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married Nathan Slade, and resides in Somerset; Angehne H., born June
30, 1859, married Franklin G. Arnold and died Dec. 1, 1916. Their children
are: Edmund, Mary, Preston, and Isabel. (See Arnold family) Eloise K.,
born Aug. 19, 1861, married Arthur E. Arnold, and they have Howard,
Abby, George and Nathan. April 28, 1892, Mr. Wood married (second)
Mrs. Rachael L. (Gardner) Mason.

Mr. Wood was one of Swansea's most prominent and prosperous men,
in his day and generation, and aside from his farming and milling business
was largely interested in the cotton manufacturing business of Fall River.
He was also one of the foremost promoters of the Providence & Fall River
Street railway and a stockholder in the company. He always maintained
a deep interest in town affairs; and inchned to be conservative in what he
thought to be the welfare of his native town. He was an energetic worker,
and although about eighty years old at the time of his death, was still

222 History of Swansea

particularly active both physically and mentally, to the last. In his de-
cease, which occurred July 6, 1904, Swansea lost a valuable citizen.

Note. — Benjamin N. Wood has a deed of the Nathan M. Wood farm,
the "homestead, " now owned by George H. and James Mid wood given by
Nathaniel Toogood to John (II), son of Thomas Wood, dated 1691.

Five Gardner Brothers

The Swansea Public Library was presented with a group picture of
five brothers of the Gardner family of Gardner's Neck, who were among
the older residents of Swansea. They were all over seventy years of age
when the picture was taken: Job was born in 1790, and died in 1875, at the
age of 85; Peleg S., born in 1792, died in 1866, aged 74; Preserved S., born
in 1794, died in 1873, aged 79, Samuel, born in 1800, died in 1877, at the
age of 77; Alexander, born in 1802, died in 1896, aged 94. The picture was
presented, Dec. 4, 1915, by Mrs. Annie R. (Gardner), Eddy, a daughter of
Captain William Gardner, the son of Job, of the group.

Samuel Gardner

(I) Samuel Gardner, son of George and Lydia (Ballou) Gardner of
Newport, R. I., the progenitor of the Swansea family of that name, removed
from Newport to Freetown, Mass., in 1687; and in 1693 bought, in partner-
ship with Ralph Chapman, of Ebenezer Brenton, a farm at Mattapoisett
(long time known as Gardner's Neck, at this time usually called South
Swansea), where he died Dec. 8, 1696. He married Elizabeth, widow of
James Brown, and daughter of Robert Carr of Newport. She was living
at the time of his death. Their children were: EHzabeth, born in 1684,
died Sept. 24, 1754 (on Jan. 16, 1699, she married Edward Thurston, of
Newport, R. I., who died April 27, 1727); Samuel was born Oct. 28, 1685;
Martha, born Nov. 16, 1686, died Oct. 27, 1763 (she married March 23,
1704, Hezekiah Luther, who died Nov. 2, 1763, of smallpox); Patience,
born Oct. 31, 1687, married Thomas Cranston; Sarah, born Nov. 1, 1692,
married Samuel Lee.

The will of Samuel Gardner reads as follows: "In the name of God,
Amen., I, Samuel Gardner, of ye towne of Swansey in ye Collony of ye
Massachusetts in New England and America, being very sick and wake in
body but of good and perfect memory doth declare this prest. instrument
to be my last will and testament.

"Impris. I give and bequeth my soul into ye hands of Almighty God
my Creator & Redeemer & my body to ye earth from whence itt came to be
decently buried according to ye discration of my executors hereafter named
& for ye rest of my worldly estate which itt hath pleased God Almighty
to possess to me with I do order and dispose of in manner & forme following.

" Item. Whereas share 'was' was a quarter of share of land lying & be-
ing att a place called Westquidnoag in the Collony of Rhode Island & three
pounds of money given unto my son Samuel Gardner & my son-in-law Esek
Brown to be equally divided between them both I do freely give three
pounds moar for in cordigement toward ye settling of sd quarter of share
to be divided equally as ye other is.

" Item. I give and bequeth it my son-in-law Esek Browne ye 'slip of
land' yt I bought of Robert Carr which joynes on James Browne sotherly
and on sd Robert Carr notherly when he cometh to lawfull age.

" Item. I give & bequeth unto my well beloved son Samuel Gardner &
to my daughters Elizabeth, Martha, Sarah, & Peacience all ye rest of my

Personal Sketches 223

estates both reall & personall to be divided according as my executor shall
thing fitt betwixt them to each of them & their eaires forever.

Lastly, I do appoynt my loving brother Robert Gardner & my brother-
in-law Robert Carr, both of New Port in ye CoUony of Rhoad Island to be
my executors of this my last will & testiment & doe give them my sd
executors full power to actt & doe as they shedl see fitt to be done for ye
benefitt of my above sd children be itt to sell lett or dispose of any manor
of way whatsoever.

" I do further give them full power if they se cause to sell partt or all of
my farme I now live on being ye half part of ye neck of land called Mat-
apoysett att Swansey in New England.

" In testimony whereof ye sd SamueU Gardner hath hereunto set my
hand & efixed my seal this twenty-eighth year of ye Rain of our Sovarain
'Lor' William ye third King over England, Scotland, France & Ireland
Defender of ye faith etc.

Samuel Gardner, Seal.

Signed, sealed & acknowledged in presence of: —

"James Cole —

"James Brown —

" 'M.' J. Cole—

"The X Mark

"Joanna 'Conant'

"The X Mark of Mary Earle. "

"The above written will being not legally proved in regard the wit-
nesses cannot swear that the testator was of sound memory and of well
disposing minde but upon their oath have according to their apprehensions
declared the contrary whereupon the sd will being voyde administration
is granted to the widow as the law directs as attests.

Jno. Saffin,

Feb. 16, 1696-97. J. Probate."

(This copy was duly authenticated by Arthur M. Alger, register of
Bristol county, Mass., July 8, 1903, under seal of the Probate Court).

(II) Samuel Gardner (2), son of Samuel, was born Oct. 28, 1685. He
was married Dec. 6, 1707, by Gov. Samuel Cranston, to Hannah, born Dec.
20, 1688, daughter of Philip and Mary Smith. He died Feb. 10, 1773, and
she passed away Nov. 16, 1768. Issue: Elizabeth, born July 4, 1728,
Ambrose Barnaby (born April 20, 1706, died April 18, 1775) ; Mary, born
Oct. 26, 1710, married Jan. 31, 1731, Barnard Hill; Samuel, born Oct. 30
1712, died young; Samuel (2), born Feb. 17, 1717, is mentioned below;
Peleg was born Feb. 22, 1719; Patience, born Feb. 1721, married March 30,
1738, Dr. John Turner; Hannah, born in 1724, died Dec. 24, 1811, married
Caleb Turner, who died July 20, 1757; Sarah, born in 1726, died Feb. 29,
1808, married April 19, 1744, John Mason (born Sept. 28, 1723, died Nov.
27, 1805) ; Edward, born April 22, 1731, died in 1795, married Jan. 11, 1756,
Esther Mason, born Sept. 2, 1735, died 1806; Martha was married to Job
Mason on May 10, 1753.

(III) Samuel Gardner (3), son of Samuel (2), was born Feb. 17, 1717.
He married Oct. 30, 1740, Content Brayton, who was born April 3, 1724,
daughter of Preserved and Content Brayton, Issue: EUzabeth, born
June 1, 1741, married March 18, 1762, Samuel Luther; Anne, born Feb.
26, 1743, married June 10, 1762, Richard Barton (born Feb. 9, 1738, died
March 1, 1797;) Samuel, born March 5, 1745, died Sept. 20, 1822, married

224 History of Swansea

Dec. 17, 1767, Elizabeth Anthony (died Feb. 14, 1816); Israel, bom April
14, 1747, died young; Israel (2) born March 29, 1748, died Oct. 22, 1783,
married Nov. 6, 1772, Elizabeth; Parthenia was born Sept. 2, 1750;
William, born Sept. 12, 1753, married Zerviah McKoon; Hannah, born
March 3, 1756, died July 16, 1835, married Capt. Simeon Cockran;
Patience, born Nov. 15, 1758, married May 14, 1778, Dr. Jonathan
Anthony, (born July 12, 1757) ; Mary, born Dec. 25, 1760, died Dec. 18,
1805, married Sept. 11, 1785, Caleb Mason (born Feb. 11, 1756, died July
2, 1812) ; Content was born July 11, 1764; Stephen, born Aug. 4, 1766, died
Nov. 26, 1819, married July 22, 1788, Mary Lee (died June 20, 1829) ;
Parthenia, (2), born Aug. 11, 1767, died Oct. 15, 1828, married Feb. 14,
1790, Ehas D. Trafton.

(IV) WiUiam Gardner, son of Samuel (3), born Sept. 12, 1753,
married Jan. 17, 1779, Zerviah, daughter of James and Bathsheba (Luther)
McKoon. He died April 24, 1811, and she passed away Sept. 15, 1824.
Children: (1) Bray ton, born Oct. 7, 1779, died June 7, 1863, married Feb.
2, 1806, (first) Mercy Wood, born Feb. 22, 1773, daughter of Aaron and
Freelove (Mason) Wood. She died Oct. 11, 1834, and he married (second)
Sarah Angell, who died Sept. 22, 1840. On Dec. 13, 1841, he married
(third) Mrs. Almira Gardner, who was born Sept. 14, 1796, daughter of
Samuel and Hannah (Anthony) Mason, and was the widow of Hezekiah
Gardner. She died Feb. 11, 1875. (2) Partheny, born Nov. 28, 1781, died
Dec. 30, 1844, married Jan. 8, 1800, Henry Gardner, born Jan. 14, 1773,
died July 15, 1857. (3) Israel, born Feb. 19, 1784, died April 2, 1864,
married April 19, 1807, Rebecca Kelly, daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth,
born June 18, 1787, died March 10, 1832. (4) William, born Aug. 23, 1786,
is mentioned below. (5) Frances was born May 5, 1789. (6) Samuel, born
Dec. 14, 1791, died Mav 3, 1873, married March 20, 1820, Patience Hicks,
born Feb. 21, 1799, died July 6, 1880. (7) Sara, born April 21, 1794, died
Feb. 27, 1876, married Nov. 16, 1825, Martin E. Borden, born Feb. 2, 1800,
died July 14, 1870. (8) Zerviah, born Aug. 30, 1796, died May 6, 1882,
married March 18, 1827, John Mason, born March 31, 1800, died Nov. 20,
1884. (9) EUzabeth, born May 11, 1799, married Sept. 2, 1827, Nathan
Bosworth. (10) Joseph, born May 5, 1801, died Oct. 20, 1829. (11) James,
born Aug. 30, 1806, Lydia Bosworth, born Dec. 30. 1808, died March 26, 1880.

(V) William Gardner (2), son of William, born Aug. 23, 1786, died
March 31, 1872. He married Feb. 14, 1813, Anne L. Gardner, daughter of
Alexander and Anne (Luther), born Jan. 25,1795, died Feb. 3, 1879. Children:
Slade, born April 4, 1814, died June 1, 1848, married Feb. 21, 1842, Hannah
M. Luther, who died Oct. 20, 1872; Lydia, born March 19, 1815, died Nov.
16, 1826; Rosanna MacKoon, born Aug. 16, 1817, married Oct. 3, 1836,
William H. Pearse, born June 15, 1813, died May 9, 1892; Mary Taylor,
born April 12, 1822, died Sept. 13, 1893; Charles W., born Sept. 18, 1829,
died Sept. 20, 1875, married March 15, 1855, Sally Carr Cole, born Sept.
27, 1830 (deceased); Nathan Bosworth, born Jan. 3, 1833, died Oct. 17,
1903, married Nov. 15, 1860, Mary G. Hicks (born Jan. 28, 1831, died Feb,
5, 1900) and married (second) Nov. 6, 1902, Susan M. (Rounds) Barton,
born Sept. 28, 1841; Henry Augustus was born Sept. 12, 1835. Mr.
Gardner hved at Touisset for many years. He engaged in farming, and
though he was a shoemaker he did not work at that trade. Mr. and Mrs.
Gardner were members of the First Christian Church of Swansea. In
politics he was a Whig and later a Republican.

(VI) Henry Augustus Gardner, born Sept. 12, 1835, lived the early
part of his life at the old homestead where H. E. Wilbur owner, now resides,
and for several years has Hved at his present home near Touisset Station,
"Riverby. " Farming has always been his occupation. Dec. 11, 1864, he
married Caroline Cole Mason, born Dec. 12, 1839, daughter of Zephaniah S.

Personal Sketches 225

and Susan (Vinnicum) Mason. Mr. and Mrs. Gardner are members of
the First Christian Church of Swansea. To them were born four children :
(1) Orrin Augustus, born July 21, 1867, is mentioned below. (2) Frank
Henry, born Jan. 16, 1869, graduated from the Warren (R. I.) High School,
1885, and the Bryant & Stratton Commercial College, 1886, attended the
Christian Biblical Institute, 1893, Stanfordville, N. Y., and was ordained to
the ministryoftheChristian Denomination 1893. He married May 23, 1894,
Edith Mav Buflington, born June 13, 1874, daughter of George O., and
Elizabeth '(Langley) Buffington, (3) William Wilson, born Jan. 2, 1875,
graduated from the Warren (R. I.) High School, 1891, the Friends' School
at Providence, R. I., 1892, and Amherst College 1896.

He taught in the Newtown Academy, Conn., in the High School at
South Manchester, Conn., the B. M. C. Durfee High School of Fall River,
Mass., was Principal of the Hingham Mass. High School, 1914, and is now
head teacher of the Physics Dept. of the Providence Technical High. July
24, 1906, he married Josephine H. Cobb of New Bedford, born Oct. 18, 1874,
and they have one son, Hamilton Mason, born Nov. 7, 1911. Mrs. Gardner
is the daughter of Thomas H. and Phebe (Hamilton) Cobb, of New Bedford,
and is a descendant of John Howland and Ehzabeth (Tilley) Howland of
the Mayflower company.

(4) Mabel, bora Aug. 16, 1876, died Sept. 2, 1876.

(VII) Orrin Augustus Gardner, son of Henry A., and Caroline
(Mason) Gardner, was born July 21, 1867. He graduated from the
Warren, (R. I.) High School, 1885, the Bryant & Stratton Commercial
Business College, 1888, and attended the Rhode Island State normal
School. He taught in the public schools of Swansea, Tiverton, Somerset
and Fall River, was Principal of the Highland School 1901-1908, and of the
N. B. Borden School, 1908-12, in Fall River; and since 1912 has been an
agent of the Trustees of the State Industrial Schools for boys. He was at
one time Supt. of Public Schools of Swansea.

A member of Christ Church, Swansea, and Junior Warden of the
Parish and Supt. of the Sunday School during 25 years.

Hon. John Mason

He was sometimes called "Colonel," but generally at home he was
known as " Squire Mason. " He was chosen Town Clerk of Swansea, April
4, 1808, and held that office a full half century, first and last, though not by
so many successive annual elections, as some have inferred. It has been
said of him that having completed the labors of forty-nine years in that
office, he remarked, "I would like to be elected one year more," and the
people, considerately, wisely, and kindly elected him the fiftieth time, and
when that year's services were ended he retired from office, fully satisfied
and perfectly contented. There were two interruptions in the period of his
office-holding as Town Clerk, between his first election and his last election.
Joseph G. Luther, the father of the gentleman now living (1916) by that
name, held the office for five years, between 1830 and 1840, and after that,
John A. Wood was Clerk for two years. Mr. Mason retired from the
office in 1865.

Mr. Mason was called "Colonel", perhaps because of his connection
with the local militia, when a young man he was an officer — probably
captain; or it may be for the reason that he had the natural bearing of a
miUtary man; for he was nearly six feet in height, erect in carriage, well-
proportioned in figure, and weighing about 190 pounds. He was regeirded
as a handsome man; and as a member of the executive Council, when Levi

226 History of Swansea

Lincoln was Governor of the State, he was noted for his manly beauty and
martial personality.

He was well known in Bristol County in his time, having represented
his town in both branches of the General Court of the Commonwealth,
1821-22; 1828; and was one of the Governor's advisers. And in the latter
part of his hfe he was fond of speaking of the eminent men he had met in
pubic life. He had a short interview once with Harrison Gray Otis, an
incident he always mentioned with much interest and pride.

His death occurred Jan. 8, 1871, in the 89th year of his age.

Edward M. Thurston

Edward Mason Thurston was born in Fall River, Mass., July 18, 1832,
being the oldest son of EdwEu^d and Sarah (Mason) Thurston, and died in
Swansea, Mass., January 9, 1902.

His opportunities for an education were very hmited, as his boyhood
and youth were largely spent in the hard work of the farm, and learning
the trade of a stone mason. He attended the district school three months
in the year, which with three terms at the Middleborough Academy, com-
prised all the schooling he had. One winter was spent in teaching school
in Carver, Mass.

In 1851 he left Fall River, going to Providence, R. I. where he entered
the employ of Fifield and Smith and later became a member of the firm,
with which he remained until 1870. He then carried on the furniture
business, either alone or with others, until the early eighties, when he
devoted himself to his place in South Swansea, to which he had removed his
family in 1870.

Mr. Thurston was always a public spirited man, active and zealous in
promoting the welfare of the Town and deeply interested in many enter-
prises of the County and State. For six years he was the Superintendent of
Schools in Swansea, and in 1900 was elected representative in the State
Legislature, where his special service was on the Committee on Railroads.
He was for three years a member of the State Board of Agriculture. In
November 1900 he was selected by the N. Y., N. H. & H. R. R. as claim
agent in settling the land damages ensuing from the abolishment of grade
crossings, which position he held at the time of his death. He was the
moving spirit in the building of the road and bridge across Lees River, into
which enterprise he put a great deal of energy and hard work as well as
money. He was also well known in connection with the clam bakes at his
home, Point Pleasant.

In 1850 Mr. Thurston joined the Franldin Street Church, Fall River,
and upon going to Providence united with the High Street Congregational
Church, later becoming the Superintendent of the Mission which grew into
the Pilgrim Congregational Church in that city. When he removed to
Swansea he became a member of the Central Congregational Church of
Fall Piiver, at the same time being much interested in the Sunday School
of the First Christian Church of Swansea, of which he was Superintendent
for a number of years.

On May 1, 1853 he married Mary W. Gardner of Somerset. Four
children were born to them, H. Edward, Cashier of the Mechanics
National Bank of Providence, Mary M., wife of S. R. Chaffee, a Providence
artist and twin daughters who died in infancy. After the death of his wife
in 1883, he married Caroline Gardner of Swansea who survived him.

Mr. Thurston was a man of cheery and genial disposition, who
thoroughly enjoyed hfe and was never so happy as when offering the hos-
pitahty of his pleasant home to others. His lack of an education in his

Personal Sketches 227

youth made him responsive to this need in others and he rejoiced in the
opportunity of assisting a number of youths in acquiring the education of
which he himself had been deprived.

His own hfe meanwhile was enriched by acquaintance with the best
literature of the day and by the perusal of the books of his large and well
selected library.

In his home, community, town and state, he made a place for himself
by his untiring energy and conscientious devotion in seeking the better-
ment of those with whom he came in contact.

Dr. James Lloyd Wellington

Dr. Wellington, the oldest graduate of Harvard University, and the
senior alumnus of the Harvard Medical School, 1916, was born at
Templeton, Mass., Jan. 27, 1818, son of Rev. Charles and Anna (Smith)
W^ellington, and is in the seventh generation of the family founded by
Roger Wellington, one of the early proprietors of Watertown, Mass.

(I) Roger Wellington, a planter, born about 1609-10, emigrated
from Wales, and became an early settler of Watertown, Mass., his name
appearing on the earliest list of proprietors extant. He joined the church
at the age of eighty years, and was admitted a freeman in April, 1690, it
being necessary to be a member of the church in order to be a freeman. He
was selectman in 1678-79-81-82-83-84-91. He was the owner of a large
estate, extending nearly to the present Mount Auburn limit. He died
March 11, 1697-98. His wife was Mary, eldest daughter of Dr. Richard
Palgrave, of Charles town, Mass., one of the first doctors in that place.
Their children were: John, Mary, Joseph, Benjamin, Oliver, and Palgrave.

(II) Joseph Wellington, son of Roger, was born Oct. 9, 1643. His
first wife, Sarah, died Feb. 5, 1683. He married (second) June 6, 1684,
Ehzabeth Straight, who bore him four children, Elizabeth, Thomas, Mary,
and Susanna.

(III) Thomas Wellington, son of Joseph, born Nov. 10, 1686, married
Rebecca Whittemore for his first wife, and a Chary for his second. In his
will he styles himself "of Cambridge." His children were: Rebecca,
Joseph, Thomas, Susanna, and Elizabeth.

(IV) Thomas Wellington, (2) son of Thomas, born Aug. 6, 1714, was
an innholder at Watertown in 1770-71. He is given as of Waltham. He
died Nov. 4, 1783. His wife, Margaret Stone, died at Lexington. Their
children were: Thomas, Elizabeth, John, Susanna, Jonathan, Samuel,
Josiah, William, George, Rebecca, Susanna, Thaddeus, Sarah, and Joel.

(V) William Wellington, son of Thomas (2), born July 28, 1746, was
selectman in 1780-1803. He married Mary Whitney, born Dec. 22, 1751,
and they reared a large family of children, namely: William, bom Dec 11,
1769; David, born Nov. 1, 1771, who died March 10, 1860; Abraham,
born March 22, 1774; Polly, bom April 16, 1776, who married Phineas
Lawrence, of Lexington, and died June 9, 1850; Isaac, born in 1778, who
was a senior at Harvard University when drowned in Fresh Pond in Novem-
ber, 1798; Charles born Feb. 20, 1780; Alice, born Oct. 31, 1781, who married
Jonas Clark, of W^altham; Betsey, born Feb. 4, 1784, who married Isaac
Childs, and died at Lexington Oct. 10, 1850; Seth, born Nov. 18, 1785;
Sybil, born Sept. 24, 1787, who married Loring Pierce; Marshall, born
Sept. 26, 1789; Darius, born Jan. 14, 1794; and Almira, born Aug. 1, 1795,
who married Hon. Francis Bowman, and died Aug. 31, 1872.

(VI) Charles Wellington, son of William, born Feb. 20, 1780, at
Waltham, Mass., graduated from Harvard University in 1802, with the
degree of A. B. Choosing the ministry as his callmg he pursued his

228 History of Swansea

divinity course at Harvard, and received the degree of D. D. from that
institution. In 1804 he was made pastor of the Congregational Church at
Templeton, over which he remained fifty years. He died Aug. 3, 1861.
His wife, Anna Smith, whom he married June 29, 1807, was born Aug. 29,
1783, at Halifax, N. S., daughter of Henry Smith, of Boston (born Aug. 7,
1735, died April 8, 1811), and his wife Elizabeth Draver. The pioneer
progenitor of the Smith family in America was William Smith, born Nov.
6, 1675, in Newton, near Hingham ferries, Northampton, England; he
married Martha Turnstall, of Putnev. Mrs. Anna (Smith) Wellington died
April 24, 1830. Mr. Wellington married (second) July 27, 1831, Adelaide
Russell, of Templeton. His children were: Elizabeth Smith, born July 12,
1808, married Leander Leeland, of Templeton, and died Sept. 23, 1882;
Mary Whitney, born Dec. 30, 1810, married Jacob Bachelder, of Lynn, and
died Dec. 31, 1889; Rebecca Smith, bom April 5, 1812, married June 19,
1834, Artemas Z. Brown, M. D., of Phillipston, and died June 16, 1867;
William Henry, born Jan. 16, 1814, meirried Susan Gilpatrick, and died at
St. Louis, Oct. 12, 1843; Anna, born June 9, 1816, married Joseph C.
Bachelder, M. D., and died Sept. 2, 1905; James Lloyd was born Jan. 27,
1818; Almira, born Dec. 28, 1819, married Joseph C. Baldwin, and died at
Philipston in January, 1872; Margaret Coffin, born Dec. 10, 1821, married
Leonard Stone, and died in February, 1893; Charles Woodward Wilder,
born May 17, 1825, married Eunice Allen Starr, of Deerfield, and died at
Hyde Park, Aug. 3, 1880; Adelaide, born June 30, 1832, died Feb. 26, 1855.

(VII) James Lloyd Welhngton, Swansea's faithful physician and
honored citizen, obtained his education at New Salem Academy, Templeton
High School, and Harvard University, receiving the degree of A. B. from
the latter institution in 1838. He bears the distinction (1916), of being the
oldest surviving graduate of that University. His was the class noted for
the number of men who became famous, including James Russell Lowell,
William Wetmore Story, Dr. George B. Loring, and Gen. Charles Devens
(at one time Secretary of State). He was in college at the same time as the
late Rev. Dr. Edward Everett Hale, and was a classmate of his brother,
Nathan Hale. His freshman year in college he occupied a yard room on the
first floor of HoUis Hall, on the left hand side of the front entrance; his
sophomore year the southwest corner room of the same dormitory; in his
junior year the northwest corner of the same floor. His senior year found

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