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only a few of the items.

Forty head of Neat Cattle, besides 9 Calves £80 - 0/ - Od

Thirty Swine £12, one Horse £3 £15 - 0/ - Od

837 pounds of Sheeps wool at 7d £24 - 8/ - 3d

656 Sheep and Lambs 135 /and 20 bushell Indian corn £175 - 0/ - Od
One Indian Boy £46 - 0/ - Od

Thomas Allin 2nd
Son of William 1st.

Lived in the old Homestead in Swanzey, Mass.
Bom Jan 1668 Died Aug 11 1719

His daughter Elizabeth, married Mr. Thomas Hill.

Family Records 141

His daughter Anna, married Ist Mr. Josiah Brown, 2nd John

His daughter Rebeckah, married 1st Mr. Joseph Cole, 2nd
Thomas Hill.

His daughter Abigail married Joshua Bicknell.

His daughter Allethea, married Nathaniel Vial.

His Son Matthew, married Ruth Stockbridge.

In his will — Proved Sept. 7th 1719 Swanzey Mass.
He gave to his wife a third of personal and Real Estate in Swanzey.


Among some of the items mentioned was 3 Negro slaves and an Indian
Maid servant-£164 His real estate amounted to £1800.

Swanzey Mass.

Thomas Hill of Swanzey 1st Elizabeth AUin daughter of Thomas 2nd,
his Wife Elizabeth died in year 1727, about four years after her decease.
He became engaged to his Wifes sister, Rebeckah, they were about to be
married in the town of Swanzey, when the said Thomas Hill was notifyed
that the Laws of Massachusetts, forbade a man to marry his wifes sister.
Thomas was not going to give up his sweetheart on account of Laws, so he
loaded his personal goods and farming tools on his wagon, with his intended
sitting on the seat beside him, they started off early in the morning on a
long journey to North Kingston R. I. where he owned a farm, here they
were married by a justice of the Pease, Mr. Benoni Hall and here they
finally settled.

Many of the descendants of William Allin 1st, were very prominent
men during the Revolutionary war, such as Capt. Matthew AUin, who
marched with a Company of soldiers from Swanzey (now Barrington) to
Bunker Hill in Charlestown Mass. and was on the firing line.

Another well known man was Gen. Thomas AUin who had a Company
in Barrington.

Mr. Charles E. Allen, who is in the 9th generation (of William 1st who
was born in year 1640) has in his possession an old pocket book, it is told
by good authority, that this old relic was once the property of William
Allin, who settled in Swansey in year 1680. Later generations of this
family belong to the records of Barrington, R. I.

Mrs. Mary Carpenter died of causes incidental to old age. She was
born in Attleboro in 1834, the daughter of Square Allen and Elinor Luther
Allen. The ancestral home was in Swansea near the site of the first meeting
house erected in 1663. Her two great-grandfathers on the Allen side, Cap'n
Joseph Allen and Spicer Hews were Revolutionary soldiers from Barrington
and her maternal grandfather was Serg't Peleg Luther of Col. Christopher
Lippit's Regiment in the Continental line. The Luther ancestors may be
traced back to Martin Luther, the names of both Luther and Allen are
conspicuous in the history of Barrington and Swansea. She was married to
Mr. Carpenter April 10th 1854 and 50 years later, 1904 in Ehte HaU.
Providence, they celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. Mrs.

142 History of Swansea

Carpenter died Aug. 29th 1915. Ella married Wm. O'Brien. Mabel
married Albert Neigles.

Gideon Allen, and Nehemiah Allen were among the first signers
admitted to the Town.

Squire Allen married Elizabeth — Dec. 26, 1790. His son, Ira Allen,
married Rosamond Brightman of Fall River; and their son Theodore, born
in Barrington, R. I. Aug. 31, 1830, married Harriet A. Hathaway, born in
Fall River, June 15, 1839. Their children are:

Bertha L. born in Swansea June 9, 1858.
Laura E. born in Swansea March 1, 1860.
Orville H. born in Swansea March 31, 1862.
Ina F. born in Washington, D. C. May 3, 1865.
Ellen born in Washington D. C. April 14, 1868.
Ethelyn R. born in Swansea Nov. 17, 1878.

Abnold Family

Franklin Gifford Arnold, of Swansea, Mass., is a descendant of two of
the oldest families of Rhode Island, tracing his lineage from Gov. Benedict
Arnold of Rhode Island and Surgeon John Greene. His Arnold line is as

(I) Gov. Benedict Arnold, of Rhode Island.

(II) Caleb Arnold, born Dec. 19, 1644, died Feb. 9, 1719. June 10,
1666 he married Abigail Wilbur.

(III) Samuel Arnold, was born in 1679.

(IV) Joseph Arnold, son of Samuel, died in 1776. He married
Abigail Gifford Nov. 23, 1732, and (second) Hanna Gifford in August, 1737.

(V) Edmund Arnold married Abby Himes, and their children were:
Edmund, Mary, John, Charles, Joseph, Nabby, Hannah, Samuel, Sheffield,
and Dorcas.

(VI) John Arnold, born in North Kingston, R. I., in 1778, married
in 1800 Sarah Sherman, who was born in 1771, and died in 1841. Their
children were all born in Exeter, R. I., as follows: Abby, March 1, 1801;
Lucy, May 27, 1802; George, Nov, 26, 1803; Edmund, Feb. 13, 1805;
Mary, July 23, 1806; John, Jan. 9, 1809; Martha, April 10, 1811; Stephen,
Feb. 18, 1813; Sarah A., March 31, 1815. John Arnold spent the early
part of his life in Exeter, but passed his last years with his son Edmund, at
Portsmouth, R. I., and later in Swansea, where he died in June, 1865. His
wife preceded him in death by many years.

(VII) Deacon Edmund Arnold was bom in Exeter, R. I., Feb. 13,
1805, and spent his boyhood and early school days there. From 1832 to
1865, he resided on the big Hoppin farm in Portsmouth, R. I., in 1865
removing to Swansea and buying a farm on Gardner's Neck, a half mile
south of Swansea Village. A few years before his death he removed to that
village. He was active in the affairs of the Christian Church in Swansea,
as he had been in Portsmouth, and for many years was deacon in the
Swansea Church. He also took an interest in the affairs of the town. Jan.
1, 1832, he married, in Coventry, R. I., Sally Jencks Greene, born June 18,
1812, who died Aug. 17, 1864. Their children are as follows: James E.,
born July 29, 1833, died Sept. 13, 1874, married Mary M. Dawley; Samuel
Greene, born Feb. 9, 1835, is mentioned below; William H., born April 22,
1837, of Newport, R. I., who married Amarintha Tallman and (second)
Ruth Hazard; John H., born April 4, 1839, married Lois Anthony, resides
in Cambridge, Mass., and is librarian of the Harvard Law School; Sarah
G., born April 26, 1841, died May 29, 1899, married Charles Field; Abby

Family Records 143

M. was born March 26, 1844; married Edwin Cotton Gardner; Willard
N. born Jan. 14, 1846, married Amanda Eggleston and resides in Fall River;
George A., born Feb. 26, 1850, died Dec. 29, 1894, married Emma Veazie;
Mary S., born June 9, 1856, died Feb. 23, 1868.

(VIII) Samuel Green Arnold, son of Deacon Edmund Arnold, was
born in Portsmouth, R. I., Feb. 9, 1835. In 1856 he married Hannah H.
Gifford, daughter of George GifTord of Portsmouth, R. I. For a number of
years Mr. Arnold engaged in farming in Portsmouth, removing thence to
HiUside Stock Farm, owned by the late Frank S. Stevens. He remained
there, managing the farm, seven years, going thence to the Thomas Wood
place, at that time owned by Leander Gardner. After six years he removed
to the place just south of Swansea Village, on the Fall River road, where he
resided the rest of his life, dying Jan. 5, 1902. His wife died July 26, 1915.

In March, 1891, Mr. Arnold was elected selectman and continued to
serve in that office until March, 1901. He was chairman of the board from
1896 to 1901. In the spring of 1901 he was chosen sealer of weights and
measures. He was a charter member of Oakland Lodge, No. 32, 1. O. O. F.,
South Portsmouth, R. I., and helped to build the Hall for the society. He
was also a charter member of Dorothy Brown Rebekah Lodge of Swansea.
The children of Samuel Green and Hannah H. (Gifford) Arnold were:
Franklin Gifford, born Sept. 11, 1858, Arthur E., born April 29, 1860, Lois
E., born Oct. 24, 1866, married John R. Wood, Aug. 16, 1887; Abby A.,
born Dec. 23, 1867, married Preston H. Gardner, Nov. 22, 1888, and died
Jan. 17, 1892; George W., born April 25, 1870, married Nov. 3, 1896, Ida
M. Gardner, daughter of Stephen M. and Fanny (Slade) Gardner, who
died Jan. 8, 1900. Their children were: Harold Gifford, born March 13,
1897, and Grace Gardner, born April 29, 1898; Charles G., born Mar. 31,
1862, died July 31, 1864, in infancy.

(IX) Franklin Gifford Arnold, born Sept. 11, 1858, in Portsmouth,
R. I., married Dec. 14, 1881, Angeline Haile Wood, daughter of Nathan M.
and Abby M. (Kingsley) Wood, born June 30, 1859, died Dec. 1, 1916.
Children were born to them as follows : Edmund Kingsley, June 27, 1884,
(graduate of Brown University, 1904, taught in Bridgeport, Conn., and in
College in Honolulu, S. I., and is now Supt. of Schools at Wickford, R. I.,)
married Dec. 16, 1914, Gertrude Morrison, born May 13, 1889 at Vancouver,
B. C. ; Mary Wood, Oct. 30, 1886, (graduate of Pembroke, 1908, is a teacher;
Preston Franklin, Oct. 24, 1893, graduate of Brown University 1913, post-
graduate Harvard 1914, A. M, in History; Isabel Greene, July 24, 1895,
graduate of Dean Academy 1913, N. E. Conservatory of Music, one year,
sings in concerts and as entertainer.

(IX) Arthur Edmund, born April 29, 1860, married Eloise
Kingsley Wood, bom Aug. 19, 1861, daughter of Nathan M. and Abby M.
(Kingsley) Wood. Their children are: Howard Samuel, born July 13,
1889, married Meribah A,,daughter of John and Minnie M. Gifford, born
Dec. 2, 1888; Abby Almy, Dec. 10, 1890, married Harold R. Negus, July
17, 1913, and they have one son RusseU A., born Jan. 11, 1914; Nathan
Wood, Feb. 14, 1893; George Albert, Oct. 31, 1894.

Barney Family

The Barneys of Bristol County, Mass., come from the early Rehoboth
and Swansea families, in which region of Country the name has been con-
tinuous for two hundred and more years, during which it has had a credit-
able and honorable standing among the sturdy yeomanry of New England.
(I) Jacob Barney, born about 1601, is said to have come from
Swansea, Wales, to Salem, Mass., about 1630. He was made a freeman

144 History of Swansea

May 14, 1634, and represented Salem in the General Court in 1635, 1638,
1647, and 1655. He was an intelligent man, and often served as selectman,
deputy to the General Court, etc. He opposed the sentence of the General
Court against those who petitioned for freer franchise. He followed the
occupation of tailor. His death occurred at Salem, April 28, 1673, at the
age of seventy-three years.

Popes "Pioneers of Massachusetts" says that an Anna Barney was a
member of the church at Salem, in 1637, and queries whether she was
Jacob's wife; but in the settlement of his estate, Sept. 30, 1673, the relict,
Elizabeth, is called the mother of Jacob, only son of the deceased, and he
is called her son. As he was born in England before 1634, Anna could not
have been the wife of his father in 1637. There is little doubt that Jacob
Barney, the elder, was son of Edward Barney of Bradenham, County of
Bucks, England, yeoman, who bequeathed in his will of Oct. 9, 1643, to
"son Jacob Barney, if he is living at the time of my death and come over
into England. " Edward's wife may have been Isabel Booles, daughter of
John Rooles, of Turfile, County of Bucks, England.

The children of Jacob and Ehzabeth Barney were: Jacob; Sarah, who
married John Grover, and died in November, 1662; John, baptized Dec.
13, 1639; and Hannah who married John Cromwell, who died in Septem-
ber, 1700.

(II) Jacob Barney (2) was born in England, and was married Aug.
18, 1657, in Salem, Mass., to Hannah Johnson, who died June 5, 1659. He
married (second) April 26, 1660, Ann Witt, daughter of John and Sarah
Witt, of Lynn. His children were: Josiah; Hannah, born May 30, 1659;
Hannah (second), March 2, 1661; Sarah, Sept. 12, 1662; Abigail, Oct. 31,
1663; John Aug. 1, 1665; Jacob, May 21, 1667; Ruth, Sept. 27, 1669;
Dorcas, April 22, 1671; Joseph, March 9, 1673; Israel, June 17, 1675;
Jonathan, March 29, 1677; Samuel, Feb. 10, 1679; and Hannah (third),
Feb. 6, 1681. Mr. Barney was a Baptist minister and founded the churches
in Charlestown and Swansea, and was probably the one who founded the
First Baptist Society in Boston in 1668. He removed from Salem not
earUer than 1673, going to Bristol and Rehoboth. His will was made July
13, 1694, and probated Feb. 25, 1695, his widow Ann being appointed
executrix. She died March 17, 1701, in Rehoboth.

(Ill) Joseph Baraey, son of Jacob (2) and Ann (Witt), born in
1673, came to Rehoboth in 1690 with Josiah, hjs half-brother, and married
Constant Davis, daughter of James and Elizabeth Davis, of Haverhill,
Mass. Their children were: Elizabeth, born in 1694, who married Joseph
Mason, of Swansea; Daniel, born in 1697, who married Alice (or Freelove)
Wheaton; Joseph, who married Joanna Martin; John, who married (first),
Hannah Clark, and (second) Keziah Horton; Esther, who married Daniel
Davis, son of Elisha and Grace (Shaw) Da\is; Ann; Sarah, who married
John Davis, June 30, 1732; and Anna.

(IV) Daniel Barney, son of Joseph, born in 1697, married Freelove
Wheaton, and had children: Mary, born in 1739; Constant, in 1731; Betsy,
in 1733; Anna, in 1734; Daniel, in 1736; (married Rachael Bowen) ; David
and Jonathan, 1741; Beniah, 1744; Sarah, March 2, 1737.

(V) Daniel Barney Jr., son of Daniel, bom in 1736, married
Rachael Bowen, and had children: Daniel; Nathan; Jonathan; Peleg;
Reuben; Ebenezer, and Rhoda.

(VI) Jonathan Barney, son of Daniel Jr., married (first) Elizabeth
(Betsey,) daughter of Marmaduke Mason, and their children were : Mason,
Rachael, Hannah, Nathan, Jonathan, Betsey, Mary, Nancy, Anthony,
Alanson and Matilda.

(VII) Mason Barney, son of Jonathan, born in 1782, married in
1802 Martha Smith, who died a few yews later. He married (second) in

Family Records 145

1812, Polly Grant. His children by the first marriage were: Angeline,
born in 1802, married John D. Mason; Edwin, born in 1804, married Abby
Luther; Mason was born in 1808. To the second marriage were born:
Martha, who married William Franklin; Jonathan, unmarried; Mary, who
married Enos Conkling; Betsey, who married Charles Smith; Rodman,
who married Elizabeth Seymour; and Esther and Mason, both unmarried.

(VIII) Rodman Barney, son of Mason and Martha, married
EUzabeth Seymour, and had children: Esther M., who married William

D. Vose, of Newport, R. I., and has a daughter, Lozetta; Algernon
HoUister; Rodman, who died aged two years; and Jonathan, who married
Ida Barker, and hves in Barrington, R. I.

(IX) Algernon Hollister Barney, son of Rodman, was born at his
present residence in Swansea, Mass. His education was obtained in the
public schools of Swansea, the Warren High School, and Cady's private
school in Barrington, R. I. When he was sixteen years of age his father
died, and the care of the farm devolved upon the young son. He sold hay
and produce to the city of Providence, and at the age of eighteen went to
Canada to buy horses for that city. For over 25 years he has been the
holder of the contract for the disposal of the garbage of Providence, and at
one time had the contract for the same work for Pawtucket, Fall River,
New Bedford, and Newport. He holds the government mail contract in
Providence. He has a livery stable on Dorrance street. Providence, where
he keeps 125 horses. His various contracts necessitate the constant use
of three hundred horses, and over two hundred men are on his pay roll.
His Swansea farm contains 1,200 acres. He pays considerable attention
to raising hogs. He has always been blessed with good health, and his
happy disposition has won him many friends who have rejoiced in the
success and prosperity that have attended his efiforts in the business world.
He was one of the founders of the old Providence Athletic Club. He is a
member of the Elks, the United Workmen, and the Masons, having at-
tained to the thirty-second degree in Masonry; and is also a member of
the Shrine.

Mr. Barney has been twice married. By his first wife, Madora W.
Brayton, he had three children: Carrie E., who married Willard C.
Gardner, of Swansea, and had two children, Madora and Marcia; Rodman
S., manager of his father's farm, who married Augusta Merriweather, and
has five children, MoUie, Rodman, Algernon, Augusta and Ehzabeth; and
Ethel, who married Ernest Bell (who has charge of the U. S. mail contract
in Providence for Mr. Barney) and has four children: Algernon S., Hope,
Ernest and Caroline. Aug. 30, 1907, Mr. Barney married (second) Jessie

E. Sampson, of Fall River, Massachusetts.

Brayton Family

The first in America by this name, one Francis Brayton, came from
England to Portsmouth, Rhode Island, where, in 1643, he was received as
an inhabitant, in 1655, became a freeman, and to him nearly if not aU the
Braytons of New England trace their origin. He soon entered into the
pohtical fife of the country, serving as a member of the General Court of
Commissioners for the Colony, for many years as member of the Rhode
Island General Assembly, and frequently during the later generations his
descendants have held positions of responsibility and trust in the public
offices of State, and the private offices of the business world. The name is
found on the rolls of the Unit^ States Army and Navy, and on the pro-
fessional records of the clergy, the physician, and the lawyer.

This sketch, however, is confined to one of the branches of the family

146 History of Swansea

several of whose members chose the commercial world for their sphere, and
through which, during the phenomenal growth of Fall River's industrial
life, the name of Brayton became prominent and influential. In 1714,
Preserved Brayton, grandson of Francis, purchased 138 acres of land from
William Little, whose father was one of the proprietors of the Shawomet
Purchase in Swanzey, Massachusetts. This farm, since known as the
Brayton Homestead, borders on the west bank of the Taunton river and
is located in the present town of Somerset, which, in 1790, was set off from
Swanzey (now spelled Swansea).

Preserved had already married Content Coggeshall, the granddaughter
of John Coggeshall, whose name is handed down in history as that of a man
foremost in the annals of Rhode Island. To this new home he brought
his wife and older children, and here was the birthplace of their younger
children and many of their descendants. At the time of his death, he left
this farm to his youngest son Israel, while to his other children he left land
in different localities.

Israel had a large family, and his children unite the name of Brayton
with those of Read, Bowers, Winslow, and Slade, all closely identified with
the growth of Swansea and Somerset. From John, son of Israel, the
homestead came into possession of his son Israel, whose sons crossed the
Taunton river and made their abode in the growing town of Fall River.

The genealogy of this branch of the Brayton family, from its advent
into this country, is chronologically arranged as follows:

(I) Francis Brayton, the progenitor of the family in this country,
was born in 1611, and died in 1692. He and his wife Mary had six children:
Francis, Stephen, Martha, Elizabeth, Sarah, and Mary: The first three
generations of the descendants of Francis are given by Austin in his
Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island, and the records below briefly
trace the Hne of his son Stephen.

(II) Stephen Brayton, son of Francis, married in 1678-9 Ann
Tallman, daughter of Peter and Ann Tallman. Their children were Mary,
Elizabeth, Ann, Preserved, Stephen, and Israel.

(Ill) Preserved Brayton, son of Stephen, was born in Portsmouth,
Rhode Island, March 21, 1684-5, and died in Swansea, Massachusetts,
May 21, 1761. He married Content Coggeshall, daughter of John and
Ehzabeth (Timberlake) Coggeshall. Their children were John, Stephen,
David, Baulstone, Ann, Content, and Israel.

(IV) Israel Brayton, son of Preserved, was born in Swansea, Mass.,
Oct. 13, 1727, and married April 19, 1752, Mary Perry. Their children
were: Israel, born 1754; Preserved, born 1756; Content, born 1758,
(married Capt. Nathan Read), David, born 1760, (died 1776), John, born
1762, Mary, bom 1764, (married Phihp Bowers), Bethany, born 1766,
(married Dr. John Winslow), Perry, bom 1768, and Baulston born 1769,
(married Mercy Slade).

(V) John Brayton, son of Israel, was born in Swansea, April 12,
1762, and died in Somerset, March 12, 1829. He married, Nov. 21, 1782,
Sarah Bowers, who was born July 13, 1763, and died Aug. 17, 1843. She
was the daughter of Philip and Mary Bowers, and sister of Philip Bowers
who married Mary Brayton, sister of John. The children of John and Sarah
(Bowers) Brayton, were Mary, bom Aug. 16, 1783, who became the second
wife of Dr. John Winslow; Sarah, bom Dec. 29, 1785, married Benjamin
Clark Cornell; WiUiam Bowers, bom Feb. 2, 1788, drowned at sea; Nancy
Jarre tt Bowers, born July 18, 1790, who became the second wife of David
Anthony; Israel, born July 29, 1792; Betsey W., died young; Content,
died in 1872, unmarried; Stephen, who married, first, Mary H. Gray, and
second, Abby Gray; Almira, married Captain Jesse Chace; Carohne and
John, who died young.

Family Records 147

(VI) Israel Bray ton, son of John, was born in Somerset, Mass.,
July 29, 1792, and died there, Nov. 5, 1866. He married, Aug. 1813, Kezia
Anthony, who was born in Somerset, July 27, 1792, and died Oct. 24, 1880.
She, also, was a descendant of one of the early settlers of Rhode Island,
John Anthony, who came from England in 1634. Her line of descent is
John and Susanna (Potter) Anthony, Abraham and Alice (Wodell)
Anthony, William and Mary (Coggeshall) Anthony, Benjamin and Martha
(Luther) Anthony, David and Submit (Wheeler) Anthony, who were the
parents of Kezia.

Israel and Kezia (Anthony) Bray ton had nine children, namely: (I)
Mary, who married, first, Major Bradford Durfee, second, Jeremiah S.
Young. Her only child, Bradford Matthew Chalonor Durfee, died Sept.
13, 1872, and in his memory she gave to the City of Fall River the B. M.
C. Durfee High School. (2) William Bowers, who married Hannah Turner
Lawton. (3) Nancy Jarrett Bowers, who married Daniel Chace. Their
only child died young. (4) Elizabeth Anthony, who married the Rev. Roswell
Dwight Hitchcock. Their children were: Roswell D., Mary B., Harriet B.,
and Bradford W. Hitchcock. (5) David Anthony who married Nancy R.
Jenckes. (6) John Summerfield, who married Sarah J. Tinkham. (7)
Israel Perry, who married Parthenia Gardner. (8) Hezekiah Anthony, who
married Caroline E. Slade. (9) Sarah S. Brayton, unmarried, who died in
Fall River September 5, 1915.

(VII) Mary Brayton, eldest daughter of Israel and Kezia (Anthony)
Brayton, was born at Foxboro, Mass., May 9, 1814, and for several ye^s
previous to her marriage was engaged as a school teacher. In 1842 she
married Major Bradford Durfee of Fall River, who died in 1843. She w^s
again married, in 1851, to Hon. Jeremiah S. Young, who died in 1861. To
the first marriage there was born one son, Bradford Matthew Chaloner,
on June 15, 1843, and he died unmarried in 1872. Mrs. Young died March
22, 1891. ^ ^^ .

(VII) William Bowers Brayton, eldest son of Israel and Kezia
(Anthony) Brayton, was born April 6, 1816, in Swansea, Mass. He was
educated in the schools of Swansea, and spent one year at Wilbraham
Academy. He became a teacher, as did nearly all of his brothers and
sisters, and taught in Tiverton, Rhode Island, and elsewhere for two or
three years. In 1832 he came to Fall River. His first commercial venture
was in the grocery business, and he subsequently became a clerk on sonie
of the boats running to Wood's Hole, and finally engaged in the grain
business with his brother David. He continued in that business until his
retirement, in 1877. His home was where the Fall River public library now
stands. He was also engaged in farming in a limited way in the town of
Somerset; and he was identified with the life of Fall River in various
relations. In 1864 and 1865 he was a member of the common council; he
was chairman of the Republican Committee, and for some years served as
a justice of the peace. He was one of the incorporators of the First National
Bank, of which he was senior director from the time of its organization.
He was a man of keen intelligence and wide information. He attended the
First Congregational Church, of which Mrs. Brayton and daughters became

Oct. 26, 1843, Mr. Brayton married Hannah Turner, daughter of Capt.
George and Patience (Turner) Lawton, and to them were born four children,
namely: Julia Washburn, of Fall River; George Anthony, who married

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