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5, p 788. Fur infor Mahoning Chap.

Bur Butler Cem, Chesterfield Twp, O. Fur infor Wauseon Chap.

PENNY, HENRY, (Miami Co.)

Pvt. His original pens claim owned by Mrs. Clarke Sullivan. Natl No 117071,
D. A. R. Br Jan 11, 1741. N. C. Parents: Penny (br in England.) Mar Hannah
Thompson, (died Aug 3, 1829) ; 2nd Mary; (died Dec 13, ISryS). Children: Several;
one was John Penny Sr. D Apr 16, 1841, Miami Co, O. Bur Old Ludlow Cetn,
Laura, Miami Co, O, rear of church. MI : has marble stone, with name, death, a.<re.
Father was a soldier in army of King of England; later in Revolutionary war, with
his 3 sons, Henry being one. Ref : Mrs. Clarke Sullivan, Jr. Miss Osa Penny and
Mrs. W. S. Gunckle all of Dayton, O. Fur infor Jonathan Dayton Chap.

PERIN, LEMUEL (often PERRIN), (Clermont Co.)

Mass Archives gives name as Pvt on Lexington Alarm, Apr 19, 1775, as
Capt in John Perry's Company; Sgt on muster roll of Capt Nathan Carpenter's
Regt Dec 8. 1776. Br 1749, Rehoboth, Mass. Parents : 1st ( ) ; 2 Amelia Dickin-
son (br 1760, d 1828) in 1792. Mar 1st Martha Nasel, North Adams, Mass in 1773.
(Thildren : 1st wife, Joim, Rachel, Lucy, Hannah, Samuel, Patty. 2nd wife: Glover
and Lemuel (twins), Amelia. D 1822 (or 1814, sent later data) near Connersville,
Fayette Co, Ind. Bur near his home in Clermont Co, O. Perintown, with others of
family. GM Old slab, with name and dates. The Military Record certified by Sec-
retary of Commonwealth of Mass, 1894. Ref : Natl No 134845 and 12037, and Miss
May Perin Hulick, Cincinnati, O. Fur infor Cincinnati Chap.

PERKINS, THOMAS, (Licking Co.)

Enl at Winchester, Va, Oct 1781. Pvt in Col Brown's Regt. Capt Bohaman's
Company. Br 1762, Maryland. Mar Mary Trigg, Mch 8, 1783. Eight children. D
Aug 18, 1837, Bennington Twp. Ref: Bristers Hist. Fur infor Hetuck Chap.

PERRINE, JOSEPH, (Clermont Co.)

Pvt in NJ Tr and State Mil. Served 7 yrs in army. Br 1748, Cranbury, NJ.
Parents: Henry Perrine. Mar Elizabeth Wvcofif in 1771 in N J. Children: James,
(br 1780 d 1764 mar Polly Kain 1804) ; Arthur, Ralph, Martha (mar Isaac Dye) ;
Eleanor (mar Jos Holman) ; Elizabeth (mar John Gill) ; Ann (mar Andrew Hickev).
P 1823, Bethel, 0. Bur Bethel, O. Came to Williamsburg Twp, Qermont Co,'0.
in 18(1.5. Descendants of Dan'l Perrine who came to America in 1665. Ref: Natl
No 86110, Vol 87, p 35. D. A. R. Lin.


Bur M. E. Cem at St Clairsville, O. MI: "Wm. Perrine, Revolutionary Soldier."
Fur infor Mrs. A. L. McFarland, St Clairsville, member of D. A. R.


PERRY, JOHN, (Belmont Co.)

Cornetist in 3rd Continental Dragoons, Baylor's Regt Md Line. Br Pa near
Havre de Grace, Md. Mar Jane Blair. D Nov 182o at Morristown, O. Bur Mor-
ristown Cem (old) middle of east tier of lots. MI: "John Perry, a soldier of the
Revolution. Died Nov 9, 18:35, age 73 yrs. 1 mo, 28 days." GM Family — old sand
stone marker. Farming, Fighting and Organizing Presbyterian Churches. Ref :
Natl No 90262, Vol 91, p 86, D. A. R. Lin. Fur information Mrs. A. L. McFarland,
St Clairsville, O. of Wheeling D. A. R.

PERRY, NATHAN, (Cuyahoga Co.)

Pvt in Capt Isaac Clark's Company of Mil raised for the defense of the frontiers
and on Lake Champlain. Serv fr Mch 2, 1778 to May 2, 1778. Also in Col Mead's
Regt of Mil and Capt Claghorn's Company in scouting after Tories at sundry
times, and also guarding in time of trial such as were taken, supposed to be enemies
to America. Served May 22 to May 2(i, 1777. Br 1700, Waterbury, Conn. Parents:
Daniel Perry. Mar Miss Sophia Leonora Root. Children: Horace (br 1781),
Larry (br 17^3), Philanthropes, Nathan (br 1786), Horatio (br 1790), Sophia (br
1800.) D Oct 25, 1813, Cleveland, O. Bur Lake View Cem, Cleveland, Cuyahoga
Co, O. Lot 26, Sec 6. MI : On monument, difficult to decipher ; seemed to cor-
respond with that on old tombstone placed flat above the grave. Read : "Sacred
to the memory of Nathan Perry Esq, who died Oct 25, 1813, aged 53 years."
GM Nathan Perry D. A. R. official marker; by rules of Cem could not be per-
manently placed, but on certain days, for 3 da would be displayed. Marked June,
1923. Br in Conn; moved to Rutland, Vt, where between 1785-1789 made 8 con-
veyances of land. Later is said to have purchased a farm and a mill in western
N. Y., removing family there after 1790. Family was in Canada for a time. 1806
brought family to Cleveland, O. Invested in land in Lake Co, O. Purchased prop-
erty in Cleveland, O, and invested in property at Black River, near Lorain, O. In
1796 engaged in trading with the Indians near Buffalo, N. Y. Was with the first
party of Surveyors who laid out and named Cleveland, O. Had charge of Com-
missary part of the outfit and supplied the horses and cattle in the expedition.
Engaged in fur trade. Was one of the Court Judges in Cuyahoga Co, O. First
bur in old Pioneer Cem, corner of Ontario and Prospect St, Cleveland, O. About
1827 removed to Erie St Cem. Removed to Lake View Cem in 1915. Ref: Pioneer
Families of Cleveland, by Mrs. G. V. R, Wickham ; Adj Gen office, Vt. Fur infor
Nathan Perry Chap.

PERRY, WINSLOW, (County not stated.)

Pvt and drummer Capt Holman's Company, Col Doolittle's Mass Regt. Br
1758, Vermont. Mar Rachel Rice. D 1830 in Ohio. Ref: Natl No 59087, Vol 60,
p 31, D. A. R. Lin.


D Congress Twp, near Congress Village. Bur Congress Cem near Congress
Village, in old Cem. MI : "Conrad Peterson. Soldier of 1776." Fur infor Wooster-
Wayne Chap.


(The name Watson Peterson on Pens list of 1840, must be the same person).
Br 1764, New Jersey. Bur on a hillside on the farm of David Hilsinger in Scipio
Twp. Grave not marked. Ref : Langs Hist of Seneca Co. Fur infor Dolly Todd
Madison Chap.

PHELPS, ABIJAH, (Hamilton Co.)

Br 1762, Connecticut. D 1833. Bur Sycamore Twp, Pensioned 1840, aged 79,
living in 1st Ward, Cincinnati, O. Ref: S. A. R. Fur infor Cincinnati Chap.


PHELPS, EDWARD, (Franklin Co.)

Served in the 8th Co, 1st Regt, Conn Inf. Br Aug 27, 1859, Windsor, Conn.
D Aug 10, 1840, Blendon Twp. Bur Central Cem, Blendon Twp. MI: "The son
of Timoth}' Phelps, the son of Cornelius Phelps, the son of Timothy Phelps, the
son of William Phelps, who was one of the first settlers of Windsor, Conn. Said
Edward Phelps was born Aug 27, 1759, in Windsor, Conn, and emigrated to the
State of Ohio in 1800, and died Aug 10; 1840, aged 81 years." GM by D. A. R.
Bronze marker, May 30, 1912. Came to Ohio with his family in 1806 and settled
in Blendon Twp. Ref : Natl No 87620, Vol 88, D. A. R. Lin. Fur infor Columbus

PHELPS, IRA, (Geauga Co.)

Pvt in Col Canfield's Mil Regt at West Point, 1781. Br May 3, 1763. Har-
winton, Conn. Parents: Samuel and Anna (Barber) Phelps. Children: Fanny, Ruby,
Arza, Lois, Richard, Content, Sabra, Ann Arza. D Sept 7, 1848. Bur Welshfield
Center, O, lot 258. MI : "Ira Phelps 1763-1848 " Removed 'n Elizabethtown N. Y.
about 1795, thence to Geauga Co. Name appears in list of census of pensioners in
1840, living in Geauga Co. Ref: Phelps Genealogy, Vol 1, p 445, Ct Men Rev p 583,
Fur infor Taylor Chap.

PHELPS, SETH, (Geauga Co.)

2nd Lt 1777; 1st Lt Jan 1, 1777, Capt May 5, 1778. Br Nov 17, 1751, Windsor,
Conn. Mar Lucy Ledyard, Sept 10, 1780; 2nd, Sally Pierce, May, 1797. Children:
1st wife: Lucy, Dr. Seth Phelps, Ann, Alfred, Edwin F, Mary. 2nd wife: Theodore,
Nelson, Hamilton. Phvana, Sallv. D 1826, Parkman, O. Bur South Cem. Parkman,
O. 2nd Lt, 1st Lt Jan 1, 1777, Capt May 25, 1778. Severelv wounded at Stouv
Point, July 15, 1779. 4th Regt. Disch 1782. Presiding Judge. Onondaga Co, N. Y.
Member of N. Y. Legislature. Laid out town of Aura, N. Y. Ref : Williams
Hist Lake and Geauga Co, Conn Men Rev. Fur infor Taylor Chap.


From Strasburg, Germany, located in Brown Twp, Knox Co, O, in 1818. D
Oct 9, 1846 aged 89 yrs. He had served ten yrs a soldier in Europe, three yrs
in the Revolutionary War, and three mos in the War of 1812. The old sold'ier
was the father of Freeman, John. James and Michael Phifer. Fur infor Kokosing

PHILBROOK, JOEL, (Licking Co.)

Enl 1777 marines under Capt Hector McNeal. frigate Boston. Br Maine, Aug
14, 1759. Mar Mary Leadbetter, Jan, 1775. D Sept 15, 1820, St Albans, O. Ref:
Natl No 55619, p 281, Vol 56, D. A. R. Lin.


Enl Feb 15, 1780 and served until Dec 13, 1783, in Capt Strong's Company,
Col Herman Swift's Regt Conn Line. He was disch at West Point, N. Y. Pvt.
Br Dec 22, 1762. Windham, Conn. Mar Elizabeth Philips, Mch 4. 1789. Children:
James, August, Benjamin, John, Jurel. D June 15, 1838, Grafton, Lorain Co. Lived
with son August, who owned a small farm in Medina Twp, Medina Co. He died
in Grafton, Lorain Co. Ref: Conn Men in Rev, Vol 1, p 328; Vol 2, p 636.
Philips Family Bible Leaf ; Widow's File No 5532. Fur infor : Copied from D.
A. R. Magazine Feb. 1928 issue. Vol 02, No 2 by Mrs. Effie Whitaker Teemer,
Lorain, O.

PHILLIPS, JOB, (Athens Co.)

Enl for 2 yrs, was Pvt, then Corp. Capt Samuel Ransom, Simon Spaulding,
Cols John Durkee, Jacob Stroud. Enl Wyoming, Pa. Birth date not given. Br
in Rhode Island. Grew up in Conn, went to N. Y. when 16 years of age, later
to Cooperstown, N. W. Children : Job, Daniel, Spencer, another son, perhaps other
children. D Jan 22, 18.">5, near Amesville, Athens Co, 0. Bur Amesville Cem
near Amesville. Was in battles of Millstone, Boundbrook, Gcrmantown, Mud Island,



Elizabethtown. Ref : Bureau of Pensions, Dept of the Interior. He applied for a
pension at the age of 92. Fur infor Nabby Lee Ames Chap.

PHILLIPS, JOHN, (Butler Co.)

Served in Continental establishment under Capt Daniel Steel and Col John
Gibson. Pensioned in Butler Co, O. for 8 yrs actual serv in Va line. Br 1755,
Germany. Ref : Natl No 25228, p 81, Vol 26, D. A. R. Lin.

PHILLIPS, SAMUEL, (Ashtabula Co.)

Enl 1776; re-enlisted 1777, serving in Capt Watson's Company, Col Samuel
Webb's Regt. In action at Flatbush LI and retreat from NY. Was a pensioner.
Was Col (Ref: J. E. Hart, Wick, O.) Br Apr 8, 1760, Milford Conn. Mar Millea
Kellog 1781. Children: Halsey ; B Frank; Harriet; Cordelia; 2 others mar Canfield
and Forman. D 1842, Colebrook, Ashtabula Co, O. Bur northwest corner of Twp
of Colebrook. MI: "A Soldier of the Revolution." Aide to Gen Washington.
Ref: Conn Men in the Rev; Lin Bk 61. Natl No 60468, D. A. R. and L. H.
Phillips, San Jose, Cal. Fur infor Mary Stanley and Eunice Grant Chaps.

PIATT, ABRAHAM, (Co not stated.)

C^pt of 2nd Regt Middlesex Co, NJ Mil 1777, Col Neilson's Regt. Br 1741
NJ. Mar Annabelle Andrew (d 1822). D 1791 Watsontown, O. Ref: Natl No
100157, Vol 101, p 49, D. A. R. Lin.


1st Lt under Gen McCullough. Br 1763 in Virginia. Mar Polly Waddle.
Children : Benjamin, Margaret, John, Jacob, Elizaheth, Polly. D near West Union,
1851. Bur near West Union, probably in Trotter Cem. Fur infor Sycamore Chap.


Drummer. Enl at Dunfries, Va in fall of 1776 in Capt Gallhuis Company; Col
Brent's Regt Va Tr. Served 3 yrs as Pvt and drummer. Br Charles Co, Md, 1757.
Parents: Samuel Pickerell, Sr. Mar Mary Lowe (so writing looked) (1767-1844).
Children : Jane, Emily, Denis, Clarence, Samuel, Thomas, John, William, Mary,
Lucy Ann and Johanna. D May 9, 1850 on his farm 8 miles fr Ripley. Bur Liberty
Cem, Brown Co, O. MI : "Samuel Pickerill Died May 9, 1850." GM Lt Byrd Chap
May 30, 1916. In battles of White Plains, Monmouth, Stonv Point. Applied for
pens 1832. Ref : Biography of the Pickerills. Natl No 129252, 102392, Vol 103, p
124. D. A. R. Lin. Fur infer Lt Byrd and Taliaferro Chaps.

PICKETT, JOHN, (Ashtabula Co.)

Was placed on the pens roll of Ashtabula Co, O. 1832 for serv as Pvt in the
Mass Mil. Br 1753, Sandsfield, Mass. Mar Ruth Boardman. Children: John,
Joseph, Benjamin. D Oct 23, 1840, Andover, Ashtabula Co, O. Bur Andover. MI:
"John Pickett Died Oct. 23, 1840 in the 87th year of his age." GM by S. A. R.
Moved to Ohio in 1819 with his three sons. Ref : Hist of Ashtabula Co. Lin Bk
Vol XXXVIII, p 302. Fur infor Mary Stanley Chap.


Name appears on the tablet of Sailors and Soldiers monument at Hamilton as
a Revolutionary Soldier bur in that Co. D June 4, 1838, Bur Trenton, Madison Twp.
Fur infor John Reily Chap.

PIERCE, SAMUEL, (Hamilton Co.)
Br 1759, Connecticut. D 1828. Ref: S. A. R. Fur infor Cincinnati Chap.
19 R. R. W.


PIERSON, AB'RAHAM, (Hamilton Co.)
Br Pennsylvania. Ref : S. A. R. Fur infer Cincinnati Chap.

PIERSON, AMOS, (Trumbull Co.)

Children : Lyman Pierson and Hermon Pierson, graves located here and are
descendants of the Revolutionary Soldier. Bur Mecca. MI: not marked. Unable to
locate grave of Amos Pierson. Revolutionary r>ens granted Aug 1832. Fur infer
Mary Chesney Chap.

PIERSON, DANIEL, (Montgomery Co.)

2nd Lt, Capt Wm E Imlay's Company, 8rd Regt New Jersey Line, Col Elias
Dayton, Apr 15 to Nov 1776. 1st Lt 4th Regt NJ Line, Lt Col David Shea, Jan
1, 1777 to Dec 1, 1778. Br Apr 25, 1750, Morristown, Morris Co, NJ. Parents:
Benjamin and Patience (Coe) Pierson. Mar Prudence King, dau of Joseph (d
Dec 11, 1837). Children: Clarissa, Charles, Edward, John Alfred, William Horace,
Elizabeth Ann, Henry Alexander. D Dec 11, 1831, Dayton, O. Bur Woodland
Cem, Dayton, O. lot Ki to 22, sec 77. MI: Dates and where born, NJ. GM
S. A. R. bronze marker in 1919. In battles of Brandy wine and Monmouth. Ill,
resigned. While a 2nd Lt was on recruiting serv until company was filled, then
served with cnmpanv. Came to Dayton before 1818. Ref : Wm Neifert, S. A. R.
Dayton, O. Fur infor Jonathan Dayton Chap.

PIERSON, DAVID, (Hamilton Co.)
D in 1850. Ref: S. A. R. Fur infor Cincinnati Chap.


Pvt in Capt Richardson's Company. Wounded at Germantown. Served all
through the Rev. At one time one of the "Minute Men", 1st NJ Regt. Br Orange,
Essex Co, NJ. May 24, 1758. Parents: Abraham and Mary Pierson. Mar Sarah
Van Dyke Sent 177(1. Children: Nicholas, David, Catherine (mar Cook). Arthur,
Anna (mar McFarland), Hannah (mar Cook), Sarah (mar Johnson), Philemon,
John, Aurumah, Margaret (mar Hurlbert). D 1827, Martinsburg, O. Bur Presby-
terian Cem, Martinsburg, O, lot 67, grave 1. MI : "In memory of John Pierson
who departed this life Feb 11th, 1827, aged 68 yrs, 8 mos aiid 17 days." GM
Dec 1927 by Kokosing Chap. Farmer and stock raiser. Ref: Natl No 89950, Vol
90, p 309, D. A. R. Lin. Fur infor Kokosing Chap.


D Jan 11, 1840. Bur Palestine (St John's Cem) north side of cem. MI: "In
memory of Jonathan Pierson. A soldier of '76, died Jan 11, 1840, aged 82 years."
GM Stone very old but could read it yery well. Fur infor Ft Greenville Chap.


Served in same Regt with his brother Samuel under Col Spencer, NJ 3rd Bn,
4th Company (See p 21, "Strykers" Men from New Jersey") Continental Army 1777,
Morris Co. Pvt in Capt Wm Britton's Company. Owned lots in Cincinnati, O, 1790,
He and brother owned farm there; a deed shows in court house records. Also a
record there shows he bought land in 1812. Known to have been bur in Hamilton Co,
O. Fur infor Cincinnati Chap.

PIERSON, SAMUEL, (Hamilton Co.)

Br 17.-)3, NJ. D 1&39, Pleasant Ridge Cem, Columbia Twp. (S. A. R.) Fur
infor Cincinnati Chap.


PINNEY, ABNER, (Franklin Co.)

Served as Drummer in Capt Roberts Company, 18th Regt Conn tr. He after-
ward was given the title of Capt. Br 1749 in Connecticut. D Nov 23, 1804. Bur
Old Episcopal Cem, Worthington. MI: "Capt Abner Pinney died Nov 23, 1804 m
the 55th year of his age." "Here Abner Pinney lies, the kind, the just. His flesh
is turning to its kindred dust. Love, friendship dwelt within his faithful heart.
Yet from his dearest friend was called to part. And now, we trust, he's landed on
that shore, where death ne'er comes and friends shall part no more." GM bv
Revolutionary grave Committee with bronze marker May 30, 1912. Came to Ohio and
settled in Worthington in 1804. Fur infor Columbus Chap.


Served in the 3rd Regt, Duchess Co, Mil, 1782, in N. Y. Col John Field's Regt.
Br 1767. D 1849, Kirtland, O. Bur Angel Cem, East Kirtland, O. GM New
Connecticut Chap. A brother of Benjamin Pitcher served in 1812 as Capt and Col.
Fur infor New Connecticut Chap.

PITMAN, JONATHAN, (Hamilton Co.)

R. I. Tr; Commissioned as Capt and Lt in 1775. Br 1747 NJ. Parents: Isaac
Pitman, a member of Boston Tea Party. Children : A son. mar Anna ; one mar
Jerusha. D 1834. Bur near Reading, O on farm. Came to Ohio, settled at Co
lumbus. (Jones' History of Cincinnati, p 18). Later to farm near Reading. On
a tax list of Springfield Twp 1808 name of Jonathan and others, which are no
doubt his sons, appear : Joshua, Calvin, Ephraim, Pierson, David, Daniel, Simon.
Ref : S. A. R. Fur infor Cincinnati Chap.


Drawing pens 1840 for serv while residing in Ohio Twp, Clermont Co, O, aged
88, at home of Jeremiah Gaskins. Br 1752. Fur infor Census of Pensioners 1840.
Copied by State Chairman.


Revolutionary serv in Pa. Division of Public Records. Muster Roll, Vol 4,
p 417. Br Nov 15, 1760, Neuweiler, Germany. On stone next to his is "Christena
Platter, wife of Christian Platter, d Dec 12, 1842, in 69th yr of her age." D
Sept 10, 1837. Bur Platter Cem, near Bainbridge, O. MI : Dates, name, age 7'6.
Fur infor Nathaniel Massie Chap.


In Capt Robert Ramsey's Pa Company. Was in Battles of Bunker Hill and
Brandywine. Br 1758 in Germany. Mar Sarah. D Jan 2, 1832. Bur Grandview
Cem, Chillicothe. MI : "Peter Platter, Sr., died Jan 2, 1832, aged 73 years, 3
months. Sarah, his wife, died Feb 23, 1832, aged 60 years, 11 mos." Came with
his father to Pa in 1764, when he was only five yrs old. He mar and with his
wife and one child, mioved, about 1793, to Ky. After six or seven years he moved
to Adams Co, O. In 1811 he traded his three hundred acres of land in Adams Co
for a like number of acres in Haller's bottom, in Twin Twp, Ross Co, O. He was
a consistent member of the Associate Reformed Church (afterwards called the
United Presbyterians). Ref: Ross and Hamilton Co, Hist, p 295, Vol 4, p 417,
Pa records, original rolls gives record. Natl No 33291, D. A. R. Fur infor
Nathaniel Massie Chap.

PLYLEY, CASPER, (Ross Co.) *

Served in the war of the Rev. His father had been the owner of considerable
real estate in the vicinity of Philadelphia, and had lost much of his property through
the vvorthlessness of the continental money. Mortified by the reverses of his family
although then a minor, enl in the army, and subsequently participated in numerous


engagements under Gen Greene. He died at an advanced age. D Mch 28, 1849,
aged 86 years. Bur Concord Presbyterian Church Cem, Concord Twp. MI : "Casper
Plyley died March 28, 1849, aged 86 years." His wife's reads : "Margaret, wife
of Casper Plyley, died March 19, 1836, aged 60 yrs." Emigrated' from Philadelphia
to Ohio about thq year 1801. The list of pensioners of the Revolutionary War,
who died in Ross Co, gives his name. Ref : Ross and Highland Co. Hist, p 294.
Fur infor Nathaniel Massie Chap.

PLUM, CHARLES, (Portage Co.)

Mariner on "Oliver Cromwell," from Middleton, Conn, where he was br in 1749.
D 1831, Aurora, O. Ref : Natl No 85616, Vol 86, p 238, D. A. R. Lin.

POAGE, JAMES, (Brown Co.)

Lt in 1782, Va line. Br 1760, Augusta Co, Va. D 1820, Ripley, O. Bur Old
Cem, Ripley. Ref : Natl No 95182, Vol 96, p 62, D. A. R. Lin. Fur infor Ripley

POE, ADAM, (Stark Co.)

Bur Sixteen Cem, 1 mile south of Massillon, O. Authority : Hist of Stark Co,
edited by William Henry Perrin. Fur infor Canton Chap.

POE, JOHN (Ross Co.)

Volunteer rifleman, 18 mos under Morgan. Regular dragoon under Cols White
and Washington. At battle of the Cowpens ; battle of Guilford's Court House; at
Bluford's defeat at Hanging Rock. Was taken prisoner, after being wounded by
swordcut on head and his horse shot under him. Was exchanged and present at
Cornwallis' surrender at Yorktown. During serv rode express for Gen Lafayette
from Williamsburg to York. Br Sept 14, 1750, at Winchester, Frederick Co, Va.
Parents : German descent. D Oct 7, 1843, Scioto Twp, Ross Co. Moved from Va
with his family and settled near Chillicothe, Ross Co, O, in 1806. In Jan, 1833,
made a profession of religion in Associate Reformed Church under Rev. J. Clay-
baugh. Was almost last soldier of Rev to die in Ross Co. Ref : Scioto Gazette
of Oct 12, 1843. Register of the Ohio Society of. S A. R., 1912-13, p 69 under
list of Revolutionary soldiers in Ohio in 1840. 9th Annual Report Library Board,
Va, 1911-12, p 242. War Dept files. Fur infor Nathaniel Massie Chap.


Lexington Alarm, Apr, 1775, Pvt Conn Continental. Pensioned 1833. Br Apr
8, 1762, South Hampton, Mass. Parents : Noah and Temperance Pomeroy. Mar
Mary Loveland, Mch 29, 1789. Children : Eleazer, Polly, Leonard, Dolly, Lydiah,
Altha. D Apr 3, 1834. Bur Maple Grove Cem, Thompson, O, Lot 1, sec 148. MI :
"Daniel Pomeroy died Apr 3, 1834 aged 82 years." GM Stone by Family. En!
from Coventry, Mass. Came to Thompson, O, from Peru, Berkshire Co, Mass.
Ref : Conn Men of Rev, pp 7, 643. Fur infor Taylor Chap.


Pvt Capt John Kirkland's Company, Col Ruggles Woodbridge's Regt. Enl
Aug 16, 1777, disch Nov 29, 1777. Br Mch 9, 1757, South Hampton, Mass. Parents :
Noah and Temperance Pomeroy. Mar Lucy Harris, Feb 14, 1782. Children : Eltweed,
Anna, Daniel, Ann, Lucy, Sarah, Josiah, Temperance, Daniel, Tirzah, Ichabod,
Althus Noah. D Nov 13, 1843, Hambden, O. Bur Hambden Center, lot 13. Ref:
Pension Records, Vol 5, p 514; Mass Soldiers and Sailors, Vol 12, p 522; also p 131,
Vol 15, D. A. R. Lin* Natl No 14354. Fur infor Taylor Chap.

POND, , (Huron Co)

A Revolutionary Soldier. Father of W. H. Pond, Richmond Twp, who came
to Richmond with his father, 1837. Fur infor Sally De Forest Chap.


PONTEOUS, JOHN, (Mahoning Co.)

Pvt in Col Samuel Miles' Regt. A Rifle Regt. Bur Springfield Twp Cem.
Ref : Pa Archives, Series 5, Vol 2, p 399. Fur infor Mahoning Chap.

POOLE, JEPTHA, (Geauga Co.)

Placed on pens roll Madison Co, NY 1831 for 26 mos serv as Pvt and Corp,
Capt Cobb's, Col Mitchell's Regt 1775, also Gen Thomas' Regt and Col Jacobs'
Regt. Br 1756, Abington, Mass. Parents: Deacon Samuel and Rebeckah (Shaw)
Poole. Mar Olive Whitmarsh Noves, Apr 16, 1779. Children : Amos, Jeplathah. D
Mch 8, 1838, Welchfield. Bur Welchfield Center Cem lot 260. MI : "Jeptha Poole,
1756-1836.' GM by family. Ref: Natl No 32357, Vol 33, D. A. R. Lin; Mass Sol-
diers and Sailors Vol 12, p .'J46 ; Vital Records Abington. Fur infor Taylor Chap.


Pvt in Capt James Clay's Company, Col Bradley's Vermont Regt, 1782. Br
Springfield, Mass. Feb 25, 1759. Mar Lois Moore. Putney, Vt Jan 10, 1789. Chil-
dren : Lucy, only one given. D Clark Co. Bur Fletcher Chapel 8^4 miles northeast
of Springfield. O. grave not platted. MI : "William Poole borne Feb 25, 1759." GM
by family. Farmer. Ref: Vermont State ofificial records, stamped with state seal.
Fur infor Lagonda Chap.

POPE, HENRY, (Highland Co.)

Br Aug 8, 1759. D Oct 3, 1815. Bur near Greenfield. GM by Juliana White
D. A. R. in 1926. Fur infor Juliana White Chap.


Pvt and Sgt in Vermont State Tr. Br 1748, Pownal, Vt. D 1832, Belleville.
Bur Poppleton Burial Ground, 1 mile south of Eellville, O. farm now owned by Mr.
Bolinger. MI : Name and State Troop. GM Mary Washington D. A. R. Chap
bronze marker in 1911. Ref: Natl No ^9705, D. A. R. Compare 22379, Vol 23,
p 131, D. A. R. Lin. Fur infor Mary Washington Chap.

Lived at Aurora, v>rhere pensioned in 1840. Fur infor Old Northwest Chap.


Br 1757. D 1823. Bur River Styx, Guilford Twp. GM Western Reserve
Chap. Fur infor Western Reserve Chap.

•PORTER, JOSEPH, (Cuyahoga Co.)

Corp Conn State Tr. Br 1760. D 1844. Bur Evergreen Cem, Dover. Fur
infor Western Reserve Chap.

PORTER, ROBERT, (Harrison Co.)

A Revolutionary pensioner living in Harrison Co in 1834, aged 71 yrs ; served

Online LibraryOhio. Adjutant general's deptThe official roster of the soldiers of the American revolution buried in the state of Ohio (Volume 1929) → online text (page 34 of 52)