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Scott ; Alberta Treadwell ; Elizabeth Laura Treadwell ;
Ethel Waters ; Madge Wickham ; Bertha Williams ; Irene
Wind ; Muriel Gertrude Winthrop.

Kent 50, Bromley Common, Keston and
Hayes, was started in 1912.

In the previous year Lady Lubbock arranged
classes in Red Cross work at her house, and it was
at these classes that the older members qualified.
At the outbreak of war the detachment worked
for a time at the Bromley Cottage Hospital.

Mobilisation took place on October 13th, 1914,
and most of the beds were occupied by Belgian
soldiers on the following day.

There are three hospitals under the care of this
detachment :

1. Bloomfield Road, Bromley Common, kindly
lent by the trustees of the Primitive Methodist
Schools, with twenty-five beds.

2. "The Rookery," Bromley Common, where
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Norman are kindly lending
three large rooms with eighteen beds.

3. " Lodore," Mason's Hill, where Mr. and Mrs.
Hennah take in seven patients, free of all expense.

The detachment has received much willing help
and many useful gifts, including a number of
valuable instruments for surgical work.


Thanks to the further generosity of Mr. A. C.
Norman a new large hospital with an operating
theatre and fifty beds has been opened at
" Oakley " in place of the present main building.

There is at this hospital an installation for hot-
air treatment for joint diseases ; also a complete
equipment for electrical massage.

The honorary consulting surgeons are Frank
Kidd, Esq., f.r.c.s., Richard Warren, Esq., f.r.c.s.,
Lewis Smith, Esq., m.d., and Dr. Daley, anaes-
thetist, the surgeons and physicians respectively
of the London Hospital.

The kitchen arrangements are directed by
Mrs. Harris, head cook, Mrs. Craster and Miss
Cooling. Very valuable assistance with the
accounts has been rendered by Mr. Gilliard.

Two hundred and forty patients have passed
through the hospitals.

Commandant — Miss Madge Boosey.

Medical Officer — Dr. Chaster.
Lady Superintendent — Miss A. Sandle.
Quartermaster — Miss M. Clowes.
Assist. Quartermaster — Miss R. Lubbock.

Members. — Cortrudo Allen; May Anderson; Gertrude Atkin-
son ; Enid Boosey ; Sarah Clifford ; Kate Cooling ; Mary
( raster; Marian Dann ; Cicely Dodgson ; Laura Fox;
Rosa Garrard; l\;it. (hirrard; Catherine Harris; Louisa
Haw kings ; Nellie Hoathcote ; Amy Hutchinson; Edith
Lawrence; Hilda Lubbook ; Dorothy Lubbock; Mildred
Lubbock; Madeline Lenox Conyngham; Edith Memess ;


Hilda Murphy ; Mary Norman ; Virginia Norman ; Doris
Potter ; Beryl Ritter ; Gertrude Sandle ; Elizabeth Slessor ;
Sarah Smith ; Barbara Stiles ; Elsie Trevor ; Mary Tucker ;
Irene Wheeler-Bennett ; Grace Wood ; Leiia Wright.

Kent 52, Bromley. The members of this
detachment — the earliest formed in Bromley —
have been actively engaged since 1910, and upon
the outbreak of war in August, 1914, well-thought-
out preparations were made by the Commandant
for equipping a hospital.

When, therefore, the dual order to mobilise and
prepare a hospital was received, the Masonic Hall,
previously promised by the Directors, became the
centre of the detachment's activities.

Within half an hour about two dozen members
paraded, some of whom were dispatched to collect
equipment which various friends had promised,
and for this purpose Mr. George Pyrke of High
Street, Bromley, kindly lent a motor-van.

By 2 a.m. on Wednesday, October 14th, the
members were to be seen scrubbing the floors and
putting up the beds. Before 12 noon twenty-seven
beds were ready, and three hours later these were
occupied by wounded Belgian soldiers.

Thus the hall, which would otherwise have been
the scene of an important Masonic gathering^that
evening, was transformed into a hospital, showing
the sad and cruel results of modern warfare.

Steps were taken for equipping two extra


wards ; storerooms, an operating theatre, have been
arranged, and the accommodation is now complete
for forty-seven patients. In addition to the main
hospital several important annexes have been
available through the generosity of neighbouring
residents, as follows :

Mr. T. C. Dewey, in addition to entirely pro-
viding in the Cottage Hospital the ward which
bears his name, has arranged the pavilion in his
garden as two splendid wards, capable of taking
twelve patients. Miss Davies and Miss Larkin
are in charge.

Mr. A. H. K. Squire gave up the greater part
of his residence, " Whitegarth," for the recep-
tion of fourteen patients, and Mrs. Squire, with the
assistance of other ladies, generously provided
for the wounded under care at this hospital.

Mr. Coles Child gave up part of Bromley
Palace, his residence, and Mrs. Coles Child and
her daughters undertook the nursing of eight
patients during the rush in the earlier days.

Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Rogers have entirely pro-
vided twelve beds at their house, " Langley
Wood," and have been most kind and successful
in their elf oils.

Mr. and Mrs. P. Boyd have also unselfishly
given up a pari of their house at 21 Holwood
Road and have continuously cared for twelve


Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Keif have kindly supplied
four beds at No. 88 Hayes Road.

The detachment is greatly indebted to the Lady
Superintendent, Miss Ada Boss, for the valuable
services which she has freely and unsparingly given
at all times of the day and night ; also to Mrs.
Whittle and her band of workers for self-denying
duty in the kitchens. Best thanks are expressed
to Mr. Temple West and to Mrs. Peill for much
kindly consideration of the patients' needs.

Commandant — Miss Ethel A. Coad.
Medical Officer — Dr. R. Montgomery.
Lady Superintendent — Miss Ada Boss.

Quartermaster — Mrs. J. H. Yolland.

Members. — Margaret Anderson ; Norah Atkinson ; Marjory
Best ; Dorothy Bradshaw ; Joan Cardwell ; Zoe Carey ;
Doris Carr ; Audrey Coles Child ; Florence Covell ; Edith
Darby ; Irene Doxford ; Helen Durbridge ; Kathleen Ellis ;
Marjory Ellis ; Gwendolen Evans ; Evelyn Fischer ; Lily
Gunton ; Lucy Hall ; Minnie Hawkings ; Nellie Heaysman ;
Helen Hemus ; Lucy Jenyns ; Louisa Larkins ; Mary
Lewis ; Florence Milloy ; Norah Myers ; Agatha Nicholson ;
Margaret Nicholson ; Ethel Payne ; Emily Peill ; Elsie
Pope ; Dora Prechtel ; Winifred Quelch ; Louise Rayden ;
Hilda Rogers ; Irene Rogers ; Louise Rossell ; Stella
Sanderson ; Eleanor Satherthwaite ; Bessie Silver ; Doris
Slipper ; Kathleen Thompson ; Dorothy Tilling ; Annie
Walters ; Edith Walthew ; Grace Weller ; Amy Whittle ;
Gertrude Whittle ; Hilda Wilkins ; Roma Wood.

Elstree Hospital, Bromley, is worked in connec-
tion with Kent 52.


After " Whitegarth " was given up, Mr. Medcalf
generously offered " Elstree," a beautifully situated
house near by. Here a first-class hospital, com-
plete in every detail, has been formed. There are
twenty-three beds and a fully-equipped operating

The hospital is managed by a committee :
Messrs. C. Shaw Lovell, Chairman ; E. W. Tilling ;
W. Howard Wood ; T. Durbridge, Junr. ; A. H. K.
Squire ; W. Sommerville ; Egerton C. Lovell ;
Ernest Durbridge, Treasurer ; Bertram Hellyer,

The staff consists of Colonel D'Arcy Power,
Honorary Consulting Surgeon ; Dr. Alfred E.
Price, Honorary Medical Officer ; Miss Holmes,
the sister in charge ; Miss Sparkes, the night
nurse ; assisted by Mrs. Ernest Durbridge, Mrs.
Bertram Hellyer, Mrs. Egerton Lovell, Mrs. Edward
Medcalf, Mrs. Sommerville, Mrs. Squire, Mrs.
Tilling, and Mrs. Howard Wood, forming the
Ladies' Committee ; also Miss Dorothy Bartrum,
Miss Eleanor Bruce, Mrs. George Codd, Miss Mar-
guerite Cuneo, Miss Florence Durbridge, Mrs.
Hubert Faber, Mrs. Vernon Lovell, Mrs. Ernest
Potter, Miss Isabel Potter, Miss Marian Tatham,
and Mrs. Thorpe.

Kent 54, Bromley, came into being j u March,
1912, and ;il once frequent meetings were started


for instruction in Red Cross work, many members
being able to gain practical experience in nursing
in the wards of the Marylebone Infirmary and the
Bromley Cottage Hospital. Field days were held,
and the camps at Heme and Rolvenden were well

On October 14th, at 2 a.m., a message was re-
ceived to prepare accommodation for wounded,
and St. Mary's Church Hall, kindly lent by Rev.
W. Gowans and his Church Hall Committee, was
quickly prepared as a V.A.D. hospital.

Alderman G. Weeks installed a bath, and geysers
were lent by the S. Suburban Gas Co. Vans, kindly
lent by Messrs. Soans and Son and Humerston and
Co., collected equipment promised by friends, and
by 12 noon the wards were cleaned, furnished, and
were ready to receive the first convoy of wounded.
In two days the number of patients had risen to

Apart from the care and skill bestowed on the
patients by the late Medical Officer, Dr. Cyril Uott
(who has now taken up Army medical duties), the
sisters and members, the food is all cooked by
voluntary members on the premises.

An excellent operating theatre has been installed,
owing to the generosity of friends, with an opera-
ting table and high-pressure steriliser.

A long verandah has been given and erected,
and motor owners have freely given the use of


their cars. They have also conveyed the patients
to London for the special treatment kindly
accorded by Dr. Gustave Hamel.

In the earlier stages of the war Mrs. Loly most

generously furnished Quernmore School Infirmary

as an extra hospital, and still holds the same fully

prepared in case of future emergencies. It is only

just to record that much valuable assistance has

been given to this detachment by Colonel Lewin.

Commandant — Mrs. Lewin.

Medical Officers — Dr. A. C. Haslam,

Dr. Herbert Ilott, Dr. Henshaw.

Lady Superintendent — Mrs. Noakes.

Quartermaster — Miss D. Tweedy.

Members. — Dorothy Addiscott ; Ella Addiscott ; Winifred
Addiscott ; Annie Airey ; Alice Alston ; Enid Atkinson ;
Gladys Bourner ; Rene Bourner ; Ruth Buck ; May
Grant Burls ; Harriet M. Carlyon ; Nellie Cave ; Zoe
Cave ; Estelle Clarke ; Ella Cossins ; Ethel Cowen ; Ger-
trude Dale ; Millie Darby ; Henrietta Denney ; Mary
Draper ; Adeline Edwards ; Dorothy Elliott ; Ethel Ell-
man ; E. A. Findlay ; Elise Flint ; Marjorie Forman ;
Dorothy France ; Joyce Gayford ; Violet Gibbs ; Christiania
Greenhill ; G. M. L. Griffith ; Joan Hay ; Dorothy Hen-
wood ; Ethel Henwood ; Marjorie Henwood ; Edith Holtom ;
Dorothea Lewin ; Mary March ; Kate Marlow ; Vera Mead ;
Grace Moger ; Maude Moore ; Hilda Munday ; Emily
Parr ; Eva Poachey ; Mabel Peachey ; Helen Porteous ;
Norah Ransom; Violet Richardson; Ruth Richardson;
Mabel Ridley; Maud Sharp; Mary Sketcldey ; Kathloen
Btahlsohinidt ; Marjorie Stokes; Ivy Sutton; Edith
Trimmer; Gertrude Vascy ; Marjorio Woyman ; Nellio

Kent 54 (attached), Siiortlands. The Parish


Room, Shortlands, was opened on October 22nd,
1914, as a hospital. The staff is drawn from ladies
of the neighbourhood who had previously passed
their examinations, and is under the charge of
Nurse Hooper. Local ladies worked hard to pre-
pare the hospital, and the residents have freely
sent gifts both in money and kind.

Commandant and Medical Officer —

Dr. Hawke.

Lady Superintendent — Miss F. Bonner.

Quartermasters —
Mrs. Hawke and Mrs. Stahlschmidt.

Members. — Mabel Cohen ; Madge Eglington ; Lavinia Evelyn-
Jones ; Iris Gill ; Margaret Grantham ; Mary Harley-
Thomas ; Evelyn Hewetson ; Mabel Klaber ; Eileen
Lanham ; Kathleen Lloyd ; Susan Mackie ; Constance
Payne ; Edith Scobell ; Annie Stubbs ; Evelyn Taylor ;
Florence Temple ; Lilian Walker.

Kent 56, Sevenoaks, was first formed by the
Honourable Victoria Sackville West. Early in
1913 the detachment had outgrown its capacity
and was divided, Kent 76 then being formed
under Mrs. Hilder.

Later in the same year Miss Sackville West
resigned and the present Commandant took charge.

In August, 1914, the detachment increased its
activities, and on October 14th mobilisation orders
were received. St. John's Sunday School room was
quickly prepared as a hospital, and the first convoy
of Belgian wounded was installed.


The hospital has room for fifty cases, and an
operating theatre has been fitted up.

Many valuable gifts have been received from
Lady Sackville, Mr. Robert Mond, and many

Commandant — Miss Aurea Lambarde.

Medical Officer — Dr. Sterry.

Lady Superintendent — Nurse Dunn.

Quartermaster — Mrs. Smithers.

Members. — Elinor Baddeley ; Queenie Battiscombe ; Ruby
Battiscombe ; Violet Battiscombe ; Agnes Beake ; Mary
Boyd ; Marjorie Campbell ; Lisa Carnell ; Marjorie Craw-
ford ; Gulielma Deane ; Fanny Dodd ; Elfrida Dunkerley ;
Jessie Ellman ; Beatrice Evans ; Evelyn Fawcett ; Em-
meline Gibson ; Adeline Harmer ; Mabel Kraftmeier ;
Helen Laurie ; Emily Loveland ; Marjorie Pittar ; Olive
Rubens ; Lilian Sills ; Margaret Sills ; Mollie Smithers ;
Constance Stamp ; Lilian Swanzy ; Delia Tiemey ; Ethel
Whebby ; Joyce Wright.

Kent 58, Chevening, was formed four years
ago. The hospital was opened on October 14th,
when thirty Belgians were admitted. There were
then two buildings in use, Chipstead Mission Hall
and Chipstead Place, lent by Mr. Duvecn for
three months. Resides men from overseas, local
troops have been admit ted.

Generous gifts have been received, support
coming even from Australia and America. The
regular staff has been greatly increased. Much
valuable assistance has been received from am-
bulance men. As Chipstead Place is now closed


there is only one ward of thirty-two beds, but a
kind anonymous friend of the hospital is having
an annexe built to the Mission Hall which will
greatly augment the accommodation.

Commandant — Miss Beryl Hall-Hall.

Vice-Commandant — Ethel Voelcker.

Medical Officer — Dr. J. F. Alexander.

Assistant Medical Officer — Dr. Macartney.

Lady Superintendent — Nurse Bevan.

Quartermaster — A. Shilbeck.

Assistant Quartermaster — Cara Hall-Hall.

Sisters — Beavan, M. Da vies, Stevens.

Nurses and Nursing Orderlies. — Elizabeth Ansell ; B. Auckorn ;
Norah Arnott ; Sarah Breething ; Elizabeth Booker ; Mary
Burfoot ; Florence Campell ; Annie Clarke ; Alice Conell ;
Florence Carter ; E. Dark ; Florence Drake ; Phyllis
Detelebach ; Ethel Gold ; Isabella Gold ; Ethel Glazier ;
Annie Hamlin ; Claretta King ; Muriel King ; Faith
Laurence ; Phyllis Meyerstein ; Enid Mort ; Dorothy
Punter ; Helen Riall ; Nellie Smith ; Winifred Smythe ;
Toy Snartt ; Beatrice Turnell ; Cicely Wreford ; Frances
Wreford ; Kathleen Wreford ; Diana Wreford ; Gertrude

Kitchen Staff. Bashford ; A. Cole ; Mildred Costen ; — Dark

Helen Dumere ; Joan Dumere ; — Flint ; De C. Godfrey

— Hubble ; Joan Hounsome ; Emily Jackson ; — Jobson
Norah King ; Jane Lewis ; Margaret Mort ; D. Peters

— Pinher ; Elizabeth Polhill-Drabble ; — Rocheling ,

— Rogers ; Dorothy Rayner ; Alice Scott ; Caroline
Stocking ; — Smith ; — Waller ; J. Waller.

Assistant Night Nurses. Bichley and — Carrie-Smith.

Permanent Orderly. — J. Robson.

R.A.M.O. Orderlies. Farrell ; — Shard ; — Savage.

Scouts from Dunton Green and Brasted.

Kent 60, Chislehurst. In May, 1912, a
meeting was called by Dr. Allan, to consider the


advisability of forming a voluntary aid detachment
in the neighbourhood, and Kent 60 was the out-
come, with Miss Alston as Commandant. Miss
Alston resigned in the following September, and
the present Commandant took charge.

In the Yolland shield competition of 1913 the
detachment gained over 90 per cent marks, and was
awarded a prize stretcher ; while during the 1914
camp the composite detachment, of which Kent 60
formed a part, won the silver challenge bowl.

Throughout August and September, 1914, the
detachment worked hard to prepare the necessary
equipment for a hospital, and members were able
to gain some practical experience at the local civil

Orders to mobilise were received at midnight
on October 13th, and Christ Church Hall with
twenty-five beds was ready for occupation by
6 a.m. the next day. The first convoy of thirty-
three Belgians was received at 9 a.m., the slighter
cases being sent to " Coed Bel," where Miss Fox
kindly lent the sanatorium with eight beds.
Mrs. Gibson acted as trained nurse by day and
Miss Gibson by night. After two days instructions
were received to prepare for more patients, and
Abbey Lodge was equipped as a hospital ; the
second convoy of thirty Belgians arriving on
October 17th.

The initial difficulties of preparing this hospital


were great, as the house had been long empty, but
it is specially adapted for its present use as it is
built on institutional lines.

Dr. Brennan performed much excellent work at
the outset of affairs.

The services of Sister Treasure and Nurse North
have been much appreciated.

Christ Church Hospital was moved to " Brook-
lyn," lent by Mr. Acton Garle, during the winter.

The late Mr. William Willett was instrumental
in obtaining the use of Abbey Lodge for a year
rent free from Mr. Erskine of Ryde. The Rev.
G. H. Pole gave his Parish Room at great incon-
venience, and Mr. George Croll has been most
generous and has taken unfailing interest in the
hospital, while Mr. Straus has kindly helped with
the accounts. The residents of Chislehurst have
helped considerably with contributions. Two
hundred and forty-nine patients have been cared
for in the hospitals.

Commandant — Miss Beatrix Batten.

Medical Officer — Dr. Allan.

Deputy Medical Officer — Dr. Laws on.

Quartermaster — Miss L. Pole.

Members. — Theodora Adamson ; Winifred Alston ; Dorothy
Batten ; Margaret Cadell ; Evaline Clark ; Elsie Doran ;
Elizabeth Fanner ; Ellen Dorothy Forest ; Doris Greeff ;
Grace Greengrass ; Janet Joyce ; Lilian Knight ; Lucy A.
Maccall ; Annie O'Brien ; Honor O'Brien ; Luisa Page ;
Marjorie Pattisson ; Gladys Pole ; Hilda Pole ; Muriel Pole ;
Ellen Pott ; Elaine Powell ; Kathleen Powell ; May Rena


Supernumeraries. — Dagmar Bennett ; Eileen Bennett ; Mrs.
Good ; Suzanne Good ; Dora Howard ; Edith Margetson ;
Agnes Mc Farlane ; Edith Murton ; Agnes Paterson ;
Dorothy Payne ; Marian de Quincey ; Doris Search ;
Dorothy Warrington ; Norah Webb ; Jessie Whyte ; Mar-
jorie Whyte.

Kent 62, Sidcup, was started in 1912 on the
initiative of Dr. George Davis.

On the declaration of war the officers of the
Congregational Church, Sidcup, freely offered
their lecture hall and school premises to be arranged
as a hospital to contain thirty-four beds in three
wards. The whole of the furniture was lent
locally, and a generous gift of equipment was
received from the Working Guild of the Congrega-
tional Church. Six trained nurses have given
their services voluntarily.

A fourth ward has now been added, by the kind-
ness of the W T esleyan Church in lending their
school premises, to hold sixteen beds, bringing the
total up to fifty.

Dr. Davis having gone to the front, the present
Medical OHicer has been appointed.

Commandant — Mrs. Reed.

Medical Officer— Du. T. D. Miller.

Lady Superintendent— Miss Finch.

Quartermaster — Mrs. Dawbarn.

Members. — Gladys Anderson; Violet Anderson; Annie Atkin-
son ; Alexandra Balls ; Ada Beale ; Elorenco Bcale ; Lizzio


Braund ; Rose Callender ; Edith Chiltern ; Minnie Close ;
Marion Cross ; George Dalton ; Rosa Dalton ; Edith David-
son ; Eleanor Davis ; Amys Easten ; Leila Eley ; Evelyn
Elliott ; Florence Farnneld ; Marjory Fletcher ; Isabel
Foster ; Theresa Foster ; Jessie Harries ; Audrey Hewitt ;
Mary Horten ; Maud Jenkins ; Emily Membrey ; Amy
Millard ; Mary Palmer ; Florence Parsons ; Dulcie Rack-
ham ; Joyce Rayment ; Madge Ross ; Mildred Rowbotham ;
Carrie Snelling ; Dorothy Stevenson ; Amy Townend ;
Mary Wells ; Elsie Wilkinson ; Winifred Wilkinson ;
GwenthlHan Williams ; Agnes Woodcock ; Elsie Young.

Kent 64, Westgate, was formed in 1912.
Mobilised on October 14th, 1914, fifty-two Belgian
soldiers were received in the early morning of the
following day at Quex Park, Birchington, the
private residence of Major and Mrs. Powell-

On November 4th the detachment moved to
" High Beach," Westgate, taking with them the
wounded then under treatment. This house, then
standing empty, was lent by the trustees of the
late Mrs. du Pre Thornton as a temporary hospital,
with accommodation for forty-seven patients.
The whole of the equipment was provided by the
people of the neighbourhood.

A local fund subscribed in the neighbourhood
was placed at the disposal of the detachment with
a representative Committee to control it.

On January 5th the Medical Officer, Dr. Ruther -


ford, joined the R.A.M.C., and the present Medical
Officer was appointed.

Commandant — Mrs. Staveley.

Medical Officer — Dr. Heaton.

Lady Superintendent — Miss Kennedy.

Quartermaster — Miss Cowl-Payne.

Members.— Fanny Burchell ; Agnes Cazalet ; Constance Cowl-
Payne ; Ethel Cross ; Vyvyan Davies ; Ada Grant ; Dorothy
Hubbard ; Florence Ingram ; Hilda Ingram ; Mary Isted ;
Ada Kennedy ; Muriel Klaber ; Eveline Knowles ; Mary
Muncey ; Aline North ; Ella Rogers ; May Rogers ; Ada
Rowe ; Ethel Stringer ; Ethel Sugden ; Bessie Teetgen ;
Agnes Towers ; Ethel Wright.

Kent 66, Chislehurst. In July, 1913, the
Chislehurst detachment had become so large that
it was thought desirable that two detachments
should be made, and No. 66 was then formed.

Much work had been done in obtaining promises
of the loan of houses and equipment, and the lists
were fortunately so complete that on mobilisation
everything was ready. Late on October 13th the
detachment was called up ; Holbrook House was
taken over, scrubbed and fitted up complete as a
hospital with thirty-five beds by 5 a.m. At 9 a.m.
thirty-five Belgians were received. On October 16th
orders were given to prepare another hospital, and
Hornbrook House was equipped with accommoda-
tion for fifty patients, mid by the 26th the two
hospitals contained ninety-three patients. Since
then the hospitals have undergone many improve-


ments, thanks to a host of friends, including the
fitting up of a splendid modern operating theatre
with a large steriliser.

Friends have freely offered their motors for
transport from the station to the hospital. A
constant flow of wounded and sick, including men
from the Expeditionary Force, has passed through
the wards. The Medical Officer has charge jointly
with Dr. Sterry of the No. 1 Division of Kent, and
much is due to his energy and ability.

Commandant — Mrs. Allan.
Medical Officer — Dr. Allan.
Lady Superintendent — Miss E. Hunter.
Quartermaster— Miss M. Villiers.

Members. — Gladys Allen ; Lorna Battiscombe ; Margaret
Battiscombe ; Elsie Bosworth ; Sylvia Bosworth ; Nurse
Bush ; Elsie Christopher ; Annie Clarke ; Louisa Dennis ;
Kate Dixon ; Maude Dixon ; Mabel Dixon ; Jane Eade ;
Nurse Foster ; Emily Garrett ; Gwen George ; Mary Groom-
bridge ; Aleen Heber-Percy ; Janet James ; Viscountess
Edith Kerckhove ; Edith Kerckhove ; Rosita Kerckhove ;
Iris King ; Vera King ; Nurse Meech ; Margaret Mens ;
Louisa Mudd ; Elsie Nash ; Isabel Nevill ; Dorothy
Nicolls ; Florence Nightingale ; Helen Oldendorff ; Agnes
Ousley ; Grace Pierce ; Margaret Pinyon ; Mary Pudsey
Bridget Robinson ; Jessie Sicklemore ; Lucia Slade
Winifred Thompson ; Sophie Tiarks ; Florence Turner
Bessie Turner ; Evelyn Tylor ; Mary Watson ; Winifred

Bath Orderly. — Louis Bayman.

Kent 68, Sittingbourne, was formed in 1911
by Colonel Honeyball in conjunction with a com-


mittee, of which the Earl of Westmorland was
president. On mobilisation the detachment opened
the Red Cross hospital in a house lent by Mr. G. H.
Dean of Sittingbourne, and has done excellent
work since.

Commandant — Mrs. Honeyball.

Medical Officers —

Drs. Burford Taylor, C. Ind, G. Taunton.

Lady Superintendent — Miss Seal.

Quartermaster — Miss Ost.

Members. — Bertha Andrews ; Maud Baker ; Maud Beriff ; Rose
Boucher ; Annie Boulding ; Constance Bullen ; Edith Chesson ;
Dorothy Chrisfield ; Victoria Christmas ; Maud Clinch ;

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