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ng on w^o^^ Hunter to whom | the debt was first oweing, prin^^ soume was
Tones^whosJood ^^^ lib. 13ss. 4d. and no less then 520 lib. of bygone @ rent,
in the right ^11 w*'^ I am assigned to, and it will not be amiss that I caus
draw a bond of corroboratione to be signed be Bridgton and his
curators both for {Frederick Lyon's debt and this presentlie
narrated prin^ and @ rent,
ja. Smith a Bridgton is also debitor to on James Smith, sometime

Bridgton's will hammerman in Glammiss. This Ja. Smith owes me by bond
mJ WU)?©^^ a hunder pond scotts and he also became caur. for on John
thereby. Mitchell in the tack of Westhill whom I thrust out of the

possession for ill payment, who after compt was found resting
me two hunder and five pond lOss. 5d. so that I designe if
possablie I can by arrestment and other diligences to eff*ect the
money oweing to him by Bridgton w^^ being done to includ
this also in Bridgtons"* bond of corroboratione, all which aryse
robor^tion to'^ ^^ upwards of two thousand pond wherein Bridgton will be
begottfrom debitor to me, which is designed to be foreborne till he come
his curators. to be major and then to be repayed or then to effect there-
with the lands of Scrogiefeild w^^ is the only roume he hes in
the paroch of Glammiss.
Bond given to Att my transactions with James Elder I payed him of all
fiiyiib ^^ °^ ^be bygane @ rents and gave him bond, his accompt and mine
running just so for 617 lib. 5ss. and I purpose to allow him
yearlie retentione of his current dewtie and the pryce of what
bear he buys, being a brewar in the toune of Glammiss, till he
be fully payed not only of this soume but of 666 lib. 13ss. 4d.
due to him by his wyfe, who's the daughter of on M'' Ja.
Crighton, this being the sixth pairt of the soume w^^ I did
owe to him, and the portione designed her thereof by hir

2o day.

New bond I have conforme to my agreement with Bailie Duncan

Duncan. ^' ^^ mentioned on the 76*^ page of this book, cleared all his bygone

@ rents w^^ was resting, payed him 1333. 6. 8d. of his prin^^

soume, and given him new bond for 2000 lib. bearing @ rent

M- 92. from Mertimes last.


Compted with Bailzie Watsone for the huiidered bolls of Baiizie Wat-
meall sold to him mentioned in the 79*^ P^-g^? ^^d accordingly
I reteered my bond from him for 400 lib. w^^ is the remnant of
4000 lib. I was ones resting to him.

I agried with James Man, Robert Kinloch/^ and Alexander 21 day.
Raite/^ Bailzies in Dundee, and sold to them a thousand bolls boils of bear
of bear att 4 lib. 16ss. 8d. p boll. The on halfe of the money ^°^^'
payed in hand and the other payable at Wittsunday. I give
them twenty bolls of meall to the bargon and they give me a
quarter of a butt of sack.

There being great @ rent no less then from Wittsunday Doctor Yea-
73 till Witt. ^84 is eleven yeares resting to Doctor Yeaman^s^^ ^^^fpayTd' ®
son of the prin" soume of 4000 lib. att least I cannot fall upon
any discharge mentioning payment since that time, I have
within these two yeares been labouring to overtake the pay-
ments and have payed to James Lyon factor appoynted by his
tutors 1920 lib. or thereby, but have not been able to clear all
bygons hitherto.

I have sent to Sir James Sinclar of Kinnaird -360 lib. as a Sir James
yeares @ rent of 6000 lib. w«^ I owe him w«^ payes reallie and ^int payef
truly till Wittsunday last, tho. he is pleased only to give a
discharge for on yeare in generall pretending that there is a
yeare more resting to him.

I payed an accompt in Herrie Craford's, shop-keeper in 24 day.
Dundee and gott his relicts discharge for upwards of 100 lib. payed to Herrie

SCOtts. Craford's relict.

I payed to George Gollan the money of my tiquet and George GoUan.
retyred it accordingly to the article relating thereto on the
87th page.

I payed Margrat CroU her @ rent upon her husband Andrew Dairs
Andrew DalPs discharge of 40 lib. till Witt. '84. '""' ^^^^ '

I payed an accompt of seek in Dundee w'^^ was bought there An acct, of
from merchants being the first hand and not from vintners, g^^P^^^^ ^"
there being no seek in my house att this time, in great the acct
came toward 60 lib. >^- 93

This day my eldest son went for Edenburgh and there was 25 day.
a bunder croune given to his servant John Lyon to compt for goeing to^EdL!
to his master.

Given to M*" William Balvaird as mucli money as w* what



My son Pat.
his goeing to

M' Ranken
Catechist in

Bear sold to
Tho. Steel in

27 day.

George Innes
of Denoon's
few dewtie.

he gott before mentioned on 89th page as maks up 266 lib.
13ss. 4d. towards my son Pat. his charge for his quarter goeing
now to Aberdeen to the Colledge. And to M"* William for
his owne use 66 lib. 13. 4<d.

I have also payed to M"" James Ranken Catechist in Dundee,
Dundee his @ conforme to his discharge 200 lib. as a yeares @ rent of
Lambes "sf ^ 3333 lib. 6ss. 8d. w«h is in my hand of money mortefied by M*^
Pa. Yeaman to those in that office. By which particulars im-
mediately before mentioned my fingers apeared clean and the
money is exchanged.

Sold att the same time to Tho. Steell in Dundee a hunder
bolls of bear att five pond the boll.

I compted this day with George Innes of Easter Denoon for
his bygone few dewties commencing from Wittsunday '75 till
Wittsunday '84 att 30 lib. yearlie, and his former payments
being compted he wes found resting to me 158 lib. Is. 8d. for
w^^ I have gotten bond but for payment thereof I bought
fourtie bolls of bear from him att 4 lib. 3ss. 4d. the boll, and so
when he delyvers the merchants receits to me to whom I directed
him he is to gett up his bond againe and the ballance what
the said fourtie bolls extends to more then the soume con-
tained in the bond, but here I gaine by the pryce that I have
sold att in Dundee 26 lib. 13ss. 4d.

I have this day saved David Lyon the trouble of the pay-
ment of a yeares @ rent to Dunkenny having given him my selfe
provisione, partlie in money and partlie be a good debtor for
the doeing of it and he is to report me Dunkenny's discharge,
being for the sum of two hunder and fourtie eight pond w^^ I
am to lay up with the rest of his discharges and papers by w^^
I have it cleerly in prospect to pay him his prin" soume att
3 day. This day I have payed att my Broking compt w* Margrat

Hmitair he?^^'^ Huntair and John Cheplan her son in Lochmilne the soume of
bond. Katteren ^Qg jj^j J ^^g^g Qweiuff to them bv bond and a deall of bvffon

Lyon payed. ^ •' .

@ rents. Payed to Katheren Lyon her annuity due att
s'd of Mertimes last past.
BeS^of Tanna- ^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^ provest Coutts in Moutrose my bear of Tanna-
dycesoidto (Jyce and the fforest and places adjacent att 5 lib. the boll

Provest Coutts -^ . IT ''

att 5 lib. the payable at Wittsunday. I am to order my factor tor the


ist day of

Dunkenny his
@ rent till
Witt. 1684.


whole that is there without any reserve and particularly those
few who have engaged to delyver bear ower their ferme this
bargon, being new, sold it, being altogither needless to bring the
same to my lofts att Glammiss and lykwayes to give orders for
selling the stra of the corn yeard of Kintyrie and for threshing
out the bear to the end it may be carried. I am also to
endeavour to cause delyver att Dundee a hundred bolls of bear
in case M"^ Jollie to whom I have sold two hundered transferr
his bargon to pro vest Coutts.

I have also cleered accts. with provest Coutts for the bear of it is to be
the cropt 82 (our bargon of the meall mentioned before in this [h^^J^ro^hunder
book not holding) for how soon the bear was all delvvered w*'^ P°"^ ^^? "o<^

• 1 « , . 11 rr^^ m allowed in the

he had most a neid for he rejected the other. The eftect or last fitted acct.
this bear served to pay the ballance of the former immediat next°being
compt wherein I was debtor to him in a hunder and odd ponds ^is lib.
as lykwayes his interest of the prin^^ soume I owe him from
Witt. '82 till Witt. ""SS and an account of sweetmeats partlie
received for the use of my house amounting to upwards of two
hunder pond. The ballance is now by the presented staited
sub* acct. betwixt us upon his part due to me for a small
matter current to the nixt acct. which shall goe toward the
payment of the sweetmeat acct. w^*^ as it stands corrected on
the margene is not payed.

I payed to Mistris Ogilvy the relict of M"* William Ogilvy ^,^^^.^^\
minister at Neuburn her @ rent from Mert. 1678 to Mert. '84 ©rent payed.
of the prin" sum of seven hundered pond or thereby, ffor which
I gott her discharge.

I was owing to Heugh Wallace his majestie's Cash Keeper Four thousand
four thousand pond w*^^ since that he was desyrous to have debt w^h i did
payment because of his purchase of land I carefully complyed waiiac?Cash-
therewith and allowed to him retentione of the money of my keeper.
pensione for his pay*. >/• 95-

To witt Mert. '83 and Mert. '84 and so much of Mert. '84 My pensione
as compleited the soume. The superplus he payed in to me jgs^
upon w*^^ I discharged these three termes.

Payed to Craigmillar 580 lib. as the @ rent of 9666 lib. CraigmiUer his
13. 4 w*'^ I owe to him and that from Candlemes '83 till Candle- till Candiemes
mes '84. Tho. by his discharge he giv's only a receite ^4-
of the money because of his adj udicatione now running





But that by his^former discharge it 's clear there was no more


7Pondsteriin I payed the secretaries dues to Paterson of Banockburn,

Banackburn. keeper of the signet office being seven pond sterlin. It was for

a letter under his Majesties hand direct to the treasurer about

the Lord Cardross' ^^ fine out of the payment of which I yet ly

from Sir William Sharp who was Cash- keeper att that time.

Mistris Stew- There being yet due to Mistris Stewart 133 lib. 6ss. 8d. as

art s house rent . *^*'

payed. halie a yeares rent of her house where I lodged some yeares

agoe att the Golden Unicorne she is this day satisfied and

payed thereof.

M' Lyeii a There was a years @ rent gott from on John Davison a

London. merchant in Leith who owes me betwixt five and six thousand

merks as the pryce of a bargen of meall, of the cropt '82

and who contraire to all honesty, in defraud of the payment,

obtained a protectione w^ bearing the payment of his @ rents

to his creditors he was thereupon atached by a messr with

a caption, and this obleidged him to pay the bygon interest

w^^ was given to on David Plenderleith an agent for M"^ Lyel,

merchant in London and is to goe towards his payment of a

considerable debt I owe to him in so farr Baylie Hae did

receive also for the use of M^ Lyell 500 lib. scotts or thereby

and I waite for an answer from Lyell of a proposall I have

made towards his compleit payment.

29 day. I have ordered the payment of a debt w^^ I owe to the Earle

Southe^que°his ^^ Southesque of a hunder pond sterlin by a precept on provest

payments. Couts of Montrose.

Afreingemaker I payed M^^ Stelfoord a woman who makes freinges 50 lib.
^^^^ ■ scotts w^^^ was for an acct. resting to her.

Bailie Spence's I drew a precept this day on John Jollie for paying and
payment. re tyring my bond from Baylie Spence con forme to Jolliers

>/. 96. obleidgment to me in a contract past betwixt us.

The pament for The debt wherein the E. of Erroll and I stand engaged to
{he decreed for Heriofs Hospitalism of Edenburgh extending now to about a
our reieife hunder thousand merks, and being about to extract our decreet
Hospital and of locality upon the estate of the late Earle of Argile of Lands
tionertaken ^^ Kintyr for our releif There falls due conforme to the
thereanent. king's order att three of the hunder to the Clerk of the Com-
missione two thousand pond w^^ I have this day advanced, I


mean the Earle of ErrolPs halfe as weell as my own he not
being in toune and for payment thereof have drawen a precept
upon the Lord Register out of the pryce of Inchkeith, and
have wrin a letter to Boyl ^^ of Kelburne our factor in Kintyre
for the returne of money it being resolved upon by my Lord
Erroll and me to refund our selves of the expense of what our
decreet of Locality and passing of the sealls shall stand out of
the first end of these rents Thereafter to apply the rent soly
for the payment of the yearlie @ rent due to the hospital so that
by Kelburne's returne I most be reimbursed of this advancement.

It will be fitt lykewayes that we order Kelburne to pay to
the Kings Advocat what we gave him bond for, for his pains.

I owe to Sir James Rochhead five thousand merks borrowed Sir James Roch-
in October '75. I find only a discharge of a year and three discharge of @
quarters @ rent granted in the yeare '77. I have sett asyde g^^^^Y^^ ^^
my second son his pay for the overtaking his @ rents in the
first place and then for the pay* of his prin" soume w^^ pay-
ment began att Wittsunday last.

I was oweing to John Hamilton, Stabler in the Canongate John Hamilton
50 lib. lOss. less for the payment of w^^ I have drawn a pre- ^^^^^^^' P^^^ •
cept on my factor Alex. Swin for ten bolls of oatts w^^ att
5 lib. 6ss. 8d. p boll comes to fiftie thrie pond 6ss. 8d.
So John hamilton at the getting of the precept payes in
S lib. 6ss. 8d.

I had of his Majestic the gift of five hunder pond sterlin of Lord Cardros
the Lord Cardross' fyn whereof I granted the receit to Sir W™ ^^^^
Sharp ^ upon his tiquet and obleidgement for the same for the
payment of w*'^ Sir W"^ gott bond from the Earle of Mar and
other of the Lord Cardros freinds, and now the way of pay-
ment proposed is that I having given to the Countess of Buchan
when I entered first to the Lands of Auchterhouse bond
for the paying of her the @ rent of twentie thousand merks
yearlie during her lyfetim in consideratioun of her renoncia-
tione of her lyf-rent right | which she desyred might be given in/,/. 97.
fie to her son the Earle of Buchan and accordingly the bond
was conceeded, payment thereafter was made att the Countess
desyre of nyn thousand merks thereof to Robert Straton,
apothecarie in Dundee who had a wedsett in the North Inch
not redeemed with the money for the Countes life, so I gave a


TheEarieof new bond in the same termes for the said eleven thousand
Co^untes of merks which remained of the twentie and have payed the @
Buchan. j.gjj^ thereof previously twice in the year to the Countes

whereof the last was att Wittsunday '84, now the Earle of
Buchan having assigned his right of fie to the Lord Cardros
and he having transferred the same to the Earle of Mar it is
proposed that I should accept of discharge of the said debt as
payment to me of the forsaid fyn and the Earle of Mar, in
prospect hereof hes payed to the Countes of Buchan her @
rent due att Mertemes last '84 being two hundered and twentie
pond And is att our returne to town to render the transac-
tion efFectuall that so Sir W™ Sharp may gett his obleidgment
up, care is to be taken that I be sufficiently discharged of the
said eleven thousand merks, especially against M'^ Robert Hay,
who as a creditor of the Earle of Buchan's hes endeavoured to
affect this money.

Being debitor to Sir John Maitland ^* in the soume of 2000
lib. prin^^ and bygone @ rent and he being verie pressing for
his money I have this day drawne a precept upon my bear-
merchants in Dundee for the payment thereof at Witt. nixt.

fol. 98 [blankj.

/^/. 99. Followes an account of my busines in the former Method

Beginning now the first of January 1685.
I dayof January. I payed to Adam ffowelles 120 lib. here at Eden as a yeares
@ rent payed.^ @ ^'^^^ of two thousand pond I owe to him and that from

Lambes '82 to Lambes '83.
Mistris Camp- I payed to on Mistris Campbell twentie cros doleres towards
bell house rent. ^^ payment of the house rent w^^ I intend to hold during and

till the time of the ensewing parliment.
ID day. Given to my Eldest son's servant John Lyon five pond

My Eldest son ^^^^^m. to accompt to his Master.

Theaccomptof I ^m just now busied taking in the accts of the cropt '83
S-cie^"^°^ with the tenents in the narrow circle att Glammiss it being in

my owne charge.
Helen Symmer I ordered the payment of 400 lib. as two yeares @ rent due
er @ rent. ^^ Helen Symmer and her son M'^ Jon Ramsay of there prin'^

soume of 3333 lib. 6ss. 8d. by George Hendersone our factor

at Auchterhouse w^^ I beleeve may be all that is resting pre-

ceeding mertimes last albeit he says there is a yeare yet more


due to him so that the last discharge must be look''d out att
Castle Lyon.

I ordered David Lyon to pay to Jon Maclane 80 lib. as on Rodger's
yeeres interest of 1333 lib. 6ss. 8d. due by me of on W™ Rodgers Mortificatione.
mortificatione and another yeare by a precept on Tho. Steell
in Dundee upon the said Maclane's acquittance.

I sent over 66 lib. 13ss. 4d. for buying of a parsell of dry Money for
sweet meats my wyfe having in store wet sweetmeatts besyde My ndce her
her upon the occasion of the marriage of my neice the Earle of ^^^^^"S-
Aboyne^s daughter to M'Kenzie of Tarbet the present Lord
Register ""s sone upon the 29 of this instant. This will draw a
considerable charge | upon me of cloaths to my wife and children >/. loo.
besyds the charge of the wedding w^^ most be dispensed with
for so near a freind.

M'' David Lindsay ,^^ minister att Maritone payed to me his Minister of
superplus duty of the wedsett of Westersandiefoord for the
yeares '82, '83 and '84 att 6 lib. 13ss. 4d. yearlie.

There is on Petrie on of my vassells, a fewar in Babrogie who 24 day.
suffered his few dewty to run on ever since I acquyred the right rogS^ts gift of
thereof from my author, Campbell ^^ of Lundav and is other- escheat and

T-ii .1 ,, .« n Bandoch s back

wayes much m debt in the cuntry, whos gift of escheat I bond.
signed this day in favour of on James Andersone, a confident
persone and to the behoove of Bandoch who's back bond I have
for being comptable for the feu dewties and in regard that
this Petrie had a pretence that his feu dewty was wedsett to
him by my author, all w^^ I designe by the gift is to obleidge
him to pass therefra so that the feu duty may be efFectuall
both for bygons and time coming.

I had a little debt oweing to me by the Souttars, elder and Souttar elder
yo"^, portioners of Cupar Grange who now turned allmost assign^e'd^t?*
insolvent. I have assigned my servant Ja. Coupar to this debt 1^^^ k °1P^^
and to the bygon feu duty resting to the end that with a debt bond.
owing to himselfe he may led an adjudicatione and have gottine
his back bond for being comptable and to mak payment to me
of the soumes assigned.

I allowed to ffredrick Lyon 80 ponds as his @ rent from Fredrick Lyon's
Mert. '83 till Mertimes '84 att his compting w^ me this day in ® '^''^*
his duty payable cropt '83.

And siclyke I owe to Jon Thorntoun in the toune of Glam-


miss 333 lib. 6ss. 8d. who's @ rent from Mert. '83 till Mertimes

'84 is payed att his compting with me for his duty cropt '83.

foi. loi. I subscryved a charter in favours of Pro vest Carnagie in

Camagiehis fforfare of the lands of Litle Milne upon an adjudica"® w^^ he

charter of Litle }^gg \^^ against on ffouler, heritor thereof, and out of favour to

the provest remitted much of the compositions.
Forrest the J paved to on fforrest a glassier an accompt of glass. A

glassiers acct. ^ i^ «.., , , ..,

part whereof is m the new work and a part intirely repara"®^ of

broken windows for no small thing does uphold this house in

glass. The soume of 46 lib. scotts or thereby by a precept on

Jon Smith, Mossgreive in Drumgley.


My son. My son's servant John Lyon gott ten pond sterlin att tuo

severall times upon his Master's goeing over to the Weems for

a visite for which he holds compt to him.

21 day. I compted with the sklaiter George Ramsay for his last

Skiaiter. summers work both for dressing the roofe of the house of

Cossens and for thieking the new byres and sheep cott att my

barns of Castle Lyon, the accompt of which does extend to

94 lib. scotts for who's payment I have drawn a precept upon

Andrew Blyth in the Raws in his duty cropt '84 besyds 3 bolls

If 2 p. meall of bounty due to the said George Ramsay.

This is more particularly sett downe in the end of my compt

book with the tenents of the cropt '83.

John and w^ I compted this day with Jon and William Grays who built

accT more^par- ^^ ^all round the planting att Castle Lyon for that part

ticuiariy sett bcffinnino^ att the gate upon the north entrie and ending att

down in the ^ » o rvi/» i-ii- in

compt book, the burn w^^ extends to 29 rud of work and mcludmg two bolls
^'■^P^ 3- wheat and five bolls 2 pecks meall w^^ they have gott from

my grinter of the cropt '84. They are now and before payed
of the soume of 232 merks as the full pryce thereof, the most
part of which is by precept on Tho. Davie in Longforgan
who's house they haunted.
foi. I02. I chuse much rather to pay a very full and competent pryce

Observ"® anent . a ^^ *' ^ x. \. j

workmen. to all kind of work men then to be in use of waisting meall
and malt and allowing them morning drink and four-hours w*^^
was the custom long ago : but that I have worn it out of use,
finding too tho. it was much yet these kind of cattell being in
use of it considered it very litle.


I did pay 30 lib. for thirtie twelve ell trees for puting up 23 day.
some partiere walls in the west quarter of the house of vis?one forThe
Glammis. I payed Ivke waves for the advance of the work for Y.^^^'^ ^"
a stone of Glew and four stone of lead w^'^ was principaly
designed for running the ballasters and raills of the gate house
and stairs thereof presently erecting.

I payed 30 lib. as the @ rent of 500 lib. due to the kirk 3° lib. @ rent

— paved, to the

sessione of Auchterhouse and that from Mert. '83 till Mertimes kirk sessione of
'84 last past conforme to their discharge dated the 22 of ^"'^^^^'^°"'^-
ffebrewarie 1685.

I have been imployed this week past upon my annuall acct 28 da\ .
with my tenents here att Castle Lyon and with a great number Castie Lyon.
of workmen whereof there's an absolute necessity of clearing
once a yeare to preveen an unevitable confusione w^^ other
wayes would ensue. The thing is chargeable and its effects
brings more pleasure then profitt. But this being my weak
syde the humeur is prevalent upon me and so I persevere.
The particulars being all or for the most part placed in my
compt book with the tenents crop '83, here it is observable
that we are to the fore with it since that the effects of the
cropt '83 have served to answer the charge till Martimes last
'84, att w^^ time I usually make up my accts for the cropt '83,
but this yeare was put by my measurs partlie with my being
att Eden and p*^^® by my neice her marriage.

Resolved upon this as an easier way rather then to obleidge-^^fi^^-^^^^^^
my wyfe still to be att the trouble to apply to me upon everie payed and to be
litle occasione for money and so have ordered six hundered wyfe twixt
ponds scotts to be payed to her in four equall parts according ™^'"^" '^^ and
to the four quarters of the yeare be my factors. Merti. last
was the first terme and Candlemes last was the second w''^^ is

Siclyke to teach my eldest daughter a litle management and My dau"
to know the species of money There is att the same termes
and Divisions a hunder pond payed and to be payed to her
whereof two termes are past and payed.

By the multitude of beasts w^^ my work here necessitats me Provisione for
to keep which cannot be continued otherwayes having no less [^ddef. °
then 24 oxen in dayly work, besyds a spair ox to each ingeag'd
leading stons and forseeing the want of fodder, I have given




directions and there are 100 bols fodder allready bought and
more will be if needful towards the payment of which I have
drawn a precept on Gilbert Mores for his silver duty payable to
Alex"^ Andersone another of my tenents who is the persone I
imploy to provyde me the fodder.
38 lib. payed There was 100 dales brought last year for the use of the

on^AUson hf ^° church the payment of which has been forgott, and on alisone
having undiscreetly charged my servants with it who bought
them who aught rather first to have acquainted me, upon the

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