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excellent and self-denying labour Mrs. Fisher had,
for private reasons, to relinquish the command
in May, 1915, when the present officer was ap-

Commandant — Mrs. Nicholson.
Quartermaster — Miss Olive Lewer.

Members. — Muriel Anns ; Joyce Baker ; Muriel Bowden ; Mar-
jory Brown ; Marion Carpenter ; Barbara Castell ; Phyllis
Castell ; Evelyn Challenger ; Eileen Clarke ; Grace Collier ;
Margaret Ewins ; Lucrece Fiddes ; Elizabeth Greig ;
Mary Hooper ; Sybil Leighton ; L. Mather ; Mabel Mather ;
Helen Moses ; Marjorie Neame ; Grace Nicholson ; Florence
Petley ; Dora Reynolds ; Constance Sharpe ; Nancy Stain-
bank ; Rosalind Stinson ; Dorothy Tremel ; May Tremel ;
Katherine Wade ; Margaret Ward ; Annie Wedekind ;
Hilda Wedekind ; Lily Wedekind ; Catherine Whittington ;
Lilian Wright.

Kent 98, Southborough, was registered in
1913 as the result of a meeting held at the Victoria
Hall, Southborough, for the purpose of forming a


Red Cross detachment. On October 14th, 1914,
the detachment was mobilised, and on the 21st
the Victoria Hall, lent by the District Council, was
opened as a hospital.

At the beginning of the war a guarantee fund
was started and liberally responded to, and the
inhabitants have freely given and lent equipment
for the hospital, also rendering gratuitous service
whenever required.

Commandant — Lady Salomons.

Medical Officers — Drs. Bayfield and Reynolds.

Lady Superintendent — Miss Askwith.

Quartermaster — Miss Salomons.

Members. — Edith Burr ; Alice Farthing ; Alethea Kirby ;
Florence Leigh-Sarney ; Ada Marshall ; Lottie Martin ;
Lucy Martin ; Beatrice Newman ; Annie Seale ; Amy Stunt.

Kent 100, Canterbury, took charge of Abbotts
Barton Hospital, kindly lent by Mr. Bennett
Goldney, M.P., whose residence it is. It contains
forty beds for patients, and the Red Cross committee
for Canterbury supplies any amounts needed over
and above the War Oflice grant. The trained
sisters gave their services, whilst the cook took
hall' wages only, but after three months the com-
mittee decided that such sacrifice was not neces-
sary on the part of these ladies. Three hundred
patients have been eared for since October 4th,
seventy-two of these being Belgians. The medical


officer has charge of the Canterbury section

Commandant — Miss Frances Carnegie Wemyss.

Medical Officer — Dr. R. J. Ferguson.

Quartermaster — Miss M. R. Williamson.

Members. — Ida Baker ; Madeline Bates ; Mabel Beatson ;
Winifred Beatson ; Lily Bird ; Agnes Bousfield ; Geraldine
Clarke ; Mildred Clarke ; Finovola Cordy-Simpson ; Violet
Cremer ; Catherine Dyneley ; Bertha Evans ; Carol Frend ;
Camilla Frend ; Dorothy Gilham ; Violet Countess of
Guilford ; Ethel Hankin ; Kathleen Hilton ; Annie Kay ;
Janet Maiden ; Margaret Marshall ; Helen Mills ; Beatrice
Moore ; Ursula Morris ; Alice Murton ; Irene Oldham ;
Audrey Patterson ; Myrtle Stuart ; Mary Trueman ; Beryl
Tuke ; Joan Wacher.

Kent 102, Biddenden. The first interest in
V.A.D. work was aroused in 1909 at a meeting
at Hemsted Park called by Cicely Countess of
Cranbrook, and the detachment was registered in
1914. Mobilisation orders were received on October
14th, and a small hospital was opened in the village
Institute, sympathisers in Biddenden generously
helping with equipment, etc.

Commandant — Mrs. C. Hall.

Medical Officer— Dr. Boyce.

Lady Superintendent — Sister J. Stone.

Quartermaster — Mrs. Phillip Jones.

Members. — Louisa Austen ; Ellen Avory ; Augusta Boyce ;

Helen Bradshaw ; Helen Mary Dormer ; Gertrude Edwards ;

Elsie Elliott ; Emily Gurr ; Alice Jones ; Gladys Pinyon ;

Lydia Stapley ; Edythe Stuart ; Mary Tassell ; Eva

Thirkell ; Muriel Todd-Naylor ; Alice Watts ; May

Ada Wise, unable to serve, gives assistance with laundry work.


Kent 104 and 106. Strood and Frindsbury
Hospital consists of two neighbouring buildings,
organised by Dr. G. A. Skinner. The owners
granted the buildings free of charge, and the
Council freed them also from rates and taxes.
Kent 126 works in conjunction with these two
detachments, and the first patients were received
on September 3rd, 1914. Since that date four
hundred patients have passed through the hospi-
tals, and a larger number of local troops have been
treated as out-patients. An up-to-date operating
theatre has been fully equipped, and the detach-
ments possess their own motor ambulance and
dispensary. The beds are now to be increased to
130. Dr. Skinner, Assistant County Director,
No. 2 Division, has charge of the distribution of
the wounded when the convoys arrive at the

railway station.

Co m mandants —
Miss M. Skinner, Mrs. Skinner.
Medical Officer —
Dr. Skinner.
Lady Superintendents —
Mrs. Pocock, Mrs. Beaney.
Q u arte r masters —
Mrs. Ireland, Mrs. H. B. Clarke, Mrs. Elliott.

Members. — Elizabeth Brain; Emily Bunyard ; Nellie jCoopi r ;
Lena Homewood ; Violet Bysted ; Nellio Jackson ;*Bertha
Leney ; Sarah Millard; Dorothy Parker; Clara Robson ;
Maria Thatcher.

Kent 108, Orpington. Due to the exertions


of the Quartermaster and of the members of the
detachment who had canvassed the district for
promises of equipment, a hospital, containing
thirty beds, was quickly made ready at the village
Hall when mobilisation orders were received on
October 14th, 1914. Wounded Belgians were soon
installed. Another party was landed at St. Mary
Cray, and, thanks to the generosity of the Misses
Lyster, who placed their schoolhouse at the dis-
posal of the detachment, a temporary hospital of
twenty-five beds was established. A week later
these patients were transferred to the Institute,
St. Mary Cray, equipped by E. H. Joynson, Esq.
This hospital was closed when the patients were
convalescent, and all cases are now treated at
Orpington. An operating theatre is being installed.
E. Rock Carling, f.r.c.s., of Harley Street, and
W. Ironside Bruce act as Hon. Consulting Surgeons.

Commandant and Medical Officer —

Dr. Tennyson Smith.

Assistant Medical Officer — Dr. Thomas Bailey.

Lady Superintendent — Mrs. Tennyson Smith.

Quartermaster — Miss Gammon.

Members. — Winifred Bickmore ; Amy Crosse ; Virginie Dolan ;
Beatrice Fooks ; Mabel Greenwood ; Joyce Harrild ; Marjorie
Harrild ; Vera Harrild ; Isabel Hoar ; Irene Holroyd ; Amy
Howard ; Hilda Larmarque ; Eliza Lewis ; Winifred Miller-
Hallett ; Lilian Morris ; Mabel Philips ; Ethel Simpson ;
Mabel Smith ; Nora Symons ; Irene Temperley ; Hilda
Townsend ; Miriam Townsend ; Winifred Tremaine ; Ethel
Tyrer ; Mildred Virtue ; Mary Waring ; Marjorie Wisely ;
Hirel Wright.


Kent 110 and 112, Abbey Wood. The Belve-
dere women's detachments were raised on the out-
break of war by Mrs. Butcher and family. Lectures
were at once started, and the members met daily
for practice.

Mobilisation orders were received at 2 a.m. on
October 14th, 1914. The two Quartermasters at
once called up the detachments. Six a.m. saw the
members hard at work cleaning and preparing
their temporary hospital — " Shornells " — the resi-
dence of the late Mr. Hudson Church, kindly lent by
his four daughters. Equipment, previously pro-
mised by the residents, was collected, and by the
afternoon the hospital was complete. Belgians
were the first patients to be received, but these
have all been discharged, the present occupants
being British soldiers.

The hospital has been almost entirely equipped
by gifts and loans from residents in the district,
and is indebted, both financially and for personal
service, to Mrs. Callender of Abbey Wood.

Commandants —

Miss Butcher and Mrs. Butcher.

Medical Officer — Dr. Barry Cane.

Lady Superintendent — Miss M. Slattery.

Quartermasters —

Miss V. Butcher and Miss May Butcher.

Members. — Ethel Abbott ; Ruby Abbott ; Florenco Baddel*
Irene M. Baj ley ; Dora Blyth ; Alico J. Cane ; Gertrude, W.
Cano ; Dorothy Cornish ; Ruth Cowley ; Dorothy Garrett ;


Clara L. Hartwright ; Alice M. Knight ; Edith Lester ;
Muriel Lumley ; Ellen L. Lynde ; Lydia Munden ; Ethel M.
Palmer ; Blanche Scarlett ; Ailsie Griffith Searight ; Eileen
Searight ; Ailsie Lilian Searight ; Madeline Sidley ; Doris
Sidley ; Annie Walker ; Mary E. J. Willard ; Norah. Wright.

Belvedere, Kent 112
Members. — Georgette Adam ; Letty Bedwell ; Mary E. Biggs ;
Dorothy Billington ; Dorothy M. Blyth ; Beryl Butcher ;
Grace Chapman ; Elsie Charlesworth ; M. Edith Darken ;
Kate Eastwood ; E. Mary Flack ; Emily E. French ;
Edith M. Fullaway ; Edith M. Gloyn ; Gertrude Hayward ;
Katie Hayward ; Mabel Herbert ; Maude Hooker ; Florence
F. C. Lyster ; Frances Marshall ; Gwendoline E. Masson ;
Sarah Pooler ; Ellen Rider ; Florence E. Simms ; Florence
Simms ; Annie Whitmore.

Kent 114, Shoreham. The small but very
pleasant hospital is at Myrtle College, and has
accommodation for seven patients. Much useful
work has been done by this detachment, which
was previously under the command of Mrs. Wilmot.
Commandant — Miss Gwendolen Madge.

Medical Officer — Dr. Passmore.

Lady Superintendent — Mrs. George Bell.

Quartermaster — Miss Cohen.

Members. — Annie Ansell ; Alice Bell ; Elizabeth Bowers ;
Alice Chapman ; Ellen Clark ; Jacobina Clark ; Fanny
Collins ; Annie Gooding ; Carol Greenwood ; Gwendolen
Greenwood ; Bertine Gregory ; Phoebe Gregory ; Margaret
Madge ; Gladys Randall ; Isobel Scott ; Sarah Steane ;
Kate Taylor.

Kent 116, Dartford, was initiated at a meet-
ing called by Mr. F. J. Pile, who was appointed the
first Commandant, with Mrs. A. H. Botten as


Quartermaster. Weekly drills were well attended,
and lectures were given by Miss Stanley.

On October 14th, 1914, the detachment was
mobilised, and the Wesley Hall was fitted up as
a hospital. The equipment was generously given
or lent by the townspeople. Credit is due to
Mr. C. J. Mansford, of the Dartford Grammar
School, for much of the preliminary work. Owing
to structural alterations becoming necessary this
hospital had to be closed, and on November 13th
" Heath Close " was taken over and the equipment
transferred. This hospital has proved most useful
for the reception of sick soldiers stationed in the

A change of officers took place in January, the
present Commandant being appointed, with Mrs.
Annie Read and subsequently Mrs. Black as
Quartermaster. Mr. F. J. Pile took over the
important transport duties for Dartford section,
and became Honorary Commandant to this detach-

Commandant — Mrs. C. M. Reed.

Medical Officer — Dr. Graham Robertson.

Lady Superintendent — Nurse Cliff.

Quartermaster — Mrs. Black.

Members. — Mrs. Abbey ; Miss Abbey ; Alice Adams ; Gladys
Allon ; Ada Basharn ; May Brow ; R. Burgess ; Clara
Cleveland ; A. Coles ; May Cooper ; Gladys Crawter ; H.
Draper ; M. Edgecumbe ; Emily Fairbrass ; May Gore-
Brown ; Lucy Heisoman ; Mrs. Lyon ; Rosina McKney ;
N. E. Pott ; May Walker ; Lelia Whiting ; Mrs. Wood.


Kent 118, Greenhithe. On the outbreak of
war a women's Red Cross detachment was formed,
and on mobilisation Ingress Abbey was equipped
and staffed by private generosity, under the Chat-
ham Military Hospital, with accommodation for
sixty beds, in the care of a fully trained matron,
six sisters and a house surgeon.

Commandant — Mrs. Sydney Allnutt.

Medical Officer — Dr. Richmond.
Lady Superintendent — Mrs. Richmond.

Quartermaster — Miss M. Watson.

Members. — Alice Ames ; Jessie Barnes ; Ethel Bartrum ;
Elizabeth Bridger ; Nellie Burt ; Florence Chatfield ;
Gertrude Davis ; Sarah Dyble ; Elizabeth Ellis ; Grace
Hardy ; Rose Ireland ; Maud Kernick ; Jessie Langston ;
Rhoda Lee ; Hettie Lockyer ; Margaret Mackenzie ; Eliza-
beth Newnham ; Agnes Oakes ; Sylvia Richmond ; Kate
Sbewell ; Dorothy Smith ; Lizzie Wheatley ; Kate Wood ;
Agnes Woodcock.

Kent 120, Hastings. The Hospital of St.
John of Jerusalem had its beginning in August,
1914, at the outbreak of war, when all members
were summoned to prepare themselves for the
work before them and classes were held every

On mobilisation a house in the centre of the
town was kindly lent by Mrs. Stubbs and rapidly
transformed into a V.A.D. hospital by the volun-
teer nurses. Belgian wounded arrived on October
13th, and in January the first convoy of English


soldiers was received. At this time another house
was offered by Mr. Parks, bringing the accom-
modation up to fifty beds.

Thirty members are available for duty under
the supervision of two fully trained sisters and
two certificated nurses. Dr. Morgan, the first
Commandant, undertook military service soon
after the outbreak of war, and the present officer
carried on the detachment.

A considerable sum of money is collected weekly
to supplement the War Office grant, and equip-
ment has been freely lent and given.

The girl guides give invaluable help as door-

Hastings was specially attached to the Kent


Commandant — Dr. George Locke.

Medical Officer — Dr. James D. Hessey.

Lady Superintendent — Miss Florence Vanstone.

Quartermaster — Miss Winifred C. Coxeter.

Pharmacist — Mary Alice Lobley.

Members. — Minnie Bates ; Florence Gertrude Begbie ; Ada
Mary Benyon-Winser ; Ethel Blackman ; Lizzie Blomfield ;
Alice Louise Bowers ; Georgina Bruce ; Amy Buckett ;
Frances Jessie Clarke ; Margaret Dorothy Coxeter ; Marjorie
Eldridge ; Georgia Finger ; Gertrude Mary Fowell; Margaret
Hill ; Celia Hinks ; Louise Inkpcn ; Edith Jane Larcombe ;
Lily Ransom; Nellie Rowland; Susan Selwood ; Winifred
Skinner ; Ann Mary Viner ; Rosetta Walther ; Ethel Mary
Watt; Edith .Mary Wicks; Emilir Wilshin.

Kent 1*22, CormiuitsT. At the beginning of
the war the detachment was formed and classes


were organised. The Commandant offered his
house, " Lidwells," as a hospital, and money and
equipment were promised by local residents.
Two trained nurses offered their services upon
mobilisation, which took place in May, 1915.

Twenty beds are provided and are now kept well
occupied in this very pleasant and fully-equipped

Commandant — Rev. H. P. Fitz Gerald.

Medical Officer — Surgeon Lt.-Col. Collingridge.

Lady Superintendent — Mrs. Fitz Gerald.

Quartermaster — Miss Raikes.

Members.— Editha Barry ; Margaret Constance Burgess ;
Ruby Burgess ; Norah Burke ; Annie Caleutt ; Margaret
Cheeseman ; Ada Mary Clemetson ; Florence Annie Mary
Cole ; Elsie Collingridge ; Marian Louisa Crump ; Frances
Anne Davis ; Frances Mary Davis ; Ida Davis ; Rosa Maud
Gouldthorpe ; Sarah Elizabeth Haines ; Maud Emily
Jenner ; Kate Johnson ; Clarice Kendon ; Ianthe Kershaw
Doris Large ; Mabel Large ; Kathleen Emily Maude
Florence Morley ; Adelaide Nicolson ; Violet Noakes
Margaret Penny ; Aileen Rivett-Carnac ; Elizabeth Smith
Ellice Fletcher Smith ; Ellen Louisa Southam ; Marjorie
Waters ; Lily Elizabeth Wickham ; Norah Wickham.

Kent 124, Dover, undertakes the duty of
assisting with refreshment at the disembarkation
of the wounded when convoys arrive at the Pier
Head, and is doing much quietly useful work.

Commandant — Mrs. E. G. Wynne.


Kent 126, Strood, is working in conjunction
with detachments 104 and 106 at the Strood
Hospital, rendering the greatest possible assistance.

Commandant — Miss O. P. Haggard.

Medical Officer — Dr. Skinner.

Lady Superintendent — Miss Hewson.

Quartermaster — Mrs. Elliot.

Members.— Alice Allen ; Mabel Allen ; Maud Bigge ; Grace
Fielder ; Elsie Larcombe ; Clare Latham ; Nellie May ;
Fanny Myhill ; Mildred Newson ; Mary Sayer.

Kent 128, Asn. In August, 1914, the inhabi-
tants of Ash were asked by Dr. McCall-Smith to
lend the village hall as a hospital, and the trustees
gave their consent. On October 25th the detach-
ment was mobilised ; the thirty members quickly
prepared the hall with twenty beds, and in less
than two hours twenty wounded Belgians were
installed. Since January British soldiers have
been cared for, many operations having been
successfully performed.

Commandant — Mrs. McCall-Smith.

Medical Officer — Dr. McCall-Smith.

Lad I i Superintendent — Miss M. Harrison.

Quartermaster — Mrs. IT. Wilson.

Members. — Tholma Bicknell ; May Buley ; Mary Chandler;
Rosa Gardner; Connie Harden; Doris Harrison; Edith
Herbert; Annie Jacobs; Amy Jenner; Dora Jenner;
Fonnie Mackenzie; Dulcie Macmeiken ; Mabel Maxl d;
Kathio Mil<-s; Stella Parker; Dorothy Petley ; Bessy
Quested; Ruby Streeter ; Miss Westmorland.


Kent 130, Bexley. To Mrs. Burridge, Vice-
President of Kent 130, and the Committee, is due
the credit of this detachment being formed, and on
the declaration of war the present Commandant
was able to bring the detachment up to full

Mobilisation orders were received on October
14th at 10.30 a.m., when the members took charge
of " Gardenhurst," lent by Mrs. Arthur Barrett.
The house had stood empty for eight years, so that
the detachment had very hard work to do in
preparing the place as a hospital. The local
residents were most generous in providing equip-
ment and funds.

Commandant — Mrs. N. Christopherson.

Medical Officer — Dr. J. E. Walker.

Lady Superintendent — Nurse A. M. Bunce.

Quartermaster — Mrs. R. T. Gumbleton.

Members. — Hilda Aldis ; Minnie Baker ; Lucy Brown ; Daisie
Burridge ; Constance Cutcliffe ; Priscilla Escombe ; Adeline
Footitt ; Madeline Friswell ; Helena Gough ; Maud Hamil-
ton ; Rachel Howe ; Marjorie Hudson ; Ada Kennard ;
Mary Loxley ; Alice Lucas ; Clare Lucas ; Alice Radford ;
Winifred Rubeck ; Suzan Sewell ; Mary Simon ; Maud
Simonds ; Ethel Stimson ; Kathleen Upton ; Marjorie
Vesey-Holt ; Eveline Webb ; Elsie Whalley ; Christabel
Whitehead ; Joan Whitehead.

Kent 132, Sydenham, is ready to take twenty
patients, when called upon, at " Brooklyn,"


Sydenham ; and fifteen British soldiers are now
being cared for at this pleasant hospital.

Commandant — Miss Ada Bennett.

Medical Officer — Dr. Umney.
Lady Superintendent — Nurse Shand.
Quartermaster — Miss Irene Carter.

Members. — Vera Alabaster ; Maud Alston ; Ethel Badcock ;
Mabel Bellamy ; Lottie Bennett ; Phyllis Boxall ; Nellie
Brigg ; Dora Brookes ; Enid Clarke-Williams ; Claire
de Baerdemaecker ; Olive de Pury ; Ruby de Pury ; May
Faux ; Agnes Gaman ; Ethel George ; Phyllis Gooch ;
Bertha Grose ; Gertrude Johnston ; Gladys Johnston ;
Glenda Jolly ; Beatrice Jones ; Stephanie Langmead ;
Sibyl Owsley ; Ethel Partridge ; Elsie Pryce ; Dorothy
Pynegar ; Winifred Selby ; Amy Shackleton ; Millie Sted-
man ; Dora Sturman ; Muriel Umney ; Helen Waterson.

Kent 134, Lenham, is a compact detachment
fully prepared to take up duty at Lenham and
Harrietsham. All arrangements are complete, and
eighteen patients are installed.

Commandant and Medical Officer —

Dr. Temperley Grey.

Lady Superintendent — Miss Plowman.

Quartermaster — Mrs. H. M. Campbell.

Members. — Ellen L. S. Bensted ; Elizabeth Jane Broad ; Con-
stance Campbell ; Clarissa Clark ; Ethel Clark ; Nellie Clark ;
Annio Collin* ; Emma Collins ; Adeline Day; Bertha Grey ;
Nellie Kilchin ; Edith Kortright ; Mary Lucy; Norah
Maylam ; Fanny L. Norris ; Gladys Shayer ; Margaret


Kent 136, New Romney, has not yet been
mobilised, but is fully prepared for any emergency.

Commandant — Miss Maud Cobb.

Medical Officers —

Dr. Mossop, Dr. Hick.

Quartermaster — Mrs. H. G. South.

Members. — Alice Anderson ; Amy Anderson ; Evelyn Anderson ;
Kathleen Bannon ; Elizabeth Campbell ; Frances de Luze ;
Marie de Luze ; Marguerete Ellis ; Florence Fagg ; Alice
Finn-Kelsey ; Emily Heard ; Ethel Hobbs ; Evelyn Hobbs ;
Ellinor Howes ; Elsie Kennett ; Ethel Knight ; Maud
Mossop ; Louie Murray ; Edith Palmer ; Rosa Pearson ;
Kathleen Pritchard ; Rosa Pritchard ; Effie Ringland ;
Edith Tuffield ; Annie Vidgen.

Kent 138, Whitstable, have not yet the op-
portunity of utilising their experience, but will
render a very good account of themselves when
called upon. Eleven are giving their services at
the Military Hospital.

Commandant — Miss G. Campbell.

Medical Officer — Dr. C. Etheridge.

Quartermaster — Miss Poole.

Members. — Dorothy Beard ; Florence Brightman ; Dorothy
Carson ; Mabel Collings ; Clara Cook ; Beatrice Couper ;
Frances Davis ; Maude Davis ; Ethel Dorman ; Mary
Etheridge ; Ethel Fortesque ; Emmeline Gann ; Dorothy
Gill ; Mabel Hayward ; Gladys Horden ; Adela Jones ;
Mabel Kirkby ; Ivy Kingston ; Philamena Maclntyre ;
Romola McKenzie ; Hilda Mitchell ; Amelia Page ; Mina
Pout ; Mary Powell ; Annie Rigden ; May Rushworth ;
Antonia Scrymgeour ; Mabel Ware ; Ellen Wood.


Kent 140, Faversham, was formed from the
nursing division in October, 1914, and mobilised
at once. A large empty house, " The Mount,"
Faversham, was offered rent free by the executors of
the late Mr. Percy Neame and the neighbourhood
was canvassed for promises of equipment, etc.
Friends responded willingly, with the result that
very little had to be bought. The hospital was
opened on November 18th with fifty-two beds. One
hundred and forty patients have passed through, in-
cluding men from the Front and from local troops.

Many contributions have been received.

The doctors and trained nurses are all voluntary
workers, the cooking is managed by ladies, and
cars are freely lent for transport work.

Commandant — Mrs. Alexander.

Medical Officer — Dr. G. J. Evers.

Lady Superintendent — Mrs. Withers.

Quartermaster — Miss F. K. Crosse.

Members. — Dorothy Alexander ; Muriel Alexander ; Eva Amos ;
Louisa Amos ; Margaret Amos ; Olive Amos ; Alice Andrews ;
Freda Barnett ; Annie Boorman ; Edith Brown ; El
BurTeo ; Jessie Bushell ; Lily Cook ; Minnie Cook ; Mra. Flossie
Cornfoot ; Miss Flossie Cornfoot ; Molly Cotterill ; Frances
Crosse; Bertha Dengate ; Mirion Dunn; Dora Edwards;
Emily Bills : Annie Evers ; Gladys Filmcr ; Edith Gillett ;
Lizzie Gubbins ; I Hawkins; Eunice Holder ; Gwen

Jenkins; Lizzie Johnson ; Eleanor Lyons; Nellie Miller;
Ethel Murtoii ; Margaret Neame; Maud Neame; Dorothy
Nunns; Frances Packham ; Nellie Paokham ; Hilda
-a; N'orah Roberson ; Violet Robcrson ; Bettj
Robins; Ethel Seward; Louisa Sherwood; Alico Smith;
Mildred Steed ; Elsie Vinson ; Nellie Williams ; Nellie Wise.


Kent 142, Walmer, was formed in August,
1914. On mobilisation the services of the detach-
ment were given to Kent 22, with whom they have
worked at St. Anselm's, Walmer. Three members
have been lent to the temporary hospital attached
to Kent 40, Deal.

Commandant — Miss D. M. Lapage.

Medical Officer — Dr. Mason.

Lady Superintendent — Mrs. Lloyd.

Quartermaster — Miss P. Lloyd.

Pharmacist — Miss J. Thomas.

Members. — Annie Balchin ; Annie Mary Bass ; Marian Bayly ;
Mabel Blogg ; Marjorie Blogg ; Edith Ellen Bowles ; Evelyn
Coast ; Evelyn Denne ; Grace Fletcher ; Ada Green ;
Lilian Locke ; Muriel Lucas ; Rose Moggridge ; Beatrice
Patterson ; Margaret Patterson ; Ena Mary Russell ; Annie
Ryder ; Mildred Slaughter ; Gertrude Stevens ; Eva Nellie
Todman ; Hilda Mary Todman.

Kent 144, Wood church, was initiated at a
meeting held in the village school, a committee
was formed, and offers of financial help towards
opening a hospital were made, Mrs. Somerset
Webb acting as treasurer ; also offers of equip-
ment and service have been received.

Unfortunately, owing to the much-regretted
death of the Medical Officer, Dr. Cape Doughty,
and the consequent resignation of his widow as
Commandant, the detachment was placed in the


difficulty of losing its principal officers. The posts
have been rilled as follows : —

Commandant — Mrs. Bourne.
Medical Officer — Dr. W. Drew Mitchell.
Lady Superintendent — Mrs. A. Tanton.
Quartermaster — Miss B. M. Harpur.
Members. — Elizabeth Arthur ; Annie Baker ; Edith Bourne ;
Mabel Bourne ; Violet Catchpole ; Eva Collick ; Maud
Cottar ; Margery Doughty ; Mabel Goorge ; Jessie Huntley ;
Elsie Johnston ; Jane Marshall ; Elsie Milton ; Dorothy
Tanton ; Sarah Vincett.

Kent 146, Broadstairs, was mobilised on

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