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ceasing to insist in his actione when I am there that he is now °^ ^'"O"^^^ •
the second time obtained a sentence of the Lords for the pay-
ment to him of three hunder thirtie thrie pond three shillings
eight pennies as a mean for his subsistence during the depend-
ence thus they out of pitie more then justice are bountifuU to
him att my charge and at this rate he may pray the actione
never to be on end. The first decree was in summer "'82 which
was accordingly payed, this last is also ordered now to be payed
by the brewers w*in the paroch who have gott of my bear out
of the effects thereof and when payment is made its fitt to
gett not only a receit from him but the decrees and sentences
of the Lords. yj,/. yg.

I was owing to Alexander fForester ^^ of Milnhill twelve The Last of
hunder pond scotts which by a hunder and nine bolls w''^ he ^^''
gott of the cropt '82 and retentione of his owne feu dewtie by
the feu dewtie of the Knap for the yeares '82 and '83 and the




Laird of Lay is
@ rent.

Some Masons
compted with.

Anna Hume's
@ rent payed.

June 2 day.
Bailie Watson,

3 day.

Craigie Kids

8 day

Sir Tho.


My Eldest son.

foi. 8o.

17 day

M' Pa. Lyon of

teind bolls payable by him the said two yeares according to a
fitted accompt he is fully payed and the bond retyred, but I
still owe him by a tiquet two hunder pond. This is also payed.

I have this day given a warrand to the three brewars in
fforgane, John Lyon, Alex*" Watsone and Thomas Davie for
four score of ponds each of them which payes the Laird of
Leyes @ rent till Witt, immediatlie last past "'84.

I have this day compted and cleared with these masons who
built the low wall below the great gardine.

I have payed Anna Hume two yeares @ rent of her principall
soume of 333 lib. 6sh.s 8d. till Mertinmes nixt by a precept on
Provost Couts.

I have sold a hunder bolls of meall to Bailie Thomas
Watsone in Dundee at 4 lib. the boll w'^'^ is desyred for his
owne payment of 400 lib. which I owe him by bond and is the
remainder of the 4000 lib. and @ rents thereof which I was
once oweing to him. I have given provisione by precepts to
M"" Patrick Jack for paying my publick burdens due at Witt.
84 for my lands in Perthshyre who is to report the discharge
thereof to me from the public collector.

I have this day ordered the effects of the tuo hundred bolls
of oatts sold to Bailie Raitt in Dundee being eight hunder
pond to be payed to Andrew Young factor constitute by the
Laird of Craigie Kid his curators being five yeares @ rent of
^666 : 13 : 4 which I owe of principall w^^ payes the @ rent
compleitly till Witt, last past 84.

I borrowed from Sir Thomas Stewart ^^ of Garntilly 3333
lib. 6/8d. w^^ was occasioned for the most pairt because of My
Eldest son^s returning from his travels and bills being drawne
upon me sooner then possibly I could gett provisione of my
owne I as allreadie two severall bills for 1541 lib. and that I
expect more from London.

I have this day after compt made with Robert Lindsay in
Littlecoul exchanged the bond w^^ he had of me of borrowed
money for 233 lib. 6/8d. payed three termes @ rent thereof
retyred the bond and given him a new bond for 800 lib.

I have this day sent to M^ Patrik Lyon of Carnustie 160 lib.
as a yeares @ rent of 2666 : 13 : 4 commencing from Mertinmes
84 and his current pensione.


I was resting by my liquet to Drumond '^^ present Provost of 19 day.
of Eden four score ponds w^^ was the ballance of a fitted Drumond.
accompt betwixt us and its this day payed and my tiquet

The sadler, on Ramsay in Eden his acct payed of 56 lib. Th^ s'di

I have given provisione to James Nicol in Lindertis for buy- acct.
ing of fiftie meat weddars as lykewayes hes ordered him to buy buykig of sheep.
a hunder young sheep for stocking the Newtoun of Glammiss.

I have also caused provyde what by putting young oxen in Oxen for hoggs.
stock for old oxen and by what is gott and apprysed over
from tenents seventaine for fattening and for the use of my
house and will yet stand in need of seven more my stent being
four and twentie.

I have upon the Mains and Newtoun of Glammiss and att A standing
Castle Lyon pairtly for my pleughs and pairtly for my work oxen.° ^°°
a hunder oxen now standing and this is besyde my cowes and
young cattel.

I payed to Bailie James Man ''^ in Dundee a peice of Cleret 3 day.
wine w*^^ was gott in the year '83 besyd the tunn w^^ I had payed of a piece
from George Kinnaird. }^^^^^-

I gave provision to M"* Patrick Jack for paying the current Pubiick burdens
terme of Whittsunday last past supply money and other Perthshyre.
pubiick burdens on my lands in Perthshyre, and accordingly he
is to report discharge.

I have fraughted a ship for Dunkirk for the exporting to that ship fraughted
place my whoal remnant of bear and pease to the number of °^
about six hunder bolls. The particular acct of the voyage
and success shall afterwards be sett doune. On Pat. Corser,

I have sent in with M"^ Pa. Jack to Mistriss Gray in Perth 24 day.
360 lib. as three years @ rent of two thousand pond resting to
her by gane att Mertimass last, all her preceeding rent having
been trewly ordered by me to have been payed by Bailie
Watsone in Perth w^^ payment she contraverts and affirms
that the said Baily left so much of it unpayed tho. the treuth
is he broke and went off the kingdome att the same time when
on M^Kewan and his sone in Stirlen served me just so for my
wheat three years agoe. But Mistriss Gray having accepted J^n^lf^M"^ ®
the precept and entered in pay* therewith, ought not to recure Gray in Perth.



25 day.
Coals payed

The Closet
w*in my
Charter house.

July I day.

fol. 82.


Robert Mit-
chell chapman.

Robert Siev-
wright another.

5 day.

Mawers att
Castle Lyon.

upon me, especially seeing the said Watsone wrott to me before
his departure that he had payed her.

A bark full of coall containing thirtie seven bolls bought
and payed att 26 lib. 13 sh. 4d. p. chalder. This besyde
another parcell brought in the month of Apryll, and the same
bark is hyred again to returne.

Agried with the four masones in Glammiss for digging
down from the florr of the litle pantry off the Lobbis a closet
designed within the charter house there, for w^^ I am to give
them 50 lib. scotts and four bolls meall.

I have ordered the payment of a years @ rent due to the
Laird of Nevay of 4000 lib prin" sowme I owe him this yeare
is before David Sym's factory in who''s division the payment
now is appoynted. This is on the Moss-greine of Drumgley.

I have payed Robert Stratone the apothecary his acct. of
123 lib. which is long owing and such accts are ridiculous, and
I pray God help them who have ocassione to be much in there
books, since ther drogs and pastiles are sett downe under such
strange names and unknown marks that they cannot be weell

I have also compleited Robert Mitchell a chapman his acct.
preceeding Apryll last w^^ drew pretty deep and there is
another current since.

And sicklyke on Robert Sievwright of the same sett, tho.
his accompt be not so deep.

There was also an old accompt due to Alexander Thomsone
Sadler inflemed upon the expedition es to the west contrie never
cleared till this time by reasone of the rudness and importunity
of the Sadler, and now agried to extend to 320 lib. for which I
have sold to him fourscore bolls oatts att 4 lib. the boll.

I have agried with the mawers upon a pennie for the making
of my hey conforme to a particular nott thereof in another
book for w*'*^ they have this year 44 lib. besyde bounties, this is
att Castle Lyon for what is att Glammiss is referred to David
Lyon not being upon the place.

This day does Corsar's shipp called the providence of Dundee
sail, the bill of loadning is for tuo hunder and fourty nyne
bolls wheat, tuo hunder and thirtie tuo bolls of bear and fiftie
six bolls pease, and commissione is given to Mr. George fFor-


rester to sell the same att the best availl. The shipp is bound
for Dunkirk.

Payed to the Laird of Strathmartine his bygone @ rents strathmanin
and a pairt of his prin^^ soume and a new bond gevin him for ^^^ ® ^^"*-
on thousand tuo hunder pond, and I presume I have assign-
ment to as many of his debts w^*^ I took with his owne consent
as will goe near to compose this soume.

I have payed to Mr. Carstairs, Minister of Inchtur 40 lib M>- Carstairs (a
as a yeares @ rent of 666 lib. 13 sh.s 4d. w^^ past to him by ^^^^'
bond. This @ rent is payed till Wittsonday. >/. 83.

Much about this time I went to Edenburgh upon the come-
ing doune of the Earle of Perth/^ Chancelour, where I stayed
ten dayes.

I payed on Clark a taylour's acct of 107 lib 7s. Clark a tay-

Another accompt payed, on Bowder, a merchant, of 59 lib. ^°"'" J^^ ^^^'

I sold the lands of Inchkeith to Sir George M^Kenzie ^^ of Bowder a
Tarbet, Lord Register, and have a few dewty payed to me ^^day. ^^^^
40 lib yearlie and a fellow deer. The pryce besyds this few i^^hkeith sold.
dewty was 2000 lib.

Ordered the payment of sixtie four pond to Mr. John Bal- August 6 day.
vaird,^^ minister of Kirkden, as a yeares @ rent of 1066 lib. vaird hS @
13 sh.s. 4d. resting to him of prin'^ sowme by Peter Adam tenent '^^"*'
in Drumgley and that out of the pryce of bear he bought,
being a brewar.

fFollowes the accompt of the sail of the victuall att Dunkirk m^- George
by Mr. George fforester. accr'^'^''

His charge is
ffirst by 196 Razers wheat sold @ 9 lib 10 sh.s per Razer w^^

comes to 1862 inde 1862 00 00

By 19 Razers wheat sold at 8 lib 15 sh.s which is

By 285 Razers bear att 4 lib 10 sh.s is .

By 47 Razers peas at 7 livers p Ra'^

By Cash receaved att Castle Lyon .

By Cash receaved for the brig dealling .

Summa tot. ....
His discharge is
flfirst by cash payed the waiters at Dundee
By customs payed at Dundee



























20 of Ag^lSt.

By the pettie customes and shore dews .
By the measuring the cornes .
By the factors charges in selling the corne
By the 60 suse [sous] per tone
By custome to the toune of Dunkirk
/oi. 84. By tuo months advance of 1100 livers
By fraught payed the skipper
By avarage payed him ....
By cash payed James Elder for w^^ he is compt


By cash payed the factor

By exchange of 2875 livers @ 1 p cent .

By my provision e of 2847 livers @ 5 livers j9

cent is

0009 00 00

0013 13 00

0015 00 00

0163 00 00

0030 05 00

0022 00 00

0386 13 00

0015 00 00

0082 00 00

0072 00 00

0028 10 00

0142 10 00

The soume of this and of that on the other

syde of Discharge is ... . 0999 09 00

The ballance payed in is tuo thousand seven
h under and four livers and six souse inde

2704 06 00

My son his last
bill payed.
Two horses


Broune of
Lecoway on of
our late factors.

22 day.
The Candle-
maker's acct

I have payed My eldest son's last bill w^^ was payable tuo
months after the drawing thereof of on hundred and thirtie
pond sterlin. I have also payed seventie pond sterlin for tuo
horses which his servant returned to Ingland for, and these
two with the charge of bringing home the horses exceed the
returne of the comissione from Dunkirk.

Thomas Broune of Lecoway payed the sowme of five hunder
thirtie and three pond sex shill. eight pen. w*'^ the last uinter
he gave bond to me for. The reasone of the granting of the
bond was a compositione of a great many things I had to lay
to his charge while he was my factor w*^^ I chused rather to
accept of then to torture my selfe att law with so confused a

There is yet an action against him to the value of 333 lib
w^^ he has advocat from the Sherrif court w^^ at last cannot
>/. 85. but come upon him.

My sone had of provisione for a litle start he made over to
Edenburgh some sixtie dolers.

I payed the Candlemaker his acct. of the last winter's


candles as my wyfe acknowledges the same of a hunder pond
or thereby.

Alexander Hume tylor had an old ace* resting to him
exceeding five hunder pond scotts for which I at last accorded
with him (the delay of the payment being for the exorbitance
of the acct.) and caused delyver to him att Dundee a hunder
and twentie five bolls of meal w*'^ at 4 lib p boll payed the
whole accompt.

There being three years and a quarters @ rent due to Andrew Bruce
Andrew Bruce, merchent att Eden. I have ordered the pay- renewed on the
ment of on yeare by Alex"^ Swin factor att Kinghorne. I have ^3 day.
also secured him for the other two yeare and quarters interest
due preceeding Lambas last 1684 and have renewed his bond
for his prin^^ soume of eight thousand pond wherein for his
satisfaction My eldest son is bond with me.

M'^ Andrew Reed hes sold the lands of Crachie Milne to the M' Andrew
Earle of Southesque. I was moved upon his intreatie to take de^^tie forthe
his bond for 33 lib. 6 ss. 8d. payable at Mertimas nixt being yeare 1683.
his few dewtie for Wittsunday and Mertimas '83 last past.

I was owing to the Collector of the Shyre of Angus, John September 2nd.
Auchterlownie of Guynd the mertimas terme eightie thrie and leSor^of For°
Wittsunday's term eightie four supplie which extended to farshire.
eleven hunder sixtie four pond or thereby, and this being too
much to be owing att once I behooved to cut it short and so
sent him seven hunder and sixtie four pond myselfe and
ordered the payment of the other four hunder pond by equall
portions from my three factors of Glammiss, Auchterhouse,
and Tannadyce.

I went to Eden, to attend the Councill where I stayed two 3 day.

I payed there the tylor Maxwel's acct. w^^ extended to Maxwei, Tylor.
87 lib. or thereby.

As also on M"^^ Douglas acct. about 40 lib. M" Douglas

I caused buy about twentie six stone of butter in the wye>/. 86. *
house and did pay the same. ^"^"^^ bought.

And I payed on M^Gie 36 lib. for a whole intyre glass which McQie's
he put some time agoe in on of my coatches. accompt.

I did add to the work before mentioned of a closet in my Ifopj^^^' j^ and
charterhouse severall things of a considerable trouble as the about the

Charter house
at Glammiss.



Two thousand
dales or thereby
bought and
caried for

The Glazier's

Tack dewty of
St. James ffair
for the yeare


fol. 87.
Coals payed.

The hunting
att Litle blair.


digging thorrow passages from the new work to the old and
thorrow that closet againe so as that now I have access off on
flour from the east quarter of the house of Glammiss to the
west syde of the house thorrow the low hall, and am to pay
the masones because of the uncertainty y'^of dayes wages, and
just so to the Wright and plaisterer. I bought from Bailie
Duncan in Dundee a parsell of tuelve hunder and sixtie dales
w*'^ I am about to cause cary to this place just now Togither
with two other parsells of dales which came home in the Lyon,
a shipp whereof I am an owner in an eight pairt, the compt
whereof must be cleared thereafter with the rest of the owners.

The Glazier's acct. of glass and weir for my new loft at the
Church of Longforgan came to in about 60 lib. w^^ I ordered
to be payed by my factor att Auchterhouse, it comprehended
lykwayes the reparing of some broken glass windows att Castle

The toun of fForfare payed into me the tack dewty of St.
James fikir which is 53 lib. 6 ss. 8d. yearlie and a yeares @
rent of 200 lib. which they owe me.

The Earle of Northesque^^ and I fitted an accompt, by w<^^
I came debtor to him in five hunder fourtie six pond. The
particulars whereof were too long here to narrate only let this
serve, that hereby I retyred and am assigned to a debt of
Invereightie''s owen by Captain Wishart w^^ debt is on of those
I was oblidged to pay for him and is contained in the List.
Moreover there is two yeares @ rent payed of Bonner's debt
conforme to the discharge w^^ are all in a bundle within the
fitted accompt and in on of the boxes of my cabinet w* other
of Invereightie's papers.

I payed an accompt of coals which was a pairt of a loadning
which came to the Burnmouth of Invergowrie and extended to
fourtie eight pond or thereby, which was some dayes before
the removall of my family from Castle Lyon and the remnant
of a former accompt.

My sone gott twentie dolers when he went to his hunting in
the Stormont att Litle blair.

William Rennay in Dundee hes gott towards his payment
for the painting (such as it is) of the roofs of the Quir of
Longforgone 40 lib. and a boll of meall.


George Gullan gave in his acct. of debursements of the last 30*^ Ocf 1684.
winter'*s sessione whereof the ballance was payed, but there are J^n's^lccompts.
preceeding debursements of former yeares not cleered till
which time therms no acct. made nor payment of his pensione
and his last subsc* accompt is to be sought till the same be

The said George Gullan by the right of his wyfe hes gott Bond given for
bond from me this day for three hunder thirtie thrie pond six caVemood's °
shillings eight pennies to the behoove of a child on fFredrick !?°th' ^° °^
Corsar a sone of Anna Carmichael (now the wyfe of George
Gullan) by her first husband, who fell to the right thereof by
a conveyance made by Elizabeth Wilsone Lady pennie-land,
and is a pairt of that money which I did once owe to Baylie
Catherwood in Edenburgh, the sowme was two thousand six
hunder and sixtie six pond. The @ rents now payed to
Gather wood's relict till Candlemes 1681. This Lady pennie-
land hes right herselfe to a thousand pond of the forsaid debt
and her @ rents are payed by my order be Lievtenant Hay
who hes the discharge for his instructione, and there is a tiquet
given to George Gullan for 60 lib. w*'^ is all that falls due to
him preceeding Mert. approaching, and is payable when he
delyvers a discharge dewlie subscryved by the persone therein
mentioned. The other halfe of this debt of Catherwood's is
not yet taken course with in regard the persone who fell to
the right thereof hes not made any applica"® about it. >/. 88.

I gave bond to M"^ Robert Blackwood for four hunder pond M'- Robert
payable att Christinmes nixt, and hes his discharge of all Blackwood.
merch*^ accts preceeding this day'*s dait.

Mistris Hay went from my wyfe's service, and had all her by- M" Hay her
gone fies payed except somewhat whereon I cannot condescend, ^^ ^^^^
which she desyred my wyfe to keep for her payable on demand.

I caused bring from St. Andrews two sett of coatch wheels Robert Nish
where they are only best to be had, which stood me four pond ^^ ^"^
sterlin the sett, from Robert Nish, wheelwright.

I was oweing to the Laird Strathmartine twelve hunder i day of
thirtie six pond as the remainder of the Lands of Pittpoyntie strafhniartine's
which I bought of him, which I payed by giving him up bonds ^^^^^^J^^^^ ^^^
of his whereto I had right by assignatione. To Witt, his retyred,
bond which he was oweing to James Reid in Auchterhouse; To


Andrew Ogilvy in Lindertes and fFrederick Lyon of Arnafoul
extending to seven hunder and fiftaine pond four shilling ten
pennies. And I gave him precepts, on upon James Reid for
233 lib. 6ss. 8d., on upon James Cristie in the Mains of
Auchterhouse, for a hunder pond, another payable by Isobell
Cristie, relict of Andrew Ogilvy in Lindertes for 178 lib. lOss.
8d. w^^ with 8 lib. 17ss. lOd. payed in money extends to
520 lib. 15ss. 2d. which two soumes does exactly amount to
the debt due to Strathmartine and I retyred my bond from
lo*^ Nov. This day I compted with M"^ Silvester Lyon,^^ minister of

ser?s1furiaii °^ Killiemuire, who was pleased to be att the trouble when the
payed. \q^^q Laird of Cossens sicken'd and dyed their to keep an

accompt of the expenses and charge he was att in the houss
where he lay and of his buriall which came to a hunder pond
scotts or thereby and w^^ is this day ordered to be refinded to

/oi. 89. ^^ini-

13 day. Marie and Katteren Pillmers creditors of mine in twelve

^a^^,^i^dKa.i- hunder pond scotts a peice received payment conforme to their

@ rent payed discharge from M'* George Gray, wreiter in Dundee of the soume

Gray in ^°^^^ ^^ three hunder three score two pond four shilling. There was

Dundee. three yeares @ rent resting to Katteren and tuo yeares to

Marrie preceeding this Mertimes new past so that the soume

now payed overpayes their @ rent and it is to be imputed

towards their principall sowme, which must needs be taken

course with, with all possible convenience for that they are

very inhumaine and rigid creditors, ignorant of themselves

and inflamed by some ill-wilier.

A debt resting The toune of fForfare payed two hunder thirtie 3 lib. 6ss. 8d.

fforfare payed, with a yeares @ rent w^^ they were resting to me by bond,

there bond was delyvered up and discharged.
Given towards This money was given in pairt of provisione for my second
to^he^Conege"^ ^^^'^ goeing to the Colledge of Aberdeen nixt week.
A horse bought I bought a horse for the use of the stone cart att Castle
carts?^ ^^°"^ Lyon from John Lyon of Longforgone and am to allow him

fiftie thrie pond six shill. 8d. as his pryce.
Mittcheii went Some weeks before now John Mitchell in West hill being a
out of WesthiU. miscreant unthriftie fellow and an ill payer, I chosed rather to
put him out of his possession then to continue him any longer


therein, and after compt made with him he is truly resting me
besyds his dewtie cropt 84 for w^^ there are some pitefull
cornes in the yeard, the sowme of 205 lib. 5ss. lOd. which if it
be possible means are to be used to recover it from his cau''
who is on James Smith for the present att London, a journey-
man and smith.

I have sett his roume for the same dewtie to ffrancis Doig in and the same is

,1 , , , sett to ffrancis

the Myretoun. Doig.

Having this day compted with James Nicoll my tenent in /oi. 90.
Lindertes for money partlie w^^ I gave him in provisione att
Wittsunday last to buy wedders for the use of my house I find
he bought att sundrie times att several places and several
mercats, the number of seventie three wedders (besyds fiftein Seventie three
young sheep and two rams) which is all which was bought this bought.
year, but it's to be taken notice of that the custome sheep are
punctually gotten in besyds.

I ended and cleared all accompts preceeding this dayes date 17 day.
with John Jollie Merchant in Eden, and I am resting him of wX John joiiie.
ballance 466 lib. 13ss. 4d. towards the payment of which I
have sold him two hunder bolls of bear att 4 lib. 13ss. 4d. p
boll and two hunder bolls of meall att 4 lib. to be delyvered
att Candlemes, and to be retentione of the ballance resting to
him by the exception of the contract.

Lykeas out of the pryce and effects thereof he's obleidged to The way of M'
retyre to me M^ Robert Blackwood's bond w^^ I latlie gave payt and Bailie
him for 400 lib. payable at Cristinmes and another bond for a Spence in Eden.
lesser soume or not exceeding that in the hands of Bailie Spence
in Eden. And the remainder is not payable till Lambes att
w^^ time if there be any new current compt he is then to have
retention of what it shall amount to.

John Ross, on of the late tenents in Tannadyce hes att last 18 day.

' . P n 1 • John Ross bond

given a new security for what after all he was resting to me, so designed for
that I have gotten bond from him for 145 lib. and Wester Bumsyde.
Ogill caur. as lykewayes for the payment of the current yeares
dewtie, I designe to sett asyde this bond amongst others for
my transaction with Burnsyde.

For fulfilling my promise to Bridgton and his curators every
on of us having resolved to take off more or less of his creditors
for the concealment of his debt, My share was to have been


John Huntar two thousand merks, and I took off ffredrick Lyon in the
Bridgton trans^ begining of this current yeare, mentioned on the third page
tames^Eider ^^ ^^^^ book, and now I have transacted with James Elder and
and isobeii his wife Isobell Crighton, who was the relict of on John

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