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Agnes Watts.

Kent 70, Canterbury, was started in 1912 by
Miss M. C. Waterfield, through the St. John
Ambulance Association. In May, 1914-, the
detachment became so large that it was divided,
Miss Wemyss being made Commandant of the
second half, known as Kent loo V.A.D.


From the beginning of August, 1914, members
worked in the Kent and Canterbury Hospital,
both in the wards and in the operating theatre.
The two detachments, on the outbreak of war,
started to prepare a hospital. St. Augustine's
College was lent them, and a Red Cross committee
was formed to supply funds. On August 11th
patients from the local troops were received, but
at the commencement of term the College had to
be vacated.

Fortunately the detachments were lent two
houses, Dane John House by the executors of
Miss Wight wick and "Abbotts Barton" by Mr.
Bennett Goldney, M.P. for Canterbury. Kent 70
took charge of the first, and Kent 100 took over
"Abbotts Barton."

Mobilised on September 19th, the two hospitals
were quickly got ready, and patients from the
Front were admitted.

Dane John House, in addition to receiving
wounded from the Front, has acted as a receiving
hospital for the 1st and 3rd West Lancashire Field

Four hundred and forty-eight patients have
passed through the two hospitals.

Many kind presents and loans for the equipment
and upkeep of the two hospitals have been received.

The first sister-in-charge, Miss Williams, went
through the South African War and was afterwards


at Woolwich. She was appointed to the Hospital
Ship " St. Patrick " in April, 1915.

Commandant — Miss M. C. Waterfield.

Medical Officer — Dr. E. D. Whitehead Reid.

Lady Superintendent — Miss G. Dodgson.

Quartermaster — Miss A. A. Russell.

Members. — Caroline Helena Allardyce ; Dorothy Helen Bellars ;
Florence Bignell ; Margaret Blundell ; Dorothy Louisa Joan
Bremner ; Florence Carter ; Maud Cattell ; Maude Cle-
ments ; Ethel Kate Cook ; Hilda Court ; Florence Davies ;
Kate Denne ; Mabel Denne ; Bertha Elliott ; Cristina
Goulden ; Elizabeth Gunn ; Dorothy Honeyball ; Dorothy
Ann Hunt ; Winifred Hunt ; Alice Fredrica Kennedy
Frances Stephanie Kennett ; Dorothy Ivy Kimpton
Amy Leathers ; Eliza Marshall ; Alice Maud Mason
Gertrude Maxted ; Margaret Maxted ; Leslie Mitchell
Edith Nash ; Phyllis Nelson ; Beatrice Muriel Norton
Dora Pettit ; Stella Pettit ; Mabel Pittock ; Annie Reay
Cecil Russell ; Joan Russell ; Mabel Slater ; Edith Spicer
Louisa Spinner ; Hyacinth Staple ; G. Sutton ; Bertha
Terry ; Elena de Vial ; Noel Westbury ; Helen Mary
Williams ; Stella Marion Wills.

Kent 72, Sittingbourne, was started in 1912,
and the members earnestly prepared themselves
Tor future emergencies.

At the outbreak of war subscriptions were col-
lected, and Trinity Hall, Sittingbourne, was
kindly offered by the Rev. C. Eyre Kidson. The
detachment was mobilised on October 14th, 1914,
and quickly prepared the hall as a hospital.
Loans and gifts of equipment in abundance were


One hundred and eighty patients have been
treated in the hospital. The Medical Officer is
Assistant County Director for No. 4 Division of
Kent, and has charge also of the distribution of
patients when convoys arrive at Sittingbourne

Commandant — Mrs. Prideaux Selby.

Medical Officer — Dr. Prideaux Selby.

Lady Superintendent — Mrs. Henderson.

Quartermaster — Miss H. Webster.

Members. — Jessie Apperley ; Beatrice Ayres ; Annie Barling ;
Frances Bowles ; Maud Brightman ; Edith Colt-Williams ;
Maud Colthup ; Ada Dalton ; Flora Dean ; Maud Dixon ;
Elsie Entiknap ; Barbara Filmer ; Edith Filmer ; Winifred
Gascoyne ; Annie George ; Amy Gibbings ; Rosa Goodwin ;
Ellen Hales ; Madge Hallett ; Clara Harvey ; Fanny
Houghton ; Hilda Jarvis ; Lucy Jarvis ; Isabel Jones ;
Beatrice Julian ; Winifred Lefevre ; Elsie Mackenzie ; Jean
Menter ; Lily Nix ; Millie de Pass ; Norah Pillow ; Winifred
Piper ; Anna Potts ; Mary Prentis ; Alice Purton ; Gladys
Seager ; Joan Selby ; Isabel Sergent ; Cecilia Sewell ;
Elizabeth Street ; Dorothy Strouts ; Helen Thomson ;
Eleanor Toulmin ; Annie Vallance ; Bertha Vallance ;
Nora Watson ; Mary Wright.

Kent 74, Speldhurst. Bidborough Court,
then standing empty, was placed at the disposal
of Kent 74 by Mr. H. J. Wood, and on mobilisation
was quickly transformed into a model temporary

The first call, on Sunday, October 25th, 1914,
would have tested the efficiency of a much more


experienced staff, for thirty Belgians were sent at
the shortest notice direct from the trenches at
Dixmude ; but everything was ready, and all was
carried through without a hitch, the Speldhurst
Men's Bearer Squad rendering most useful assist-

Commandant — Miss K. Pott.

Medical Officer — Dr. Hesketh Biggs.

Lady Superintendent — Miss A. Pumphrey.

Quartermaster — Mrs. Taylor Marsh.

Members. — Jane Allan ; Muriel Apperly ; Kathleen Bartram ;
Julia Belcher ; Dorothy Colley ; Adeline Collins ; Nora
Cowley ; Norah Dundas ; Hilda Field ; Idaberga Fooks ;
Ursula Hills ; Brenda Hopkins ; Griselda Kirk ; May Kirk ;
Lisette Lee ; Girlie Lucas ; Henrietta Martin ; Nancy
Mason ; Theo Nicholson ; Mary Phillpotts ; Evelyn Pott ;
Edith Pulley ; Bertha Silverthorne ; Hannah Stone ; Nora
Sweetnam ; Ethel Talbot ; Margery Taylor ; Phyllis
Tindall ; Doris Walter ; Elsie Warner ; Joy Williams ;
Annslee Winton.

Kent 76, Sevenoaks. From January of 1912
this detachment has been in full swing.

Sevenoaks being a centre for troops, it was
decided on September 18th, 1914, to open for the
use of the R. West Kent Territorials a ward in the
Cornwall Hall. On October 14th this small effort
was greatly enlarged, the whole hospital being
opened, on notification of the arrival of forty-three
wounded Belgians; and on November 24th the
first convoy of men from the Expeditionary Force
was received. Sonic of these soldiers were ap-


parently incurable cases, but all have been returned
fit for service.

At the beginning of the new year, with the
consent of the V.A.D. authorities, the hospital was
taken over as a military base hospital for the
2nd West Lancashire Field Ambulance. Since the
beginning the work has been carried on most
successfully, 221 cases having been dealt with,
including a second convoy from the firing line.

The hospital is staffed by thirty V.A.D. members,
four trained nurses and a certificated masseuse.

The Honorary Commandant is in charge of the
onerous duty of transport for the Sevenoaks section,
with Dr. Sterry as distributing officer, and much
excellent work has been done.

Commandant and Lady Superintendent —

Mrs. P. Mansfield.

Honorary Commandant — de Barri Crawshay, Esq.

Medical Officer — Dr. P. Mansfield.

Quartermaster — Miss Rosemary Rooker.

Members. — Ethel Amsden : Mabel Anson ; Jessie Ashdown ;
Mildred Athill ; Mildred Bosanquet ; Hester Bull ; Jessie
Clark ; Elsie Clouting ; Dorothy Coleman ; Emma Crump ;
Constance Dennes ; Florence De Ville ; Irene Durrant ;
Doris Escombe ; Ethel Hards ; Madge Harrison ; Mary
Hay ; Margery Hearson ; Evelyn Heslop ; Gertrude Heslop ;
Freda Hilder ; Dorothy Limbrick ; Nora Linnell ; Kathleen
Madden ; Arthur Martin ; Margaret Martin ; Alex Norman ;
Lylie Pearce Clark ; Muriel Pinchin ; Elsie Pinnell ; Phyllis
Pinnell ; Grace Poland ; Judith Poland ; Molly Poole ;
Cecil Rooker ; Frances Soyer ; Alice Schwartz ; Marjorie
Sikes ; Mary Standen ; Vera Thompson ; Irene Westcombe ;
Gertrude Winch.


Kent 78, Bickley, on mobilisation quickly got
to work at " Southwood," Bickley, kindly lent by
Mr. Wythes, and on the following two days forty
wounded Belgians were installed. From that time
to the present patients have come and gone, and
from their grateful letters all were more than
satisfied with their treatment. Much kindly help
outside the detachment has been rendered, and
the whole of Bickley has given of its best. Miss
Gosselin was unfortunately not able to continue as
Quartermaster after April, 1915.

Commandant — Mrs. Fredk. Brown.

Medical Officer — Dr. C. Lewis.

Quartermaster — Mrs. Chisiiolm Simpson.

Members. — Violet Boreham ; Marguerite Bouvier ; Agnes Allen
Brown ; Muriel Clay ; Vera Clay ; Stella Clay ; Beatrice
Davies ; May Fawcett ; Grace Gibson ; Muriel Gosselin ;
Marjorie Henderson ; Edith Holloway ; Ethel Jefferson ;
Jemima Jofforson ; Dorothy Jefferson ; Violet Johns ;
Evelyn Lamb ; Georgiana Lead better ; Vera Livett ;
Dorothy Lord; Dorothy Lovell ; Gwendolen Mawe ; Mary
McMillan; Gladys Moore; Violet Nash; Daisy Nash; Eliza-
beth Oboussier ; Marion Pawley ; Mabel Beresford Pierse ;
Elizabeth Sandle ; Emily Slipper ; Lily Slipper ; Freda
Btaoey ; Elizabeth Turpin ; Helen Vallings ; Primrose
Vallings ; Sophie do Wacl ; Jcssio Walduck.

Linen Room. — Mrs. and Miss McMillan.

Kitchen Orderlies. — Mesdames Burnie ; Chaldocot ; Millar;
Paton ; Stenning ; Sydney Smith ; Symington; Misses
I ulcock (two) ; Cooper ; G, and M. Cork ; Downs ; Dutson ;
Hawkins; 1 1 • ilc li . hi ; Houghton; Humphreys; Lako ; Moore;
Howe ; Staples; Stonard ; Walters; White.


Kent 80, Farnborough. As soon as the
present war broke out lectures were started, and
the detachment considerably strengthened.

The order to mobilise was received on October
16th ; for this the trustees of the Wesleyan Church
kindly placed at the disposal of the detach-
ment their church, and within twelve hours a
hospital, capable of taking seventeen patients, was
ready, entirely equipped by loans and donations
from residents in the neighbourhood.

Commandant — Miss B. Greenway.
Medical Officer — Dr. J. F. Douse.
Lady Superintendent — Mrs. Durtnell.
Quartermaster — Miss R. Davis.
Members. — Beatrice Blundell ; Mabel Challen ; Gwen Davis ;
Phyllis Davis ; Ethel Mary Douse ; Alice Ellam ; Charlotte
Hellier ; Margaret Ledgar ; Elsie March ; Mabel Paice
Gladys Plumbridge ; Kathleen Shannon ; Helen Sharp
Caroline Straker ; Lilian Patricia Swan ; Constance Swift
Lucie Twitchell ; Daisy Vidal ; Phyllis West.

Kent 82, West Wickham, was formed in 1913,
after most of the candidates had passed their
exams. Classes for lectures, drills, and practical
work were held and members went into camp that
year at Heme, winning Dr. Yolland's shield
against fifteen other detachments.

In August, 1914, preparations for mobilisation
were made, and about £350 was guaranteed by
the residents in the neighbourhood. Sir Robert
Laidlaw generously offered his house at Hayes,


" The Warren," promising £25 per week and the
use of five servants.

There are fifty-five beds in the hospital, with an
operating theatre, for which Mr. Gurney Preston
gave an operating table and two tables for dressings.

The detachment was mobilised on October 14th,
and has treated over 250 patients, Belgians and

Sir Everard Hambro kindly lent " Hayes Grove "
as an additional hospital for twenty patients,
supplying the equipment and giving £5 per week
towards the upkeep.

Very great credit is due to Miss Gillian Lee-
Warner and the Quartermaster for all the work
undertaken by them in the earlier stages of the war.

Commandant — Mrs. Gripper.

Medical Officer — Dr. Blake.
Lady Superintendent — Miss Maxwell.
Quartermaster — Mrs. E. M. Kershaw.

Members. — Rosa Blake ; Helen Butler ; Blodwyn Clark ; Louis
Daws ; Alice Farr ; Annie Fuller; Mary Katherine Gripper ;
Patience Gripper ; Annie Gussin ; Adelaide Hemming ;
Gertrude Heufrey ; Maud Hurnall ; Ada Lawrence ; Gillian
Lee- Warner ; Maude Lee- Warner ; Grace Lennard ; Con-
stance Mai lam ; Elizabeth Orde ; MaryOrdo; Elsie Preston ;
Edith Rickwood ; Agnes Robertson; Marjory Sherrard ;
Violet Smith.

Kent si, Crayford, whs started in 1912 by
Mrs. Butcher of Barnes Cray House.

Drills wi re held weekly, and, after the outbreak of


war, some of the members worked as probationers
at the Livingstone Hospital, Dartford.

On the outbreak of war the detachment made
every preparation for opening a hospital, and on
October 14th, at 2 a.m., orders for mobilisation
were received, with instructions to be ready at 9 a.m.

The two hospitals, i.e. the Parish Hall lent by
the Rector and the Friendly Hall and Working
Men's Institute lent by the Friendly Society and
Working Men's Club, were quickly prepared and the
wounded, forty-three Belgians, eventually arrived
early on the 16th. Besides the Belgians many of
the Territorials from the neighbouring barracks
have been treated.

The inhabitants of Crayford have been most
kind and willing to help.

Commandant — Miss Evans.

Medical Officer — Dr. J. E. Walker.

Lady Superintendent — Miss Stanley.

Quartermaster — Miss M. Mann.

Members. — Grace Baker ; Lottie Bond ; Joan Carvosso ;
Esther Clarke ; Edith Cooper ; Margery Cox ; Winifred
Cox*;|Bessie Ferdinand; Grace Hartley; Ethel Letchford ;
Lena McGregor ; Catherine Nicholson ; Daisy Powell ;
Emily Powell ; Edith Ranshaw ; Ethel Saunders ; Mabel
Skingley ; Annie Smith ; Elizabeth Smith.

Kent 86, Beckenham. In December, 1912, a
meeting was held to explain the aims and methods
of the Red Cross V.A.D. Names were enrolled
and Kent No. 86 was formed. Lectures were


arranged, examinations held, and members had
the advantage of three weeks' training at Maryle-
bone and Paddington Infirmaries.

In a short time the detachment became so large
that it was split and Kent 96 was formed. The
detachments did useful practical work at Rolven-
den Camp on the eve of the outbreak of war, when
working parties were at once organised and further
training secured at the Cottage Hospital. Christ
Church Schools were lent by the vicar, the Rev.
Harrington Lees, and when, on October 13th, the
detachments were suddenly mobilised at 2 a.m.,
it remained only to clear the schools and equip
them as a hospital. This was done in a few hours.
The hospital contains two wards, capable of hold-
ing forty-five patients, two isolation rooms, and a
well-equipped operating theatre with a complete
X-ray apparatus. One hundred and sixty-nine
patients have passed through the wards.

The inhabitants of Beckenham have been most
generous in their help. The hospital has the use
of fourteen private motor-cars, and these are each
on duty once a fortnight.

Commandant Mrs.

Medical Officer — Dit. Strickland.

Lady Superintendent — Miss Savory.

Quartermaster Miss .1. Stunning.

Members. — Beatrice Adams; Esm<'' Anderson; Mildred Bowyor;
Muriel Cardross-Grant ; Merlo Cow; Georgina Cree ;
Evelyn Denner ; Frrdu I ).ruu r ; (Jhidys D.tiiht; Sybil


Dunlop ; Florence Eden ; Alice Mary Furze ; Eva Gallic ;
Edith Lee Gibberd ; Dorothy Giddings ; Rosa Grieg ; Helena
Harrison ; Agatha Hawthorne ; Ethel Hawthorne ; Marion
Hudson ; Frances Hudson ; Nesta Inglis ; Doris Jones ;
Hilda Lazenby ; Mary Litchfield ; Winnie Manger ; Violet
Margaret Mather ; Eirene Mather ; Winnie Mather ; —
Maynard ; Hilda Mitchell ; Eva Morley ; — Oakes ;
Marjory Paterson ; Poppy Paterson ; Cicely Pattisson ;
Madge Pattisson; Lucy Price; Edith Robinson; Eleanor
Sharpe ; Emily Stenning ; Ellen Sterling ; Mary Eanswyth
Tolhurst ; Mary Trimmer ; Eveline Young ; Mesdames Clarke,
Ginn, Kent, Privit, Treggis, Wilson.

Kent 88, Edenbridge. When it became
apparent early in the war that all the accommoda-
tion possible would be required it was found that
there was no building in Edenbridge large enough
for a hospital. But so eager were Kent 88 to put
into practice the training they had so strenuously
acquired that the difficulty was overcome by
opening three hospitals, each with accommodation
for ten patients :

1. Church House, generously offered rent free.

2. Eden Hall, the home of the present Com-

3. Marlpit Hill Men's Institute.

On mobilisation at midnight on October 14th
everything was quickly got ready and at eleven
o'clock the following morning the first convoy
arrived. To the surprise of the detachment the
wounded proved to be Belgians, but the language
difficulty was quickly overcome.


Offers of help and gifts poured into the hospital.
By Christmas the numbers of patients had con-
siderably dwindled, and these were concentrated at
Eden Hall.

Whilst waiting for the next convoy a large empty
house, Marlpit Court, lent by Mr. Edwards, has
been secured and furnished as a hospital with
twenty beds, in place of Marlpit Hill and Church
House. Splendid work was put in at the outset by
Dr. and Mrs. Hubbard, and it was with great
regret that the detachment lost their devoted
service in November, 1914, consequent upon
Dr. Hubbard's severe illness.

Commandant — Countess Riccardi-Cubitt.

Medical Officers —

Dr. Scott, Dr. Pennell, Dr. Newington.

Lady Superintendent — Nurse Giddins.

Quartermaster — Miss Akerman.

Members. — Eva Akerman ; Norah Akerman ; Dorothy Barnes ;
Catherine Chapman ; Kate Cheal ; May Churches ; Mary
Coleman ; Susan Cross ; Theodora Cubitt ; Vera Cubitt ;
Rowena Curtice ; Mary Eedes ; Gertrude Fordo ; Kathleen
Finn Kelcy ; Hannah Giddins; Ethel Goifin ; Florence
Hammond ; Nellie Harding ; Lillias Hayward ; Annie Hub-
bard ; Amelia Hutchinson; Lilian Kclsey; Constance
Knight; < haris Locket; Lilias Locket; Marjorie Locket;
Mary Lovel ; Emma Masters ; Coralio Moade-Waldo ; Alico
Miles; Clara Miller ; Caroline Norman ; Kate Oliver ; Marv
Pullinger ; Fede Riooardi-Cubitl ; Violet Seal; Isabel
Souttor ; Martha Staff ; Christina Tatnall Dorothy Tread-
uill ; Marjorie Treadwell ; Dorothy West ; Ellen West.


Kent 90, Herne Bay, first came into being in
1913. On the outbreak of hostilities the Dence
Trust kindly offered the use of Downs Park College
at Herne Bay for the whole period of the war. The
hospital was throughout equipped by friends in
the neighbourhood.

The detachment was mobilised on October 14th
and a week later some of the beds were occupied
by wounded Belgians. Since then relays, totalling
about sixty patients, have passed through the

All the work of the hospital is voluntary, and
the kitchen staff under Mrs. Lloyd and Miss Grey
is particularly efficient.

Commandant — Mrs. Openshaw.
Medical Officer — Dr. Fenculhet.
Lady Superintendent — Mrs. Cunnynghame.
Quartermaster — Mrs. Thurnham.

Members. — Mary Bass ; Jessie Bawcomb ; Violet Browne ;
Alice Rose Campbell ; Phyllis Charming ; Gwendolin
Chapman ; Lois Cremer ; Edith Grey ; Agnes Hunter ;
Elsie Iggulden ; Madge Iggulden ; Dorothy Lang Sims ;
Ethel Lloyd ; Olive McDougall ; Hilda Meyer ; Mary Mills ;
Ursula Osmond ; Evelyn Paterson ; Ivy Smith ; Mary
Swinford ; Mabel Wacher ; Mary Whistler ; Elsie White.

Kent 92, Gravesend. On the outbreakof war
this detachment, with Kent 16 and 42, : commenced
to collect equipment and money, and an^offer was
received from Messrs. W. G. and A. W. Fletcher,
the owners, of the building formerly used as the


New Thames Yacht Club. On mobilisation the
members, assisted by Kent 16, quickly prepared
the building as a hospital, and on October 15th,
1914, fifty-eight wounded Belgians were received.

Dr. Dismorr was the first medical officer, but
increasing private practice compelled his retire-
ment, and the present doctor was appointed,
together with the honorary surgeon, Dr. S. M.

Miss Schofield took the position of Matron tem-
porarily, but transferred to the Cobham Hospital.
The present Matron, Miss E. M. Tarrant, has had
experience in Australia, and has been in charge of
more than one hospital. Due to her exertions is
the operating theatre, subscribed for by members
and their friends. Grateful thanks are due for the
ready support given by all in the district. Up to
date 224 cases have been treated. Sir Gilbert and
Lady Parker take great interest in the welfare of
the detachments, and have rendered valuable

Commandant — Mrs. Gadd.

Medical Officer — Dr. F. Ma in waring Hughes.

Hon. Surgeon — Dr. S. M. Lawrence.

Lady Superintendent — Mrs. M. Taylor.

Quartermaster — Miss M. F. IIoyle.

Members. — Edith Acott ; Amy Agnew ; Emily Allen ; Gladys
Allen; Blanche Avenell ; Madeline Bevin ; Ireno Blake;
Dorothy Broad wood ; Mary Broad wood ; Gladys Brown ;



Miss Calvert ; Antoinette Crook ; Lilian Dickens ;
Bertha Dunstall ; Elizabeth Durrant ; Dorothy Evans ;
Margery Fox ; Edith Franklyn ; Frances Harvey ; Ruby
Herring ; Gladys Hickmott ; Betty Holderness ; Margaret
Horrigan ; Eva Howes ; Caroline Johnson ; Doris Keeley ;
Mary Linington ; Eleanor Luck ; Grace Luck ; Agnes
Maplesden ; Annie Sandford ; Sarah Sandford ; Isabella
Schofield ; Kathleen Shepherd ; Mabel Starkey ; M. K.
Tristram ; Agnes Veevers ; Eleanor Warlters ; Gertruda
Warren ; Miss Willoughby ; Freda Winder.

Kent 94, Tunbejdge Wells, was organised
in 1913. From the first much invaluable help
was received from doctors and nurses in the
town, who gave lectures and superintended prac-

In August, 1914, working parties were organised,
advanced lectures held, and several members
were allowed to work in two of the local

Mr. Harris Gastrell generously offered his house,
West Hall, as a hospital for fifty cases, and this
was furnished and equipped entirely by local

At 5 a.m. on October 14th mobilisation orders
were received, and at 9.30 a.m. the first contingent
of wounded Belgians was received, St. John
Ambulance then acting as bearers.

Early in December wounded English began to

At the request of the R.A.M.C. officers in the


town fourteen beds were reserved for local troops,
and these have been kept occupied.

Commandant — Miss V. M. Moore.

Medical Officers —

Drs. G. T. Watson, R. A. Walter, B. F. B. Manser.

Lady Superintendent — Miss P. Dunster.

Quartermaster — Mrs. Faulkner.

Members. — Evelyn Barnes ; Janet Bell ; Kate Bell ; Doris
Candy ; Aileen Faulkner ; Hope Glover ; Monica Handley ;
Edith Happell ; Kathleen Hardy ; Rita Hay ; Maude
Higginson ; Grace O'Bryen Hodge ; Marjorie O'Bryen
Hodge ; Janet Hull ; Dorothy Hyde ; Winifred Jones ;
Elsie Kerr ; Laura King ; Mildred Knott ; Margaret Layard ;
Margaret Logan ; Carol Lowry ; Annette Maingay ; Olive
Manser ; Grace Morley ; Amy Murdoch ; Agnes Nix ;
Marguerite Rainier ; Lucy Ranking ; Cherry Robbins ;
Margaret Seymour ; Marjorie Snelgrove ; Irene Sutton ;
Alice Sword ; Winifred Sykes ; Dora Symes ; Edith Symes ;
Lynette Tewson ; Catherine Warnington ; Ada Webb ;
Agnes Wilkinson.

Kent 96, Beckeniiam, was formed from Kent 86
in 1913 and co-operated with that detachment in
all the preparations for Red Cross work and in
opening and working Christ Church Hospital.
Dr. Ramsbotham, the then Commandant, rendered
invaluable assistance, together with Mrs. Rams-
botham, and it was with great regret that the
detachment lost their services when both were
accepted for active work at the Trout.

Kclscy Cottage, generously lent by Mr. 1 'rest on,
was opened in November us the Kclscy Auxiliary


Red Cross Hospital, where fifty-one patients can
be treated. Miss Constance Sharpe, who took over
the duties of Commandant from Dr. Ramsbotham,
also had most unfortunately to give up duty,
when Mrs. Fisher took charge. Lighter cases are
usually received at Kelsey, and very marked
progress is soon reported. A great deal of the
comfort of the hospital is due to the efficient
voluntary service rendered by those who so kindly
undertake the cleaning of the house. After much

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