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I have sett a tack of Robert Lindsays possessions of Litle- ^^ ^^y-
coul in Tannadyce to James Guthrie brother to Thomas Tacks to
(Memus) Guthrie wherein it is agreed betwixt us that he is to James Guthrie.
pay sixtie six pond thirtine shill: four pennies for each
year tack Begining the first pay* hereof att Witt, nixt and
twentie pond of augmenta"® of the duty yearlie.

John Toch hes also gott a tack of another fourth pairt of JohnToch.
the Lands of Meicklbagillo for the payment of the duty
accustomed, he had the halfe of that soume before and so is
now tenent to thrie parts thereof.

John Smith is continued by a tack in the possessione of the John Smith.
fourth pairt of the said towne so that its | hoped by his displen->/. 67.
ishing a pleughs labouring he may be able to pay his debt.

The toune and lands of Quilke are sett in thrie equall third J:°JS,ens Ind ^^
pairts to John and James Cudberts his sone and James ffair- James ffair-
wather, with this imprevement of the duty, that where as
before they were obleidged to repair with all their grindable
corns to Lochmilne and that the tenent there payed me four
bolls meall yearlie for it. These tenents now for ane immunity
and freedome from the said milne pay by their tacks yeirlie two
bolls bear on boll meall and twelve pond money more then
they did.

Andrew Gray in Balbona having a possessione under me of 2 Februarij
200 pond of silver duty yearlie and he being a man verie Andrew Gray
intent upon suits of law for he had a world of broken plea's I aU^iTto re"^^
was induced upon hopes that the sparing of him should enable ^nfer him in
him to prosecute his actions att law. I had the patience to


forbear him a lang time till att lentli after he gain"*!! on suite

^ch yeilded him more than would have payed me, he made use

of most of the effects thereof another way and payed me but a

small pairt w^^ thing provoking me j ustlie I put him in prison

and poynded his come and cattel in harvest 1683 and he

himselfe lay in prison from that time till this day that being

prevailed upon by others for his inlargement I signed a warrand

to the Magistrats for letting him out of prison and gott a

bond from on Mr. George Gray wretter in Dundee wherein he

is obleidged to reproduce his persone if alive on the nynth of

/o/. 68. Apprill next or pay the sowme | yet resting be Andrew Gray

w*^** after the compt of the poynding was made and cleared the

debt was found to be 340 ponds and its wished that Andrew

may live and that M*". George may make no restitu"® of him.

4 day. The Laird of Cossens was resting to James Steell in Kinaltie

jameTsteei ° ^^^ lib 13 sli.s 8 p.ns, by an old bond of his fathers wheron

payed. infeftment did follow and a decreet of poynding of the ground

of Kintyrie. This debt tho. I have now more upon the estait

then its able to bear yet in regard that the said James Steell was

an old possessor and being lykways addebted to me in 417 lib

of bygon dewties, for and preceeding the cropt 82 I was moved

out of my free Good will to give him a discharge of this debt

and have gott a right from him to this debt of Cossens with

the byegone @ rents thereof resting unpayed.

A tack to James I have also granted a tack to the said James SteelFs sone for

ee younger. ^^^ accustomed duty for ten years to run after the deceas of

his father.

13 day. I have sett a tack of a number of the Church toune aikers of

Ramsay with ^ Tannadyce possessed last by James Smith To John Ramsay

the Kirktoun there for the old accustomed dewty together with the malt

aickers of i i i x

Tannadyce. kill and coble with the use of the victual house so long as I
have not use thereof myselfe. This was a house built by my
father the lofts whereof in caise the ferme bear was not sold
was designed for keeping of the bear so not to let it ly in the
tenents hands And below tho. there was never a meall girnel
yet if it shall be found necessarie there is a verie good place
and roume for it in the furthermost end of the barne Hitherto
the kill and coble hes been put to no profitt nor anything
placed in rentall for it, but now John Ramsay payes yearlie by


his tack 13 lib 6 sh.s 8 p. for it and when the tack expyres the
duty may be raised to a halfe or at least a third pairt more.

I have compted with Andrew Wright ^^ Avho is the wright 14 day.
imployed in my building he hes gott in the first place a great
dale before now w^^ shall not | be mentioned or resumed here,/^/. 69.
and amongst that the rowme he possesses in Longforgone
called the Byrflet for payment of a small feu duty, the rentall
of it was ten bolls of bear besyds the teind sheave drawne.
But to look forward there is contracts standing betwixt us for
the work at Glammiss w^^ is still unfinished as weell plaister
work as wright work, and there remains att this day due to
him conforme to the fitted accompt five hunder sixtie nyne
pond eight shilling. There was lykwayes severall other compts
of by work w^^ are all cleared preceeding this day.

There is lykewayes ane undertaking of his att the Church of
Longforgen w^^ is be itselfe. Nothing is payed hereof except
what he rests by his last discharge of his aiker roume cropt

Alexander Nicol on of the four tenants of Kinaltie being \^^^^y- . ,^

. ^ A tack of the

dead and having run himselfe in the tuo yeares wherem he fourth pairt of

brooked the roume in some debt to me, and his father James Kinaltie to

Nicol yet in more debt both in my owne time and in my Robert and

father''s and his children being verie young I was forced to deal

with others and so found on Robert Doig who's daughter

Nicol had married, and so for love of his grandchild or upon

other private reasons undertook the debt and took tacks of

the roume w^^ I put him in and his son James who are bound

conjunctlie and sev"'® as it stands plenished, they are oblidged

by tack to pay the usuall duty as before and have given their

bond for six hunder sixtie six pond thirtein shilling four

pennies w^^ tho. it be short of what was addebted to me by

these Nicols first and last, yet it is more then ever I could

have receaved from the Nicols unless I had exposed the roume

to the hazard of being casten waist. y^'^- ^°-

I have this day made the Tax Roll, of Auchterhouse con- The Tax Roll
forme to the act of parliment for my releife of the present house.
publick burdens.

There was on David Kidd who lived in the Templebank of
Thorntone w^^ is of dewtie eight bolls bear, eight bolls meall.



1 8 day.
David Kidd's

James Gordon
tenent in

James Stevin-
son Maltman
in Glammiss.

fol. 71,
Brewars in and
about Glam-

and twelve pouttrie, he putt into my hands as much more as
the @ rent thereof exhausted the rent save sixteine pond that
he payed of superplus dutie yearlie. This honest old man
dyed without ishue and of his owne good will was pleased not
only to discharge the debt w^^ I did owe him and left my bond
to be given up to me but did lykwayes leave any litle stock
w^^ he had on the roume to me, and dyeing in the tale of
harvest 1683 the roume became so void of a tenent so I
aggried in this moneth of ffebruarij with on James Gordon,
who had a litle tenement hard by and I behoov'd in regard
the season was farr past to grant him considerable help for the
tillage for the cropt 1684 and a quarter of victual halfe beare
halfe meall of deduction of the rentall for the said yeare and
it was reasonable lykways to quitt him the pouttrie because
he [got] not the Tofts, and so having entered in a minute
with him he is now tenent in the templebank for the old dutie
in a five years tack.

I have signed a tack to James Stevinson maltman in Glam-
miss for the malthouse w*^^ is improven somewhat of the dutie
for it was of old twentie five pond yearlie and is now thirtie
thrie pond six shill. eight pennies, this was reasonable to be
done in regard of late the repar"^" of the malt house cost me a
good dale of money, there is lykwayes obleidged everie few
yeares to pay a years dewty of entrie money. This James
Stevinson has also gott thrie aickers of the Churchtoune Land
in ferming and is to gett tuo more when the entries from the
barns is made up thorrow the shade of land the lenth of West-
hill, it not being possible to doe it in any certinty att present
in regard of a great change of land and of an overturning of
the most of these possessions by drawing out the lenth of the
avenue that farr, for this I had lykeways thirtie thrie pond six
shilling eight pennie of entrie money.

I usually sell a quantity of bear more or less to my own
brewars everie year at 13 sh.s 4d of the boll att least more then
the current rate, but in regard the bargen was made for the
cropt 1683 a month before the begining of January 1684 from
w^^ time this book has its comencement I doe not hear sett
down in speciall the particular quantities or the persons names
who bought, only the pryce accorded on with those in and


about the toune of Glammiss is five pond six shill: eight
pennies p boll and those few of them who payed readiest
money hes 13 sh.s 8d of ease in the boll w*^^ is yet six shilling
eight pennies more then the current pryce in common mercats.

I have this day sold to James Stevinson sixtein bolls for
readie money and other sixtein bolls att the pryce above men-
tioned and the bear is ordered to be delyvered to him of the
growth of the Newtoun of Glammiss.

I signed a tack to Archibald Black of Patrick Lyons tene- 19 day.
ment in the toune of Glammiss of tuo aicker and a halfe of
in-feild and ane aiker of out-feild for the accustomed dewtie
during his and his wyf 's lyfe time and twentie pond given by
him of entrie money.

There was on Thomas Nicoll for some time tenent in Car- 21 day.
dean who becam banquerupt and insolvent of whom after
much adoe I did att last obtaine securitie for a hunder and
fiftie tuo pond w*^^ after all was resting to me, and his brother
Ja. Nicoll in Lindertis became good for it by a bond at thrie
dayes dait.

I signed a tack to David Smairt and Alex. Murison of four 25 day.
aickers of land at the Kirktoune of Tannadyce. Munson.

I have sent tuo hunder pond to M^ William Balvaird^^ for M"- w. Baivaird.
My son Pa. his use att Aberdeen as provision for the current
quarter for w*'^ he is att his returne to give an accompt as
lykewayes the money w^^ he received att ther going there in
the month of No^ >/. 72.

I payed to M"*. John Lambie of Dunkennie a yeares @ rent March 10 day.
of his princip"® sowme conforme to his discharge of two hundred rent.
and fourtie eight pond of this days dait.

Andrew Dall in Dundee is payed of his @ rent of fourtie Andrew Daii's
pond from Wittsonday 1682 till Witt.— 83 having gott twelve @ '^'^^•
bolls of the cropt 82 att a lib 6 sh.s 8d. the boll w'^^ comes to
sixtie four pond and so twentie four pond more then that
yeares interest so that just now his wyfe Margrat Croll hes gott
a warrand for thrie bolls and a halfe of meall for sixtaine pond
which payes his @ rent till Wittsonday — 84.

Moreover the said Margrat Croll is this day payed of our Margrat Croll
house compt of small things furnished by her from Dundee by °"^^ compt.
a precept on the grinter att Castle Lyon for ten bolls of oats



which is sold to her att 4 lib per boll and the superplus of the
said compt payed in money.

There being a hunder and on pond payable out of my lands
in the paroch of Glammiss to the minister serving the Cure as
a pairt of his Local stipend to witt fiffcie five pond out of
Graystoune fourtie thrie pond out of Balnamoon, and three
pond out of Westhill I have altogither reserved the payment
of the whole tho. Graystone be in the factors charge to my
owne care and so have this day payed the whole for the cropt
1682 and have also ordered the payment of the like soume for
the cropt 1683. This is due to the said Min"" besyde what is
payable by the tenents as in Thorntoune by vertue of ther tacks
and is never stated in Rentall.

I have sent in to Dundee to Helen Summers and her sone
M^ John Ramsay the soume of tuo hunder pond scotts as the
@ rent of thrie thousand thrie hunder and thirtie three pond
six shillings eight pennies which was resting to them preceeding
the terme att w^*^ my factor is to pay them out of the cropt 1683.
I have payed sixtie pond to M"". David Cambell Minister at
Menmure as a pairt of the @ rent unpayed by David Lyon of
Whytwall of the princ" soume of two thousand merks con-
y^i ^3 forme to his discharge.

I have ordered and given money for buying of a salmond net
to fish severall pools which hes hitherto been neglected upon
the river of Southesque lying to my lands of Tannadyce and
Barneyeards and have given a commissione for fishing these
watters to John Ramsay for the pay* only of the third fish he
shall take. This is only for a tryall till I know to what availl
it may trewlie extend and I have good reason to take notice
The Fishing of of this because that divers thereabouts made a litle too bold to
Barneyeaxd^set fish my watcrs and to draw upon my syde, especially the Laird
to John Ram- ^^ Findheaven who is such a neighbour as it is fitt allwayes to
take narrow notice and to curb his incrotchments to which no
man is more addicted then he who by hear-sayes and the
stories of old people is much influenced (ffinheaven being the
old seatt and ancient inheritance of the Earls of Crafoord) and
is apish of the priviledges whereto his predecessors in those
lands had never right but assumed it over the neighbours even
from Brechen to Cortochie, the most pairt of them being all

M' John



M' David
Cambell his


private gentlemen who thought it not fitt to be heard with
him, and my ancestors ther residence never being upon the
place never made it ther concern tho. now everie on of the
proprietors keep ther fishing and maintain it within ther own

Sold in Dundee fiftie bolls of bear to on William Ogilvy a 18 day.
brewar att 4 lib 13 sh.s 8d. the boll which is to be applyed soidto°w-'^
towards the payment of Doctor Yeaman's son's @ rents, and Ogiivy.
James Lyon his factor is to be compted with that a clear
discharge may be gott.

I have compted with Provost Gouts for his bargen of the Provost Couts
victual of Tannadyce of the cropt 1682 out of the effects of^^f^^^^^^l^ °^
which there was six hunder pond payed to the E. of Panmure
of bygane feu dewties of the Tullos. Twelve hunder and odd
ponds retained by the Provost towards the payment in pairt of
a debt due to him Three hunder pond as his @ rent of five
thousand pond resting by bond from Witt. 1682 till Witt.
1683 on accompt of sweetmeats furnished to the house and
other things arrysing to upwards of three hunder pond and by
our last fitted accompt there is eight | hunder and thirtie four>/. 74-
pond yet resting to him.

An accompt also of thirtie five pond eight shillings resting Bailie Pyper's
to Bailie Pyper in Montrose for black crap and other things is ^^^* payed.
payed this day.

I have sent of this days date a bill to my sone for twelve My Eldest
hunder pond. sonesbiiifor

r money.

Payed to the Smith, John Waker the remnent of the money ^^Ym Wakerthe
due to him for the raile erected on the top of the house of Smith's last
Glammiss being two hunder and twentie thrie pond.

I have set in tack the lands of Eastfield to John Hill there John Hill.
for the ordinarie duty att Auchterhous.

I have taken in and cleered James Coupers compts of his 26 day.
intromissione both att Auchterhouse and Litle blair for the :!4™t? °"P^^
cropt 1681 and 1682 so that what @ rents or other things
payed by the discharge of these accompts are therein sett doune
I doe not think it fitt here to resume them further then that
a good many of the @ rents of these debts which are appoynted
to be payed by the factor att Auchterhouse and Litle blair as
is sett doune in the twelth page of this book are accordingly


payed and the discharges lying amongst the instructions of the
accompts of these yeares.
James Crighton And to overtake the payment of James Crighton's @ rent
^^" ■ w^^ is a considerable soum yearlie I have given a warrand to

James Couper who is the youth''s tutor to uplift and receive
from the tenents in Dronlaw of their bygone rests as much as
with a small ballance w^^ he was resting by the carelessness of
his fitted acct to me maks up a full yeares @ rent being five
foi. 75. hunder and sixtie pond and commences from Mert. '82 to
Mert. '83.
Tax money of I have this day compted with the ground officer of Auchter-
compted and house for his collectione of the Tax money there w*^^ extends
boUsl^ear^oid ^^ ^^ more then on hunder and eightie four pond.
to the brewars Att my comcing att this time from Glammis to Castle Lyon
house. being att Auchterhouse in the way I sold to the brewars there

about fiftie bolls of the ferme bear of that place att 5 lib. 6/8d.
the boll.
sdayofApriii. \ have signed tacks to John ffyfe in Shillhill of Alex.
Newtons roume of Kintyrie and the said Alex. Newton being
by some malchance run so in debt albeit the roume be extra-
ordinarie weell worth the duty must be taken notice off that
he embezel not his goods after bear seed time and his cornes in
John Bell. I have also signed a tack to on John Bell in Cerrithill of

Archibold Cudbert's roume of the bents.
from the^Earie ^ sett this doune w^^ foUows for a memoriall least if it
ofNorthesque. please God to Call upon me by death that those concerned
after shall know that I became obleidged in a bond w* the late
Earle of Northesque ^* if I remember rightlie to Scugal Lord
Whyt Kirke ^^ on of the senators of the Colledge of Justice for
a certaine soume of money wherein we were both principalis
albeit it is really the Earle of Northesque his owne proper debt
to evidence w''^ I have his bond of releif w^^ lyes in on of the
shottles of my cabinet at Eden, this is fitt to be known and its
as fitt to keep in custodie that bond of releife least the first
bond wherein I am bond principall with the Earle of
Northesque may fall into the hands of a stranger who may
procure an assignment to it.

Sicklyke I became obleidged for the Laird of ffinheaven the


same maner of way to Doctor Gleig ^^ in Dundee — I cannot and sickiyk
particularly condescend on the same but I have a bond of the Laird of
releife and it lyes in the same place w* the other, it will be fitt I'hinheaven.
to press Phinheaven to releife me of this engagement, standing
in no wayes obleidged to him. f"^- 1^-

I have compted this day with George Ramsay sklaiter for George Ram-
his whole work both att Glammiss and Castle Lyon in the ^^^
yeare 1682 and 1683 and I find over the partial payments w^^^
he hes received there is yet due to him on h under and nyntein
pond and six bolls of meall, w^^ I have this day ordered to be
payed to him and he has sub* the accompt.

I have made the Tax Roll att Castle Lyon, and have com- Tax Roll att
mitted the collectione yr.of to James Doss, ground officer. ^ ^ ^°"'

I sold to the brewars of Longforgone the matter of fy ve Rrewars at
chalders of ther owne ferme bear att 5 lib. 13/8d. p boll. °"^ orgone.

I have ordered the payment to the four constant masons att The masons'
Castle Lyon of a hunder and six pond thirtein shilling four P^^-
pennies as the pryce of the new wall w^^ is built upon the
south syde of the southmost greene of the entrie there, being
twentie roods thereof.

I being debitor to Heugh Wallace the cash Keeper, I have Heugh Wallace
allowed him retentione of a hunder and fiftie pond starlen being ^^^^ Keeper.
my mertimes terms pensione last past upon his receit in pairt
of payment, and resolve sicklyke that he shall have the Whitt-
sunday ensuing w*'^ will goe near to pay him off att w*^^ time
compts shall be made and the superplus payed that so my bond
may be secured.

I have at last after much adoe and straining of Andrew lothday.
Gray obtained security for the remains of what he owes me
and so have gott bond from M^ George Gray, wreitter in
Dundee for three hunder and fiftie pond four shilling payable
at Mertimes nixt with halfe a yeares @ rent, but new debt
runs on and care most be taken not to suffer two terms to run
in on unpayed for he payes of yearlie duty two hunder pond
scotts so that att Witt, nixt there falls a hunder pond due. nth day.

I have this day cleared a current acct. with John Duncan on ^^h johrf^^^^
of the late Bailies of Dundee I rest to him of ballance by the Duncan.
said acct seven hunder and fiftie four pond I have | gott his >/. ^^.

discharge of the @ rent of the principall soume I owe him cairfdiemes.


preceeding Candlemas last I sold to him five hunder bolls

meall att four pond the boll, the effects of which are to be

retained by him for the payment of the ballance of his accompt

and of on thousand thrie hunder and thirtie thrie pond on

shilling eight pennies of his principal soume att Candlemes


500 bolls meall And to the end that the provision of meall may answer

twentie by on these two payments I have this day ordered Thomas Davie in

Thomas Davie. Longforgane to delyver to him twentie bolls of his ferme

meall upon his receit thereof w^^ is to be by and attour the

other five hunder bolls w'^^ is to pay the odd money which the

two soumes that he lies payment and retentione of exceeds two

thousand pond. And so soon as the delyverie is compleited

wee are to adjust the same.

16 day. I have cleared accompt with James Burgh, timber merchant

iJS de^3^^ and owe him by the said accompt two hunder pond and some

and some sixtie odds whereof payed to him a hunder pond this day and he hes

bought be him. bought three score bolls of meal at 4 lib. 3/8d. the boll upon

which he is to give receits so that according to them he is to

be compted with for more or less according to the delyverie

and what the same exceeds the soume resting to him according

to the ballance of the acc^ which he has marked with my owne

hand I am to take timber for it at his returne as wee can agrie

and if not he is to pay me the money.

18 day. I have this day cleared and payed off four masons who were

brought a purpose from Glammiss to rebuild the wall of the

oarchard upon the south syd of the avenue as it is now

reformed w^^ stands me fourscore ponds scotts.

20 boih bear Sold to James Bower ^"^ in Dundee twentie bolls of bear and a

meliiToid to bunder bolls of meall. The first att 4 lib. 13/8d. the boll and

James Bower, ^he last at 4 lib. 3 sh.s 4d. I have with him and other pairtners

in Dundee a share of the shipp called the Lyon and I did owe

the ballance of an acct to Bowers father, so that the effects of

foL 78. this must goe | In the first place to the payment of that and

the eight pairt of the victual is upon my own adventure to

Nor ro way.

Alex'. Cran J j^^yg appointed the tenents of Balnamoon to pay in there

masone. '^^ ^ •' i i •

severall silver dewties to Alex"^ Cran, masone, towards his


Having compted with James Reed for the excsess of his May2i-22-23-24
dewtie payable by him for this tack of the yeards parks, compted with.
meddows and milne of Auchterhouse payable at Mickelmess
""SS and for pittpoyntie the said yeare over his @ rent of four
hunder pond, he lies cleared bygons excepting a hunder and on
pond and some odd shillings which is to goe in so farr towards
the payment of Mistress Hays bygone @ rent att Perth.

My Lady Buchan^s annuitie payable att Wittsunday '84 is My Lady
ordered according to the resolutione and divisione of those nuity^for Witt-
things before sett downe amongst my factors. sunday 1684.

And sicklyke William Geekie's @ rents is ordered to be Will Geikie's
payed to James Christie in Auchterhouse. ^ ^^"^'

The moss-meall money and compt thereof is fitted and The moss meali
cleared with John Smith in Drumgley moss greive for the °he yeax^eis^
yeare 1683 and a new commissione given him for this current

M"^ Robert Hay of Dronlaw having commensed an action
against me wherein he alledges that I made a bargen w* him
about his land notwithstanding ther was no bargen but a com-
muning and that I possessed the same by virtue of expyred
apprysing, yet he does so importune the Lords of Sessione
craveing allwayes my oath upon the termes of the bargen when
he knowes that I am neither in Eden nor desyre to be in it M' Robert Hay

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