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Emery Philip (born Jan. 29, 1906, died Nov. 6, 1907) Ruth, (born July 8;
1907,) Chester F. (born Aug. 29, 1908) and Gail P. (born Feb. 2, 1910);
Anthony F. born May 1, 1888; and Walter Freeborn, Jr., born June 27;

George Mahlon Chace, son of Rev. Obadiah and Esther Taber (Free-
born) Chace, born April 3, 1864, died Sept. 12, 1907. Sept. 7, 1887, he
married Emma F. Slade. He was foreman for Beattie & Cornell, con-
tractors, of Fall River, Massachusetts.

The Cole Family

(I) James Cole, a resident of Highgate, a suburb of London, England,
in 1616, who married in 1624, Mary, daughter of the noted botanist and
physician, Mathieu Lovel, who was born in Lille, a son of Jean de Lovell
a distinguished lawyer. Mr. Cole and his wife, with their sons James and
Hugh, who were probably born in London, came to New England in 1632,
and were for a time at Saco, Maine. Mr. Cole located in Plymouth, Mass.,
in 1633, and was there made a freeman in the same year. He was known
as a sailor. His name appears on the tax list of Plymouth in 1634. He was
the first settler of, and lived upon what is still known as "Cole's Hill," the
first burial ground of the Pilgrims. This land probably included the
ground upon which rests Plymouth Rock. He had various grants of land.
He was surveyor of highways in 1641 and 1644. He was a volunteer in 1637
against tlie Pequot Indians. Mr. Cole kept perhaps the first pubfic house
or inn in Plymouth, and one of the first in New England. This inn was
opened soon after Mr. Cole's arrival at Plymouth, and it was continued by
himself and son James, respectively, until 1698. The children of Mr. Cole
and his wife were: James, born in 1625; Hugh, in 1627; John, Nov. 21,
1637, in Plymouth; and Mary, in 1639.

(II) Hugh Cole, son of James, born in 1627, probably in London,
England, came to America with his parents in 1632, and with them prob-
ably went to Plymouth, of which he was made a freeman in 1657. He
married (first) Jan. 8, 1654, Mary, born Aug. 17, 1635, in Scituate, daughter
of Richard and Ann (Shelly) Foxwell, of Barnstable, Mass., her father
having came from England with Governor Winthrop in 1631, and settled
in Scituate. Mr. Cole married (second) Jan. 1, 1668, Elizabeth, widow of
Jacob Cook, former widow of William Shurtliffe, and daughter of Thomas
and Ann Lettuce, of Plymouth. She died in Swansea, Mass., Oct. 31, 1693,
and he married (third) Jan. 30. 1694, Mary, widow of Deacon Ephraim
Morton, former widow of William Harlow, and daughter of Robert and
Judith Shelly.

At the opening of King Philip's war in 1675, two of the sons of Mr.
Cole were made prisoners by the Indians. Philip ordered them set at

Family Records 155

liberty, because their father had been his friend. He sent word to Hugh
that for safety he should remove his family to FUiode Island, which he did.
Perhaps in an hour after he left, his house was in flames. He lived for a
time at Portsmouth, R. I. According to Savage, Mr. Cole was a sergeant
in the war. He returned to Swansea in 1677, and built a house within a
few rods oif the home of the late Miss Abby Cole, in Warren, and this land
on the Kickemuit river has never passed out of the possession of the Cole
family, unless recently. Mr. Cole died in Swansea, Jan. 22, 1699. Of his
ten children the first three were born in Plymouth, and the others in

(III) Benjamin Cole, sou of Hugh, born in 1678, in Swansea, Mass.,
married June 27, 1701, Hannah, daughter of Caleb and Elizabeth (Bullock)
Eddy. Mr. Cole was a husbandman and lived in Swansea. He was a
deacon in the church from 1718 till the time of his death, Sept. 29, 1748.
His wife died May 15, 1768; and both were interred in the Backemuit
burying ground. The house he built in 1701 is still standing.

(IV) Benjamin Cole (2) son of Benjamin, born Oct. 31, 1706, in
Swansea, Mass., married (first) Nov. 19, 1730, Elizabeth, daughter of
Thomas and Hope (Huckins) Nelson, of Middleboro, Mass. She died
March 25, 1748, and he married (second) Sept. 22, 1749, Hanna, widow of
Job Luther, and daughter of Richard and Mary Harding. Mr. Cole died
Dec. 20, 1776.

(V) Isaiah Cole, son of Benjamin (2), born in 1731, in Swansea, Mass.,
married in 1750, Eleanor, daughter of Samuel Nichols, of Kinderhook, N.Y.
Mr. Cole was a shipwright and lived in Warren, R. I., until after the
Revolution, when he removed to Middleboro, Mass. He was a soldier in
the Revolution, but of the several Isaiah's and Josiah's service, and there
being some conflict between the two names, there is too much uncertainty
to attempt to assign to each his share. He died Nov. 9, 1811, at Middleboro.
His widow died Feb. 8, 1827, at the home of her daughter Abigail, in
Warren, Rhode Island.

(VI) Capt. Nathaniel Cole, son of Isaiah, born Nov. 20, 1759, in
Warren, R. I., married Oct. 17, 1784, Nancy Anthony, born Jan. 24, 1762,
in Swansea, Mass. Mr. Cole was a patriot of the Revolution. He served
in Capt. Amos Washburn's Company, Col. Ebenezer Sprout's regiment,
May 6, 1778; also Capt. Elisha Haskell's Company; Col. Benjamin
Hawe's (Howes) regiment, July 29, 1778, to Sept. 11, 1778. After the close
of the war Mr. Cole removed to Middleboro, Mass., having purchased a
farm upon which he lived. He was a shipcarpenter by trade. He was
Capt. of the 2d Company of Middleboro militia from May 7, 1805, to
1809. Subsequently he purchased a farm between Windsor and Hartland,
Vt. He died Jan. 12, 1846, at the home of his daughter, Abigail, in Hart-
land, Vt. His wife died Dec. 8, 1828.

(VII) James Cole, son of Capt. Nathaniel, born Nov. 20, 1785, in
Warren, R. I., married Sept. 9, 1713, Polly Gorham, born Sept. 1, 1789.
She died Feb. 21, 1864, and he married (second) May 21, 1865, Mrs.
Beulah Macomber. Mr. Cole was a master miUwright. He owned and
lived upon a farm Assawamsett, some four miles from the farm of his
father. He died at Middleboro, Mass., Oct. 16, 1871. His children, all
born in Middleboro, were: Abigail, born Sept. 4, 1814, married Abram M.
Cushman; Andrew, born Sept. 1, 1816, married Hanna S. Smith; Mary
Ann, born Nov. 23, 1817, married Ira Thomas; James, born April 7, 1819;
Harrison G., born Nov. 4, 1820, married Caroline B. Silvester; Luther,
born May 20, 1822, married Sarah A. Corsley; Nathaniel, born May 3,
1824, married Martha S. Foy; Robert V., bom July 14, 182 , married
Cordeha B. Savery; Judith J., bom Aug. 10, 1828, married (first) Soranus
C. Bradford, of Attleboro, Mass., (second) Capt. Stephen B. Gibbs

156 History of Swansea

(deceased) ; Elcaner T., (?) born March 26, 1832, married Martin P. Standish.

The Coles in Swansea today are descendants of Daniel Cole, brother
of James Cole, the first Cole to come to America, who settled in Plymouth.

Daniel Cole came to America in 1633 and settled in Eastham.

William H. Cole moved to Swansea in 1866 where he hved until time
of death in 1913. During his life in Swansea he lived on a farm and taught
school in Swansea and neighboring towns for a period of about 25 years,
and served as school-committee for 12 years during that time. He died in
1913 leaving a widow and five sons and three daughters. Three of the sons,
Albert, Louis and Frank, now live in Swansea and conduct the grocery
business known as Cole Bros., established in 1903.

Eddy Family

(I) William Eddye, A. M., vicar of the Church of St. Dunstan in the
town of Cranbrook, County of Kent, England, is the English ancestor of
the Eddy family here recorded. He was a native of Bristol, educated in
Trinity College, Cambridge, England, and was vicar of Cranbrook, from
1589 to 1616. He married (first) Nov. 20, 1587, Mary Fosten, who died in
July, 1611, and he married (second), in 1614, Elizabeth Taylor, a widow.
He died Nov. 23, 1616. His children, all excepting the last one born to the
first marriage, were: Mary, born in 1591; Phineas, born in Sept. 1593; John,
born in March, 1597; Ellen, born in August, 1599; Abigail, born in Oct.
1601; Anna, born in May, 1603; Samuel, born in May, 1608; Elizabeth,
born in Dec. 1606; Zacharias, born in March, 1610; Nathaniel, born in
July, 1611; Priscilla, born in 1614.

(II) Samuel Eddy, son of William, bom in May, 1608, died in 1685.
With his brother John, he left London Aug. 10, 1630, in the ship "Hand-
maid," Capt. John Grant, master, and arrived at Plymouth, Mass., Oct.
29, 1630 (0. S.), or (N. S.), Nov. 8, 1630. Jan. 1, 1632, he was admitted to
the freedom of the society and took the oath. He shared in the division of
land in 1637, and again in 1641. May 9, 1631, he bought a house of
Experience Mitchell. He was one of the original purchasers of Middleboro,
Mass. He was a large land owner at other places, and in 1631 his assess-
ment was half as large as that of Captain Standish. In 1633 it was the
same. His wife, whose name was Elizabeth, died in 1689. Children: John,
born Dec. 25, 1637: Zachariah, born in 1639; Caleb, born in 1643;
Obediah, born in 1645; and Hannah, born June 23, 1647.

(III) Zachariah Eddy, born in 1639, died Sept. 4, 1718. He married
May 7, 1663, Alice Padduck, who was born March 7, 1640, and died Sept.
24, 1692. He married (second) Widow Abigail Smith. He was a farmer,
and resided in Plymouth, then Middleboro, from which place he moved to
Swansea. Children: Zachariah, born April 10, 1664; John, Oct. 10, 1666;
EUzabeth, Aug. 3, 1670; Samuel, June 4, 1673; Ebenezer, Feb. 5, 1675;
Caleb, Sept. 21, 1678; Joshua, Feb. 21, 1680; Obediah, Sept. 2, 1683; and
Alice, Nov. 28, 1684.

(IV) Obediah Eddy, born Sept. 2, 1683, married Dec. 9, 1709,
Abigail Devotion, and lived in Swansea. Children: Constant, born Sept.
7, 1710; Ichabod, born June 1, 1713; OHve or Alice, born Feb. 24, 1715;
Mary, born Nov. 10, 1716; Abigail, born Oct. 14, 1721; Hannah, born Jan.
23, 1733; Job, born July 23, 1726; Azariah, born June 16, 1742.

(IV) Job Eddy was born July 23, 1726. His children were Ann and

(V) Preserved Eddy was born July 1748; died in Somerset 1838.
Married Lydia Davis, Jan. 1771. His children were: l^eserved C., Wing E.,
Daniel, Lois, Eunice, Mary, Patience, Lydia, Hannah and David B.

Family Records 157

(VI) Wing Eddy was born November 1, 1781 and died March 13,
1832. He married Phebe Pierce, who was born Jan. 13, 1776 and died Dec.
16, 1853. His children were David P. born April 3, 1808; Jervis W. born
July 6, 1810; Charles B. born Feb. 22, 1813; (Phebe); Henry C. born
November 29, 1817; Eliza Ann bom March 29, 1822; Willard.

(VII) David P. was born April 3, 1808 and died April 2, 187.5. He
married Mary Sherman who was born June 14, 1809 and died April 12, 1902.
His children were Ira Wing, born July 11, 1830 and died Dec. 20, 1903;
Sarah Ann, born October 7, 1831 and died Sept. 21, 1886; Robert Sherman
born October 24, 1833 and died September 29, 1901; Seth Wilbur born
Jan. 22, 1836, and is still living, (1916); Cornelius S., born Dec. 25, 1838
and died in California; Charles H. born April 5, 1842 and died during war
in North Carolina, 1863 (His name appears on the tablet in the Town,
Hall); Edwin Brightman born Sept, 15, 1844 (still hving near Hornbine
Church); EHzabeth B. (married Frederick Richardson of Providence.
She still is hving) David P. born September 8, 1849 (hving in Providence)
and Mary Ellen bom Aug. 27, 1853, married Jesse K. Chace and they
reside in Hortonville.

(VIII) Seth Wilbur Eddy was born January 22, 1836 in Swansea.
He married Ruth Peck Bosworth November 6, 1859. His children were
Lloyd Bosworth born March 15, 1860 (lives in East Providence) John
Baker, born October 5, 1861, Carohne Ehza born Sept. 12, 1863, and Jesse
born Jan. 9, 1868 and died a few days later. Mr. Eddy died Dec. 1, 1916.

(IX) John Baker Eddy was born October 5, 1861. He married Ann
Leavitt Place of Warren, R. I., who was born April 17, 1864. His children
are Ruth Bosworth born May 3, 1885; Byron Everitt, born July 28, 1886,
married Oct. 6, 1915, Cora McGowan, born May 14, 1891. Lloyd Place
born August 22, 1899.

Sarah Ann (sister to Seth) married Nathaniel Baker. Their children
were Francis Baker and Nancy Baker. Francis married Silas Pierce and
they reside in Hortonville. Nancy (dead) married Frank Baker. Their
children Myron and Preston all reside in Hortonville.

Carohne Eliza (daughter to Seth) married WiUiam I. Wilbur who Uves
in Swansea. Their children are: Mary Eddy (Doe) born Nov. 21, 1886;
and Ehzabeth Sherman (Frost) born July 14, 1890, and resides in Fall
River. Mary resides in East Haddam, Conn.

Family of George Gardner of Newport

George Gardner of Newport married 1st, Herodius Hicks. Children

1. Benoni m Mary b 1645 d 16 Nov 1739 He d 1731

2. Henry b 1645 m 1st Joan d 1715

m 2d Abigaa Remington 1656-1744 He d 1744

3. George d 1724

4. WiUiam m Elizabeth who d 1737 He d 1711

5. Nicholas 1654 m Hannah He d 1712

6. Dorcas m John Watson

7. Rebecca m John Watson as 2d wife.

By 2d wife Lydia Ballou

1. Samuel b 1662 m Elizabeth (Carr) Brown wid. Jsmies Brown

d 8 Dec. 1696

2. Joseph b 1669 m Catherine Holmes d 22 Aug. 1726

3. Lydia m 4th Apr. 1689 Joseph Smith

158 History of Swansea

4. Mary

5. Peregrim

6. Robert b 1671 d May 1731

7. Jeremiah m Sarah,

(Note: Some doubt that the Gardners of Swansea are descended from
this Newport family. Ed.)

The Occupation of Gardner's Neck by the Gardner Family

Paper read by Miss Ida M. Gardner, at dedication

of boulder marking the place of the Bourne

Garrison House.

Lieut. Samuel Gardner of Newport, on Oct. 1, 1687, for £250 in silver,
bought of George Lawton of Freetown, then in the Colony of New Plymouth,
a farm of 400 acres, situated in the part of old Freetown, which, in 1803,
became the township of Fall River^

Soon after this purchase Lieut. Gardner moved to Freetown, and the
next year, 1688, was made Selectman of the town. He held this office for
three years; served as Assessor for two years. Town Clerk for three years,
and Treasurer for one year. He represented the town once in the Colonial
Legislature of New Plymouth, once in the Province of the Massachusetts
Bay, and was active and efficient as a member of the Town's Council of

On Nov. 14, 1693, Samuel Gardner sold his Freetown farm, and on Dec.
30, 1693, bought, with Ralph Chapman, for £1700, the neck of land, then
owned by Rev. Ebenezer Brenton, now known as Gardner's Neck, South

On the 14th of the following February, Gardner and Chapman divided
their purchase, Gardner receiving the southern part. A wall running across
the Neck, near the burying ground, marks the line of this division.

For two years, 1695 and 1696 Samuel Gardner was selectman of Swan-
sea. He died on Dec. 8, 1696; and on the following Feb. 15, his estate was
appraised at £ 1046-1 Os.

In the Boston Transcript for April 15, 1907, the will of this Samuel
Gardner appeared, as it was claimed, for the first time in print. He gives,
in one clause of it, "unto my beloved son Samuel Gardner and to my
daughters Elizabeth, Martha, Sarah, and Peacience all ye rest of my
estates reall and personall to be divided according as my executors shall
think fitt." And he gives to his executors, his "loving brother Robert
Gardner," and his brother-in-law Robert Carr, both of Newport, "full
power if they se fitt cause, to sell partt or all of my farme I now live op
being ye halfe partt of ye neck of land called " Matapoysett att Swansey
in New England. " The will is signed by Samuel Gardner (with no i in
his name!)

This will was not admitted to probate, and the estate was settled
according to law. Arthur M. Alger, Register of Bristol County, on July 8,
1803, authenticated the copy of Samuel Gardner's wiU from which I have
quoted, under the seal of the Probate Court.

Samuel Gardner had married Elizabeth Brown of Newport, widow of
James Brown, and daughter of Robert Carr, and there were five children :
four daughters — Elizabeth, Martha, Patience and Sarah, and one son,
another Samuel Gardner, born Oct. 28, 1685, who married Hannah Smith,
the wedding ceremony being performed by Gov. Samuel Cranston. Gov.

Family Records 159

Cranston's son Thomas married Patience Gardner. He went to sea and
was never heard from. Elizabeth Gardner married Edward Thurston;
Martha married Hezekiah Luther; and Sarah married Samuel Lee, a ship-
builder at Lee's River in Swansea. I mention these marriages of the first
Gardners of Gardner's Neck, only as showing that from the very first the
family became allied with families widely known in the annals of our early

Samuel Gardner, only son of the purchaser of Gardner's Neck and his
wife Hannah Smith, (b. Dec. 20, 1688 D. Nov. 16, 1768.) daughter of
Philip and Mary Smith, had ten children; six daughters and four sons.
The oldest boy Samuel died young, and his brother born five years later,
was given the name of his deceased brother. This Samuel married Content
Brayton, and they had thirteen children; but it was the third son Peleg,
born Feb. 22, 1719 (1718?) from whom most of the later Gardners who
have lived on Gardner's Neck, take their descent. He became a Lieuten-
ant-Colonel under the Crown, and was a man of means as his will, a copy of
which I have in my possession, testifies.

This Peleg Gardner married Hannah Sweet of Prudence Island, who
bore him sixteen children:

1. Sarah, b. Mar, 7, 1741, m. Charles Slade.

2. Mary, b. Oct. 11, 1742, m. Job Anthony.

3. Peleg, b. Apr. 2, 1744, m. Lydia Simons.

4. Martha, b. Sept. 20, 1745, m. Elisha Burr.

5. Edward, b. Feb. 19, 1747, m. Elizabeth Brown.

6. James, b. Aug. 27, 1748, m. Prudence Chase.

7. Alexander, b. Mar. 10, 1750, m. Anne Luther.

8. Joseph, b. Aug. 1, 1752, d. June 1, 1753.

9. Joseph, b. Jan. 7, 1754, m. Hannah Slade.

10. John, b. Apr. 24, 1755, m. Betsey Slade.

11. Phebe, b. May 18, 1756, d. Oct. 31, 1792.1

12. Hannah, b. Jan. 11, 1759, m. Philip Luther.

13. Samuel, b. June 15, 1760, m. Avis Sherman.

14. Caleb, b. Sept. 27, 1762, m. Sahary McKoon.

15. Job, b. July 8, 1764, d. Nov. 10, 1787.

16. Parthenia, b. Mar. 16, 1767, m. Job. Luther.

Col. Peleg is said to have been born in the old homestead here on the
Neck; and there these sixteen children grew to man and womanhood. In
1787, the house was enlarged, and the date is to be seen on a brick in the
south side of the west chimney. Two years later, on Aug. 10, 1789, Col.
Peleg died; and his will is so fine an illustration of the way in which, in a
time of Uttle ready money, a man could leave a large estate and give every
heir a proper share, that I read a few extracts from it. It also shows the
disposition made of the homestead to Alexander Gardner, the fourth son,
who was made executor of the estate. Col. Peleg gives to his wife "my
negro boy Pero," showing by this will dated 1789, that when our first
president was inaugurated, slavery still existed in Massachusetts.

It was impossible in the time given for writing this paper, to trace out
the immediate descendants of Col. Peleg Gardner who lived on the Neck in
the years that followed his death; and I therefore foUow only the fines of
which I know, because of my Own descent from them. This Col. Peleg
was my great, great grandfather, and his son Samuel, b. June 15, 1760, who
married Avis Sherman, was my great grandfather. How long he lived in
the old homestead, I do not know; and I found no one who could tell me
when he built the house — which in my childhood was the last one on the
Neck — the second house below the homestead, now occupied by Mr.

160 History of Swansea

Crittenden. But as Col. Peleg's wife, who was to have the use of the house
for life, died in 1792, and by that time her son Samuel had already two
children, I have thought it probable that his house was built in the 1780's.

This Samuel Gardner was known as "Lower Sam" — ^from his location
farther down on the Neck — to distinguish him from "Upper Sam," a
descendant of Col. Peleg Gardner's son Peleg, the great grandfather of Mrs.
Mary Ann Gardner who died July 10, 1912 in her ninetieth year, near the
railroad station. As her father, Henry Gardner, married Mary Ripley,
she was a lineal descendant, in the seventh generation, from Grov. WiUiam

Col. Samuel Gardner was living here on the Neck until 1841, and
doubtless there are those now hving who knew him; they certainly have
known his children:

1. Mahala, b. Oct. 19, 1788, m. Paul Ware.

2. Job, b. June 4, 1790, m. 1 Susan Buffington. 2 Patience (Gray)
Anthony, a cousin at several removes, of Gen. Robert E. Lee of Virginia.

3. Peleg W. b. Mar. 21, 1792, m. Martha Buffington.

4. Preserved S. b. Mar. 12, 1794 m. Ann Maria Gardner

5. Avis, b. Mar. 29, 1796, m. John Cotton.

6. Parthenia, b. May 1, 1798, d. Feb. 27, 1854.

7. Samuel, b. June 17, 1800, m. Lauretta Gardner, whose son,
Samuel Richmond Gardner is living in the house next below the homestead,
which his father built for the home-coming of his bride.

8. Alexander, b. Nov. 24, 1802, d. July 15, 1377, m. 1 Susanna Brown,
2 Sarah A. Arnold.

9. Abigail b. Mar. 21, 1805, d. July 15, 1877.

The five sons. Job, Peleg, Preserved, Samuel, and Alexander, were
photographed when every one of the group was over seventy years of age;
and afi save Peleg were Hving in the town of Swansea; Preserved at
Luther's Corner, Alexander at the village, Job and Samuel here on the Neck.
Peleg lived on Somerset Neck. Just when Job Gardner took possession
of the Homestead I do not know, but his second son was born there and
possibly the first. His first wife, Susan Buffington, bore him two sons:

1. Samuel B. b. Oct. 2, 1815, m. 1. Abby C. Potter. 2. Lydia A.
(Bush) Pratt.

2. John B. b. Apr. 1, 1818, m. Mary Ann Gardner.
The second wife. Patience Anthony, was the mother of:

3. Margaret A. b. Dec. 5, 1819, m. Rev. William H. Richards.

4. Alfred G. b. Dec. 25, 1821, m. Adelia A. Wood.

5. Edward F. b. Jan. 21, 1824, m. Ann (Read) Mason.

6. Job. b. Dec. 27, 1826, m. Marietta Sanders Gardner.

7. Patience b. Mar. 6, 1829, d. Nov. 1906.

8. Lucius b. May 13, 1832, m. Marietta Sanders.

9. WiUiam b. Dec. 9. 1835, m. 1. Mary McFadden. 2, Mary A. Dunn.

At his death. Grandfather Job left the homestead to his son Job and
daughter Patience. It was then extended from shore to shore, but was
later divided; Aunt Patience receiving the land east of the road, bordering
Lee's River, while Uncle Job had the house, and the land west of the road,
bordering Cole's River. This is still held by his two children, Howard, and
Fanny (Gardner) Winter and his step son Lucius D. Gardner, the son of
his brother Lucius whose widow he married.

Of this line of Gardners these are living on the Neck today. Of these:
Samuel Richmond Gardner and Edwin A. Gardner are without children;
Lucius D. has one httle daughter and Howard S. has one little girl. It

Family Records 161

therefore looks somewhat dubious for a continued occupation of Gardner's
Neck by the Gardners of this hne. There are two other families of our
name still living on the Neck, — the descendants of Capt. Henry Gardner,
and the descendants of Jonathan Gardner — all derived from Col. Peleg
Gardner's son Peleg. But absence from this vicinity for something over
twenty-five years has left me unacquainted with the younger generations,
and there was not time to trace them. I shall be grateful to anyone who
can give me additional information about any branch of the family for I
have become so interested that I wish to fill €dl gaps in this story of the
Gardners of Gardner Neck.

On May 19, 1910, the heirs of Job Gardner, Jr. sold the old homestead
to Herbert C. Calef of Providence who platted the land into what is now
known as Calef Park. The old house with approximately 5 acres of land
was sold to Robert Van Meter, May 19, 1910, from whom in March 1914,
it was bought by Ida M. Gardner second daughter of Alfred Gardner. — E^d.

Descendants of Peleg Gardner

(III) Peleg, son of Samuel (2), born Feb. 22, 1719, married Dec. 20,
1739, Hannah, daughter of James and Sarah (Stephenson) Sweet, of
Prudence Island, He died Aug. 10, 1789, his widow died Oct. 7, 1792.
Children: (1) Sarah, born March 7, 1741, married June 10, 1760, Charles
Slade, born June 10, 1736, who died Nov. 14, 1827. (2) Mary, born Oct.
11, 1742, married Nov. 8, 1761, Job Anthony, born Dec. 8, 1736, who died
Jan. 15, 1763; she then married (second) Zephaniah Sherman, and later
(third) Caleb Sherman, and died April 5, 1810. (3) Peleg, born April 2,
1744, is mentioned below. (4) Martha, bom Sept 20, 1745, married Elisha
Burr, and died Oct. 20, 1797. (5) Edward, born Feb. 19, 1747, died Nov.

9, 1820, married Dec. 22, 1776, Elizabeth Brown, who was born Oct. 7,

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