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Name found in list of pensions in Census of 1840, living in Hambden, O. Ref :
p 514, Vol 5, Pension Records. Vol 91, p 11, Natl No. 90,029, D. A. R. Lin. Fur
infor Taylor Chap.


Served as drummer and Pvt 3 or 4 yrs. Was twice wounded and given a
furlough, after which he served as Minute Man during the rest of the war. Was
in Conn Mil. Bur Maple Grove Cem Ravenna, O. Placed on pension roll Oct 28,
1833. Fur infor Old Northwest Chap.


Soldier. Br Aug 6, 1761, Haddam, Middlesex Co, Conn. Parents : Capt
Cornelius Higgins and Sarah (Hawes) Higgins. Mar Eunice Gilbert, Jan 17, 1788,
New Haven, Conn. Children : David, James, Gilbert, Alary Bethiah. Myra, Lucius,
Cornelius, Eliza, William. D June 19, 1842, Norwalk, O. B'ur Woodlawn Cem
Norwalk, 0. main drive. Lot 239. MI : "Rev. David Higgins died June 19, 1842, in
the 81st year of his age, and the 55th of his ministry. As a preacher he was solid and
instructive, as a pastor devoted and faithful, as a Christian consistent and humble.
Servant of God well done. Rest from thy loved employ. The battle fought, the
victory won, Enter thy Master's joy." Erected by the First Presbyterian Church,
in Norwalk, 1842? Graduated at Yale College in 1783. Founded Presbyterian
Church at Auburn, N. Y. 1801. Presbyterian minister. Fur infor Sally De Forest

HIGGINS, JOHN (Hamilton Co.)

2nd Lt 2nd Bn, 6th Company, Somerset Co, N. J. (Stryker's Men from N. J.
p 16.) Mar a daughter of Abraham Voorhees, in N. J. Bur Reading, O. Came
to Ohio with father-in-law and family ; settled on farm in Sec 33, Symmes Twp, 1794.
Fur infor Cincinnati Chap.


Raised company soon after the beginning of the Revolution and soon rose
to the rank of Col. Taken prisoner at the battle of Germantown and confined in
N. Y. Harbor. Returned to his home in Va about the time of Cornwallis sur-


render. Br Westmoreland Co, Pa. Parents : Robert Higgins and Hannah Van-
zant. Mar, 1st, Miss Wright; 2nd, Mary Jolliffe in Va, (d 1806.) Children:
Robert, John J., Lydia, and a daughter. (Mar Trautwine,) 8 by 1st wife, none came
to Ohio. D Higginsport, 1825. Bur Higginsport. In 1798 he moved and Hved a yr in
Ky opposite his survey in Lewis Twp, Brown Co, O. 1799, crossed the Ohio and
lived in a cabin on the site of Higginsport, which town he founded. Ref : "Brown
Co History" published by W. H. Beers & Co., 1883, p 460. Fur infor Taliaferro

HIGG-INS, WILLIAM, (Highland Co.)

Br 1745, London, England. D 1842, Highland Co, O. Pensioned in 1840. at
age of 97, while residing in Liberty Twp. (Fr Census 1840). Ref : Natl No. 24,295,
p 106, Vol 25, D. A. R. Lin.


Br Simsburg, Conn, Mch 14, 1759. Mar Naomi . Children : Brew-
ster Jr., Cyrus, Lucius, Joseph, Harriet, Theresa, Susan. D June 20, 1847. Bur
Rutland. Justice of the Peace for Washington Co, appointed by Gov. St. Clair.
Date of commission 1801, associate Judge for Gallia Co. Justice at Rutland. Bought
share in Ohio Company for $1,000 and settled on farm in 1799. First settlement
in Rutland, also 2nd postmaster of Rutland. Justice of the Peace. Postmaster,
Farmer. Removed to Castleton, Rutland Co. Vt. then to Beesville. W. Va. before
coming to O. Ref : Numerous Higley's at Rutland, Dr. A. A. Hugg, Middleport, O.
Fur infor Return Jonathan Meigs Chap.

HIGLEY, JOEL, (Meigs Co.)

Lt, Commissioned 1778. Br Jan 1, 1739, Simsbury, Higleytown. Conn. Par-
ents : Brewster Higley, 2nd Lt Revolutionary War (br Dec 12, 1709, Simsbury,
Conn. D Mch 1, 1794.) Mar 1st Esther Holcombe, Mch 13, 17—; 2nd Mindwell
Bull, Jan 5, 1775. Bur Rob't McElhinney Farm, Rutland, O. Old cem abandoned.
1803 he came with his family to what was known as Gallia Co. (now Meigs).
Located on a farm south of Rutland, where he passed away few yrs later. Ref :
Infor received from Bernard Higley, Rutland, O. "Higley Genealogy." Fur infor
Return Jonathan Meigs Chap.


Served in Lancaster Co, Pa. 1718. Company 8, Bn 5, Maj Henry Marbley,
Capt James McConnell. Br Borles Co, Pa. Nov 17, 1766. Parents: John George
Nicholas Hildebrand and Anna Maria Hill. Mar Elizabeth Schlenger, 1791. Chil-
dren : Maria, Josiah, Adam. Samuel, Nicholas, Charles. Rebecca, John G-., Eliza-
beth. D Jackson Twp, Stark Co. O, Oct 8, 1850. Bur Mud Brook Cem, Jackson
Twp, Stark Co, O, McDonaldsville, O, not far from church. MI : Names, dates
of both and death. GM Canton Chap D. A. R. Nov. 1922. Dr. A. K. Largman
made the address, marker unveiled by 3 grandchildren. Ref : "History of Stark
Co," edited by William Henry Perrin. Fur infor Massillon Chap.

HILDRETH, SAMUEL, (Washington Co.)

Surgeon. Br Townsend, Mass, 1750. D 1823, Belpre, O. Ref: Natl No.
34,426, Vol 35, p 150, D. A. R. Lin.

Bur Pisgah Ridge. Fur infor Ripley Chap.

HILL, AMASA, (Lake Co.)

Enl from Spencertown, N. Y. in M"ch 1780, for 9 mos in Capt Walter Vroo-
man's Company, Col John Harper's Regt. He was in the battle of Cherry Val-


ley. Br Oct 1763, Stillwater, N. Y. D 1847. Madison, O. Bur near "Turney's
Corners" in Madison. GM New Connecticut Chap. Came to Ohio in 1810. He re-
ceived a pension. Fur infor New Connecticut Chap.

HILL, CALEB, (Licking Co.)

Enl Spring- of 177(1, as Pvt, in Capt William Faulkner's Company, Col Horn-
beek's Regt. Was in skirmishes in the retreat from N. Y. to King's Bridge. Br

1756, Duchess Co, N. Y. Mar Rebecca . D Monroe Twp, 1842. Bur

Old Cem, Johnstown. GM Hetuck Chap 1910. Pension granted Oct 31, 1832,
this Co. Ref: "History of Licking Co." by E. M. P. Brister. Fur infor He-
tuck Chap.

HILL, GEORGE, (Fairfield Co.)
Bur Walnut Twp. Fur infor Elizabeth Sherman Reese Chap.

HILL, IRA, Capt, (Washington Co.)

Enl July 18, 1778, as Pvt in Capt Enos Parker's Company, Col Jacob Ger-
rish's Regt of guards. Disch Aug 28, 1778 ; service, 1 mo 13 days ; also 6 mos with
Berkshire Company at Springfield. Br July 17, 1755, Goshen, Conn. Parents:
Zenas Hill and Kerzia Hill. Mar Esther Post, Feb 2, 1786. Children: Ira Jr.,
Harry, Sally, Urania, Spedy, Guy and Dan. D Oct 13, 1841, Lower Salem, O.
Bur Mt. Ephraim, Washington Co, O. MI : "Ira Hill, Esq. b July 17, 1775, Goshen,
Conn, died Oct. 13, 1841." GM Marietta Chap, with Revolutionary marker, 1022.
Removed from Tinmouth, Vt, with wife and six children to Marietta, O, in 1800.
The following yr settled at Lower Salem. Occupation, Farmer. Ref: "William's
History of Washington Co." "Andrews History ;" Family Records. Fur infor
Marietta Chap.

HILL, ROBERT, (Jefferson Co.)

Was in Capt Abner Howell's Companv 3rd Bn Washington Co, Pa. He enl
Sept 4, 1782. See Pa. Archives, Series 6, Vol 2 p 112, 119 and 244. Br Feb 15,
1761, near Hillsborough, County Down, Ireland. Parents: George Hill and Ann
(mar in 1760, County Down, Ireland.) Mar Rosamond Welsh, late in 1789, Washing-
ton Co, Pa. She was br in Md Feb 26. 1770. died Mch 20, 1838, on Hill farm ; bur by
her husband. Children: Ann, George, John, Thomas, Eleanor, William, Robert,
Stephan, Margaret, James, Joseph Welsh, Samuel, two died in infancy. D June 20,
1845, on the Hill farm, 3 miles south of Steubenville, O. Bur Hill Family Grave-
yard, on said farm, in center of graveyard. MI : "Robert Hill died June 1845,
in his 85th yr." GM By Steubenville D. A. R. with bronze tablet, in 1923, marker
put in place by his grandson, Robert S. Hill and wife Mary Mears Hill. Came
to America in 1768 with his parents; lived for a while in Harford Co, Md : came
into Washington Co, Pa, 1780; bought farm of 551 acres, Apr 12, 1806 in Jeffer-
son Co, O, where he lived until his death. Farmer. The land for Hill's Sch Dis-
trict No. 2, was given by Robert Hill. Ref: Mrs. Robert Hill. (Mary Mears
Hill), Natl No 175,759. Fur infor Steubenville Chap.

HILL ZIMRI, (Delaware Co.)

Pvt under Col Bebee, Gen McDouglas' Conn Tr. Bur Genoa Twp. Pen-
sioned. Fur infor Delaware Chap.

HILLMAN, BENJ., (Delaware Co.)

Lt under Capt John Clingman's Company, Col James Morrow's Pa Tr. Bur
Kingston Twp. Pensioned. Fur infor Delaware Chap.

HILLMAN, JAMES, Col., (Mahoning Co.)

Pvt in Capt Benj Smith's Company. Serv fr June 1, 1776 to Sept 1, 1776, 3 mos.
Company stationed at Martha Vinyard in defense of the seacoast. Br 1762. Mar


Catherine (1772-1855. D 1843. Bur Oak Hill Cem, Youngstown, O. GM by D. A.
R. 1915-17. A leader in all public enterprises. Ref : p 922, "Mass. Soldiers and
Sailors." Fur infor Mahoning Chap.

HILLMAN, JOHN, (Delaware Co.)
Fur Stark Cem, near Olive Green. Fur infor Delaware Chap.

HILLYER, JAMES, (Hamilton Co.)
Br 1761, N. J. D 1846. Ref : S. A. R. Fur infor Cincinnati Chap.


Ref: The Military Record of Fulton Co, O. 1885, p 305. Fur infor Wauseon

HINES, RUDOLPH, (Harrison Co.)

Came from Allegany Co, Md, and settled in Nottingham Twp, 1814 ; said by
family to have served in the Revolutionary War. Br 1733. D 1823. Fur infor
Moravian Trail Chap.

HINEY, GEORGE, (Clinton Co.)

Pvt Pa Mil; Pensioned 1831. Br 1764. D May 21, 1849. Bur Miller Cem near
Lumberton. Living in Sugar Creek, 1820. Fur infor George Clinton and Cath-
erine Greene Chaps.

HINKLE, JOSEPH, (County not stated.)

Pvt in Capt Conrad Karner's Company, Lt Adam Fisher's Regt, Lancaster Co
Mil. Br Lancaster Co, Pa. D Ohio. Ref : Mrs. Olive Dickey, Gelham, Butler
Co, O. Natl No 61930, p 319, Vol 62, D. A. R. Lin.


Capt in Revolutionary War 3 yrs, wintered at Valley Forge. Also with Conn Tr.
Br Harwinton, Conn. Feb 28, 1761. Mar 1st Asenath Barnes, 2nd Elizabeth Hol-
comb. Children : Elisha Jr., Julius, Sherman, Asenath, Albert, George. D June
22, 1827, Norton, O. Bur Woodlawn, Wadsworth. MI : "Elisha Hinsdale. Revolu-
tionary Soldier. Died June 22, 1827, aged 86 years." Removed from Western Star
Cem 1899. Blacksmith. Elected Justice of Peace several times of Norton Twp, where
he then lived. Moved to Ohio in 1816 from Torrington, Conn. Ref : Mrs. Arthur
Anbort, Wadsworth, O. ; Natl No 82852, D. A. R. Fur infor Cuyahoga-Portage


Name appears on the Tablet of the Sailors and Soldiers Monument, Hamilton,
O. Supposed to be a Revolutionary soldier. Lived in Milford Twp. Not identified.
Fur infor John Reily Chap.

Br 1763, Va. Fur infor Cincinnati Chap.


Served 2 yrs as Pvt under Capts John Roberts and James Sumption, Col Taylor,
State of Va Tr. Afterwards Hostler under Maj Strode. D June 27, 1838. Fur

Lower Cem, Middleport, O. MI : "Frederick Hysell Born Died 1838." GM :

D. A. R. with government marker. Pens applied for June 22, 1818. Ref : Bureau of
Pensions, Washington, D. C. Fur infor Return Jonathan Meigs Chap.


KITE, JOHN, (Ross Co.)
Bur Concord Presbyterian Cem, Concord Twp, Ross Co, O.

HOAGLAND, JOHN, (Trumbull Co.)

Bur Hillside Cem Bozetta Twp. Copied from S. A. R. Yr Bk. Fur infor Mary
Chesney Chap.

HOB ART, WILLIAMS, (Portage Co.)

Pvt in N. H. Continental Line. Placed on Pens Roll Sept 6, 1819. Bur Wind-
ham. Fur infor Old Northwest Chap.


When a mere youth he went with his uncle, Capt Isaac Hodges, in Col John
Daggett's Regt on an alarm call for 8 days. Br 1768, Mass. D June 12, 1838, Men-
tor, O. Fur Mentor, Lake Co, O. GM by New Connecticut Chap. He made several
Trips to ''New Connecticut" as a traveling merchant. Fur infor New Connecticut

HOFFMAN, DETRICH, (Mahoning Co.)

Laborer, Pa. Berks Co. Br 1757. D 1862. Bur Washingtonville, O. _ GM : This
grave has a D. A. R. marker but no one seems to know who placed it. Bronze.
Ref : Pa Archives, Series 3, Vol 18, p 179. Fur infor Mahoning Chap.

HOFFMAN, JOHN, (Mahoning Co.)

Pvt. Ranger fr 1778 to 1783. Br 1769. Bur Old Springfield Cem. Ref: Pa
Archives, Vol 4, p 231, Vol 4, p 606, Series 5, Old Springfield Church Records. Fur
infor Mahoning Chap.

HOGUE, JAMES, (County not stated.)

Enl in Capt Hendrick's Rifle Company. In battle Quebec, taken prisoner sent
to England. Br 1754, Ireland. Mar Margaret Irvin, 1783. D 1827, Ohio. Ref:
Natl No 83742, Vol 84, D. A. R. Lin.

HOLCOMB, JESSE, (Trumbull Co.)

Br 1758. Children: Jesse Holcomb II (d Aug 18, 1827, aged 23 yrs). D July
22. 1827 aged 69 yrs. Bur Center of Mesopotamia. MI : "Jessie Holcomb, died July
22, 1827^ aged 69 yrs." GM by relatives. The head-stones are falling down. Fur
infor Mary Chesney Chap.


He served in regular Conn Line under Samuel Wylly fr Apr 26 to Dec 31, 1778.
Br 1760, Gr.anby, Hartford Co, Conn. Mar Sarah Warner. Children: Sally,
Seymour, Fanny, Nancy and Marcus. D 1847. B'ur Paine Hollow Cem, Leroy
Twp, O. GM New Connecticut Chap. Made the journey to Ohio in 1820 with an
ox team. Fur infor New Connecticut Chap.


Enl fr Sheffield, Mass. fifer, age 15. Pensioner when he died. Br 1762. Mar
Hannah Everest. D 1847, Warren Co, O. Ref: Natl No 13304, p 114, Vol 14,
D. A. R. Lin.


Served 1781-83. Capt P. Wade's Company, Col Michael Jackson's Company,
Mass. Tr. Br 1763, Fairlie, N. H. Mar Abbie Bassett, 2nd wife. Bur Higgins-


port, O. 1849. Ref : See 60, 557, Vol 61, p 184, D. A. R. Lin. Fur infor Ripley

HOLDEN, S. RICHARD, (Hamilton Co.)

Br 1762 Mass. D 1821. Ref: S. A. R. Fur infor Cincinnati Chap.

HOLE, DR. JOHN, (Montgomery Co.)

Commissioned Asst Surgeon and was at Bunker Hill. Was at Cambridge when
the army was reorganized by Gen Washington. Was on medical staff of Gen
Richard Montgomery at Quebec, where for want of lights he dressed the wounds of
soldiers beneath the walls of the fort by the flashes of muskets and cannon. Went
with the first Va Mil to Mass and continued in service until the close of war. Br
1754, Va. Parents : Youngest of 11 children of Jacob Hole, a grandson of Daniel
Hole who came from England and settled in New York late in the 17th century.
Mar Massie Ludlow, of N. J. Aug 14, 1778. (Br Feb 28, 1759, D July 25, 1842).
Children : John Ludlow, Nancy, Jeremiah, Elizabeth, Jane, David, Matilda, Phebe,
Mary, William, Polly. D Jan 6, 1813, Washington Twp, Montgomery Co, O. Bur
Baptist Cem, Centerville, O. on ridge in center of cem near other Revolutionary
soldiers. MI : "A large chiseled weeping willow tree. Dr. John Hole, died January
6, 1813, in the 58th year of his life." His wife is buried at his side. GM Richard
Montgomery Chap, S. A. R., with official bronze Montgomery Co marker July 1,
1919. In 1796 he moved west in covered wagon and located at Cincinnati, but after
prospecting up the Miami Valley in 1797 he moved his family to Silver Creek where
he finally (about 1799) located 1440 acres of land, paying for it in military bounty
land warrants for his Revolutionary services. He came fr a family of Baptists and
was the first person baptized in Silver Creek. Here he built his cabin and reared
his family of six children. The creek was renamed "Hole's Creek" and retains
the name at this time. His long army service indicates that he was the peer of his
contemporaries in the medical profession. Traditions of the neighborhood testify
that his pretentious log cabin was long the center of pioneer hospitality and culture.
He was the first physician in the locality, and although his practice extended over
many miles of territory he found time to build and run two mills south of Dayton.
He received his literary and medical training in Germany where he was sent in
1766. Socially he entertained Washington, Jefferson, and the best, socially, in the
Revolutionary times in his NJ home. It was at tlie suggestion of Dr. Hole that
this county was named "Montgomery" for Gen Richard Montgomery, who fell
mortally wounded at Quebec, while leading his troops on Dec 31, 1775. Fur infor
Richard Montgomery S. A. R. Chap.


Entered serv under Gen Washington 1777. Br 1747, Cumberland Co, Central
Pa. Children: John Hollyday. D Oct 11, 1823, near South Salem. Bur South
Salem, Ross Co, O GM by Nathaniel Massie Chap D. A. R. Fur infor Nathaniel
Massie Chap.

HOLLAND, GABRIEL, (Harrison Co.)

Served in Rev as a member of the 6th Regt Md Line, Col Otho H. Williams.
Settled in Archer Twp before 1814. Ref: Md Archives XVIII, 214, 231. Fur
infor Moravian Trail Chap.

Bur Winameg Cem, Pike Twp. Fur infor Wauseon Chap.

HOLLAND, WILLIAM, (Mahoning Co.)

Pvt, 9th Volunteer Regt. Children: Benjamin, Sarah, Solomen, Samuel,
Catherine. D Youngstown. Bur Oak Hill Cem, Youngstown, O. Removed from
old Courthouse Cem and marker lost. Tavern keeper. Ref: p 454, Vol 1, Hist
Trumbull and Mahoning Cos ; p 152, "Virginia in the Revolution." Fur infor Ma-
honing Chap.



Served as Pvt 1780 in Capt Mathias Probst's Company, Pa Line. Br 1748,
Lebanon Co, Pa. D 1824 near Zanesville, O. Ref : Vol 86, p 371, Natl No 85710,
D. A. R. Lin.


Served fr Conn in Capt Elijah Wright's Company, Col Roger Enos' Regt, sta-
tioned on Hudson River at West Point in 1778. He was a pensioner. Br 1763.
P_ Feb 12, 1839, Kirtland, O. Bur Waite Hill Cem. Left Methodist Church and
joined the Mormons. Fur infor New Connecticut Chap.


Pvt in Mass. Continental Line. Br 1759. Catskill, N. Y. D 1843 Woodsfield, O.
Placed on Monroe Co Pens Roll in 1831. Ref : D. A. R. Lin, Vol 32, p 155, Natl
No 31399.

HOLMAN, THOMAS, (Ashtabula Co.)

Br 1754. D June 27, 1850. Bur Rays Corners Cem, Lenox, Ashtabula Co, O.
GM Marble slab. MI : "Thomas Holman died June 27, 1850, aged 90. A soldier
of the Revolution." Fur infor Eunice Grant Chap.

HOLMES, FRANCIS, (Harrison Co.)

A Francis Holmes was a member of 2nd Company, 6th Bn, Cumberland Co, Pa
Mil, CaptWm Moorhead, in 1781. Br 1739. D 1825. Settled in Green Twp about
1802, posisbly from Nottingham Twp, Washington Co, Pa. Ref : Pa Archives,
5th Series, Vol VI, p 413. Fur infor Moravian Trail Chap.

HOLMES, JAMES SR., (Licking Co.)

He was 3rd Lt in the 1st Bn of Miles Pa. Rifle Regt of Capt Richard Be-
vine's Company. Bur Georges Graveyard in Union Twp. GM Granville Chap.
Enl in Bedford Co, Pa. on Apr 15, 1776. and retired on Dec 31, 1776, being in-
capacited from further service because of a gun wound in his hip, which made
him a cripple for life. Fur infor Granville Chap.


Bur Shock's Cem in Eden Twp. GM Bronze marker, 1927. Fur infor Dolly
Todd Madison Chap.

HOLT, AARON, (Meigs Co.)

Br Hartford, Conn. Children : Horace, Mary. Died and bur Rutland, O.
Farmer. Fur infor Return Jonathan Meigs Chap.

HOLT, EVAN, (Morrow Co.)

Served 6 yrs as a Revolutionary soldier. Was a native of Chester, Pa. Emi-
grated to Knox Co in 1808 and lived for 39 years on land received for his services.
He was, pensioner until his death in his 84th yr, leaving a large family, married and
settled, around him in Chester Twp, now Morrow Co. Only the name of his son,
Evan, is given. Ref : Norton's History Knox Co, p 288. Fur infor Kokosing and
Mt. Gilead Chaps.

HOOD, GEORGE, (Trumbull Co.)

Mar Catherine . (d May 18, 1845). Bur Union Cem Girard. MI:

Stone with name only. Ref: Name in list S. A. R. Yr Bk. Fur infor Mary Ches-
ney Chap.


HOOPES, BENJAMIN, (Columbiana Co.)
Lived in Butler Twp, Columbiana Co, O. Fur infor Bethia Southwick Chap.

HOOVER, JOHN (Franklin Co.)

Served as Pvt in Pa Mil was pensioned Apr 5, 1833. Br about 1742 in Pa.
D near Grove City, 1840. Bur on old Hoover farm near Grove City. MI : "John
Hoover, died 1840, aged nearly 100 years." GM Revolutionary Grave Committee
with bronze marker. May 80, 1912. Came from Pa to Ohio in 1807. Fur infor Co-
lumbus Chap.

HOOVER, MANUEL, Capt., (Trumbull Co.)

Capt 3rd Bn, Sussex Co. Bur Pricetown, Newton Twp, Trumbull Co. MI :
"Capt Manuel Hoover died 1821." Resided in North Hampton Pa in 1790. Farmer.
Ref : "Jerseymen of the Revolution," p 895; Census, Pa, 1790, p 170, and "Soldiers
Buried in Trumbull Co." Cleveland Historical Library. Fur infoF Mahoning and
Mary Chesney Chaps.


Bur Red Oak. Fur infer Ripley Chap.


Pvt Vt State Tr. Capt Sawyer's Company. Pensioned 1834. Br 1761, Pitts-
ford, Vt. Mar Rachel Mead, Dec 2, 1783. Children: Achsah, Josiah, Bradley,
Charlotte, Hannah, Timothy. Ebenezer, Sop-hia. D Welshfield, July 16, 1838. Bur
Welshfield Center Cem. MI : "Ebenezer Hopkins died July 16, 1838, aged 77. A
Revolutionary soldier." GM by family. Was held prisoner May 12, 1779 up
to June 9, 1782, being 36 mos and 28 days. Gen Assembly of Vt passed resolution
to pay Ebenezer Hopkins $5 for loss of gun in service of State when taken pris-
oner. Ref : Pioneer History Geauga Co, p 632, Vermont Rolls, p 751, 775, 799,
Vol 86, Natl No 85,616, D. A. R. Lin. Fur infor Taylor and Oberlin Chaps.


Pvt 2 yrs under Col Zebulon Butler, Capts Ransom, Spaulding and Mitchell,
Conn Tr. Br Nov 25, 1750. Parents : Timothy and Jemima Scovill Hopkins. Mar
Phebe Marvin, Wilkesbarre, Pa, Jan 15, 1780. Children : Timothy, Abram, Isaac,
Phebe, Jemima, (mar the father of Gen Rosecrans.) D Oct 10, 1803. Bur West-
field Twp, Westfield, O. GM by tall monument. Pensioned. Ref : O. D. Dailey,
Albany, O Fur infor Mt. Gilead and Delaware Chaps.

HOPPLE, CASPER, (Hamilton Co.)

Served in Northampton Co, Pa. (Rangers on Frontiers p 327.) Mar (1st

Anna Marie) and 2nd Mary , (signed with his to landsale.) Children:

Dr. James, a son of 2nd wife, no doubt, and possibly Andrew. D Cincinnati, O. Bur
Spring Grove Cem, Cincinnati. Came to Cincinnati in 1804; see Goss History of
Cincinnati, p 98, from Philadelphia, Pa. Ref : Biographical Dept Nelson and Co.
Pub 1894, Cincinnati, O. Fur infor Cincinnati Chap.

HORN, FREDERICK, (Hamilton Co.)
Br 1756, Pa. D 1838. Ref : S. A. R. Fur infor Cincinnati Chap.

HORN (OR HORNE), GEORGE, (Licking Co.)

Enl in Hampshire Co, Va. Tune, 1781 as Pvt in Capt Edward McCartey's Com-
pany, Col Drake's Regt. Br Feb 28, 1765, Germany. D Mch 10, 1844, Jersey Twp.
Bur village cem of Jersey. MI: "Revolutionarv War" GM Hetuck Chap, 1909.
Pension allowed Oct 30, 1832. Ref : History of Licking Co, by E. M. P. Brister.
Fur infor Hetuck Chap.


HORN, HENRY, (Preble Co.)

Pvt. Capt John Smith's Company, 4th Va Regt. Br Oct 8, 1755, Rockbridge Cq»
Va. D Nov 17, 1839, in Lewisburg, O. B'ur Roselawn Cem. Emigrated to Ohio
1812. Founded the city of Lewisburg. Ref : Vol 85, p 338, Natl No. 84,877, D. A. R.
Lin. Fur infor Organizing Regent, Mrs. Miller.

HORN, JOSEPH, (Highland Co.)
Bur New Market. Fur infor Waw-Wil-a-Way Chap.


Pvt in Muster Roll of the 5th Md Regt, Capt William Rie Cup's Company, Aug
1780, Jan 1781. Also 1778-1789. Fur semdries from N. C. Br 1752, Caroline Co,
Md. Parents : Jeffrey and Deborah Horney. Mar Harriet Hannah Chipman,
1772. Children : Margaret, James, Paris, Deborah, Mary, Lydia, William, Daniel,
Hannah, John, Chipman, Sarah, Jeffery. D 1829, near Spring Valley and Bell-
brook, O. Bur Old Bellbrook, Greene Co, O. Br in Md, mar in Md, moved to
N. C. then came to Ohio about 18U0. Planter and Farmer. Quaker by faith. Ref :
Maryland Archives ; N. C. Army. Accounts, records and old Bibles Fedythe Hor-
ney Whitaker, 199 N. Main St, London, O. Fur infor William Horney Chap.


Enl 1779, Augusta Co, Va. Capt Tate Company, Maj George Morf ord Va. Tr ;
Mch 1781, Capt Alexander Telford's Company, Col Samuel McDowell's Va. Regt.
Taken prisoner at Guilford, escaped July 8, 1781. Served several short periods. Br
England, came over on ship Potomac. Mar July 4. 1824, Mary Jenkins of Scioto
Co. A son John first official elected. D June 11, 1833. Bur on south end of Backus
farm near Banner Station. Pensioned Sept 18, 1832, (War pensions claim W 7777).
Living in Jefferson Twp. aged 73, where he died. Farmer. Ref: Prof. Tom Horton
(S. A. R.) Milford Center, O. Fur infor Capt. John James Chap.

HOSBROO'K, JOHN, (Hamilton Co.)

Sgt 1st Regt NJ Continental Line (p 116 Stryker's Men from N. J.) Br
Ireland. Mar Lydia Kitchell, dau of Moses and Phoebe Hedges Kitchell. in 1780.
Children: Archibald, Hannah, and Daniel, all born in N. J. Daniel (178-5-1868). D
1798, on his farm which adjoins the present town of Maderia, Hamilton Co, O.

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