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3 lacions, that han founde vs greetly. Therfor we schulen
not drede, while the erthe schal be troblid; and the hillis

4 schulen be borun ouer in to the herte of the see. The
watris of hem sowneden, and weren troblid ; hillis weren

5 troblid togidere in the strengthe of hym. The feersnesse
of flood makith glad the citee of God; the hi3este God

6 hath halewid his tabernacle. God in the myddis therof
schal not be moued ; God schal helpe it eerli in the grey

7 morewtid. Hethene men weren disturbhd togidere, and
rewmes weren bowid doun ; God ^af his vois, the erthe

8 was moued. The Lord of vertues is with vs; God of
9 Jacob is oure vptakere. Come ^e, and se the werkis of
lothe Lord; whiche wondris he hath set on the erthe. He

doynge awei batels til to the ende of the lond; schal al

to-brese bouwe, and schal breke togidere armuris, and schal
1 1 brenne scheldis bi fier. '^y\iQ ^q tent, and se 5e, that Y am

God ; Y schal be enhaunsid among hethene men ; and Y
! 2 schal be enhaunsid in erthe. The Lord of vertues is with

vs; God of Jacob is oure vptakere.



1 T/iC lille of the sixtc and four tithe salm. To victone,

a sa/in to the sones of Chore.

2 Alle 5e folkis, make ioie with hondis; synge ^e hertli to

3 God in the vois of ful out ioiyng. For the Lord is hi^ and
4ferdful; a greet kyng on al erthe. He made puplis suget

5 to vs ; and hethene men vndur oure feet. He chees his

6 eritage to vs ; the fairnesse of Jacob, whom he louyde. God
stiede in hertli song ; and the Lord in the vois of a trumpe.

7 Synge 5e to oure God, synge ^e ; synge 56 to oure kyng,
s synge ^e. For God is kyng of al erthe ; synge 5e wiseH.
9 God schal regne on hethene men ; God sittith on his hooK

loseete. The princes of puplis ben gaderid togidere with
God of Abraham ; for the stronge goddis of erthe ben reisid


1 The title of the seuene and four tithe salm. The song of

salm, of the sones of Chore.

2 The Lord is greet, and worthi to be preisid ful myche ;
;, in the citee of oure God, in the hooli hil of hym. It is

foundid in the ful out ioiyng of al erthe ; the hil of Syon ;
4 the sidis of the north, the citee of the greet kyng. God

schal be knowun in the housis therof; whanne he schal
= take it. For lo ! the kyngis of erthe weren gaderid togidere ;

6 thei camen into o place. Thei seynge so wondriden ; thei
weren disturblid, thei weren mouyd togidere, tremblyng took

7 hem. There sorewis as of a womman trauelynge of child ;
«in a greet spirit thou schalt al to-breke the schippis of
9 Tharsis. As we herden, so we sien, in the citee of the Lord

of vertucs, in the citee of oure God; God hath foundid that


10 citee with-outen ende. God, we han resscyued thi mercy ;

1 1 in the myddis of thi temple. Aftir thi name, God, so thin
heriyng is spred abroad in to the endis of erthe ; thi ri5t hond

1 2 is fill of ri5tfulnesse. The hil of Sion be glad, and the
i3doii5tris of Jiidee be fiilli ioiful; for thi domes, Lord. Cum-

passe 3e Syon, and biclippe 5e it; telle ^e in the touris
i4therof. Sette 3e 50ure hertis in the vertu of him; and de-

parte ^e the housis of hym, that ^e telle out in an other
1-, generacioun. For this is God, oure God, in to withouten

ende, and in to the world of world ; he schal gouerne vs

in to worldis.


1 The title of the ei'^te and four tithe salm. To victorie,

a salm to the sones of Chore.

2 Alle 56 folkis, here these thingis ; alle 56 that dwellen in

3 the world, perseyue with eeris. Alle the sones of erthe and
the sones of men ; togidere the riche man and the pore in

4 to oon. Mi mouth schal speke wisdom ; and the thenkyng

5 of myn herte schal speke prudence. I schal bouwe doun
myn eere in to a parable; Y schal opene my resoun set

6 forth in a sautree. Whi schal Y drede in the yuel dai ? the

7 wickidnesse of myn heele schal cumpasse me. Whiche
tristen in her owne vertu ; and han glorie in the multitude

8 of her richessis. A brother a3enbieth not, schal a man

9 a3enbie ? and he schal not ^yue to God his plesyng. And
he schal not "^yue the prijs of raunsum of his soule; and

10 he schal trauele with outen ende, and he schal lyue 3it in

1 1 to the ende. He schal not se perischyng, whanne he schal
se wise men diynge; the vnwise man and fool schulen
perische togidere. And thei schulen leeue her richessis to

12 aliens; and the sepulcris of hem ben the housis of hem with-
outen ende. The tabernaclis of hem be7i in generacioun

104 PSALMS, XLIX (l).

aiul generacioun ; thei clepiden her names in her londis.

I ^ A man, whanne he was in lionour, vndurstood not ; he is

comparisound to vnwise beestis, and he is maad lijk to tho.

14 This weie of hem is sclaundir to hem; and aftirward thei

1 5 schulen plcse togidere in her mouth. As scheep thei ben
set in belle ; deth schal gnawe hem. And iust men schulen
be lordis of hem in the morewtid; and the helpe of hem

1 6 schal waxe eld in helle, for the glorie of hem. Netheles
God schal a^enbie my soule from the power of helle ; whanne

1 7 he schal take me. Drede thou not, whanne a man is maad
is riche ; and the glorie of his hows is multiplied. For whanne

he schal die, he schal not take alle thingis ; and his glorie
u; schal not go doun with him. For his soule schal be blessid

in his lijf ; he schal knouleche to thee, whanne thou hast do
2owel to hym. He schal entre til in to the generaciouns of

hise fadris; and til in-to with-outen ende he schal not se
21 1151. A man, whanne he was in honour, vndurstood not;

he is comparisound to vnwise beestis, and is maad lijk to


Psalm XLIX (L).

1 The title of the nyne and four tithe salm. The salm of Asaph.

God, the Lord of goddis, spak ; and clepide the erthe,

2 fro the risynge of the sunne til to the goyng doun. The

3 schap of his fairnesse fro Syon, God schal come opynli ;
ourc God, and he schal not be stille. Fier schal brenne an

4 hi5e in his si^t ; and a strong tempest in his cumpas. He
clepide heuene aboue ; and the erthe, to deme his puple.

5 Gadere ^e to hym hise seyntis ; that ordeynen his testament

6 aboue sacrifices. And heuenes schulen schewe his ri^tful-
7nesse; for God is the iuge. ]\Ii puple, here thou, and Y

schal speke to Israel ; and Y schal witnesse to thee, Y am
8 God, thi God. I schal not repreue thee in thi sacrifices;

PSALMS, L {li). T05

9 and thi brent sacrifices ben euere bifor me. I schal not
take calues of thin hows; nethir geet buckis of thi flockis.

10 For alle the wyelde beestis of wodis ben myne; werk

1 1 beestis, and oxis in hillis. I haue knowe alle the volatils

1 2 of heuene ; and the fairnesse of the feeld is with me. If

Y schal be hungry, Y schal not seie to thee ; for the world

13 and the fulnesse therof is myn. Whether Y schal eete the
fleischis of boolis ? ethir schal Y drynke the blood of geet

14 buckis? Offre thou to God the sacrifice of heriyng ;

15 and 5elde thin avowis to the hi^este God And inwardU
clepe thou me in the dai of tribulacioun ; and Y schal de-

lolyuere thee, and thou schalt onoure me. But God seide
to the synnere, Whi tellist thou out my ri^tfulnessis ; and

1 7 takist my testament bi thi mouth ? Sotheli thou hatidist

18 lore; and hast cast awey my wordis bihynde. If thou si5est
a theef, thou hast runne with hym ; and thou settidist thi

10 part with avowtreris. Thi mouth was plenteuouse of malice ;
JO and thi tunge medlide togidere giles. Thou sittynge spakist

a5ens thi brother, and thou settidist sclaundir a^ens the sone

2 1 of thi modir ; thou didist these thingis, and Y was stille.
Thou gessidist wickidli, that Y schal be lijk thee; Y schal

22 repreue thee, and Y schal sette a5ens thi face. 3^ that for-
^eten God, vndurstonde these thingis; lest sum tyme he

23 rauysche, and noon be that schal delyuere. The sacrifice of
heriyng schal onoure me ; and there is the weie, where ynne

Y schal schewe to hym the helthe of God.

Psalm L (LI).

1 T/ie tiile of the fif tithe salm. To victor ie, the salni of Daiiid ;

2 ivhanne Nathan the prophete cam to hym, ivhan7ie he entride
to Bersabee.

3 God, haue thou merci on me ; bi thi greet merci. And bi
the mychilnesse of thi merciful doyngis ; do thou awei my

I06 PSALMS, L (l/).

4 wickidnesse. More waische thou me fro my wickidnesse ;

5 and dense thou me fro my synne. For Y knouleche my

6 wickidnesse ; and my synne is euere a^ens me. I haue
synned to thee aloone, and Y haue do yuel bifor thee ; that
thou be iustified in thi wordis, and ouercome whanne thou

7 art demed. For lo ! Y was conseyued in wickednessis ; and
s my modir conceyuede me in synnes. For lo ! thou louedist

treuihe ; thou hast schewid to me the vncerteyn thinj^is, and

9 pryuy thingis of thi wisdom. Lord, sprenge thou me with

ysope, and Y schal be clensid; waische thou me, and Y

loschal be maad whijt more than snow, ^yue thou ioie, and

gkTdnesse to myn heryng; and boonys maad meke schulen

1 1 ful out make ioye. Turne awei thi face fro my synnes ; and

12 do awei alle my wickidnesses. God, make thou a clene
herte in me ; and make thou newe a ri3tful spirit in my

i3entrailis. Caste thou me not awei fro thi face; and take

14 thou not awei fro me thin hooH spirit. 3^^^^ thou to me
the gladnesse of thyn helthe ; and conferme thou me with

15 the principal spirit. I schal teche wickid men thi weies;

16 and vnfeithful men schulen be conuertid to thee. God, the
God of myn helthe, delyuere thou me fro bloodis ; and my

1 7 tunge schal ioyfuli synge thi ri3tfulnesse. Lord, opene thou
iSmylippis; and my mouth schal telle thi preysyng. For if

thou haddist wold sacrifice, Y hadde 50ue ; treuli thou schalt

19 not delite in brent sacrifices. A sacrifice to God is a spirit
troblid ; God, thou schalt not dispise a contrit herte and

20 maad meke. Lord, do thou benygneli in thi good wille

2 1 to Syon ; that the wallis of Jerusalem be bildid. Thanne
thou schalt take plesauntli the sacrifice of ri3tfulnesse, of-
fryngis, and brent sacrifices ; thanne thei schulen putte calues
on thin auter.


PSALMS, LI, LII (lit, LIII). loy

Psalm LI (LII).

1,2 The title of the oo?i and fif tithe salm. To vie tor ic, the salni
0/ Dauid, ivhatwe Doech Idiimei cam, and telde to Said, and
seide to him, Dauid cam in to the hoivs 0/ Abymelcch.

3 What hast thou glorie in malice ; which art mi3ti in

4 wickidnesse ? Al dai thi tunge thou5te vnri^tfulnesse ; as

5 a scharp rasour thou hast do gile. Thou louedist malice
more than benygnite ; thou louedist wickidnesse more than

6 to speke equite. Thou louedist alle wordis of casting doun ;

7 with a gileful tunge. Therfor God schal distrie thee in to
the ende, he schal drawe thee out bi the roote, and he schal
make thee to passe awei fro thi tabernacle ; and thi roote fro

8 the lond of lyuynge men. lust men schulen se, and schulen
drede ; and thei schulen lei^e on hym, and thei schulen seie,

9 Lo ! the man that settide not God his helpere. But he
hopide in the multitude of his richessis ; and hadde maistrie

10 in his vanite. Forsothe Y, as a fruytful olyue tre in the
hous of God ; hopide in the merci of God with-outen ende,

T I and in to the world of world. Y schal knowleche to thee
in to the world, for thou hast do mercy to me ; and Y schal
abide thi name, for it is good in the sijt of thi seyntis.

Psalm LII (LIII).

1 The title of the tivo and fif tithe salm. To the ouercomer

hi the quere, the lernyrig of Dauid.

2 The vnwise man seide in his herte ; God is not. Thei
ben corrupt, and maad abhomynable in her wickidnessis ;

3 noon is that doith good. God bihelde fro heuene on the
sones of men ; that he se, if ony is vndurstondynge, ether

4 sekynge God. Alle boweden awei, thei ben maad vnprofit-


able togidre ; noon is that doith good, ther is not til to oori.

5 Whether alle men, that worchen wickidnesse, schulen not
wile ; whiche deuourcn my puple as the mete of breed ?

6 Thei clepiden not God ; there thei trembliden for drede,
where no drede was. For God hath scaterid the boones of
hem, ihai plesen men ; thei ben schent, for God hath forsake

7 hem. Who schal 5yue fro Syon helthe to Israel .? whanne
the Lord hath turned the caitifte of his puple, Jacob schal
ful out make ioie, and Israel schal be glad.

Psalm LIII (LIV).

I T/ic iiik of the thre and fif tithe salm. To viciorie m orguns,
ether in satmes, the lernyng of Dauid, whanne Zyfeys catnen,
and seiden to Saul, Whethir Dauid is not hid at vs ?

T, God, in thi name make thou me saaf; and in thi vertu

4 deme thou me. God, here thou my preier ; with eeris per-

5 seyue thou the wordis of my mouth. For aliens han rise
a^ens me, and stronge men sou5ten my lijf ; and thei settiden

6 not God bifor her si3t. For, lo ! God helpith me ; and the

7 Lord is vptaker of my soule. Turne thou awei yuehs to

8 myn enemyes ; and leese thou hem in thi treuthe. Wilfuli
Y schal make sacrifice to thee ; and, Lord, Y schal knou-

9 leche to thi name, for it is good. For thou delyueridist me
fro al tribulacioun ; and myn i^e dispiside on myn enemyes.

Psalm LIV (LV).

1 The title of the foure and fif tithe salni. hi Ebreu thus, To

victorie in orguns, the lernyng of Dauid. In feroms trans-
lacioun thus, To the ouercomer in salmes of Dauid lernid.

2 God, here thou my preier, and dispise thou not my

3 biseching ; 3yuc thou tent to me, and here thou me.


I am sorewfal in myn exercising ; and Y am disturblid

4 of the face of the enemye, and of the tribulacioun of the
synner. For thei bowiden wickidnessis in to me; and in

5 ire thei weren diseseful to me. Myn herte was disturblid

6 in me ; and the drede of deth felde on me. Drede and

7 trembling camen on me ; and derknessis hiliden me. And
Y seide, Who schal ^yue to me fetheris, as of a culuer ; and

8 Y schal fle, and schal take rest ? Lo I Y ^ede fer awei, and

9 fledde ; and Y dwellide in wildirnesse. I abood hym, that
made me saaf fro the litilnesse, e/ker drede, of spirit ; and fro

10 tempest. Lord, caste thou doun, departe thou the tungis of

11 hem; for Y sij wickidnesse and ajenseiyng in the citee. Bi
dai and ny3t wickidnesse schal cumpasse it on the wallis

i2therof; and trauel and vnrijtfulnesse ben in the myddis therof.

13 And vsure and gile failide not; fro the stretis therof. For if
myn enemye hadde cursid me ; sotheli Y hadde suffride.
And if he, that hatide me, hadde spoke greet thingis on me ;

14 in hap Y hadde hid me fro hym. But thou art a man of o
i5wille; my leeder, and my knowun. Which tokist togidere

swete meetis with me; we 3eden with consent in the hous

16 of God. Deth come on hem ; and go thei doun quyk in to
helle. For weiwardnessis ben in the dwelling places of hem ;

17 in the myddis of hem. But Y criede to thee, Lord ; and the

18 Lord sauede me. \\\ the euentid and morewtid and in myd-
dai Y schal telle, and schewe ; and he schal here my vols.

19 He schal a5enbie my soule in pees fro hem, that nei^en to

20 me ; for among manye thei weren with me. God schal
here ; and he that is bifore the worldis schal make hem low.

21 For chaungyng is not to hem, and thei dredden not God ; he
holdith forth his hoond in 5elding. Thei defouliden his

22 testament, the cheris therof weren departid fro ire; and his
herte nei3ede. The wordis therof weren softer than oyle ; and

2.^tho ben dartis. Caste thi cure on the Lord, and he schal


fulli nurische thee; and he schal not 5yue \vith-outen ende
2.} flotcring to a iust man. But thou, God, schalt lede hem
forth ; in to the pit of deth. Menquelleris and gilours schulen
not hauc half her daics ; but, Lord, Y schal hope in thee.

Psalm LV (LVI).

1 T/te title of the fyiie and fif lithe sahn. In Ebreu thus, To the

ouerco?fty?7g on the doinnb culuer of fer drawing awei, the
comely song of Dauid, ivhanne Filisleis helde?i hym in Geth.
In fcroms iranslacioun thus. To the ouer comer for the doumh
culuer, for it yde awei fer. Dauid meke and symple made
this salm, whanne Palest eyns helden hyjn in Geth.

2 God, haue thou merci on me, for a man hath defoulid me ;

3 al dai he impugnyde, and troublide me. Myn enemyes de-

4 fouliden me al dai ; for manye fi3teris ivereii a^ens me. Of
the hi3nesse of dai Y schal drede ; but God Y schal hope in

5 thee. Li God Y schal preise my wordis ; Y hopide in God,

6 Y schal not drede what thing fleisch schal do to me. Al dai
thei cursiden my wordis ; a5ens me alle her thou^tis weren in

7 to yuel. Thei schulen dwelle, and schulen hide ; thei schulen

8 aspie myn heele. As thei abiden my lijf, for nou5t schalt
thou make hem saaf ; in ire thou schalt breke togidere puplis.

9 God, Y schewide my lijf to thee ; thou hast set my teeris in
lothi si5t. As and in thi biheest, Lord; thanne myn enemyes

schulen be turned abak. In what euere dai Y schal inwardli

1 1 clepe thee ; lo ! Y haue knowe, that thou art my God. In
God Y schal preyse a word ; in the Lord Y schal preyse a
word. Y schal hope in God ; Y schal not drede what thing

1 2 a man schal do to me. God, thin auowis ben in me ; whiche

13 Y schal 3elde heriyngis to thee. For thou hast delyuerid my
lijf fro deth, and my feet fro slidyng ; that Y pleese bifore
God in the li3t of hem that lyuen.

PSALMS, LVI (lVIi). ill

Psalm LVI (LVII).

1 T/ie iitJc of the sixte and fif tithe sahn. In Ebreu thus, To the
victorie, lese thou 7wt the semeli song, ether the swete song of
Dauid, ivhamie he fledde fro the face of Saul in to the denne.
In feroms translacioun thus. For victorie, that thou lese not
Dauid, 7neke and simple, whanne he fledde fro the face of Saul
in to the denne.

God, haue thou merci on me, haue thou merci on me ;
for my soule tristith in thee. And Y schal hope in the

3 schadewe of thi wyngis ; til wickidnesse passe. I shall crye

4 to God altherhi5este ; to God that dide wel to me. He sente
fro heuene, and delyuerede me ; he 5af in to schenschip hem

.n that defoulen me. God sente his merci and his treuthe, and
delyuerede my soule fro the myddis of whelpis of liouns ; Y
slepte disturblid. The sones of men, the teeth of hem ben

6 armuris and arowis ; and her tunge is a scharp swerd. God,
be thou enhaunsid aboue heuenes; and thi glorie aboue al

7 erthe. Thei maden redi a snare to my feet ; and thei greetly
boweden my lijf. Thei delueden a diche bifore my face ; and

8 thei felden doun in to it. God, myn herte is redi, myn herte

9 is redi ; Y schal singe, and Y schal seie salm. Mi glorie, rise
thou vp ; sautrie and harpe, rise thou vp ; Y schal rise vp

loeerli. Lord, Y schal knouleche to thee among puplis; and

1 1 Y schal seie salm among hethene men. For thi merci is

1 2 magnified til to heuenes ; and thi treuthe til to cloudis. God,
be thou enhaunsid aboue heuenes ; and thi glorie ouer al



1 T/iC tiih of the scume a?id fiftiihe salm. In Ebreu thus, To

vie tor ie; lese thou not the swete sojig, ether the semely salm, of
Dauid. In fcroms trafistacioiin thus. To the ouercomere, that
thou lese not Dauid, meke and simple.

2 FoRSOTHE if 56 speken ri3tfulnesse verili ; ^e sones of men,

3 deme rijtfuli. For in herte 5e worchen wickidnesse in erthe ;

4 50ure hondis maken redi vnri3tfulnessis. Synneris weren
maad aliens fro the wombe ; thei erriden fro the wombe, thei

5 spaken false thingis. Woodnesse is to hem, bi the licnesse
of a serpent ; as of a deef snake, and stoppynge hise eeris.

6 Which schal not here the vois of charmeris; and of a venym-

7 makere charmynge wiseli. God schal al to-breke the teeth of
hem in her mouth ; the Lord schal breke togidere the greet

8 teeth of liouns. Thei schulen come to nou^t, as water rennynge

9 awci ; he bcnte his bouwe, til thei ben maad sijk. As wexe
that fletith awei, thei schulen be takun awei ; fier felle aboue,

10 and thei si^en not the sunne. Bifore that ^oure thornes vn-
durstoden the ramne ; he swolewith hem so in ire, as lyuynge

1 1 men. The iust man schal be glad, whanne he schal se
veniaunce ; he schal waische hise hondis in the blood of a

i2synner. And a man schal seie treuli, For fruyt is to a iust
man ; treuli God is demynge hem in erthe.

Psalm LVIII (LIX).

1 The title of the ei-^te and fif tithe salm. In fcroms translacioun

thus, To the ouercomer, that thou lese not Dauid, meke and
simple, whanne Saul sente and kepte the hous,.to slee hym. In
Ebreu thus. To the ouerco??iyng, leese thou not the scmeli song
of Dauid, and so forth.

2 i\Ii God, delyuer thou me fro myn enemyes ; and delyuer

3 thou me fro hem that risen a3ens me. Delyuer thou me fro

PSA LMS, L VI n ( L IX). 1 1 3

hem that worchen wickidnesse ; and saue thou me fro men-

4 quelleris. For lo ! thei han take my soule ; stronge men

5 fellen in on me. Nethir my wickidnesse, nether my synne ;
Lord, Y ran with out wickidnesse, and dresside ??iy werkis.

6 Rise vp thou in to my meetyng, and se ; and thou, Lord God
of venues, art God of Israel. 3)'^^ thou tent to visite alle
folkis ; do thou not merci to alle that worchen wickidnesse.

7 Thei schulen be turned at euentid, and thei as doggis schulen
^ suftre hungir ; and thei schulen cumpas the citee. Lo ! thei

schulen speke in her mouth, and a swerd in her lippis ; for
.J who herde t And thou. Lord, schalt scorne hem ; thou schalt
lobringe alle folkis to nou5t. I schal kepe my strengthe to

1 1 thee ; for God is myn vptaker, my God, his mercy schal come

1 2 byfore me. God schewide to me on myn enemyes, slee thou
not hem ; lest ony tyme my puples for5ete. Scatere thou
hem in thi vertu ; and, Lord, my defender, putte thou hem

isdoun. Putte thou doufi the trespas of her mouth, and the
word of her lippis ; and be thei takun in her pride. And of
cursyng and of leesyng ; thei schulen be schewid in the

14 endyng. In the ire of ending, and thei schulen not be ; and
thei schulen wite, that the Lord schal be Lord of Jacob, and

i 5 of the endis of erthe. Thei schulen be turned at euentid,
and thei as doggis schulen suffre hungur ; and thei schulen

1 6 cumpas the citee. Thei schulen be scaterid abrood, for to
eete; sotheli if thei ben not fillid; and thei schulen grutche.

17 But Y schal synge thi strengthe ; and eerli Y schal enhaunse
ihi merci. For thou art maad myn vptaker ; and my refuyt,

I s in the dai of my tribulacioun. INIyn helper, Y schal synge to
ihee ; for thou art God, myn vptaker, my God, my mercy.


Psalm LIX (LX).

1 T/if title of the nym and fif tithe salm. In Ebreu thus, To

victor ie, on the witnessyng of roosc, the swete so?ig 0/ Dauid,

2 to techc, whanne he/aw^te ayns Aram of floodis, and Sirie of
So/h7 ; andfoab turnedc ayn, and smoot Edom in the valei 0/
satt pittis, twctm thousynde. In feroms iranslacioun thus, To
the ouercomer for lilies, the witnessing of meke and parfit
Datiid, to tcche, whanne hefaii^te ayns Sirie of Mesopotamye,
and Sob a, and so forth.

3 God, thou hast put awei vs, and thou hast distried vs ;

4 thou were wrooth, and thou hast do merci to vs. Thou
mouedist the erthe, and thou disturbhdist it ; make thou hool

5 the sorewis therof, for it is moued. Thou schewidist harde
thingis to thi puple ; thou ^auest drynk to vs with the wyn of

6 compunccioun. Thou hast ^oue a signefiyng to hem that
dreden thee ; that thei fle fro the face of the bouwe. That

7 thi derlyngis be delyuered ; make thou saaf with thi ri5t hond

8 the puple of Israel, and here thou me. God spak bi his hooH ;
Y schal be glad, and Y schal departe Siccimam, and Y schal

9 meete the greet valei of tabernaclis. Galaad is myn, and
Manasses is myn ; and Effraym is the strengthe of myn heed.

10 |uda is my king; ]\Ioab is the pot of myn hope. In to
Idumee Y schal stretche 'forth my scho ; aliens ben maad

1 1 sugct to mc. Who schal lede me in to a citee maad strong ;
1 1 who schal leede me til in to Ydumee ? Whether not thou,

God, that hast put awei vs ; and schalt thou not, God, go out
1,^ in oure vertues ? Lord, 5yue thou to vs help of tribulacioun ;
J } for the heelthe of man is veyn. In God we schulen make

vertu ; and he schal bringe to nou3t hem that disturblen vs.


Psalm LX (LXI).

1 T/2e titil of the sixtithe sahii. To the victorie on orgtm, to

Dauid hym si//.

2 God, here thou my biseching ; 5yue thou tent to my preyer.
,^ Fro the endis of the lond Y criede to thee ; the while myn

herte was angwischid, thou enhaunsidist me in a stoon.

4 Thou laddest me forth, for thou art maad myn hope ; a tour

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