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Second Lieutenant, First Lieutenant and Captain Fifty-sixth U. S.
Infantry, August, 1917, to date. Married, April 14, 1914, Sarah
Glenn Andrews. Relative in Fraternity, brother, Clarence A. N.
Touart, Alpha Kappa, '16.

Howard Wright Reilly, B.S., St. Louis, Mo.

First National Bank.
Born in New York City, N. Y, April 1, 1891. Son of Thomas H.
and Isabella (Wright) Reilly. With the First National Bank, St.
Louis, Mo., in the Bond Department. First Lieutenant C. A. C,
Fiftieth Artillery, A. E. F.


Benjamin Holt Drake, Stockton, Cal.

1028 North Sutter Street.
Born at Concord, N. H., May 10, 1889. Son of James Henry and
Ellen (Holt) Drake. Farming in California. Experimental Engi-
neering on Agricultural Implements, Holt Manufacturing Com-
pany, Stockton, Cal. In the service as chief mechanic, Battery E,
Three Hundred and Forty-seventh F. A., A. E. F. Married,
September 6, 1919, Evelyn Bonsall Homage.


Dwight Tenny, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Roman Court, 48 Woodruff Avenue.
Born in New York, N. Y., May 20, 1889. Son of Levi Sanderson
and Louise A. (Todd) Tenny. Engineer with the Franklin Baker
Company. In the service with Company L, Seventh Infantry,
U. S. National Guards. On the Mexican Border, June to No-
vember, 1917. Ensign N. Y. N. M., U. S. S. Pennsylvania, 1917;
Lieutenant j. g., U. S. N. R.; U. S. S. Matawaska, June, 1918, to
January, 1919, Lieutenant, U. S. N. R., January, 1919. Married,
August 4, 1917, Marietta Elizabeth Goodwin.

Arthur Montgomery Wilmot, Middleport, N. Y.

Born at Middleport, N. Y., November 25, 1890. Son of Henry A.
Wilmot, M.D., and Emily Florence (Montgomery). In Sales and
Promotion Business. Commissioned Second Lieutenant Q. M. C,
August 15, 1917. First Lieutenant, February 26, 1918; Captain
August 26, 1918.

William John Krcfeld, C.E., New York, N. Y.

74 West One Hundred and Second Street.
Born in New York, N. Y., April 27, 1892. Son of Rosa Krefeld.
Civil Engineer. Instructor of Civil Engineering, Columbia Univer-
sity. Member of Sigma Xi and Tau Beta Pi. Engaged in the
service as a civilian in the testing of war materials in the Testing
Laboratories of Columbia University.

John Harding Cowan, New York, N. Y.

62 East One Hundred and Thirtieth Street.
Born in New York, N. Y., January 22, 1895. Son of John Francis
and Sarah Elizabeth (Kennedy) Cowan. Attorney-at-law. Rela-
tives in Fraternity, brothers, William W. Cowan, Iota, '16, and
Percival E. Cowan, Iota, '19.

Edward Marvin Underhill, B.S., E.E., New York, N. Y.

195 Broadway.
Born at Fishkill, N. Y., June 25, 1893. Son of William and Mary
Eliza (Griffin) Underhill. Telephone Engineer with American
Telephone and Telegraph Company, New York, since August 1,
1916. Member of Sigma Xi and Tau Beta Pi. Married January
27, 1912, Henrietta Catherine Green.

William DeWitt Crampton, B.S., Paris, France.

Bedford Petroleum Company, 67 Boulevard Haussmann.
Born at Naugatuck, Conn., December 7, 1890. Son of William De-
Witt and Ida Alice (Carpenter) Crampton. With National City
Bank of New York from July, 1915, to November, 1917. Office
manager of the London Office with European Representative.


With Bedford Petroleum Company, Paris, since May 1, 1919, as
Assistant Manager, Lubricating Department. Member Institute of
Bankers of London (associate). Commissioned Captain Q. M.
C, U. S. A., February, 1918. Executive Officer for the Purchas-
ing Agent for Great Britain A. E. F. Purchasing Agent for Great
Britain, A. E. F., January, 1919. Promoted to Major Q. M. C. U.
S. A. Demobilized at Liverpool, England, April 28, 1919. Re-
ceived the D. S. O. from the British Government. Married June
8, 1918, Maude Evelyn Billin.

Jay Voorhies, A.B., B.Litt., Brooklyn, N. Y.

2566 Ocean Avenue.
Born in Brooklyn, N. Y., February 23, 1892. Son of Stephen J. and
Sarah Eldert (Suydam) Voorhies. Reporter, Brooklyn Daily
Eagle, Copy Editor, New York Tribune and New York American,
Editor, Insurance Times of New York. At present Publicity
writer and editor weekly service, Fox Film Corporation. U. S.
N. R., enlisted, May 16, 1917, as Seaman, Second Class. Advanced
to Chief Yeoman, November 8, 1917. Commissioned Ensign July
13, 1918.

Clarence Bland Edwards, B.Litt., Kingston, L. I., N. Y.

Born at Fayetteville, Ark., May 19, 1887. Son of Howard and
Elizabeth M. (Smith) Edwards. Reporter, Springfield (Mass.)
Evening Union, 1914-1915, and Washington Herald, 1915-1916.
Assistant Editor U. S. Department of Agriculture, 1916. Adver-
tising Writer, General Electric Company, 1916-1917. Assistant to
President Rhode Island State College, 1918 to date. In the service
with the U. S. Marine Corps, 1917-1918. In the Third Officers'
Training Camp, 1918. Married, April 20, 1916, Janet Lawson
Freeman. Relative in Fraternity, father, Howard Edwards, Tau,


Judson Slater Hubbard, New York, N. Y.

117 Wall Street.
Born in New York, N. Y., June 9, 1892. Son of Dwight L. Hub-
bard, M.D. and Amelia Osborn (Slater). Accountant. With the
American Sugar Refining Company. Captain, Q. M. C, Com-
missioned May 18, 1917. Discharged May 1, 1919. Married, De-
cember 22, 1916, Marvel E. Larson. Relative in Fraternity,
brother, Dwight G. Hubbard, Iota, '12.

Sumner Stover, East Orange, N. J.

50 Park Avenue.
Born at East Orange, N. J., May 24, 1892. Son of Sumner A. and
Mary Agnes (Pursell) Stover. Secretary Intercollegiate Branch,
Y. M. C. A. at College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York City.


Clergyman, Evanston Christian Church, Cincinnati, Ohio. Sergeant
Company C, Fifty-sixth Engineers, U. S. A.

John Sanford Peck, C.E., New York, N. Y.

403 West One Hundred and Fifteenth Street.
Born in New York, N. Y., May 27, 1893. Son of Sanford J. and
Grace (Leavitt) Peck. Resident Engineer of the Terry and
Tench Company of New York. Enlisted in Photographic Divi-
sion, Air Service, March 2, 1918. Promoted to Sergeant, commis-
sioned Second Lieutenant flying observer.

Arthur William Henne, B.S., Detroit, Michigan.

147 Griswold Street.
Born in New York, N. 1 ., November 22, 1892. Son of George and
Beatrice (Kohler) Henne. Representative of the National City
Company, in Detroit, Michigan. Entered the Gas Defense Service,
Sanitary Corps, November 25, 1917. August 8, 1919, Second Lieu-
tenant, Chemical Warfare Service, U. S. A. Discharged, Feb-
ruary 28, 1919. Married, December 24, 1917, Lillian May McLean.

Harold Dana LosKamp, B.S., Ridgewood, N. J.

76 Kenilworth Place.
Born in East Coldenham, N. Y., January 7, 1891. Son of Conrad
and Elizabeth (MacDonald) LosKamp. AVith National City Com-
pany, July, 1916 to November, 1917. Joined the United States
Naval Reserve Force, November, 1917. Served as Supply Officer
of the U. S. S. Roepat.

Julius Everett Vogt, New York, N. Y.

623 West One Hundred and Thirty-sixth Street.
Born at Louisville, Ky., November 7, 1892. Son of Julius C. and
Luella (Jones) Vogt. Manager, London Branch, E. B. Meyrowitz
Ltd., Opticians. In the service as Traveling Senior Inspector,
Bureau of Aircraft Production, U. S. A., from April 15, 1918-
January 22, 1919. Married, September 27, 1915, Marjorie Alice

David Weller Bowman, Jr., B.Litt. [Kenyon], Mt. Auburn,
Cincinnati, Ohio.

2230 Burnet Avenue
Born at Greenville, Ohio, March. 28, 1892. Son of David Weller and
Mary Belle (Kerlin) Bowman. Reporter, Elizabeth, N. J.,
Journal and Trenton, N. J., Times, 1915; Times Democrat, Lima,
Ohio, 191.5-1916. Private Secretary to Congressman B. F. Welty,
Fourth District, Ohio, 1917-1918. Telegraph desk The Enquirer,
Cincinnati, Ohio, 1919 to date.


Walter August, Blocher, Greenville, S. C.

308 Masonic Temple.
Born at "Wilmington, Del., October 6, 1893. Son of Charles and Elise
A. Blocher. With Fibre Specialty Manufacturing Company.
Ensign, U. S. N. R., July 6, 1917-February 15, 1919.

Everett Brayton Clark, Utica, N. Y.

116 Sunset Avenue.
Born at Cheviot, N. Y., February 25, 1894. Son of Dr. Brayton
Thomas Clark and Florence Nightingale Week.


Walter Price Pfeiffer, A.B., New York, N. Y.

1706 Nelson Avenue.
Born at Brooklyn, N. Y., December 28, 1893. Son of Adolph and
Lillie M. (Price) Pfeiffer. Attorney-at-Law. Served with Com-
pany L, New York Infantry, National Guard, as a Private on
Mexican Border from June to November, 1916. Married, June 20,
1916, Eileen Middlebrook Sewall.

Felix Griffin Belisle, Norwich, N. Y.

42 Rexford Street.
Born at Norwich, N. Y., May 29, 1893. Son of Edward and Mar-
garet (Griffin) Belisle.

*William Farquarson Walker, New York, N. Y.

Born in New York, N. Y., March 31, 1894. Son of Alexander and
Margaret Helen (Farquarson) Walker. Student of civil engi-
neering. Died in New York City, N. Y., January 7, 1918.

Heber Allen Newsom, A.B., Greensboro, Alabama.

Born at Rockdale, Texas, July 26, 1895. Son of Ernest Pegram and
Olive (Mills) Newsom.

Henry Charles Reilly, Jr., Flushing, N. Y.

154 Broadway.
Born in New York, N. Y., October 14, 1893. Son of Henry Charles
and Agnes M. (Delaney) Reilly. President of Paramount Motors
Corporation of New York. Private, Tenth New York Infantry,
June-July 1916; Corporal, Twenty-second Engineers, July 1916r-
February, 1917; Sergeant, First Anti-Aircraft Machine Gun Bat-
talion, March, 1917-May, 1919.

Edwin Addison Hollmann, D.D.S. [New York College of Den-
tistry], Brooklyn, N. Y.

488 Monroe Street.
Born in Brooklyn, N. Y., October 26, 1894. Son of Herman A. D.


and Clotilde (Filsner) Hollmann. Dentist. First Lieutenant,
Dental Corps, U. S. Army, 1918-19. Relative in Fraternity,
brother, Richard F. Hollmann, Iota, '13.

John Louis Sengstack, M.D. [N. Y. Homeo. Med. Coll.],

Tivoli, N. Y.

Born in Brooklyn, N. Y., March 11, 1894. Son of Albert and Anna
Marie (Murken) Sengstack. Physician. Commissioned First
Lieutenant M. C, U. S. A., February 1, 1918. Foreign Service
September 15, 1918, to May 22, 1919, with Seventy-eighth Division,
Three Hundred and Third Sanitary Train, Three Hundred and
Eleventh Infantry. Present in Meuse-Argonne Offensive.

Merrill Ingraham Come, Kansas City, Mo.

1020 Oak Street.
Born at Pittsfield, Massachusetts, August 21, 1892. Son of Charles
James and Carrie Selina (Leonard) Come. Manager, " Drive it
Yourself Company," Kansas City, Mo. Married, June 24, 1916,
Verona Clara Gadsby.

William Norman Bratton, Eng. of Mines, Canton, Ohio.

United Alloy Steel Corporation.
Born at Chillicothe, Missouri, August 20, 1890. Son of Curran
Sabin and Lucy (Runge) Bratton. With the United Alloy Steel
Corporation, Inspection Department. First Lieutenant Air Serv-
ice, June, 1917, to discharge, July 1, 1919. Pilot and Supply Officer
with fifteen months' service in A. E. F.

William Herman Diekmann, Paynesville, Minn.

Born in New York, N. Y., July 16, 1895. Son of John William and
Bertha Elizabeth (Ludbrink) Diekman. Agricultural Engineer.
Served in the One Hundred and Sixty-first Depot Brigade, Camp
Grant, 111., for three months.

Charles Arthur Jack Gachot, New York, N. Y.

562 West One Hundred and Thirteenth Street.
Born in New York City, N. Y., June 14, 1893. Son of Charles and
Louise (Pfeiffer) Gachot. In Business with father from 1917 to
date, under trade name of Charles Gachot. Served as Chief Petty
Officer in the U. S. N. R. 1918-1919.

William Wilde Cowan, E.M., New York, N. Y.

62 East One Hundred and Thirtieth Street.
Born in New York City, N. Y., September 6, 1893. Son of John and
Sarah Cowan. Relatives in Fraternity, brothers, John H. Cowan,
Iota, '14, and Percival E. Cowan, Iota, '19.


James Leonidas Camp, Jr., A.B., [Wake Forest College],
Franklin, Va.

Born at Franklin, Wa., June 7, 1895. Son of James Leonidas and
Carrie Fontaine (Savage) Camp. Lumber Business. Assistant
General Manager, Camp Manufacturing Company, Second Vice
President Marion County Lumber Corporation. Student flight
officer, Naval Aviation. Married May 21, 1918, Mary Frances
Clay. Relative in Fraternity, brother, Robert G. Camp, Eta.

Daniel Becker Zimmer, B.S., New York, N. Y.

Ill West One Hundred and Twentieth Street.
Born in New York, N. Y., November 20, 1894. Son of Edward and
Magdalen B. (Becker) Zimmer. With the Federal Export Cor-
poration. Commissioned Second Lieutenant Signal Corps, Avia-
tion Section, February 22, 1918. Discharged December 9, 1918.
First Lieutenant, R. M. A., Signal Reserve Corps.


Clarence Earle Love joy, A.B., Pittsfield, Mass.

26 Beech Grove Avenue.
Born at Waterville, Maine, June 26, 1894. Son of Arthur Evans and
Florence Mary (Early) Lovejoy. With the New York Times.
Author of " The Story of the Thirty-eighth," published in Coblenz,
Germany, in February, 1919, also the chapter on the Thirty-eighth
U. S. Infantry for official Third Division History. Commissioned
Second Lieutenant, Infantry, May 2, 1917. Commissioned pro-
visional Second Lieutenant, Infantry, Regular Army, October 25,
1917. Promoted to provisional First Lieutenant same date. As-
signed to Thirty-eighth U. S. Infantry. Received permanent com-
mission in U. S. Army. After armistice, appointed regimental his-
torian, Thirty-eighth U. S. Infantry. Recommended for French
Croix de Guerre for work in Second Battle of Marne, July, 1918.
Upon return to United States in July, 1919, assigned to Twenty-
second U. S. Infantry at Fort Jay, Governors Island, N. Y.

George Bassett Roberts, B.Litt., Ossining, N. Y.

South Highland Avenue.
Born at Fort Dodge, Iowa, January 24, 1894. Son of George Evan
and Georgena (Kirkup) Roberts. First Lieutenant, Sixty-eighth
Artillery, A. E. F.

Willard Stratton Wadelton, Bronxville, N. Y.

Born at Bronxville, N. Y., February 21, 1894. Son of Thomas Dor-
rington and Matilde (Ludmilla) Wadelton. Captain, Seventy-
sixth F. A. U. S. A.


Joseph Anthony Domes, Fort Bayard, N. M.

Born at Winfield, L. I., N. Y., April 6, 1894. Son of George and
Mary (Fischer) Domes. In U. S. Array.

Edward Barbour Towns, A.B., New York, N. Y.

101 West Eightieth Street.
Born at Jacksonville, Fla., August 9, 1895. Son of Charles B. and
Mary Margaret (Barbour) Towns. Commissioned First Lieu-
tenant, Infantry August 15, 1917. Assigned to Three Hundred
and Fifth Infantry, Seventy-seventh Division, September 5, 1917.
Sailed for France April 16, 1918. In action with Company K on
the Yesle River August, 1918, Oise-Aisne Offensive September 5 to
15th. Meuse-Argonne, September 26. Wounded October 2, 1918.
Mustered out May 10, 1919.

Harold Herman Maass, Brooklyn, N. Y.

233 Green Avenue.
Born in Brooklyn, N. Y., March 3, 1896. Son of Herman J. and
Adelaide M. Maass. December 6, 1917, Private Headquarters
Company, Fourth U. S. Infantry, Third Division Regulars. Sailed
for Foreign Service, France, April 6, 1918. Corporal, May, 1918.
Participated in the following engagements: Hill 204, Chateau-
Thierry, Second Battle of the Marne, St. Mihiel Offensive, Meuse-
Argonne Offensive. Gassed Mont Faucon, October 6, 1918. As-
signed to Eighty-fifth Division, February 1, 1919. Discharged,
April 23, 1919.

Rudolf Alfred Piel, B.S., Killbuck, Ohio.

Born in New York December 23, 1893. Son of Michael and Marie
(Heermann) Piel. Relatives in Fraternity, brothers, William F.
J. Piel, Iota, '05, and Henry G. Piel, Iota, '09.

George Willard Dickie, Ph.G., A.B., M.D., Bayside, L. I., N. Y.

Born at Binghamton, N. Y., August 18, 1890. Son of George S. and
Hannah (Chaplin) Dickie. Physician.

George Troyer Koch, C.E., Homer, Ohio.

Ohio Fuel Supply Company.
Born in New York City, N. Y., March 15, 1895. Son of John Henry
and Carrie Maude (Puterbaugh) Koch. Chemical Engineer with
the Ohio Fuel Supply Company, of Pittsburgh, Pa. Enlisted in
Tank Corps, March, 1918. Transferred to Chemical Warfare
Service, July, 1918. Discharged February 26, 1919, with rank
of Sergeant.


Hugh Wallace Murphy, New York, N. Y.

The Avondale, West One Hundred and Seventy-ninth Street.
Born at Orlando, Florida, March 8, 1891. Son of John Hugh and
Jeannette R. Murphy.

Robert Edwin Nuese, Jr., B.S., New York, N. Y.

303 West One Hundred and Twenty-second Street.
Born in New York, N. Y., December 16, 1893. Son of Robert Edwin
and Frances (Bache) Nuese. Service Department (Advertising)
Dry Goods Economist, New York City. In the American Ambu-
lance Service in 1917. Production and Maintenance Division U. S.
Air Service 1917-1919 as civilian employee.

Henry Edward Hildebrand, M.E., Newburgh, N. Y.

62 Beacon Street.
Born at Sanstedt, Germany, January 25, 1895. Son of Edward and
Elisa (Ratjen) Hildebrand. Mechanical Engineer. Assistant to
Chief Engineer at Newburgh Shipyards, Inc., Newburgh, N. Y.
Married November 23, 1918, Marion Brown Gross.

George Kenneth End, Sheboygan, Wis.

Citizens' State Bank.
Born at Sheboygan, Wis., November 5, 1894. Son of Joseph William
and Mabel Eastman (Mead) End. Banker. Volunteer with Ser-
vian Army, May to October, 1915; Volunteer with American Field
Service, France, November, 1915 to August, 191G; with French
Army d'Orient on Macedonian front, from September, 1916, to July,
1917. Commissioned First Lieutenant U. S. A., A. S., September
4, 1917. Served sixteen months in the A. E. F. Discharged July
19, 1919. Married, September 26, 1917, Jennie Daane.


John Percy Baker, B.S., Brooklyn, N. Y.

94 Livingston Street.
Born at Irvington, N. J., June 1, 1894. Son of Henry Ross and
Lillian Alice (Newville) Baker. Student in College of Physicians
and Surgeons.

Franklin Reinhardt Uhlig, A.B., Brooklyn, N. Y.

31 Covert Street.
Born in Brooklyn, N. Y., May 14, 1897. Son of Alfred Ernst and
Silvia Augusta Deck. Enlisted as Chief Quartermaster, U. S. N.
R., June 13, 1917. Commissioned Ensign June 6, 1918, U. S. N. R.
Commissioned Ensign, U. S. N., September 18, 1918.


Ralph Waldo Luce, A.B., Boston, Mass.

120 Peterborough Street.
Born in Boston, Mass., October 23, 1895. Son of Linn and Alice
(Harris) Luce. Reporter. Private, U. S. Marine Corps, July 17,
1917, to May 14, 1918. Second Lieutenant, U. S. Marine Corps,
August 15, 1918, to April 1, 1919. First Lieutenant, U. S. Marine
Corps, April 1, 1919, to date. Served in A. E. F. October 13, 1918,
to April 12, 1919.

Grosvcnor Eugene Glenn, New York, N. Y.

The Illustrated Milliner Company, 656 Broadway.
Born in Nashville, Tenn., March 21, 1896. Son of Grosvenor K. and
Floy (Coleman) Glenn. Circulation Manager "The Illustrated
Milliner." Private in Troop A, First N. Y. Cavalry, June, 1916-
October, 1917. Second Lieutenant, Balloon Service, Signal Corps,
October, 1917, to May 15., 1919.

Thomas Joseph MacMahon, Holyoke. Mass.

131 West Street.
Born at Holyoke, Mass., March 17, 1892. Son of Owen and Joanna
R. (Sullivan) MacMahon.

*Chester Buttre Winans, New York, N. Y.

Born in Ridgewood, N. J., October 25, 1896. Son of Theodore
Sheldon and Emma Viola (Buttre) Winans. He received his com-
mission as Second Lieutenant in the infantry at the first Plattsburg
camp. Soon afterwards he was sent overseas to join the 165th
U. S. Infantry. He had been recommended for first lieutenant, but
was killed during the latter part of September, 1918. He had been
decorated and cited for bravery just a few days prior to his death.

Rene Joseph Guldner, LL.B. [Univ. of Strasbourg] ; M.D.,

Wichita, Kans.

Beacon Building.
Born at Thionville, France, December 8, 1888. Son of Joseph and
Josephine (Kiffer) Guldner. Physician. Married in 1912, Bertha
J. Stackman.

Charles Howard Parsons, A.B., A.M. [Virginia], Cape Charles,

Born at Cape Charles, Va., January 21, 1889. Son of John Wise and
Mary (Whitehead) Parsons. Teacher. At present with the Mas-
sie School, New York City. Phi Beta Kappa. Lieutenant, Ord-
nance, U. S. A.

Arthur Sherwood Kitchen, Wavcrly, N. Y.

101 Providence Street.
Born at Chatham, N. Y., April 23, 1897. Son of Edwin Kilburn and


Loretta (Sherwood) Kitchen. Enlisted February 3, 1918; As-
signed to Sixty-seventh Aerial Photographic Section with rank of
Sergeant First Class; Appointed Sergeant Major, January, 1919.
Honorably discharged, May 29, 1919.

Theodore Ernst Obrig, New York, N. Y.

552 West One Hundred and Eighty-eighth Street.
Born in Brooklyn, N. Y., May 10, 1894. Son of J. A. Theodore and
Josephine (Henderson) Obrig. Optician. In the American Field
Service. Served with French Army from April, 1917-November,
1917, as Ambulance Driver. American Army December, 1917-
February, 1919, as bacteriologist and chemist, Mobile Field Lab-
oratory, Eighty-seventh Division. Married, April 19, 1918, Muriel


Camilius Nash Francis, Boydton, Va.

Born at Norfolk, Va., August 20, 1895. Son of Jefferson T. and
Annie Lee (Nash) Francis. Traveling Salesman. Sergeant, Bat-
tery C, One Hundred and Eleventh F. A.

Albert Alexander Cree, New York, N. Y.

536 West One Hundred and Fourteenth Street.
Born at Spruce Creek, Pa., June 15, 1898. Son of Harry Clay and
Minnie Luella (Irvin) Cree. Was in the American Field Service
in France May 5-November 5, 1917. U. S. Air Service, A. E. F.
as Second Lieutenant, (Pilot) from November 25, 1917-March 19,

Frederick Dehls, A.B., Newark, N. J.

525 Clifton Avenue. •
Born in Brooklyn, N. Y., May 24, 1899. Son of John Charles and
Marguerite (Nuestedt) Dehls. Student in School of Engineering,
Columbia University. Commissioned Second Lieutenant of In-
fantry September 16, 1918. Discharged December 16, 1919.

Percival Edmund Cowan, A.B., New York, N. Y.

62 East One Hundred and Thirtieth Street.
Born in New Rochelle, N. Y, July 17, 1898. Son of John Francis
and Sarah Elizabeth (Kennedy) Cowan. Relatives in Fraternity,
brothers, John H., Iota, '14, and William W. Cowan, Iota, '16.

Ejnar Sven Holger Svensson, Buffalo, N. Y.

331 Bird Avenue.
Born in Buffalo, N. Y., August 2, 1897. Son of Sven Birger and
Louise Christina (Johnson) Svensson. Machinist with Spencer
Lens Company, Buffalo, N. Y.



Louis Beverly Nichol Gnaedinger, B.Litt., Montreal, Can.

94 St. Peter Street.
Born in Montreal, Canada, December 12, 1898. Son of Julius Theo-
dore and Ethel Lenore (Nichol) Gnaedinger. Served with the
Royal Air Force, Canada. Enlisted May 21, 1918. Discharged
December 17, 1918. Rank, Cadet for Pilot.

Henry William Wittkower, Flushing, N. Y.

137 Murray Street.
Born in New York, N. Y., March 25, 1898. Son of Louis and
Theresa Grace (Moran) Wittkower. Second Lieutenant, Machine
Gun Company, Twelfth Infantry, New York National Guard. C.
O. T. C, Camp Zachary Taylor, Ky., 1918.

Chester Hubbard Taylor, Meriden, Conn.

39 Cook Avenue.
Born at Meriden, Conn., July 6, 1896. Son of Charles Samuel and
Leila Parsons (Severance) Taylor. Enlisted, May 18, 1917, in
Motor Transport Corps. Sergeant, Motor Truck Company No.
54, August 30, 1917. Sergeant Major, November 26, 1918. Dis-
charged, May 22, 1919.

George Dewey Heilman, New York, N. Y.

1240 Clay Avenue.
Born in New York, N. Y., April 21, 1898. Son of Henry and Amelia
(Fritz) Heilman. Student.

Celestino Nicholas Santini, New York, N. Y.

536 West One Hundred and Fourteenth Street.
Born at Barranquitas, Porto Rico, June 8, 1897. Son of Nicholas
and Clemencia (Perez) Santini. Second Lieutenant Infantry,
Three Hundred and Seventy-fourth Regiment, Camp Las Casas,
San Juan, P. R., November 6 — December 13, 1918.

Lambert Francis Dickinson, A.B., New York, N. Y.

52 West One Hundred and Twenty-ninth Street.
Born in New York, N. Y., November 25, 1898. Son of Edward
Walter and Mary Teresa (McCormick) Dickinson. Served in the
U. S. N. R. as Apprentice Seaman, Naval Unit, Columbia Uni-

Lacey Flanders Johnson, Pelham, N. Y.

50 The Boulevard.
Born at Toledo, Ohio, July 17, 1897. Son of Arland William and
Mary Emerine (Hathaway) Johnson. Naval Aviation Service,


June 14, 1918 — November 30, 1918. Commissioned as a pilot of
heavier-than-air craft. December, 1918, Ensign, U. S. N. R.

Donald Hugh Clark, A.B. [Grinnell College], Des Moines,


555 Seventh Street.
Born at Burlington, Iowa, March 30, 1896. Son of Wesley O. and
Margaret (Rogers) Clark. Editor, Northwestern Banker and
Underwriters' Review. Enlisted as a Private in the Three Hun-
dred and Fifty-first Infantry, April 26, 1918. Second Lieuten-
ant, Infantry, U. S. A., One Hundred and Fifty-eighth Depot
Brigade, Camp Sherman, Ohio. Discharged, December 11, 1919.

Homer Otis Noel, A.B. [Grinnell College], New Sharon, Iowa.
Born at New Sharon, Iowa, February 20, 1896. Son of Otis Baum

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