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Born at Meadow Dale P. O., Va., July 27, 1874. Son of Frank and
Frances Margaret (Wilson) McNulty. Attorney-at-law. Married,
September 8, 1906, Anna Ayelette Anderson.


Robert Hayes Wootters, Crockett, Tex.

Born at Centervillc, Md., February 12, 1881. Son of James Cash and
Emily Mildred (Cash) Wootters. Cotton Buyer. Married, June
23, 1903, Lucy Mildred Smith.


Abner Kilpatriclc Fletcher, Jr., Harrisonburg, Va.

2 Court Square.
Born at Harrisonburg, Va., July 24, 1880. Son of Abner Kilpatrick
and Virginia Castleman (Paul) Fletcher. Pharmacist.

Dewitt Everett Tucker, LL.B. [Univ. Ark.], Tucker, Ark.

Born at Tucker, Ark., March 11, 1880. Son of John Woodfln and
Sallie Elizabeth (Morrow) Tucker. Attorney-at-law, 1903-08.
Member of Arkansas Legislature, 1909. Postmaster, Tucker, Ark.
Merchant and planter. Married, August 25, 1909, Will Lynn


William Vance Collins, A.B., Woodward, Okla.

Box 166.
Born at Prescott, Ark., July 22, 1881. Son of James Vance and
Frances Stanley (Richmond) Collins. Manager, Secretary and
Treasurer of Varner, Collins Hardware Company. Married, De-
cember 5, 1911, Ada Juanita Travis.

*Charles Frith Spencer, A.B., Lexington, Va.

Born near South Boston, Va., October 10, 1880. Son of James
Brown and Mary Grigsby (Carrington) Spencer. Teacher.
Drowned near Bryson, N. C, July 9, 1910.

Kenneth Ivor McKay, LL.B-., Tampa, Fla.

704 South Newport Avenue.
Born at Tampa, Fla., January 21, 1881. Son of John Angus and
Mary Jane (McCarty) McKay. Attorney-at-law. Married, No-
vember 21, 1917, Olive Mary Petty.

Eldridge Watts Poindexter, A.B. [Randolph-Macon] ; LL.B.,

Roanoke, Va.

1250 Maple Avenue, S. W.
Born at Perrowville, Va., August 21, 1876. Son of John Davis
and Amanda Catherine (Freeman) Poindexter. Attorney-at-law.
Married, September 26, 1912, Leva B. Smith.

Thornton Oscar Wilson, Henderson, N. C.

Born at Cluster Springs, Va. Son of Thornton Samuel and Frances
(Owen) Wilson. Traveling salesman, Richmond Hardware Com-
pany. Married, June 25, 1907, Elizabeth Raine.

George Warder Keller, Huntington, W. Va.

1137 Third Avenue.
Born at Massanetta Springs, Va., September 8, 1880. Son of George
Washington and Elizabeth Rebecka (McLeod) Keller. Manager


of Sovereign Gas Company and of Huntington-Oklahoma Oil
Company. Married, June 3, 1908, Mary Simms.


John Alexander Moore, B.S., Miami, Fla.

Biscayne Bank Building.
Born at Lexington, Va., January 13, 1880. Son of James William
and Louie (Wilson) Moore. Civil engineer. President, Biscayne
Engineering Company, 1913 to date. Married, June 12, 1913,
Louise D. Shields.

John Harness Steenbergen, M.D. [W. Va. Univ. and Coll. Phys.

and Surgs., Balto., Md.] (A.r.), Huntington, W. Va.

1607 Sixth Avenue.
Born at Gallipolis Ferry, W. Va., November 4, 1883. Son of John
William and Sallie Eliza (Van Meter) Steenbergen. Physician.
Surgeon, C. & O. R. R. Married, September 20, 1911, Jessie John-
son Fitch.

Thomas Christopher McRae, Prescott, Ark.

Born at Prescott, Ark., April 17, 1882. Son of Hon. Thomas Chip-
man and Amelia Ann (White) McRae. Secretary to his father,
Congressman from Arkansas, 1901-03. Banker, 1905 to date.
Cashier, Bank of Prescott. Married, December 26, 1905, Clio Pitt-

Russell Hurst Tarr, Tampa, Fla.

810 South Edison Street.
Born at Millersburg, Ky., April 4, 1883. Son of John Bishop and
Sarah Elizabeth (Earlywine) Tarr. Secretary and Treasurer of
Wyatt-Tarr House Furnishing Company, 1907 to date. Married,
October 16, 1907, Berdina Miller Crowell.

Bedford Forrest Hutton, Huttonsville, W. Va.

Born near Huttonsville, W. Va., July 22, 1881. Son of Elihu and
Sophronia Eveline (Woodford) Hutton. Farmer and stock rais-
ing. Member of Board of Education. Married, October 12, 1904,
Ethelynd Virginia Bonafield. Relative in Fraternity, brother, Er-
nest H. Hutton, Alpha Gamma, '01.


John McCulloch, Jr., B.S., Ashton, W. Va.

Born at Point Pleasant, W. Va., September 3, 1884. Son of John
and Cordelia Agnes (Byers) McCulloch. Farmer. Married, De-
cember 23, 1918, Sadie Lancaster Grover.


Charles Newton Campbell, LL.B., Martinsburg, W. Va.

215 Tennessee Avenue.
Born at Charlestown, W. Va., September 10, 1883. Son of Charles
Newton and Laura Penelope (Winder) Campbell. Attorney-at-
law. Assistant U. S. Attorney, Northern District, W. Va., 1918
to date. Married, March 15, 1919, Mary Neill Morrow.

Lucius Junius Desha, A.B.; Ph.D. [Johns Hopkins], Lexing-
ton, Va.

Born near Cynthiana, Ky., June 14, 1883. Son of Jack and Mary
Walton (Broadwell) Desha. Chemist. Chemist to Food and
Drugs Inspection Bureau, State of Tennessee, 1909-12. Professor
of Chemistry, University of Tennessee, College of Medicine, 1912-20.
Acting Dean of same, February to September, 1917. Professor
of Chemistry, Washington and Lee University, 1920 to date.
Captain, Sanitary Corps, U. S. Army, Sept., 1917-May, 1919. In
charge of Division of Chemistry, Central Medical Department
Laboratory, Dijon, France, Jan. 1, 1918, to June 15, 1918. In
charge of Laboratory, Intelligence Service, Paris, July 1, 1918,
to Jan. 15, 1919. Phi Beta Kappa. Married, Septernber 14, 1911,
Mary Forrester.

Garrett Woodson Judy, Jacksonville, Fla.

859 Riverside Avenue.
Born at Millersburg, Ky., October 27, 1882. Son of Garrett David
and Margaret (Lard) Judy. Grower and distributor of fruits
and vegetables. Married, July 17, 1906, Vida Clare Knight.

William Basil Gillespie, New Orleans, La.

524 Bienville Street.
Born at Ellisville, Va., August 29, 1881. Son of William Franklin
and Julia (Dilland) Gillespie. Manager New Orleans branch,
John Wyeth and Brother, Manufacturing Chemists. Private in
Company B, Richmond, Va., Light Infantry Blues, 1904-08. Mar-
ried, December, 1909, Eva May Poole.


Roscoe Bolar Stephenson, LL.B., Covington, Va.

Born at Meadow Dale, Va., December 26, 1884. Son of Oscar Adam
and Margaret Louisa (Revercomb) Stephenson. Attorney-at-law.
Mayor of Covington, Va., 1913-1914. Commonwealth Attorney
for Allegheny County, Va., 1916 to date. Government Appeal
Agent during World War. Relative in Fraternity, brother, John
H. Stephenson, Alpha Alpha, '18.


Edwin Marcotte Ball, B.S. [Wisconsin] (A-®.), Birmingham,

Ishkooda Mines.
Born at Florence, Wis., March 21, 1886. Son of Edwin and Ophelia
(Marcotte) Ball. Civil engineer. Superintendent, Ishkooda Ore
Mines Division, Tennessee Coal, Iron and R. R. Company, 1912 to
date. Sergeant, H. Q. Co., 51st Infantry, 6th Division, A. E. F.;
gassed on Oct. 4, 1918, on Vosges Sector; invalided home and dis-
charged Feb. 4, 1919. Married, October 4, 1910, Helen K. Hunter.
Relatives in Fraternity, brothers, Thomas L. Ball, Alpha Theta,
'09, and Byron E. Ball, Upsilon, '11.

Isaac Paul Gassman, LL.B., Freeport, 111.

. 652 Stephenson Street.
Born at Martinsburg, W. Va., June 17, 1881. Son of Jacob and
Ella Castleman (Paul) Gassman. Attorney-at-law. Married,
January 29, 1913, Florence Louise Munn.

Abram Penn Staples, LL.B., Roanoke, Va.

Terry Building.
Born at Martinsville, Va., September 18, 1885. Son of Abram Penn
and Sallie Clements (Hunt) Staples. Attorney-at-law. Married,
January 5, 1911, Jean Breckinridge Watts. Relative in Fra-
ternity, brother, Samuel H. Staples, Alpha Alpha, '08.

Francis Gilchrist Jones, A.B. ; M.D. [Atlanta Coll. P. & S.],

Atlanta, Ga.

Hurt Building.
Born at Jacksonville, Fla., May 17, 1886. Son of Robert Harrison
and Susan Gilchrist (Baker) Jones. Physician. Married, October
31, 1911, Lucia Brock Jeter. Relative in Fraternity, brother,
Joseph M. Jones, Alpha Nu, '06.

Morris Marion Givens, LL.B., Tampa, Fla.

615 South Willow Avenue.
Born at Tampa, Fla., April 30, 1885. Son of Darwin B. and Annie
Elizabeth (Morris) Givens. Attorney-at-law. Sergeant, Company
H, 2d' Florida Infantry, Mexican border, 1916-17. Captain, N. G.
Florida, 1917; Assistant Div. Q. M., 31st Division, 1917-18; Cap-
tain, 1st Section General staff, 1st Army Corps, A. E. F. Gradu-
ate Army School of the lane, Langres, Haut Marne, France.
Married, August 7, 1915, Anne Moore Harvey.

Franklin Kearns Rader (H), Lewisburg, W. Va.

Born at Lewisburg, W. Va., May 13, 1885. Son of James McClung
and Martha Kearns (Montgomery) Rader. Civil Engineer.
Served as First Lieutenant Engineers, U. S. A., August 20, 1918,


to January 1, 1919. Relative in Fraternity, brother, James W.
Rader, Alpha Alpha, '10.


Philip Ervin Collins, Morris, 111.

312 Nettle Street.
Born at Tampa, Fla., September 20, 1884. Son of Philip Henry and
Phoebe (Holroyd) Collins. Assistant Manager of the farming and
grain interests of J. R. and O. E. Collins, at Morris, 111. Married,
July 15, 1918, Frances Holmes.

Lewis Coleman Gordon, Fort Scott, Kans.

214 South Main Street.
Born at Salem, Va., September 26, 1887. Son of Edward Clifford
and Mary Frances (Bell) Gordon. Civil Engineer. Assistant
County Engineer, Bourbon County, Kansas. First Lieutenant,
4th U. S. Engineers, Aug., 1917, to Oct., 1918; Captain, Oct., 1918,
to Nov., 1919. Served in Aisne-Marne, St. Mihiel and Meuse-
Argonne offensives ; American Army of Occupation, Germany, Nov.,
1918, to July, 1919; Adjutant 4th Engineers, Aug. to Nov., 1919.

*Samuel Hunt Staples, Roanoke, Va.

Born at Martinsville, Va., March 24, 1887. Son of Abram Penn
and Sallie Clements (Hunt) Staples. Resident Engineer, Norfolk
and Western Railway Company. Served as First Lieutenant,
46th Engineers, Transportation Corps, A. E. F. Relative in Fra-
ternity, brother, Abram P. Staples, Jr., Alpha Alpha, '07. Died at
Roanoke, Va., November 4, 1919, from effects of shell shock in

Robert Lee Smith, Marshall, Mo.

407 East Arrow Street. ■
Born at Marshall, Mo., July 7, 1888. Son of Robert Edward Lee
and Sarah Elizabeth (Goodwin) Smith. Farmer. Served in En-
gineers Officers' Training Camp, 1918. Married, December 26,
1917, Margaret Berlin Smith.

Dozier Adolphus De Vane, LL.B., New York, N. Y.

American Telephone and Telegraph Company,

195 Broadway.
Born at Medulla, Fla., August 2, 1883. Son of Edward Jasper and
Alice Victoria (Collins) De Vane. Attorney-at-law. County
Attorney, Hillsborough County, Florida, 1913-14. Counsel for
Railroad Commission of Florida, 1918-20. Rate attorney, Amer-
ican Telephone and Telegraph Company, 1920 to date. Married,
• August 11, 1909, Pauline Wilson.


John Gilliam Munce, Richmond, Va.

2448 Park Avenue.
Born at Richmond, Va., February 15, 1889. Son of John Sinclair
and Lelia (Gilliam) Munce. Assistant Manager for Kingan and
Company, Limited, Richmond, Va. Married, February 13, 1915,
Annie Outten Foreman.


Algernon Huston Chandler, B.S. in C.E., Baltimore, Md.

2412 Linden Avenue.
Born at Harrisonburg, Va., August 17, 1887. Son of Charles Harper
and Mary Walker (Effinger) Chandler. Industrial Engineer, Con-
solidated Gas, Electric Light and Power Company, Baltimore, Md.
Married, June 22, 1915, Susie Rivers Tyler. Relative in Fraternity,
brother, Charles H. Chandler, Jr., Eta.

John William Anthony, Jr., Lynch's Station, Va.

Born at Lynch's Station, Va., July 18, 1886. Son of John William
and Emma Reid (Arnold) Anthony. Farmer. Married, Septem-
ber 5, 1917, Julia Brooke Moses.

William Elisha Lawson, M.D. [Univ. Coll. of Medicine], Mt.
McGregor, N. Y.

Born at Hampton, Va., February 27, 1887. Son of William Elisha
and Margaret Derbrow (Sheetz) Lawson. Physician. Associate
Physician, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Sanatorium, Mt.
McGregor, N. Y., 1914 to date. Married, November 3, 1915, Mar-
garuite Anne Heifer.

Julius Gray Richardson, New Orleans, La.

4109 St. Charles Avenue.
Born at Greensboro, N. C, January 20, 1888. Son of Edmund Ernest
and Jessie (Gray) Richardson. With E. E. Richardson Company,
cotton. Served as Lieutenant, j. g., U. S. N. R., during World
War. Relative in Fraternity, brother, Edmund E. Richardson,
Jr., Alpha Alpha, '11.

Louis Nicholson Britton, New York, N. Y.

33 West Sixty-seventh Street.
Born at Ingleside, near Madison Station, Miss., October 29, 1888. Son
of William and Laura Jiggitts (Nicholson) Britton.

Samuel LeRoy Hayes, B.S. [Va. Mil. Inst.], S.B. [Mass. Inst.
Tech.] (A M), West Point, Ga.

Born at Thomasville, Ga., December 1, 1889. Son of Samuel Laird


and Sarah Louise (Wright) Hayes. Chemist. Superintendent,
Lanett Bleachery and Dye Works, West Point, Ga. Married,
November 12, 1915, Ruth Virginia Williams.


John Vincil Stark, Independence, Mo.

Born at Kansas City, Mo., October 3, 1887. Son of William T. and
Alice (Vincil) Stark. With Kansas City Railways Company. En-
tered the service, March, 1917, as Second Lieutenant, 3d Missouri
Infantry; promoted to First Lieutenant, August, 1918, 140th In-
fantry, 35th Division; participated in St. Mihiel and Argonne
offensives; wounded September 28, 1918.

George Effinger Warren (H), Ivy Depot, Va.

Born at Harrisonburg, Va., November 22, 1887. Son of Thomas and
Willie (Effinger) Warren. Relative in Fraternity, brother, Rice
Warren, Eta.

James Wilson Rader, B.S., Lewisburg, W. Va.

Born at Lewisburg, W. Va., April 24, 1888. Son of James McClung
and Martha Kearns (Montgomery) Rader. Civil Engineer.
Served as Second Lieutenant, A. S. M. A., during World War.
Relative in Fraternity, brother, Franklin K. Rader, Alpha Alpha,

William Burton Fowlkes, A.B.; M.D. [Med. Coll. Va.], Dan-
ville, Va.

732 Grove Street.
Born at Grady, Va., June 24, 1886. Son of Williamson D. and
Sarah Alice (Lawrence) Fowlkes. Physician. Served as Lieu-
tenant M. C, U. S. N. R., February 11, 1917, to March 12, 1919.
Relative in Fraternity, brother, Richard W. Fowlkes, Alpha Alpha,

Thomas Burt Dilworth, B.S. in E.E. [Pennsylvania], Lyn-
wood, Va.

Born at Los Angeles, Cal., November 6, 1888. Son of James Ronald-
son and Adeline L. (Blackburn) Dilworth. Farmer. Married,
September 23, 1914, Helen Elizabeth Lewis.

Joseph Ramsey Blackburn, B.S. in Chem., B.S. in M.E., Austen,
W. Va.

Born at Staunton, Va., May 8, 1888. Son of John Whiteside and
Frances Hopkins (Harnsberger) Blackburn. Vice President and
General Manager of the Austen Coal & Coke Co., Austen, W. Va.
Married, June 21, 1916, Elizabeth Price Jones.


Paul Philip Gannon, A.B. [Mt. St. Mary's Coll., Md.], West-

ernport, Md.

Born at Westernport, Md., December 4, 1889. Son of Michael Paul
and Lena Gannon. President and Treasurer Mt. Clare Colliery
Co., Mt. Clare, W. Va.; Treasurer Stirling Coal Co. of Kentucky,
Daniel Boone, Ky.

Edward Tremont Burr, Raleigh, N. C.

State Insurance Department.
Born at Danville, Va., June 11, 1888. Son of Austin Tremont, Jr.,
and Ella Edwa (Hudson) Burr. Actuary, North Carolina Insur-
ance Department. First Lieutenant, F. A., 305th Trench Mortar
Battery, December, 1917, to May, 1918; First Lieutenant, F. A.,
5th Regiment, F. A. R. D., May to Oct., 1918; Captain 73d F. A.,
October to December, 1918. Married, November 29, 1917, Esther
Donald Shotwell.


Charles Bernard Pritchett, A.B. ; M.D. [Johns Hopkins], Dan-
ville, Va.

644 Main Street.
Born at Keeling, Va., October 10, 1889. Son of Charles Wesley and
Sally Clay (Keesee) Pritchett. Physician and Surgeon. Served
as Lieutenant, j. g., M. C. U. S. N. R., during World War. Mar-
ried, April 17, 1918, Effie Shepherd Leak.

Edmund Ernest Richardson, Jr., New Orleans, La.

4109 St. Charles Avenue.
Born at Chattanooga, Tenn., January 24, 1891. Son of Edmund
Ernest and Jessie Gray Richardson. With E. E. Richardson Comr-
pany, cotton. Relative in Fraternity, brother, Julius G. Rich-
ardson, Alpha Alpha, '09.

Samuel Addison Schoolfield, Norfolk, Va.

1120 West Redgate Avenue.
Born at Danville, Va., February 11, 1889. Son of James Edward
and Lucy Dillord (France) Schoolfield. In life insurance busi-
ness. Married, September 2, 1914, Mary Cabell Wooding. Rela-
tive in Fraternity, brother, Orin C. Schoolfield, Tau, '92.


Joseph Blackburn Watts, LL.B., Charleston, W. Va.

Citizens' National Bank Building.
Born at Charleston, W. Va., November 21, 1889. Son of Cornelius


Clarkson and Martha Ella (Shumate) Watts. Attorney-at-law.
Assistant U. S. District Attorney, Southern District of West Vir-
ginia. Married, July 9, 1910, Laura Marie Williamson.

Lewis Martin Lebus, Cynthiana, Ky.

Born at Cynthiana, Ky., October 28, 1889. Son of Orie and Bird
(Martin) Lebus. Postmaster, Cynthiana, Ky., 1912-16. Breeder
of registered live stock, 1916 to present. President of Ken-
tucky Shorthorn Breeders' Association and Secretary-Treasurer of
Kentucky Hampshire Breeders' Association. Married, June 5,
1912, Ethel Buford Reynolds.

Theodorick Pryor Rice, Richmond, Va.

Old Buck Guano Company.
Born at Clarkton, Va., June 9, 1891. Son of Henry Crenshaw and
Marie Gordon (Pryor) Rice. Married, April 23, 1915, Adelaide
Argyll Campbell.

Roland Acree Waddill A.B., Washington, D. C.

1734 P Street, N. W.
Born at Danville, Va., April 13, 1889. Son of Walter Wood and
Sallie Page (Acree) Waddill. Salesman Randall H. Hagner &
Co., Washington, D. C. Private, 4th Officers' Training School,.
Tank Corps, U. S. A., 1918. Married, October 21, 1914, Ruth


Francis Phillips Gardner, M.D. [Med. Coll. Va.], Covington,
Born at Wanesboro, Va., July 9, 1892. Son of Francis Kinloch
Nelson and Mary Katherine (Linsley) Gardner. Physician. Lieu-
tenant, M. C, U. S. N.

Henry Edwin Peeples, Atlanta, Ga.

719 Piedmont Avenue.
Born at Atlanta, Ga., December 30, 1890. Son of Henry Cabaniss
and Lillie Duncan (Walker) Peeples. Traffic Chief, Southern
Bell Telephone Company. Inspector, Retail Credit Company.
Married, September 14, 1914, Grace Angier.

Henry Kirn Armistead, Churchland, Va.

Born at Churchland, Va., December 12, 1891. Son of Moss William
and Annie Francis (Kirn) Armistead. Engaged in truck farm-
ing. Relative in Fraternity, brother, Moss W. Armistead, Jr., Eta.


Horace McMurran Banks, M.D. [Johns Hopkins], Shepherds-
town, W. Va.
Born at Shepherdstown, W. Va., July 8, 1890. Son of Dr. George
W. Banks and Imogen Tanner. Physician. First Lieutenant, M.
C, 1918. Married, July 31, 1918, Margaret Leigh.


Malcolm Woodward Bethea, Birmingham, Ala.

211 Highland Avenue.
Born at Birmingham, Ala., May 5, 1893. Son of Samuel and Mary
(Woodward) Bethea.

LaFayette Randolph Hanna, LL.B., Birmingham, Ala.

First National Bank Building.
Born at Blountsville, Ala., April 18, 1889. Son of LaFayette Ran-
dolph and Volna Ann (Yeilding) Hanna. Attorney-at-law. Spe-
cial representative of Bureau of Investigation, Department of
Justice, during World War. Served on Mexican border with
Battery C, F. A., Alabama National Guard, October 1, 1916, to
March 23, 1917. Married, June 27, 1919, Kathryn Tanner Parrish.

•Locke Vangrawl Simons, Allendale, S. C.

Born at Wadesboro, N. C, January 15, 1890. Son of Eugene Rob-
inson and Mary Locke (McCorkle) Simmons. Secretary and
Treasurer, Allendale Veneer Company. Commissioned Second
Lieutenant, November 25, 1917, and served during World War.

William Henry Smathers, Atlantic City, N. J.

Union National Bank Building.
Born at Waynesville, N. C, January 7, 1891. Son of Benjamin
Franklin and Laura (Howell) Smathers. Attorney-at-law. Mar-
ried, October 18, 1916, Sydney Q. Brady.

Chester Maurice Wiggins, LL.B. [Univ. of Fla.], Bartow, Fla.
Born in Manatee County, Fla., April 95, 1889. Son of John R. and
Helen (Johnson) Wiggins. Attorney-at-law. Mayor of Bartow,
Fla. Married, February 23, 1916, Tommie Lee Wilson.

Oliver Lynn Haynes, Efaula, La.

Born in Birmingham, Ala., October 6, 1892. Son of Albert Lidney
and Alice Emma (Carter) Haynes.

Fausto Gutierrez, A.B. ; LL.D. [Univ. of Havana], Sagua La
Grande, Cuba.
Born in Sagua LaGrande, Cuba, February 25, 1894. Son of Manuel


and Victoria (Casanova) Gutierrez. Attorney-at-law and Notary


Garland Hurst Moore, Martinsburg, W. Va.

Born at Charles Town, W. Va., March 4, 1884. Son of Robert Mil-
ton and Mary (Wiltshire) Moore. Chief Clerk to U. S Attorney
for the Northern District of West Virginia. Married, July 31,
1918, July Curtis Correll.

Stuart Moore, A.B., Lexington, Va.

Born at Lexington, Va., December 4, 1893. Son of Samuel Ruther-
ford and Lelia St. Clair (Stuart) Moore, With Bureau of Ap-
plied Economics, Washington, D. C, 1916-1917. Served as Private,
Fifth Regiment, Engineer Corps, U. S. A.

Edward Ambrose Donahue, A.B., Somerville, Mass.

458 Broadway.
Born at Somerville, Mass., February 5, 1891. Son of Michael Jo-
seph and Mary Elizabeth (Bliss) Donahue. Athletic Director,
Coach and Professor of Hygiene at Clemson College, S. C. Mar-
ried, March 3, 1919, Madeline Francis Keefe.

Cecil Clyde Holcombe, Birmingham, Ala.

1909 Third Avenue.
Born at Anniston, Ala., August 17, 1893. Son of Joseph H. and
Frances I. Holcombe. Talking machine dealer. Served in the
Tank Corps, A. E. F., during World War.

John Mortimer Peake, Churchland, Va.

Born at Churchland, Va., July 4, 1891. Son of John E. and Maud
(Williams) Peake.

Hugh Barclay, Richmond, Va.

3106 Floyd Avenue.

Born at Little Rock, Arkansas, March 23, 1893. Son of Hugh and

Sue (Easley) Barclay. Salesman, American Tobacco Company.

Entered service May 8, 1917; commissioned Second Lieutenant,

August 15, 1917; with Thirty-fourth Infantry, 7th Division, A. E.
F. Commissioned First Lieutenant.

Richard Williamson Fowlkes, A.B. ; M.D. [Virginia] (H),

Danville, Va.

732 Grove Street.
Born at Martinsville, Va., September 26, 1893. Son of Williamson
Dickerson and Sarah Alice (Lawrence) Fowlkes. Physician.


Served as Private Medical Corps, December 19, 1917, to October
28, 191S. S. A. T. C, University of Virginia, 1918. Relative in
Fraternity, brother, William B. Fowlkes, Alpha Alpha, '11.

William Stuart Snow, Alexandria, Va.

Born at Heathsville, Va., April 3, 1894. Son of William C. and
Ella Lomaz (DeShields) Snow. Attorney-at-law.

George Westlake Hopper, Jr., Cincinnati, Ohio.

3330 Kemper Lane.
Born at Nashville, Tenn., January 16, 1890. Son of George West-
lake and Willie Maude (Richards) Hopper. Special Agent of
Department of Commerce. Enlisted December 15, 1917; assigned
to Quartermaster Corps; in A. E. F. with Three Hundred and
Fourteenth Supply Company; discharged July, 1919; rank, Ser-

Frank Jennings Beckwith, LL.B., Charles Town, W. Va.

Born at Charles Town, W. Va., May 19, 1892. Son of Frank and
Leacy (McDonald) Beckwith. Attorney-at-law. Private, Ord-
nance Department, U. S. A., August, 1918, to January, 1919.

William Caulfield Raftery, Yonkers, N. Y.

42 Rockland Avenue.
Born at Worcester, Mass., July 28, 1887. Son of William M. and
Ellen Gertrude (Madden) Raftery. Resident Head Coach of
Athletics at Washington and Fee University. Battalion Com-
mander, Petty Officers' School, U. S. N. R., Pelham Bay, N. Y.,
during World War.

William Kirkham Taylor, Clarksville, Va.

Born at Petersburg, Va., June 14, 1894. Son of James Prestan
and Susie (Kirkham) Taylor. Tobacconist with James P. Taylor
and Company. In the service, May 17, 1917, to June 28, 1919, as
Corporal, Company A, One Hundred and Fourth Supply Train,
Twenty-ninth Division.

William Rush Walton, Albemarle, La.

Born on Little Texas Plantation, October 12, 1893. Son of William
Rush and Viola May (Beasley) Walton.

Joseph William Milner, Gulfport, Miss.

720 East Beach Street.
Born at Columbiana, Ala., January 23, 1892. Son of John Kennedy
and Rachel E. (Rill) Milner. Attorney-at-law. Manager, Coast
Coca-Cola Bottling Company.


George William Clover, Birmingham, Ala.

5623 First Avenue.
Born at Ontonogon, Michigan, Setpember 5, 1891. Son of Frederick
Coryell and Katherine (Jessup) Clover. Army officer. Entered
the service May 10, 1917; commissioned Second Lieutenant In-
fantry, August 15, 1917; First Lieutenant, June 8, 1918, assigned
to 33d Infantry.


Frank Richmond Noliey, Atlanta, Ga.

55 East Cain Street.
Born at Gainesville, Ala., May 14, 1893. Son of Henry Bascom and
Fanny Campbell (Jones) Nolley. Corporal, 6th M. G. Battalion,
U. S. M. C, 2d Division, June 6, 1917, to August 14, 1919. Par-
ticipated at Belleau Woods, Soissons, St. Mihiel, Champagne,
Meuse-Argonne and Army of Occupation. Awarded Distinguished

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