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The Official Roster





Compiled Under the Direction of

. Frank D. Henderson, TJie Adjutant General,

John R. Rea, Military Registrar,
Daughters of American Revolution of Ohio.

Jane Dowd Dailey (Mrs. O. D.),
State Chairman.




This volume is respectfully and gratefully dedicated


Columbus, Ohio


Bound at the State Bindery.


H. B. No. loi

Providing for the publication and distribution of the roster of
the soldiers of the revolutionary war, buried in Ohio.

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Ohio:

Section i. The adjutant general of Ohio is hereby authorized to
secure the publication in book form of a complete roster of all the sol-
diers and sailors of the revolutionary war, buried in Ohio, the data for
which has already been collected by the Ohio Daughters of the American
Revolution, and presented to the state.

Section 2. Such roster shall contain the principal items of the
record of each soldier or sailor of the revolutionary war who is buried
in Ohio. All names in such roster shall be arranged in alphabetical order
in such a manner as to render all information contained therein ready
and accessible, and shall be thoroughly indexed. The binding shall be
done at the state bindery under the direction of the superintendent of
purchase and printing.

Section 3. Two thousand copies of such roster shall be printed, to
be distributed as follows : three hundred copies shall be delivered to the
state librarian for distribution by him, to the libraries of Ohio and other
states, provided that one copy be sent to a library in each county ; two
hundred copies shall be delivered to the Daughters of the American Revo-
lution for distribution among their own chapters ; fifty copies to the
adjutant general; and two copies to each member of the General As-

In addition to the above free distribution, the remaining copies shall
be delivered to the Ohio Archaeological and Historical Society, to be
sold by it at cost, and the proceeds thereof paid into the state treasury
to the credit of the general revenue fund.

Section 4. For the printing, stock and binding of the roster as
provided for in this act there is hereby appropriated out of any moneys
in the state treasury to the credit of the general revenue fund, and not
otherwise appropriated, not to exceed the sum of two thousand dollars.
The appropriation herein made shall be for the use of the adjutant general
in carrying out the provisions of this act.

Adopted by House Bill 502 — Appropriation Bill.

Published by direction of Frank D. Henderson, Adjutant General.

John R. Rea, Military Registrar.



The records contained in this Roster were presented by the Daughters of the
American Revolution to the State of Ohio as a tribute of respect to the hardy
pioneers who transplanted to this State the noble ideals for which they fought from
1775 to 1783, and who now sleep the last sleep beneath its soil.

The 87th General Assembly of Ohio accepted the gift of these records from the
Daughters of the American Revolution and provided an appropriation for their
publication as a part of the Military records of the State. The Roster is not designed
as a genealogical reference book, although it may be of service in tracing pioneer
ancestry. Its primary object is to present an authetic and complete list of Revolu-
tionary soldiers buried in this State. Research has extended over a quarter of a
century, and had it not been for the patriotic service given gratis by Ohio men and
women the compilation of these records would not have been possible. No detail was
too insignificant for these searchers; county cemeteries were investigated by faithful
Chapter chairmen of the D. A. R. ; newspapers gave freely of their space ; the U. S.
Bureau of Pensions gave valuable aid and many persons were assiduous in searching
the D. A. R. lineage books and the published lists of the Sons of the American Revo-

Contained herein are many records of proven service, but there are some which
may never be proved though the service given by the individuals is beyond question.
Information in many instances was meager, but this, it is felt, can l)e corrected by
adding to the Roster additional records which are now or will be in the future under
investigation. The chapter or person who filed the data is responsible for the au-
thenticit}' of the record and any communication should be carried on with them.
Filing of the records was begun by Mrs. Eugene Kennedy, Dayton, Ohio, during her
term as State Chairman of Historical Sites and Revolutionary Graves, 1920 to 1923,
and the Roster was compiled by the present State Chairman who submits the work
in answer to the toast of Davidi Morris, Revolutionary soldier, who pleaded at a
patriotic meeting held at Troy, Ohio, July 4, 1827 —

"May the precious blood that was spilt between the
years '75 and '83 as a sacrifice for our liberty and
independence be ever commenorated."

Lest the reader should wonder at the large number of Revolutionary soldiers
buried in Ohio, it should be recalled that the present boundaries of Ohio were nearest
the original colonies, and when land grants were given to the soldiers thither came
the hardy New Englanders to the Western Reserve and the region of Lake Erie ;
sturdy Pennsylvanians crossed over into central Ohio and the Virginian and Carolinian
took up his abode in the southern part of Ohio. Here in the Northwest Territory
they lived and died; they were fathers of a race who inherited the invincible courage
and sterling qualities of the Revolutionary soldier and who took up the burden of
founding the Nation by pressing westward.

State Chairman of Historic Sites and Revolutionary
Graves, D. A. R., 1923-29.

State Regent, Ohio D. A. R.




Apr April

Aptd Appointed

Amer Amer

Aug August


Bk Book

Bur Buried

Bn Battalion

Br Born

Brig Brigade

Brig Gen Brigadier General


Capt Captain

Cav Cavalry

Cem ..." Cemetery

Chap Chapter

Col Colonel

Corp Corporal


D Died

Da Day

Dau Daughter

Dec December

Disch Discharged


Enl Enlisted

Enlmt Enlistment

Feb February

Fur Infor Furnished Information

Fr From


Gen General

GM Grave Marked

Hist History


Inf Infantry

Infor Information

Jan January

July July

June June


Lin Lineage

Lt Lieutenant

Lt Col Lieutenant Colonel


Maj Major

Maj Gen Major General

Mar Married

May May

Mch March

Mil Militia

MI Monument Inscription

Mo Month

Mos Months


Natl National

Nov November


O Ohio

Oct October


P Page

pp pages

Pens Pension

Pvt Private


Ref Reference

Reg Regular

Regt Regiment

Rev Revolution


Sec Section

Serv Service

Sept September

Sgt Sergeant


Tr Troops

Twp Township


Vol Volume

Yrs Years




Akron Akron

Ames, Nabby Lee , Athens

Avery, Temperance ." Ellet

Bain, Jane ( Now Freedom) Alliance

Belief ontaine Belief ontaine

Blanchester Blanchester

Boyer, Lewis Sidney

Byrd, Lieutenant Decatur


Canton Canton

Chesney, Mary Warren

Chittenden, Molly Geauga County

Cincinnati Cincinnati

City, Delaware Delaware

City, Plain Plain City

Cleaveland, Moses Cleveland

Cliff, Cedar Cedarville

Clinton, George Wilmington

Colony, French GalHpoHs

Columbus Columbus

Connecticut, New Painesville

Cops, Sarah Ashland

Coshocton , Coshocton

Crawford, Hannah Bucyrus

Crawford, Col. William Upper Sandusky

Creek, Turtle Lebanon

Croghan, Col. George Tremont


Davis, Ann Simpson Columbus

Dayton, Jonathan Dayton

Defiance, Ft Defiance

De Forest, Sally Norwalk

Devin, Amanda Barker McConnelsville

Dew, Elizabeth Zane Nelsonville

Dustin, Hannah Emerson Marysville

Elyria Elyria


Falls, Cuyahoga • Cuyahoga Falls

Findlay, Ft Findlay

Firelands Willard

Fowler, James Leroy



Gilead, Mt Mt. Gilead

Grant, Eunice Jefferson

Granville Granville

Greene, Catherine Xenia

Greenville, Ft Greenville


Hendricks, Capt. Wm Marion

Hetuck Newark

Horney, William Jeffersonville

Industry, Ft Toledo


James, Capt. John Jackson

Kokosing Mt. Vernon


Lagonda Springfield

Lakewood Lakewood

Laurens Ft New Philadelphia

Lima Lima

London London


Madison, Dolly Todd Tiffin

Mahoning Youngstown

Mansfield, Jared Mansfield

Marietta '. Marietta

Massie, Nathaniel Chillicothe

Massillon Massillon

Mc Arthur, Ft Kenton

Meigs, Return Jonathan Pomeroy

Miami Troy

Muskingum Zanesville

Myers, Michael Toronto

Northwest, Old Ravenna


Oberlin (Now Nancy Squire) Oberlin

Olentangy Galion

Olmstead, Aaron Kent


Perry, Nathan Lorain

Piqua Piqua

Pitkin, Martha Sandusky

Plains, Pickaway Circleville

Portage, Cuyahoga Akron

Portage, Delcry Port Clinton

Preble, Commodore Eaton



Redmond, Mary Conneaut

Reese, Elizabeth Sherman Lancaster

Reeve, Luther Rome

Reily, John Hamilton

Reserve, Western Cleveland

Ripley Ripley

Rucker, Ann Woodsfield


Scott, Oxford Caroline Oxford

Slagle, George Jamestown

Smith, Col. Jonathan Bayard Middletown

Southwick, Bethia Wellsville

Spencer, Joseph Portsmouth

Stanley, Mary Ashtabula

Sterling, Mt Mt. Sterling

Steubenville Steubenville

Stone, Anna Ashbury Cambridge

Swamp, Black Bowling Green

Sycamore Winchester


Taliaferro Georgetown

Taylor Chardon

Tomepomehala New Concord

Trail, Moravian Cadiz

Urbana Urbana


Valley, Scioto Waverly

Van Wart, Isaac Van Wert


Washington, Jane Fostoria

Washington C. H Washingeon C. H.

Washington, Mary Mansfield

Wauseon Wauseon

Waw-Wil-A-Way Hillsboro

Wayne, Wooster Wooster

Westervelt, Jacobus Westerville

White, Julianna Greenfield

Wolcott, Ursula Toledo

Worthington, Governor Logan



Served in the Continental army during the Rev. Br May 29/1739. Mar Esther
— , who was br Sept 17, 1746. Children: Mary, Chloe, John, Rebecca, Eunice. Silas,
Jane, Joseph. D Franklin Twp, Brown Co. O. Bur Abbott family Cem in Frank-
lin Twp. Moved fr NJ to Va and shortly after the war came to Straight Creek,
Franklin Twp, Brown Co, O. With Greer Brown, located 1000 acres, each taking
500 acres. Ref : Brown Co Hist 1883 by Beers & Co., p 539. Malcolm Abbott,
Georgetown, O, and Mrs. A. A. Wicoff, descendants. Fur infor Taliaferro and
Lieutenant Byrd Chaps.

ABEL, JOHN, (Lake Co.)

Corp. Enl June 1777 for three mos under Capt Jonathan Penoyer ; Oct 1 for
one mo under Capt Ephriam Merimer ; Dec 1778 for 3 mos under Capt Amos Chapel ;
July 1778 for 3 mos under Col Lawrence. Br 1756. D Dec 23, 1836 at Perry, Lake
Co, O. Bur Perry, O. MI: "Died in Perry, Lake Co, O on Friday the 23rd of
Dec 1836, Mr. John Abel, a Revolutionary Soldier, in the 80th yr of his age." GM
by New Connecticut Chap. Fur infor New Connecticut Chap.

ACHOR, JOHN, (Clinton Co.)
Bur Smithson Cem, near New Vienna. Fur infor George Clinton Chap.


Pvt. Br 1757, Bergen Co, NJ. Mar: 1st wife (no date). 2nd wife: Amv
Barton Roberts (a widow) Feb 1803. Children: Catherine b 1803, John Jr b 1805,
Abraham b 1808, Mary b 1810. D Sept 8, 1841, Knox Co, Middlebury Twp. Fur
in North Fork Cem in the western part of the countv. MI : "John Ackerman died
Sept 8, "1841, aged 83 yrs, 9 mos, 16 da. A soldier of 1776." Pioneer settler. A
farmer. Ref : Wm. Ackerman, Mt Vernon, O. Fur infor Mt Gilead and Kokosing

ADAIR, JAMES. (Mahoning Co.)

Pvt. Third Bn. NJ. Br 1740. Mar Mary McCord (1744-1824). Children:
William, James. Alexander. D 1816. Bur Presbvterian Cem. Poland. O. GM by
D. A. R. in 1915-17. Ref : N. J. Men in the Rev p 485 ; p 59 Vol 2, Hist of Trum-
bull and Mahoning Cos. Natl No. 51982 D. A. R. Lin. Mrs. J. Craig Smith,
descendant. Fur infor Mahoning Chap.

ADAMS, ABRAHAM, (Delaware Co.)

Sgt in Sussex Co, NJ. Mil. Br 1755 Sussex Co, NJ. D 1822 Delaware Co, O.
Natl No 96327, Vol 97, p 103 D. A. R. Lin. Fur infor Delaware Chap.

ADAMS, ASAHEL, (Trumbull Co.)

Enl fr Norwich, Conn in 1775, 7th Regt Continental Line May 5, 1777. Trans-
ferred to "The Guards" Apr 1, 1778 and served to close of war. Disch May 5, 1781.
With Washington at Valley Forge, crossing Delaware river and Trenton battle. Br
Sept 13, 1754 at Canterbury, Conn. Parents : Phineas and Lydia Fitch Adams. Mar
Olive Avery 1779, (bur at his side). Children: Elizabeth, David Augustus. Asael,
Frances Ursula. Susan, Mason, Olive, Jay. Adeline, Phineas. D May 25, 1821, Girard,
O. Bur Miami Cem Liberty Twp. MI : "Asahel Adams formerly of 'Canterbury,
Conn. Died 5/25/1821. aged 66 yrs." GM by family. Ref: Fred Adams, Warren,
O. (S. A. R. on this line). Fur infor Mary Chesney Chap.



ADAMS, DAVID, (Delaware Co.)

Pvt under Col Seward, Capt Benj Kirkendall, NJ Tr. Bur in Harlem Twp.
Pensioned. Fur in for Delaware Chap.

ADAMS, ELIJAH, (Licking Co.)

Enl at Enfield, Conn, May 1, 1775 as Pvt in Capt Hezekiah Parson's Company,
Col Inman's Regt ; also Col Motto's Regt. Was detached as a marine with Capt
Murison on a row-galley on Lake Champlain, where he was captured, but shortly
after was released on parole. On June 1, 1782 he enl as Sgt in Col Willet's Re^
in New York. Br 1755 in Conn. Mar Sarah Vails, Feb 11, 1798, Otsego, NY. D
Dec 7, 1843 Monroe Twp. MI: "Rev. War" GM by Hetuck Chap in 1910. Ref:
Hist of Licking county by E. M. Brister. Fur infor Hetuck Chap.

ADAMS, GEORGE, (Darke Co.)

Served as a drummer boy in Capt Finley's Company, Pa Line in the Rev. Also
served as an Indian spy under St Clair, and a coat worn by him is in the Smithsonian
Institution, Washington, DC. A Maj in Mil at beginning of 1812 and commanded
Ft Green. Br Oct 26, 1767 in Pa. Mar Elizabeth Ellis, Ft Washington (now Cin-
cinnati). Children: Elizabeth Adams Worley (first white female child born in
Cincinnati.) D Nov 28, 1832. Bur in Martin Cem, 3 miles east of Greenville, Adams
Twp, near Bears Mills, formerly Adams Mill, built by him on land given him by
the government. MI : Name, date of birth and age. His wife was a dau of Gen
and Elizabeth Ellis. Ref: Ohio Archaeological and Hist Society, Vol 22, p 522. Fur
infor Fort Greenville Chap, and S. A. R. of Dayton.

ADAMS, JOHN, (Coshocton Co.)

Died at West Bedford. Fur infor Mrs. Augustus Ripple, member Coshocton

ADAMS, MOSES, (Portage Co.)

Pvt in Conn Continental Line. Placed on pens roll Sept 6, 1819. Bur in Frank-
lin, O. Drew pens at Ravenna, O, in 1840. Fur infor Old Northwest Chap.

ADAMS, SAMUEL, (Cuyahoga Co.)
On Ohio pens roll. Fur infor Western Reserve Chap.

ADAMS, THOMAS, (Greene Co.)

Was receiving a pens in 1810 at age of 83, for military serv thought to be Revo-
lutionary. Record taken from census of 1840. Lived at Xenia, O. Fur infor Cath-
erine Green Chap.

ADAMY, HENRY, (Cuyahoga Co.)

Seryed as Pvt New York Troops. D in 1836. GM by Western Reserve Chap.
Fur infor Western Reserve Chap.

ADGATE, JOHN HART, (Trumbull Co.)

Surgeon. Br Sept 13, 1759. Parents: Thomas and Ruth Lefifingwell) Adgate.
(Mar Jan 25/1735). Mar Salley Fitch, probably in New London, Conn. Children:
John, James, Charles, Ulises, Salley, Hoover, Bolinda, Leviett, Caroline, Anna. D
Apr 23,' 1809, Warren, O. Bur Old Cem, Mahoning Ave in family lot. Monument
in good order. MI : John Hart Adgate. Born 1759. Died 1809. GM by family.
Name also on monument erected in Old Cem for Revolutionary Soldiers. Ref :
Family Hist in possession of Adgate family still living in Warren. Fur infor Mary
Chesney Chap.


AGARD, JOHN, (Portage Co.)

Lived at Brimfield. Drew pens at age of 78 yrs. Fur infor Old Northwest

ALBAN, GEORGE, (Jefferson Co.)

Enl 1776 Va Continental Line, 8th Regt. Transferred 1777 to Commander-in
Chief's Guard. In battles of Germantown and Brandywine. Br 1758, Winchester,
Va. Mar 1783 Jane Green (1760-1839). D 1840, Steubenville, O. Rur Two Ridges
Cem, Jefferson Co. GM by Steubenville Chap with official marker. Ref Natl No
102642, Vol 103. p 197 D. A. R. Lin. Fur infer Steubenville Chap.


Enl as Pvt and rose to rank of Major. Was at Germantown, Oct 31, 1777 ;
served until close of war. .'\lso at Brandywine. From Frederick county, Md. Br
1758 Shenandoah Valley, Va. D Nov 9, 1859 Newton Twp. Bur in Evans Cem
near St Louisville. MI: "Rev. War." GM by Hetuck Chap in 1909. Ref: History
of Licking County by E. M. P. Brister. Pension file 2902. Fur infor Hetuck Chap.

ALBIN, JOHN, (Clark Co.)

Br 1740, Virginia. Children: William, Gabriel, John, Joseph, Sarah. D 1820,
Clark Co. Bur Ebenezer, miles south on Yellow Springs pike, southeast corner.
MI : Name, date of death. GM by family monument. Came to Ohio at close of
war. A farmer. Ref ; Family records. Fur infor Lagonda Chap.

ALDEN, DAVID, (Geauga Co.)

Pvt Mass State Mil. Enl 1780 in 'Capt Isaac Pope's Company. Br 1750. Wil-
liamsfield, Mass. Parents: David and Lucy (Thomas) Alden. Mar 1783 Susanna
Ward. Children: Ezra, Lucy, Chandler, Mary, Lydia, Enoch, Susanna, Hannah,
Sarah, Wheeler. D Jan 8, 1843. Bur Middlefield, O. cemetery, on lot of son
Enoch Alden, which has monument. MI: 'David Alden, died Jan. 8, 1843, 84 years.'
GM by family. Farmer. Descendant of John Alden of Plvmouth. National num-
ber of Revolutionary Soldier in D. A. R. Honor Roll 21065, 14575. Ref : 90269, Vol
91, p 88 D. A. R. Lin. Fur infor Taylor Chap.

ALDRED, HENRY, (Adams Co.)

Br in Germany, date unknown. D in 1835. Bur McColm cemetery on Brush
Creek. Was one of first settlers on Brush Creek. Fur infor Sycamore Chap.


Br 1733, Campbellton, Scotland. Mar Margaret Wilson. Margaret Clark
Ross, 2nd wife. Children : Jane, Margaret, James , Andrew, Nancy, Mary, John,
Robert, Peter, Jenetta, Thomas, Elizabeth. D May 9, 1817 Belmont Co, O. Bur
Scotch Ridge, near Martins Ferry, O. A farmer. Ref : Mrs. Minteer, New Con-
cord, O. Fur infor Wheeling, W. Va. Chap, by Mrs A. L. McFarland, St Clairs-
ville, O.


Served as a member of Capt Eleazer Williamson's companv in 3rd Bn Wash-
ington Co, Pa. Mil 1782-84. Br 1752. Mar Elizabeth (1762-1833). D 1830.

Bur in Cadiz Old graveyard. Ref : Pa. Archives, 6th Series, II, 124. Fur infor
Moravian Trail Chap.


Received into her home and nursed back to health four soldiers sick with fever.
Br 1743 in Scotland. Mar James Ross. D 1809 in Belmont Co. O. Ref: Natl No.
99898, Vol 100, p 279, D. A. R. Lin.


ALEY, ABRAHAM, (Greene Co.)

Br Miami City, O. Buried in Aley Churchyard. Ref: Robinson's History of
Greene County. Fur infor Catherine Greene Chap.


Pvt ITTfi Capt Prevr's Company, Conn. Tr. 1777. Capt Fassett's Company,
Col Stafford's Regt 1780. Sgt in charge of guarding prisoners, Capt Clark's Com-
pany of Mass Mil. Br Mch 13, 1757, Windsor, Conn. Parents : Benedict and

Jerusha (Ashlev) Alford. Mar Huldah . Children: Annie, Benedict. D

Feb 25, 1838, Welshfield, O. Bur North of Pope's Corners, Welshfield, O. MI:
"Benedict Alford died Feb 25, 1835 aged 82." Came to Welshfield, Troy Twp, O.
1835. Ref: Ancient Windsor Record Vol 2, p G15. Pioneer Hist Geauga Co.
Natl No in D. A. R. Honor Roll 75674. Fur infor Taylor Chap.

ALFORD, ELIJAH, (Portage Co.)
Lived at Windham. Drew pension. Fur infor Old Northwest Chap.

ALLBERRY, JOHN, (Licking Co.)

Has an authentic record which was investigated by Granville Chap, and veri-
fied by War records. Bur in Universalist cem., Jersey Twp., Licking Co. Fur
infor Granville Chap.

ALLEN, ADAM, (Fayette Co.)

Pvt. Volunteered from Pa, later Washington's Aide. Br 1754, Pa. Mar

Nancy (2nd wife.) Children: Elizabeth, William, Adam, Ethan,

Aaron. Betsy, Sarah. D Aug 27, 1851, near Milledgeville. Bur Coons Cem on
Jamestown Pike in old part. MI : "Adam Allen a soldier of Revolution, entering
Army of V^ashington in 1776. Fought at Monmouth and Brandvwine." GM by
family, in 1852. A farmer. Ref: Natl No. 109696. Fur infor Washington Court
House Chap.

ALLEN, ELIHU, (Ashtabula Co.)

Enl Aug 4, 1778, Capt Olcott's Companv, Col. Chapman's Regt, Conn Mil.
Disch Sept 21. Enl July 23 in Col Webb's 2nd Regt 1780, Connecticut Line. Disch
Dec 13. Br 1764. D 1836, Wayne Twp, Ashtabula Co. Bur Roberts Cem, Wayne.
Ref : Connecticut Men in the Revolution. Fur infor Mary Stanley Chap.

ALLEN, JACOB, (Hamilton Co.)

Pvt in N. J. Militia. Br 1760, Essex Co, N. J. D 1840, Cincinnati, O. Ref:
Natl No. 94374, Vol 95, p 121, D. A. R. Lin.

ALLEN, JOHN, (Trumbull Co.)

Bur Soaptown, Lordstown Twp, southeast of Lordstown. Administrator of
estate ordered July 1843. Did not locate this grave. Name given in Yr Bk of S.
A. R. Fur infor Mary Chesney Chap.

ALLEN, JOSIAH, (Harrison Co.)

Served as a ranger of the frontier in Richard Johnston's Company. Br Jan
17, 1761, Chester Co, Pa. Parents: David and Susannah (White) Allen. Mar
Susannah Dickerson in 1798. Children : Susannah, Nancy, Elizabeth, John. George,
Joshua, David. D Dec 28, 1842, Harrison Co, O. Bur Dickerson Church-
yard about 3 miles from Cadiz. MI: "Josiah Allen. Sr. d. Dec. 28, 1842; 81
years." GM by son David, stone slab, prior to 1847. Moved to Harrison county
in 1818. A farmer. Pa Archives. Fur infor Moravian Trail Chap.


ALLEN, SILAS, (Fairfield Co.)

In 1780 aptd Surgeon in Conn Troops. Br 1754, Canterbury, Conn. Mar Mary
Cleveland in 1776. D 1825, Royalton, O. Natl No. 75447, Vol 76, D. A. R. Lin.

ALLEN, WILLIAM, (Greene Co.)

1781 a Pvt in Capt George Sharp's Company, Washington Co, Pa Mil. Br
175'0, Meadville, Pa. Mar Susan Ruckman. D 1822, Xenia, O. Ref: Natl No.
79808, Vol 80, D. A. R. Lin.

ALLERTON, JOHN, (Mahoning Co.)

Pvt in State Troops N. J. Mil. Br 17G3. Bur in Mahoning Co. Ref:-
N. J. Men of the Revolution, p488. Fur infor Mahoning Chap.

ALLIS, MOSES, (Lorain Co.)

Pensioned for service as Sgt, Mass Continental Line (Lorain Co.) 1834. Br

1754, Mass. Mar Anna . D 1842, Laporte, O. Natl No. 78258,

Vol 79, D. A. R. Lin.

ALLISON, RICHARD, (Clermont Co.)

Served throughout Rev under Gen St Clair. Br 1744, Goshen, Orange Co, N. Y.
Mar Apr 1794 at Ft Washington (Cincinnati) O. to Rebecca, dau of Col Strong
of U. S. Army. D Mch 22, 1816. Southwest part Stonelick Twp, Clermont Co.
Graduated 1776 from Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia. Entered army 1777
as Surgeon. After war practiced in Philadelphia till 1788 when made Surgeon-
General of Northwest, serving under Harmar, St Clair and Wayne. Was first
physician in Cincinnati, O. and one of the most noted of his time — known over all
U. S. Ref: A. S. Abbott, Bethel, O. Fur infor Cincinnati Chap.

ALLISON, RICHARD, (Hamilton Co.)
Br 1768, Pennsylvania. D 1816. Ref: S. A. R. Fur infor Cincinnati Chap.

ALLISON, WILLIAM, (Pickaway Co.)

Br 1748 (supposed to be in Va). Mar Miss Robertson in Va. Children: The
only one we have record of was Dorcas Allison who on Sept 3, 1811 mar
John Mills of Augusta, Va. Bur south end of cemetery. MI : "Soldier Pt
Pleasant and American Revolution. William Allison died Aug 15, 1825 in the
75th year of his age." The grave stone was made of Free Stone and is in fair
shape. GM re-marked by Dr. Edward C. Mills, Columbus, O. Was a soldier
in Gen Andrew Lewis' Army of Virginians who on Oct 10, 1774 won the battle
of Pt Pleasant Va. and marched with Lewis' army to join John Murry's army
Camp Charlotte on Scippo Creek about 4 miles from its mouth in the Scioto
river, in what is now Pickaway Co, O. Afterwards served in the war of the Rev-
olution. Fur infor Mt Sterling Chap.

ALLYN, NATHAN, (County not stated)

Seaman on board privateer "Marquis de LaFayette." Br 1740, Groton, Cona
D 1814 in Ohio. Natl No. 99265, D. A. R. Lin.

ALSPAUGH, JOHN, (Fairfield Co.)
Bur in Betzor Churchyard. Fur infor Elizabeth Sherman Reese Chap.

ALSPAUGH, MICHAEL, (Fairfield Co.)
Bur in Betzor Churchyard. Fur infor Elizabeth Sherman Reese Chap.


ALSTON, (or Allston), THOMAS, (Hamilton Co.)

Ensign 1780, 7th Company, 1st Regt, Middlesex Co, N. J. Mil. Br 1753, N.

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