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Md., and Elmira, N. Y.

Kirkpatrick, W. H., crippled in feet and discharged during the war.

Kirkpatrick, Jno. A., wounded at Hatcher's Run, died since the war.

lawman, Wni. II., wounded at Fredericksburg and Alleghany Mt. and captured at Wil-
derness May 5, '64.

Lowman, John F., killed in battle of McDowell May 8, '62.

LiKas. Jno. F., captured at Wilderncs« and imprisoned at Elmira, N. Y.

Lucas, Andrew, died in camp at Greenbrier River.

Ltica*, Peter, died since the war at Greenville, Augusta Co., Va., '99

LiKai, Andrew, — — — —

Lucas, David, died since the war, '90.

Xfarki. )a^ , died in Lynchburg since the war.

Moneymaker, John C., captured at Wilderness, sent to Elmira. Died in prison at Elmira,


N. Y., Dec. 10, '64.

Moneymaker, Arch, captured at Wilderness and sent to Elmira, N. Y.

Muck, Jos.,

Matheny, John, captured at Wilderness, took oath and sent to fight Indians.

Matheny, Arch,

Matthews, Jos., died in camp at Greenbrier River.

Moneymaker, Daniel, died during the war at Monterey, '62.

Myers, J. H., captured at Spottsylvania May 12, '64. Died in prison at Point Lookout
June 23, '64.

Myers, A. J., captured at Spottsylvania May 12, '64. Died at Point Lookout.

Mackey, Henry, mortally wounded at 2nd battle of Manassas and died in Aldie Hos-

Mays, Jos., died since the war.

McCown, Wm. M., captured at Wilderness, imprisoned at Elmira, N. Y.

McLaughlin, J. M., transferred to Confederate Navy. Died since the war.

McCauley, Wm. H., transferred to Artillery and killed at High Ridge a day or two
before the surrender.

McCutchan, Jas. H., captured at Wilderness May 12, '64, and imprisoned at Point Look-
out and Elmira ; slightly wounded six times ; now in Los Angeles.

McKemy, Wm. D., wounded May 10, '64, at Spottsylvania C. H. Captured at Spottsyl-
vania C. H. May 12, '64, and imprisoned at Point Lookout and Elmira.

McMullen, George, accidentally wounded in camp at Greenbrier River.

McCurdy, Alfred A., wounded at Hatcher's Run, Feb. 6, '65.

Norcross, Thos. J., captured at Gettysburg July, '63.

Nicely, Salome, wounded in left leg in battle of Alleghany Mt. Dec. 13, '61.

Nicely, John A., died during the war.

Nuckols, John, died since the war.

Nicely, Marion, wounded at Alleghany Mountain.

Patterson, Jas. A.

Perry, W. W., wounded at Hatcher's Run. Sick in Richmond Hospital when the army
surrendered. Died since the war.

Ramsey, Jas. A., captured at Wilderness May 5, '64, and imprisoned at Elmira.

Ramsey, Wra. G., captured at Wilderness May 5, '64, and imprisoned at Elmira.

Rapp, Wm. A., wounded at Gettysburg.

Rosen, D. H.,

Rosen, W. T., wounded at the battle of McDowell May 8, '62.

Reid, F. S., died during the war Sept. 21, '63.

Reid, Jas. W., died during the war at Brandy Station Nov. 31, '63.

Rippetoe, Adam,

Sensabaugh, Sam., captured at Spottsylvania (Horse Shoe Bend) May 12, '63, imprisoned
at Point Lookout, knocked down with shell at Gettysburg 2nd day's fight.

Sensabaugh, Jacob, died since the war, '65.

Sensabaugh, John, captured at Wilderness May 5, '64, and imprisoned at Elmira.

Sensabaugh, David.,

Snider, John Mack, wounded at the battle of Gettysburg. Died since the war.

Snider, John Joe, captured at Wilderness May 5, '64. Died in prison at Point Lookout
Aug. 3, '64.

Snider, Jacob S., mortally wounded at the battle of McDowell May 6, '62.

Snider, Abram. killed in battle at Rich Mount, July 11, '61.


Snieder, John Jack, wounded in the battle o( Allegliany Dec. 13, '61.

Snider, Ja»., ^^^-^^^—^

Snider, Jas. C, wounded at Hatcher's Run Feb. 6, '63.

Snider, David, '

Snider, Daniel, captured at Hatcher's Run Feb. 6, '65.

Stricldcr, Jat., captured at Petersburg and imprisoned at Point Lookout. Died since
the war.

Strickler, Jacob, died since the war, "97.

Strickler, Sam. killed in battle at Rich Mount July 11, '61.

Strickler, David, wounded and captured at Gettysburg.

Sclby, \Vm. H , died in camp at Monterey, '61.

Sweet, John W., captured at Wilderness and took oath and sent to the frontier to fight
the Indians.

Sherman, Geo. F.

Shipplett, John^

Taylor, J. Ballard.,

Taylor, H. H.,

Teaford, John H., captured at Wilderness and died m prison at Elmira Sept. 24, '64.

Thomas, William, wounded at McDowell May 8, '62.

Tooman, Wm. H., captured at Wilderness, took the oath, and sent to fight the Indians.

Via. C. C,

Walker, John F.. captured at Wilderness. Died in prison at Elmira, K. Y.. Oct. 8, '64.

Wilson, John T., survived the war and died at Wilson Springs Oct. 9. 1901.

Welsh, R. Alex., captured at the Wilderness Battle, imprisoned at Point Lookout and
then taken to Elmira, N. Y.

Wiseman, G. W., captured at Wilderness. Died in Harrisonburg, Va., '63, retuniin/i
from prison.

Whiimore. David H.. captured at Battle of Wilderness and died in prison at Elmira
Dec. 12. '64.

Whitmorc, John B.. captured at Wilderness and imprisoned at Elmira. N. Y. Died since
the war.

Wiihrow. J. W.. captured at Wilderness May 5, '63. Died in prison at Elm'ra, N. Y.

Wiilirow. H. J. v.. captured at Petersburg March 28, '65. and imprisoned at Point
Lookout and released June 19. '65.

West, Robert D., killed in battle at Rich Mountain.

Wilson. Thos. M.. transferred to cavalry.

Lucai, Andrew ^^^^-^^— ^


List of the Rockbridge men, as hcyl left l^xington April 18. '61.

Captain— S. H. Letcher, afterward Colonel 58th Va. Infantry.

First Lieut.— E» F. Paxlon, afterward Brigadier — General Stonewall Brigade, killed
at Chancclloriville, May 3, '63.

Second Lieut.— J. K. Edmondson. afterwards Colonel 27th \'a. Infantry. lost arm at

Third Lieut— W. W. Lewis, afterward .\diulant 27th Va. Infantry.

Quartermaster— R. C. Turpin, D. L. Hopkins, clerk.



First Serg. — J. C. Boude, afterward captain ot the company, and lost a leg at Chancel-

Second Serg. — John H. Reeton.
Third Serg. — Geo. W. Chapin.
Fourth Serg. — J. J. Hileman.
First Corporal — A. S. Wade.
Second Corporal — Frederick Davidson.
Third Corporal — R. H. Campbell.
Fourth Corporal — Jos. H. Marston.

Breedlove, J. W.
Bailey, G. W.
Bowyer, D. G.
Boogher, E. N.
Charlton, Sam C.
Charlton, John A.
Campbell, Jas. M.
Criser, J. H.
Campbell, Sam J.
Donald. Benj.
Davidson, P. A.
Donald, John A.
Edmondson. John M.
Fuller, S. B.
Fonshill, J. H.
Gaither, G. W.
Gillock, Jas. W.

(afterward Lt.)
Gordon, S. A.
Green, \Vm. L.
Hanger, M. R.
Hite, Caleb V. M.
Houston, W. H.
Heilbroner, Henry


Hutcheson, J. H.
Helm, M. E.
Haney, J. R.
Jessup, Edward
Jordan, R. A.
Kahle, W. H.
Kelly, Thos.
Kelly, Jerry
Laird, D. E.
Lokey, W. R.
Lynch, Ed.
Middleton, J. W.
Mullen, T. B.
Moore, J. H.
Miller, Adam
Moody, W. T.
McCluer, A. D.
McCown, R. McD.
McCampbell, S. J. N.
McClucr, A. C.
McCullough, Sam S. _
AfcXamara. Lawrence
McAleer, Robert E.
Norgrove, E. W.

Northern, E. Y.
Nefif, Joel
Parrent, F. M.
Paine, Robert
Ruflf, J. W.
Reilley, C. A.
Rollins, C. A.
Rickett, R. M.
Spears, J. W.
Smith, Henry D.
Sizer, Chas.
Snider, John
Smith, Jas. S.
Tanquary, J. S.
Thomas, J. S.
Thompson, J. S.
Varner, A. W.

(afterward Lt.)
Webb, P. M.
Wallace, J. W.
Wallace, H. H.
Wright, W. G.

Volunteers in the Rockbridge Rifles after the company left Lexington April 18, '6L

Adams, Chas.
Agnor, Thos. B.
Ayers, Matthew
Ayres, A. G.
Bell, Robert
Barger, Jno. A.
Camden, Jos.
Charlton. W. C.
Campbell, R. G.
Claircborne, Alfred
Conner, David
Crawford, Henry

Dickenson, J. C.
Drumheller, John
Drumheller, Wm.
East, Jas.
East, John
Eskew, Wyatt
Evans, Jas. S.
Garrison, N'ewton M.
Gordon, Thos.
Greiner, Erastus
Hayslett, Andrew
Harrison, W. H.

Hite, John
Halk, A. G.
Hartigan, John W.
Higgans, Jos.
Hileman, Daniel
Hook, N. D.
Hartman, Henry
Kramer. John
Kirkpatrick, Thos.
Marks, Wyatt L.
Hfifchell, Wm.
Miller, Alfred



Miller, Geo. W. Robinson, Levi. Senjeny, Ja$. M.

Moore. J. Scott Sidcrs, \Vm. Smith. Alphonso

Mullen. Jack Shields. Jas. IL Smith. Jacob

McGowan. Robert Shields. Wm. Standoff. Henry

Parks, Joshua, Jr. Seal. Morgan Tra.Nson, Wm.

Patterson. Alex. Shclton. M. H. Vanpelt. Jesse

Patterson. John fihocmaker, N. M. N'arner. C. V.

i'atton. Wm. Slough. A. A. P. Wash. Thos. H.

Radford. Calvin Slough, Jas. M. Wilhelm, John


Falling Waters— Wounded, Arthur D. McCluer and Lawrence McNamara.

1st Manassas — Killed, Frederick Davidson and A. C. McCluer; wounded— David
G. Browcr, skull broken, wounded badly >n the leg and shot in the right side; P. A
Davi.'son. W. H. Kahle. W. T. Moody. Adam Miller. D. M. Reilly. Chas. RolHns. J. W.
Ruff. Wm. J. Speers. J. J. Hilcman. Joel Ncff. li. Y. Northern, Joshua Parks. Jr.

Kcrnslown — Mortally wounded, John Drumhcllcr. died in Staunton; wounded, J. W

Honcywood Mill, or Dam No. S — Killed, Joshua Parks, Jr.

Port Republic— Mortally wounded, .Mfonso Smith, died July, '62; wounded. Henry
Hcilbroner and Wm. Mitchell.

Malvern Hill— Killed. Arthur D. McCluer.

2nd Manassas — Wounded. Serg. J. C. Uoudc and Robert Gowan.

Chanccllorsville— Killed, General E. F. Paxlon and E. W. Norgrove; wounded. Col.
J. K- Edmondson. lost arm; Capt. J. C. Boude. lost leg; Joseph Higgans. badly; S. J. H.
XlcCampbcll. wounded in mouth and throat

Gettysburg — Killed. W'. H. Kahle, Joseph Camden, J. S. Thomas, and Jack Mullen;
wounded, Lieut. Andrew W. Varncr, who commanded company, lost arm and captured ;
J. Hileman. shot in thigh.

Spottsylvania C. H — Killed, .Mfrcd Claiborne and John M. Edmondson, J. W. Wallace.

Mine Run— Wounded. T. B. Mullen and Geo. W. Miller.

Near Richmond— Wounded. S. C. Charlton.

Fort Steadnian — Wounded and captured. R. G. Campbell.

SlauRhlcr Mountain — Killed. David Conner.

Duffield Depot— Wounded. J. S. Thomas.

In front of Petersburg — Killed. I-evi Robinson. Harris Hill; wounded. W. H. Harrison.

Roll of the company :

Capt. Thos. H. Walkins; Lieut. Jos. S. Paxton. Lieut. Wm. V. Knick. Lieut. M. 0.

Campbell; S. W. Paxton, First Serg.; Second Serg; G W. Ackerlv.

Third Serg; J. A. Fisher. Fourth Serg.; W. S. Newcomer; First Corporal; J. H. Shafer,
Second Corporal ; — Third Corporal ; Fourth Corporal.


Arthur. Joi. D. Black. A. H. Cash. Jos.

Barger. Joel Black. A D. Drain. David

Beard. W. S. Byers. W. C. Dixon. W. A.

Black. John Camden, Layne Eiit>.minger. J.

Black, Jas. Camden, John Fisher, Jos. S.



Ford, W. A.
Glenn, Jos.
Gilbert, A. J.
Gilbert, J. M.
Gilmore, A. J.
Gilmore, Sam. C.
Glenn, Jas.
Griffith, Wm.
Grossly, S. W.
Hall, H. L.
Hall, W. T.
Hamilton, A. C.
Harris, John
Hayslett, B. F.
Hayslett, R. M.
Hayslett, Wra.
Hayslett, S. McD.
Hicks, W. H.
Hostetter, L. J. M.
Hostetter, Henry
Hogue, Wm. M.
Hughes, Lewis
Hughes, D. E.


Bradshaw, A.
Camden, Jas.
Clark, J. A.
Clark, J. D.
Hayslett, B.
Hughes, R. H.
Johnston, R. M.


Hughes, J. Frank
Irwin, Geo.
Jenkins, J. A. J.
Jones, Oliver
Knick, Jas. C.
Kidd, J. P.
Lackey, W. H.
Lawhorn, J. K.
Lawhorn, Sam.
Long, J. M.
Long, W. P.
McManamy, W. C.
Muterspaw, Daniel J.
Miller, J. P.
Miller, Jas. H.
Miller, Jos.
Aloore, B. F.
Ochiltree, D. L.
Patterson, J.
Parsons, W. A.
Phillips, J. S.
Reed, W. H.
Robinson, A. D.


Zacy or Lang, Robert
Lam, Jos.
Miller, B. F.
Ochiltree, T. A.
Paxton, M. L.
Reese, J. A.
Reed, J. A.
Selph, W. J.


Ruly, J. F.
Scott, C. A.
Self, B. D.
Scott, T. F.
Shafer, R. P. G.
Shepherdson, A.
Simpson, J. J.
Simpson, W. D.
Smith, Ananias
Smith, J. W.
Smith, Josephus
Syron, Simon
Tinsley, Geo.
Tygret, Robert
Wallace, J. M.
West, Wm.
White, J. M.
White, W. W.
Whitten, J. W.
Wilhelm, Wm.
Woody, H.
Zollman, A.
Zollman, J. W.

Smith, J. A.
Shafer, S. J.
Silvey, Jas.
Simpson, C. A.
Tucker, G. L.
Wiseman, J. A.
Wood, J. A.

At McDowell— May 8, '62.— Killed, W. H. Hicks and Alfred Shepherdson; wounded,
John A. J. Jenkins.

At Cross Keys — Wounded — R. M. Hayslett, Ananias Smith and John W. Zollman.

At Port Republic — Wounded, Jos. Knick and Wm. Hayslett.

At Gaines' Mill — Wounded, Sylvester W. Grossly (lost leg), S. D. Gilmore, Wm. B.
Beard, John W. Zollman, W. L. Paxton, B. F. Miller, W. S. Newcomer and J. A. Wiseman.

At Slaughter's Mountain — Killed, Lieut. Wm. Knick, John Black, and Jos. Smith;
wounded, Serg. J. A. Fisher, (lost arm), R. P. D. Shafer.

At Winchester, J. Y. W.— Killed, W. C. McManamy and Jas. W. Smith.

At Winchester, Sept. 19, '64— Killed, W. L. Paxton.

At Sharpsbnrg — Killed, A. H. Black; wounded, Joseph Phillips.

At Cold Harbor— May 30, '64— Killed, Lieut. Col. Thos. H. Watkins, Jas. S. Fisher,
B. F. Self and Wm. Wilhelm; wounded, Jos. S. Paxton.



At Spottsylvania— Killed. Jas. Black, W. A. Parsons, Geo. Tinslcy; wounded, Capt
S. W. Paxioii, Win. M. Hogue.

At Gelt) iburg— Killed. J. M. Gilbert.

At Middlclowii— Wounded, J. A. J. Jenkins. J. P. Miller, and J. A. Reese.

At the Wilderness— Killed. A. D. liUck.

At Fort Stcadnian — Wounded. Capt. S. W. Paxton.


La)-ne Camden, John Camden, David Drain, W. T. Hall, Lewis Hughes, Oliver Jones,
John Xlulers|>aw, David L. Ochiltree, T. A. Ochiltree, T. K. Scott, and John W. Whitten.

The original organization was as follows:

Ofticers — James D. Morrison, Captain, John Chaplin, 1st Lieut. J. Preston Moore,
2nd Lieut. Geo. W'. Teaford, Ut Scrg. ; Perry Farrow, ind Serg. : John S. Lam, Jrd Serg. ;
Jas. W. Montgomery, Alh Serg.; Jas. W. Lam, 3rd Corporal; Joseph C. Deacon, 4ih

Alexander, John F.
Archer, John T.
Ailstock, Absalom
Agnor, John
Ailstock, Geo.
Bennington, Nelson
Blackburn, Richard
Blackwell, Richard
Brown, Sam A.
Bennington, John L.
Crist, Hector C.
Campbell, John A. J
Conner, Fitzallen
Crist, Richard A.
Fchard, William
Ford, Joseph
Fitzgerald, Sam.
Hayslett. Jas. M.
Fisher, John A.
Gaylor, Jas. M.
Graham, Andrew J.

Ailtlock, Joseph
Archer, Peter
Archer, Joi. B.
Brads, John A.
Bane, Sam
Carter. John A.
Donald. Robert A.
Hall. Sam F.
Hoslelter. George
Hinklc. Preston D


Grant, Andrew J.
Grant, Seaton L.
Hamilton, Robert S.
Hardbarger, I-'rederick
Harris, Daniel W.
Hattan, Mark
Hayslett, Andrew J.
Hayslett, Andrew
Hayslett, Ezekiel
Higgans, Chas.
Hinklc, Adam
Irvine, John M.
Kelly. John H.
Layman. Henry
Linkswiler, Sam.
Linkswilcr, Franklin
lawman, Sam.
McDanicI, Jas. H.
Mulrr.«i)aw, George W.
Miller, Andrew
Miller, Sam H.


Hauber, Rufus
Miller. Henry M.
Morris, Elihu B.
Miil'Tspaw. William C.
Mohler, Winston P.
McKemy, Sam.
Plott, Wm. M.
Plolt, Joieph N.
Plott, John A.
Ruly. Robert

Mohler. Jas. H.
Mohler, Wm.
Montgomery, John C.
Morris. Jas. D. W.
Morris, Xlark
Nuckols, Silas H.
Plogger, Jas. M.
Ramsay, Nathaniel
Kowsey, Marion
Shaw, Sam D.
Shaw, Henry W.
Sheppard, Chas.
Smith, Benj. F.
Smith, Thos , Jr.
Smith, Thos., Sr.
Tolley, Chas. W.
Thomas. Levi.
Vess, Harvey
Waiidless. Stephen H.
Wiseman, Andrew

Stein. Nimrod
Smith. John H.
Stanley, Lewii
Sprouse, Joseph L.
Thompson, Alex.
Thompson. Thos.
Vess, Jackson
Wiieman. John A.
Wilhclm. John H


The following were the officers of the company during the war :

Captains: Jas. D. Morrison from Aug. 1, '61, to May 1, '62; J. Preston Moore, from
May 1, '62 to Aug., '64, (Capt. J. Preston Moore being permanently disabled by wounds
received in battle, was retired from field service, with his rank and pay, under act of
Congress, and assigned to duty as Commandant of the Military Post at Lexington, Va.) ;
Mark Hatton, from Aug. '64 to close of war, April 9, '65.

First Lieuts. : John Chaplin, from Aug. 1, '61, to May 1, '62; George W. Teaford, from
May 1, '62, to June 10, '62; H. R. Morrison from about April, '64, to about May 10, '64.

Second Lieuts.: J. Preston Moore from Aug. 1, '61 to May 1, '62; Jas. W. Montgomery
from about Dec, '62, to ; Mark Hatton from about Dec, '63, to Aug., '64.

Third Lieuts. — 'Rev. J. C. Richardson, from about March, '62, to May 1, '62.

Chaplain: Rev. J. C. Richardson, from Aug. 1, '61, to March, '62

Note : Above are commissioned officers.


1st Serg. : Geo. W. Teaford and Perry Farrow.

2nd Serg. : Perry Farrow and J. C. Deacon.

3rd Serg. John S. Lam and Mark Hattan.

4th Serg. : Jas. W. Montgomery and John S. Lam.

5th Serg. : Wm. H. Mohler.

1st Corporals: Jas. W. Lam and F. Linkswiler.

2nd Corporal: J. C. Montgomery.

3rd Corporals : Michael C. Reynolds and Jas. M. Plogger.

4th Corporals : Jos. C. Deacon and Mark Morris.


McDowell, May 8, '62: Wounded, J. A. J. Campbell (died), Franklin Linkswiler and
Henry Miller.

Harrisonburg. June 6, '62: Killed, John A. Fisher and Marion Rowsey; wounded,
Perry Farrow, J. C. Deacon, Jno. S. Lam, Jas. M. Gaylor, Fitzallen Conner, and Sam. A.

Port Republic, June 9, '62; Wounded, Captain J. Preston Moore, Lieut. Geo. W. Ted-
ford (mortally.)

Seven days' battle around Richmond, June, '62; Killed, Sam Linkswiller; wounded, J.
C. Montcionipry, Jos. B. Archer, A. J. Grant, D. W. Harris, Jno. A. Brads, Geo. Ailstock, and
Silas N. Nuckols.

Second Manassas, Aug. 27, '62; Killed Mark Morris; wounded, Geo. Ailstock (mortally)
and Henry Miller.

Sharpsburg, Sept. 17, '62: Wounded, Jno. H. Smith (mortally.)

Fredericksburg, Dec 13, 62: Killed, Jas. H. Mohler; wounded, Jno. F. Alexander,
Winston P. Mohler, John A. Carter, and Richard A. Crist.

Chancellorsville, May, '63: Wounded, John Agnor and Robert Ruly.

Wilderness, May 6, '64 : Wounded, Jas. H. McDaniel, Jas. M. Plogger, and Jos.

Spottsylvania C. H.: Killed, A. J. Grant.

Second Cold Harbor, June 27, '64: Wounded, Henry Layman, Sam, Lowman (mor-

Winchester: Wounded, Mark Hattan and Wm. Muterspaw.

Lynchburg: Killed, Jos. Ailstock.



Near Winchester : Killed, Andrew J. Wiseman, Wm. Echard and John A. Wiicmin
(Ust named su|>ixj»ed to have been killed — was never heard ol afterwards.)
Near New Market : Wounded, Alexander Thompson.
Hatcher's Run, Feb. 6, '65: Wounded, Capt. Mark ilattan.


Lieut. H. R. Morrison, Jas. W. Lam, Jas. M. Hayslett, Ezekiel Hayslett, Levi Thonuis,
Stephen H. Wandless, Thos. Smith, Sr., S. L. Grant, Chas. W. Tollcy, Thomas Smith, Jr.,
John H. Kelly, Jno M. Irvine, Kufus Hauber, and Henry W. Shaw.


Chas. W. Freeman, Captain; Ducan C. Lyie, First Lieut.; .Mexander F. Laird, Second
Lieut.; John C. Paxton, Orderly Serg. ; Jas. Daly, Serg. ; Nathan Stricklcr, Serg. ; David
Black, Serg.; Milton Swink, Corporal; H. T. Wilson, Corporal.


Ford, Jas. A.
Garland, Wm.
Gold, John W.
Henslcy, George
Jcssup, Henry
Johnston, Thos.
Kahle. Jacob P.
Kirkpatrick, Sam. L.
I-am. J. Calvin
Leech, Isaac
\jOX\g, Amos
McClimg. J. kfoffett
McCown, Robert E.
McCown. Sam.
McCiiIlou(fh, John
McCutchen, Frank
Nutty, John W.

Baldwin, Jos.
Bell, Jas. B.
Black, Calvin
Campbell, Isaac N.
Campl)ell, John T.
Cash, John R.
Cash, Schuyler B.
Childress. J. Sam.
Coffman. Taylor
Dixon, John
Drain. Jas. C.
Drawborid. Wm. H.
Dunlap, Wm. M.
Dixon, Sam.
Fdwards. Thos.
FiRRat, Robert H.
Firebaugh, John

In M.iy precrdiPR the orRaniration of the forcRoing company, the Reserves of
RockbridRe. both senior and junior, were called in service to aid in checking the advance
up the valley of the Fedrral army under Major-General D.ivid Hunter, and the name of the
following boys are recalled as having rendered service at that lime :

Parsons, John Steele
Paxton, Adolphus
Poaguc, Wm. Gordon
Pring, J. Calvin
Robertson, Alfred
Robertson, John A.
RufI, A. Wallace
Swarti. Jos. G.
Short, Jas. M. M.
Smith, John P.
Stuart, J. Gerard
Tyler, D. Gardiner
Wilson, H. T.
Wilson, Jas. A.
White. Wm H

Black, David S.
Barger, Alexander
Coflman, Taylor
Drawbond, Wm. H.
Daniels. W. C
Freeman, Chas. W.
Gold. John W.
Hensley, George

Laird, A. F.
Montgomery, J. C.
Moore, Warren
Moore, Sam P.
Presser, (a student)
Paxton, John C.
Smith. John P
Swink. Milton

Strider, John P.
Sanderfer, J. C.
.Smith, Mac.
Tyler, Gardiner
WriRht, Sam.
Watts, Thos.
Wilson, Horatio


Wright, Schuyler B.


The following named senior reserves were in service in May '64 :

Bacon, Capt. A. S. Miller, Andrew Templeton, Capt. John M.

Boone, Abram Montgomery, Robert Turpin, R. C.

Boone, Lewis W. Moore, VV. T. Wilson, William

Hill, George Moore, Abner W. Wright, Wm. G.

Hosteller, George Ramsey, Calvin Wallace, Charlton

Lackey, Andrew H. Shaw, William Wallace, Sam.

McCaleb, J. Wesley Sweet, Jacob Webb, Jas. M.


The following named persons from Rockbridge County, Va., were soldiers in the
Confederate Army, but did not serve in companies from the county, to wit:

Lieut-General Thomas J. Jackson (Stonewall), wounded at Chancellorsville, Va.,
May 2, '63, died May 10, '63.

Francis H. Smith, Colonel 9th Virginia Volunteers Provisional Army.

William Gilham, Colonel 21st Virginia Infantry.

R. E. Colston, Colonel 16th Virginia Volunteers — afterward Brigadier General C. S. A.

J. T. L. Preston, Lieut-Colonel 9th Virginia Volunteers, Provisional Army — after-
ward on Stonewall Jackson's staff.

S. Crutchfield, Lieut-Colonel 9th Virginia Volunteers, Provisional Army, succeeded
Col. Preston and afterward Colonel and Chief of Artillery Stonewall Jackson's Corps,
killed at Sailor's Creek.

John D. H. Ross, 1st Lieut, of Engineers on Gen. Loring's Staff, afterward Lieut.
Colonel of S2nd Va. Infantry, twice wounded at Cross Keys, Va.

Jas. W. Massie, Lieut. Colonel 51st Virginia Volunteers.

R. H. Catlett. Lieut. Colonel Gen. Echol's Staff.

Thomas H. Williamson, Lieut. Colonel and Chief Engineer Staff of Gen. Holmes.

A. S. Pendleton, Lieut. Colonel and Adjutant General of General Thos. J. Jackson's
Corps — afterward of Early's Corps.

Scott Shipp, Captain Provisional Army, Adjutant General Camp of Instruction at
Richmond, Major 21st Virginia Infantry and afterward Lieut. Colonel C. S. A.

Daniel Truehart, C. S. A., Major Artillery.

M. B. Hardin, Major 9th Virginia Volunteers (provisional Army), afterward Major
C. S. Artillery.

Jas. C. Paxton, Major and Quarter-Master C. S. A.

Major Jas. B. Dorman, Quarter-Master C. S. A.

Capt. William C. Williamson, Engineer Corps, C. S. A.

Marshall McDonald, Captain and Ordnance officer at Vicksburg.

John McCausland, Brigadier General, C. S. A., Cavalry Brigade.

John P. Welsh, Captain Co. B., 27th Va. Infantry.

Chas. A. Davidson, Captain Co. E. 1st Va. Infantry Batallion.

Greenlee Davidson, Captain Letcher .Artillery, killed at Chancellorsville.

Otho Alexander, Captain 20th Va. Cavalry.

William, Walker, Captain in Wright's Brigade.

Frank C. Wilson, Captain Monroe Guards, 27th Va. Infantry.

Capt. Robert L. McCullough, Danville Grays.

Robert McFarland, Captain in General Morgan's Cavalry.

O. C. Henderson, Captain 1st Va- (Irish) Battalion Army Northern Va.


W. H. Morgan, Captain 21 $t Va. In{antr>', killed al Cedar Mountain
J. H. i!orrijon, Lieut. Pemberton's Staff.

T. Xi Scmmcs, Lieut, and Adjutant Rust's Arkansas Regiment.

John H. Lackey, Lieut, in 26th Va. Cavalry.

\Vm. H. Norgrove, Lieut, in Botetourt Artillery, died from wounds received at Port
Gibson, Miss., in '63.

Albert Davidson, Lieut. Staff of General Robert Preston.

Robert L. Brokenbrough, Surgeon of SSlh Va. Infantry, afterward Chief Surg, of
Early's Division.

Dr. Sam. Temple Chandler. Assistant Surgeon in hospital at Farmville. L)nch-
burg and Culpejier C. H.

Dr. Henry G. Davidson, Surgeon of 3rd and 5lh Va. Infantry, and afterward in hospitals
at Danville, Richmond, Va., and Corinth, Miss.

Dr. Sam. M Dodd, Asst. Surgeon in hospital in Richmond and Lexington, Va.. and
Wilmington, N. C

Dr. John Alexander Graham, Surgeon Sth and 42nd \"a. Infantry and Medical
Director of the Artillery of the .\rmy of Northern Va.

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