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have been first imprisoned in the Whitby. In reference to
this we have no positive historical data. Two of these men
were known to be Obadiah Slade and Theophilus Luther. Can
learn nothing in respect to the fate of the remaining four.
Their names are unknown.

Joseph Brown, a young seaman, a native of Swansea, was
probably captured in a privateer in 1780. No doubt he was
imprisoned and died in the Jersey.

It is not my purpose to give a complete history of the
Jersey nor a minute and detailed account of the barbarities
practiced in her. She was intended for seamen only, yet a few
soldiers were confined in her. From the outset there was some-
thing tragical incidentally connected with this old hulk. The
Good Hope was one of the first prison ships anchored in North
River; her inmates with the hope of gaining liberty or death
burnt her; another vessel was burnt at the same time for the
same object. But they did not succeed in making their escape ;
were recaptured and many of them imprisoned in the Jersey;
thus was reached a sadder fate.

Obadiah Slade from what can be learned was a bold fear-
less man, he did not always stop to count the cost. Had he
been released from the Jersey and permitted to return to
Swansea would he have taken on the quiet pursuits of life?
Might he not rather as he called to mind his burning dweUing,
his homeless wife and children, the brutal treatment he received
in being taken trom his bed in the night and almost naked
hustled to the shore placed in a boat and borne down the bay
in that cold chilly April night to the enemy's quarters, caUing
to mind the horrors of the Jersey, might he not, I say, have
resolved, that come life or death, he too would prove a most
bitter enemy. Obadiah Slade hved on what is now Brayton's
Point in Somerset, Swansea in Revolutionary days. He was
very active in obtaining supplies for the patriots. He went
through the towns collecting whatever he could for the suste-
nance of the army quartered in Rhode Island. His friends

Documentary History 57

warned him, for the British in possession of the Island of
Rhode Island doubtless knew of his operations. He took no
heed, however, the result was his capture in April 1779.

Died in Jersey Prison Ship.
Obadiah Slade
Joseph Brown
Theophilus Luther

of Swansea.

(See Tablet in Town Hall.)

Pioneer Schools

Dec. 19, 1673. "It was voted and ordered, nemine contradicente, that
a school be forthwith set up in this town for the teaching of grammar,
rhetoric, and arithmetic, and the tongues of Latin, Greek, and Hebrew;
also to read Enghsh and to write, and that a salary of forty pounds per
annum in current country pay, which passeth from man to man, be duly
paid from time to time, and at all times hereafter, and that John Myles, the
present pastor of the church here assembling be the schoolmaster."

1698. Jonathan Bosworth was employed as teacher at £18, one-
fourth in money and the rest in provisions at money prices.

1702. The town was fined £5 for not having a school, and employed
John Devotion at £12 and diet, and £20 for keeping a horse. (Terms of
school were kept in different parts of the town.) The next year his pay was
£16; in 1709 he was employed for six years; in 1715 for twenty years

(See Districts later, etc.)

Miles' Bridge — Lottery

One of the earliest bridges erected in this section of Bristol County was
the one at this point. It is impossible at this late day to ascertain the exact
date of the building of the first bridge at this point, but it was doubtless in
the early part of the last century, for the Provincial statutes of 1736-37
refer to a bridge called Miles' Bridge in a country road had theretofore been
constructed and had fallen into decay, and the towns of Swansea and
Barrington were ordered "to build a good and substantial cart bridge
across the said river in the country road aforesaid where the said bridge did

The present iron bridge was built in 1878. It is seventy-five feet long,
and rests on two abutments with wing walls.

In 1749 an act was passed allowing the town of Swansea to raise funds
by lottery for the rebuilding of this bridge, as follows: —

"The Province of the Massachusetts Bay.
Dec. 11, 1749.

"An act to allow the town of Swansea, in the county of Bristol, to set
up and carry on a lottery for the rebuilding and keeping in repair Miles*
Bridge in said town

''Whereas, by a law of this province mad in the sixth year of the reign
of his late Majesty King George the First, entitled, 'An act to suppress
lotteries', and another law made in the sixth year of his present Majesty's


History of Swansea

reign, in addition to the aforesaid act, the setting up or carrying on lotteries
are suppressed, unless allowed by act of ParUament or law of this province;

"Whereas, The said town of Swansea have represented their inability
of rebuilding and keeping in repair the great bridge and causway in said
town, called Miles' Bridge, by reason great part of said town is taken off to
Rhode Island by the late settlement of the boundary line betwixt the two
governments, and pray the allowance of setting up and carrying on a lottery
in said town for that purpose, —

"Be it therefore enacted by the Leieutenant-Governor, Council, and
House of Representatives:

"Sec. 1. That the said town of Swansea be and hereby is allowed and
authorised to set up and carry on a lottery within said town for the use and
purpose aforesaid, of the amount of twenty-five thousand pounds, old tenor,
drawing out of each prize ten per cent., and said town be empowered to make
rules for the regular and practicable proceeding in said affair, and to appoint
times and places, and meet persons for managers therein, who shall be
sworn to the faithful discharge of their trust.

"And in order to prevent any bubble or cheats happening to the pur-
chasers or drawers of the tickets,
"Be it further enacted:

"Sec. 2. That said Swansea shall be answerable to the purchasers or
drawers of the tickets for any deficiency or misconduct of the memagers,
according to the true intent of lotteries. "

From records of town condensed.

Deputies and Representatives, from 1670 to 1899 have
been as follows: —


John Allen;


Captain John Brown;


James Brown;


Eph. Pierce;


Hugh Cole;


Hugh Cole;


Samuel Luther;


Joseph Mason, Jr.;


Hugh Cole;


Justice Brandford,


Obadiah Brown;



Hugh Cole;


Justis Mason;


Lieut. Timothy Brooks


WilUam Anthony;

and William Howard;


Mr. Ezek. Brown;


Capt. John Brown;


Perez Brandford, Esq. ;


"Representatives to a


"Voted not to have a

great and general court

Representative; "

or assembly to be held


Ezek. Brown;

at ye town-house in


Mr. Caleb Luther;

Boston;" Capt. John


Mr. Ezek. Brown;

Brown and Samuel


WilUam Slade;



John Anthony;


Ebenezer Brenton;


William Slade;


Ensign Joseph Kent;


John Anthony;


Epharim Pierce;


Jeruthamel Bowers;


Hezekiah Luther;


"Jeruthamel Bowers


Joseph Mason;

and Philip Slead to rep-
resent the Town in the


Epharim Pierce;


John Thomas;

Provincial Congress,


John Rogers Esq.;

and that these two per-


Joseph Mason, Jr. and

sons have no more than

WilHam Salisbury;

the wages of one;"

Documentary History



















Col. Andrew Cole and
Mr. Philip Slead;
Col. Edward Anthony;
Philip Slead and Israel

"Israel Barney, del-
egate to the Conven-
tion at Concord in Oc-

"Capt. Philip Slead
and Mr. John Mason,
delegates to represent
the town at Cambridge
in forming a new con-
Jurathamel Bowers,
"John Richmond to go
to Boston the first
Wednesday of June;"
Voted not to send a
Representative ;
Simeon Potter;
Christopher Mason;
Christopher Mason and
James Luther;
Christopher Mason;
Daniel Hale;
Daniel Hale, and Ed-
ward Mason;
Daniel Hale, and Ben-
anuel Marvel;
Daniel Hale;
Dr. John Winslow;
John Mason;
Benanuel Marvel;
Benjamin Taylor;
Daniel Hale and John
BufFington ;
"Voted that D. Hale
be instructed to attend
the Legislature, and if
in his opinion it is nec-
essary for John Buffing-
ton to attend, he must
write or send to him,
and he is instructed to

1829, (M




















attend if called for;"
John Mason and John
Buffington ;
ay) "Voted to exonerate
John Mason from pay-
ing into the Treasury
the sum generally ex-
pended in treating the
inhabitants of the town
at a choice of represen-
tatives,which he agreed
to at his election in

Luther Baker and Ben-
ajah Mason;
" Voted, That the Reps
be instructed to oppose
all R. R. constructed at
the expense of the

L. Baker and B. Mason
John Earl and B.

Benanuel Marvel;
B. Marvel and John

James Cornell;
J. Cornell and George

George Mason;
Artemas Stebbins;
Jonathan R. Brown;
Stephen Buffington;
James Cornell;
Phihp M. Marvel;
Jonathan Barney;
Ezra P. Short;
William T. Chase;
Daniel Edson;
No Choice;
Horatio Peck;
Allen Mason;
Benjamin S. Earl;
Voted not to send a

Representatives from the District of which Swansea was a part,
residents of this Town:


Edward F. Gardner;


James E. Estabrooks;


William H. Pearse;


James H. Mason;


Ezra P. Short;


Mason Barney;


Rufus Slade;


Daniel R. Child;


Job Gardner;


Henry O.Wood;


Nathan M. Wood;


Edward M. Thurston;

From 1896 Swansea was included with Somerset and part of Fall River.

60 History of Swansea

Revolutionary War Records

April 21, 1775,—" Voted that 40 guns, 250 lbs. powder, 750 lbs. lead, and
600 flints be provided. The committee of inspection shall provide provi-
sions and all other necessaries for the poor upon any special emergency.
That 50 men be enlisted to be ready at a minute's warning, and pd 3 s. a
week for exercising two half days a week, and 6 doUs. bounty if called out of
txDwn. The oflBcers to have the same as Rehoboth pays their officers. "

"That we keep a post to ride to Boston (and leave it to the selectmen
how often) for the best inteUigence that can be had there. "

May 22, Chose a committee of regulation and inspection. "The
Town will secure and defend the said committee and empower them to
follow and observe such directions as they shall receive from time to time
from the Provincial Congress or Committee of Safety. "

Five shillings penalty was imposed for wasting a charge of powder, and
the offender's ammunition was forfeited to the town.

April, 1777. "Voted, in addition to what the General Court pays,
20 £ to every soldier enlisted in the Continental service for three years or
the war," subsequently restricted to "those credited to the quota of the
town." Later the town treasurer was allowed to pay what he chose to
secure men for the quota, "and the town will make him complete satisfac-
tion for his trouble therein. "

Chose a committee to provide for the families of "soldiers in the Con-
tinental service."

Jan. 5, 1778. "Voted that inoculation shall not be set up in Swansea,
by a unanimous vote."

January 26. "Voted that inoculation shall be set up in Swansea,"
also to provide a hospital.

Voted to buy one hundred bushels corn for soldiers' famihes.

Voted six pounds to the treasurer for his services.

June 1st. "The selectmen shall provide warlike stores for every man
in the town and distribute the same at their discretion. "

June 23, 1778. "By unanimous vote promised:

" 1. To turn out upon all alarms against the enemy.

"2. To throw aside all partyship for the future.

"3. To return humble and hearty thanks to Gen. Sullivan for his
company and good institutions.

"Voted, August 31st, to providesoldiers with shirts, stockings and shoes."

November. "Requested Gen. Sulhvan to provide a guard against the
enemy on Rhode Island. "

May, 1779. "Voted that there be a guard on each of the necks for the
safety of the good people of the town ; that each man have four dollars for
each night's service on guard. Capt. Philip Slead to go to the General
Court at Boston to see whether the court would make any allowance to the
town for those men which the town hired to go on the line. Choce the
town clerk to draw up something for Capt. Phihp Slead to carry to the
council. "

1779. "Voted twenty-two men to guard the shores, who shall have
four dollars per night, or, if they choose, two dollars with rations and Con-
tinental wages.

"Voted a committee to visit Gen. Gates to see if he will provide for the
safety of the town,

"The Committee of Safety to go to Concord to meet with the Com-
mittee of Correspondence in Congress on July 14, 1779. The selectmen
shall send to Boston for firearms."

January, 1780. "Voted four thousand pounds to buy blankets, accord-
ing to the order of the Court, and to pay necessary expenses. "

Documentary History


June, 1780. "Voted three hundred pounds Continental money to all
who enlist for six months. " This was at the next meeting increased to four
hundred pounds, then to seven hundred pounds, then to one thousand
pounds. Then "one hundred and twenty silver dollars " were offered, " and
the selectmen have power to increase the sum if necessary."

1780. " For gate and posts for the pound and putting up the same, one
hundred dollars.

"Voted eleven thousand seven hundred and sixty dollars for the pur-
chase of horses to send to Taunton by order of the General Court.

"Voted one hundred and forty dollars Continental money to pay for
an ax; the selectmen to have fifty dollars a day in Continental money. "

1783. "Petitioned General Court for a lottery to rebuild Myles'
bridge. "

1785. "Chose a committee to divide the school districts to accommo-
date the children."

1791. For representative to Congress, one hundred and seventy-
seven votes were cast, of which Bishop had one hundred and seventy-one

1804. Presidential election; the electoral ticket headed by James
Sullivan had one hundred and sixty-one, and that headed by David Cobb,
four votes.

Sept. 4, 1804. Election for state officers:

John Hancock, Esq., for Governor, seventeen votes;

James Boardman, Esq., Lieutenant-Governor, seventeen votes;
Thomas Durefey, Esq., Councilor, seventeen votes;

Walter Spooner, Esq., Councilor, eleven votes;

Ephraim Starkweather, Esq., Councilor, seventeen votes;

Nathaniel Leonard, Esq., Councilor, six votes.

An Alphabetical List of the Names in the Revolutionary
Muster Rolls.

Allen, James
Allen, Jonathan
Anthony, Asa
Anthony, Daniel
Anthony, David
Anthony, Edward
Anthony, John, Corp.
Anthony, Peleg
Anthony, Peleg
Arms, Edward
Arnold, Alexander
Arnold, WiUiam
Atkinson, Robert,
Babbitt, Abijah
Baker, Jedidiah
Baker, Joseph
Barber, Jesse
Barney, Christopher
Barney, Daniel
Barney, Israel
Barney, Jonathan
Barney, Joseph
Barney, Joseph, 2nd.
Barney, Josiah Jr.
Barney, Nathan

Barney, Prince
Barney, Paul
Barney, Peleg
Barney, Wheaton
Bates, Francis
Bentelle, John
Blake, Timothy
Borden, Joseph
Bosworth, Benjamin
Bosworth, John
Boen, Jeremiah
Booffenton, William 3d.
Born, Steven
Bourne, Francis
Bourne, Joshua
Bowers, Baxter
Bowers, Jonathan
Bowers, Paldore
Bowers, Phihp
Bowers, Nathan
Bowers, Primus
Bowers, Samuel
Bowman, Charles
Brayton, John
Brown, David


History of Swansea

Brown, Elisha
Brown, John
Brown, Samuel M.
Brown, Seth
Brown, William S.
Bryant, John
Burden, Nathaniel
Cahoun, Nathaniel
Cane, Robert
Carpenter, Benjamin
Carpenter, Ebenezer
Carpenter, James
Carpenter, Jacob
Carr, Cudbuth
Carter, Isaac
Cartwright, Daniel
Case, George
Case, Isaac
Chaffee, Joseph
Chaffee, Stephen
Chase, Alen
Chase, Aaron
Chase, Benjamin
Chase, Ebenezer

Chase, Enoch

Chase, Ephraim

Chase, Grindal

Chase, Henry

Chase, Israel

Chase, Jabez

Chase, Jacob

Chase, Jeams, Jr.

Chase, Jerathmrel

Chase, Jared

Chase, John

Chase, Joseph

Chase, Ohver

Chase, Ohver Jr.

Chase, Samuel

Chase, Seth

Chase, Silas

Cilton, Benjamin

Cobb, Richard

Cobb, Zenas

Cole, Benjamin

Cole, Constant

Cole, Ebenezer

Cole, Ephraim

Cole, Esa

Cole, Hezekiah, Jr.

Cole, Job

Cole, Nehemiah

Cole, Theodore

Cole, Parker

Cole, William

Cole, Zephaniah, 2Lieut.

Counel, Thomas

Cornal, Gideon
Cornal, James
Cornell, EUsha
Cornell, James
Cotton, John
Cummings, John
Daggett, Job
Davis, Nathan
Davis, James
Davis, John
Day, Amos
Demas, Joseph
Dexter, Joshua
Drown, Caleb
Dyer, Noah
Eddy, Caleb
Eddy, Ehsha
Eddy, Michael
Eddy, Obadiah, Lieut.
Eddy, WilUam
Edminster, James
Esterbrooks, James
Findley, Charles
Fisk, Samuel
Fish, George
Fish, Jonathan
Fish, Samuel

Fitch, Amos

Fowler, Daniel

French, Sebe

Fuller, James

Fuller, Josiah

Gardner, Israel

Gardner, John

Gardner, Joseph

Gardner, Samuel, 3d

Garrettson, Samuel

Gage, Benjamin

Gibbs, John

Gibs, Benjamin

Goss, Thomas

Gray, Edward

Griffith, Abraham

Hail, Daniel

Hail, John

Hail, Jonathan

Hale, Joel

Hall, Edward

Hall, James

Handy, Russel

Handy, Thomas

Harding, Jonathan

Harding, John

Hastings, Peter, Ensign

Haskins, Peter

Hathaway, Abner

Hathaway, John

Documentary History


Hathaway, Charles
Hearder, Jonathan
Higgins, Heman
Hill, Amos
Hill, Barnet
Hill, John
Hill, Parker
Hill, Homer
Hills, James
Hix, David, Lieut.
Hix, Daniel
Hix, John
Hix, Robert
Hoar, Gideon
Holland, James
Hood, Noble
Horswell, Luke
Horton, Jotham
Horton, Simeon
Howard, Caleb
Howl and, Josiah
Hughes, Richard
Hunt, Nathaniel
Ide, James
Johnson, James
Johnson, Jonathan
Jones, Simeon
Jones, Encom
Kindsman, Thomas
King, Joshua
Kingsley, Amos
Kingsley, Asa
Kingsley, Benjamin
Kingsley, Hezekiah
Kingsley, Jonathan
Kingsley, Nathaniel
Kingsley, Peleg
Kingsley, Simeon
Kingsley, Thomas
Law, John
Law, Samuel
Lawson, William
Lawton, James
Law ton. Job
Lee, Abiatha
Lee, Amos
Lee, James
Lee, Samuel
Lee, Stephen
Lee, Thomas, Jr.
Lemenshaw, Dennis
Lewin, John
Lewin, Thomas
Lewis, Aaron
Lewis, John
Lewis, Joseph
Lewis, Nathaniel

Lewis, Peleg
Lincoln, Nehemiah
Lintall, Zechariah
Luce, Samuel
Luther, Aaron
Luther, Alanson
Luther, Upham, Sargt.
Luther, Simion
Luther, Caleb
Luther, David
Luther, Eddy
Luther, Eleazer
Luther, Ellis
Luther, Eli
Luther, Ely, Sergt.
Luther, Ezra
Luther, Giles
Luther, Harlow
Luther, Hezekiah
Luther, James
Luther, Jedidiah
Luther, Jeremiah, Sargt.
Luther, Job
Luther, John
Luthei^, Moses
Luther, Peleg, Sargt.
Luther, Preserved
Luther, Richard
Luther, Samuel
Luthei;, Silas
Luther, Stephen
Luther, Theophilus
Luther, Abenner
Lowen, William

Mackhoon, Jonathan
Manchester, Isaac
Manchester, Stephen
Martin, Aaron
Martin, Benjamin
Martin, Daniel, 1st lieut.
Martin, James
Martin, Joseph
Martin, Miltiah
Martin, Thomas
Marvel, Benjamin
Marvel, John
Marvel, Jonathan
Marvel, Thomas
Mason, Amos
Mason, Benjamin, Corp.
Mason, Caleb
Mason, Caleb, Jr.
Mason, Christopher, Jr.
Mason, Edward
Mason, Edward, 2nd
Mason, Gomer


History of Swansea

Mason, Jeremiah

Marten, Ebenezer

Mason, Jinks

Mason, Job

Mason, Joseph

Mason^ Nathaniel

Mason, Noah

Mason, Noble

Mason, Peleg

Mason, Rufus

Mason, Simeon

Medbury, Abel

Merret, John

Merry, Timothy, 2nd lieut.

Millard, Samuel

Miller, Consider

Molton, Michael

Morril, Thomas

Morril, Ebenezer

Morry, Michael

Morse, John

Morse, William

Munroe, Archibald

Newman, Nathaniel

Newman, Samuel

NewtoUj John

Nichols, Nathaniel, Corp.

Nicholson, Barnabas,

Norton, Benjamin

O'Brien, Dennis

O'Brien, John

Ormsbe, Asa

Ormsbe, Jacob, Sargt.

Ormsbe, Jacob, Jr.

Ormsbe, Joshua

Packard, Josiah

Farce, Benjamin

Parish, Josiah

Parsons, Ebenezer

Pearce, David

Pearce, Ebenezer

Pearce, Henry

Pearce, Isaac

Pearce, Job

Pearce, Martin

Pearce, Mial

Pearce, PhiUp

Pearce, Preserved

Pearce, Reuben

Pearce, Wheeler

Peck, Ambrose

Peck, Jonathan

Peck, Nicholas

Peck, Paul

Peck, Peleg, Capt.

Peck, Thomas

Peck, WiUiam, Corp.

Peckham, Jonathan
Peckham, Aaron
Perry, Matthew
Pettis, Ezekiel
Pettis, James
Pettis, John
Pinch, Pero
PuUin, John
Quare, George
Robinson, David
Ralph, Charles
Randolph, James
Read, John
Read, Nathan
Read, William
Rioden, Daniel
Robertson, William
Robinson, William
Rodgers, John
Round, Amos, Sergt.
Sanders, Benjamin
Sanders, James
Sanders, John
Schobel, Thomas
Shariff, John Peter
Sherman, Jonathan
Sherman, Noah
Sherman, Peleg, Capt.
Shearman, Daniel
Shearman, Gideon
Shorey, John
Short, Ebenezer

Short, James

Short, Shubel

Simmons, James

Simmons, Seth

Sisson, Richard

Slead, Edward

Slaid, Daniel

Slaid, Peleg, Col.

Slead, John

Slead, Ohver

Slead, PhiHp, Capt.

Slead, Philip, Jr.

Smith, Daniel

Smith, Ebenezer

Smith, Seth

Smith, Thomas

Snell, John

Sprague, CofiF

Starkey, Joseph

Stearns, Isaac

Stephenson, John

Stokes, Christopher

Streeter, Ebenezer

Stearns, Jack

Talbot, Caesar

Martin House
Built by John Martin, 1728

The Brown Homestead, Touisset

Documentary History


Teary, Philip
Terry, James
Thomas, Scipio
Thurber, Edward
Thurber, Hezekiah
Thurber, John
Thurber, Richard
Thurber, Seth
Tift, Joshua
Toogood, Nathaniel
Trafford, Gardner
Tripp, Benjamin
Tripp, Jonathan
Tyler, Jonathan
Verse, George
Vial, Abraham
Vial, John
Vose, John
Vose, William
Waldron, Abiather
Waldron, James, drummer
Walker, Abel
Wanton, Charles
Wardell, Benjamin, Corp.

Weed, Daniel
West, John
West, Oliver
Wheaton, James
Wheaton, Jonathan, Jr.
Wheaton, Reuben
Wheeler, John
White, John
Whittaker, Abel
Wilbur, William
Williams, John
Winslow, Jacob, Sergt.
Winslow, Job
Wood, Aaron, Sergt.
Wood, Barnabas
Wood, Caleb
Wood, David
Wood, David, Jr.
Wood, Ehsha
Wood, James, drummer
Wood, Jonathan
Wood, Seth
Wood, Zepaniah
Wood, Nathan
Wolders, Abiathar

SwANZEY August The 2 Day 1788

A Return of oflScers Laitley Elected In the first Redgt of Melitia In the
County of Bristol Commanded by Col. Peleg Shearman.

Berzila Bowen
James Bullock
Samuel Carpenter
Nehemiah Cole
Joseph Mason
Jonathan Barney
Jonathan Slide
Philip Peck
Richard Goff
Comfort Hill

Capt. Rehoboth
Capt. Rehoboth
Captn. Rehoboth
Capt. Swanzey
Lieut Do
Ensine Do
Ensine Rehoboth
Lieut Do
Ensine Do
Ensine Do

Nehemiah Cole Capt.

Berzila Bowen Capt.
Samuel Carpenter Capt.

James Bucklin Capt.
Noah Allen Capt.
Israel Nicols Capt.

Philip Walker is appointed Addigent of sd Redgt.

The above is agreeable to the Returns —

Peleg Sherman Colo.


History of Swansea
Military Record, 1861-65.

Names of the Volunteers who filled the quota of this Town
in the war of the RebelUon:

Allen, Charles C.
Allen, Theodore H.
Ashton, Henry H.
Alden, Joseph
Bosworth, Otis
Bosworth, Joseph F.
Briggs, Edward
Boyd, Wm. A.
Barney, W. T.
Barney, Charles
Buflington, S. L.
Buffington, G. O.
Blanding, Frank
Brown, Wm.
Beanboucher, Victor
Case, D. H.
Chase, Reuben (2d)
Chase, Reuben (3d)
Chase, Christoper
Chase, F. R.
Chase, C. D.
Chase, Wm. P.
CoUins, Stephen
CaliUian, Dennis
Corthell, James H.
Cassell, Alexander
David, Joseph J.
Dempsey, Joseph
Dilson, John
Eddy, C. H.
Eagan, John
Follet, John J.
FoUet, Wm. H.
French, Wm. H.
Foulds, Robert
Franke, Joseph
Fitzpatrick, John
Graham, Isaac
Graham, Henry
Green, Wm. H.
Gibbs, Horatio
Godsoe, George
Hamlin, Wm.
Heath, Charles
Hunter, George
Horton, Horace
Handy, W. D.
Hohnes, W. H.
Hart, F. B.
Hatch, Grafton

Hopkins, William
Hodgdon, Charles
Knight, B.
Kingsley, Amos N.
King, Wm. T.
Kelley, James
Lawton, A. J.
Lansing, John
Libby, Nelson
Lyon, J. A.

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