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1756, and died Oct. 28, 1838. (6) James, born Aug. 27, 1748, married
Prudence Chase, and (second) Susan (Tripp) Johnson. (7) Alexander,
born March 10, 1750, died March 27, 1818, married Anne Luther, widow
of William Chace. (8) Joseph, born Aug. 1, 1752, died June 1, 1753. (9)
Joseph (2), born Jan. 7, 1754, died March 14, 1838, married Hannah Slade,
who died July 5, 1832. (10) John, born April 24, 1755, married Betty
Slade. (11) Phebe, born May 18, 1756, died Oct. 31, 1792. (12) Hannah,
born Jan. 11, 1759, married Philip Luther, (13) Samuel, born June 15,
1760, married Avis Sherman; he died Feb. 7, 1841. (14) Caleb, bom Sept.
27, 1762, married Seabury McKoon. (15) Job, born July 8, 1764, died Nov.

10, 1787. (16) Parthenia, born March 16, 1767, died May 6, 1851, married
Job Luther.

(IV) Peleg Gardner (2), born April 2, 1744, married Jan. 26, 1766,
Lydia Simmons, of Freetown, daughter of Nathan Simmons. He died Feb.
27, 1814, and she died May 6, 1826. Children: Nathan, born July 30, 1766,
married Dec. 26, 1794, Keziah Mason; Lydia, bora Jan. 29, 1769, died May
27, 1835, married Simeon Jones, July 29, 1789; Peleg, Jr., born May 2,
1771, married Nov. 22, 1792, Anne Gardner, daughter of Samuel and
Elizabeth (Anthony) Gardner; Henry, born Jan. 14, 1773, is mentioned
below; Abraham, born Feb. 21, 1775, married July 8, 1802, Rebecca Brown;
Jonathan, bom Nov. 29, 1777, died Aug. 1800; Mary, bora Feb. 8, 1780,
married Varnum Thurston; Hannah, born March 14, 1782, died Aug. 18,
1828, married Feb. 21, 1805, Jeremiah Brown; Susanna, bom March 20,
1784, died Dec. 3, 1870, married a Mr. Simmons; Lovice, born Oct. 17,
1788, died Sept. 1, 1875, married May 26, 1811, Joseph Gardner, son of
Edward and Elizabeth (Brown) Gardner; Martha, born March 15, 1789,

162 History of Swansea

married Thomas Gray and (second) Clark Chase; Jeremiah, born Nov. 8;
1794, died Oct. 5, 1862, married April 26, 1818, Susan Pierce, daughter of
Obadiah and Susan (Luther) Pierce.

(V) Capt. Henry Gardner, born Jan. 14, 1773, died July 15, 1851.
Jan. 8, 1800, he married Parthenia Gardner, born Mar. 28, 1781, died Dec.
30, 1844, daughter of William and Zerviah (McKoon) Gardner. In the old
Bible record her name is spelled Parthany. Children: Henry, born June
20, 1802, died Dec. 14, 1872; Jonathan, born Oct. 4, 1805, died Jan. 8,
1862; William R., bom Dec. 28, 1807, died Dec. 28, 1809; WiUiam Rich-
mond, born Feb. 26, 1810, died April 16, 1886; Charles, born April 10, 1812,
died Sept. 15, 1843; Seraphine, born Aug. 18, 1815, died May 15, 1843;
CaroUne, bom March 21, 1818, died Sept. 15, 1843; Parthenia Augusta,
bora April 18, 1820, died March 26, 1909 (she married John Mason) ;
Francis B., born Feb. 27, 1822, died Nov. 26, 1880; Sophia Mason, bom
March 25, 1826, died Feb. 4, 1903 (she married the Rev. Edward Cowley).
Capt. Henry Gardner was a seafaring man, and was engaged in the West
India trade. He made his home on Gardner's Neck, now known generally
as South Swansea.

(VI) Henry Gardner, son of Capt. Henry, born June 20, 1802, died
in Dec. 1872. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Benj. and Ann Haile
Bosworth, of Swansea, and their children were born as follows: Leander
Everett, April 8, 1838; Evelyn F., Feb. 26, 1840 (deceased); Seraphine or
Josephine B., July 15, 1841 (died in infancy); George H., March 14, 1843
(married Elizabeth H. Smith and resides at the Sailor's home Staten Island,
N. Y.); Sylvester Child, July 2, 1845, (married Mary A. Brightman and
resides in South Swansea) ; William Francis, May 2, 1847, (married Esther
M, Cook, and deceased Jan. 17, 1909); (Mrs. Gardner died in 1916);
Anna B., July 24, 1849; Newton Halsey, July 26, 1850, (married Nancy
Maple, and resides in Swansea); Caroline, March 27, 1852, (married
Edward M. Thurston, and both are deceased) ; Harriet Ella, July 27, 1853
(deceased); Henry, April 22, 1855, (married Caroline H. Hodges, and
lives in Newton, Kans.); Benjamin B., March 25, 1858 (married Katherine
F. Gardner, who died April 16, 1914); Dana L., Feb. 10, 1860, (married
Kate Macomber and deceased, June 23, 1909).

(VII) Leander Everett Gardner, born April 8, 1838, son of Henry
and EHzabeth (Bosworth) Gardner, married Feb. 12, 1865, Mary Anna
Cole, daughter of William B. and Hannah (Wheaton) Cole. She was born
Oct. 13, 1844, and died June 10, 1901. Children: Daniel, born March 23,
1868, died March 24, 1868; Willard Child, born Nov. 11, 1869, married Oct.
26, 1892, Caroline Elizabeth Barney, bora Jan. 27, 1872, and they had two
children, Madora (bora March 25, 1895) and Marcia Elizabeth (born July
3, 1898, died Sept. 11, 1913) ; Arthur Leonard, born May 6, 1875, died Sept.
13, 1875; Clarence Irving, born Feb. 27, 1877, died Sept. 4, 1877;
Roswell C, Bora Feb. 25, 1877, died Sept. 26, 1877.

Leander E. Gardner was born on the old homestead at Gardner's Neck,
South Swansea, and there attended school. In August, 1857, he went to
Lee Center, III., where he attended school until March, 1859, when he
returned home. Feb. 10, 1860, he sailed for California, going via Panama.
For two years he was on a stock ranch there and after a severe attack of
pleura pneumonia returned to his home in Swansea, remaining on the home
farm thereafter until he married. Then for two years he lived on a farm at
Gardner's Neck, rented the home farm for five years, and then bought a
place at Woodville. For seven years he was foreman on Frank S. Stevens
"Hillside Farm" in Swansea. In 1893 he purchased a farm near
Swansea Centre.

Following an attack of heart failure in 1897, he reUred from active
business, and died August 27, 1914.

Family Records 163

(VI) Jonathan Gardner, son of Capt. Henry, born Oct. 4, 1805, was
a farmer, and died Jan. 8, 1862. He was a member of the First Christian
Church, Swansea Centre. May 10, 1840, he married Sarah Slade, who was
born in 1816, daughter of William and Mary (Sherman) Slade, and died
Sept. 25, 1841. March 9, 1843, he married (second) Rebecca Chase, born
April 18, 1818, daughter of Samuel and Mary Chase. There was one child
by the first marriage, born and died in September, 1841. By the second
union there were four children: Leland, born April 21, 1844; Willard, born
Oct. 28, 1846, who died April 17, 1847; Charles H., born Nov. 29, 1848;
and Mary E., born May 8, 1851, who married Howard Wood, son of Seth
and Mary (Carver) Wood.

(VII) Leland Gardner, born April 21, 1844, was educated in Swansea,
engaged in farming on Gardner's Neck, South Swansea, all his life. He was
active in putting through the new road to Fall River. He was a member of
the First Christian Church, Swansea Centre. He married. May 23, 1869,
Clarissa Hathaway, who was born April 8, 1845, daughter of Anthony and
Emeline (Pierce) Hathaway, of Somerset. They had two children: Francis
Leland Gardner and Chester R. Gardner.

(VIII) Francis Leland Gardner who was born Oct. 25, 1871, at
Gardner's Neck, South Swansea, was educated in the schools of his native
town, the Warren (R. I.) High School, and at the Bryant & Stratton busi-
ness college. Providence. He is extensively engaged with his brother, in
market gardening; and their greenhouses, built in 1894, have 50,000 square
feet of glass. The greenhouse produce is shipped to the New York market,
until about the middle of May, after which most of the shipments are to
Providence. Mr. Gardner built his present beautiful residence at South
Swansea, a house which shows culture and excellent taste. He has served
the town well in public affairs. He served for several years as town auditor;
and since 1904 has been selectman. In politics a Republican; socially a
member of Mount Hope Lodge, 1. 0.0. F. ; and active in the Swansea Grange.

June 27, 1900, he married Etta L., daughter of David B., and Mary A.
(Eddy) Gardner, of Swansea Centre.

They have had two children: Emily F., born May 12, 1903, who died
March 17, 1904; and Rachael L., bom April 26, 1909.

(VIII) Chester R. Gardner was born Nov. 10, 1875, at Gardner's
Neck, South Swansea. He attended public schools at home; the Fall River
High School, and the Bryant & Stratton business college. Providence; and
is now associated in business with his brother. He married Alice Cleveland,
born Dec. 29, 1874, of Somerset; and they have had two children: Ray-
mond C, born April 12, 1904, who died Feb. 25, 1905; and Calvin L., born
May 2, 1906.

(VII) Charles H. Gardner, son of Jonathan and Rebecca (Chase)
Gardner, born Nov. 29, 1848, died June 8, 1903. He was a farmer all his
life. He was a member of the First Christian Church, Swansea Centre
and of Mount Hope Lodge, I. O. O. F. He married March 25, 1884, Emma
E., daughter of Benjamin Taylor and Parthenia Chase (Baker) Bufiington,
the latter also of Swansea, and their children were born as follows: Irving
J., Nov. 3, 1885; Arthur R., Nov. 26, 1887; MerriU B., Feb. 16, 1889;
Charles E., Feb. 21, 1890; Helen R., April 19, 1893; Lois Isabel, Jan. 18, 1899.

(VIII) Irving J. Gardner, son of Charles H., and Emma E. (Buffing-
ton) Gardner, was born in Swansea, Nov. 3, 1885, and married Oct. 6, 1908,
Bertha Louise Horton, daughter of Andrew L. of Rehoboth, born August
16, 1888. They have one child, Russell Horton, born July 1, 1909.

(Ill) Samuel Gardner (3), son of Samuel (2), was bom Feb. 17, 1717.
He married Oct. 30, 1740, Content Bray ton, daughter of Preserved and
Content Bray ton. Issue: Elizabeth, born June 1, 1741, married Samuel
Luther; Anne, born Feb. 26, 1743, married Richard Barton; Samuel, born

164 History of Swansea

March 5, 1745, married Elizabeth Anthony; Israel was bom April 14, 1747;
Israel (2) bom March 29, 1748, married Elizabeth Slade; Parthenia was
bom Sept. 2, 1750; William, bora Sept. 12, 1753, married Zervia McKoon;
Hannah, bom March 3, 1756, married Capt. Simeon Cockran; Patience,
bom Nov. 15, 1758, married Dr. Jonathan Anthony; Mary, born Dec. 25,
1760, married Caleb Mason; Content was bom July 11, 1764; Stephen,
born Aug. 4, 1766, m. Mary Lee; Parthenia (2), bom Aug. 11, 1767,
married Chas. D. Trafton.

(IV) Stephen Gardner, twelfth child of Seimuel and Content Gardner,
born Aug. 4, 1766, married July 22, 1788, Mary Lee, daughter of John and
Avis (Anthony) Lee. He died Nov. 26, 1819, and she passed away June
20, 1829. Children: Mary, John, Betsey, Israel, Lydia, Phihp, Ehza and

(V) Israel Gardner, bom May 5, 1797, died Aug. 29, 1882. March 22,
1827, he married Elizabeth Brown, daughter of James and Elizabeth
(Kingsley) Brown, born May 15, 1797, died Sept. 23, 1882. They had
children as follows: David B., bom May 13, 1828; Mary S., bom Dec. 17,
1829, who married Enoch Chace of Somerset, Mass.; Jerome B., bom
March 17, 1832, deceased, who married Carrie Dale; Ehzabeth R., bora
Oct. 15, 1833, who died young; Stephen M., born July 2, 1835, who married
April 30, 1863, Fannie M. Slade, and resided in Swansea; Andrew J., bom
Nov. 1, 1836, died Jan. 14, 1908, who married Elizabeth (Earl) Mason (they
have a son, Frederick); Rachael L., born Feb. 22, 1840, who married John
Mason, (second) Daniel C. Mason, and (third) Nathan M. Wood.

(VI) David B. Gardner, bora May 13, 1828, died at his home in
Swansea, Oct. 15, 1908. Feb. 17, 1856, he married Mary A. Eddy, who
was born July 13, 1838, daughter of Jabez and Betsey (Sherman) Eddy,
who outlived him. Four children were born to them: Nora, born Oct. 11,
1858, married William H. Gifford, Superintendent of a hat factory at
Wrentham, Mass., and resides at Swansea. They have a daughter, Louise
J., who married Henry M. Boss, Jr., a lawyer of Providence, R. I., and they
have one daughter, Betsey. Arnold Douglass, bom March 19, 1862,
married Edith M. Arnold, daughter of Willard U. Arnold and grand-
daughter of Deacon Edmund Arnold, Jan. 21, 1886, and they have two
children, David Brown, bom March 2, 1888, and Edwin Clarence, bom
Aug. 10, 1892. Carrie Dale, born Sept. 23, 1867, married Alexander B.
Gifford, and their children are Earl, Elizabeth, Carrie, Ruth, and Alexander.
This family hves in Warren, R. I. Etta Lee, born Sept. 22, 1871, married
Francis L. Gardner— (See VIII).

David B. Gardner was bora in Swansea, Mass., where he passed his
early hfe, going in 1849 to the Swamps of North Carolina for the purpose
of manufacturing shingles, receiving for his services at first $10 per noonth.
He returned to the North in 1850 and engaged in the marine freight bus-
iness on the Connecticut river, for the late Samuel Gray of Swansea. He
again went to North Carolina and on his return embarked with Capt.
John Forrester on the sloop "Artist." In all, he performed service on
some eight vessels, acting many times as Captain, and during his various
sails he was not without some thrilling experiences. At one time, while on
the "Artist," she was caught in a "white squall" while conveying clay
from Staten Island, and so violent was the storm that the mast was carried
away off Point Judith. As stated, at times, during the Captain 's absence
Mr. Gardner was in command. Accompanied by Capt. Davis, Mr. Gard-
ner made the quickest trip the "Artist" ever sailed; this was from Bristol,
R. I., to New York, which was made in twenty-four hours. Captain Gard-
ner and his wife celebrated their golden-wedding anniversary, Feb. 17, 1906.
Mr. Gardner finally settled down to farming in Swansea, where he took an
active interest in town affairs, serving at one time as constable. He had a

Family Records 165

large circle of friends. He was a member of Christ Church; also of the
Masonic fraternity, connected with Temple Chapter, No. 3, and Webb
Council No. 3, both of Warren, R. I. He was at one period, in the middle
sixties, of the last century, in charge of the ferry boat at Slade's Ferry.

(Vn) Arnold Douglass Gardner spent his school days in Swansea.
He began farming when a young man, and in 1885 built the house opposite
his father's home. In 1895 he went to the home farm, where he had lived
from the age of six years, and during the next five years engaged in the
dairy business. For 18 years he has been deputy sheriff, was constable of
the town for several years; and a member of the School Committee 9 years.
He is a Past Noble Grand of Mount Hope Lodge No. 63, I. O. O. F., Fall
River; member of King PhiHp Lodge, A. F. & A. M., Temple Chapter, No.
3, Warren, R. I., Webb Council, No 3, Warren; Godfrey de Bouillon
Commandery, Fall River; and Palestine Temple, Providence. He has
taken the Rebekah degree in Odd Fellowship and is a trustee of the
Rebekahs, Dorothy Brown Lodge. He is a member of the First Christian
Church of Swansea. A Republican in politics, he has been active in the
party, serving on the Town Committee for many years.

The Haile, Hail, Hale Fajiily
From Hale Genealogy In Re — ^W. J. Hale

Richard Haile, the ancestor of the Hail, Haile, Hale family of Swansea
and Warren — as it is variously spelled by his descendants — first appears on
Swansea records when he was admitted an inhabitant, Nov. 14, 1677, and
granted a ten acre lot north of ye old fence at Kickemuit; this would
indicate that it lay between Market street and the highway running along
the west bank of the Kickemuit river between the bridges.

He had married probably at Rehoboth, Mary, daughter of Richard &
Ehzabeth (Ingraham) Bullock, born 1652, Feb. 16, in Rehoboth. Their eldest
son John was probably born there before they came to Swansea. In 1698
he was chosen fence viewer the only office he seems to have held. Richard's
occupation is given as taylour in deeds of that period. He deeded his real
estate to his youngest son Barnard in 1713, it was then bounded on the
north and west by Elder Samuel Luther's land, east by the highway, south
by John Wheaton's land.

Richard died 1720, Sept. 29, his headstone says "aged nere 80 years"
Mary his wife died 1730, Feb. 15, they and their three sons are buried in
the Kickemuit Cemetery within sight of their home.

Their children were:

Name Born Married Died

I. John 1677 Hannah TiUinghast 1718 Feb. 19

II. Mary Nicholas Power

III. Richard 1681 Dec. 22 Ann Mason 1705 June 2 1718 Feb. 8

IV. Elizabeth 1685 July 22 Jonathan Hill 1705 Oct. 23 1756 Sept. 9
V.Barnard 1687 Elizabeth Slade 1712 Jan. 24 1754 Apr. 16

/ Robert Carr 1708 Oct. 21

VI. Hannah 1690 May 8 ] iZut^Sle mO Oct. 29

( Josias Byfes 1739 7

VII. Rose 1692 May 30 James Mason 1713 July 30 1748 Mar. 7
Vin. Patience 1694 July 3 William Turner 1712 Feb. 7 1772 Aug. 5

166 History of Swansea

John Haile's (1677-18) right of amendment laid out in 1709, comprised
four and one half rights, two deriving from Obadiah Bowen, two from
Gideon Allen, and half one from John SaflSn. The present Hale farm in
Swansea was all included within its limits, beside much to the East and
North. At his death he owned three hundred fifty-five acres in Swansea,
and thirty acres in Rehoboth bordering on the Swansea line, or about 1/38
of the present town of Swansea valued by the appraisers in 1718 with the
buildings and one third of a grist mill at about $3300. He was a house-
wright by trade, and probably built the old house torn down March 4,
1845. A new house was erected upon the site.

"At a proprietors meeting 2nd Monday Jan. 17, 15/16 chose John
Haile one of the committee to lay out undivided lands, " This was the year
of the ten acre division. He was chosen highway surveyor 1716-17 two

John Haile married Hannah, daughter of Elder Pardon and Lydia
(Taber) Tillinghast, of Prov. R. I. date unknown. Their first child John
was probably born there; the others in Swansea. John Haile died 1718,
Feb. 19, his wife Hannah, 1731 ; both are buried in the Kickemuit Cemetery.

Married Died

1. John 1703 Elizabeth Mason 1723 Oct. 18, 1731

2. Barnard 1709 Sept. 15 Hannah Wheaton 1738 Apr. 14
o T? ^ i-io A Q i OHver Kingsley 1729 Dec. 31, 1801

3. Freelove 1 ^ 12 Apr. 3 | j^^i^^^ ^aVnter 1748 Mar. 17

A T Ml- I'-iA rs^* o i Nathan Mason 1731 Aug. 26

4. Lillis 1 . 14 Oct. 2 \ ^j^i pj^^^ j^g3 j^ ^§

5. Hannah 1716 Sept. 17 Peletiah Mason 1733 Nov. 22

1791 Dec. 15

(II) Richard Haile Jr. (1681-18), cooper, in 1708, bought of Ephraim
Pierce his messuage farm of one hundred seventy acres on the east side of
New Meadow river lying both sides of the road. This place is known to
the older residents as the Judge Haile place.

It was owned by the Hailes about one hundred fifty years.

His son Walter Haile was one of the physiciems of the town, hkewise
Walter's son Nathan Haile.

A great grandson, WilUam Haile, was governor of New Hampshire
(1857-59) ; his son William H. Haile, of Springfield, Mass., was lieut.
governor of Massachusetts 1890-93, and the Republican candidate for
governor in 1892, defeated by the popular Gov. Wm. E. Russell by a small

Another great grandson Levi Haile, of Warren, was Judge of the
Supreme Court of R. I. 1835-54, July 14th, the date of his death.

Drs. Walter and Nathan, Judge Levi, and many of their families are
buried in the family cemetery opposite the house.

A grandson Richard (1729-00) hved on the Hailes hill place in Swansea.

Barnard Haile (1687-54) the youngest son, was proprietors clerk,
constable, assessor, and Town treasurer between 1719-27, It is said there
were four generations of sea Captains in this family. Many of his descen-
dants are living in Warren R. I.

(III) John Haile (1703-31) inherited eighty acres, and one half the
house, his double share portion as the eldest son, by the division of his
father's estate 1729; this lay north of the house to the highway, about half
the frontage. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Pelatiah and Hepsibeth
(Brooks) Mason. He died so early in life there is but little record to be
found of him. He is buried in the Kickemuit Cemetery.

Family Records


Their children

I. Anne

II. John

III. Elisha

IV. Job

1724 Sept. 1
1726 Aug. 19

1728 Jan. 11

Married Died

Daniel Salisbury 1742 Apr. 16 1770 May 25
Bethiah Bosworth 1747 Nov. 26 1810 Jan. 9
I Susannah Thayer 1752 1809 Oct. 6

I Mary Brown


His widow married Noah Wood 1733 Jan. 4.

(III) Barnard Haile (1709-38) inherited sixty-eight acres in the division
of his father's estate including two ten acre lots. This comprised the home

Elace of Mrs. Julia W. Sherman, on the west side of the road ; where evidently
e built the house which stood on the Taunton road twenty-four rods north
from the corner where Mrs. Sherman's house stands. He owned more than
a hundred acres adjoining in Reboboth. This his children sold in 1759, all
of whom removed from the town soon afterwards. He married Hannah,
daughter of Samuel and Experience Wheaton born 1719 Sept. 12.

I. Freelove 1728 Feb. 11 Nathaniel Bourne 1748 Mar. 2

II. Hannah 1732 June 16 Samson Mason 1751 Aug. 5 1805 Nov. 5

III. Comer 1734 Nov. 5 Margaret Ingraham 1757 Nov. 13 1782 Oct.

IV. Amos 1736 Ruth Easterbrooks 1758 May 18 1818 Aug. 25

His widow Hannah married John Wood, Jr.

Amos was the great-grandfather of George Hail the donor of the
"George Hail Free Library" to the town of Warren, R. I.

(IV) John Hale (1726-10) received but about twenty acres and one half
the buildings as his double share portion when his father's estate was divided
in 1743, by industry and thrift he gradually bought out the other heirs,
and before his death owned one hundred twenty acres of the original farm.
He apparently cared less for office than others of the family, for with the
exception of highway surveyor, and overseer of the poor, he held no town
offices. He was ordained deacon of the First Christian Church, Wednesday,
Dec. 11, 1777 and was usually spoken of as Deacon John. He and his
family were the first to drop the i and spell the name Hale. He married
Bethiah daughter of Ichabod and Mary (Bowen) Bosworth, born 1724 Nov.
6, died Sept. 7 1813. Both are buried in the family cemetery on the Hale

Their children

I. Job 1749 Feb. 26

II. John 1750 May 25

HI. Mary 1753 Feb. 7

IV. Elizabeth 1756 July 2

V. Daniel 1758 July 30

VI. Tamar 1760 Dec. 16

VII. Anne 1762 Aug. 24


Mary Mason 1774 Apr. 10
Laurana Mason
Benajah Mason 1770 Mar. 8
Benjamin Kelton 1778 Feb 12
Cynthia Buffington 1780 May 7

Edward Mason 1782 July 19

James Luther 1799 Nov. 10

Pardon Mason 1785


1834 May 25
1790 Feb. 27
1784 Oct. 25
1839 Dec. 25
1830 Sept. 5
1846 Sept. 1

1823 Oct. 23

(V) Job Hale (1749-34) finally settled in Plainfield, Conn, in middle
life, after owning several places in the Mason neighborhood.

(V) John Hale saw several months service in the revolution principally
as coast guard, like all the young men of the town of that period. He was
afterwards Lieut, of one of the Swansea Companies of Militia. He was
usually spoken of as Lieut. John Hale. He was a blacksmith by trade.
John, Job and their brother-in-law Edward Mason owned the sloop
"Dolphin" which was engaged in the Carolina trade. Later he kept a
store. He bought in 1779, the farm that his heirs sold the town of Swansea

168 History of Swansea

in 1827, it is still used as an asylum for the towns poor. He married Laur-
ana, daughter of Simeon and Hannah (Thomas) Mason born 1754 Dec. 10
died 1825 Dec. 1.

They had seven children, all of whom left town in early life except
Levi, who built the house now owned by Wm. F. Holden's heirs. John
Hale and wife Lurana are both buried in the cemetery on the Hale farm.

(V) Daniel Hale, (1758-30) was the most distinguished of the Swansea
Hales, at nineteen he served with the revolutionary forces in Capt. Peleg
Sherman's Co., also with Capt. Peleg Peck's Co. He was commissioned
Lieut. 1790, and a year later Capt. of a Co. 1st. regt. 2nd. Brigade 5th
division of Massachusetts Militia. He served about seven years in both

In 1806, he was elected to the General Court serving fourteen terms.
In 1820 he was chosen a delegate to the Constitutional Convention.

He was one of the local leaders of the Republican, or JefFersonian party,
which later became the Democratic party. All his sons (with a single
exception) were Democrats, as were most of his sons-in-law and grandsons,
and many of his descendants to the present time.

A justice of the peace many years, he married several of his children
besides settling estates, and serving as guardian in several instances.

His papers are still in his desk, among them packages of receipts that
had probably never been opened since tied by his hand, until examined by
the writer nearly sixty years later.

He served as clerk of the First Christian Church many years. He was
once censured by the church for negligence in faihng to record some record;
this vote is recorded in his handwriting, but notwithstanding this action he

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