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Jessie Miller ; Althea Money ; Marjorie Money ; May
Nicolas ; Flora Pook ; Doris Milligan ; Jean Venner ; Lily
Venner ; Dorothy Willis ; Mabel Wilson.

Kent 33, Bromley, commenced work, at the
declaration of war, under Quartermaster W. E.
Clifford (of Kent 15). Dr. A. C. Haslam, the
medical officer, gave a series of brilliant lectures
on first aid, and as a result fifty-six members have
been successful at subsequent examinations. On
August 24th, 1914, the present Commandant was
appointed, with Mr. Thomas Gayford as Quarter-
master. The detachment was established on a
sound basis, and the equipment and uniform fund
started with ;i concert most kindly arranged by
Mr. Priter. Other friends have generously assisted,
and the detachment is now equipped with stretchers,
water-bottles, haversacks, etc. Forty-five men are


uniformed. A rearrangement of the staff, conse-
quent upon the Quartermaster's regretted enforced
absence from Bromley, brought about the well-
deserved promotion of Mr. Head. The order
to mobilise found the detachment ready, and at
midday on October 14th, 1914, the first convoy
of wounded men was very successfully detrained
at Bromley South Station. Work has been con-
tinuous since then, many ambulance trains having
been unloaded at all hours. The detachment
has had the distinction of having transferred
nearly one-third of the sick and wounded re-
ceived in Kent. Other duties have been carried
out successfully, the most important being orderly
work at the many hospitals. Beyond this, the
members are perfecting themselves with nursing
classes, drills and field schemes. Best thanks are
due to Mr. Bert Harris, and to Mr. Jury, of the
Pictorial Enterprises, Ltd., for entertainments
given on behalf of the funds ; also to the trustees
of St. Luke's Institute, the Trustees of the
Wesley an Church Hall, and many other friends.
Gratitude to Miss Irene Wheeler Bennett is here
expressed for her help with roller bandaging ; to
Miss Winifred Mather for transport assistance ; to
Dr. Haslam and Dr. Craster ; to Messrs. Pierson
and Parke ; to Mr. C. W. Berry ; to Major and
Mrs. Wilson of Eltham Court for loan of Wolseley
Ambulance Car, and to the many other kind friends


who]have been so very willing to help the detach-
ment. Mr. H. D. Reynolds was secretary until
joining ±he colours in May, 1915.

Commandant — Paul Creswick.

Honorary Commandant — H. G. Hoskier.

Medical Officer — Dr. A. C. Haslam.

Quartermaster — F. E. Head.

Pharmacist — H. D. Kelf.

Transport Control (Hon. Commandant Kent 54) —


Section Leaders. — H. Gayford ; M. Gray ; L. Harvey-Lowe ;

I. Humphrey ; T. H. Jayes ; G. H. Last ; S. G. Nash ;
A. W. Stalain ; F. H. Sheriff.

Members. — E. R. Andrews ; A. Attwood ; H. A. Balding ;
S. Belsey ; F. Buckman ; R. Catterson ; N. Clark ; A. F.
Collins ; S. H. Collins ; J. H. Covil ; P. S. Cox ; R. Craker ;
R. Davey ; W. Davis ; G. Day ; A. Dickson ; T. T. Eardley ;
W. Eglington ; G. J. H. Forbes ; W. Fox ; F. Gardiner ;
T. Gayford; H. Godfrey; H. H. Greenhill ; W. E. Gregory;
R. Guthrio ; R. C. Guthrie; E. Gurney - Smith ; J. H.
Gurney-Smith ; W. H. Haigh ; A. Hains ; A. Harman ;

E. Harman ; L. Harman ; R. Hellyer ; F. Herbert ; A.
Hickmott ; L. H. Hillman ; F. E. Humble ; C. H. Jenner ;

II. Langrish; E. J. Lovell ; J. E. Masters; A. C. Miles;
S. J . M Lies ; G. A. Morris ; G. H. Morris ; S. T. D. Mortimer ;
X. Newcombe ; N. F. Patten; A. H. Pockett; L. C. Priest;
H. A. Randall; \\ . E. Randall; E. P. Ripley; H. D. Rey-
nolds: T. II. Saunders; A. P. Sharland ; J. C. Shepherd ;

F. Simmons; D. Strike; F. White; \Y. Willson.

/, crwUe. II. Avery; W. S. Bibby; G. Brown; W. Carpenter;
D.Cook; B.Cook; B.W.Cook; F. Craker; F.Hartridge;
— Hiokman; A.. J. Bowe ; -Kemp; — Kibble; E. W. Lash ;
(,. E. Lear; R. Longthorne; P. Mitchell; !•'. \V. Now;
W. 1 ierson; I*. J. Poindestre; R. W. Poindestre; — Saunders;


F. C. Smith ; H. D. Smith ; F. Stiff ; — Theobald ; F. H.
Thorburn; F. G. Wilkins; E. A. Woodhall.

Deputy Transport Control. — R. Gilliard.
Instructor. — S. G. Nash.
Secretary. — F. H. Sheriff.

Note. — Very many of the above have temporarily
joined His Majesty's forces.

Kent 34, Folkestone, was formed in 1911,
and was maintained by weekly drills, instruction,
and summer camps.

Owing to the unavoidable resignation of the
Commandant, Mrs. Thornton Gilbert, the detach-
ment was unable to organise a hospital, but joined
Kent 30, Sandgate, and assisted in equipping the
Bevan Home. By the efforts of the members
money and equipment was collected.

When the detachment was mobilised on October
16th eighteen qualified members were working at
the Bevan Home, together with a number of
recruits, as probationers and ward maids. The
work at the hospital has been continuous ever
since mobilisation, and the majority of the mem-
bers are now fully certificated.

Commandant and Quartermaster — Miss M. Peden.
Lady Superintendent — Miss L. Auty.

(List of Members given under Kent 36, Hythe.)


Kent 35, Canterbury, conducts all transport,
supplies orderlies and male nurses for the Canter-
bury group of hospitals.

Commandant and Medical Officer — Dr. Ferguson.

Quartermaster — F. Holgate-Smith.

Pharmacist — G. I. Hobbis.

Members. — W. Abrams ; G. P. Argrave ; W. G. Barter ; C. M.
Bennett ; D. Breeze ; C. J. Brodie ; R. B. Brown ; J. C.
Charrison ; W. G. C. Cheeseman ; E. Clark ; J. B. Daniel ;

E. V. Dawe ; C. C. Elam ; J. Ellis ; G. Goldfinch ; P. L.
Hall ; S. Harding ; J. I. Hargreaves ; A. M. Hayward ;
C. Howes ; J. E. Jarvis ; L. Kemp ; W. A. King ; R. S. O.
Lee ; F. G. Link ; H. F. W. Lyons ; F. J. Mann ; H. W.
McConnell ; W. F. R. Mist ; A. Pearce ; E. Pepper ; R. P.
Pettyfer ; L. C. H. Sills ; E. C. Tomalin ; S. W. Vincett ;

F. J. Wells ; A. A. Wicks ; H. E. Wicks ; P. W. A. Wilson ;
F. Wood ; J. H. Worsfold.

Kent 36, Hythe, was organised in 1910 by
Mrs. Congreve. In 1911 Mrs. Congreve, having
left Hythe, the present Commandant took charge.
At the outbreak of war all preparations were made
to open a hospital, but at the request of Miss
Mumi'ord, the Commandant of Kent 30, Sandgate,
the detachment was ordered to take up duty at
the Bevan Hospital, Sandgate, and the equipment
and funds were handed over to that hospital.

Between sixty and seventy people from Hythe
work at the hospital during the twenty-


four hours, besides some gentlemen*' who act as

Commandant — Miss Cicely Dale.

Medical Officers —

Drs. A. R. Davis, C. Hackney, s H/Scoones.

Lady Superintendents —

Mrs. Stewart-Harris and Sister E. Barter.

Quartermasters — Mrs. Hildyard, Miss Nicholettes.

Members. — Audrey Adam ; Edith Adam ; Julia Ager ; Margaret
Andrews ; Dorothy Ashworth ; Marjorie Ashworth ; Mary
Avill ; Margaret Barclay ; Beatrice Barlow ; Ethel Barlow ;
Rosabelle Brandreth ; May Buttanshaw ; Jennie Carter ;
Edna Chadwick ; Vera Chapman ; Amy Crane ; Muriel
Crane ; Kathleen Cutts ; Irene Dale ; Muriel Denniston ;
Brenda Dowler ; Florence Drake ; Ethel Eastes ; Teresa
Floyd ; Mabel Gill ; Ethel Gill-Ballard ; Lilian Hackney ;
Muriel Hall ; Edith Hildyard ; Violet Honeywood ; Sarah
House ; Alice Lee ; Edith Lewis ; Carlota Mackeson ;
Elspeth Moubray; Mildred Murray-Rogers ; Gertrude
Noos ; Mary Roach ; Dorothea Ruggles-Brise ; Sybil
Schreiber ; Ethel Scoones ; Gwenmore Shelford ; Irene
Shelley ; Kate Stainer ; Mary Stewart-Harris ; Evelyn
Thompson ; Marion Timmins ; Madeline Titley ; Mary

Kent 37, Gravesend and Northfleet. The
present Commandant was authorised in the early
days of the war to raise a men's detachment and
within twenty-four hours forty-eight men were on
parade and given their first drill. Lectures were
given by the medical officer. The detachment was
very soon efficient, and with the opening of the
Yacht Club Hospital night guard was undertaken


and has been carried on continuously. Wounded
have been transported into all the hospitals in the
district, the Commandant having been put in
charge of the transport for the Gravesend district,
under the district transport officer, Mrs. E. Bruce-
Culver. In addition assistance has been given in
other districts. A four-stretcher motor ambulance
has been acquired. Many of the members have
joined the R.A.M.C.

Commandant — Mr. H. L. Tatham.

Medical Officer — Dr. R. H. Drennan.

Quartermaster — Mr. W. Webster.

Section Leaders. — L. Martin ; H. J. Mayo ; J. Payne ; B. J.

Members. — *D. G. Aitken ; E. Ball ; F. J. Bennett ; A. J.
Black ; J. W. Boucher ; W. Brigham ; G. Brooker ; T. G.
Burberry ; H. T. Butler ; H. J. Chamberlain ; *G. Chatfield ;
H. Cottam ; B. Edmeades ; *C. H. Elvin ; H. Fairy ; W. G.
Forder ; W. Haines ; *J. A. Heath ; A. Hook ; W. J.
Howell ; T. Hughes ; C. Hurst ; S. Johnson ; H. Judson ;
H. V. Kitchen ; A. J. Lewis ; *A. Mills ; George Meakin ;
J. Parker ; W. Parsons ; F. Parsons ; E. Payne ; *F. A.
Pittock ; C. J. Prisley ; *F. A. B. Robinson ; A. Roots ;
*S. Russell ; O. Russell ; W. D. Sones ; *H. M. Thomas ;
M. Troubridge ; *H. K. Tutton ; W.A.Webb; *T. Wins-
ton; M. M. Whiting; *H. Winnett ; W. Wright ; *S. Young.

* Members marked thus have enlisted in His Majesty's Forces.

Kent 88, Westerham, was registered in 1911,
pi;. were regularly held, and the detachment

was inspected annually by a medical ollicer from
the War Offic . Miss Warde was the original


Commandant, but after her marriage the present
Commandant was appointed.

On mobilisation a large empty house, "Dunsdale,"
the property of the family of the late Mr. Norman
Watney, was converted into a hospital with fifty
beds, and on October 14th everything was ready
for the forty-eight Belgian patients who arrived.
A motor ambulance, provided by Mr. J. Laird
Busk, has been most useful in bringing the more
serious cases. The National Service Committee of
Westerham has been most generous in giving stores
and equipment. Many volunteers have assisted
with motors for transport.

Commandant — Miss Watney.

Medical Officer — Dr. J. R. Russell.

Lady Superintendent — Mrs. Marian Perry.

Quartermaster — Miss L. M. Bartlett.

Members. — Annie Baker ; Marjorie Beresford ; Isabel Cotton ;
Mabel Ford ; Zaidee Holland ; Kate Hooker ; Edith Hughes ;
Annie Lewis ; Mabel Maude ; Sylvia Maude ; Mabel
McLean ; Edith Pywell ; Edith Rason ; Elizabeth Rem-
nant ; Dorothy Robinson ; Margaret Robinson ; Sarah
Robinson ; Sylvia Robinson ; Annie Salmon ; Sylvia
Streatfeild ; Catherine Vincent ; Blanche Warde ; Evelyn
Warded; Ethel Watney ; Frances White ; Mary Wilkins.

Kent 39, Beckenham, has been providing
orderlies and transport bearers at the Beckenham
hospitals, and doing much useful work. Motor-
cars have been very generously placed at Becken-


ham's disposal, and an ambulance wagon has been
purchased with local subscriptions.

Commandant — G. G. Fiddes.

Medical Officer — Dr. Giddings.

Quartermaster — George Baxter.

Section Leaders.— G. A. Piper ; F. W. Price ; E. W. Sears.
Members. — J. E. Adnams ; H. J. Allingham ; J. Allingham ;

A. M. Allison; E. Arnold; J. Bennett; W. S. Bolas ;

J. Britt ; J. Brown ; W. Burton ; J. J. Claydon ; H. T.

Collis; W. H. Dennis; L. B. Finch; H. Friend; E. G.

Gilmore ; H. Grenyer ; L. Hammacott ; T. Harris ; W.

Hatch ; W. R. Hawkins ; A. Ireland ; O. M. Kent ; G.

Knight; P. Knight; E. E. Laws; R. C. Lee; A. Malt-
house ; A. J. Malthouse ; W. E. Malthouse ; A. Mould ;

T. H. Oram ; F. J. Petri ; W. Russell ; A . J. Scutcher ;

H. W. Strike ; F. Thornton ; S. Thornton ; H. A. Tilbrook ;

W. Treagus ; E. Venables ; J. Welch ; H. Wordsley ;

T. Young.

Kent 41, Beckenham, is a new detachment
preparing itself for special work. Ten members
belong to the medical profession.

Commandant — Dr. Stilwell.
Medical Officer — Dr. Randell.

Pharmacist — Dr. Curtis.
Quartermaster — Dr. Trapnell.

Members.— D. K. Allen ; H. Austin ; /. Baker ; H. G. Bates ;
Dr. J. li. Bennett; Dr. H. B. Bolus; E. Collins ; Dr. A.
Colyer ; J. \V. Cox ; L. Crosdale ; H. Darby ; R. Davey ;
L. Deckers; A. G. Evans; H. E. Gotellier ; A. S. Gotts ;
\V. Gregory; F. A. Harrison; \V. J. Hatch; A. Hawkes,
L.D.s. ; C. Haywood; G. ll<r/.f eld ; Dr. J. E. Hewlett;
M. Houghton; C. H. Hunt; H. B. Jonos ; N. Kent; S.
Kingston; J>r. A. N. Leathern; G. Leo; C. Lidgey; F.


Lintot ; J. H. Lowcock ; S. L. Martin ; F. Milligan ; S.
Moor ; D. Nottle ; A. E. Nunn, m.p.s. ; D. J. Penn ; J. H.
Redding ; S. B. Stenning ; S. Stebbing ; — Stoyle ; F. O.
Tindley; Dr. F. Todd; W. B. Trafford ; A. Wallace;
H. Warcup ; C. T. Watts ; E. Wedekind ; L. Whelpton ;
A. H. Wood.

Kent 42, Gravesend, was the latest effort of
the Gravesend detachments ; they had already
established two hospitals, one at All Hallows, the
other at the Yacht Club.

On October 15th, these being filled with Belgian
wounded, the long-disused Rosherville Hotel was
taken as a hospital and quickly filled up. Each of
the many rooms was allocated to a voluntary
worker, who was responsible for its furnishing,
and the hospital was completed without any call
being made upon any funds, local or county.
Since the opening of the hospital there has been a
steady flow of patients through the wards.

Under the skilled hands of the consulting
surgeon many surgical cases have been success-
fully dealt with in the small but perfectly appointed
operating theatre. A motor ambulance has been
added to the equipment. The nursing staff has
become most efficient. The Commandant has
charge of the transport work for the three big
centres of Gravesend, Chatham and Faversham ;
the distribution of wounded being undertaken by
Doctor Skinner for the first two groups, and Dr.


Prideaux Selby for Faversham. Mr. W. R. Bruce-
Culver is the County Secretary for Kent.

Commandant — Edith Bruce-Culver.

Superintendent — Elizabeth Margaret Waterman.

Quartermaster — Irene Bingham Gadd.

Medical Officers — Drs. Charles Outred,

Charles Firth, Hubert Sells.

Chaplain — Rev. Samuel Poole, m.a.

Dentist — William Edmonds, l.d.s. eng.

Quartermaster (attached) — William Edward Clifford.

Secretary — Winifred Drayson.

President of Ladies' Association —

Helexa Westhorp.

Members. — Fanny Alcock ; Jessie Ashdown ; Rosalinde Baker ;
Nellie Beadle ; Dorothy Bailey ; Ellen Bentley ; Dorothea
Blake ; May Bond ; Ethel Brailsford ; Louisa Brinkman ;
Carrie Burleigh ; Caroline Carter ; Doris Cox ; Elsie Douglas ;
Sophie Dowker ; Margery Drayson ; Annie Elliot ; Hilda
Gadd ; Louisa Gibson ; Winifred Gould ; Edith Grandfield ;
Amy Green ; Mary Halford ; Ada Hills ; Marjorie Hopkins ;
Kathleen Horrigan ; Jessie Jones ; Fanny King ; Kato
Legge ; Madeline Legge ; Marion Lelean ; Alice Lott ;
Mary Mainwaring ; Kathleen Martin ; Eileen Mason ;
Florence Mason ; Kathleen Mason ; Mary Measures ; Monica
Mor/is ; Amy Mortlock ; Freda Nettleingham ; Olivo Orpin ;
Mary Pack ; Lucy Penrose ; Edith Porter ; May Price ;
Ethel Robinson ; Ruth Scriven ; Enid Sells ; Muriel Shuto ;
Kathleen Simmonds ; Mabel Solly ; Emily Stones ; Ellen
Stringer; A. Timson ; Annie Utting ; EffieUttinp; ; Florence
Walker; Edith Ward ; Dorothy Waring ; Emily Wellard ;
Evelyn Wheeler; Gertrude Whiting ; Francis Wicks ; May
Wicks; Mabel Williams; Ethel Winder; Susan Winder;
Mercy Wise; Dorothy Withers; Ivy Wn

Superintend? nt of Laundry. — Fanny Could.

Cook < v ndeni, — Grace Berry.

Steward. — Ethel Franci

Orderly Officer. — Doris Rowlstone.


Kent 43, Folkestone, was organised at the
commencement of the war as the " Civic Guard,"
instruction in infantry and stretcher drill being
given. In September the Guard became a men's
voluntary aid detachment.

A course of lectures on first aid was given by
Dr. Searle and practices were carried out.

The detachment was mobilised on October 14th,
and in conjunction with the fire brigade (of which
the Commandant is chief officer) has assisted the
R.A.M.C. with the transport of wounded soldiers
at Folkestone from hospital ships to all hospitals,
V.A.D., civil, and military. In this connection
Captain Brandreth Gibbs, Assistant County Direc-
tor for No. 5 Division, has rendered great assistance.
Commandant — Mr. H. O. Jones.
Medical Officer — Dr. P. G. Searle.
Quartermaster — Mr. W. C. Marsh.

Members.— F. E. G. Bailey ; W. B. Banks ; J. E. Black ; J.
Boorman ; A. Buttress ; A. J. Camburn ; R. Chambers
S. Chittenden ; W. W. Cladingbowl ; J. A. Clark ; H. V
Croucher ; J. F. Cunningham ; G. F. Davies ; J. H. Fox
W. J. Hall ; C. Hart ; E. J. A. Hart ; W. Hilder ; A. V
Hoad ; A. Howlett ; C. O. Humphrey ; H. F. Jackson
P. Laws ; L. W. May ; W. H. May ; A. L. McLaren ; J
Newble ; L. E. Owen ; R. W. Parfit ; L. Payne ; J. T
Poole ; A. E. Powell ; W. E. Saunders ; C. Simpson
E. H. Smith; J. Spencer; S. Stonham ; F. E. Tiddy
S. Tunbridge ; J. W. Walton ; F. Ward ; L. WeUs ; P. J.
Whitehead ; A. J. Whiting ; A. Woods ; F. Worsley.

Kent 44, Tonbridge, was organised in 1911.
On the declaration of war, emergency classes were


held, and working parties were formed, a room at
the Castle being lent by the Urban Council as a
depot. A finance committee, with Mrs. Cazalet,
Mrs. Goldsmid and Miss R. Turnbull as officers,
collected between £700 and £800 for hospital

On October 15th the detachment was mobilised
and Quarry Hill House, lent by Mr. J. F. W.
Deacon, j.p., was ready for occupation by the
evening, and the first party of forty-seven wounded
Belgians was quickly installed the same night.

An operating theatre was fitted up by voluntary
contributions. The X-ray apparatus of the Ton-
bridge Cottage Hospital has been placed at the
disposal of the detachment.

The honorary medical staff consists of the whole
of the Tonbridge medical practitioners. The Red
Cross office, under the superintendence of Mrs.
Newton and Mrs. Furley, has been opened in the
High Street for the reception of gifts for the

Commandant — Miss J. R. Taylor.

Medical Officer — Dr. Isaac Newton.

Lady Superintendent — Miss Topiiam.

Quartermaster — Mrs. Jukes.

Assist. Quartermaster — Miss (J. Pilditch.

Eon. Dentist— Mr. H.W. Th .

Members. — Daisy Beeching ; Hilda Beeeliinp ; Nellie Bceching;
Marjory I '.jl-im >!< I ; Mary Blaokden ; Eirene Bullen ; Flora
Campbell; Grace Clou l'U ; .Margaret Clough; Violet Collins ;


Kate Dain ; Mary Dain ; Blanche Evans ; Evelyn Gaimes ;
Lilla Germain ; Alicia Grice ; Mary Harmer ; Isabella
Henderson ; Margaret Henson ; May Hicks ; Agnes Howes ;
Cecilia Jaquet ; Edith Johnson ; Sybil Johnson ; Annie
Jukes ; Sarah Kirby ; Annie Kitchin ; Fadys Le Fleming ;
Margaret Lloyd ; Hilda McGeagh ; Ethel McNeil ; Bertha
Milner ; Jeannie Murray ; Kathleen Newton ; Mary Palin ;
Florence Peake ; Mary Pennell ; Constance Quin ; Minnie
Shaul ; Daisy Slight ; May Thyne ; Edith Topham ; Evelyn
Turnbull ; Ruth Turnbull ; Grace Venning ; Daisy Walton ;
Ivy Walton; Lilian White.

Kent 45, Chatham, is a newly formed men's
detachment of 48 members.

Commandant — Capt. C. D. Levy.

Medical Officer — Dr. G. Skinner.

Quartermaster — C. Link. Secretary — A. Williams.

Kent 45 (attached), Gillingham. The members
of the Fire Brigade have been keenly interested
and successful in ambulance work for many years.
Chief Officer Plewis holds the medal of the "Life
Saving Society of France," and acts as Secretary
to this new and alert detachment.

Commandant — George Peddle.

Medical Officer — Dr. E. C. Warren.

Quartermaster — Ernest C. Read.

Pharmacist — George William Kenney.

Section Leaders. — E. Annett ; E. P. Bines ; G. H. Hillisley ;
W. J. Young. Secretary. — W. Plewis.

Kent 46, Elham, was first initiated by Miss
Hordern, meetings for instruction and practice


being held. On the departure of Miss Hordern
from Elham in the spring of 1914 the present
Commandant took charge.

The detachment was mobilised on October 16th
and received instructions to prepare a hospital at
the Parish Room, offered rent free by the vicar, and
at the adjoining house, with a total accommodation
for fourteen patients. The furniture and beds
were lent by the inhabitants of Elham, and friends
at Barham contributed to the equipment, the
Elham organisation for the relief of the wounded
also supplying a large part. The vicar was respon-
sible for the firing and lighting of the Parish Room.
Invaluable help was given by the members of the
Elham Men's Fellowship.

On October 26th the first party of twelve
wounded Belgians arrived from the trenches.

Commandant — Miss Mabel S. Harris.

Medical Officer — Dr. Henderson.

Lady Superintendent — Mrs. Dennis.

Quartermaster — Miss Mercer.

Members. — Ruth Biron ; Emily Chandler ; Dorothy File ;
Elsie Gansby ; Elizabeth Gatehouse; Dorothy Gellatly j
Frances Hubble ; Louisa Jones ; Effie Meakin ; Monica
Mercer; Evelyn Moore Lane; Tina Palmer; Cicely Shep-
pard ; Susan Whitnull ; Georgette Williams.

Kent 17, Beceenham. Formed by Major
Bennett in February, 1915, to work in connection


with the Women's Detachment, No. 132, at
Brooklyn Hospital, Sydenham.

Commandant — Major Bennett, v.d.

Medical Officer — Dr. James Gilchrist.

Quartermaster — J. H. Hayes.

Pharmacist — A. B. Makepeace.

Members.— I. T. Baguley ; S. Baxter; F. Baxter; J. W.
Bennett ; W. M. Boag ; A. Brown ; C. T. Dalton ; F. C.
Deane; C. Edmonds; E. Garratt; A. Harwood; H. Hayes;
H. D. Jameson ; H. Jordan ; F. C. Kessell ; J. Parker ;
C. Short ; G. Small ; C. Tilliam ; J. Tilliam ; L. Webster.

Kent 48, Ashford. On the outbreak of war a
local Committee was called together to prepare for
emergencies and to collect funds (£320 was eventu-
ally received). The detachment started surgical
working parties, and prepared as a hospital the
Congregational schoolroom (lent by Rev. G. H.
Russell and his deacons) with accommodation for
forty beds. The small ward in this building was
opened on October 14th for sick Territorials, and
on October 22nd the first party of Belgians
arrived ; since then three more convoys of Bel-
gians have passed through the wards.

The work of the hospital has been chiefly amongst
the local troops, for whom no other hospital is
available. Over three hundred patients in all have
been treated. There are seventy members, includ-
ing three trained nurses.


Mr. Fitz Hugh has charge of the important
transport work for the Ashford group of hospitals,
and sincere thanks are expressed to him for much
self-denying labour ; also to Mr. Gregg, of Kent 11,
who has acted as honorary steward ; and the
members of Kent 11 and 13 for help with night
orderly work. Also to Miss Pledge, of " Con-
tingent " K 48, for much- valued help.

Commandant — Mrs. I. M. Buckland.

Medical Officer — Dr. Colvtlle.

Lady Superintendent — Mrs. Coke.

Quartermaster — Miss Knock.

Assist. Quartermaster — Miss Thorpe.

Members. — Madge Adams ; Margaret Avery ; Dora Bailey ;
Kathleen Bailey ; Vera Baker ; Violet Barker ; Naomi
Bates ; Dorothy Bennett ; Olivia Broadbank ; Annie
Burrows ; Violet Catchpole ; Augusta Chantler ; Christina
Chapman ; Ethel Chapman ; Violet Checksfield ; Frances
Mary Clapson ; Hilda Cooper ; Gladys Cox ; Ada Crux ;
Nance Daniel ; Nellie Davis ; Marie Do Luze ; Carey Down ;
Irene Down ; Katherino Down ; Victoria Down ; Frances
Edwards-Ker (Trained Nurse) ; Constance Elliot ; Julia
Fenn ; Madeline Halloran ; Bridget Jemmett ; Mary
J i tinings ; Elsie Kingsford ; Evelyn Kingsf ord ; Hilda
Kingsnorth ; Katherine Leigh Pemberton ; May Loigh
Pemberton ; Mary Lewis ; Ethel Luckhurst ; Dorothy
Mallion ; Jessie Morton ; Norah Morton ; Dorothy Neal ;
Marjorio Oakley; Margaret Oliver; May Pickering; Ellin
Pullen ; Lily Quested ; Elizabeth Quick ; Laura Shingleton ;
Raohe] Shorter; Kate Skelton (Trained Nurse); —

Standen ; Kate Tapley ; Edith Wellard.



Recruits. — Dorothy Beaney ; Katharine Beck ; Dorothy Butler ;
Gertrude May Caffeyn ; Kathleen Margaret Creery ; Nellie
Godden ; — Norie ; Edith Porter ; Ida Scott ; Mildred

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