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benefit of having ther meat bound to their mouth, yet such as
thes painters and the more ingenious sort of craftsmen coming
from places at a distance, ther is a necessity of being liberall
that way.

And ev'ne of masons and wrights wher a man has much adoe, Observ. con-
It is expedient to have a headsman over the rest, who must men "
also have something of this nature done to them. Tho. ev^ne
it's frequently losed that is done that way, for they are apt
enow to receive the favour w^out any rebatement of the pryce
of ther work.

And the only way not to be cheated is to have no work. >/. n?-

Tak'ne in Rob* Ogilby s acct« of Tannadyce cropt 1687, Dec-. 4th Rob*.

o J J i '' Offilvy s acct.

wherein the pay* of the creditors set asyde for him are 87.
instructed to be payed till Whits. 1687. The Newe Colledges
Tack Teind duty, and other debursments.

The victual was sold to John Couts. The ace* of which Counts to be
goes to pay his @ rents and a part of his principle soume. cout^s.^
And according to M"* Couts his resats Count is to be made
w* him.

Delivered to the Sherif clerck A bond of Logy Ogilvy now of Logy Ogiiby's
Balgay, upon w^^ he is to arest in the Tennants hands and to pay Easter
then to perseu a forthcoming. This I designe should go to ^^iii-
Easter Ogill to begin the pay* of 666 lib. 13ss. 4d. I owe him,
and w^^ I resolve to compleet, because he is a freind and a
gentle craver.

I have draw'ne 3 precepts on my 3 factors for 200 lib. scotts 5*'' day.
p peice towards the pay* of the publick dues for Mert. last
past by the Collector of Angus, w* whom after pay* ane acct. is Publick dews.
to be fitted.

He has also a bond of one W"^ Walls in Forfar for 120 lib. ^^'^^'^^^^
scots as his composition for medling w* my boat upon the Loch.


Dec. io*»'. At this tyme after some few dayes stay at home, being at
Edin. since the end of Sept. befor, I was forced to return to
attend the counsell. This was the tyme of the first surprysing
newes of the Dutch invasion, and of the P. of Oranges designe
of landing in England w^*^ he did afterwards w* wonderful
success. It was then scarce when harvest was done that the
militia was draw'ne together, and by one detachment after
another thes expeditions dwynled into nothing, as every thing
else did w^^ concerned the King''s service, all succeeding w* the
Prince to a miracle.

My stay so long at Ed"^ being upon this occasion upwards
of three moneths drew a good deal of money, besyds the
postponing of my own privat affairs at home, and about the
foi. ii8. Terme | And now was the generall confluence of the most
part of the nobility and great numbers of the gentry to the
Court to attend the P. of Orange. The King having wMrawn
himself and gone beyond seas, but since I am farr from design-
ing any historicall relation here, I only hint at thes extraor-
dinary accidents in relation to my own privat busines.

Amongst others, it was obvious enow to my self a necessity
for me to goe. But it being scarce three years since I was ther
befor, and London journeys being always very chargeable to
me, since I cannot in my humour easily refuse the temptation
of buying, I made a shift to putt off* going myself, tho. I was
nominat by the Counsell as one of thos who should goe to
represent the condition of the nation. This I eff*ectuat by tuo
devyces. The ffirst was the Counsell in Scotland the King
being gone resolved upon ane address to the P. of Orange and
having signed it. They pitched on the Lord Glammiss, my
eldest son to goe w* it.

They recommended it lykewayes to the Treasury to give
him three hundreth pound sterling in order to his journey.
But at this tyme y"" was no corum in the Treasury and as litle
money, so that ther was a necessity for borrowing.
Borrowed from And accordingly ther was borrowed from Provest Watson in
p. Watson. Dundee 1333 lib. 6ss. 8d. and having been ow^ne him some
money befor The bond was made ^^^Q lib. 13ss. 4d. which was
signed by my selfe, my son and L** Cars and other freinds at
this exige"'nt.


Tlier was another bond giv'ne to a blank person for 666 lib.
13ss. 4d.

So at this occasion ther was 2000 lib. borrowed for My son's
journey tho. it may be hoped that it may be refounded again
out of the treasury.

So my son went up w* this address in the very beginning of>/. ng,
this yeare.

The other thing w^^ puts my stay under a specious pretence
is that the M. of AthoP^ being left w* a very full commission
by the Counsell to command the force presently in Scotland,
and other ample powers, when he went away it behooved him
to provyde in some measure for the order of the present stand-
ing force, and so left it to my care, which I shall desyre to
hold a very short while.

Behold the uncertainty of this world and of all humane affairs.
The E. of Perth L. Chancellor from being the first minister
of State is now a prisoner in the Castle of Stirline, And his
doers glad to convoy away the best of his goods, and dispose
of them privatly. 1689.

M'' Cockburn the Goldsmith bought a parcell of his plate to
the value of a 1500 lib. sterl. Of this plate I choiced out
eleven dishes great and small such as fitted best the table I
intend to serve w* them, w^^^ weigh about but upwards of eight
hundred ounces. The plate of intrinsick value is 3 lib. 4ss.
p ounce, I agreed to acct. it and 6ss. p ounce more, some of
the dishes being splite new and the rest very litle worse, he
puts out the former graving and do's myne of new. This
amounts to 3000 lib. scots, for w*^^ I have giv'ne bond payable Bond givne to
at Whits, next and he keeps the plate in his custody till pay* Goldsmith.
be made. Ther is also a chaffing dish.

I have also bought of Bailzie Brand in Edin"* a Cabinet for
my fyne bed chamber, a very large looking glass for the draw-
ing roume, Table and Hands of Italian paste, very fine, and
other two speciall good glasses, I give for all four score pound
sterline payable at Whits, nixt.

Adolphus Durham gets of the Cropt 83 Two hundreth bolls>(- 1^°-
bear, he furnisht me from Holland a parcell of cloath damask him.
and Holland cloath for sheets. Ther was wyne sweetmeats
and spyces and other things too w*'^ were all to be payed by Adolphus

Durham, his


John Davidson in Leith, who first broke to me and was resting
me a considerable soume for meale, y'"after he began to pay
this debt by parcells, and had he lived I would have got pay*,
but unluckily he dyed this last year, after he had undertak''ne
the pay* of all thes things to Adolphus Durham, w^^ I am
forced now to make good to him.

Ther was one Calderwood in Ed"" I was owing 4000 mks too,
he dyed and so the soume was divyded among his children and

Lady Penny- oy^^ Ther was one Lady Penny land got 1000 lib. of it.

G. Goiian ' This was payed the last year 87. George Gollan by his

sSfmks!" ^y^^ s^^ ^^^ ^^s y'^^ ^^ ^^^^^ I ^^^^ gi^'^^ ^^^^ ^ P'**

Ther is also one Calderwood in Ed"" for his own share and

others has got bond for the superplus.
Bear sold to And he is to get three hundreth bolls of bear of this last

his payt. cropt 88 towards the pay* of the principle summ and @ rents

to be counted at such a pryce as the rest of my bear shall be

sold at.
Mr. Tho« I counted w* M"* Thomas Learmont for his bygone @ rents

AdvocaT^ and pension, w^^ in all Mert. last amounts to ten thousand

creditor in merks, for w''^ I have ffiv'ne him a bond of corroboration. But

looo mks. . ° -

accumulations are very dangerous and destructive, so no more

/oi. 121. plaids of this set. But this was A force.

Archbishop of Tuo years agoe I settled w* the Archbishop of St. Andrews ^^

new'racrBond ^^r a new Tack of the Teinds of my Lands of Castle lyon for

giv'ne him for ^he pay* of the former tack dutie of 40 lib. stg. yeare, and six

chalders of victuall to the minister of Lonforgan yearlie, I gave

him bond for the entry w*'^ was agreed upon to be tuelve

hundreth pounds scotts.

Da. Crighton I agreed with David Crighton of Adamstoun for his entry

fands^of Ea^ttr *^ ^^^ lands upou his purchase of them from the former

Adamstoun. Heritor called Johnson. He was to have giv'ne me but 23S

lib. 6ss. 8d. of composition while his author was alive, but the

transaction not being complected the old man Johnson dying

in the tyme I obleidged him to give ane hundreth merks

more and so signed his charter of confirmation containing a


The s** David Crighton payed the entry according to his first
agreement, by reporting to me a resale and discharge be W"
Geekie of Baldouries for 120 lib. w^^ complects his @ rent till


Whits, last I had also from D. Crighton a Jacobus w<^^ com- 22 jany '89
pleeted the first agreement, then for the last I had his ticket Baidowrie his
for 66 lib. ISss. 4d. w«^ I have put in the custody of W"^ @ ^^^^J {f^;*^ ^^^^
Criffhton his son that he may eret sixty lib. of it over w* him M"- Mein

. post™"^ his pen-

to Ed'" to give to M"^ Mein the postmaster for his pension till sion till Men.

Mert. last for his furnishing me the news letters and gazets |fe payed^^ *^

weekly. The other Ten merks Fll call for upon occasion as I

pass that way.

I am owinff to the tuo sister Pilmers ane hundreth pound 3°° bolls meal
sterhn each. Ihe younger is marryed on Frovost Steven in Steven in
Arbroth and to him I have sold three hundreth bolls meal ^^ ^°^ "
towards the pay* of his principall soume and acct is to be made
accordingly when the pryce shall be agreed upon, the same
being to be regulat by what my L^ Panmure gets from his
ferms.j I had sold a good tyme agoe a litle roume in ^^^-^^^^^ ^.he s^^
Toun of Longforgan called the Byre flat to Andrew Wright
my wright and plaisterer. It was valued at that tyme to him
for twenty fyve hundreth merks, and this has all alongs in his
Counts been imputed to him in payment of his work here at
Glams till it was exhausted.

So now falling upon ane exchange of it w* the Lands of '^'^•^'^T ^"s^*
Easter and Wester Roch el-hill I could not in justice deny to flat in longfor-
take it back at the pryce he got it at, w*'^ being at a chalder of fhe^iand oT^^
victuall of ferm for the Byre flat and y* at 2500 mks p chalder Rochei-hiU.
made it go farr towards the pay* of the pryce of Rochel-hill.
This Rochel-hill is a good roume and of a large bounds. But
has not been in the hands of industrious tennents, and might be
brought worth four hundreth merks be year, yet I could scarce
come to two chalder of victuall for''t and a hundreth merks of
money, and this being sold at 1800 merks p chalder and taking
the Byre flat in the first end of it, allowing also the few
duty payable yearlie of 47 lib. 6ss. 8d. and four Wedders of
diminution of pryce. The Ballance to be payed in be Andrew
Wright was accounted to be seven hundreth thirty three pound
six shillen eight pennys, and this he will also pay be his

So the Byre flat in Longforgan is again myne and the few
dutie of Rochel-hill is to be yearlie four Wedders and fourty
seven pound six shillen eight pennyes money. And he is to



I have assisted
Rob* Strachan
to build his

fol. 123.

12 feb.
Wilson por-
tioner of the
Grange of

fol. 124.
The setting of
Tennants at
Castle Lyon.

pay his proportion of publick burdens at a hundreth pounds of
valued rent.

I was obleidged by a certain paper signed by me when I
fewed the lands of Dron S"^*^ part y^of to Rob* Strachan's father
to be at the half of the charge of building him a dwelling house
and tho. this obleidgm* was very scrimp and narrow yet out of
my good will now at his entering into a | Contract w* Andrew
Wright for building him a house, I have undertak'ne the pay*
of two hundreth pound thereof and four bolls of meal w^^ shall
be accordingly done.

When I sold the lands of Bakie to that infamous rascall M*"
Tho. Wilson, I accepted of A debt due to him by one Capt.
Wilson in the Grange of Aberbothrie and after some difficulty
in''t I attained to the possession of the roume w^^ continued so
for divers years. Yet this thing was not to be coveted, so that
I granted his son a reversion upon the pay* of four thousand
merks. Nether am I so nyce in the mater but accepts of partial
pay*^ Some years agoe he payed %^Q lib. 13ss. 4d. y'^of and
yesternight eight hundreth pound so y* now ther remains
unpayed only the soume of twelve hundreth pound scots. I
continew in the possession of the roume and allows Wilsons @
rent for the money he has made partiall pay*^ of. My factor
James Cuper must cleare accts. w* him about the @ rents of
this four thousand merks w*^^ were owen before I setled w* the
son, and for w^^ the old fellow was put in prison.

At my being here at Castle lyon at this tyme as I had all
the last yeares accts to cleire so Had I lykewayes a number of
the Tennants to setle in new tacks.

Alex*" Watson younger being to remove at Whits, nixt from
his roume in Longforgon, I have set the same to Alex"^ Hender-
son, he has giv'ne me two hundreth merks of entry and has a
lyferent tack, yet it is lyke if old Sanders Watson elder remove
or dye, this Alex. Henderson may be prefered to this roume.
If he be I designe y* he should pay a hunder merks more And
I am upon the mater engaged to Pat. Moreis to prefer his
eldest son.

I have brought one francis Graham in the raws to Alex*"
Henderson's roume and raised the rent two bolls of oats.

This roume of Francis Grahams in the Raws I have sett to


John Moreis a young man, and have accepted of ane hundreth
marks of entry from him. I was the rather induced to be
favourable to him because that his father, grandfather, and
forbeirs have been ther since the memory of man, and
Francis Graham had possession of it only as marying his

Thomas Davies roume is now set out all in parcells, and 1
beleeve profitably enow. Androw Wright being now to goe up
to Rochel hill quits both the Heritage of the Byreflat and the
labouring of the aiker roume w^^ was formerly possesst by
James Moncur. This aiker roume is sett to Patrick Blair, and
he payes a hundreth pound of entry money.

David Matthew compounded his entry to his aiker roume in
Longforgon for 40 lib. scots.

John Mitchell succeeds to Alex*" Givan ther. his entry money
is 26 hb. 13ss. 4d.

I ordered James Cuper w* the help of ane hundreth and Mistris Hay in
sixty pound payable be Milhorne to pay to Mistris Hay in re?t. ^
Perth 320 lib. scotts as 3 years @ rent of three thousand
merks I owe her. James Cuper''s provision for this is a ticquet
he rests me of the ballance of Ardblair's money, and a
bond of James Suters in his custody w^^ is to be cleered when
he reports me Mistris Hay's discharge. foi. 125.

Thomas Dass wife Janet Webster dying, she stood only in Tho« Dass
the right of the Tack, it is ane aiker roume in Longforgon, so ^"^^y-
upon a new tack he payes a hundreth pound of entry.

I gave to Margret Croll a precept for fyve bolls meal on
James Jack, Tennent of the Easter Bridgend, w''^ w* 3 bolls of
oats got by wifs order out of the lofts makes eight bolls victuall
w^^ at 5 lib. p. boll payes her the @ rent of 40 lib. scots deu Andrew Ball's
for Q^Q hb. 13ss. 4d principal and the @ rent commences from ® [fb Spayed
Whits. '87 till Whitsunday 1688 last past. till Whits. 88.

Laird of Leyes @ rent payed till Whits. 1684 his last dis- [email protected]
charge was reported by Gilbert Moreis, Tennent in the Raws.
The soume is assigned to Trumble of Bogmill.
I designe y* John Moreis entry money should goe to pay
another years @ rent to help to overtake it besyds the con-
tinuing Gilbert Moreis in paying the current rent.

I had pity the last year of Ogilvy of Templehall, who was



debts to be
assigned to
Monorgon in
p""* of pay* of
his @ rent.

M"" J, Camp-

fol. 126.

bond giv'ne to
Fintrie for
800 lib.

M' Ramsay's
@ rent in

18 feb.
John Jolly
counted and
cleired w*.

M"- Rob* Black-
wood's bond
retyred and
Bailzie Spences
debt of 200 lib.
originally dew
to Hew Blair.

A new Contract
w* John Jolly,
retention in his
own hands.

Bailzie Brand
to be payed.

straitened by his creditors and cast in prison. I payed Ogilby
of Trottock his money, and gave order for paying Kinnaird a
brother of Coustoun^s, but he going in to England being on of
the Troup of Guards and not yet returned, it is not cleered w*
him. This pressure on Templehall was much at the instiga-
tion of his nyebour Monorgon who has mind for his land, yet
since he has made a fair bargain w* him for a roume west in
the Cars, and so I am to assigne Monorgon to thes two debts,
w<^^ he is to allow to me in p*** of pay* of his by gone @ rents of
2000 I owe him.

I owe to the children of M"^ John Campbell, Dundee, four
thousand merks, and in p'"* of pay* of ther bygone @ rents I
recovered | A discharge of the tutors for eight hundreth pound

I gave bond to the Laird of Fintrie for it w^^ is a very
thriftles way and a consuming.

I did lykewayes order M"* Clerck to allow a bill of M*"
Ramsay in Dundee to whom I owe fyve thousand mks. for
600 lib. scots w^^ is 3 years @ rent of the s^ soume. This
receit of his factor M'^ Crocket lyes in M"* Clerck's hand till I
cleir accts. w* him.

I was owing to M^^ Jolly merch* in Ed"* of current acct. a
very great one, the sum of two thousand four hundreth eighty
fyve pound Scots money.

After cleiring the acct. of proceedings and destroying a
Contract of Victuall w^^ was betwixt us in the year j"^vjc
eightie four By w''^ then he received pay* of former Counts
and by the effects of w*^^ bargain I had delivered up to me as
a p"^ of his obleidge* two bonds w^^ he retyred to me, one
from M' Rob* Blackwood of four hundreth pound scots, and
another from Bailzie Spence originally to Hew Blair merch*
in Ed'^ for two hundreth pound. I entered into a new Con-
tract w* John Jolly for 700 bolls half bear half meal cropt
1688 at 5 lib. p. boll. In the first end of w^^ he has retention
of the soume resting him of 2485 scots, and he is oblidged to
pay to Bailzie Brand merch* ther the soume of nyne hundreth
and sixtie pounds scots money at Whits. The smal remainder
is either payable at Lambmas or in case of any new acct. he is
to keep in his own hands.


The two thousand merks I did owe to the Laird of Leyes BogmiUs @
being assigned to Tho. Trumble of Bogmill w* the bygone @ s^ib. pTy'ed^
rent of it I have in security instructed the last pay* to have ^J^f^^'^^s '"
been for Whits. 1 685, tho. the discharge be Leyes bears only
till Whits. 84. I have just now ordered the payment of two
years rent w^^ will cleir the | @ rent till Whits. 1687 and yV^/- 127.
by one precept on Alex. Watson younger for the soume of
80 lib. and by giving him a bond of John Moreis for 66 lib.
13ss. 4d., and 13 lib. 6ss. 8d. in money w^^ makes up another
year. They are depositat in Alex*" Henderson^s hand in the

I siffned a Tack to M"^ Low for the smiddie seat of Glammiss March the 4th.

. /, Will™ Low's

ane entrie dew at least of 33 lib. 6ss. 8d. every seven year, if Tack,
more cannot be had.

Having had the misfortune once of one, Francis Erskyne, 14 March.
Kirkbuddo's son to be my servant he malversed to A'^strange Francis

. Erskvne ane

pitch, and prov"'d ane infamous rascall w^^ oblidged me to put infamotis rouge.
him in prison merely to let it be knowne thorow the countrey
that he was no more my servant, for after he had been dis-
charged of my service for a twelvemoneths and more he went
about and in all places wher I travelled would come and give
himself out that he was my serv* and imployed in my busines,
but y* his money had falFne short, and so they w*out any
doubting gave him money, some ten, some twenty dolers, and
this he did to divers persons and in divers places.

After a twelvemoneths abode in prison he broke it and got
out, but being in no safety in this country, he thought fitt at
last to apply to some whom I trusted, and particularly to M*"
P. Lyon of Carnustie advocat. By this tyme his elder brethren
dyed and he came to be the Lairds eldest son, and was very
desyrous to buy his peace. So I gav Mr. Patrick A factory
whereby after dealing with him, he gave bond for two thou-
sand merks payable the one at Mart. 1688 and the other in ^^ March 89.
1690 year of God, thes bonds are in M"^ P. Lyon's name, for
w^^ I have got a back bond declaring the trust of this dayes
date, and when the old man his father dyes will persue him
w*out mercy for it. y^z. 128.

This day the disposition and charter of Rochelhill now to 15 March.
be called Wrightfeild was signed and delyvered to the s**




15 M. 89.

My wife's an-
nuity of 600 lib.

8 May 89.
M^-J. Balvaird
Stip. and @

Contract w*



Ja. Cuper's

J a. Crystie.

timber bought
for Castle lyon.

June the gt'^
M"- Clerck.

yb/. 129.

June the i^'
M'^ Martyns

The levy cost
me 3 horses.

The dun

Oyr 2 horses
bought at

Andrew Wright and the rights of the Byreflat are to be

And ane acct. twix and Whits, to be stated w* him for the
superplus pryce, and all his work.

Precept draw'ne upon David Lyon and George Henderson
for 150 lib. scots deu at Mertimes last payable to my wife,
each of them that soume is three hundreth pound scots.

And siclyke upon D. Lyon and Rob* Ogilby of Coule for
150 lib. scots each of them at Whits, or Midsummer nixt pay-
able to her on resat, iride 300 lib. scots money.

This makes six hundreth pound scots to her w^^ I have been
in use to give her upon her privat occasions.

I counted w* the minister of Glams and ordered the brewar
ther to pay him two yeares money stipend to Wit. '87 and "^SS
as Lykewayes Two Yeares @ rent of his principle soume of
1066 lib. 13ss. 4d. scots money w^^ payes him till Mert.

I contracted w* Bailzie Arbuthnet in Dundee for 250 bolls
wheat 200 b. oats and 50 b. peas, in all 500 bolls at 5 lib. 13ss.
4d. p boll payable at Lambas nixt.

I received from James Cuper 2000 lib. for w*^^ I gave bond,
But it is in prospect of his buying litle Blair to be hold'ne of

I received 333 lib. 6ss. 8d. from James Crystie in Auchter-
hous in pay* of his bygone rents.

I bought and payed readie money for 60 raills and 21
great trees, and 200 deals for my houses at the gate of the

I sent 1333 lib. 6ss. 8d. to Ed'* to M"^ Clerck towards his
pay* Count not yet received.

I gave a precept for paying Mistris Martyne her @ rent for
2 years preceeding Mert. last of 1050 merks principal on Rob*
Ogilvy my factor of Tannadyce.

I did outreike two horse in Angus and one in Perthshyre for
the levy of horse and had difficulty enow in pleasing the
officers, w* ther ryders and arms.

I bought a dun gelding from Millfeild and gave 18 lib. for
him to my son Pat.

I bought other two horses for service the one at 2 lib. ster.


for the sadle and the other at 3 lib. for the cart from G.

T I 1 • 1 ^5 June.

I gave a precept to M' Rankyne Catechist in Dundee for M' Rankyns
a years interest of 5000 merks, being 200 lib. scots, on John ^^^^'
Nicoll Mossgreive.



AND M^ DE VET 1688

Att Glammiss the Eighteenth day of Januarie jm vj*' ffour
scoir eight years. It is agreed upon Betwixt Patrick, Earle of
Strathmore on the one Part and M"^ De Vite Limner, on the
oy"* pairt As after follows. That is to say That the s^ M"^ De
Vite binds and oblidges him to enter to the work presentlie
particularlie aftermen^ and to finish and perfyte the same
with all possible diligence with the outmost of his skill and
art of painting and that he shall not goe from the s^ work
at any time before the same be done without the s*^ Earles
Consent And first the s^ M'^ De Vite Binds and oblidges him
to paint the roof of the Chappell as the samen is divyded into
three severall pannells so as that the fifteen largest pannels
yrof shall containe everie one of y*" a full and distinct storie of
Our blessed Saviour Conforme to the Cutts in a bible here in
the house or the Service Book. And*the rest of the pannels to
be filled some with the Angels as in the skie and such other
things as he shall invent and be esteemed proper for the work
And forasmuch as y'^ are upon the syde walls of the Chappell
and rowme within sexteen large pannels, A doore peece and

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