Patrick Lyon Strathmore.

The book of record, a diary written by Patrick first earl of Strathmore and other documents relating to Glamis castle, 1684-1689 online

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Online LibraryPatrick Lyon StrathmoreThe book of record, a diary written by Patrick first earl of Strathmore and other documents relating to Glamis castle, 1684-1689 → online text (page 21 of 22)
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Mylnes of Mylnfield, 102, 148.
Myretoun, rental of, 46.

Nairn, Lord, 123.

Thomas, 14.

Napier, Lord, of Merchiston, 142.
Narrow circle of Glamis, xxxviii.
Nether Airlie, parish of, 7.

Bogill, lands of, 48.

Nethergate, Dundee, 124.
Nevay, lands of, 8, 64.
Newark, David, Lord, 118.
Newburn, minister of, 11, 75, %6.
Newhaven, harbour of, 158.
Newton, Alexander, 58.
Newton of Ayr, house of, 154.

of Glamis, 55, 63.

corn and cattle at, 51.

lands of, 46.

Nicol, Alexander, 53.

James, 55, 63, 71, 84.

John, Mossgreive, 103.

Thomas, 55, 82.

"William, 6.

Nicolson, John, minister at Errol, 10,

Nicolson, William, 15.
Nish, Robert, wheelwright, 69, 86.
Northesk, Earls of, 58, 68, 149, 157,

158, 167.
Lady, xv, 29, 149.

OCHTERLONY family, 126.

of that Ilk, 126.

John, 126.

Ogill, Easter, 13, 93.

Ogilvy, Sir James, of Newgrange, 142.

Andrew, in Lindertis, 70.

Isabel, 141.

James, second Earl of Airlie, 116.

Lady Helen, 117.

Lady Marion, 117.



Ogilvy, of Lentrathene, 126.

Lords of, 126.

Mistress, 75, 86.

Robert, 48, 86, 93, 102.

Robert, of Coule, 102.

Robert, of Gleneallie, 5, 6, 12.

Sir Gilbert, of Powrie, 141.

of Templehall, 99.

of Trottock, 100.

William, 57, 75.

Olyphant, Lord, 126.

Orange, House of, 150.

Prince of, xxviii, 94, 151, 154,

Ordnance, General of the, 175.
Ordnance, Master of the, 150.
Organ at Glamis Castle, vii, xliv.
Orkney and Shetland, Isles of, 28.

lands of, 135.

Oxfurd, Robert, second Viscount of,


Panmure, Earl of, xi, xiv, 9, 13, 16,
24, 25, 27, 57, 97, 119, 121, 126,
131, 149, 167.

Laird of, 128.

Parliament, Committee of, 27.

House, xxvi.

Paterson of Bannockburn, y6.

Paton, Andrew, furrier, 122.

David, merchant, Dundee, 122.

minister of Kettins, 121.

James, 122.

Peetie, Edward, 46.

Peirsone of Lochlands, 126.

Pennieland, Lady, 69, 96.

Perth, Earl of, xl, 65, 89, 95, 150,
162, 163, 164, 174, 175.

Sheriffdom of, 130.

Perthshire, lands in, 62, 63,

public burdens paid in, 6^.

Petrie of Babrogie, 79.

Philiphaugh, battle of, 116, 135.

Philosophy College, St. Andrews, 159.

Physic Garden, Edinburgh, 162.

Pilmore, John, 13.

Katteren, 8, 70.

Marie, 8, 70.

Pittpoyntie, lands of, 2, 69.

Plenderleith, David, 76.

Powrie, Fotheringhams of, 125.

Easter, 13.

Preston, battle of, 136, 143.

family, 123.

Jean, 146,

Sir John, of Valleyfield, 146.

Price, Sir Magnus, Lord Provost of

Edinburgh, 134.
Primrose, James, Clerk to the Privy

Council, 171.

Primrose, Sir Archibald, 165.
Pyper, Bailie, in Montrose, 57.

QUEENSBERRY, Duke of, xxix, 89,

90, 174.
Quilco, lands of, 11.
Quilke, lands of, 51.
town of, 51.

Raitt, Alexander, burgess of Dundee,


Bailie, in Dundee, 62, 73.

Bishop, 113, 167.

Ramornie in Fifeshire, 171.
Ramsay, George, slater, xxxvi, 59, 80.

James, Bishop of Dunblane, 119.

John, 52, 56, 78.

Lady Jean, 130.

Lady Marjory, 119.

Mr., in Dundee, 100.

Principal of Glasgow University,


saddler in Edinburgh, 6^.

Randerston, Laird of, 172.

Ranken, Alexander, 114.

James, Catechist in Dundee, i,

74, 103, 113, 114.

John, minister of Clunie, 113.

Rattra, Laird of, 5.

Ravelrig, Lord, 124.

Raws, the, 98, 99.

Read, James, in Auchterhouse, 9.

Rebellion, the, 84, I2i.

Reed, Andrew, 67.

James, 61.

Reedie, lands of, 48.

town of, 48.

Reid, Alexander, 7, 84.

Bailie in Eden*", 10.

James, in Auchterhouse, 69, 70.

Rennie, William, painter in Dundee,

xlii, 68.
Rescobie, minister of, 3, 116, 173.
Revolution of 1688, 154.
Richmond, Duke of, 146.
Rickart, David, 6.
Riddell's Peerage and Consistorial

Law, 117.
Rind, John, 21.
Robert 11., 25.
Rochhead, John, 124.

Sir James, 11, 77, 124.

Rochil-hill, 99.

charter of, 10 1.

feu -duty of, 97.

lands of, 97, 157.

Rodger's Mortification, 8, 79.

Rosebery, Earl of, 171.

Ross, Arthur, 177.

Charles, of Balnagowan, 130.



Ross, John, 71, 83.

minister of Birse, 177.

Lord, 14, 129.

See of, 119.

Rossie, estate of, 161.

Priory, 161.

Rothes, Duke of, 131.

Roystoun, Lord of Session, 166.

Russell, Cristofer, 87.

Ruthven, William, of Balindean, 128.

William, Lord, 149.

Patrick, 128.

St. Andrews, xi, xl, 16, 29, 177.

Archbishop of, 96, 123, 167, 177.

Castle, 117.

New College, 119.

University, xv, 113, 116, 122,

123, 148, 155, 163, 166.

parliament at, 14.

* Philosophy College of,' 159.

wheels bought from 69, 86.

St. Clare, Sir James, of Kinnaird, 10.

St. Giles Church, choir of, 133.

St. Leonard's College, 122, 157.

St. Paul, 104, 107.

St. Salvator's College, 113, 155, 159.

St. Stephen, 104, 107.

St. Vigeans, minister at, 6.

Salisbury, Bishop of, 129.

Salton, Laird of, 14, 128.

Sampsone, David, 83.

Santvoort, Jan Van, xli, xlvi.

Scotland, Lord High Chancellor of,

High Treasurer of, 145, 167.

Justice-General of, 131.

Treasurer-Depute of, 142.

Scott's Fasti E celesta; Scoticana, 173.

Scott, Margaret, 129.

Patrick, 129.

Sir Francis, Bart., of Thirle-

stane, 129.

Scotscraig, property of, 172.

Scougal, James, Lord Whitehill, 159.

Patrick, D.D., Bishop of Aber-
deen, 158.

Sir John, Lord Whitekirk, 58,

158, 159.

of that Ilk, 158.

Scrogiefield, lands of, 72.

Scrymgeours of Dudhope, 115, 126.

Seaforth, Earls of, 19, 50, 141.

Seagate Meeting-house, 113.

Seres, minister at, 4.

Sharp, Archbishop, 172.

Sir William of Scotscraig, 11,

76, 77, 78, 170, 172.
Sheriffmuir, battle of, 157.
*Shorehead,' Dundee, 115.

Sibbald, Sir Robert, of Kipps, 126,

152, 162, 163.
Sidlaw, xxvi.

Sievwright, Robert, 64.

Sinclair, Anne, wife of Lord Crom-
arty, 166.

Sir James, of Kinnaird, 73.

of Mey, Bart, 166.

Skene House, library at, 139.

Sletcher, Mr., 42.

Slezer, Charles, 152.

John, draughtsman of the Thea-

trum Scotice, 42, 150, 151.

Smart, David, 55.

Small, Mr. James, minister, of Cor-
tachy, 49, 155.

Smattone, lands of, 47.

Smith, James, 52, 71.

hammerman in Glamis, 72.

John, 18, 51.

in Drumgley, 61, 80.

of Gleswall, 47.

Patrick, in Oueryeards, i.

Southesk, Carnegies of, 146.

Earls of, x, xxviii, xxix, 24, 25,

67, 76, 145, 146.

David, first Earl of, 120, 143.

James, Earl of, 26, 138.

river of, 56.

Souttars, the, 79.

Spalding's Memorialls of the Trubles
in Scotland^ xlv, 142.

Spanish Wars, the, 173.

Spence, Bailie, in Edinburgh, 71, 76,

Spynie, Lords, 20, 143, 144,

Stair, Lord President, 154.

Steell, James, in Kinaltie, 52, 83.

younger, 52.

Thomas, in Dundee, 74, 79, 82.

Stelfoord, Mrs., fringe-maker, 76.

Steven, Provost, in Arbroath, 97.

Stevinson, James, maltman, 54, 55.

Stewart, Catherine, wife of Lord Car-
dross, 169.

Henry, 162.

of Innermeath, 126.

James, Duke of Lennox, 146.

Lady Margaret, 174.

Lady Mary, 145.

Marion, wife of John Boyle of

Kelburne, 172.

Major James, 2.

Mistress, ^6.

of Rosyth, 126.

Sir James, ofGoodtrees, 133.

of Kirkhill, 169.

Sir John, Earl of Traquair, 142.

Sir Thomas, of Grandtully, 62,




Stewart, Sir William, of Allanton,

Lanarkshire, 172.
Gentleman of the Bed

Chamber to James vi, 162.
Stirling, xxvi, 84, 85, 86, S7.

Castle of, 95, 120, 164.

Stracathrow, Trumble of, 14.
Strachan, Comissar, 6.

David, minister, 119.

George, minister, 119.

Helen, 135.

John, ofThurton, 135.

Patrick, minister, 119.

Right Rev. John, Bishop of

Brechin, 161.

Robert, 98.

Straiton, Jean, wife of John Slezer,


Strathdichtie, xxvi.

Strathmartine, laird of, 2, 4, 65, 69,
70, 115-

Strathmore, Countess of, xxii, xl.

Earls of, vii, viii, ix, x, xiii, xvi,

XX, xxii, xxiii, xxiv, xxvi, xxvii,
xxviii, xxix, xxx, xxxi, xxxii, xxxiii,
xxxvi, xxxvii, xxxviii, xxxix, xli,
xlii, I, 88, 104, 105, 106, 107, 108,
113, 114, 115, 121, 123, 125, 128,
131, 134, 135, 138, 140, 141, 142,

149, 150, i5i»
164, 167, 170,

75, 176.


143, 144, 147,
156, 157, 161,
172, 173, 174,

chaplain to, 157.

Lyons of, 143.

Straton, Robert, apothecary in Dun-
dee, xl, 64, 77.

Stuart, Colonel, 136.

Summers, Helen, 56.

Suter, James, 99.

Swin, Alexander, factor at Kinghorn,
9, 12, 67, 77.

Sym, David, 64.

Symmer, Helen, 8, 78.

Tangier, Governor of, 138.
Tannadyce, xxvi, xxxviii.

barony of, 25, 48.

churchtoune acres of, 52.

factors of, 67, 102.

fishing of, 56.

forest of, 74.

Kirktoune of, 55.

lands, of, 6, 56, 86.

minister of, 123.

parish of, 13.

rents at, 2, 5, 48.

tenants in, 71.

victual of, 57.

Tarbet, M'Kenzie of, 79.
Viscount of, 165, 174.

Taylor, Dr. James, 137.
Tealing, parish of, 49.
Templebank, tenant in, 54.

of Thornton, xxxiv, 53.

Templehall, 100.

Ogilvy of, 99.

Theatruni Scotia, 150, 151, 152.
Thirty Years War, the, 144.
Thomson, Alexander, saddler, 64.

David, 83.

Thorntoun, Alexander, of Blackness,


Donald of Balbennie, 3, 47, 115.

Elspet, 3.

John, 79.

lands of, 18, 47.

Templebank of, xxxiv, 53.

Toch, John, 51.

Todd, Catherine, 134.

Touris family, 124.

Trabroun in East Lothian, 171.

Traquair, Earl of, 20, 142, 143, 174.

family, 143.

Lady, 20, 143.

Trottock, Ogilvy of, 100.
Trubles in Scotland^ xlv, 142.
Trumble of Bogmill, 99.

Thomas, of Bogmill, loi.

of Stracathrow, 14.

Tullibardine, Earl of, xxiii, 176.

John, first Earl of, 144.

Tullies, barony of, 25.
Tylor, John, 87.

Veitch of Daick, 20, 143.
Vet, Mr. de, 104, 105, 106, 107, 108.
Violent, John, 47.

Voort, Jan Van Sant, the Dutch
carver, 175.

Walker, John, smith, 57.
Walkmilne of Glenboy, 83.
Wallace, Hugh, cash-keeper, 11, 59,
75, 85, 87.

Lord Craigie, 43, 152, 154.

Sir Thomas, of Craigie, 152, 153,


William, of Failford, 152.

Waller, Sir William, 135.

Walls, William, in Forfar, 93.

Warwick Castle, 143.

Watson, Alexander, brewer, 62.

Provost, in Dundee, 5, 13,

50, 94, 118.

younger, 98.

Bailie, 13.

in Dundee, 62, 73.

in Perth, 63, 64.

Grizel, 119.

Sanders, 98.



Watson, Thomas, 119.
Webster, Janet, 99.
Wedderbums of Kingennie, 148.

of Blackness, 126.

Weems, James, 3, 4, 9.
Welflet, rental of, 46.
Wemyss, Euphame, 145.

Margaret, Countess of, 166.

Sir John, of Wemyss, 145.

Wester Balbeno, lands of, 85.
Wester Ogill, 71.

Rochel-hill, lands of, 97.

Sandiefoord, wadset of, 79.

Westhill, 56.

lands of, 14.

purchase of, 46.

rental of, 46.

tack of, 72.

Wet, Jacob de, vii, xli, xlii, 167, 175.
Whitehall Close, Dundee, 123.
Whitehill, Lord, 159.
Whitekirk, Lord, 158, 159.
Whyt, John, 10.
Whyt Kirke, Scugal, Lord, 58.
Whytwall, fiar of, 3.
Wightone, Agnes, 46.
William in., x, 117, 124, 132, 133,
151, 165.

Wilson, Captain, 98.

Elizabeth, 69.

James, 15.

Thomas, 2, 48, 98.

Wishart, Captain, 68.

Witt, Jacob de, 124.

Worcester, Battle of, 127, 137,

Wright, Andrew, joiner at Glamis,

xxxiv, 53, 87, 97, 98, 99, 102, 155,

156, 157.
Wrightfield, loi, 157.
Wynton family, 115.
Patrick, laird of Strathmartine,

Thomas, 115.

Yeaman, Doctor, 57, 73, 168.

family, the, 168.

John, ' chirurgeon,' 168.

Patrick, Bailie, Dundee, i, 74,


Shore, 113.

William, surgeon, 169.

York, Duke of, 127, 129, 132, 147,

Young, Andrew, 62.
Cristian, 9.

Printed by T. and A. Constable, Printers to Her Majesty,
at the Edinburgh University Press.


^tottisl) ^istovv S)Ocietj>.


The Earl of Rosebery, LL.D.

Chairman of Council.

David Masson, LL.D., Professor of English Literature,
Edinburgh University.


T. G. Murray, Esq., W.S.

J. Ferguson, Esq., Advocate.

Right Rev. John Dowden, D.D., Bishop of Edinburgh.

^NEAs J. G. Mackay, LL.D., Sheriff of Fife.

John Russell, Esq.

Sir Arthur Mitchell, K.C.B., M.D., LL.D.

Rev. Geo. W. Sprott, D.D.

Rev. A. W. Cornelius Hallen.

W. F. Skene, D.C.L., LL.D., Historiographer - Royal for

Colonel P. DoDs.

J. R. Findlay, Esq.

Thomas Dickson, LL.D., Curator of the Historical Depart-
ment, Register House.

Corresponding Members of the Council.

Osmund Airy, Esq., Birmingham ; Very Rev. J. Cunningham,
D.D., Principal of St. Mary's College, St. Andrews ; Professor
George Grub, LL.D., Aberdeen ; Rev. W. D. Macray,
Oxford; Professor A. F. Mitchell, D.D., St. Andrews ;
Professor W. Robertson Smith, Cambridge ; Professor J.
Veitch, LL.D., Glasgow; A. H. Millar, Esq., Dundee.

Int. Hon. Treasurer.
J. T. Clark, Keeper of the Advocates' Library.

Hon. Secretary.
T. G. Law, Librarian, Signet Library.


1. The object of the Society is the discovery and printing,
under selected editorship, of unpublished documents illustrative
of the civil, religious, and social history of Scotland. The
Society will also undertake, in exceptional cases, to issue
translations of printed works of a similar nature, which have
not hitherto been accessible in English.

2. The number of Members of the Society shall be limited
to 400.

S. The affairs of the Society shall be managed by a Council
consisting of a Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, and twelve
elected Members, five to make a quorum. Three of the twelve
elected members shall retire annually by ballot, but they shall
be eligible for re-election.

4. The Annual Subscription to the Society shall be One
Guinea. The publications of the Society shall not be de-
livered to any Member whose Subscription is in arrear, and
no Member shall be permitted to receive more than one copy
of the Society"'s publications.

5. The Society will undertake the issue of its own publica-
tions, i.e. without the intervention of a publisher or any other
paid agent.

6. The Society will issue yearly two octavo volumes of about
pages each.

7. An Annual General Meeting of the Society shall be held
on the last Tuesday in October.

8. Two stated Meetings of the Council shall be held each
year, one on the last Tuesday of May, the other on the
Tuesday preceding the day upon which the Annual General
Meeting shall be held. The Secretary, on the request of three
Members of the Council, shall call a special meeting of the

9. Editors shall receive 20 copies of each volume they edit
for the Society.

10. The owners of Manuscripts published by the Society
will also be presented with a certain number of copies.

11. The Annual Balance-Sheet, Rules, and List of Members
shall be printed.

12. No alteration shall be made in these Rules except at a
General Meeting of the Society. A fortnight's notice of any
alteration to be proposed shall be given to the Members of the


Works already Issued.


1. Bishop Pococke's Tours in Scotland,, 1747-1760. Edited by

D. W. Kemp.

2. Diary of and General Expenditure Book of William

Cunningham of Craigends, 1673-1 680. Edited by the Rev.
James Dodds, D.D.


3. Panurgi Philo-caballi Scoti Grameidos libri sex. — The

Grameid : an heroic poem descriptive of the Campaign of
Viscount Dundee in 1689:, by James Philip of Almerieclose.
Edited, with Translation and Notes, by the Rev. A. D.

4. The Register of the Kirk-Session of St. Andrews. Part i.

1559-1582. Edited by D. Hay Fleming.


5. Diary of the Rev. John Mill, Minister of Dunrossness, Sand-

wick, and Cunningsburgh, in Shetland, 1740-1803, with ori-
ginal documents, local records, and historical notices relating
to the District. Edited by Gilbert Goudie, F.S.A. Scot.

6. Narrative of Mr. James Nimmo, a Covenanter. 1654-1709.

Edited by W. G. Scott-Moncrieff, Advocate.


7. The Register of the Kirk-Session of St. Andrews. Part ii.

1583-1600. Edited by D. Hay Fleming.

8. A List of Persons concerned in the Rebellion (1745), trans-

mitted to the Commissioners of Excise by the several
Supervisors in Scotland, in obedience to a General Letter of
the 7th May 1746, and a Supplementary List with Evidences
to prove the same. With a Preface by the Earl of Rosebery
and Annotations by the Rev. Walter Macleod. Presented
to the Society by the Earl of Rosebery.


9. Glamis Papers: The ' Book of Record/ a Diary written by
Patrick, first Earl of Strathmore, and other documents
relating to Glamis Castle (1684-89). Edited from the
original manuscripts at Glamis, with Introduction and Notes,
by A. H. Millar, F.S.A. Scot.

In Preparation.

John Major's De Gestis Scotorum (1521). Translated by
Archibald Constable, with a Memoir of the author by ^Eneas
J. G. Mackay, Advocate.

The Diary of Andrew Hay of Stone, near Biggar, afterwards
OF Craignethan Castle, 1659-60. Edited by A. G, Reid,
F.S.A. Scot., from a manuscript in his possession.

The Records of the Commission of the General Assembly,
1646-1 662, Edited by the Rev. James Christie, D.D., with
an Introduction by the Rev. Professor Mitchell, D.D.

^ The History of my Life, extracted from Journals I kept since I
was twenty-six years of age, interspersed with short accounts
of the most remarkable public affairs that happened in my
time, especially such as I had some immediate concern in,'
1702-1754. By Sir John Clerk of Penicuik, Baron of the
Exchequer, Commissioner of the Union, etc. Edited from
the original ms. in Penicuik House by J. M. Gray.

Sir Thomas Craig's De Unione Regnorum Britanni^e. Edited,
with an English Translation, from the unpublished manuscript
in the Advocates' Library.

The Diaries or Account Books of Sir John Foulis of Ravelston,
(1679-1 707):, and the Account Book of Dame Hannah Erskine
(1675-1699). Edited by the Rev. A. W. Cornelius Hallen.

Papers relating to the Military Government of Scotland, and
THE Correspondence of Robert Lilburne and General Monk,
from 1653 to l658. Edited by Mr. C. H. Firth.

A Selection of the Forfeited Estate Papers preserved in H.M.
Register House.

Court-Book of the Barony of Urie. Edited by the Rev. D. G.
Barron, from the original ms. in possession of Mr. R. Barclay
of Dorking.




The Third Annual Meeting of the Society was held on
Tuesday, October 29th, 1889, in the Professional Hall, George
Street, Edinburgh, — Professor Masson in the Chair.

The Secretary read the Report of the Council as follows : —

" The Council has to congratulate the members on the con-
tinued prosperity of the Society and on the increased interest
which is taken in its publications. The full number of 400
members is kept up, in addition to 36 public libraries subscrib-
ing, and there are 32 candidates waiting for admission.

" Two volumes have been already issued for the current year,
and there is yet a third due, the 2d part of *S'^. Andrews
Register, which is passing through the press as rapidly as the
difficulties of the work permit.

"Lord Rosebery's presentation volume — The List of' Rebels
o/'1745 — is also well advanced, and will be probably published,
with a preface from his Lordship, in the course of next spring.

" The publications of 1889-90 will be (1) Mr. Archibald
Constable's translation oi Major s History of Scotland, with an
introductory memoir by Mr. ^neas Mackay, and (2) The
Glamis Papers, edited by Mr. A. H. Millar, of Dundee.

" other works in preparation or in contemplation have been
mentioned in previous reports. Among these The Diary of
Sir John Clerk of Penicuik has been already transcribed ; and
the translation of Sir Thomas Craig^s De Unione Regnorum
will be shortly put in hand. The Keeper of the Advocates^
Library, where the manuscript reposes, has kindly undertaken
to be responsible for the editing of the text, and Professor
Masson will furnish it with an Historical Introduction.

" The Council has now to thank Mr. R. Barclay, of Dorking,
Surrey, for giving the Society an opportunity of opening out
a new field. With his kind permission the Rev. D. G. Barron,
Minister of Dunnottar, has undertaken to edit the Court Book
of the Barony of Urie^ now in Mr. Barclay's possession. The
entries in this book begin with the year 1604 and go down to
1747, with, however, an unfortunate gap of 28 years, from 1639
to 1667. Although there may be many of these Baron Court
Books extant, only the merest extracts have been printed ;
and this volume, apart from its illustrations of the manners
and customs of the district, is interesting for its references to
the general history of the country.

"The Council has also accepted with much pleasure a
generous offer on the part of Mr. C. H. Firth to edit for the
Society a selection of papers from what is called the Clarke
.collection of mss. preserved at Worcester College, Oxford.
The greater part of this collection, though catalogued and
described, has never been printed, or even used by any
historian. The papers were put together by Sir William
Clarke, Secretary to the different commanders of the English
army in Scotland from 1651 to 1660. They relate to all
matters connected with the military government of Scotland,
and the organisation of the army of occupation during that
period. There is an abstract of all orders and warrants issued
by Robert Lilburne and Monk, from 1653 to 1658, complete
in four volumes. Two more volumes contain the letters of
Lilburne and Monk during the same period to the English

government ; and there are other volumes, consisting ahnost
entirely of papers relating to the finances of the Scotch army,
and the taxation levied in Scotland. There are, besides, many
volumes of miscellaneous papers and correspondence.

" Mr. Firth believes that an adequate series of selections from
these documents would require probably not less than three of
the Society's volumes. He is at present engaged in preparing
for the Camden Society papers from the same collection,
chiefly relating to an earlier period, 1647 and 1648, and a
few others belonging to the time of the Commonwealth and
Restoration, but Mr. Firth will reserve for our Society all that
has a special reference to Scotland.

" The Rev. Walter Macleod has recently examined, on behalf
of the Society, a mass of forfeited Estate Papers, preserved in
H.M. Register House. These papers consist of petitions,
reports, rentals, letters, and accounts, and afford not only
much interesting information with regard to the family
history of the forfeited persons, and some curious facts in
connection with the rebellion of 1745-6, not to be met with
elsewhere, but amply illustrate the political and social state of
the Highlands, especially in regard to the tenure and manage-
ment of land, the education of the people, and the condition of
the poor, at the time of and subsequent to the rising. They
furnish trustworthy information regarding an important period
of transition, about which comparatively little is known, and
on matters of peculiar interest at the present time. Of such
a mass of documents, specimens only can be at present put
into print. It is proposed that the selection made should be
limited to the illustration of the history of the estates owned
by proprietors whose names appear in the 'Lists of Rebels.'
A volume of such selections would serve as a valuable sequel to
Lord Rosebery's work.

" In accordance with the rules of the Society three members,
the Right Rev. Bishop Dowden, Sheriff Mackay, and Professor
KiRKPATRicK, retire from the Council. It is proposed that

Bishop DowDEN and Sheriff Mackay be re-elected, and that
Mr. John Russell be placed on the Council in lieu of
Professor Kirkpatrick.""

The Treasurer, Mr. J. J. Reid, then submitted a financial
statement, showing that while the year commenced with a
favourable balance of £M4<, 19s. 5d., it closed with a balance of
.£314, 7s. Id. He proposed that a sum of ^^304, Is. Id.,
lying in the bank on deposit receipt, should be constituted a
reserve fund.

The Chairman, in moving the adoption of the Reports
submitted by the Secretary and Treasurer, commented on the
work of the Society, and referred more particularly to the
papers which Mr. Firth had kindly offered to edit. "Than
the years from 1651 till close on the Restoration of 1660,
there was perhaps no period of Scottish history about which
they had so little information. It so happened that through-
out that period Scotland was part and parcel of the English
Commonwealth. They could not help that now, but they
should like to know all the facts."" Mr. Hay Fleming seconded
the motion, which was adopted, together with the Treasurer's
suggestion as to the formation of a reserve fund. On the
motion of Mr. J. H. Stevenson, Advocate, a vote of thanks
was then given to the Chairman and other Office-bearers.


For Year to 1st November 1889.

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