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It is requested that each reader of this Catalog-ue will mark any errors or omissions
which may be noticed, and communicate them to the Librarian of Jefferson College,
for correction in a future edition. Much care has been taken to secure accuracy, but
no doubt many errors may still be detected. A few of the more important of such as
have been discovered since the sheets passed through the press, will be found cor-
rected on page 42.

Some persons may be disappointed in not finding certain names of those who have
l)een students at this institution, and are regarded as Alumni. The plan of the Cata-
logue, however, precluded the insertion of any names except of those upon whom
some degree, either regular or honorary, had been conferred. The conditions on
wliich the Honorary degiee of A. M. is conferred, may be found among the notices
near the end of the Catalogue.


Catalogue si ^dttxuu College,


1803, TO 1856.

^Ajuj!.U-5-\+r. H»i'


m. Denotes Minister of the Gospel. * Denotes Deceased,

Z. Denotes Lawyer. St. T/

Died 1802

Rev. John M'PHEaRiN,

Resigned Sept. 1804.

Rev, J\mes Dunlap . ...

Resio"ned April 1803

Resio-ned Sept. 1805.

JoI^i^r M'DowEL Esq

Died 1809

James Allison, Esq

William Finley, Esq

John Mercer, Esq.

Died Sept 1807.

Died Aprtll8n5.

Resigned Sept. 1814.

Died 1833.

Gen. John Hamilton

. ..Rpsio-ned April 1831

William Hughes, Esq

Joseph Vance, Esq

Resigned Dec. 18(7.

Resigned Sept. 1810.

Robert Mahon Esq

. . •Resio'ned Sept 1824

James Kerr, Esq ....

Di-pVl ^P^r•,

Aaron Kyle, Esq.. Resigned April 1822,

Rev. Thomas Moore, Elertea Anr. 1802: Re.sip^ed Anril 1814.

Elected Oct. 1802; Resigned Sept. 1811.

James Allison, Jr. Esq

Rev. John Riddle,

Elected Oct. 1802; Resigned Sept. 1817.

.Elected Apr. 1803; Resigned \pril 1805. !

Rev. James Hughes, ....

Elected Sept. 1804; Resigned Sept. 1814. i

Rev, William Swan,

Dr. Samuel Murdoch

Rev. John Anderson,

Rev. Jajmes Ramsey,

Elec. Sept. 1804; Resigned .Sept. 1824. 1

Elec. Apr. 1805; Resigned April 1817.

Elec. Apr. 1805; Resigned Sept. 1808.

Elec. Sept 1805; Resigned Sept 1824

Williaji Rhea, Esq

Gen. John Morgan

Rev, William M'Millan,

Tho5l\s Bricel.\nd, Esq

J.«iES Mountain, Esq

Elec. Sept. 1805; Resigned Dec. 1827.

Elec. Sept 1807: Resigned Sept 1817. [:

Elec. Sept 1808; Resigned Sept 1817, !

Elec. Sept. 1809; Died 1819,

Elec. Sept 1810; Died 1814,


Eev. WiLLL^r Wylie, Elec. Sept. 1811; Eesigned Apr. 1818.

JOHX MDoxALD, E.SQ Elec. Apr. 1814; Died 1831.

Eev. Elisha M'Curdy, Elec. Apr. 1814; Eesigned Sept. 1820.

Eev. Moses Allex, Elec. Sept. 1814; Ef,signed Mar. 1839.

Abxer Lacock, Esq Elec. Sept. 1814; Eesigned Sept. 1817.

Eev. Fraxcis Herrox, Elec. Sept. 18)7; Eesigned Mai-. 1849.

Eev. Michael Laav, Elec. Sept. 1817; Died 1822.

EiCH.\RD JoHXSTOX, EsQ Elec. Sept. 1817; Died 1837.

BEXJAinx WiLLL^MS, EsQ Elec- Sept. 1817.

AxDREW MuxRo, Esq Elec. Sept. 1817; Died 1841.

John Eeed, Esq Elec. Sept 1817.

Joseph Clokey, Esq Elec. Dec. 1817; Died

Samuel Logan, Esq Elec Dec. 1817; Eesigned Sept. 1837.

Eev. Eobert Johxstox, Elec. Apr. 1818; Eesigned Sept. 1835.

Eev. Joseph M'Elroy, Elec. Sept. 1819; Kesigned

Dr. Jonathan Lethermax, Elec. Apr. 1820; Died 1844.

Eev. Eltsha P. Swift, Elec. Sept. 1820; Eesigned Aug. 1352.

Eev. Thomas D. Baird, Elec. Apr. 1822; Died 1838.

JoHM Phillips, Esq Elec. Apr. 1822; Died 1845.

Eev. Ashbel Greex, D. D Elec. Sept. 1824; Eesigned Jan. 1828.

Eev. WiLLi.vii Wilson, Elec. Sept. 1824; Eesigned Apr. 1833

James Gordon, Esq Elec. Dec. 1825.

WiLLLiM M'Creery, Esq Elec. Apr. 1826; Eesigned Mar. 1839.

Eev. William Jeffery, Elec-. Jan. 1823.

Dr. D. S. Stevenson Elec. Sept 1631; Died 1843.

William Patterson, Esq Elec. Mar. 1832, Died 1835.

Eev. William M'Elwee, Elec. Sept. 1833.

Daniel Houston, Esq Elec. Sept. 1833.

Eev. Henry K. Weed, Elec. Sept. 1835; Eesigned Sept. 1845.

Hox. Eobert C. Grier, Elec. Sept. 183.5; Ee.signed Feb. 1855.

JoHX Hays, Esq Elec. Sept 1835.

Hon. H. H. Leavitt, Elec. Mar; 1837; Eesigned Oct. 1848.

James M'Clellaxd, Esq Elec. Sept. 1837; Eesigned Mar, 1853.

Eev. John T. Pressly, D. D Elec. Mar. 1839.

Eev. George Marshall, Elec. Mar. 1839.

William Park, Esq Elec. Mar. 1 839,

James M'Cullough, Esq Elec. Sept. 1841.

Wm. M'Daxiel, Esq Elec. Sept. 1844.

Dr. Johx V. Herriot, Elec. Sept. 1 844; Eesigned Aug. 1653.

Eev. James Sloan, Elec. Sept. 1845.

WiLLL\M Marks, Esq Elec. Sept. 1845.

Thomas Nicholsox. Esq Elec. Oct. 1848.

Eev. Alex. T. M'Gill, D. D Elec. Mar. 1849.

Eev. Wm. M. Paxtox, Elec. Aug. 1851.

Eev. AVm P. Breed, Elec. Dec 1852; Ee.sigaed Aug. 1856.

Wm. S. Caloil\x. Esq Elec. Mar. 1853.

Jas. K. Moorhead, Esq Elec. Aug. 1853.

Jas. p. Sterrett, Esq Elec. July 18.55.

Eev. Jas. Alexander, Elec. Aug. 1856.


||riiinpU iiitli ||i'fl!j«g0r2.


April, 1803, Rev John Watsox, Pres. and Trof. Languages and

Moral Philosophy. Died Nov. 30, 1802.

" " Rev John M'Millan, Prof, of Divinity.
" " Samuel Miller, A. M. Prof. Mathematics and Jfat-

nral Philosophy. Resigned Sept. 1830.

April, 1803. Rev. Ja3Ies Dun lap, A. M. Pres. and Prof. Lan-
guage and Moral Philosophy. Resigned April, 1811.
1805. Rev. John M'Millan, D. D. Vice Prin'l. Died Nov. 16, 1833.
" 1812. Rev. Andrew Wylie, D. D. Principal. Resigned April, 1816.
Sept. 1817. Rev. Wm. M'Millan, A. M. Principal. Resigned Aug. 1822.
" 1818. Rev. Abraham Anderson, A. M. Professor Lan-
guages. Resigned Sept. 1821.
" 1821. Rev. Wm. Smith, A. M. Prof Languages.

" 1822. Rev. JIattheav Brown, D. D Principal. Resigned Sept. 1845.
April, 1824. Rev. James Ramsey, D. D. Prof. Hebrew. Resigned Dec. 1852.
" 1826. Rev. Richard Camfbell, A. M. Prof. Languages

and Mathematics. Resigned 1827.

•' 1830. Rev. John H. Kennedy, A. M. Professor Mathe-
matics and Natural Philosophy. Died Dec. 15, 1840.
Sept. " Samuel Miller, A, M. Hon. Prof. Mathematics. Died 1831.
March, 1832. Jacob Green, M. D. Prof. Chemistry, Mineralogy,

and Natural History. Died Feb. 1841.

" 1834. C. J. Hadermann, Esq. Professor Mathematics and

Modern Languages. Resigned Sept. 1836.

Sept. 1836. Washington M'Cartney, Esq. A. M. Prof. Math-
ematics and Modern Languages. Resigned Sept. 1837.
" 1837. Rev. Ch.\iiles S. Dod, A. M. Prof. Mathematics and

Modern Languages. Resigned Sept. 1839.

March, 1838. William Darby, Esq. A. M. Prof. History, Geogra-
phy and Astronomy. Resigned 1839.
Feb. 1841. Richard S. M'Culloh, Esq. A. M. Prof. Mathema-
tics, Nat. Phil, and Chemistry. Resigned Sept. 1843.
" 1841. Rev. A. B. Brown, A. M. Prof. Belles Lettres and

Adjunct Prof. Languages. Resigned Oct. 1847.

March, 1841. HENRY Snyder, A. M. Adjunct Prof. Mathematics.
" 1843. Rev. Henry Snyder, A. M. Prof. Mathema-
tics. Resigned Aug. 1850.


Sept. 1843. S. E. Williams, A. M. Prof. Natural Philosophy

and Chemistr}% Resigned Aug. 1852.

" 1844. Eev. Egbert W. Orr, A. M. Prof. Civil Engineering

and Natural History. Resigned Dec. 1845.

Jan. 1845. Eev. E. J. Breckinridge, D. D. Principal. Eesigned June, 1847.
Dec. " Eev. A. B. Brown, A M. Prof. Belles Lettres, Logic,
Ehetoric and General History.
" " Eev. Egbert W. Orr, A. M. Prof, Latin Language

and Literature. Eesigned March, 1852.

Mar. ]846. Eev. Thomas Bevertbge, D. D. Prof. Extraordinary,

Evidences of Nat. and Eev. Eeligion. Eesigned 1855.

'* " John D. VOWELL, M. D. Prof. Extra, of Physiology

and Comparative Anatomy. Eesigned

Oct. 1847. Eev. Alexander B. Brown, D. D. Principal.
June, 1848. Eev. Egbert M. White, A. M. Prof. Extra, of Ehet-
oric. Died Dec. 1848.
July, 1849. Rev. Joseph E. Wilson, A. M.Prof. Extra, of Ehet-
oric. Resigned

Aug. 1850. Egbert Patterson, Esq. A. M. Professor of Math-
ematics. Eesigned Nov. 1854.
" " Eev. William Wallace, D. D. Prof. Extra, of Moral

Science. Died Jan. 1851.

" 1852. Eev. William Ewing, A. M. Prof. Extra, of His-
tory and Modern Languages.
" " Samuel E. Williams, A. M Prof. Extra, of Natural

Science. Eesigned 1854.

Sept. 1852. SiVMUEL Jones, A. M. Prof. Natural Philo.^.ophy

and Chemistry.
Dec. " Eev. Aaron Williams, A. M. Prof. Latin Lan-
guage and Literature.
" " Eev. Abraham Anderson, D. D. Prof. Extra.

of Hebrew. Died May, 1855.

Feb. 1855. John Eraser, A. M. Prof, of Mathematics
" «' John B. Stilley, A. M. Prof. Extra, of Civil
July, 1855. Eev. John B. Clark, A. M. Prof. Extra, of Hebrew.



And of others upon whom Honorary Degrees have been conferred by the College.

*Eeed Bracken, m.
*Johnston Eaton, m.
^William M'Millan, m. (D. D,1831.) Pres.

Jeff. College.
*Israel Pickens, I. Gov. Alabama.
*John Rhea, m. (D. D. 1838.) 5

*Andrew M'Donald, ?».
*AlexanderMontictli, m.

* Cyrus Eiggs, m. 3

1804. .
*Jolm M'Donald, I.
*Abraliain Scott, 711.
*Daniel Stephens, m.
*Clsment Valandingham, m.

* John White, p. 5

*Moses Allen, to.
*James Cunningham, m.

* James Galloway, m.
*Daniel' Hajden, m.
*James M'Connel.
*Carlos A. Norton.
*James Patterson, m.

* James Scott, m.

John B. Trevor, I. Cashier.
*James Wills, I.

^James K AVilson,TO. Rcf. Pres. (D. D )
Prof. Theol. 11


*Kev. John M'Millan, A. M. (D. D,

Vice Pres. Jeff. Coll.
*Samuel Miller. A. M. Prof. Jeff. College,
*Dr. Samuel Murdock, A. M.
*Kev. Sam'l Ealston, A. M., (D. D.^ Pres.

Bd. of Trustees.

*Eev. James Eamsey, A. M. (D. D. '24)
Prof. Heb. Jeff Col.


^Thomas Hunt, m.

^Jonathan Leslie, m.

John Eeed , Farmer.

** James Scott, m.

* George Vaueman, m. 5

James Dunlap, A.M. (D. D. 1807) Pres.
Jefferson College.

*James Ciilberston, m.

* William Dunlap, Va. to.

* John Matthews. »n..
^Samuel Porter, Jr. m.
*Joseph Stephenson, m.

5 I

*Eev. James Hughes, A. M.
■Eevo William Swan, A. M.


'Stephen Boyer, m.
*Ira Condit, m.
•^Joseph S. Hughes, to.
* James Smith, m.

*Eev. John Anderson, D. D.
*Eev. James Power, D D.

*James Milligan, m. Rcf. Pres.
Christopher Eankin, I. Memb. Cong.
Joseph Scroggs, to. As. 3

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Online LibraryPa.) Jefferson College (CanonsburgGeneral catalogue ... from the time it was chartered in 1802 to 1856 .. → online text (page 1 of 6)