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items, will be found on page 107. De Wet had not
acted fairly by the Earl in the executing of the work
he had undertaken. There was a certain William Rennie, a
painter from Dundee, who was employed at Glamis and Castle
Lyon in some of the coarser decorative painting, and the
Dutch artist gave him some of his own artistic work to do,
much to the EarPs dissatisfaction. Annoyed at thus being
taken advantage of. Lord Strathmore entered into litigation
with De Wet, and a protracted law plea was the result.


Whilst this case was in progress De Wet had injudiciously
engaged in the stormy politics of the time, and naturally sided
with his countryman the Prince of Orange. A violent anti-
Orange demonstration took place in Edinburgh, and De Wet
was seized by the mob, and suffered severely at their hands.
With noble magnanimity Lord Strathmore, though an ardent
Royalist of the most pronounced type, came to the rescue of
his hapless artist, and offered shelter to him and his daughter
at Glamis Castle. His kindness in this respect was ill requited,
for it was after this event that De Wet endeavoured to extort
a large sum beyond his contract for the artistic work which he
had executed. It is to this incident that the Earl refers (page
108), when he writes that he ' wishes w* all his heart that Mr.
d'Vit had made as good and profitable acct. of his tyme ever
since as he did for the short tyme he was w* the Earle of
Strathmore." No note has been found to show exactly how
the disputed account was settled, but it seems probable that
the very generous offer of Lord Strathmore would be accepted
by the artist.

Of De Wet's work at Glamis a considerable portion still
remains, although some of the portraits have been lost. The
decoration of the Chapel, which was the part of the contract
most interesting to Lord Strathmore, is in the same condition as
he left it. The chapel is an oblong apartment, about thirty feet
long by eighteen feet wide, with a raised dais at the east end
on which the altar has been erected. The walls and roof are
divided into oblong panels which are filled in with the pictures
painted by De Wet. The subjects are full-length pictures
of the Saviour, St. John, St. Matthias, St. Simeon, St.
Matthew, St. James, major, St. Philip, St. James, minor, St.
Thomas, St Andrew, and St. Peter, together with pictures of
the Last Supper, the Resurrection, the Nativity, and Mary
in the Garden. The fifteen panels in the ceiling are thus
arranged —


Shepherds of Bethlehem.


Angel and Joseph.

Flight into Egypt.

The Baptism.


Peter walking on the Sea.

The Woman taken in Adultery.

The Transfiguration.

The Syro-Phoenician Woman.

Entry to Jerusalem.


The Kiss of Judas.

The Scourging.

Bearing the Cross,

These have all been reproduced from the engravings in an old
Bible still preserved at Glamis Castle. The decorations in
the dining-room and hall have disappeared, and the portraits
of King Charles the Martyr, St. Paul, and St. Stephen, which
were to have been placed in the room off the chapel are no
longer there. The chapel was erected by Lord Strathmore in
1688, and was dedicated in that year, but as the record of the
original consecration could not be found, it was re-dedicated in
1865 to St. Michael and All Angels.

The estimate for the repairing of the organ at Glamis is
especially interesting, as showing the range and combinations
used by organ-builders two centuries ago. It is not known
when this organ was brought to Glamis, nor when it was
removed, but there is now no trace of it in the Castle. From
the specification by James Bristowe it appears that it was a
ten-stop manual organ very highly set, and limited so far as
combinations were concerned. The largest wooden pipe would
not exceed eight feet, and as the Thirteenth, which is now very
rarely used, was included amongst the stops, the tone of the
instrument would be very shrill and piercing. The sixth stop
in the specification is described as ' Fifteenth Trible," but this
is probably a mistake for ' Nineteenth Trible ' to correspond
with the Nineteenth Bass ; or otherwise it may have anticipated
some of the later compound stops, in which there are two
Fifteenths in the treble, with a Tierce or Tirza making the
Seventeenth. The terms of the estimate suggest that this had
been an old organ which Lord Strathmore had purchased, and
which James Bristowe was prepared to put in order for the


very moderate sum of thirty pounds sterling. The new stops
which he was to make for this purpose amounted to more than
one-half of those originally there, whilst the mechanism of both
bellows and manual was to be renewed. The name of Bristowe
does not appear amongst the eminent English organ-builders
of the time, and no clew is given as to his place of residence.
The great English organ-builders at that period were Bernard
Schmidt (known as Father Smith), and Renatus Harris his
rival, the former having come from Germany and the latter
from France. Shortly before that time George Leslie, a
Scottish organ-builder, erected the great organ in the church
of St. Godard at Rouen, but the feeling against the use of the
organ in public worship which was prevalent in this country
had brought the instrument into disrepute. It is not likely
that there was any similar instrument in the east of Scotland
employed in the celebration of divine service besides this one
in the private chapel at Glamis Castle.

The organ in the Chapel-Royal at Holyrood was repaired
by order of James vi. in 1617, and doubtless it was the only
instrument of the kind used at that time. At the coronation
of Charles i.,at Holyrood in 1633, this organ was in operation,
much against the will of the Presbyterian party. The famous
Assembly of 1638, which was held at Glasgow, abolished
Episcopacy, and apparently the question of the use of the
organ was under discussion, as the King was consulted on this
matter by Lord High Commissioner Hamilton. In his reply
Charles wTote : ' For the organs in the chapel, we leave them
to your discretion when to be used."* In this year, however,
the Presbyterians rose in revolt against instrumental music,
and Spalding records in his Memorialls of the Truhles in Scot-
land that in 1638 ' the glorious organs of the Chapel-Royal are
masterfully broken down, nor no service used these, but the
whole chaplains, choristers, and musicians discharged, and the
costly organs altogether destroyed and unusefuL' In DalyelPs
Musical Memoirs of Scotland the following notice occurs : —


' At a meeting of the Kirk-session of the parish of Holyrood
in the year 1643, the matter being motioned concerning that
organ which was taken down and put into the aisle, now lying
idle, rotting and consuming ; yea, moreover, the same being
an unprofitable instrument, scandalous to our profession,
whether the same might not be sold for a tolerable price and the
money given to the poor. The session agreed that this would
be expedient, but postponed the matter.' There is no further
record of the fate of this instrument. Is it not possible that the
instrument at Glamis was the veritable ' organes ' from Holy-
rood ? The theory is not incredible, especially when it is re-
membered how intimate was the connection of Lord Strath-
more with Holyrood. He had employed James Bain, His
Majesty ""s Master of Works there, to begin the alterations at
Glamis ; and the painter De Wet and the carver Santvoort
had both gone from Holyrood to decorate his Forfarshire
castle. Apparently the Kirk-session would be very willing to
dispose of this dilapidated instrument on easy terms, and it
would have a special attraction for such an ardent Royalist as
the Earl of Strathmore. It is right to state that no docu-
mentary proof of this theory has been found, and it is merely
put forward as a suggestion.







I SENT a bill to my sone for on thousand thrie h under and My Eldest
thirtie thrie pond six shi. eight penies. The on halfe of the ^°^^ ^^^^"
money was raised by the effects of my compting with my
tenents for the croft 1682. The other halfe was by the seal
of bear cropt '83 at 4 lib 6/8 per bol.

I ordered the payment of two hunder pond as a years @ M^ Ranken's
rent to Mr. Ranken ^ Catechist in Dundee q^ I owe by thrie ® ''^''^'
thousand thrie hunder and thirtie thrie pond six shillings
eight penies of stock mortefied by Mr. Pat. Yeaman to him
and his successors bearing office as Catechist in Dundee.

I sold two hunder boll bear cropt '83 to the brewers in>/. 2.
Dundee of the q*'^ number there are fiftie bolls ordered to be
delyvered out of the paroch of Glammiss, the like number out
of Airlie, the third equal part out of Auchterhouse and the
fourth out of Castle Lyon @ 4 lib. 6 sh. 8d pr boll readie

I sold about the lyke number of bols of the bear of the Brewars of
paroch of Glammiss to the brewars in the churchtoune @ ^^^"^"^^^^•
5 lib. 6 sh. 8d. pr boll payable at Whit: Lam: and Mert: be
equal portions.

I gave a new tack to pa: Smith in Query cards of the said New tack to
toune and lands for the payment of ten bols wheat ten bols ^"^'* Yeards.
bear ten bols oats and ten bols meal which is thrie bols of
augmentation of the rental.

I obtained from Frederick Lyon ^ ane assignement to M'^ 5*^ day.
John Lambie^ of Dunkennie's bond for four hundred ponds

^ These figures in the text refer to the Notes at the end of the volume.



with the bygone @ rents thereof which with other of his

bonds I have right to and other provisione I intend to make

use of for paying him four thousand a hunder and thirtie thrie

pond six shill: eight penies of privatt which I owe to him with

bygone @ rents since Wittsonday '82.

Strathmartine I have also obtained ane assignement from ffrederick Lyon

kenny's thrie to the Laird of Strathmartine's * band for sixtie six ponds

bonds assigned, j^y^i^een shill. four penies with its bygone @ rent which with

other debts that I am Master of I designe to applie for the

payement of twelve hunder pond q^ I owe to him and @ rents

since Witt: -88 and this is remainder of the pryce of the lands

of Pettpoyntie which I purchased from him.

. M- 3- I gave bond to Frederick Lyon for a thousand thrie hunder

and thirtie thrie ponds six shill. and eight penies, this sowme

is made up pairtly be ane old debt q^ I owed him pairtlie by

a debt of Bridgeton's whereto I am assigned by him and

pairtly by those mentioned in the last two particlers of the

other syde.

Alex'^Cram. I compted with Alex"^ Cram, Mosend and have gott from

him a clear receit of what payments are made to him preceed-

ing Mertimas "83. All contained in a paper which lyes in my

chamber below Together with the agreements I made with

him for his work till the same be compleite.

8th Day. I receaved from Major James Stewart's sone sixtie pond

Major Stewart, thirteen shill. four penies in part of pay* of a smal debt of his

assigned to me be M'^ Tho: Wilsone and have gott his son's

band of corroboratione for the remainder.

loth Day. I hawe sent James Elder doune to the M"" of Kinnaird ^ with

Wins in the compleit pay* for a tunn of ffrench wine q^ I had from George
year 83 payed. . .

his brother in the yeare -83 att thrie hunder and twelve pond

the tunn with the deductione of the customes [in another

hand] (James Divlan).

WhytWais Haveing the last moneth fitted and cleared w* David

compts cleared. ^^^^ ^f Wheat Wal The accompts of his intromissions with

my rents at Tannadyce, The ffermes of Killemwire and oyr.

places adjacent for the cropts '80 '81 and '82 I have taken

bond from such of the tenents as were resting any bygone

dewties,and have received payment from some of them all readie.

M- 4. James Lyon ^ sometime Littster in Dundee having married


to his wyfe Elspet the daughter of Donald Thorntene of n*^ day of
Babenie and had four hunder pond of toucher promitted to J^""^'"^-
him which he was altogether froustrat of and the said James
his trade failing was reduced to great want qu^ moved me to Min' of
run a hazard for him and to accept of ane assignement to the ^^^^°^^^'
mony promitted by the said contract of marriag, and in liew
thereof I have granted for his better subsistance ane oblidge-
ment for pay* of four bols. bear and four bols. meal to M""
Patrick Lyon/ minister of Rescobie, his brother, for his
behove, it being safer in his name then in his owne. The
pay* of cf^ is of continuance for all the dayes of the said
James Lyon his life and his wyfes the langest liver of them

Memous Guthrie was resting to me thrie hunder and thirtie 12*^ day.
thrie pond, six shill: and eight penies by bond q^^ is this day Guthrie!
payed by W"^ Lyon of Easter Ogill and the bond is assigned
by me in favour of a blank persone for his reliefe and John
Lyon's fiar of Whytwall who has payed the bygane @ rents
thereof by giving me signet for 96 lib. 13 sh. and 8d. payable
on demand.

I was owing to Easter Ogill a thousand ponds with some Easter Ogill.
bygane @ rents which is this day cancelled and I have given a
new bond for six hunder and sixtene ponds thirteen shillings
four penies bearing @ rent from Mert. last.

The Earle of Airlie^ as having right from his daughter My 15 Day.
Lady Couper now Lady Lendors^ for certain so®^ of money Earle of Airiie.
upon the accompt of the augmentation of the minister's
Stipend of the Church of Essie out of the lands of Castletoune
of Inglishtoun disponed by the Earle of Buchan to the Lord
Couper whereby the said lands was sold w* warrandice to be
free of all augmentatione so occurring upon the warrandice it is
certainly a burden q^ affects the lands of Auchterhouse so that
I must take course therewith provyding the Earl of Airiie show/c'/. s-
ane unquestionable right thereto since it may be doubted but
that the Lord Balmerinoch who falls in right to that estate after
the deceas of the Lady Lendors may have a better right to the
same, but taking it as granted that the Earle of Airiie has
right thereto q^^ yett must be further tryed. I resolved and
with his owne consent I took a right from James Weems to



two bonds of his for thrie thousand and two hunder pond, and
two hunder and nynteine pond seven shill; two pennies of
bygone @ rents, preceeding Witt : 1681 thereby to compense
the Earle of Airlie's clame being unwilling to be addebter to
him. In the meantime The Earle of Airlie being slow in
business I am to look after the pay* of the @ rent out of the
lands wherein James Weems, my author, had infeftment of
Coddam and Polgavie.

I was also assigned be James Weems to eighteen hunder
ponds or thereby resting to him be the Laird of Strathmartine
which I applyed as a part of the pryce of the lands of Pit-
poyntie q^ I latlie acquyred from him.
James Weems. And now after compt made with James Weems I find
myselfe debiter to him in four thousand ponds q*'^ I gave new
bond for payable att Witt : .1685 w* a years @ rent.

The said James Weems is taksman of the halfe of the
Mains of Auchterhouse and hes by the tack allenarlie to
retaine his current @ rent in firstend of his dewtie, and by the
fitted accompt betwixt us is dischairged of his dewtie cropt
82 and 83, and he hes gott a proceys for a hunder and
eighteen ponds payable by Tho : Hill in the bonytoun which
was the just ballance due to him by the other accompt besydes
* the 4000 lib. for q^^ I gave band so that the retentione of his
@ rent is out of the duty excepting for paying the @ rent till

The minister of fforgan having departed this life in October
1683. The stipend payable out of my lands of the Lordship
of Lyon being five bols. wheat, fourtie six bols. bear and
fourtie four bols. of oats falls due to his executor M^ Alex"".
Leslie ^^ Minr, at Siris in ffyfe who married his sister. So I
have this day bought the fornamed bols. and have gotten his
discharge the wheat at 6 lib. pr. bol. the bear at 4 lib. per bol.
the oats at 3 lib. and have given John Lyon provisione for the
payment thereof, and his own bond mentioned on the fourth
page of this book in the first end thereof. The rest of the
provisione are bonds q^^ I took when I fitted David Lyon of
Whytwalls accompts crop 82 of Tannadyce and the fforiest so
many of these bonds q*^^ I gott at that time from tenents who
were resting to me mony according to the conclusione of the

fol. 6.

M"". Leslie,
Min'. att Siris


said fitted accompt as well make up to John Lyon together
with his own bond the soume of thrie hunder and fourtie sex
ponds being the just pryce of the victual of the stipend q^*^ I
bought and were all acceptable to the said John Lyon for
enabling him to undertake the payment. The on halfe att
Candlemas and the other att Wittsunday nixt to Mr. Leslie.

I compted with Alex^. Craw measone for his receit in the 21 Day.
yeare 1683 but in regard the work is not finished the compt
lyes till the same be done in a bundle with the contracts past Alex. Craw and
betwixt him and me in my compting rowme as before noted. meions°It^^^
Lykeas I compted with the other four working masons att Giammiss.
Glammiss whos staited accompt is their also but that of the
messings payed off.

I have given a factorie to Robert Ogilvy of Glencallie to 23 Day.
uplift the rents of Tannadyce and other my lands lying there
abouts, with a paper apairt for his sallarie and such exact
rentals taken up by concessione | of the tenants before him and foi 7.
diligently compared with the former rentalls I have also given
him a warrand as for all for the payeing the yearlie @ rents to
the creditors aftermentioned.

To witt first the sowme of 400 lib. as the @ rent of the @ rents to be
prin". sowme of QQQQ lib. 13 sh. 4d. due to the Laird of ?ame.

More 120 lib. @ rent of the pr". sowme of 2000 lib. due to
the Laird of Clunie.

More 80 lib. @ rent of the prin". sowme of 1333 lib. 6sh.
8d. due to Mr. Campbell,^^ minister at Menmure.

More thrie hunder pond @ rent of the prin^^ sowme of
5000 lib. due to Provest Couts.

More the @ rent and prin". sowme of five hunder pond or
theirby due to Provest Watson e in Dundee.

More the @ rent of 36 lib. of the prin". sowme of 600 lib.
due to Lindsay of Glenquich.

More m lib. @ rent of 933 lib. 6sh. 8d. due to Robert

More 90 lib. @ rent of mQ lib. 13sh. 4d. due to the Laird
of Easter Ogill.

More 64 Hb. as the @ rent of 1066 lib. 13sh. 4d. due to
Mr. Balvaird, Minr at Kirkden.


More 30 lib. as the @ rent of 500 lib. due to Thomas

More 120 lib. @ rent of 2000 lib. due to Mr. Patrick
Strachan,^^ Minr att St. Vigeanes.

More 80 lib. @ rent of 1333 lib. 6sh. 8d., due to Comissar

More there is an annuity of 28 lib. yearlie to Andrew
Cardean in Baldukie his wyfe for q^^ I have my releife of the
equivalent from the Laird of Logie Ogilvy.
foi. 8. I have con forme to act of parP warranding the here tor to
tax those who live within their lands for the releife of the
current supplie layed on this impositione upon the whole
inhabitants of Glammiss and other places adjacent wdthin the
divisione of Wm. Nicol officier conforme to the stent roll given
him q'^^ he is to collect with all diligence and the compt for
q^^ extends to the sowme of \hlank\.
The tax of I have also tax'd the indwellers of and upon the lands of

Tannadyce and Tannadvce and others places thereto adiacent which is within

thereabout. -^ ^ ^ -^

Ro* Ogilvy of Glencallies factorie and hes committed the col-
lection thereof to David Rickart, ground officer, extending to
the sowme of \blank\

25 Day. I have after communing with Thomas Brown of Lewnay

sometime my factor about Glammiss settled and agried with

Bond given by him about the additional charge which I gave to him this was

By ^y^'^p^^ provyded by the conclusion e of his last compt cropt 1679. In
caise of any error or omissione competent to be challenged be
either of us that the same might have place within a twelve
month efter the concluding of these accompts in caise it were
given in w* in that time q^^ accordingly wes done but nothing
followed upon it till now that after all he was glad content to

A generaii dis- give me a bond for five hunder threttie thrie ponds six shill.

charge given to ^^^ eight penies payable att Wittsunday nixt whereupon he
hes gott a full and ample discharge but with this reserve there
being bear delyvered out of my own lofts to the brewars of
Glams and others within the years of his factorie with the
money whereof he was supposed to have intromitted but by a
discharge which he hes obtained on way or other from James
foi- 9. Elder then grinter he alledges | that the effects of that bear so
delyvered out of the lofts was within his province to have


uplifted and that if he, the said Thomas Brown received any

pairt thereof from the Brewers of Glammiss or others to whom

it was sold be compted to the said James Elder for it and reserve oAhe

upon his general discharge ffor clearing of q*'^ there is a pro- P'^y^^ °^ such

cess aggried upon to be intented before the Sherrif of fforfar deiy vered out of

that either the on or the other may be comptable upon the ^^ °^^^

event of the actione. It being verie just that I sould have

the return e and pryce of my own bear dely vered out of my

Lofts, and that the brewars and others lies payed it it's most

certaine and that the subterfuge in either the on or the

other is most false and deceitfull. Perhaps both upon on

ace* or other are verie blamefull in it for q^^ causes I am

resolved for the slowth fullness of the on by whom I suffered

great prejudice in his service suffering tenents to run on in

heavie and shamfull rests and to goe away in the yeare of their

displenishing without payment of anything and many other

gross mismanagements too tedious here to enumerate and for

the other his litle tricks and underhand wayes having suffered

abuses not ofen tho. not of so great value that ay never to

trust further then what either of them at any time may

by chance be employed in q^^ at niglit they must give ane

accompt of wherein for a dayes service there can be very litle

damnage don especially if a man be cautious which the former

prejudices I have sustained cannot but render me, and I have James Elders

a good many years of James Elders compts yet [to] canvass faken^n! ^° ^^

which must be done the more narrowly since justly I have

jealousie of him.

I have in lyke maner gottine a bond from James Elder anent
the bear delyvered out of the lofts that in caise he should suc-
cumb in the actione betwixt him and Thomas Brown of Lewnay
in that caise he must be lyable for the pryce of these bolls.

I have also made the Tax Roll for the lands and inhabitants T^^,^?^ ^'^^.
of the paroch of Nether Airlie and Killemwre within the Alex"- Reid
division of Alex'' Reid officer who is to collect the same and ° ^^^'
q^^ does extend to the sowme of [blanJc]. /oi. lo.

I have given a factorie to David Lyon the grinter at Glam- 26 Day.
miss to be factor for the wyder circle of the Lordship as
Lykewayes to continue grinter conforme to the particular
table rentalls signed and delyvered to him for the cropt 1683



David Lyon
his factorie of
the Lordship of

A List of @
rents to be
payed by him

This debt is
payed [in writ-
ing of L*^

fol. II.

He ordained at
his death this
bond to be
given up [note
in L, Strath-
more's writing].

I have also committed to him the payment of such @ rents
yearlie of the prin"® sowmes oweing to the persones after-
named To witt.

To David Crightoune in Kookston 80 lib. as the @ rent of
1333 lib. 6 sh. 8d. due to him.

To the childreine of Mr. James Crighton 240 lib. as @ rent
of 4000 lib. due to them.

To Patrik Crightone in Bread stone 40 lib. as the @ rent of
m% lib. 13 sh. 4d. due to him.

To Alex"^ Hood in Reidie 40 lib. as the @ rent of ^^q^ lib.
13 sh. 4d. due to him.

To James Bennie in Balmukety about 40 lib. as the @ rent
of m^ lib. 13 sh. 4d.

To the Catechist in Dundee for the time J^OO lib. as the @
rent of 3333 lib. 6 sh. 8d.

To Helen Symmer and her son in Dundee 200 lib. as the
@ rent of 3333 lib. 6 sh. 8d.

To Katteren and Marie Pilmore 144 lib. as y"^ @ rent of
2400 lib.

To Henrie Craford of Easter Seton 120 lib. as the @ rent of

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