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N. GERRARD, b.a., bch., b.a.o., m.d.. dub. umv.

D.T.M H. Univ. Cantab.

L. M. and Special Certificate Rotunda Hasp., Dublin; Forcif^n

Corresponding Member Dub. Univ. ; Appointments

Association ; Member of The Authors' Society,

London ; Diplomate {with distinction) of

the London School of Tropical

Medicine: District Surgeon,

F.M.S. Medical

Service .

Printed with the Assistance of the Federated Malay
States Government.

Siiuiapore :

32, Raffles Place and 194, Orchard Road.



( "i ) ^


A — Conversations .

B.— Affinity Table

C. — Numerals.

D. — Days of the Week, names of the Month, etc.

E. — Weights and Measures.

F. — Snellen's Test Types Malay adapted.

Abbreviations, etc., in the Text.

W Wilkinson's Malay-English Dictionary.

C. & S. ...Clifford and Swettenham's Malay- English

^I Marsden's Malay- English Dictionary.

Shel Shellabear's Vocabulary.

S Swettenham's English- Malay and Malay-

F Faure's French-Malay or Malay-French.

C Crawford's Vocabulary.

Phng. ...Pahang.

Kel Kelantan.

Sel Selangor.

( vii )


In presenting this volume to the English-speaking
Medical Profession of the Malay Peninsula and Archi-
pelago, some brief Vorivavt is perhaps necessary to help
in the extenuation of its incompleteness and no doubt
many inaccuracies.

It has been compiled from the following sources : —

The Standard English-Malay and Malay-
English Dictionaries by Wilkinson, Swettenham,
Marsden, Clifford & Swettenham (unfinished),
Crawford, Shellabear, and ^Maxwell. The work
of Favre, Malay-French and French-Malay, and to
a limited extent also from the work of Klinkert,
Dutch- Malay and Malay-Dutch, and lastly from
personal attention to and the valued assistance of
educated Malays.

My apologies for its appearance are briefly the
following facts : —

1. That on my landing in the country I found
myself in a sea of unsurveyed technical language.

2. The paucity of Malays in the Government
Hospitals at the present date in the States of
the Federation. This, I believe, the majority of
enquirers must agree with me in believing to be due
largely to the fact that the subordinate, and even the
executive, members of our profession are not familiar
with the accepted terms in the Malay language for
certain diseases well recognised by Malays, and
consequently that the unfortunate sufferers rarely
receive a diagnosis of their complaints.

( viii )

In order to teach the Malay that we recognise his
requirements, understand his diseases, and are interested
in his bodily welfare, there can be but one method
adopted, and that is to leavn first his vocabulary, and to
grasp his ideas of medical and surgical processes as
they appear to him, in the pathological human frame.

The feeling, be it noted, which first prompted me to
compile and collect the enclosed words was, I regret to
state, more one of shame at my own ignorance and
failure to convey my meaning to the sick than one of
strict philanthrophy, but my "Students" (if I may
flatter myself so far) will, I trust, use this outcome of my
chagrin in all true philanthropy.

To those medical men or magistrates who may use
this pocket book for reference from time to time, I would
point out a few Malay fallacies, according to our ideas
of medicine (for they all understand more or less about
the common diseases) ; amongst many such the follow-
ing are worthy of note : —

1 . Lunar influences, to w^hich many phases —
which we recognise medically as sequelae or con-
comitants of given diseases — are attributed by them,
e.g., Kedal Biilaii, Kiivap Bulan, etc., and the relaps-
ing or recrudescence of diseases, which is also
frequently accounted to the long suff"ering moon.

2. The division by them of the stages of
Leprosy, Syphilis Cancer, Malignant Ulcers, etc.,
into separate diseases, e.g. : [a.) Penyakit stong, or
restong (syphilitic ulceration of the palate or
disease of the nasal bones), which is not recognised
by them as in any way connected with the previous
Hunterian chancre. All the skin eruptions of
syphilis, in fact, are '' Kudis,'' unconnected in their
minds with previous venereal disease ; (b.) Cancer,
w^hich is unrecognised as such, each phase being
named, as '' Ba^a batii,'' or hard abscess, the con-
sequent ulceration will be either Bara, if there is

( ix )

much pus, or '' Puvu jahat,'" or '' Lnka yang jahat'';
(c.) Malignant ulcers will be " Luka " when they
start, " 'iohaV when the edges are undermined and
infiltrated, ^'Pekong'' when large, and '' Jahaf
when the patient is evidently succumbing to the
ulcerative process alone.

3. The arbitrary interference of various
Hantus, or S{)irits, e.g., Klitisan, Tetanus (which
occurs as the result of coming into bodily collision
with a jungle spirit), etc., which fantastic ideas do
not, howev^er, materially affect the actual names of
the diseases with which we deal.

The Medical Malay in some matters, however,
shows remarkable acumen, for example, when ^ve come
to consider the operation of retroversion of the uterus,
by external manipulation, for the prevention of fertilisa-
tion, one is driven to reflect that some of their methods
or devices must be at least worthy of study. Of
little known or uninvestigated diseases also, the Malay
supplies not a few, amongst which may be reckoned
'' KedaT' in its various forms and stages, and numerous
forms of '' Kitrap,'' fcvev, and ''Latah,'" etc. Their
midwifery is "non-meddlesome," and, therefore, fairly
good, the chief mistakes occurring during the puer-
perium in early walking (or even working), with con-
sequent subinvolution of the uterus, in uncleanliness, and
in the early feeding arrangements of the child. Some
idea of the soundness of the practise of some midwives
may be gathered from the reply to a question I once
asked an old Bidan. My question was: " W^hat would
you do if an arm came down and labour didn't
progress?" and the answer: "Pull down both legs
and deliver quickly," only differs practically from
the Rotunda teaching, in the addition of the " accouche-
ment forcee " as a grand finale.

Of Pathology, Histology, and Anatomy, they know
nothing ; their pathology depending on the Hantu
theory ; and as no dissections nor P.-M.'s are permitted,
the two latter subjects are closed books to them.

( X )

With regard to their drugs, an endless field for
research lies before us, which cannot fail in time, I
believe, to produce useful adjuvants to our British

Their '' Daun Glengang'' is the leaf of a shrub
from the pith of which our Chrysophanic Acid is manu-
factured, and there can be no doubt that some of their
sedative leaf poultices are useful.

Amongst their "one-hundred drugs " given in place
of our ergot after accouchement, there may easily be its
equal if not superior.

In Abortifacients they are rich, and some, doubtless,
are useful Ecbolics.

In concluding this apology and brief sketch of
the medical methods in vogue amono^st a fascinating,
enquiring, and superstitious race of born gentlemen,
the mantle of prophecy falls upon me, and I beg leave
to state that when their Lister is born and we have
succeeded in driving out Hantus by Pathology, the
Malays will be valuable allies to European medicine,
but we must, in the first place, gain their confidence by
using the right medical words in the right places at the
right time, and if I have herein in any way assisted at
the commencement of such a scheme, my reward is now
with me.

To Messrs. J. F. Owen, T. C. Fleming, H. Norman,
and T. G. Bishop, for assistance, and to Miss
C. Hoffman, for French and Dutch translations, and
to Mr. F, Em ERIC de St. Dalmas, for the collection
of Sakei terms, I am very deeply indebted.



Page 4, word I, for *'Au" read ''An."

9, line 7, „ " telopah " read " klopakr

1O5 ,, 28, ,, '' pengakW „ '' penyakit:'

^5' »» I?' n '' pengahif ,, ''penyaJcit:'

29, ,, 26, read '' mata nilas'' or '' m.pasak{\\ .).

35, ,, 2, for " mengnap '" read " mengiiap:'

4^^ >' 29. ,, ''tulang" ,, ''T. tegrimo:'

50. »• 21, ,, '' pengakW ,, '' penyakit."

56, „ 27, „ ^'Buair' ,, '' Bauhr


Abdomen. Prut.

A custom amongst Malay's of washing the abdomen of
pivi^nant women at 4^ months is called mandi tiyan, and is
accompanied by a festival.

Abnormal. Y^^u^y tiada tcvatur {¥.).

Lain dcvipdda scgala : out of the ordinary.
Gaiijat (W.). ,

Abortion. Ka^^n^ovau.

To procure abortion : mcmbuang ujiak kliiron (C).
Abortion is sometimes procured by a process called
jiilitk (M.), which I have not been able to obtain a descrip-
tion of.

A foul discharge occurring after abortion : scgiigiit bdiikai .
Abortion is produced amongst Malays : —
{a) by administration of medicine.
(/') by inserting a block oi gctah into the cer\i.\.


Jajas or J ijas : short small abrasion.

Melelas : a long abrasion.

Lnchiii (W.).

Liipas V. mclupas ; to rub the skin off (W.).

Abscess. Barak.

Axillary abscess : hanili hehnvav.
Vide: carbuncle, boil.

Absent-minded. Mayan, })roiioiinced iiiai-vio


Accident. Takdir (s.).

Avraz : Anything that befalls a person (C. & S.).
Kena rosaA (Convers.).


Ache. Sakit ; or scnak, spasm, (-ramp.
Aching, dizziness of the head. Xi^'elu.

Xgilii : teeth on edge (W.).
"Adam's apple," thyroid cartihii^e. (Arabic) li'ldi-

Buiih, snldi.


Hclckom (common).

NoTK — Arabic explanation : — Adam swallowed the fruit
" h'ldi " which stuck in his throat, hence the Arabic name
" Ii'ldi " applied.

( 2 )

Adenitis. Man^r^a (bubo).

c. Fever : dcmam hclcnjaran. An undescribed fever
accompanied by lymphatic swellings.

(Acute Pseudo Leukaemia or elepbantoid fe\"er ?)

Adultery. Zinah.

Chuhul : adultery or fornication (C. & S ).


Intrigue, etc. : Berkendak (W.).

Agar agar, of a superior kind. SangtL (w.).

Age. Uinor.

How old are you : aivuk or angkau, brapa iimur.

Note. — Few Malays know their age but may be able to
give information as to the number of padi seasons.

The paymen t of a fee (I'etra) to the mosque may also indicate
the age of a child as annual payments are made from the year
of birth. Parents liability ceases at puberty (e.g., How old is
this child : aiuik itii sudali brapa mussim padi).

Agony. Sakarat (c).
Sangsara (M.).

Ague. Deinam kura.

The cold shivering stage of fever is spoken of as 5^7'?//^.
To shiver, mengletar. Wilkinson gives if warn gigil, "feverish
fits." (AlsoC. &S.).

Demam dingin : the cold stage of fever (M.).

Devi am kiira.

Ketar : shivering.

Meng-letar : shivering.

Ague fits, violent shivering. Gelugut (w.).

Round a sick man which is said to be infected : imbas, (W.).
Air, to (clothes, etc.) : mengtirak (F.) (kain).
Jemor : to dry in the sun, to air, of clothing or anything
which has been exposed to damp (or infection).
Air : angin (Convers.).
Breath : haiva (F.).
Breath bad : haim bus2ih {¥.).
Climate : Iiaiva negri (F.).
Wind-borne infection : haiva.
Infected by : kena hawa.

Ala nasi. Ckuping hidong.

The " win" " of the nostril.

( 3 )

Alata, cassia. Daun glcugang (the leaf).

Daun kurap : used as we use the extracted chrysophanic
acid in skin diseases.

Albino. Ovang balar.

Alive. Hidup.


Allayed, of inflammation. Seroh.

Reduced : surut, " gone down."

Aloes: Alawat.

Native extract aloes : jadam.
Aloes lignum : gharu (M.).

Alum. Taw as.

Amenorrhoea, generalh-. Berhentian haidl (F.).

Cessation of menstrual flow : berhentian bulan ; berhentian
haith ; sengugut (W.).

Ammonia, sal ammoniac (chloride of ammonia)

Sadir (\v.).

Amputate, to. Mengudong (F.).

Memangol (F.) ; mengerat (F.) ; mengkudangkan (F.) ; memotong.

Amuck, to run. Mengainok.
Anaemia. Puchat: paleness.

Anaemic : basan (C. & S.).
Anasarca, from any cause. Semak.


Anatomy. Ilmu d tesrih (F.) (lit.).
Anaethesia. Kebas (numb), tepok, includes para-
lysis of legs and is used in that sense also.

Ta 'sadar.

Tiada rasa (Convers.).

Mabok : if from effects of poison, narcotic, or alcohol.

Pengsan : if caused by illness.

Bins : if under chloroform or other drug.

Anaesthetic, an. Biush or Bins.

(Chloroform or ether.)

To administer an anaesthetic : biuskan.

To be stupified with a drug by inhalation ; kena bins.
The smoke of kachubong (datura) leaves is said to be used in
this manner for the purposes of theft, etc. To be stupified by
this drug administered in the food : pukau.

Anchylosis. Scndi yaug jadi kaku (¥.).
(Stiffness of a joint.)
Seiidl berkiiHchi.
Siitdi ada mcmhri ataii tidak : can you move the joint ?

Aneurysm. Bcngkak nadi {¥.).

B II song day ah.

Aniseed. Adas-nmnis.

J ill tan.

Ankle. Mat a kahi.
Buku kahi.

Anoint, to. Lmnavkan (W.).
Anopheles^ mosquito. Xyamok tetirop.
Antidote. Penawer.
Anus. P ant at or pung gong.

Also buntut; jiihor (W.).

Aphonia doss of voice). Ka Hang an suara (F.).
Aphrodisiac. Ubat zakav.

An aphrodisiac is prepared from the roots of the chandau tree
mixed with the roololtonkathari^.n(l other ingredients (C. & S.).

Aphthae. Seriawan (F.).

(White patches on tongue or in the mouth) : also cheriawan
and SinruLjn (C. & S.).

Apoplexy. Tcrkejut (S.), sudden.

Death from apoplexy : mati terkejui.
Saivan hangkai (C.).
San'an jiialat (C).

Appetite, the. Ka laparan.

To be hungry : lapar.

lica (iiepra\ed appetite) : irigin makaii yang tiada patiit {¥ .).

(Sensual): Jndaiii (F).

Areola, round nipple. Gelanggang snsu (W.).

Arm, the. Lcngan.

Upper : pankm leiigan or kochiiig-koching.

Armpit. Ketiak.

Aliscess in the armpit : barah kclawar.

( 5 )
Arrowroot. Sagu bdanda (W.).
Artery. U rat— or tcmpat danili.
Arsenic. Warangan.

White arsenic : warcwi^an piitch.
Ascites. Pcnyakit busong.
Asleep, fast. Lena (pronounce as \i layna).


Asphyxia, suffocation. Lemas.

Death from asphyxia or drowning : inati lemas.

Assafoetida. Inggu.
Asthma. Lelah.

Spasmodic asthma : batoh lelah .
Also dada sesak.
Also isa.

Dia sudah kena isa orang itii : that man is troubled with
asthma (W).

Astringent. Kelat (C.^.

Asylum, hospital or charitable institute. Balai
derma (C. & S.).

Atmosphere. Udara (lit.).

Atrophy, retinal. Buta chelek.

A form of blindness in which the eyes are apparently
sound (S.).

Attack, of an illness. Tetamhas.

Auricle, of heart. Liang kelhu.

Autopsy. Prexdan may at.

Awake, to. Grakan.


Axilla, the armpit. Ketiak.

Axillary abscess : harah kelawer.
Axillary boil : ketiibong (W.).

( 6 )

Baby. Anak.

Male : anak j ant an.
Female : anak bet in a.
Very young: anak ketchil.

Backbone. Ula-ula.

Tulang blakang.

Back; the hollow of. Rnang blakang.

Bald. Botak.

Gundul (M.).

Temporal baldness: stdah.

Bandage, to : Balntkan.

A : pembalut.

BUt: to wind jM.).

If the wound is bandaged : jikalau liika itu bcrbalut.

Bandage used after partus, binder: ponbahit panjang.

Bandage used after circumcision : tali kundang.

Tangol kundang.

Barren. Mandul.

Balus [C.&S.).
Kemp us (F.).

Basin. Batil.

Small basin : mangko.

Bastard. Anak gampang.

Anak gundek : child born of a concubine.

Bath. Tuwi, a foot bath (W.).
Bathe, to. Mandi.

Of Rajas : seram.
Bear, to (children). Beranak.

Born : per an ah.

Still-born child : kababangan (F.) ; Also a difficult labour
kluar mati (Convers.).

Beard. Janggut.

"Bearing down pains." Pereh.

( 7 )

Bed, a. Tcmpat tidov.

Katil : grei : raised from floor.
Lecher: tilam : mattress.
Kasur (Sumatra).
TiVi'^/r .• sleeping mat.
Bantal : pillow.

Bedlift. Tali a gas.

The bedlift used during the ^4 days post partum the
" pantaug beraiiak."
Also tali kaUlah.

Bedridden, or confined to bed by illness. Sakit

telantar (W.).
Beef. Daging Uinhu (ox).

Daging kerbau (buffalo).

Belch, to. Blakak.

Sardaivci (C).
Ddah (C).

Belly, the, or epigastrium. Prut.

The order from above downwards on the surface of the
body is: —

1. Rmuaug or dafor susu : intramammary space.

2. Sudu hati : " pit of stomach."

3. Frut : belly (used generally), abdomen.

4. Pusat : umbilical region.

5. Ari ari : hypogastrium, also used of pubis.
A corporation : prut bunchit.

Belt. Tali pinggang or prut ikat.

Benzoin gum. Ka-minyan.

Beri-beri. Penyakit sebah (C. & S.).
Badi{K.). ,

Badi has three forms B. kayii, B. ruse, B. harimau.
B. harimau causes paralysis of feet and hands.

Betel (areca nut). Pinang.

To chew betel : makan sireh.

Between. Antara.

Besmear, to, to anoint. Lumarkan (W.).

Biceps. BuaJi lengan.

KuicJi ing-liutch ing.

Bier, a. Lerang.

( 8 )
Bile. A mpcdn.

Scfra {¥.).

Bilious remittent fever. Demam hlasini,

A fe\er accompanied by weakness, thirst, some jaundice,
some puffiness of face, quotidian, remittent, yellow vomit
(muntah chicka) .

Binder (obstetric). Balut panjan^.
Birth. Beranak.

Fever after : demam merian ; demam snsu. *

Birth mark : changga, also a deformity from birth ; tanda
(usual) ; andang (C. & S.).

Still : B . matt beranak ; kluar mati ; vide Born.

Bite. Gigit.

To bite the lips : keham ; ketab bibir.
Of a snake : chetok ; patok ; pagiit.
Of an insect : ketik.

Bitter. Pahit.
Black. Hitam.

A black eye : mata benkak.

Bladder. Kandong ayer (Menankabati j.

Labii, labii aver.

Blanched. Manai or puchat manai (W.).

Bleb, a. Retell.

Mereteh : to vesiculate.

Bleed, to. Sanggerah.

The operation : peteh.

Berbekam .to " wet cup."

Berpantek : to incise.

Bekam, three methods : B. api ; B. tanduk ; B. angin.

B. api is similar to our dry cupping process, incision is
made after application of the cup and cup again applied. ir%-|

B. tandok. A horn is applied to a cut and suction by the
mouth exerted.

B. angin. As B. api, but milder and no blood drawn,

Kluar darah .

Bloody : berdarah .

( 9 )
Blemish. Panit, vide scar.

On the eye ; matatuuihoh.

I'earl or pterygium: kelabu (M.); cliachat (C. & S.).

Blepharitis, marginalis, sore-edged eyelids.
Penyakit mat a.

Upper lid : tclopak.
Lower lid : bibir.

Blind. Buta.

But a hitlar.

Blindness, night, nyctalopia: B. lavan^; B. ayam; B. rahun :
raban ayam.

Blindness, with destruction of eyeball. Buta kcscp.
Blister, to. Mdechnp.

By sun or heat: Icpah v. vielcpali (W.)

Blood. Da rah.

Faintness at sight of blood: mabok darah. Also used to
express collapse from loss of blood (W.).
A flux of blood : raj an.
Bloodshot eyes : mata biji saga (W.).

Bloodshot. Rcjch (W.).
Blow the nose, to. Maigesang.


Body, the. Badan.

Tuboh .

Soul and body: nyawa diin tuboh.
All over the body : scluroh tuboh (F.) ; sa genap tuboh.
The act of twisting any part of ; a bent or folded
appearance of any part of: geleh.

Boil. Bisnl (on the body).

B. lada : pepper boils, small scattered pustules.

B. scbun : a blind boil.

B. sell nap : an eruption of boil*^.

B. susu kubpng : an axillary boil.

B. tunggal : a large boil.

Perachut or rachut, also used for an eruption of boils (W.).

To open a boil, " lance " : chuchoh bisul.

Core of : punat.

( 10 )

Bone. Tulang.

Caries of : pckong.

Pain in the bones: pini ; aatham (C. & S.).
Sakit dalam tulang (Convers.).
Occipital, the : godok.

Borax. Pijar (M.).
Borborygmi. Gemk-gemk prut.

Internal gurglings : pnit mendru.
Bosom. Dada.
Bottle, a. Balang.

Of glass : balang hacha.

Boulimia. Sahawat makan.

Voracious hunger: jditjuk viakan.

Bow-legged. Pcngkar,

Bandy : kang-kang.

To walk straddle-legged: hevjalan hang-hang koyah (F.).

Bowels. Tali prut.

Isi pi'iit.
Ural prut.

Bowed, or bent slightly : Lengkor.

Also longlai.

Gently bowing : Icmalt longlai.

Brains. Otak.

Bcna (M.).

" Break wind," to. Knntut.

Biimata (C).
Breaking out (of eruptive diseases). Tumhoh (W.).

Katumbohan or pcngahit chachav : small pox.
Of a sore : tuhah or tuhoh (M.).

Breasts, or a. Susu ; kopek.

Of a suckling woman or animal : tltek.

Membri titeh : to suckle.

To " take the breast " : viam.

Chest : dada.

Tumor of: barah ampang.

To suckle : mengopeh.

Firm, hemispherical : 5. bundar.

Hanging : hopah ; lanjut.

Nipple of, and areola: tampoh susu.

Nipple : puling.

Including all except nipple and areola: dapor susu (W.).

( " )

Breath. Men^awap {¥.) nafas; nyawa.

To breathe : tarek nafas.

To draw a deep breath, to sigh : meugeloh.

Breathe, to : mcnafas.

Tarck nafas.

Bridge of nose. Batang hidong.
Brimstone. Balcmng.
Bronchitis. Sakit scnkuang {¥.).

Sengkiiii'ang : the carotid artery (F,).

Bronchi. Rengkong.

More correctly the trachea.

Brothel. Rumah orang jalang.

Perempuan jalang or sundal : a harlot.

Brow. Kening (eyebrows).

Bruise, a. Lebam ; pipis (S.).


A deep bruise with tumefaction : binchut (F.).

Bubo. Mangga.

Bentil sampar (F.) (Bubonic Plague?).

Venereal : bentil rastong (F.).

Fever and adenitis (enlarged glands) : dcmavi hdenjaran (W.) .

Bubol. A cracked, fissured, or ulcerated, condition
of the sole of the foot.

B. sarang : when sinuses exist.

B. susu ayam : when redundant granulations occur.

Bucket. Timha (a dipper).

Large : tong.
Beldi (port).

Bug, a. Kepi j at.

Finding (M.).

Bullet. Pehiru.

Small shot : penabor.
Cannon shot : pclurn meviam.

Bump. Bengkak.


Risa (F.), tumor.

To raise a bump, to swell slightly : binchut.

f 12 )

Burning sensation. Kanipang (M.)

Ut skin, itchiness, irritation: miang.

Buttocks, the. Buah pantat.

(iLuUpoiig (M.).
Duhor (C. & S.).


Cajuput oil. Minyak cayu piiteh.
Calamity (accident). Aalit (C. & S.).


Calcis, OS, the heel-bone. Tulang tumit.
Calculus. Batu hatuan.

Urinary : butu-batuan dalam tempat kenching.
Biliary : hatu-hatuan didalam tempat ampcdu

Calf of leg. Jantong bctis.
Buah betis (W.).

Callosity cutaneous. BUiilang.
Calomel. Zibeh maiiis.
Camphor. Kapor hams.
Cancer. Piiru ayal (C.) (M.).

Char ana (C.) (M.).
Purujahat (M.).
Restongjahat (M).
Chcnia : rodent ulcer.
Of breast : penyakit pepak.

There does not exist in Malay any definitive term for
cancer, the above are understood in a general way.

Canine teeth. Gigi anjing.

G. si gong.
G. asii.

Cantharides. Dendang.

Canthus, inner of the eye. Poun mata.

Caput succedaneum. Menyama.

( 13 )

Carbuncle. Pmyakit raja.
Cardamom. Kapulaga.

Buii'uh pelaga.

Carica papaya. Bctik.

The papaya : Jniak bctik.

Caries of bone. Pchmg.
Carnal affections. Haiva nafsu.
Carotid artery. Scn^^knang {¥.).

Am vis (Max.)

Cartilage. Rawan (C).

Tulaiig muda (C).

Thyroid (Adams apple) : Biiah kelebi {W .). Vid. "Adam."

Xyphoid cartilage, the cartilage at end of breast bone

tuhun: chuffing (W.) ; fitluiig iilii liati (W.) ; tulang sudu Jiati (W.).

Cassia alata, leaves of. Daim <^lengang.

Used similarly to its extracted acid chrysophanic, in skin

Castor oil. Minyak jarak.

Castrated. Kcmhivi.

Baliyu (M.).
Beliu (C. & S.).

Castration : sida.
Castrate, to: menyida.

Cataract. Bular (shel).

Catarrh, heavy cold. Bcska (C. c^ S.).

I'cngakit yang beriuvuu bcska dan rAikiim : the ailments known
as catarrh and coryza.


Catechu. Katcku.
Catemenia. Dataug bit la n (C).

Haiti (C).


Heidi (hail, Eng.), used with /.•///({;-, e.g., ktiuir haili^

Kotor (vulvar)

Kluar kotor.

Days of menstruation : //((// chamai' kain (F .) .

Vid. " diaper."

( 14 )

Catgut. Tangsi.

Caul, a, a membrane integument. Salaptit.
S. otak : dura mater.
S. gili-gili : kidney capsule.
S. jantong : pericardium.
5. lu/ia : a scab.

Cauterize, to. Ckuchu ; dwchok api.
Cavity. Looang.

Lekok (indent).

Rciiggaiig : separated, not yet united of a wound.

Centipede. Halipan.
Cerumen. Tahi telinga.
Chancre. Luka (wound).

Sakit karang includes all venereals practically.

Charcoal. Arang.

Chattering of teeth. Gigi bemntok.

From cold: galctek (M.).

Cheek, the. Pipi.
Chew, to. Mamah.

Kimia (M.).

Chicken broth. Keldu (W.).
Chicken pox. Jcluntong ov jeliutong.

Ahilah (W.).
Chachar ayer (F.).

Child. Anak.

First : A. sulong.

Last : A. hongsu.

With: mengandong ; hamil ; bunting {vu\ga.r).

Heavy with : bunting sarat ; bunting bantang.

Bunting kcrbau : protracted pregnancy.

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