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New York, N. Y.

Meade, Joseph Lyons, Jr.,

Initiated by Ala. Alpha, 1902.

Stone, Andrew Alexis

Born Delrose, Tenn., May 19, 1885; A. B.

1908; Sigma Epsilon; Neographic; Chclidon;
Red-Ribbon; Graduated at Head of Class;
Latin and Greek Medals (3) ; Representative
and Winner of Debate, Univ. of the South vs.
Vanderbilt, 1908; Valedictorian of Class; Prcs.,
Athletic Assn., 1906; Football, 1905-07; All
Soutliorn Left Tackle. 1906-07; Baseball, 1906-
08, Captain, 1908; Univ. Proctor, 1907-08;
Stock Farming; Member of Legislature, Tenn.,
1913-15; R. R. No. 1. Bcntonia, Miss.

Walthall, Thomas Jones

M. D. 1908; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Sewanee De-
bating Club; Junior and Senior German Clubs;
J. S. Cain Med. and H. A. W. Gynecological
and .Surgical Socs. ; Class Honor Medal, 1908:
Physician and Surgeon; Local Occulist and
Aurist for Sunset Central, M. K. & T., S. A.
and A. P., S. A. W. and G. and A. B. R. R.
Cos.; Officer Reserve Corps Medical Section;
Member Am. Med. Assn., Texas State and
Bexar County Med. Socs. 103 Hicks Bldg.;
res. 426 Dwyer Ave., San Antonio, Texas.


Beckwith, Kdmund Ruffin

Born Petersburg, Va. ; A. B'. 1910; LL. B.
1915 Univ. of Ala.; Thradian, Sopherius, Dra-
matic and Glee Clubs; Editor, Weekly and An-
nuai; Mcinljrr The .\ttic (Univ. of Ala.);
Greek Medal and Salutatory Address (Univ. of
the South); Honor Roll (Univ. of Ala.); Law-
yer; Member of Finn, Ball, Beckwith & Davi-
son. 719 First Natl. Bank Bldg.; res. 608
Fclder St., Montgomery, Ala.

Camp, Herbert Asbury

(I^imbcrton, Miss.)

Gass, John

Born Augusta, Ga.; A. B. 1914; B. D. 1915
Episcopal Theol. School; Chelidon; Sigma Ep-
silon; Manager, Football, 1914; Rector Episco-
pal Church. P. O. Box 76. West Point, Miss.

Lanier, Monro Bannister

Initiated by Ala. Alpha 1907.

Shelton, John Howell

Born Denton, Teias. Feb. 24, 1888; LL B.
1908; Manager, Baseball, 1907; Assistant Man-
ager, Football, 1908; Special Agent, tord
Motor Co.; Member Masons (14th degree);
University, Tennis and Dallas Automobile
Clubs. 2223-25 Commerce St.; res. 4019 Gas-
ton Ave., Dallas, Texas.

Snow, Lester Jared

Initiated by Ala. Alpha 1908.

Stone, Thomas Floyd

A. B. Fayetteville, Tenn.

Williams L[ouis] Kemper

Born Patterson, La.; Pi O-^fga; Junior Ger-
man and Glee Clubs; Baseball and Basketball.
Lumber Manufacturer ! Secretary JreasurerF.
B Williams Cypress Co. and Williams Inc.,
id Lieutenant of Cavalry, Officer's Reserve
Corps; Member Boston, Louisiana New Or-
leans Country Audubon Clubs and Assn. Of
Commerce. Patterson, La.


Here the Arrangement according to Classes Begins.

Cadman, Paul Fletcher _

Born Oakland, Cal.; A. R 1915 Univ. Cal ;
President of Class, 1915; Graduate Student;
Affiliated with Cal. Alpha 1915. General Theo-
logical Seminary, 175, 9th Ave., New York,

N. Y.

Faulkinberry, Frank Albert

(Blanche. Tenn.)

Feild, George Malcolm ^ ^^ ^ ,^,.

Born Ft. Worth, Texas, 1887; LL. B. 1910.
Lawyer; Member of Firm, Short ^^d f^^JJ;
725-8 Slaughter Bldg.; res. 121 S. beeverf
Ave., Dallas, Texas.

Marshall, Edward Adger

Born Waco, Texas; LL. B. 1910;
Soc; Mortgage Investment: Member Phoenix
-Country and Arizona Clubs; Y M. C. A. 3
W. Adams St.; res. 40 W. Moreland St..
Phoenix, Ariz.

Power, Stephen Francis

Clcrgvman. (Yuma, Anz.)


Baldwin, William Moses

Initiated by Ga. Beta 1909.

Barnwell, John Du Bose

(Petersburg, Va.)

Coke, Rosser Johnson

Initiated by ' Va. Zeta 1910.

Gillespie, Frank Morgan

Born Petersburg. Lincoln Co.. Tenn.; B. A.
1911 • Football, 1910: Traffic Engineer Southern
Division, Western Union Telegraph Co. 601
Healcy Bldg.; res. 294 E. 5th St., Atlanta, Ga.

Love William Iverson

Larkin Springs Co.; res. 522 Boscobel St.,
Nashville, Tenn.


■Abbott, George ChaiMiian, Jr.*

d. Sept. 2, 1909, Ilopkinsville. Ky.




Baskette. John Howard. Jr.

Born Nashville, Tenn.; Sales Department.
Ford Motor Co.; res. 581 Jarvis St., Toronto,
Ontario, Can.

Bliss, Francis William

Born Constantinople, Turkey; A. B. 1916 Col-
umbia Univ.; Student, General Theological
Seminary; Missionary Lavreader in Charge
Vallev Cottage, N. Y. ; Affiliated N. Y. Al-
pha 1916. 175, 9th Ave.. New York, N. Y.

Cracraft, George Knox

Born Readland.^Ark.; A. B. 1912; LL. B. 1915
Harvard; Lawyer. Solomon Bldg.,. Helena,

Eastman, Frank Carr

Born Chattanooga, Tenn.; Real Estate Stocks
and Bonds; Member Atlanta Athletic Club
and Commercial Exchange. 508 Peters Bldg.;
res. 885 W. Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga.

Russell. Thomas Grover

(Belvidere, Tenn.)

\>eeland. Edward Price

Born Salamanca, N. Y. ; A. B. 1912 Cornell
Univ.; Acacia Soc- President, Rex Talking
Machine Sales Co. Inc.; Member Masonic
and Country Clubs. 146 Main St.; res. 84
S. Main St., Salamanca, N. Y.


Williams, Allison Ridley

Born Yazoo City, Miss., 1891; B. S. in E. E.
1913 Mass. Tnst. of Tech.; Junior German Club
(Pres.) and Lit. Soc. (Scwanee) ; Hammer and
Tongs (Secretary), Victors and Southern Club
(Pres.), Mass Inst, of Tech.; Officer in the
Army; 2d Lieut., Engineers Corps, U. S.
Army. 1607, 16th St. N. W., Washington,
D. C. ; res. Yazoo City, Miss.


Bowden. Carlton Goldstone

Born Greensboro, N. C. ; Cadet R. G. A Cadet
School No. 2, Maresfield Park, Sussex, England.

Cochran, W'illiam Granville Morris

Born Covington, Ky., May 4, 1892; Attended
Sewanee 1910-11; Varsity Football; Sec; Pres.,
Freshman Class; Fire Insurance; Underwriter;
W'ith Trezevant and Cochran General Agency;
Member Masons Scottish Rite, York and
Shrine; Country Idlewilde and Terpsichorean
Clubs. 1821 Young St.; res. 3717 Rawlins St.,
Dallas, Te.xas.

Dekle, John*

d. Marianna, Fla.

Farnsworth, Austin Manchester

Affiliated Texas Beta 1918. 2707 A, Routh St.,
Dallas, Tex.

Kimbrough, William Morgan

(Greenwood, Miss.)

Metcalf. \Villiam Henry

(Water Valley, Miss.)

Miller, Hilliard Eve

Born Cowan, Tenn.; M. D. 1916 Tulane Univ.;
Senior and Junior German Clubs; Pres., Fresh-
man Class and Senior German Club 1913; Four
Months Service at Mayo-Clinic 1915; Pres.
Class Night Jubilee 1916; Delegate Fraternity
Convention 1912; Resident Physician, Charity
Hospital, New Orleans, La.; Recently Appointed
First House Surgeon, Lying-in Hospital, New
York, N. Y.; Affiliated La Alpha 1916. Char-
ity Hospital; res. 1638 Joseph St., New Orleans,

Williams, John Sharp, 3d

(Washington, D. C.)


Cooke, Singleton Charles

(365 Sacramento .St., .San Francisco, Cal.)

Davis, Murray Bell

Born Fayetteville, Tenn.; B. S. 1914; Phi Chi;
Phi Delta Phi; Student. Affiliated Tenn.
Alpha 1918; 314 E. Washington St., Fayette-
ville, Tenn.

Dexheimer, Paul

Born Chattanooga, Tenn.; Officer in the Army;
Capt., U. S. Army, Fort Benjamin Harrison,
Ind. 115 C St., Chattanooga, Tenn.

Fowlkes. Kenny Pleasant, Jr.

(Franklin, Tenn.)

Gillespie, John Jacob

410 Camp St.; res. 2614 State St., New Orleans,

Hagan, Frank Eugene

Born Nashville, Tenn.; Varsity Football and
Baseball; Private, U. S. Army; Co. D. 6th
Infantry, Chattanooga, Tenn. Care of Adju-
tant General of the Army. Washington, D. C.

Holt, William Therrel

Clergyman. 487, 29th St., Oakland, Cal.

McClanahan, Walter Lee

Born Diana, Tenn.; Lit. Socs.; Pres., Freshman
Class; Varsity Football; Baseball and Basket-
ball; Leasing Department Gypsy Oil Company,
P. O. Box 66 El Dorado, Kans. ; res. Lewis-
burg, Tenn.

McGoodwin, Robert Lea

Born Franklin, Ky. ; B. S. 1915; Varsity Base-
ball; Capt., 1914; Mgr., Varsity Football 1915
With Coate Bros., Cotton Broker. 12 N. Front
St.; res. 269 Cossitt Place, Memphis, Tenn.

Parshley, Anthonv Roberts

(160 Park St., Bridgeport, Conn.)

Wing, Albert Gresham

(Greenville, Miss.)


Blackston, Edwin Cothanr

(W^ater Valley, Miss.)

Cobb. Randolph Howell

Born Rahway, N. J., July 14, 1894; LL. B.
1917 Univ. Fla.; Member Cooley Club; John
Marshall Debating Soc; Cheer Leader 1916
Football; Pres. Glee Club, 1916-17 Univ. of
Fla., E. Central Ave., Orlando, Fla.

Eggleston, Joseph Gardner

(Sewanee, Tenn.)

Faning, Jesse Grady

(Winchester, Tenn.)

Guenard, James Hortaire

Initiated by La Alpha 1916.

Hairston, William Gray

(Columbus, Miss.)

Nelson, James Algernon

Born Birmingham, Ala., Sept. 28, 1894; Alpha
Phi; Reserve Officer Training Camp; Member
Birmingham Country Club; Affiliated Ala.
Alpha, 1916; res. 2816 Mountain Ave., Bir-
mingham, Ala.

Ranch, John Melville

(Edwards, Miss.)


Barnes. Robert Haywood

Initiated by Ala. Beta 1916.

Bruce, ■Merlin Knox

B. S. 1917; Lieutenant. L'. S. Army. Care of
Adjutant General of the Army, Washington,
D. C.




Buchel, Theodore Otto

Born Cuero, Tex.; B. S. 1917; Student. 712
Esplanade St., Cuero, Tex..

Chapman, Leicester Charles

Born Sherman, Texas; Officer in the Army;
Capt. Co. "C" 4th Texas Infantry, U. S. Army.
600 N. Crockett St., Sherman, Texas.

Collins, Robert Emmett

Born Okolona, Miss.; Wholesale Grocer;
President, Collins & Co.; Member Chamber of
Commerce; Civic Assn.; Century and Southern
Clubs. 2329, 1st Ave.; res. 2725 Hanover
Circle, Birmingham, Ala.

Cowan, Albert Brown, Jr.

Born Waco, Texas; Pres., Treas., Sec. and
Historian Tenn. Beta; Student; Member Huaco
Golf Club; res. 723 N. 16th St., Waco, Texas.

Ferris, Royal A., Jr.

Born Dallas, Texas; Stock Broker; Member
Country and Automobile Clubs; Affiliated with
Texas Beta 1918. Wood-Ferris Investment Co.
1214 Bush Bldg.; res. 3620 Euclid Ave., Dal-
las, Texas.

Fort, Walter Vinson

Born Waco, Texas; Football, 1913-14; Pres.,
Sophomore Class, 1914-15; Students Honor
Committee; General Insurance; Member Huaco
and Country Clubs. 216-218 Peerless Bldg;
res. 1715 Washington St., Waco, Texas.

Riner, Dan Harold

B. S. 1917. Lieutenant, U. S. Army. Care of
Adjutant General of the Army, Washington,
D. C.

Taylor, Garland Stewart

A. B. 1917. Lieutenant U. S. Army. Affil-
iated Va. Zeta 1918. Care of Adjutant General
of the Army, Washington, D. C.

Vick, Kyle Alfred

Born Moody, Texas, 1892; Attorney-at-Law;
Secretary, City Democratic Executive Com-
mittee. 1408-09 Amicable Bldg.; res. 1325 N.
Sth St., Waco, Texas.


Burton, Harold Cook

Born New Orleans, La.; Private, Mounted
Scout, 7th Regiment. Cal., U. S. Army; Mem-
ber Knights of Pythias. 375 E. Holt Ave.,
Pomona, Cal.

Byerley, Frank Jr.

Student. Lake Providence, La.-

Mayfield, William Deloraine

Born Waco, Texas; With Texas Life Insur-
ance Co. 506 Franklin St.; res. 1325 N. 5th
St., Waco, Texas.

Meriwether, John Bestor Jr.

Born Demopolis, Ala., March 8, 1896; With

Rainbow Guano Co. 409 First Natl. Bank

Bldg.; res. 216 S. Court St., Montgomery,

Pyle, Forest Barnett

Born Memphis, Texas; Student, Longfellow,
Pecos Co., Texas.

Wfestbrook, Hiram Whittington

Born Waco, Texas; Neograph Lit. Soc. ; Ranch-
man. 600 West Avenue C, San Angelo, Texas.


Arnold, Paul Mitchell

Lieutenant U. S. Army. 823 Gaffield P1-,
Evanston, III.

Avent, James Monroe

Born "Murfreesboro, Tenn., Nov. 21, 1895;
Sigma Epsilon; Received Knight Medal, De-
clamation; Second Lieutenant, Field Artillery,
U. S. R.; Affiliated Tenn. Alpha 1919, Bel-
mont Terrace, Nashville, Tenn.

Edmond, Neil Smith

(Waco, Texas.)

Grig-gs, Walter Allen

Student, Meridian, Miss.

Herring, William Douglass

Born Waco, Texas; Football, 1915-16; Baseball,
1915-16; Basketball, 1916; With Fred A. Jones
Constructioti Co.; Member Training Camp,
Camp McArthur, Waco, Texas; Member Coun-
try Club. 1800 Barnard St., Waco, Texas.

Martin, Frank Marion

(Oglesby, Texas.)

Means, William Martin

Born Charleston, S. C; Football 1915 and 1916;
Pres., Freshman Class, 1915-16; and Sophomore
Qass, 1916-17; Honor" Committee, 1915-17;
Lieutenant U. S. Army. Charleston, S. C.

Whatley, George Croghen

1215 S. 21st Way, Birmingham, Ala.


Braly, Harold White

Lieutenant U. S. .\rniy. Route 9, Nashville,

Gray, David Whitney

Student. 211 Crescent Court, Louisville, Ky.

Joyner, Quintard

Student. Pine Ridge Agency, S. Dak.

Lyman, Charles Vernon

Student. 707 Mundy St., El Paso, Texas.

Pyle, Horace Theodore

Student. Clarendon, Texas.

Ouincy. Haldey Jennings

~ Stud'int. Douglas, Ga.

Rountree, Lee Chestley

Student. 926 Traivis St. S.. Sherman, Texts.

Thomas, John Weslev

Student. 3200 West End Ave., Nashvaie,


Chartered June 9, 1853



Banton, Joab Herbert*

A. B.; LL. B. d. July 13, 1874, Waco, Texts.


Boone, Honestus Hannibal*

Charter Member; Lawyer and Planter. (Na-
vasota, Texas.)

Rafter, Alexander ]\IcKinney

Initiated by Ohio Alpha 1855.


Allen, William Anderson*

A. B. 1856; Charter Member. Killed in battle,
Gainei Mill, Va.


Hightower, Louis Buckner

Horn Florence, Ala.; Lawyer, Judge, 9th Ju-
dicial District Court; Member Texas Legisla-
ture, ISth Legislature. Cleveland, Texas.

Hill, Champion Travis*

A. B. 1858; Planter, d. Jan. 21. 1901, Old
Waverly, Texas.

Hill, William Traylor

A. B.; Farmer. (Maynard, Texas.^

McKinney, Andrew Todd

A. B. 1858; Charter Member; Lawyer. (Hunts-
ville, Texas.)


Chartered June 20, 1878

Tehuacana, Texas


Haynie, William Hubbard

M. D. 1878 Charter Member; Physician,
derson, Texas.)

Storev, James Anthony*

Merchant, d. Feb 24, 1916.



Chapman, John Newton*

Feb. 6, 1880, Ovilla, Texas.

Daniel, Charles Ware

A. B. 1879; Clergyman.

Hill, David Graham

Lawyer, County Judge. (Abilne, Texas.)

Johnson, William Jerry

B. S. 1879; Life Insurance. (Hillsboro, Texas.)

Kennon, Samuel Edwin

A. B. 1897; Charter Member. (Waxahachie,

Lackey, William Jackson

Born Mt. Hope, Ala.; A. B. 1879; B. D. 1882
Cumberland Univ.; D. D. 1914 do.; Charter
Member; Ratio Genie Lit. Soc.; Farmer; Pres.,
Cumberland College, 1914-15. Box 245 Rice,

Walker, John Thomas

Merchant. (Weimar, Texas.)


Cowan, William Harvie

M. D. 1882 Vanderbilt Univ.; Physician; Affi-
liated Tcnn. Alpha 1880. (Mingo, Texas.)

F.dwards, Elisha Floyd

Born Shiro, Grimes Co., Texas; B. S. 1880;
Philosopronian Lit. Soc; Served Public Dc-
babte 2 times; Intermediate Celebration of Lit.
Soc; Marshal at Commencement; Surveyor;
Civil Engineer and Farmer; County Surveyor
26 yrs.; Surveyor Public .School Lands under
Gtnl. I-and Office of State 2 yrs.; Masonic
Connections. Shiro. Grimes Co., Texas.

Mun.qer, Charles Howard*

d. Tcluiacana, Tex.

Nicholson, Joseph Black

Born Knox Co., Tenn. 1855; A. B. 1885;
15. D. 1892 Cumberland Univ.; Gospel Minister,
Presbyterian Churcli, U. S. of America. Pur-
rcll. Okla.

Vaughn, Marcus Milton

Prfsbyterian Clcr^'yman. (Buffalo, Texas.)


Drane, Frank Ncal

Born Corsicana, Texas, Jan. 14, 1862; Trader,
Farmer and Rancher; Chrmn. Bd. of Trustees,
Trinity Univ. (Tex); Moderator, Texas Synod,

since 1911; Presbyterian Church, U. S. of
America Elder Local Congregation. 702 VV.
2d Ave., Corsicana, Tex.

Wrig-ht, Harvey Hill

Merchant. (Hubbard, Texas.)


Gillespie, James Henry

(Austin, Texas.)

Hefner, Thomas Jacob

Lawyer, County Judge. (Pecos City, Texas.)


Bell, John Roswell

Born High Point, N. C; Philosophic Lit. Soc;
Lawyer; County Judge and Atty. ; Member Leg
islature; Atty. Trinity and Brazos Valley R. R
Member Brewer A. F. & A. M. and Brewer
Camp W. O. W. First State Banlruce

Initiated by Mo. Alpha 1886.

Pessels, Constance

Born New York, N. Y.; B. Litt. 1886; M. A.
1892; Ph. D. 1894 Johns Hopkins; Charter
Member; Athenaeum; Teacher; Trustee, Car-
negie Library. Main Ave., High School; res.
609 Matagorda St., San Antonio, Texas.

Storts, Cavoiir

LL. B. 1886.

Willett, Jack.son

Care Carloo Bee (San Antonio, Texas.)


Andrews, Tom*

LL. B. 1887; Merchant, d. 1912.

Browning, Joseph Field*

d. Calvert, Texas.

Carlton, Lobel Alva

Born Brundidge, Ala.; B. Lit. 1887; Lawyer;
Member Houston, Houston Country, Thalian
University (Houston), Nachez, Beaumont Coun-
try (Beaumont) Clubs. 214 Gulf Bldg.; res.
1602 Main St., Houston, Texas.

Carpenter, John Robert

_ Druggist. 219 E. 6th St., Austin, Texas.

Finlay, Quintman

Charter Member. (Galveston, Texas.)

Hall, Fred Hiram

(Rancho, Texas.)

Hotchkiss, Dewitt Habsein

Charter Member; Methodist Clergyman. (Mon-
terey, N. L., Mexico.)

Smith, Robert Waverley

Born Gold Hill, Buckingham Co., Va.; B. A.
1887; Charter Member; Athenaeum; Tarantula;
Editor, University Magazine; Banker, Pres.,
First National Bank; Chrmn. Deep Water
Committee; Author of Commission Feature of
Original Galveston Commission Form of
Government; Member N. Y., Eastern, Larch-
mont, ('i)lum1)ia (N. Y.) and Indian Harbor
Yacht Clubs; Banker's Club of America (N. Y.) ;
Aziola and Galveston Artillery Clubs. 22d.,
cor. Grand Sts. ; res. 822 Trcmont St., Gal-
veston, Texas.

Swain, Hugh N.*

Charter Member; d. July 29, 1916, Dallas,

Tempelton, Charles Sannoy

B. Lit. 1887; (Woonsocket, S. Dak.)


Gilson, Henrv Wilson

B. Lit. 1888; 'Banker (Calvert, Texas).

Herndon, John Henrv

Born Tyler, Texas, July 12, 1867; B. Lit., 1888;
I'rcs. Afhc-n

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