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pas of men dredynge hym ; and he schal delyuere hem.

9 Taaste ^e, and se, for the Lord is swete ; blessid is the
10 man, that hopith in hym. Alle ^e hooli men of the Lord,

drede hym ; for no nedynesse is to men dredynge hym.
iiRiche men weren nedi, and weren hungri ; but men that
12 seken the Lord schulen not faile of al good. Come, 3e

sones, here ^e me ; Y schal teche 50U the drede of the

88 PSALMS^ XXXIV {xxxv).

13 Lord. Who is a man, that wole lijf; loueth to se good
14 dales? Forbede thi tunge fro yuel ; and thi hppis speke
1 5 not gile. Turne thou awei fro yuel, and do good ; seke
i6thou pees, and perfiUi sue thou it. The i3en of the Lord
J 7 ben on iust men ; and hise eeren ben to her preiers. But

the cheer of the Lord is on men doynge yuels ; that he
iSleese the mynde of hem fro erthe. Just men cryeden, and

the Lord herde hem ; and delyueride hem fro alle her tri-
iQbulaciouns. The Lord is ny^ hem that ben of troblid herte ;

20 and he schal saue meke men in spirit. Many tribulaciouns
ben of iust men ; and the Lord schal delyuere hem fro alle

21 these. The Lord kepith alle the boonys of hem; oon of
2 2 tho schal not be brokun. The deth of synneris is werst ;
27, and thei that haten a iust man schulen trespasse. The

Lord schal a5enbie the soulis of hise seruauntis; and alle,
that hopen in him, schulen not trespasse.


1 The title of the four e and thrittithe salm. To Dauid.

Lord, deme thou hem, that anoien me; ouercome thou

2 hem, that fi3ten a5ens me. Take thou armeris and scheeld ;

3 and rise vp into help to me. Schede out the swerd, and
close togidere a^ens hem that pursuen me ; seie thou to my

4 soule, Y am thin helthe. Thei that seken my lijf; be schent,
and aschamed. Thei that thenken yuels to me ; be turned

5 awei bacward, and be schent. Be thei maad as dust bifor
the face of the wynd ; and the aungel of the Lord make hem

6 streit. Her weie bs maad derknesse, and slydirnesse ; and

7 the aungel of the Lord pursue hem. For with out cause thei
hidden to me the deth of her snare ; in veyn thei dispisiden

8 my soule. The snare which he knoweth not come to hym,
and the takyng which he hidde take hym ; and fall he in to


9 the snare in that thing. But my soule schal fulli haue ioye in

10 the Lord; and schal deUte on his helthe. Alle my boonys
schulen seie, Lord, who is Hjk thee ? Thou delyuerist a pore
man fro the hond of his strengerc ; a nedi man and pore fro

1 1 hem that diuersely rauischen hym. Wickid witnessis risynge

12 axiden me thingis, whiche Y knewe not. Thei ^eldiden to

13 me yuels for goodis ; bareynnesse to my soule. But whanne
thei weren diseseful to me; Y was clothid in an heire. I
mekide my soule in fastyng; and my preier schal be turned

14 with ynne my bosum. I pleside so as oure nei3bore, as oure
brother; Y was maad meke so as morenynge and sorewful.

15 And thei weren glad, and camen togidere a5ens me: tur-

16 mentis weren gaderid on me, and Y knew not. Thei weren
scaterid, and not compunct, thei temptiden me, thei scorny-
den me with mowyng ; thei gnastiden on me with her teeth.

1 7 Lord, whanne thou schalt biholde, restore thou my soule fro
the wickidnesse of hem ; restore thou myn oon aloone fro

iSHouns. I schal knowleche to thee in a greet chirche ; Y

19 schal herie thee in a sad puple. Thei that ben aduersaries
wickidli to me, haue not ioye on me ; that haten me with out

20 cause, and bikenen with i3en. For sotheli thei spaken pesibli
to me ; and thei spekynge in wTathfulnesse of erthe thou5ten

21 giles. And thei maden large her mouth on me ; thei seiden,

22 Wei, wel! oure i5en han sien. Lord, thou hast seen, be thou

23 not stille ; Lord, departe thou not fro me. Rise vp, and
3yue tent to my doom ; my God and my Lord, biholde in to

24 my cause. Mi Lord God, deme thou me bi thi ri^tfulnesse;

25 and haue thei not ioye on me. Seie thei not in her hertis,
Wel, wel, to oure soule ; nether seie thei, We schulen deuoure

26 hym. Shame thei, and drede thei togidere ; that thanken for
myn yuels. Be thei clothid with schame and drede ; that

27 speken yuele thingis on me. Haue thei ful ioie, and be thei
glad that wolen my rijtfulnesse ; and seie thei euere, The


Lord be magnyfied, whiche wolen the pees of his seruaunt.
28 And my tunge schal bithenke thi rijtfulnesse ; al day thin


1 The title ofthefyue and thrittithe sahn. To victorie^ to Dauid^

the seruaunt of the Lord.

2 The vniust man seide, that he trespasse in hym silf ; the

3 drede of God is not bifor hise i3en. For he dide gilefuli in
the si3t of God ; that his wickidnesse be foundun to hatrede.

4 The wordis of his mouth hen wickidnesse and gile, he nolde

5 vndirstonde to do wel. He thou5te wickidnesse in his bed,
he stood ny5 al weie not good ; forsothe he hatide not mahce.

6 Lord, thi merci is in heuene ; and thi treuthe is til to cloudis.

7 Thi ri^tfulnesse is as the hillis of God ; thi domes ben myche
depthe of watris. Lord, thou schalt saue men and beestis ;

8 as thou, God, hast multiplied thi merci. But the sones of

9 men ; schulen hope in the hilyng of thi wyngis. Thei schulen
be fillid gredi of the plentee of thin hows ; and thou schalt

io3yue drynke to hem with the steef streem of thi likyng. For
the wel of life is at thee ; and in thi li3t we schulen se \\^i.

11 Lord, sette forth thi mercy to hem, that knowen thee; and

12 thi ry^tfulnesse to hem that ben of ri5tful herte. The foot of
pryde come not to me ; and the bond of the synnere moue

13 me not. There thei felden doun, that w^orchen wickidnesse ;
thei ben cast out, and myjten not stonde.


1 The title of the sixe and thrittithe sahn. To Dauith.

Nile thou sue wickid men ; nether loue thou men doynge

2 wickidnesse. For thei schulen wexe drie swifdi as hey ; and

3 thei schulen falle doun soone as the wortis of eerbis. Hope


thou in the Lord, and do thou goodnesse ; and enhabite thou

4 the lond, and thou schalt be fed with hise richessis. Dehte
thou in the Lord ; and he schal ^yue to thee the axyngis of

5 thin herte. Schewe thi weie to the Lord ; and hope thou in

6 hym, and he schal do. And he schal lede out thi ri^tfulnesse

7 as li5t, and thi doom as myddai ; be thou suget to the Lord,
and preye thou hym. Nile thou sue hym, that hath prosperite

8 in his weie ; a man doynge vnri3tfulnessis. Ceese thou of
ire, and forsake woodnesse ; nyle thou sue, that thou do

9 wickidli. For thei, that doen wickidli, schulen be distried ;

10 but thei that suffren the Lord, schulen enerite the lond. And
5it a litil, and a synnere schal not be ; and thou schalt seke

11 his place, and schalt not fynde. But mylde men schulen
enerite the lond ; and schulen delite in the multitude of pees.

12 A synnere schal aspie a ri3tful man; and he schal gnaste

13 with hise teeth on hym. But the Lord schal scorne the

14 synnere ; for he biholdith that his day cometh. Synners
drowen out swerd ; thei benten her bouwe. To disseyue a

15 pore man and nedi; to strangle ri5tful men of herte. Her
swerd entre in to the herte of hem silf ; and her bouwe be

16 brokun. Betere is a litil thing to a iust man ; than many

17 richessis of synneris. For the armes of synneris schal be al

18 to-brokun ; but the Lord confermeth iust men. The Lord
knowith the dales of vnwemmed ; and her heritage schal be

19 withouten ende. Thei schulen not be schent in the yuel
2otyme, and thei schulen be fillid in the dayes of hungur; for

synneris schulen perische. Forsothe anoon as the enemyes
of the Lord ben onourid, and enhaunsid ; thei failynge schulen

21 faile as smoke. A synnere schal borewe, and schal not paie ;

22 but a iust man hath merci, and schal ^yue. For thei that
blessen the Lord schulen enerite the lond; but thei that

23cursen hym schulen perische. The goyng of a man schal
be dressid anentis the Lord ; and he schal wilne his weie.


24Whanne he fallith, he schal not be hurtlid doun; for the

25 Lord vndurseltith his hond. I was 3ongere, and solheH Y
wexide eld, and Y si5 not a iust man forsakun ; nethir his

26 seed sekynge breed. Al dai he hath merci, and leeneth ; and
J 7 his seed schal be in blessyng. Boiiwe thou awei fro yuel,

and do good ; and dwelle thou in to the world of world,

2S For the Lord loueth doom, and schal not forsake hise seyntis ;

thei schulen be kept with outen ende. Vniust men schulen

be punyschid ; and the seed of wickid men schal perische.

29 But iust men schulen enerite the lond ; and schulen enabite

30 theronne in to the world of world. The mouth of a iust man
schal bithenke wisdom; and his tunge schal speke doom.

31 The lawe of his God is in his herte ; and hise steppis schulen

32 not be disseyued. A synnere biholdith a iust man ; and

33 sekith to sle hym. But the Lord schal not forsake hym in
hise hondis ; nethir schal dampne hym, whanne it schal be

34 demed a^ens hym. Abide thou the Lord, and kepe thou his
weie, and he schal enhaunse thee, that bi eritage thou take
the lond ; whanne synneris schulen perische, thou schalt se.

35 I si^ a wickid man enhaunsid aboue ; and reisid vp as the

36 cedris of Liban. And Y passide, and lo ! he was not ; Y

37 sou^te hym, and his place is not foundun. Kepe thou inno-
cence, and se equite ; for tho ben relikis to a pesible man.

38 Forsothe vniust men schulen perische ; the rehfs of wickid

39 men schulen perische togidere. But the helthe of iust men is
of the Lord ; and he is her defendere in the tyme of tribula-

40 cioun. And the Lord schal helpe hem, and schal make hem
fre, and he schal delyuere hem fro synneris ; and he schal
saue hem, for thei hopiden in hym.



1 T/ie title of the scucne and thrittithe salm. The salm of DauiJ,

to bythejike on the sahat.

2 Lord, repieue thou not me in thi strong veniaunce ; nether

3 chastice thou me in thin ire. For thin arowis ben fitchid in

4 me ; and thou hast confermed thin hond on me. Noon
heUhe is in my fleisch fro the face of thin ire ; no pees is to

5 my boonys fro the face of my synnes. For my wickidnessis
ben goon ouer myn heed ; as an heuy birthun, tho ben maad

6heuy on me.- Myn heehd woundis weren rotun, and ben

7 brokun ; fro the face of myn vnwisdom. I am maad a
\vretche, and Y am bowid doun til in to the ende ; al dai Y

8 entride sorewfuL For my leendis ben fillid with scornyngis;

9 and helthe is not in my fleisch. I am turmentid, and maad
low ful greetli ; Y roride for the weilyng of myn herte.

10 Lord, al my desire is bifor thee ; and my weilyng is not hid

1 1 fro thee. Myn herte is disturblid in me, my vertu forsook
me ; and the li5t of myn i3en forsook me, and it is not with

1 2 me. My frendis and my nei^boris nei^iden ; and stoden

13 a^ens me. And thei that weren bisidis me stoden afer ; and
thei diden violence, that sou^ten my lijf And thei that
sou^ten yuels to me, spaken vanytees; and thou5ten gilis

14 al dai. But Y as a deef man herde not ; and as a doumb

15 man not openynge his mouth. And Y am maad as a man not
i6herynge; and not hauynge repreuyngis in his mouth. For,

Lord, Y hopide in thee ; my Lord God, thou schalt here me.
17 For Y seide. Lest ony tyme myn enemyes haue ioye on me ;

and the while my feet ben mouyd, thei spaken grete thingis
iS on me. For Y am redi to betyngis ; and my sorewe is euere
19 in my si^t. For Y schal telle my wickidnesse ; and Y schal
2othenke for my synne. But myn enemyes lyuen, and ben


confermed on me; and thei ben multiplyed, that haten me
2 1 wickidli. Thei that ^elden yuels for goodis, backbitiden me ;
2 2 for Y suede goodnesse. IMy Lord God, forsake thou not
23 me ; go thou not awei fro me. Lord God of myn helthe ;

biholde thou in to myn help.


1 T/ie title of the ei^te and threttithe sal in. For vie tone, to

Iditum, the song of Dauid.

2 I SEIDE, Y schal kepe my weies ; that Y trespasse not in
my tunge. I settide kepyng to my mouth ; •^vhanne a syn-

3nere stood a3ens me. I was doumb, and was mekid ful

gretli, and was stille fro goodis ; and my sorewe was renuhd.

4 Myn herte was hoot with ynne me; and fier schal brenne

5 out in my thenkyng. I spak in my tunge ; Lord, make thou
myn eende knowun to me. And the noumbre of my daies

6 what it is ; that Y wite, what failith to me. Lo ! thou hast
set my daies mesurable; and my substaunce is as nou^t

7 bifor thee. Netheles al vanytee ; ech man lyuynge. Nethe-
les a man passith in ymage ; but also he is disturblid veynli.
He tresorith; and he noot, to whom he schal gadere tho

8 thingis. And now which is myn abiding ? whether not the

9 Lord ? and my substaunce is at thee. Delyuere thou me fro
alle my wickidnessis ; thou hast 50ue me schenschip to the

lovnkunnynge. I was doumbe, and openyde not my mouth;

1 1 for thou hast maad, remoue thou thi woundis fro me.

1 2 Fro the strengthe of thin bond Y failide in blamyngis ; for
wickidnesse thou hast chastisid man. And thou madist his
lijf to faile as an yreyne ; netheles ech man is disturblid in

i3veyn. Lord, here thou my preier and my bisechyng; per-

14 seyue thou with eeris my teeris. Be thou not stille, for Y am

15 a comelyng at thee; and a pilgrime, as alle my fadris. For-

PSALMS, XXXIX [xl). 95

5yne thou to me, that Y be refreischid, bifor that Y go ; and
Y schal no more be.

Psalm XXXIX (XL).

1 The title of the nyne and ihrcttithe salm. For vie tor ie,

the so7ig of Daiiid.

2 Y ABiDYXGE abood the Lord; and he 5af tent to me.

3 And he herde my . preieris ; and he ledde out me fro the
,lake of wretchidnesse, and fro the filthe of draft. And he
ordeynede my feet on a stoon ; and he dresside my goyngis.

4 And he sente in to my mouth a newe song ; a song to oure
God. Many men schulen se, and schulen drede ; and schulen

5 haue hope in the Lord. Blessid is the man, of whom the
name of the Lord is his hope; and he bihelde not in to

6 vanitees, and in to false woodnesses. Mi Lord God, thou
hast maad thi merueils manye ; and in thi thou^tis noon is,
that is lijk thee. I teld, and Y spak ; and thei ben multiplied

7 aboue noumbre. Thou noldist sacrifice and offryng ; but
thou madist perfidi eeris to me. Thou axidist not brent sacri-

s fice, and sacrifice for synne ; thanne Y seide, Lo ! Y come. In

9 the heed of the book it is writun of me, that Y schulde do thi

wille; my God, Y wolde; and thi lawe in the myddis of myn

10 herte. I telde thi ri^tfulnesse in a greet chirche ; lo! Y

11 schal not refreine my lippis, Lord, thou wistist. I hidde not
thi ri^tfulnesse in myn herte; Y seide thi treuthe and thin
helthe. I hidde not thi mercy and thi treuthe ; fro a myche

1 2 counsel. But thou, Lord, make not fer thi merciful doyngis

1 3 fro me ; thi mercy and treuthe euere token me vp. For whi
yuels, of whiche is no noumbre, cumpassiden me ; my wick-
idnessis token me, and Y my^te not, that Y schulde se. Tho
ben multiplied aboue the heeris of myn heed ; and myn herte

14 forsook me. Lord, plese it to thee, that thou delyuere me ;

g6 PSALMS, XL (XLl).

15 Lord, biholde thou to helpe me. Be thei schent, and aschamed
togidere; that seken my lijf, to take awei it. Be thei turned

16 abac, and be thei schamed; that wolen yuels to me. Bere
thei her confusioun anoon ; that seien to me, Wei ! wel !

i^l that is, in scorn. Alle men that seken thee, be fulli ioyful,
and be glad on thee ; and seie thei, that louen thin helthe,

18 The Lord be magnyfied euere. Forsothe Y am a beggere
and pore ; the Lord is bisi of me. Thou arte myn helpere
and my defendere ; my God, tarie thou not.

Psalm XL (XLI).

1 The title of the four a the salm. For victorie, the song

of Dauid.

2 Blessid is he that vndurstondith on a nedi man and pore ;

3 the Lord schal delyuere hym in the yuel dai. The Lord
kepe hym, and quykene hym, and make hym blesful in the
lond ; and bitake not hym in to the wille of his enemyes.

4 The Lord bere help to hym on the bed of his sorewe ; thou

5 hast ofte turned al his bed-stre in his sijknesse. I seide,
Lord, haue thou mercy on me ; heele thou my soule, for Y

6 synnede a5ens thee. IMyn enemyes seiden yuels to me ;

7 Whanne schal he die, and his name schal perische .-* And if
he entride for to se, he spak veyn thingis ; his herte gaderide

8 wickidnesse to hym silf. He ^ede with-out-forth ; and
spak to the same thing. Alle myn enemyes bacbitiden

9 pryuyli a3ens me ; a5ens me thei thou^ten yuels to me. Thei
ordeineden an yuel word a5ens me ; Whether he that slepith,

10 schal not leie to, that he rise a^en.? For whi the man of my
pees, in whom Y hopide, he that eet my looues ; made greet

1 1 disseit on me. But thou, Lord, haue merci on me, and reise

12 me a^en ; and Y schal 5elde to hem. In this thing Y knew,
that thou woldist me ; for myn enemye schal not haue ioye on


13 me. Forsothe thou hast take me vp for ynnoccnce ; and hast
i4Confermed me in thi si^t wilh-oulen endc. Blessid be the

Lord God of Israel, fro the world and in to the world ; be it

doon, be it doon.

Psalm XLI (XLII).

1 The title 0/ the oon and four tithe salm. To victor ic^

to the sofies of Chore.

2 As an hert desirith to the wellis of watris ; so thou, God,

3 my soule desirith to thee. Mi soule thirstide to God, that
is a quik welle ; whanne schal Y come, and appere bifor

4 the face of God "i ]\Ii teeris weren looues to me bi dai
and ny^t ; while it is seid to me ech dai, Where is thi God ?

5 I bithou5te of these thingis, and Y schedde out in me my
soule ; for Y schal passe in to the place of the wonderful
tabernacle, til to the hows of God. In the vois of ful out

6 ioiyng and knoulechyng ; is the sown of the etere. Mi soule,
whi art thou sory; and whi disturblist thou me? Hope thou

7 in God, for ^it Y schal knouleche to hym ; he is the helthe of
my cheer, and my God. My soule is disturblid at my silf ;
therfor, God, Y schal be myndeful of thee fro the lond of

8 Jordan, and fro the litil hil Hermonyim. Depthe clepith
depthe ; in the vois of thi wyndows. Alle thin hi5e thingis

9 and thi wawis ; passiden ouer me. The Lord sente his merci

10 in the dai ; and his song in the ny^t. At me is a preier to the
God of my lijf ; Y schal seie to God, Thou art my takere
vp. Whi for3etist thou me; and whi go Y sorewful, while

1 1 the enemy turmentith me .? While my boonys ben brokun
togidere ; myn enemyes, that troblen me, dispiseden me.
While thei seien to me, bi alle dales ; Where is thi God ^

lalNIi soule, whi art thou sori; and whi disturblist thou me.?
Hope thou in God, for ^it Y schal knouleche to hym ; he is
the helthe of my cheer, and my God.



TAe two andfourtithe salm.

1 Gon, dcme thou me, and departe thou my cause fro a folc
not hooli ; delyuerc thou me fro a wickid man, and gileful.

2 For thou art God, my strenglhe ; whi hast thou put me
abac, and whi go Y soreuful, while the enemy turmentith

3 me ? Sende out thi h^t, and thi treuthe ; tho ledden me
forth, and brou5ten in to thin hooU hil, and in to thi taber-

4naclis. And Y schal entre to the auter of God; to God,
that gladith my ^ongthe. God, my God, Y schal know-

5 leche to thee in an harpe ; my soule, whi art thou sory,
and whi troblist thou me? Hope thou in God, for 3it Y
schal knouleche to hym ; he is the helthe of my cheer, and
my God.


1 The title of the thre andfourtithe salm. To victorie,

ler7iyng to the sones of Chore.

2 God, we herden with oure eeris ; our fadris telden to vs.
The werk, which thou wrou^tist in the dales of hem ; and

3 in elde dales. Thin hond lost hethene men, and thou
plauntidist hem ; thou turmentidist pupils, and castidist hem

4 out. For the children of Israel weldiden the lond not bi
her swerd ; and the arm of hem sauyde not hem. But
thi ri5t hond, and thin arm, and the li5tnyng of thi cheer ;

5 for thou were plesid in hem. Thou art thi silf, my kyng

6 and my God ; that sendist helthis to Jacob. Bi thee we
schulen wyndevve oure enemyes with horn ; and in thi name

7 we schulen dispise hem, that risen a5en vs. For Y schal
not hope in my bouwe ; and my swerd schal not saue me.

8 For thou hast saued vs fro men turmentinge vs; and thou


9 hast schent men hatinge vs. We schulen be preisid in God
al dai ; and in thi name we schulen knouleche to thee in

loto the world. But now thou hast put vs abac, and hast
schent vs; and thou, God, schalt not go out in oure ver-

1 1 tues. Thou hast turned vs awei bihynde aftir oure ene-
myes; and thei, that hatiden vs, rauyschiden dyuerseli to

1 2 hem silf. Thou hast ^oue vs as scheep of meetis ; and
I :-, among hethene men thou hast scaterid vs. Thou hast seeld

thi puple with out prijs ; and multitude was not in the
uchaungyngis of hem. Thou hast set vs schenschip to oure

nei3boris ; mouwyng and scorn to hem that ben in oure
i5cumpas. Thou hast set vs into licnesse to hethene men;
1 stiryng of heed among puplis. Al dai my schame is a^ens
1 7 me ; and the schenschipe of my face hilide me. Fro the

vois of dispisere, and yuele-spekere; fro the face of enemy,
J Sand pursuere. Alle these thingis camen on vs, and we

han not for3ete thee ; and we diden not wickidli in thi
19 testament. And oure herte 5ede not awei bihynde; and

20 thou hast bowid awei oure pathis fro thi weie. For thou
hast maad vs lowe in the place of turment; and the scha-

21 dewe of deth hilide vs. If we for5aten the name of oure
God ; and if we helden forth oure hondis to an alien God.

22 Whether God schal not seke these thingis? for he knowith
the hid thingis of herte. For whi we ben slayn al dai for

23 thee; we ben demed as scheep of sleyng. Lord, rise vp,
whi slepist thou.? rise vp, and putte not awei in to the

24ende. Whi turnest thou awei thi face? thou for3etist oure
1^ pouert, and cure tribulacioun. For oure lijf is maad low
26 in dust ; oure wombe is glued togidere in the erthe. Lord,
rise vp thou, and helpe vs; and a5enbie vs for thi name.

H 2

1 00 PSA LMS, XLI V {XL V).


1 77ji' iiilc of the four e and four tithe salin. To the ouercomere

for the lilies, the most loued song of lernyng of the sones of

2 Myx hertc hath tckl out a good word ; Y seie my workis
to tlie kyng. Mi tunge is a penne of a writere ; writynge

3 swiftli. Crist, thou art fairer in schap than the sones of
men ; grace is spred abrood in thi lippis ; therfor God bles-

4 sid thee withouten ende. Be thou gird with thi swerd ; on

5 thi hipe most my3tili. Biholde thou in thi schaplynesse
and thi fairnesse; come thou forth with prosperite, and
regne thou. For treuthe, and myldenesse, and ri^tfulnesse ;

6 and thi ri5t hond schal lede forth thee wondurfuli. Thi
scharpe arowis schulen falle in to the hertis of the enemyes

7 of the kyng ; puplis schulen be vndur thee. God, thi seete
is in to the world of world ; the ^erde of thi rewme is a

8 jerde of ri3t reulyng, ethir of cquite. Thou louedist rijtful-
nesse, and hatidist wickidnesse ; therfor thou, God, thi God,
anoyntide thee with the oile of gladnesse, more than thi

y felowis. I\Iirre, and gumme, and cassia, of thi clothis, of

10 the housis yuer; of whiche the dou^tris of kyngis delitiden
thee. A queen stood ny^ on thi ri^t side in clothing ouer-

1 1 giklid ; cumpassid with dyuersitee. Dou3ter, here thou, and
se, and bowe doun thin eere; and for^ete thi puple, and

J -' the hows of thi fadir. And the kyng schal coueyte thi fair-
nesse; for he is thi Lord God, and thei schulen worschipe

j;, hym. And the dou5tris of Tire in 3iftis ; alle the riche

J 4 men of the puple schulen biseche thi cheer. Al the glorye
of that doubter of the kyng is with ynne in goldun hemmes ;

i; sche is clothid aboute with dyuersitees. Virgyns schulen be
brou3t to the kyng aftir hir; hir nei^boressis schulen be

jr.brou5t to thee. Thei schulen be brou3t in gladnesse, and

PSA LMS, XL V {XL Vl). 1 1

ful out ioiyng ; thei schulen be brou5t in to the temple of
}7the kyng. Sones ben borun to thee, for thi fadris; thou
iSschalt ordeyne hem princes on al erthe. Lord, thei schulen
be myndeful of thi name; in ech generacioun, and in to
generacioun. Therfor puplis schulen knouleche to thee
withouten ende ; and in to the world of world.

Psalm XLV (XLVI).

1 T/ie title of the five and four tithe salm. To the ouercomere,

the song of the soncs of Chore, for "^ojigthis.

2 OuRE God, thou art refuyt, and vertu; helpere in tribu-

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