Patrick Lyon Strathmore.

The book of record, a diary written by Patrick first earl of Strathmore and other documents relating to Glamis castle, 1684-1689 online

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2000 lib.

To Rodgeres Morteficatione 80 lib. as the @ rent of
1333 lib. 6 sh. and 8d.

To the Laird of Craigie 160 lib. as the @ rent of 2666: 13: 4d.

To the Laird of Nevay 240 lib. as the @ rent of 4000 lib.

To M"" John Lambie of Dunkennie 248 lib. as the @ rent
of 4133 lib. 6 sh. 8d.

To the Bishop of Dunblane ^* 160 lib. as the @ rent of
2666, 13 8d.

To Thomas Blair 160 lib. as the @ rent of 2666 lib. 13 sh.
8d. and

To Frederick Lyon 80 lib. as the @ rent of 1333 lib. 6 sh. 8d.

I am also to establish [blank] my factor att Auchterhouse who
is to have a clear table rental, and he is to satisfie and pay
yearlie the @ rents aftermentioned to the rex^^® creditors to witt.

To the Countess of Buchan ^^ dureing her lyftyme and to my
Lord Buchan's assignay the prin"« of 7333 lib. 6s. 8d. the @
rent of q^^ being 440 lib. is payed to her duety at Wittsunday
and Mertimess and the first term that is due is Witt, next 1684.


To James Read in Auchterhouse 400 lib. as the @ rent of
6666 lib. 13s. 4d.

To James Weems there, 240 lib. as the @ rent of 4000 lib.

To Duncan ^^ of Lundie 240 lib. as the @ rent of 4000 lib.

To Cristian Young 40 lib. as the @ rent of 666 lib. 13. 4.

To the Churche Sessioun of Auchterhouse about 533 lib.
6 sh. 8d. prin"® and 32 lib. @ rent yearlie.

To on Farmer who lives in the Cottoun 200 lib. and the @
rent thereof yeirlie is 12 lib.

The six immediatlie above named at least five of them are
the more easily payed that they have localities for their @

To M"- John Cambell of Denhead 160 lib. as the @ rent of
2666 lib. 13 sh. 8d.

To John Duncan, merchant in Dundee 200 lib. as the @ i owe him only
rent of 3333 lib. 6 sh. 8d. '°°° ^'^'°^'

To the Earle of Panmure^^ 138 lib. as the @ rent of

To M"^ Nathaniel fFyfe in Perth 240 lib. as the @ rent of
4000 Kb.

To M*" Patrick Lyon ^^ of Carnustie, advocat 120 lib. as the
@ rent of 2000 lib.

To M'-s Hay in Perth 120 lib. as the @ rent of 2000 lib. >/• i^.

James Couper continues factor of Litle Blair and the feu James Couper
duties and other rents payable thereabout conform e to his Biair.
particular table rentall.

He is to pay out of his intromissiounes the @ rents of the
debts after named to witt.

To the airis of James Crightone portioner of Couper Grange
560 lib. as the @ rent of 9333 lib. 6 sh. 8d. prin".

To William Geeky of Baldowrie 120 lib. as the @ rent of
2000 lib. prin".

To the Minister of Ketns^^ 40 lib. as the @ rent of
666 lib. 13 sh. 8d. prin".

This Alexander Swin hes only his compts for the cropt 82 Alexander Swin

,,,,.. *^ ^ factor att

to clear and adjust. Kinghorn.

He hes the @ rents after mentioned to pay to the creditors
particularly sett downe out of the inst. jm vi^ and eightie


List of @ rents T"o Andrew Brown, merchant in Eden, 480 lib. as the @
to^ayed by fgnt of 3000 prin".

To Baih Reid in Eden. 240 lib as the @ rent of 4000 lib.
To Doctor Edward,^^ minister at Cryl 240 lib. as the @ rent
of 4000 lib.

To Adam ffirnell, wreitter in Eden. 120 lib. as the @ rent of
2000 lib.

To John Whytt of [blank] besyde Kercadie about 100 lib.

sterlin the @ rent of q^^^ is 72 lib.

Castle Lyon ffolloweth the List and accompt of such @ rents as I am

c^i^^/gT^^^ determined to take course with yeirlie myselfe having reserved

in my hand. it into my own hands without any factor, my estate att Castle

Lyon as Lykewayes such pairts of the Lordship of Glammiss

as lye the nearest to the house which lands will pairtly by process

of time be inclosed within the park in the way and maner as it

ybi. 13. is desyned to surround the house or does in some place or

other touch the park wall and is commonly called the Narrow

Circle. The managment hereof by myselfe was but undertakne

some two years agoe — att the outtgoing of Thomas Browne

my factor here att that time, but that att Castle Lyon hes

continued no less then these twentie years and is a good and

certaine rent albeit att my first entrie they were generally ill

payers which indeed was not the fault of the Land but the

Tenendrie their att that time were a race of evill doers desolate

fellowes and mislabourers of the ground.

The @ rents to A List of @ rents reserved to be payed by my owne care as

To M'^ Nicolson ^^ minister at ErroU 80 lib. as @ rent of
1333 lib. 6 sh. 8d.

To the Laird of Leyes 80 lib. as the @ rent of 1333 lib.
6 sh. 8d.

To the minister of Inshture^^ 40 lib. as the @ rent of
666 lib. 13s. 4d.

To M"^ James Auchinleck's aires 240 lib. as the @ rent of
4000 lib.

To Andrew Dal tylour in Dundee 40 lib. as the @ rent of
666 lib. 13s. 4d.

To Sir James St. Clare of Kinnaird 360 lib. as the @ rent
of 6000 lib.


To the minister of Newburn's aires 44 lib. as the @ rent of
733 lib. 6s. 8d.

To the aires of on Bonner in ffyfe 160 lib. as the @ rent of
2666 lib. 13s. 4d.

To Craigmillar ^^ besyd his old sowme for q*^^ there was near payed
provision made by money in Merchants hands 180 lib. as the
@ rent of 3000 lib.

To my Lord Carse ^^ about 240 lib. as the @ rent of 4000 lib. The lands of

*^ Quilco des-

prin"® or thereby. poned to him

To Sir James Rochhead ^s 240 lib. as the @ rent of 4000 lib. j-^/f^;^

To Hugh Wallace Cash Keeper 240 lib. as the @ rent of
4000 lib.

To M"" Thomas Gordon about 180 lib. as the @ rent of
3000 lib. prin" or thereby.

To M"" Thomas Lermont about 240 lib. as the @ rent of
4000 lib. prin^^ or thereabout.

To the Assigneyes of Bailzie Calderwood 160 lib. as the @
rent of 2666 lib. 13s. 4d.

To Sir John Maitland'^^ go lib. as the @ rent of 1333 lib. payed [L-^s.]
6 sh. 8d.

To the Tutor of on Lawder 80 lib. @ rent of 1333 lib. 6s. 8d.

To the relict of M'^ pa. Hay 20 lib. as the @ rent of
333 hb. 6 sh. 8d.

To Gourdie Kinloch ^7 40 lib. as the @ rent of 666 lib. 13s. 8d.

If there be any other debts its lyke they may be verie incon-
siderable and for compts there are verie few it never having
been my custome to let them run on to any hight.

There is indeed resting a considerable debt to some Inglish
factors, but there is equal provisione to ballance it in the hands
of Sir W"^ Sharp.

There is another debt due to Craigmillar and provisione for
the payment of it.

The Laird of ffindourie^^ lies a Wadsett of Marquess and Wadsett Lands.
Milne thereof and Moorhillock, but the rent of the Wadsett
lands is not in the factors rentall except only the superplus
dutie so the on is at least as good if not better then the other.
The sowme whereupon the Wadsett is redeemable is 5700 lib.
Sicklyk M'* David Lindsay has a wadsett redeemable for thrie
thousand pond, and Mitchell Gray of Turbeg for two thousand ■>^^'^- ^s-
thrie hunder and thirtie thrie pond six shillings eight pennies.



The Sowme of
the whole
debts before

Now to make ane exact survey of all the before written
debts both for my owne clearness and to satisfie posteritie if
they read this book, here follows The sowmes of the whole
principale debts before enumerat :

1. First Robert Ogilvy of Glencally his division comes to
twentie two thousand a hunder sixtie six pond thirtaine shilling
four pennies.

2. By the second committed to David Lyon there is Thirtie
seven thousand and two hunder pond.

3. By the third committed to the care of the factor of
Auchterhouse There is of principall sowmes Thirtie eight
thousand nyn hundred and sixtie six pond thirtaine shilling
four pennies.

4. By the fourth committed to James Couper there is
for his share the @ rents of 12000 lib. twelve thousand

5. By the fifth committed to the care of Alex'^ Swin factor
att Kinghorne there is nyntene thousand thrie hunder and
thirtie thrie pond six shilling eight pennies.

6. By the sixth and greatest reserved to my owne care there
is @ rents answearing to the principale sowme of fourtie five
thousand seven hunder and thirtie thrie pond six shilling
eight pennies.

The whole sowme of the debts before mentioned in these six
severall divisions extends to on hundreth seventie five thousand
and four hundred pond.

The @ rent of which sowmes is yeirlie ten thousand five
hundred and twentie four pond.

Followes a List of debts payed and discharged pairtly by the
effects of my estate and partlie by the fewing of Lands and
the pryce of them since the year jm vi'^. and seventie eight, att
which time I made that inventar of my debts and creditors
who's names and sowmes I find new crossed and which I am
sure will never stand in judgement against me or mine.
Payed to Clunie two thousand pond . . 02000 00 00

To M"" John Croket six hunder and sixtie six

pond, thirtaine shilling four pennies . . 00666 13 04

To Drybrough ten thousand pond . . 10000 00 00

rre^n^[y^et°''^^ To Alexander fForester six thousand six hunder

The Total of
the debt.

fol. i6.

Debts payed
and the bonds

Since Januarij
C678 compts


and sixtie six pond thirtaine shilling four cleared tho:

pennies 06666 13 04 be'paye'd!

To Bailzie Watsone four thousand pond . 04000 00 00

To John Pilmore nyn hunder thirtie and thrie
pond six shilling eight pennies q^^ was att that
time the remainder of as many thousand pond
qch J ^gg Qj^(.g oweing him inde . . 00933 06 00

To Provost Watsone in Dundee five hunder
pond, but I was once owing to him twentie
thousand pond the papers Whereof Lye and
ane assignment to the securitie to a blank
persone ..... 00500 00 00

To fFodringham 2^ of Bandean three thousand
thrie hunder and thirtie thrie pond six shilling
eight pennies inde .... 03333 06 08

To Easter Powrie two thousand pond . . 02000 00 00

To Kinnaber two thousand six hunder and
sixtie six pond thirtaine shilling four pennies
inde . . . . . . 02666 13 04

To Lindsay of Glenqueich thrie hunder and
thirtie thrie pond six shilling eight pennies,
but his grandfather had a Wedset of Litlecoul
and Dirachie within the paroch of Tannadyce
for ten thousand merks . . . 00333 06 08

To Robert Lindsay in Coul on thousand and >/. 17

sixtie six pond thirtaine shilling four d. . 1066 13 04

To William Lyon of Easter Ogill thrie hunder
and thirtie thrie pond six shillings eight be-
syde as much the last day recorded upon the
fourth page of this book but I was owing
his father ten thousand merks on a Wadsett
in Tannadyce which I redeemed inde . . 0333 06 08

To the Minister of Cyrus on thousand three A mistake for

hunder and thirtie three pond six shilling owenTo m^^''^'

eight pennies There was lykewayes more Leslie but to

owen to his father inde . . . 1333 06 08 '^' ''''''•

To M"^ Patrick Lyon, Advocat, six hunder sixtie

six pond thirtaine shill: four pennies iiide . 0666 13 04

To severall Tenents of the Earle of Panmure of


old Cars-gray's debts two thousand pond and

upwards iiide ..... 2000 00 00

To Auchterlownie of Guynd,^^ twelve thousand

pond, inde . . . . . 12000 00 00

To Thomas Nairn a thousand pond . . 1000 00 00

To Captain Lyon two thousand pond but he had
lykewayes a wed sett in Tannadyce which I
redeemed and I lykewayes bought from him
the lands of Westhill for this was a debt of
old Cars-grays inde .... 2000 00 00

To Thomas Clepen five hunder pond his father
had lykewayes a considerable wedsett in Tan-
nadyce q^^ was redeem"'d inde . . . 0500 00 00

To Sir William Binning of Walingford and
others the assigneys of the aire of the Earle of
Bramford who evicted from me, and q''^ was
a sore blow, money with the interest thereof
which my father gott of his fine att the par-
liament at St. Androws for just debt then
owing him be the publick this wes done in on
of the Duke of LauderdaPs ^^ parlia*^ and
violentlie carried on as indeed it was thought
that his brother the Lord Hatton went snips
and had a share, the sowme of sixtaine thou-
sand six hunder sixtie six pond thirtaine shil-
ling four pennies ijide . . . 16666 13 04
/bi. i8. To Salton^2 three thousand pond inde . . 3000 00 00

To Trumble of Stracathrow on thousand six

hunder pond in^^ . . . .1600 00 00

To Andrew Crawford, Sherrifs clerk att Linlith-
gow on thousand two hunder pond inde . 1200 00 00

To Bannerman^^ of Elsick three thousand ^ three
hunder and thirtie thrie pond six shilling
eight pennies inde .... 3333 06 08

To my Lord Ross^* four thousand six hunder
and sixtie six pond thirtaine shill. four pennies
inde . . . . . . ^666 13 04

To Hunter of Burnsyde two thousand four

hunder pond inde .... 2400 00 00


To the Earle of Linlithgow ^^ on thousand three hunder and
thirtie thrie pond six shilling eight pennies q^^ I borrowed
from him q" I purchased some superiorities from the E. of
Craford.^^ This noble Lord having married my mother, who
dyed in October 1659, had such clampers and pretences against
me as by advice of my curators I was induced to impignorat
the lands of Cardean and the third pairt of Lenros to him for
the sowme of fourtaine thousand six hunder and sixtie six
pond, thirtain shill: four pennies, q^^ I payed soon after
inde ..... . 1333 06 08

To M^ John Lyon Sherrif clerk of fForfare on

thousand three hunder and thirtie three pond

six shill: eight pen: . . . . 1 333 06 08

To Sir George Lockhart^^ two thousand pond,

inde ...... 2000 00 00

To Craigmiller five thousand pond and there

must be on thousand six hunder and sixtie six

pond thirtaine shill: four pen: yet made out to

him to compleat that payement inde . . 5000 00 00

To James Wilsone three hunder and thirtie

thrie pond six shill: eight pen: . . 0333 06 08

To M'^. Auchterlownie and W*". Nicolson being >/. 19-

a pairt of Cossens debt five hunder and thirtie

three pond six shilling eight pennies as lyke-

wayes considerable soumes of money more of

this miserable man''s debt not here compted in

regard that the greatest pairt of the debts q^^

exhaust that estate wes payet be me before

the year of God 1678 inde . . . 0533 06 08 The Total of

To M"". Cheesly^^ att Edenburgh a bas uncivil since\heyear

raskel on thousand two hunder pond inde . 1200 00 00 ^^78.

TTie sowme of the payments since the yeare 1678 according
to the debts before narrated extends to the sowme of nyntie
nyn thousand eight hunder sixtie six pond thirtain shill: four
pennies, ...... 99866 13 04

I cannot forbeare here to informe the reader who perhaps may
peruse these writings after I am gone that from this time of
my fathers death who dyed in the month of May 1646 when I


Sh°e mrrdedihe ^^^ ^^"^ 3"^^^ ^^^ *^^^ *^^ J^^^ ^^^^ ^^^" ^^ mother dyed in
Earl of Lithgow the October before. The debt q^^ my father left behind him
■i ^^ °- was, by inventars whereof some are yet extant no less then four
hunder thousand ponds much of which debt was contracted by
him for paying great sowmes of money for q*^^ he engaged
himselfe cautioner for relations and others which I have been
told that after I was borne he repented him much of but could
not help it. This debt still increasing The @ rents exceeding
the rents of the unlyfrented lands in so much as the verie
Mains of Glammis was wedsett and in effect litle or nothing
there was in Angus of the estate he left behind him not
possessed by on creditor or another except the lands of
Bahelvie in Aberdeenshyre q^^ I sold to my uncle the E. of
Panmure and thereby returned to the possession of many of
my lands in Angus and by the money of my Toucher with a
>/. 20. pairt of q^^ 1 1 redeem^ the Mains of Glamms and other Lands
and payed off the E. of Linlithgow. I receaved lykewayes
about twentie seven thousand pond out of the hands of the
E. of Morton^^ for who's father and grandfather my father was
att great Loss even to the value of a hunder thousand pond
and had it not been that the E. of Morton married att that
time a sister of my wife and daughter to the E. of Midlton^^
I cou'd never have gott any releife att all. This with the
return of my mothers liferent lands brought me againe allmost
after a total eclipse of this family to live but still with the
misfortune even to this day of some inpervenient cautionerie
or other which puts me back allmost as farr as I press forward.
I must lykewayes remember that the familie and hous of Erroll
in the persone of Gilbert who''s mother was my father''s sister
which relatione is now lost by his dyeing without airs of his
bodie was verie fatal to my familie for the E. of Erroll*^ being
a child when his father dyed was keeped in my father's hous
and by his being att S*. Andrews q" the plague first broke out,
it pleased God by the infectione q*^^ the E. of ErrolFs gover-
nour was attact'd with sadly to visit this familie whereof my
father dyed Besyds divers and sundrie debts there were which
my father as tutor to the E. of Erroll gave his owne bond for
which in justice I ought to be relieved of but dair not awake
sleeping dogs There being more hazard in the event by accompt


and reckoning as tutor (q^^ is the most hazardfull imployment
in the world a tutor being lyable not only for commissions but
ommissions and for q*'^ cause ifs advysable for no man that
can shun it to be a tutor and which I my selfe have declined
both in my cusan Bridgeton'*s children and in the case of my
sister^s children by the Earle of Aboyn^^) then anything to be
expected and evicted that way. Albeit the soumes I lye out
of are verie considerable.

It wes lykways a great misfortune of my family that in my>/
minority and nonage my mother being a verie young woman
married and it was verie excusable in her so to doe who in the
time of her widdowhead managed the intricat effairs of this
familie with great prudence but in the year 1650 after she was
married and cloathed with a new husband he repeated back
these debts which she had payed in her widdowhead with the
eflPects of her lyferent Land. There being assignat"® wes
taken all alongs by her to such debts as she did pay which I
haue out of respect and charitie to the memorie of my mother
reasone to beleeve she did of no such designe tho. after my
Lord Linlithgow wes master of these papers she could not help
it, and that the true designe in her of so doeing wes only that
in case I had dyed and having no other son to succeed me that
she might have receaved from My uncle Bridgtone who was
the next aire male of the familie these debts, however it fell
out cross to what I presume she designed and many families
there are besyde mine who are reduced to a verie low conditione
and seme quyte extinct by exorbitant joynters.

Ane other great evill to this familie was that my father not
being cautious enough nor forseeing the evill consequences of
it when the valuat^"®^ in order to publick burdens were first made
in the shyre, he for his whole estate was rather valued above
his real rent then under. And indeed it was the fault of his
servants whom he trusted over much who's vanity in behalfe of
their Lord moved them to too liberall a condescensione when
others his neighbours more cuningly made concealments even
to the halfe and some under that. Yet this was the rule and
there was no help for it, the ] troubles of the countrie increased^/,
and so did the publick burdens and all was laid on according
to the value"® So were the outreicks and Levies And this


cuntrie being then as without a head it was the Paster and
prey of the souldiers — marching back and fore from South to
North and the allowances given to the tenents for their losses
for quartering were verie great. Morover in the year 1650
when my uncle Bridgtone efter my mother'*s marrieg came tutor
in Law it was a great Loss to my affaires that he was a most
simple tho. a weell meaning man. And albeit there were gross
ommissions as weell as commissions in his tyme who dyed in the
yeare 1660 yet such was the affectione and pitie which I had
for his sons who, the on succeeding to the other, and both
leaving wyfs behind them, and the first daughters and the
second a daughter besyde his sone and the estate being so
incumbered not only with the lyferents with the provisione of
the daughters and debts left by the grandfather who managed
his owne no better then mine in my minoritie, that I have still
forborn nor will I resume any thing of those mismanagements
against his grandchild my kinsman, but in the time of his
tutorie there was a verie notable roug who heired a factor
called John Smith who dyeing Lykewayes made it not so easie
for me Yet I repeated something most justlie from him which
foi- 23. helped me in some things att | that time when I purchased the
lands of Thorntone in the paroch of Glammiss. In the year
1660 at which time I came from scools and upon the verie day
of his Majestic who now reigns his birth and restoration to his
Kingdom the twentie nynt of May, upon q''^ day I have been
told I was born Lykewayes my selfe, and stayed in Dundee all
night and the nixt day I went out to Castle Lyon from which
place my Lord Lithgow had removed some time before when I
found nothing but bare walls and had not so much as on bed
to ly doune in, for all was carried away by him in the right of
my mother whom my father left his executrix. And the place
of Glammiss, the ancient seat of my family was no better for
all that time it was not altogithir purged of the Inglish
garrison who tho. they spoyled and damnified the house and
all about it verie much yet some of the worst of the furniture
of my father's two dwelling houses being left of designe be my
mother in this place for my use was also left and spared by the
Inglish garrison so that I was not so much spoiFd by them as I
was by my owne fatlier in Law. I had a verie small and a verie


hard begining and if I had not done so great and good things
as I might or willingly would have done I desyre that my
posteritie whom God has bless'*d me with may excuse these my
endeavours for the reasone before mentioned.

And tho. since the time of my father'*s death in the month
of May 1646 I have brooked the Title and dignity yet to any
considering persone who shall read what is before written that
I was but a nominal Earle and in every mans apprehension e
the estate was irrecoverable.

Yet being at that time but seventaine yeares of aige and>/. 24.
inflam'd stronglie with a great desyre to continue the memorie
of my familie, I looked upon nothing as too hard hopeing still
to doe it and albeit there was nothing more frequent then
frauds in conveyances by which appearing heires invested them-
selves with such titles by getting assignationes from such
creditors as were first in diligence whereby the greatest part
of their debts which were resting to the poorer sort or to the
more ingenuous and less distrustful kind of people fearing no
harme or ill designe as by this means altogether frustrate the
payment of the greatest pairt of their debts. And by such
practises I have been a looser my selfe who have payed of my
father^s cautionerie for the Earle of Seafort *^ fourteen thousand
pond and for the Laird of Dun** upwards of ten thousand
pond out of w^^ with the interest of this money I have lyen
and am in no possibilite to recover it. But by Divin provi-
dence which I may rather ascrive it to then out of any choise
of my owne being then so young and of no experience I did
then begin and still have, continued with Just and equall
dealings to all men. I never defrauded the poor nor had I
ever any favour or ease from those who were powerfull all way es
acknowledging my father^s bonds when I saw them And I
hope by the mercie of God founding againe my familie upon
the pillar of justice I shall be able to transmitt a good pairt
of my estate with much less of incumbrance and debt then I
found att my entrie thereto.

But there are still some impending cautionries of my father
which I fenced these twentie yeires with long weapons, and if
those saise upon me it will infalliblie reduce this familly againe
into a desperat conditione such as the debt of Herad's hospitall,


Sir Andrew Dick's great clame is now transferred to his chil-
dren, another debt due by the Earle of Morton and his

/oi. 25. cautioners | to M^ Samuel Jonstone and truly payed to him by
the E. of Traquer ^^ by the pryce of the E. of Morton's lands
then sold as the bond was truly retired from the creditor and
some yeares agoe out of a sinister designe by My Lady Traquer
and on Veitch of Daick who strongly solicit the heir of that
Jonstone and with great difficultie was at last prevailed upon
to give them or some confident persone in their name a title to

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