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14 West Upsal Street, Germantown.
Born at Wilmington, Del., March 25, 1852. Son of Rt. Rev. Alfred
Lee, D.D., LL.D., and Julia White. Attorney-at-law. Librarian of
The Union League since 1893. Author of articles " Appeal," and
"Courts of the United States," in Supplement to Encyclopaedia
Britannica, ninth edition. Married, January 13, 1892, Lilian Tur-
nell, daughter of James D. Blakely, of New Orleans, La. Relative
in Fraternity, son, Alfred Lee, 3d, Alpha, '12.

Theophilus Baker Stork, A.B., A.M., LL.B., Germantown,

600 Church Lane.
Born in Philadelphia, April 5, 1854. Son of Rev. Theophilus Stork,
D.D., and Emma Baker. Attorney-at-law. Married, first, Janu-
ary 26, 1879, Hannah Wharton; second, May 19, 1901, Anna Brown


Joseph Seal Neff, A.B., A.M.; M.D. and D.P.H. [Jefferson
Medical College], LL.D. [Ursinus College], Narberth, Pa.
Born in Philadelphia. November 27, 1854. Son of Charles and Mary
L. (Seal) Neff. Physician. Medical Director of Jefferson Medical
College Hospital, Philadelphia, 1892-97; Director of the Depart-
ment of Public Health and Charities of Philadelphia, 1907 to 1914.
Married, first, June 12, 1879, Harriet F., daughter of Hon. James
R. Ludlow, LL.D., second, June 9, 1894, Clara D. Ludlow.

•William Henry Rush, M.D., Ardmore, Pa.

Born in Philadelphia, August 20, 1852. Son of Stephen P. and Eliza-
beth (Ketcham) Rush. Surgeon in U. S. N. ; Assistant Surgeon
U. S. N., February, 1877; Passed Assistant Surgeon, February,
1880; Surgeon, November, 1894. Retired, October, 1900. Married
Emma J. McGinnis. Died at Ardmore, Pa., April 26, 1918.

Hem*}' Houston Kingston, Philadelphia.

1321 Spruce Street.
Born in Philadelphia, July 7, 1854. Son of Stephen Beasley and
Julia Elizabeth (Elliot) Kingston. Connected with the Traffic De-
partment of the Pennsylvania Railroad, 1870-90; General Man-
ager of the Pennsylvania, Poughkeep^ie and Boston Railroad,
1890-93, and General Traffic Manager Lehigh Valley Railroad,
1893-1903; President of the Investment Trust Company of Phila-
delphia, 1903-08. Married, September 9, 1875, Frances Allan


James Warburton Martinez-Cardeza, Philadelphia.

The Lincoln.
Born in Philadelphia, September 7, 1854. Son of James and Barbara
Jane Elizabeth (Warburton) Martinez-Cardeza. Attorney-at-law.
Married, first, Charlotte Wardle, daughter of Thomas Drake, of
Philadelphia; second, Cecile Alice Eissing.

*Ed\vard Hyde Peek, Philadelphia.

Born in New Orleans, La., February 12, 1856. Son of Eben Berkley
and Charlotte Elisabeth (Ashburncr) Peek. Secretary, United
Electric Improvement Company. Married, January 30, 1893, Lydia
Cora Gracie. Died in Philadelphia, April 9, 1915.

Samuel Ritter Seyfert, Reading, Pa.

40 South Fifth Street.
Born at Reading, Pa., August 8, 1855. Son of Simon and Ellen
(Ritter) Seyfert. Iron and steel manufacturer.


Esdaile Philip Cohen, A.B., A.M., M.D., New York.

Born in Philadelphia, April 14, 1856. Son of Andrew J. and Clotilde
(Floranee) Cohen. Physician. Connected with the New York
World. Relative in Fraternity, brother, Andrew J. Cohen,
Alpha, '81.

*William Townsend Elliott, A.B., A.M., Philadelphia.

Born in Philadelphia, November 20, 1854. Son of William Beale and
Hannah Hickman (Townsend) Elliott. Attorney-at-law, 1878-90.
In charge of Credit Department of John Wanamaker, 1890-92 and
Manager of Times Printing House, 1892J-96. Member of the law
firm of Townsend, Elliott & Townsend, September, 1896, to Jan-
uary, 1907; President of the Central National Bank of Philadelphia,
1907r-17. Married, first, February 6, 1883, Mary, daughter of Jesse
Cope Green, D.D.S.; second, November 30, 1898, Hannah M.
O'Keefe. Died at Ardmore, Pa., December 7, 1917.

Lindley Johnson, B.S., Haverford, Pa.

Born in Germantown, Philadelphia, January 16, 1855. Son of Joseph
Warner and Mary A. (Wright) Johnson. Architect. He is a
graduate of the Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris. Married, 1881,
Susan La Roche, daughter of William V. Keating, M.D., of Phila-
delphia. Relatives in Fraternity, sons, Lindley Johnson, Jr.,
Alpha, '08, and W. Keating Johnson, Alpha, '09.

Isaac Harrison Wainwright, B.S., Camden, N. J.

Garden Hotel.
Born in Philadelphia, January 6, 1856. Son of Jonathan Eyre and
Elisabeth Lynn (Tripler) Wainwright. Supervisor, Pennsylvania
Railroad Company, 1883 to date. Married, November 29, 1881,
Sallie Blanche Pennell.

*Bernard Gilpin, A.B., A.M., LL.B., Philadelphia.

Born in Philadelphia, December 22, 1856. Son of Charles and Sarah
Hamilton (Hood) Gilpin. Attorney-at-law. Judge of the Munici-
pal Court of Philadelphia from 1913 until his death. Married,
first, February 26, 1884, Clara Kate Hollis; second, August 23,
1899, Florence Fox. Died in Philadelphia, October 20, 1918.

Effingham Buckley Morris, A.B., A.M., LL.B., Philadelphia.

N. W. cor. Broad and Chestnut Streets.
Born in Philadelphia, August 23, 1856. Son of Israel Wistar and
Annie Morris (Buckley) Morris. Attorney-at-law. Director of
Pennsylvania Railroad Company, 1886 to date. Director in sundry
corporations; President Girard Trust Company, 1S87 to date.
Treasurer and member of Executive Committee Pennsylvania Coun-
cil of National Defense and Committee of Public Safety, 1917-19.


Member of the Pennsylvania Society Sons of the Revolution. Mar-
ried, November 5, 1S79, Ellen Douglas Burroughs.

Francis limes Gowen, A.B., Philadelphia.

Broad Street Station.
Born in Philadelphia, August 17, 18.55. Son of James Emmet and
Clementine (limes) Gowen. Attorney-at-law. General Solicitor
of the Pennsylvania Railroad, 1902-1,2, and General Counsel, 1912
to date. Married, October 1, 1884, Alice, daughter of Hon. John
M. Robinson, of Maryland.

♦Frederick Erckcns Okie, Glen Mills, Pa.

Born at Linwood, Pa., 1855. Son of John B. and Caroline Frances
(Richards) Okie. Manufacturer. Married Alice, daughter of
Horace T. Sloan. Died in Philadelphia, May 11, 1916.

William Ruckman Philler, A.B., A.M., LL.B., Haverford, Pa.
Born in Philadelphia, February 17, 1857. Son of George and Re-
becca Horner (Ruckman) Philler. Attorney-at-law and practiced
at the Philadelphia bar until January, 1886, and then became Sec-
retary, Real Estate Trust Company of Philadelphia, 1886 to date.
Married, June 3, 1885, Emily Chapman, daughter of William Davis
Winsor, of Philadelphia. Relatives in Fraternity, son, William W.
Philler, Alpha, '10; brother, George Stanley Philler, Alpha, '77.

John Campbell Sherlock, Cincinnati, Ohio.

3875 Clifton Avenue.
Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, October 29, 1853. Son of Thomas and
Nancy Campbell (Johnston) Sherlock. Engaged in insurance busi-
ness. Married, May 30, 1878, Margaret Cast, daughter of George
K. Shoenberger.

* Robert Lapslej Pyle, West Chester, Pa.

Born in Philadelphia, March 25, 1855. Son of Benjamin Franklin
and Mary L. (Lapsley) Pyle. Attorney-at-law. Married, Sarah,
daughter of Charles Duy. Died at West Chester, Pa., February
16, 1890.

•Edward Smith Handy, Jr., Philadelphia.

Born in Philadelphia, August 5, 1851. Son of Edward Smith and
R. A. Virginia (Bryan) Handy. Merchant. Died at St. Augus-
tine, Flu., January 11, 1913.

•William Henrj Patterson, A.B., New York City.

Born in Germantown, Philadelphia, April 20, 1855. Son of Joseph


and Lavinia (Horstmann) Patterson. Attorney-at-law until May,
1885 ; then a merchant. Died in New York City, November 18, 1901.

Harold Peirce, A.B., Philadelphia.

222 Drexel Building.
Born at Bristol, Pa., September 28, 1856. Son of Charles William
and Mary (Vanuxem) Peirce. He was a manufacturer from 1875
to 1886, when he engaged in life insurance business. Married,
June 21, 1882, Charlotte, daughter of Edmund W. Converse.

Addinell Hewson, Jr., A.B., A.M.; M.D. [Jefferson Medical

College], Philadelphia.

2120 Spruce Street.

Born in Philadelphia, September 2, 1855. Son of Addinell Hewson,
M.D., and Rachel Macomb Wetherill. Physician. From Demon-
strator to Assistant Professor of Anatomy, Jefferson Medical Col-
lege, 1879 to 1906. Professor of Anatomy, Temple University, since
1914. Married, September 4, 1883, Lucy, daughter of George
Washington Clabaugh, of Taneytown, Md. Relative in Fraternity,
son, William Hewson, Alpha, '06.

*Henry Rush Biddle, A.B. [Princeton], Philadelphia.

Born in Philadelphia, March 15, 1858. Son of Alexander and Julia
Williams (Rush) Biddle. Died in Philadelphia, January 2, 1877.

*Edmond Henry Kyle, M.D., Ithaca, N. Y.

Born at Harrisville, Pa., September 27, 1848. Son of Thompson and
Margarette (Teese) Kyle. Physician. Married, first, Ida Alice
Rice; second, Ida Blaikie. Died, Ithaca, N. Y., June 9, 1914.


Samuel Vaughan Merrick, Germantown, Philadelphia.

5219 Wayne Avenue.
Born in Philadelphia, December 10, 1856. Son of William Henry
and Sarah Maria (Otis) Merrick. Member of Historical Society of
Pennsylvania and of Maine, and Genealogical Society of Pennsyl-
vania. Married, April 15, 1880, Mary Rodney, daughter of Daniel
Rodney King. Relative in Fraternity, son, Rodney K. Merrick,
Alpha, '09.

Edmund Austin Crenshaw, Jr., A.B., Germantown, Philadel-

6616 Emlen Street.
Born in Philadelphia, February 21, 1857. Son of Edmund Austin
and Mary Couch (Robinson) Crenshaw. Wholesale druggist until
1892; engaged in life insurance business since 1892. Married, June
29, 1888, Kate Atherton, daughter of Thomas Homer.


John Killgorc Pearce, New York, N. Y.

140 Fifth Avenue.
Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, August 17, 1857. Son of Duty J. and
Ella G. (Killgorc) Pearce. Traveling salesman. Married, May 27,
1885, Mary G. Carroll.

Henry Laussat Geyelin, A.B., A.M., LL.B., Villa Nova, Pa.

Born in Philadelphia, July 15, 1857. Son of Emile C. and Estella
Antoinette (Laussat) Geyelin. Attorney-at-law. Trustee of the
Drexel Institute, Philadelphia, Married, 1883, Alice Reed, daughter
of Hon. Henry Ravvle. Relatives in Fraternity, sons, H. Rawle
Geyelin, Alpha, '06; Antony L. Geyelin, Alpha, '09; Emile C. Geye-
lin, Alpha, '17, and Henry L. Geyelin, Jr., Alpha, '18.

Hugh Laussat Willoughby, Newport, R. I.

Born near Pine Hill, N. Y., August 7, 1857. Son of Samuel Augus-
tus and Estelle (de Laussat) Willoughby. Aeronautic engineer
and builder of aeroplanes. He was the first man at the University
to wear the Red and Blue, as a college color, on an athletic field.
Organized Naval Reserve Torpedo Company of Newport, 1894,
being ranking officer of Rhode Island Naval Reserves, 1895-96, with
rank of acting Lieutenant-Commander. Graduate of the U. S.
Naval War College, class of '96. Author of " Across the Ever-
glades." Married, October 2, 1878, Augusta de Peyster, daughter
of James Bronson Harrison, of England.

William Pennock, B.S., Lyndell, Pa.

Born at Coatesville, Pa., March 11, 1856. Son of Charles E. and
Mary B. (Evans) Pennock. Engaged in iron and steel commission
business. Married, April 19, 1887, Clara A. McClure.

♦George Stanley Philler, A.B., A.M., LL.B., Philadelphia.

Born in Philadelphia, June 11, 1859. Son of George and Rebecca
Horner (Ruckman) Philler. Attorney-at-law and assistant counsel
of United Gas Improvement Company. Married, April 19, 1882,
Helen Montgomery. Relatives in Fraternity, brother, William R.
Philler, Alpha, '75, and sons, George Philler, Jr., Alpha, '05, and
Richard M. Philler, Alpha, '08. Died in Philadelphia, June 30,

James Bond, B.S., Wyncote, Pa.

P. O. Box 62.

Born in Phiadelphia, December 18, 1856. Son of James and Kllen
Brander (Alexander) Bond. Brick and terra cotta manufacturer
until 1896; engineer and contractor, 1898-1915. Married, April 27,
1880, Mary Gregg, daughter of David Mahan Geisc.


Walter Cox, A.B., A.M., Philadelphia.

2029 Sansom Street.
Born in Chester County, Pa., September 17, 1857. Son of Colonel
Hewson and Mary Ricketts (Camac) Cox. Manufacturer. Mar-
ried, May 24, 1882, Hannah, daughter of Richard Ashbridge.

*Charles Benjamin Howell, B.S., Philadelphia.

Born in Philadelphia, June 5, 1857. Son of William and Rebecca
Thorn (Robbins) Howell. Attorney-at-law. Died at Sharon Hill,
Pa., January 13, 1897.

*Frank Dix Buttolph, M.D., Duarte, Cal.

Born at Trenton, N. J., June 27, 1855. Son of Horace Alexander
Buttolph, M.D., and Maria Ridgley (Dorsey) Gardner. Physician.
Married, Fannie Jones. Died at Duarte, Cal., July 21, 1890.


*Henry Blackwell Bartow, LL.B., Philadelphia.

Born at Bristol, Pa., August 4, 1858. Son of Rev. Henry Blackwell
and Mary Welsh (Phillips) Bartow. Attorney-at-law. Trust
officer Northern Trust Company, 1889-1902; trust officer and secre-
tary of Trust Company of North America, 1902-1903, and cashier
of the Farmers' and Mechanics' National Bank of Philadelphia,
1903-1914. Married, June 6, 1903, Alice Holmes, daughter of Al-
bert Holmes Smith, M.D., of Philadelphia. Died in Philadelphia,
March 2, 1914.

* James Albert Hodge, A.B. [Harvard], Springfield, Mass.

Born at Marietta, Ohio, June 19, 1853. Son of Francis McKendall
and Caroline Goodspeed (Hinckley) Hodge. He died in Philadel-
phia, February 21, 1878.

Frank Miller Riter, LL.B.. LL.D. [Muhlenberg College], Phila-

1108 South 46th Street.
Born in Philadelphia, May 20, 1855. Son of Michael Miller and Eliza-
beth Georgiana (Caldwell) Riter. Attorney-at-law. Member of
City Councils, 1883r-85; Assistant City Solicitor, 1885-89; Member
of Pennsylvania House of Representatives, 1889-95; Director of
Public Safety, Philadelphia, 1896-99; Member of the Civil Serviee
Commission of Philadelphia, and its secretary, 1905-1907; President
of same, 1911-16; Y. M. C. A. work, Camp Meade, 1917. Repre-
sentative Lutheran Commission for Soldiers' and Sailors' Welfare in
France, 1918-19.


Richard Hickman Harte, M.D., Philadelphia.

1503 Spruce Street.
Born at Rock Island, 111., October 23, 1855. Son of William H. and
Marv A. (Betty) Harte. Surgeon. Director of the Department of
Health and Charities of Philadelphia, 191-1-1917. Adjunct Pro-
fessor of Surgery, University of Pennsylvania; Surgeon to Penn-
sylvania Hospital and to Orthopaedic Hospital; Consulting Surgeon
to St Mary's, St. Timothy's and Bryn Mawr Hospitals; Surgeon of
Medical Reserve Corps, U. S. A., by appointment of the govern-
ment in 1908. Col. M. C, U. S. A., Director of Base Hospital No.
l(i, in France, 1918-19. Companion of the Order of St. Michael and
St. George. Married, in 1888, Maria H. Ames.


Stevenson Hockley Walsh, Philadelphia.

203 Walnut Place.
Born at Rhinebeck, N. Y., June 23, 1856. Son of Rev. George Her-
bert and Harriet (Hockley) Walsh. Insurance broker. Member
of the Colonial Society of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Society Sons
of the Revolution, Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Genealogical
Society of Pennsylvania, and Historical Society of Newburgh
(N. Y.) Bay, and the Highlands. He has compiled a " Bibliog-
raphy of Orange County, New York." Married, January 17, 1883,
Roberta Lee, daughter of William Franklin Owens, of West River,
Md. Relative in Fraternity, son, George Herbert Walsh, Alpha,

Thomas Reath, A.B., A.M., LL.B., Philadelphia.

1201 Commercial Trust Bldg.
Born in Philadelphia, January 18, 1859. Son of Benjamin Brannan
and Emma Hannah (Wood) Reath. Attorney-at-law and Assist-
ant General Solicitor of the Norfolk and Western Railroad Com-
pany. Married, April 4, 1888, Eliza Andrews, daughter of Samuel
W. Groome. Relatives in Fraternity, son, Thomas Reath, Jr.,
Alpha, '12; brothers, Benjamin Brannan Reath, Jr., M.D., Alpha,
'84, and Theodore Wood Reath, Alpha, '87.

•Thomas Aquinas Kdwards, LL.B., Philadelphia.

Born in Philadelphia, July 18,- 1857. Son of George Washington
Edwards and Elizabeth Rosalie Whelan. Admitted to the Phila-
delphia Bar in 1880, and practiced until the fall of 1884, when he
engaged in the fire insurance business until his death. In 1877 he
joined the First Kegiinent, N. G. P., and subsequently became Lieu-
tenant of Company D; he afterwards became Captain of Company
E, Third Regiment, but resigned to eider the ranks of the First
Troop, Philadelphia City Cavalry. Was Personal Estate Deputy
to the Sheriff of Philadelphia County, 1887-90. He was very active


in Fraternity affairs and served as Grand Tan from 1879 until his
death, which occurred in Philadelphia, March 6, 1892. He was
buried with military honors in Laurel Hill Cemetery by the First
Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry.

Saunders Lewis, Jr., Philadelphia.

240 South Twenty-first Street.
Born in Philadelphia, November 7, 1858. Son of Saunders and Phoebe
Morris (James) Lewis. Clerk of the U. S. Circuit Court of Ap-
peals in Philadelphia. Married, April 14, 1903, Helen Bradford

*Henry Foster Stewart, Greensburg, Pa.

Born at Indiana, Pa., January 30, 1857. Son of William Moore and
Elizabeth Forrester (Clopper) Stewart. Bank clerk in Philadel-
phia, and later a farmer. Relative in Fraternity, brother, William
M. Stewart, Jr., Alpha, '79. Died near Greensburg, Pa., Novem-
ber 9, 1908.

William Bowen Boulton, A.B., Morristown, N. J.

Born in Philadelphia, July 20, 1859. Son of William George and
Mary Elizabeth (Bowen) Boulton. Merchant, steamship owner
and manager, banker. Director and president, Morristown Trust
Co., N. J., 1916 to date. Governor, Morristown Memorial Hospital.
Fish and Game Commissioner State of N. J., 1919 to date. He
married, October 13, 1881, Louisa Kuhl Kelly.

William Moore Stewart, Jr., A.B., A.M., LL.B., Philadelphia.

1242 Land Title Building.
Born at Indiana, Pa., November 30, 1858. Son of William Moore and
Elizabeth Forrester (Clopper) Stewart. Attorney-at-law. Assist-
ant U. S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, March,
1900, to January, 1906. Judge, Court of Common Pleas No. 3 of
Philadelphia County, June 9, 1913, to July 10, 1913. Member of
Historical Society of Pennsylvania. Married, November 23, 1892,
Margarette Lyman Ballard.

John Williams Davis Stovell, Colorado Springs, Col.

Born at Columbus, Ga., January 24, 1858. Son of John and Sarah
Ann (Brooks) Stovell. Mining investment and stock broker.
Clerk District Court, El Paso County, Coll., 1883-89. Married, Au-
gust 9, 1886, Jeanie Wilson Moore.

*Charles Claxton, A.B., A.M., M.D., Philadelphia.

Born in Philadelphia, September 12, 1858. Son of Edmund and Eliza-
beth Lex (Rehn) Claxton. Physician. Member of the Central
Committee of the Alumni, University of Pennsylvania, 1888-1893


and 1904-1909. Married, May 18, 1886, Belinda Emott, daugh-
ter of James Emott Caldwell, of Philadelphia. Relatives in Fra-
ternity, brother, Robert Bethell Claxton, Sigma, '73, and son,
Charles Claxton, Jr., Psi, '17. Died in Philadelphia, April 4, 1916.

Horace Hoffman Lee, A.B., Haverford, Pa.

Born in Philadelphia, October 23, 1859. Son of John Kidd Lee,
M.D., and Hannah Rose Hoffman. Banker and broker. President
of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, 1902-1904, and its Secretary
and Treasurer, 1910 to date, and a member of its Governing Com-
mittee for twenty years. Married, October 29, 1885, May Florence,
daughter of James Whitelaw Sibley, of Cincinnati, Ohio. Relative
in Fraternity, son, John Kidd Lee, Alpha, '05.

John Marshall Gest, A.B., A.M., LL.B., Philadelphia.

425, City Hall.
Born in Philadelphia, March 17, 1859. Son of John Barnard and
Elizabeth Ann (Purves) Gest. Attorney-at-law. Judge of Or-
phans' Court of Philadelphia, July 1, 1911, to date. Member of
Phi Beta Kappa, Historical Society of Pennsylvania, and Shake-
spere Society of Philadelphia. Author of " Drawing Wills and
Settlement of Estates in Pennsylvania," " The Lawyer in Litera-
ture," and numerous legal addresses and articles in legal periodicals.
Married, April 17, 1888, Emily Judson, daughter of Edwin P.
Baugh, of Philadelphia. Relatives in Fraternity, brother, William
P. Gest, Alpha, '80, and son, Sydney Grier Gest, Alpha, '19.


William Aloysius Edwards, M.D., Los Angeles, Cal.

3406 West Adams Street.
Born in Philadelphia, August 25, 1860. Son of William A. and Sara
Hartnett (Devitt) Edwards. Physician. Instructor, Clinical Medi-
cine and Physician, Dispensary of University of Pennsylvania,
1882. Professor of Pediatrics, University of California; President
of the Board of Health of Coronado, Cal. Major and Surgeon,
Third Regiment, N. G. P., 1883-88. Married, Frances Louise,
daughter of Hon. Alphonso Taft.

Thomas Wilson Sharpless, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia.

8 East Chestnut Ave.
Born in Philadelphia, January 14, 1860. Son of Samuel Jones and
Charlotte Heberton) Sharpless. Married, December 4, 1888, Susan
Dallas, daughter of Fitz-Eugene Dixon, of Philadelphia.

* Bert ram Hughes, LL.B., Philadelphia.

Born in Philadelphia, October 23, 1860. Son of Isaac W. Hughes,
M.D., and Alice E. Donnel. Attorney-at-law. Married Caroline


Cordelia, daughter of James Stewart Love. Died in Philadelphia,
March 27, 1888.

Henry Philip Lincoln, B.S., Williamsport, Pa.

Grampian Boulevard.
Born in Philadelphia, March 4, 1858. Son of Charles Shippen and
Anna (Reynolds) Lincoln. Civil engineer, connected with the
Pennsylvania Railroad. Married, March 10, 1885, Sarah, daughter
of Robert C. Brewster.

*Conrad Baker Day, Jr., B.S., Philadelphia.

Born in -Philadelphia, November 9, 1860. Son of Conrad Baker and
Sarah Day (Hall) Day. Assistant engineer in the U. S. Engineer-
ing Department, Philadelphia, 1880. Died in Philadelphia, Septem-
ber 30, 1880.

William Purves Gest, A.B., A.M., LL.B., Philadelphia.

325 Chestnut Street.
Born in Philadelphia, February 27, 1861. Son of John Barnard and
Elizabeth Ann (Purves) Gest. Attorney-at-law. Member of the
Phi Beta Kappa Society. Connected with the Fidelity Trust Com-
pany of Philadelphia since 1889, its vice-president, 1900-1905, and
president, 1915 to date. Married, November 15, 1894, Isabel Thorn
Howell. Relative in Fraternity, brother, John Marshall Gest,
Alpha, '79.

Robert Shirley Carter, M.D., Vidalia, La.

Born at Newport, R. I., 1859. Son of Robert Carter, M.D., and
Pauline Davis. Cotton planter.

Charles Wadsworth, Jr., A,B., A.M.; B.D. [Yale].; D.D.

[Lafayette], Philadelphia.

5854 Overbrook Avenue.
Born in Philadelphia, March 21, 1860. Son of Rev. Charles and Jane
(Locke) Wadsworth. Clergyman. President, Presbyterian Board
of Education, 1908 to date; Trustee of Presbyterian Hospital, Phila-
delphia, 1894 to date. Governor General of the Order of the
Founders and Patriots of America, 1912 to date. Member of the
Society of the Cincinnati, Sons of the Revolution and War of 1812.
Chaplain, Second Regiment Infantry, N. G. P., 1906 to 1914. Mar-
ried, June 17, 1890, Agnes E., daughter of Thomas Wood.

Morris Rex Bockius, A.B., A.M., LL.B., Philadelphia.

Land Title Building.
Born in Germantown, Philadelphia, October 3, 1859. Son of Abram
Rex and Rebecca (Boyer) Bockius. Attorney-at-law. Director of
Girard National Bank and of Provident Life and Trust Com-
pany, Philadelphia.


Francis Louis Fassitt, Nice, France.

20 Rue Cronstadt.
Born in New York City, March 14, 1859. Son of Louis Fassitt,
M.D.j and Marie Louise Mortimer.


Edwin Clifford Lewis, Philadelphia.

2127 Spruce Street.
Born in Philadelphia, December 23, 1859. Son of Edwin M. and
Emma M. (Stelwagon) Lewis. Banker. Married Amelia R. Collis.

Joseph Trowbridge Bailey, 3d, B.S., New York, N. Y.

32 West 40th Street.
Born at Newport, R. I., June 15, 1860. Son of Joseph Trowbridge
Bailey, 2d, and Kate Goddard Weaver. Mining and consulting
engineer. Member of Pennsylvania Society of the Sons of the
Revolution. Married, February 14, 1889, Amelia Reed, daughter
of Alexander Hamilton Thomson, of Philadelphia.

Herbert Berg Walker, Philadelphia.

Born in Philadelphia, January 26, 1860. Son of Daniel S. and Mary
Ellen (Berg) Walker.

*Charles Brandes Lane, B.S. ; Ph.Nat.D. [University of Stras-

burg], Grand x Junction, Colo.

Born at Erie, Pa., July 9, 1860. Son of William Steele and Elizabeth
Ann (Galbraith) Lane. Engaged in ranching and stock-raising;
afterward a publisher. Died at Collbran, Col., March 20, 1896.

•Andrew Jacob Cohen, Philadelphia.

Born in Philadelphia, January 8, 1860. Son of Andrew Jacob and
Clotilda (Florence) Cohen. Merchant. Married, January 18,
1882, Sarah Mabel Clark. Relative in Fraternity, brother, Esdaile
Philip Cohen, M.D., Alpha, '75. Died in New York, N. Y., October
11, 1914.


Francis Henderson, A.B. [Haverford] ; LL.B., Scotch Plains,

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