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October 14th, with some fifty voluntary workers.

The detachment has charge of two hospitals at
Broadstairs which are run in conjunction. " Fair-
field," the residence of Norman Craig, Esq., M.P.,
and lent by him for the purpose of a Red Cross
Hospital with forty beds and a small operating
theatre ; also " Roseneath," lent by the Com-
mittee of the Jacob Memorial Home with thirty beds.
Various gifts have been received from residents
in the locality. Dr. Brightman has also to perform
the onerous duties of Joint Assistant County
Director for No. 7 Division of Kent.

Commandant — Mrs. Brightman.

Medical Officers —

Drs. Aytoun, Brightman, Pinnigee, Raven, Robins.

Dentist — M. C. Reed.

Lady Superintendent — Miss D. Muir.

Quartermaster — Miss R. Masks.

Members. — Dorothy Alfreo ; Florence Allen ; Mupiel Andrews ;
May AthawcH ; Enid Athawea ; Gcrtrudo Austin ; Doris


Bartrum; Frances Bromfield; Phyllis Brightman; Myrtle
Broadhead ; Emily Burnham ; Louisa Burnham ; Eva Bush ;
Marjorie Bush ; Rosa Bush ; Jessie Caldwell ; Jean Caird ;
Constance Chamberlain ; May Chappie ; Christine Church ;
Esther Cornock ; Mabel Dames ; May Dacres ; Adelaide
Daniels ; Jessie Davis ; Joy Davis ; Molly Davis ; Carol
Denton ; Dorcas Denton ; Fanny Denton ; Maud Dennant ;
Lilian Elsworthy ; Clara Eveling ; Mona Farrar ; Helen
Fiske; Dorothy Forster; Kathleen Foster; Margaret Goodey ;
Marjorie Gullick ; Jennie Hall ; Bessie Half night ; Agnes
Harrison ; Grace Hickie ; Gertrude Inglis ; Meta lies ; Eva
Inkster ; Nora Inkster ; Dorothy Johnson ; Frances Ken-
drick ; Helen Langham ; Muriel Lee ; Vera Lee ; Eva Leslie ;
Nora Lewis ; Helen Malet ; Ruth Marks ; Dolly Marsden ;
Beatrice Matthews ; Gertrude Matthews ; Maud Maxted ;
Irene Mockett ; Annette Moon ; Annette Moore ; Daphne
Morton ; Lily Nicholson ; Annie Norman ; Ethel Owen ; Ada
Parry- Jones ; Mabel Parry-Jones ; Beatrice Pascoe ; Dilys
Pascoe ; Kate Patmore ; Dorothy Philips ; Beatrice Philipps ;
Grace Peyton ; Dorothy Peyton ; Lizzie Pollard ; Jean
Raven ; Olive Raven ; Muriel Robins ; Laura Romer ;
Nellie Rolfe ; Gladys Sargent ; Alice Seager ; Edith Seaton ;
Dorothy Shadwell ; Dorothy Shew ; Mary Snowden ; Jessie
Stockwell ; Mabel Tice ; Edith Tomlin ; Irene Tuffill ;
Marian Turnbull ; Ethel Vinson ; Helen Walker ; Kate
Wallace ; Marion Waller ; Ellen Ward ; Hilda Warren ;
Gladys White ; Daphne Wickham ; Maud Williams.

Kent 148, Mere worth, Wateringbury, and
West Peckham, was organised in 1913 with the
support of Viscountess Falmouth. A hop-picking
party, with the Hon. Pamela Boscawen, was
conducted for some weeks in September, 1914, to
help the cause, and on the outbreak of war the


detachment made all arrangements for equipping
a Rest Station, if required.

On the opening of Kent 14 Hospital at Hayle
Place the detachment received orders to work
there, and for some time past have practically
taken over the night duty, under a sister. This
has only been made possible through the kindness
of many friends in lending their motor-cars.

Commandant — Miss E. Moore.

Lady Superintendent — Nurse Keate.

Quartermaster — Miss Swan.

Members. — Ellen Bassett ; Annie Berney ; Elsie Blest ; Rebie
Brooks ; Katharine Bunyard ; Lorna Bunyard ; Margaret
Bunyard ; Cecily Burnaby- Atkins ; Millicent Burnaby-
Atkins ; Alexina Chalmers ; Jane Clapson ; Katharine
Champion ; Lucy Coe ; Alice Goodwin ; Beatrice Goodwin ;
Helen Harding ; Rose Harris ; Jane Hooker ; Gwendoline
Lemmens ; Dorothea Livett ; Lydia Lockyer ; Dorothea
Moore ; Katharine Moore ; Mary Ongley ; Nellie Skinner ;
Daisy Smithers ; Emily Standen ; Bertha Stone ; Dorothy
Swan ; May Swan ; Agnes Wallas ; Ada Warnett ; Ethel

Kent 150, West Malling. On the outbreak
of war Mailing House, West Mailing, was kindly
offered by Mr. Percy Nevill as a V.A.D. hospital.
In November l his house, then standing empty, was
prepared as a hospital with fifty beds.

Residents in l he neighbourhood responded gener-
ously with donal ions, also with loans of equipment.
On November 16th the first patients arrived, and


since that date the hospital has never been empty.
Besides men from the Expeditionary Force and
Belgian soldiers, a great number of sick from the
local troops have been treated.

Three trained nurses are employed, and the
detachment is strongly reinforced by voluntary

Commandant — Mrs. C. Wingfield-Stratford.

Medical Officer — Dr. Pope.

Lady Superintendent — Miss Kelly.

Quartermaster — Miss K. Hardy.

Members. — Edith Adam ; Ethel Adam ; Doris Alston ; Rosalind
Blackburne-Maze ; Violet Cator ; Camille Doucet ; Cicely
Englefield ; Celia Gauntlett ; Norah Hardy ; Ellen Hayton ;
Ruth Hayton ; Margaret Lawson ; Florence Pope ; Agnes
Roberts ; Madge Roberts ; Isabel Rust ; Isabel Smyth ;
Margaret Stedman ; Edith Timins ; Ada Viner ; Dorothy
Wood ; Elsie Wood ; Marjorie Wood ; Hermione Wingfield-

Kent 152, Margate. On declaration of war
Margate formed two detachments, with Miss M.
Mason and Miss Inness as Commandants. Nursing
and first aid classes were held. Wanstead Orphan
Asylum, Margate branch, was lent by Captain
Martin, r.n., as a hospital, with six large wards.
A trained nurse is in charge of each ward, with
members of the detachments under her. The
building was opened on October 14th in conjunc-
tion with several private houses, and 110 wounded
Belgians were received, and from that time the


hospital has been busy, some hundreds of patients
having passed through it.

Commandant — Miss M. Inness.

Medical Officers —

Dr. Graham Stewart and Dr. Thomson.

Quartermaster — Miss M. Lloyd.

Members. — Marie Baeten ; Ethel Marian Thornton Bobby ;
Ursula Marian Thornton Bobby ; Alice Boldero ; Ida Hay
Brighurst ; Olive Buswell ; Mary Callingham ; Beatrice
Carter ; Helen Dorothy Clayton ; Edith Cooper ; Elwyn
Theresa Diehl ; Louise Edwards ; Hilda Kate Gocher
Eveling ; Lily Eveling ; Mary Finn ; Beatrice Mary Giles ;
Ida May Godfrey ; Gertrude Mabel Godwin ; Florence
Gower ; Frances Hadlow ; Olga Harrison ; Emily Hawkins ;
Ethel Hews ; Phyllis Hill ; Eleanor Hobson ; Edith Horsley ;
Annie Keble ; Mildred Lamb ; Frances Lank ; Gwendoline
La Trobe ; Mary Elizabeth Linnington ; Grace Lusby ;
Edith Mann ; Minnie Mandelson ; Gertrude Annie
McLaughlin ; Mary Hilda Mills ; Marian Musto ; Ada
Norton-Smith ; Louise Perchard ; Frances Mary Pope ;
Gertrude Pullen ; Mabel Gainsborough Ray ; Alice
Richards ; Dorothy Richards ; Louise Emma Rogers ;
Annie Jane Rusholme ; Ambrosine Alicia Smithson ; Edith
Southey ; Elsie Spurgwin ; Maud Victoria Tappenden ;
Kate Edith Taylor ; Kathleen Taylor ; Miss Walker-Smith ;
Emily Walton ; Florence Maud Weir-Rhodes ; Ethel Willett.

Kent 154, Tunbridge Wells. Red Cross work
originated under the guidance of Miss L. Kemball,
with lectures given by Dr. Thurlow, who under-
took the training of the members. The detachment
was eventually formed at a meeting held at the
Grange, when Mrs. Rogers presided as temporary
Commandant, Mr. II. Kemball acting as secretary
and Mr. S. II. Leeder as treasurer.

N 2


The difficulty of obtaining a house suitable for
a hospital was overcome by friends of the cause,
who desire to remain anonymous, taking Rust
Hall for five years, and giving the detachment
use of the same with eventual accommodation
for fifty beds. The present Commandant was
unanimously elected, Mr. Scott Blair undertook
the care of the accounts and Mr. H. M. Caley gave
assistance with the care and management of the
buildings. Mr. C. Bruce Aitken is honorary solicitor.

Commandant — Miss Rachel M. Ard.

Medical Officers —

Dr. W. C. Aylward, Dr. B. L. Thurlow.

Lady Superintendent — Miss Hodgson.

Quartermaster — Miss L. Kemball.

Members. — Grace Aitken ; Harriet Aitken ; Isabel Barlow ;
Alice Mordaunt Barnard ; Mary Bolton ; Kate Bridger ;
Alice Bromley ; Annette B. Brooks ; Alice Brown ; Con-
stance Caley ; Marjorie Cass ; Louisa Perceval Clarke ;
Isoline Cook ; Beatrice Cook-Hayne ; Mary Coomber ; Ethel
Cox ; Caroline Craddock ; Gwendoline Cressey ; Louisa
Eliza Crossfield ; Mabel De Mattos ; Rhoda Mary Draper ;
Hetty Forbes - Adam ; Lilian M. Foss ; Annie Grier ;
Frederica H. Hammond ; Margaret Harding ; Edith Harris ;
Mary Hartley ; Daisy Harvey ; Isobel Haynes ; Agnes Hoare ;
Mary Hollamby ; Edith Hudson ; Elmira Kemball ; Emma
Keys ; Alice Lambart ; Lucy Evelyn Leeder ; Amy Lees ;
Eveleen Lees ; Florence Lees ; Ethel Littlewood ; Anna
McClean ; Nona McFarlane ; Florence Maunder ; Daisy
Mercer ; Florrie Mercer ; Ella Mitchell ; Ella Morgan ;
Lilian A. M. Morse ; Elizabeth Nevill ; Violet Overton ;
Anne Page ; Mary Panwick ; Maud Pilkington ; Mary C.
Pooley ; Florence Maud Poulter ; Evelyn Prescott ; Ellen
Price ; Seagram Richardson ; Myddleton Verna Rogers ;


Mabel Sargeaunt ; Louisa M. Scattergood ; Lydia Ann
Shepherd ; Catherine Sheppard ; Helen Shipton- Green ;
Alice Smith ; Hon. Mary Sommerville ; Hon. Florence
Starmer ; Agnes Stephenson ; Margaret Stephenson ;
Emma Kate Stevens ; Myma Symons ; Naomi Tabuteau ;
Ida Taunton ; Gertrude Taylor ; Ethel Templer ; Grace
Thompson ; Margaret Thorn ; Dorothea Tottenham ; Jane
Turner ; Harriett Vaughan ; Katherine Waddilove ; Elene
Waddilove ; Marjorie Wade ; Una Watson ; Margaret
Wilde ; Rose Withers ; Mary Wontner ; Doris Wynne.

Kent 156, Hawkhurst, was initiated shortly
after the declaration of war, both women's and
men's detachments being formed. Lectures and
practices were held. On October 14th, 1914,
mobilisation took place, and " Lillesden Park,"
kindly lent by Mr. and Mrs. Loyd, was opened
as a hospital with Belgian wounded. The present
hospital is " Oakfield."

The equipment was almost entirely supplied by
local residents.

During the earlier stages Mrs. Braybrooke and

Mrs. Gubbins acted as Commandants, and, with

the late Dr. Young, rendered valuable assistance.

Commandant — H. M. Braybrooke.

Medical Officer — Dr. Stead.

Lady Superintendent — Sister IIolley.

Quartermaster — Mrs. Ross-Thomson.

Members. — Olive Braybrooke ; Isabel Butt-Gow ; Amy Chat-
field ; Gladys Cyster ; Florence Davis ; Hilda Delves ;
Madge Edwards ; Mary Foster ; Edith Gormon ; Alice
Hayward ; Violot Heath ; Edith Jenner ; Lily Kemp ;
Elsie Monnie ; Ellen Morris ; Fanny Morris ; Kato Pannett ;
Katharino Percy ; Mary Persso ; Freda Ross-Thomson ;


Mabel Santer ; Cicely Slaughter ; Dorothy Slaughter ;
Alice Springett ; Frank Springett ; Helen Springett ;
Adelaide Stead ; Selina Ussher ; Evelyn Vaughan- Jenkins ;
Frances Williams ; Florence Wilson ; Marjorie Young.

Kent 158, Bexley Heath, was raised in August,
1914. The detachment commenced work in Octo-
ber, when the first convoy of wounded Belgians
was received.

The detachment is particularly fortunate in
possessing the services of two trained nurses, who
give their assistance quite voluntarily : Miss M.
Bartlett and Mrs. S. J. Weston, who is Matron of
the West Kent Nursing Home, the hospital of the

Commandant and Medical Officer —

Dr. O. Sunderland.

Lady Superintendent — Mrs. M. A. Cotsell.

Quartermaster — Miss W. A. R. Tyrer.

Members. — Ursula Adams ; Florence Berlyn ; Marion Cane ;
Alma Chaffey ; Emily Crowe ; Edith Harston ; Ellen
Hunnisett ; Alice Jenkins ; Bessie Jenkins ; Edith Jones ;
Helen Jones ; Una Lidington ; Hilda Reeves ; Mabel Rix ;
Hilda R,obinson ; Alix Russell ; Edith Snowden ; Phoebe


Kent 160. The Willesborough Women's V.A.D.
began its existence in August, 1914 ; the Rev.
F. T. Gregg, m.a., Superintendent of the St. John
Ambulance Brigade, Willesborough, being the
chief mover in its formation.

When the V.A.D. were mobilised it was very
soon found that a contingent of Kent 48 could be


of great assistance at the Temporary Hospital,
Ashford ; and in consequence this detachment
acts in that capacity, its services there being
greatly appreciated.

Commandant — Miss Fanny M. Pledge.
Lady Superintendent — Mrs. Sims.

Members. — Lilian Brake ; Evelyn Devereux-Fleet ; Annie
Garner ; Lilian Holdstock ; Edith Holley ; Esther Home-
wood ; Anna Lilley ; Kathleen Pilcher ; Gertrude Ruck ;
Mabel Tomlin ; Alice Wildash ; Mary Wiles.

Recruits. — Edith Berry ; Betty Brake ; Milly Elizabeth Brett ;
Mabel Buss ; Evelyn Capeling ; Edith Capeling ; May
Coleman ; Gladys Chapman ; Maggie Crust ; Alice M.
Down ; Anah Dines ; Mary Evans ; Rose Harmer ;
Minnie Hodges ; Florence Hills ; Elsie Hills ; Louisa Hyland ;
Kathleen Merry ; Amy Clara Nicholls ; Alice Elizabeth
Noad ; Beatrice Sarkissyan ; Elizabeth Scott ; Jessie
Stark ; Lilian Swinerd ; Muriel Thomas ; Muriel Thompson ;
Mary White ; Florence Wilde.

Kent 162, Beckenham.

Commandant — Mrs. 11. H. Hurlbatt.

Medical Officer— Dr. Curtis.
Quartermaster — Miss Clara Klaber.

Members. — Florence Aires; Breta Bakewell ; Dorothy Bishop;
Marguerite Bluen; Rita Boot; Dorothy Buck; Winifred Carey;
Adelaide Cleveland ; Muriel Coleman ; Clare Curtis ; Grace
Davis; Kathleen Dawes ; Maude Derek ; Bessie Drughorn ;
Nellie Eastwood; rhyllis Fawel; Elsio Firmin; Gertrude
Firmin; Muriel Grose; Elsie Harvey; Margaret Ingram;
Evelyn Lenanton ; Mary Livingstone ; Amy Mania
Mary Moreland ; Annie Moser ; Julia Mumford ; Liliun
Munn ; Rose Neilson; Vera l'ortrr ; A. Rogors ; Dora
Rogers; Leslie Sambrook , Freda Smith ; Marjorie Soldi;
Winifred Sykes ; Johanna Vollers ; Doris Walker : Ethel


Thanks to the kindness and self-sacrifice of Mrs.
Yolland these are still at No. 53 Bromley Common.
As stated elsewhere Dr. Cotton acted as County
Director most capably until his much-regretted
breakdown in health in August, 1914, when Lord
Darnley accepted the position of County Director
and carried on the duties admirably in close com-
munication with the Chief of Staff. In January,
1915, Lord Darnley was ordered by his physician
to take a thorough rest, and Dr. Yolland became
Acting County Director until his Lordship's return
on May 1st, 1915. The work has progressed con-
tinuously and every difficulty has been overcome :
all arrangements for future contingencies are com-
plete to the last detail.

Mr. ('.. Stanley Pond has acted throughout as
private secretary to Dr. Yolland, and has helped
him in the organisation; Mr. Paul Creswick has
been enabled, through the generosity of the
Prudential Assurance Co., Ltd., to perform the
interesting duties of chief transport officer for the
whole county.



The Kent County Committee, to whom so much
is due, is constituted as follows :

President :

fTHE Marchioness Camden, Bayham Abbey, Lamber-

hurst, Kent.

Vice-Presidents :
-j-Lady Northcote, Eastwell Park, Ashford.
f*LoRD Harris, Belmont, Faversham.

County Committee :

Mrs. Walter Hay, Manor House, Sevenoaks.

fMRS. A. C. Norman, The Rookery, Bromley Common.

-j-*Charles M. Hilder, Esq., Kirkella, Sevenoaks.

The Hon. Mrs. Ward, Squerryes Court, Westerham.

Rev. Canon Arnott, f.r.c.s., The Rectory, Becken-

*j-Lady Bower, The Grange, Chislehurst.

The Hon. P. Bowes-Lyon, Skeynes Park, Edenbridge.

Mrs. Preston, Moncks Orchard, West Wickham.

f*ARTHUR N. Lubbock, Esq., The Bassetts, Farn-

Louisa, Lady Cohen, Highfield, Shoreham.

f*J. W. Wheeler-Bennett, Esq., Ravensbourne,
Keston. *

-j-*Kenneth E. Chalmers, Esq., Blackbrook, Bickley.

f*R. Leonard Powell, Esq., Heatherbank, Chisle-

-j-Mrs. Hoyle, 24, Park Place, Gravesend.

fSiR Gilbert Parker, Bart., m.p., 20, Carlton House
Terrace, London, S.W.


The Countess of Darnley, Cobham Hall, Cobham,

Mrs. E. L. Tomlin, Angley Park, Cranbrook.

fMRS. Cornwallis, Linton Park, Maidstone.

Mrs. R. H. Style, Boxley House, Maidstone.

fMRS. D'Aytgdor Goldsmid, Somerhill, Tonbridge.

Viscountess Hardinge, South Park, Penshurst.

Mrs. Julian, The Old Rectory, Milstead, near Sitting-

The Earl of Westmorland, Woodstock Park,

Mrs. Strang-Steel, The Moat, Charing.

Mrs. Thornton Down, Spearpoint, Kennington,

Lord Rothermere, Hempstead Park, Benenden.

fMRS. Barham, Hole Park, Rolvenden.

Major Powell-Cotton, Quex Park, Birchington.

Colonel E. T. Buttanshaw, Marshview, Hillcrest
Road, Hythe.

|Lady Dorothy Ruggles Brise, Hj^the.

A. Randall-Davis, Esq., m.r.c.s., Oaklands, Hythe.

Lieutenant-Colonel S. E. Pratt, i.m.s., Under-
ledge, Hythe.

Lady Seager Hunt, 11, Royal Crescent, Ramsgate.

jLady Rose Weigall, Ramsgate.

Mrs. Murray Smith, Westcliff House, Ramsgate.

Mrs. Prescott-Westcar, Strode Park, Heme.

•j-Lady George Hamilton, Deal Castle, Deal.

Lady Parker, 20, Carlton House Terrace. London, S.W.

Mrs. Randall-Da yidson, Lambeth Palace, London.

fW. R. FlTZHUGH, Esq., Howitts, Ashford.

■fDft. Cotton, Briarfield, Canterbury.

fDii. Prideaux Selby, Teynham, Kent.


fA. Leon Adutt, Esq., Chelsea Lodge, Margate.
Colonel Sinclair, Barming House, Maidstone.
f*T. Pawley, Esq., 14, Rodway Road, Bromley.
f*LoRD Darnley, Cobham Hall, Cobham, Kent.
t*F. Schooling, Esq., Hollydene, Bromley.
Colonel Streatfield, Marlborough House.
D'Avigdor Goldsmid, Esq., Somerhill, Tonbridge.
fTHE Mayor of Margate (Alderman Booth Reeve),

Town Hall, Margate.
f*GEO. Croll, Esq., Millfield, Chislehurst.
-j-*Geo. Marsham, Esq., Hayle College, Maidstone.
fW. R. Bruce-Culver, Esq., Hope House, Gravesend.

Ex-Officio :
Hon. Secretary and Treasurer : Dr. J. H. Yolland,
53 Bromley Common.

Those whose names are marked f form the Executive Com-
mittee under the Chairmanship of Lord Darnley, the County

All those marked with a * are Members of the Finance
Committee, under the Chairmanship of Mr. J. W. Wheeler-

The Assistant County Directors have dealt
promptly with all local matters and are allocated
thus :

Division I. Dr. Allan, Chislehurst ; Dr. Sterry,
II. Dr. Skinner, Strood.
III. Surgeon-Colonel T. Joyce, M.D.,
Cranbrook; Dr. Tra vers, Maidstone.
Dr. Watson, Tunbridge Wells.


IV. Dr. Prideaux Selby, Sittingbourne.

V. Captain Brandreth Gibbs, Hastings.
VI. Dr. T. Vernon Dodd, Folkestone.
VII. Dr. Frank Brightman, Broadstairs ;
Surgeon- General F. H. Benson,

The County Secretary is Mr. W. R. Bruce-Culver,
who, like the Divisional Secretaries, Mr. Alfred
Pope, Mrs. Bruce- Culver, Mr. Walter Neve and
Dr. J. P. Henderson, have found plenty to do. The
county architect and surveyor, Mr. Granville
Streatfield, has been of great service. Mr. P. H.
Ashton has rendered considerable assistance at
headquarters, and, with Messrs. A. Pope, W. W.
Gomer, C. D. Quint, Herbert Gurney Smith,
Evelyn Gurney Smith, R. Gilliard and other
voluntary workers, has made the heavy detail
work each day possible of accomplishment. To
Dr. E. J. H. Midwinter, Dr. Kirby and Dr. R. A.
Shannon sincere acknowledgment is made of much
unselfish and valuable help. Mr. T. Pawley, the
committee's financial adviser, has had charge of the
County Red Cross stores in East Street, Bromley,
and has conducted these, in conjunction witli Miss
Pawley, with success.

Cordial thanks are here expressed to Messrs.
Kemp, Sons, Sendcll and Co., for acting as
Honorary Auditors, and to the Misses Shafto of


Market Square, Bromley, for having undertaken,
free of all cost, the whole of the typing for head-

To all those ladies and gentlemen who have so
self-denyingly placed their motor-cars at the dis-
posal of the Chief of Staff his very warm acknow-
ledgments are now made. One and all in Kent,
from first to last, have been most generous and
public-spirited in assisting the County in its great
and successful crusade on behalf of those who
have fought so splendidly for all that is best in
the British Empire.



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