ? make thou me cleene fro my priuy
i^synnes; and of alien synjies spare thi seruaunt. If the_/*^r.ft7V/
defautis ben not, Lord, of me, than Y schal be with out wem ;
15 and Y schal be clensid of the mooste synne. And the spechis
of my mouth schulen be, that tho plese ; and the thenkynge
of myn herte euere in thi si^t. Lord, myn helpere ; and myn

Psalm XIX (XX).

1 The title of the nyntenthe salm. To victor ie,

the salm of Datiid.

2 The Lord here thee in the dai of tribulacioun ; the name

3 of God of Jacob defende thee. Sende he helpe to thee fro the

4 hooli place ; and fro Syon defende he thee. Be he mynde-
ful of al thi sacrifice; and thi brent sacrifice be maad fat.

5 3yue he to thee aftir thin herte ; and conferme he al thi

6 counsel. We schulen be glad in thin helthe ; and we schulen

7 be magnyfied in the name of oure God. The Lord fille
alle thin axyngis ; nowe Y haue knowe, that the Lord hath
maad saaf his crist. He schal here hym fro his hooly

8 heuene ; the helthe of his ri^t bond is in poweris. Thes in
charis, and these in horsis; but we schulen inwardli clepe

9 in the name of oure Lord God. Thei ben boundun, and
10 felden doun ; but we han rise, and ben reisid. Lord, make

thou saaf the kyng ; and here thou vs in the dai in which
we inwardli clepen thee.

PSALMS^ XX, A'A'7 (A'AV, XX J i). 75

Psalm XX (XXI).

1 The iitk of the iwentithc salm. To vi'c/oric,

the salm of Dam d.

2 Lord, the kyng schal be glad in thi vertu ; and he schal

3 ful out haue ioye greetli on thin heUhe. Thou hast 50ue to
hym the desire of his herte; and thou hast not defraudid

4hym of the wille of hise lippis. For thou hast bifor come
hym in the blessyngis of swetnesse ; thou hast set on his

5 heed a coroun of preciouse stoon. He axide of thee hjf,
and thou ^auest to hym ; the lengthe of daies in to the world,

6 and in to the world of world. His glorie is greet in thin
helthe ; thou schalt putte glorie, and greet fayrnesse on hym.

7 For thou schalt ^yue hym in to blessing in to the world of
world ; thou schalt make hym glad in ioye with thi cheer.

8 For the kyng hopith in the Lord ; and in the merci of the

9 hi^este he schal not be moued. Thyn hond be foundun to
alle thin enemyes; thi ri3thond fynde alle hem that haten

10 thee. Thou schalt putte hem as a furneis of fier in the
tyme of thi cheer ; the Lord schal disturble hem in his ire,

11 and fier schal deuoure hem. Thou schalt leese the fruyt of
hem fro erthe ; and Ihou schalt leese the seed of hem fro the

i2Sones of men. For thei bowiden yuels a^ens thee; thei
i3thou5ten counseils, whiche thei my^ten not stablische. For

thou schalt putte hem abac; in thi relifs thou schalt make
14 redi the cheer of hem. Lord, be thou enhaunsid in thi vertu ;

we schulen synge, and seie opinly thi vertues.

Psalm XXI (XXII).

1 The title of the oon and twentithe salni. To ouercome^for

the morewtid hynd ; the salm of Dauid.

2 God, my God, biholde thou on me, whi hast thou forsake
me.? the wordis of my trespassis hen fer fro myn helthe.

75 PSALMS, XXI (xxii).

3 Mi God, Y schal crye bi dai, and thou schalt not here ; and
4bi ny5t, and not to vnwisdom to me. Forsothe thou, the

5 preisyng of Israel, dwelHst in holynesse ; oure fadris hopiden

6 in thee, thei hopiden, and thou delyueridist hem. Thei
crieden to thee, and thei weren maad saaf; thei hopiden

7 in thee, and thei weren not schent. But Y am a wOrm,
and not man; the schenschip of men, and the outcastyng

S of the puple. Alle men seynge me scorneden me ; thei

9 spaken with lippis, and stiriden the heed. He hopide in

the Lord, delyuere he hym ; make he hym saaf, for he wole

lohym. For thou it art that drowist me out of the wombe,

11 //lou art myn hope fro the tetis of my modir; in to thee Y
am cast forth fro the wombe. Fro the wombe of my modir

12 thou art my God; departe thou not fro me. For tribu-
islacioun is next; for noon is that helpith. Many calues

14 cumpassiden me ; fatte boHs bisegiden me. Thei openyden
her mouth on me ; as doith a Koun rauyschynge and rorynge.

15 I am sched out as watir; and alle my boonys ben scaterid.
Myn herte is maad, as wex fletynge abrood ; in the myddis

16 of my wombe. Mi vertu driede as a tiyl-stoon, and my
tunge cleuede to my chekis ; and thou hast brou3t forth me

1 7 in to the dust of deth. For many doggis cumpassiden me ;
the counsel of wickid men bisegide me. Thei delueden

iSmyn hondis and my feet; thei noumbriden alle my boonys.

19 Sotheli thei lokiden, and bihelden me ; thei departiden my

20 clothis to hem silf, and thei senten lot on my cloth. But
tliou. Lord, delaie not thin help fro me ; biholde thou to

21 my defence. God, delyuere thou my lijf fro swerd; and
delyuere thou myn oon aloone fro the hond of the dogge.

22 Make thou me saaf fro the mouth of a lioun ; and my meke-
2 3nesse fro the homes of vnycornes. I schal telle thi name

to my britheren ; Y schal preise thee in the myddis of the
24chirche. 3e that dreden the Lord, herie hym; alle the

PSALMS, XXII (xxiii). 77

25 seed of Jacob, glorifie 56 hym. Al the seed of Israel drede
hym ; for he forsook not, nethir dispiside tlie preier of a pore
man. Nethir he turnede awci his face fro me; and whanne

26 Y criede to hym, he herde me. Mi preisyng is at thee in
a greet chirche ; Y schal 5elde my vowis in the si^t of men

2 7dredynge hym. Pore men schulen ete, and schulen be
fillid, and thei schulen herie the Lord, that seken hym ; the

28 hertis of hem schulen lyue in to the world of world. Alle
the endis of erthe schulen bithenke; and schulen be con-
uertid to the Lord. And alle the meynees of hethene men ;

29 schulen worschipe in his si^t. For the rewme is the Lordis ;

30 and he schal be Lord of hethene men. Alle the fatte men
of erthe eeten and worschipiden ; alle men, that goen doun

31 in to erthe, schulen falle doun in his sijt. And my soule

32 schal lyue to hym ; and my seed schal serue him. A gene-
racioun to comyng schal be teld to the Lord ; and heuenes
schulen telle his ri5tfulnesse to the puple that schal be borun,
whom the Lord made.


1 T/ie title of the two and tiventithe sdlm. The salm,

ether the song of Dauid.

The Lord gouerneth me, and no thing schal faile to me ;

2 in the place of pasture there he hath set me. He nurschide

3 me on the watir of refreischyng ; he conuertide my soule.
He ledde me forth on the pathis of ri5tfulnesse ; for his

4 name. For whi thou^ Y schal go in the myddis of schadewe
of deeth ; Y schal not drede yuels, for thou art with me.

5 Thi 5erde and thi staf; tho han coumfortid me. Thou hast
maad redi a boord in my si^t ; a^ens hem that troblen me.
Thou hast maad fat myn heed with oyle ; and my cuppe,

6fillinge greetli, is ful cleer. And thi merci schal sue me;


in alle the dales of my lijf. And that Y dwelle in the hows
of the Lord : in to the lenG:the of daies.


I T/ie title of the thre and twentithe salm. The song of Daidd.

The erthe and the fulnesse therof is the Lordis ; the
1 world, and alle that dwellen therynne is the Lordis. For he

3 foundide it on the sees ; and made it redi on floodis. Who
schal stie in to the hil of the Lord ; ethir who schal stonde

4 in the hooli place of hym? The innocent in hondis, and
in cleene herte ; whiche took not his soule in veyn, nether

5 swoor in gile to his nei3bore. This man schal take blessyng
6 of the Lord; and mercy of God his helthe. This is the

generacioun of men sekynge hym ; of men sekynge the

7 face of God of Jacob. 3^ princes, take vp ^oure ^atis, and
5e euerelastynge 5atis, be reisid; and the kyng of glorie

8 schal entre. Who is this kyng of glorie } the Lord strong

9 and my^ti, the Lord my5ti in batel. 3^ princes, take vp
joure 5atis, and 3e euerlastynge ^atis, be reisid; and the

lokyng of glorie schal entre. Who is this kyng of glorie.'*
the Lord of vertues, he is the kyng of glorie.

Psalm XXIV (XXV).

1 The title of the four e a7id tiventithe salm. To Dauid.

2 Lord, to thee Y haue reisid my soule ; my God, Y truste

3 in thee, be Y not aschamed. Nethir myn enemyes scorne
me; for alle men that suffren thee schulen not be schent.

4 Alle men doynge wickyd thingis superfluli ; be schent.
Lord, schewe thou thi weies to me ; and teche thou me

5 thi pathis. Dresse thou me in thi treuthe, and teche thou
me, for thou art God my sauyour; and Y suffride thee al


6 dai. Lord, haue thou mynde of thi merciful doyngis ; and

7 of thi mercies that ben fro the world. Ilaue thou not mynde
on the trespassis of my ^ongthe ; and on myn vnkunnyngis.
Thou, Lord, haue mynde on me bi thi merci ; for thi good-

8 nesse. The Lord is swete and rijtful ; for this he schal

9 5yue a lawe to men trespassynge in the weie. He schal
dresse deboner men in doom ; he schal teche mylde men

lohise weies. Alle the weies of the Lord ben mercy and
treuthe; to men sekynge his testament, and hise witness-

iiyngis. Lord, for thi name thou schalt do merci to my

1 z synne ; for it is myche. Who is a man, that dredith the
Lord? he ordeyneth to hym a lawe in the weie which he

i3chees. His soule schal dwelle in goodis; and his seed

14 schal enerite the lond. The Lord is a sadnesse to
men dredynge hym; and his testament is, that it be

15 schewid to hem. Myn i^ en ben euere to the Lord; for he

16 schal breide awey my feet fro the snare. Biholde thou on
me, and haue thou mercy on me ; for Y am oon aloone

17 and pore. The tribulaciouns of myn herte ben multiplied;
iSdelyuere thou me of my nedis. Se thou my mekenesse

19 and my trauel ; and for^yue thou alle my trespassis. Bihold
thou myn enemyes, for thei ben multiplied ; and thei haten

20 me bi wickid hatrede. Kepe thou my soule, and delyuere

21 thou me; be Y not aschamed, for Y hopide in thee. Inno-
cent men and ri3tful cleuyden to me ; for Y suffride thee.

22 God, delyuere thou Israel ; fro alle hise tribulaciouns.

Psalm XXV (XXVI).

1 The title of thefyiie and tweniithe salm. To Dauid.

Lord, deme thou me, for Y.entride in myn innocens ;
and Y hopynge in the Lord schal not be made vnstidfast.

2 Lord, preue thou me, and asaie me ; brenne thou my reynes,


^ 3 and myn herte. For whi thi merci is bifor myn i5en ; and

4Y pleside in thi treuthe. I sat not with the counsel of

vanyte; and Y schal not entre with men doynge wickid

5 thingis. I hatide the chirche of yuele men ; and Y schal

6 not sitte with wickid men. I schal waische myn hondis
among innocentis ; and, Lord, Y schal cumpasse thin auter.

7 That Y here the vois of heriyng ; and that Y telle out alle

8 thi merueils. Lord, Y haue loued the fairnesse of thin hows ;

9 and the place of the dwellyng of thi glorie. God, leese thou
not my soule with vnfeithful men ; and my lijf with men of

lobloodis. In whose hondis wyckidnessis ben; the ri5thond

1 1 of hem is fillid with ^iftis. But Y entride in myn innocens ;

1 2 a^enbie thou me, and haue merci on me. Mi foot stood in
ri^tfulnesse ; Lord, Y schal blesse thee in chirchis.


1 The title of the sixe and twentithe salvi. To Dauid.

The Lord is my li3tnyng, and myn helthe ; whom schal
Y drede ? The Lord is defendere of my lijf; for whom schal

2 Y tremble .? The while noiful men nei^en on me ; for to etc
my fleischis. Myn enemyes, that trobliden me ; thei weren

3 maad sijk and felden doun. Thcu5 castels stonden togidere
a^ens me; myn herte schal not drede. Thou5 batel risith

4 a5ens me ; in this thing Y schal haue hope. I axide of the
Lord o thing ; Y schal seke this thing ; that Y dwelle in
the hows of the Lord alle the daies of my lijf. That Y se

5 the wille of the Lord ; and that Y visite his temple. For he
hidde me in his tabernacle in the dai of yuelis ; he defendide

6 me in the hid place of his tabernacle. He enhaunside me
in a stoon; and now he ^nhaunside myn heed ouer myn
enemyes. I cumpasside, and offride in his tabernacle a
sacrifice of criyng; Y schal synge, and Y schal seie salm


7 to the Lord. Lord, here thou my vois, bi which Y criede

8 to thee ; haue thou merci on me, and here me. Myn herte
seide to thee, ]\Iy face sou5te thee ; Lord, Y schal sekc eft

9 thi face. Turne thou not awei thi face fro me ; bouwe thou
not awei in ire fro thi seruaunt. Lord, be thou myn helpere,
forsake thou not me ; and, God, myn hekhe, dispise thou

10 not me. For my fadir and my modir han forsake me ; but

1 1 the Lord hath take me. Lord, sette thou a lawe to me in
thi weie ; and dresse thou me in thi path for myn enemyes.

i2Bitake thou not me in to the soules of hem, that troblen

me; for wickid witnessis han rise a3ens me, and wickyd-

i3nesse hede to it silf. I bileue to see the goodis of the

14 Lord; in the lond of hem that lyuen. Abide thou the

Lord, do thou manh; and thin hejte be coumfortid, and

suffre thou the Lord.


1 The title of the seuen and twentithe salm. To Dauid.

Lord, Y schal crye to thee; my God, be thou not stille
fro me, be thou not stille ony tyme fro me; and Y schal

2 be maad lijk to hem, that goen doun in to the lake. Lord,
here thou the vois of my bisechyng, while Y preie to thee ;

3 whyle Y reise myn hondis to thin hooli temple. Bitake thou
not me togidere with synneris ; and leese thou not me with
hem that worchen wickidnesse. Whyche speken pees with

4 her nei3bore; but yuels ben in her hertis. 3}'^^ thou to
hem vpe the werkis of hem; and vpe the wickidnesse of
her fyndyngis. 3)'^^ thou to hem vpe the werkis of her

5 hondis ; ^elde thou her ^eldyng to hem. For thei vndur-
stoden not the werkis of the Lord, and bi the werkis of hise
hondis thou schalt destrie hem ; and thou schalt not bilde

6 hem. Blissid be the Lord; for he herde the vois of my



7 bisechyng. The Lord is myn helpere and my defendere ;
and myn herte hopide in hym, and Y am helpid. And my
fleisch flouride a3en ; and of my wille Y schal knowleche

8 to hym. The Lord is the strengthe of his puple ; and he

9 is defendere of the sauyngis of his crist. Lord, make thou
saaf thi puple, and bless thou thin eritage ; and reule thou
hem, and enhaunse thou hem til in to with outen ende.


1 The title of the ei'^t and twentithe salm. The salm,

ethir song of Dauid.

3e sones of God, brynge to the Lord ; brynge 3e to the

2 Lord the sones of rammes. Brynge 56 to the Lord glorie
and onour ; brynge 5e to the Lord glorie to his name ;

^herie 5e the Lord in his hooli large place. The vois of
the Lord on watris, God of mageste thundride ; the Lord

4 on many watris. The vois of the Lord in vertu ; the vois

5 of the Lord in greet doyng. The vois of the Lord brekynge
cedris; and the Lord schal breke the cedris of the Liban.

6 And he schal al to-breke hem to dust as a calf of the Liban ;

7 and the derling was as the sone of an vnycorn. The vois

8 of the Lord departynge the flawme of fier ; the vois of the
Lord schakynge desert ; and the Lord schal stire togidere

9 the desert of Cades. The vois of the Lord makynge redi
hertis, and he schal schewe thicke thingis ; and in his temple

loalle men schulen seie glorie. The Lord makith to enhabite
the greet flood ; and the Lord schal sitte kyng with outen

1 1 ende. The Lord schal 5yue vertu to his puple; the Lord
schal blesse his puple in pees.


Psalm XXIX (XXX).

1 T/ie title of the nync and iwentithc salin. The sabn of song,

for the haleuyng of the hows of Daiiid.

2 Lord, Y schal enhaunse thee, for thou hast vp take me ;

3 and thou delitidist not myn enemyes on me. Mi Lord God,

4 Y criede to thee ; and thou madist me hool. Lord, thou
leddist out my soule fro helle j thou sauedist me fro hem

5 that goen doun into the lake. 3^ seyntis of the Lord, synge
to the Lord; and knowleche 5e to the mynde of his hooly-

6nesse. For ire is in his indignacioun ; and hjf is in his

wille. Wepyng schal dwelle at euentid ; and gladnesse at
- the morewtid. Forsothe Y seide in my plentee ; Y schal
s not be moued with outen ende. Lord, in thi wille ; thou

hast 50ue vertu to my fairnesse. Thou turnedist awei thi
9 face fro me ; and Y am maad disturblid. Lord, Y schal
locrye to thee; and Y schal preye to my God. What profit

is in my blood ; while Y go doun in to corrupcioun ?

Whether dust schal knouleche to thee ; ethir schal telle

1 1 thi treuthe ? The Lord herde, and hadde merci on me ;

1 2 the Lord is maad myn helpere. Thou hast turned my
weilyng in to ioye to me ; thou hast to-rent my sak, and

13 hast cumpassid me with gladnesse. That my glorie synge
to thee, and Y be not compunct; my Lord God, Y schal
knouleche to thee with outen ende.

Psalm XXX (XXXI).

1 The title of the thrittithe salm. To victorie,

the salm of Dauid.

2 Lord, Y hopide in thee, be Y not schent with outen ende ;

3 delyuere thou me in thi ri3tfulnesse. Bouwe doun thin cere

G 2

84 PSALMS, XXX {xxxi).

to me; haaste thou to delyuere me. Be thou to me in to
God defendere, and in to an hows of refuyt; that thou

4 make me saaf. For thou art my strengthe and my refuyt ;
and for thi name thou schalt lede me forth, and schalt

5 nurische me. Thou schalt lede me out of the snare, which

6 thei hidden to me ; for thou art my defendere. I bitake my
spirit in to thin hbndis; Lord God of treuthe, thou hast

7 a5en-bou5t me. Thou hatist hem that kepen vanytees super-

8 fluli. Forsothe Y hopide in the Lord ; Y schal haue fulli
ioie, and schal be glad in thi merci. For thou byheldist

9 my mekenesse ; thou sauedist my lijf fro nedis. And thou
closidist not me togidere withynne the hondis of the enemy ;

10 thou hast sett my feet in a large place. Lord, haue thou
merci on me, for Y am troblid; myn 156 is troblid in ire,

11 my soule and my wombe den iroUid. For whi my lijf failide
in sorewe ; and my ^eeris in weilynges. Mi vertu is maad

1 2 feble in pouert ; and my boonys ben disturblid. Guer alle
myn enemyes Y am maad schenship greetli to my nei^boris ;
and drede to my knowun. Thei that sien me with-outforth,

i^fledden fro me; Y am ^ouun to for^etyng, as a deed man

14 fro herte. I am maad as a lorun vessel; for Y herde dis-

pisyng of many men dwellynge in cumpas. In that thing

the while thei camen togidere a3ens me; thei counceliden

15 to take my lijf. But, Lord, Y hopide in thee; Y seide,

J 6 Thou art my God; my tymes ben in thin hondis. Delyuer

thou me fro the hondis of mynen enemyes; and fro hem

] 7 that pursuen me. Make thou cleer thi face on thi seruaunt ;

18 Lord, make thou me saaf in thi merci; be Y not schent,
for Y inwardli clepide thee. Unpitouse men be aschamed,

19 and be led forth in to helle; gileful lippys be maad doumbe.
That speken wickidnesse a5ens a iust man; in pride, and

20 in mysusyng. Lord, the multitude of thi swetnesse is ful
greet; which thou hast hid to men dredynge thee. Thou


hast maad a perfit thing to hem, that hopen in thee ; in
21 the si^t of the sones of men. Thou schalt hide hem in

the priuyte of thi face; fro disturblyng of men. Thou

schalt defende hem in thi tabernacle; fro a5enseiyng of
J2tungis. Blessid de the Lord; for he hath maad wondur-
23ful his merci to me in a strengthid citee. Forsothe Y

seide in the passyng of my soule ; Y am cast out fro the

face of thin i^en. Therfor thou herdist the vois of my
24preier; while Y criede to thee. Alle ^e hooli men of the

Lord, loue hym ; for the Lord schal seke treuthe, and he
25 schal 5elde plenteuousli to hem that doen pride. Alle ^e

that hopen in the Lord, do manli; and ^oure herte be



T/ie title of the 0011 and thrittithe sahn. Lernyng to Dauid.

1 Blessid ben thei, whose wickidnessis ben for50Uun; and

2 whose synnes ben hilid. Blessid is the man, to whom the

3 Lord arrettide not syjine ; nethir gile is in his spirit. For

Y was stille, my boonys wexiden elde; while Y criede al

4 dai. For bi dai and ny^t thin hond was maad greuouse
on me ; Y am turned in my wretchednesse, while the thorn

5 is set in. I made my synne knowun to thee ; and Y hidde
not my vnri^tfulnesse. I seide, Y schal knouleche a^ens
me myn vnri5tfulnesse to the Lord; and thou hast for50ue

6 the wickidnesse of my synne. For this thing ech hooli
man schal preye to thee; in couenable tyme. Netheles in
the greet flood of many watris; tho schulen not nei5e to

7 thee. Thou art my refuyt fro tribulacioun, that cumpass-
ide me ; thou, my fulli ioiyng, delyuere me fro hem that

Scumpassen me. Y schal 3yue vnderstondyng to thee, and

Y schal teche thee ; in this weie in which thou schalt
9 go, Y schal make stidefast myn i3en on thee. Nile ^e be


maad as an hors and mule ; to whiche is noon vndurstond-

yng. Lord, constreyne thou the chekis of hem with a ber-
lonacle and bridil ; that nei3en not to thee. Many betyngis

ben of the synnere ; but merci schal cumpasse hym that
1 1 hopith in the Lord, ^e iust men, be glad, and make fulli

ioie in the Lord ; and alle ^e ri5tful of herte, haue glorie.

T/ie hvo and threitithe salm hath no title.

1 3^ iust men, haue fulli ioye in the Lord; presyng togi-

2 dere bicometh ri^tful men. Knouleche ^e to the Lord in
an harpe ; synge 56 to hym in a sautre of ten strengis.

3 Synge 5e to hym a newe song ; seie 36 wel salm to hym

4 in criyng. For the word of the Lord is ri^tful; and alle
shise w.erkis hen in feithfulnesse. He loueth merci and

6 doom ; the erthe is ful of the merci of the Lord. Heuenes
ben maad stidfast bi the word of the Lord ; and al the

7 vertu of tho bi the spirit of his mou^h. And he gaderith
tos^idere the watris of the see as in a bow2:e ; and settith

8 depe watris in tresours. Al erthe drede the Lord ; sotheli

9 alle men enhabitynge the world ben mouyd of hym. For
he seide, and thingis weren maad; he comaundide, and

lothingis weren maad of nou^t. The Lord distrieth the coun-
sels of folkis, forsothe he repreueth the thou3tis of puplis ;

1 1 and he repreueth the counsels of prynces. But the counsel
of the Lord dwellith with outen ende ; the thou3tis of his

12 herte divellen in generacioun and into generacioun. Blessid
is the folk, whose Lord is his God ; the puple which he

13 chees into eritage to hym silf. The Lord bihelde fro heuene ;
1 4. he si3 alle the sones of men. Fro his dwellyng place maad

redi bifor ; he bihelde on alle men, that enhabiten the erthe.
15 Which made syngulerli the soules of hem; which vndur-




i6stonclith all the werkis of hem. A kyng is not sauyd bi
myche vertu ; and a giaunt schal not be sauyd in the niychil-

1 7 nesse of his vertu. An hors is false to helthe ; forsothe
he schal not be sauyd in the habundauncc, e//ier plentee, of

18 his vertu. Lo ! the ijen of the Lord hen on men dredynge

19 hym ; and in hem that hopen on his merci. That he de-

20 lyuere her soules fro deth ; and feede hem in hungur. Oure
soule suffreth the Lord; for he is oure helpere and de-

2 1 fendere. For oure herte schal be glad in him ; and we
2 2schulen haue hope in his hooli name. Lord, thi merci be

maad on vs ; as we hopiden in thee.


1 The title of the thre and thrittithe salm. To Datiid, whanne
he chaungide his mouth hifor Abymalech, and he droof out
Dauid, and he '^cde forth.

I I SCHAL blesse the Lord in al tyme ; euere his heriyng

3 is in my mouth. ]\Ii soule schal be preisid in the Lord ;

4 mylde men here, and be glad. Magnyfie ^e the Lord with

5 me ; and enhaunse we his name into it silf. I sou^te the
Lord, and he herde me ; and he delyueride me fro alle

6 my tribulaciouns. Nei^e 56 to him, and be 56 li3tned ; and

7 30ure faces schulen not be schent. This pore man criede,
and the Lord herde hym ; and sauyde hym fro alle hise

8 tribulaciouns. The aungel of the Lord sendith in the cum-

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