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Clara Alice (White) Stoner. Attorney-at-law. Professor of Law,
University of Michigan. Commissioned Captain, Sanitary Corps,
N. A., Dec. 3, 1917; transferred to Motor Transport Corps, Octo-
ber 16, 1918; promoted to Major, Oct. 29, 1918; administration
officer, Engineering Division, M. T. C. Married, June 28, 1912,
Margaret McLauchlan.

John Lewis Brumm, A.B., A.M., Ann Arbor, Mich.

1916 Cambridge Road.
Born at Flint, Mich., August 13, 1878. Son of Lewis and Louise
(Baltz) Brumm. Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Journalism,
University of Michigan. Married, September 22, 1908, Clara
Louise Moffett.


Clark Bradley Montgomery, B.S. [Knox Coll.] ; LL.B.,

Springfield, 111.

U. S. Attorney's Office.
Born at Wyanet, 111., June 28, 1880. Son of Robert and Rachel
Alice (Bradley) Montgomery. Attorney-at-law. Assistant U. S.
Attorney for Southern District of Illinois. Married, August 21,
1911, Jessie Morey.

James Albert Allen, Aledo, 111.

Born at Keithsburg, 111., August 27, 1882. Son of John Stebbins
Allen, M.D., and Florence Condee. Attorney-at-law. Married,
November 22, 1913, Claire L. Smith.

Herbert Hallenberg, Carson, N. D.

Born at Fargo, N. Dak., February 26, 1884. Son of Carl Anderson


and Charlotte (Johanson) Hallenberg. Banker. Married, Novem-
ber 19, 1910, Marjory Marsh.


Alonzo Blaine Brower, A.B., M.D., Dayton, Ohio.

Fidelity Building.
Born at Dayton, Ohio, June 5, 1884. Son of Joseph S. and Nannie
Ellen (Hern) Brower. Physician. Served with Base Hospital
No. 16, A. E. F., 1918-19. Married in 1913, Florence Giles.

George Edmond Montgomery, Boone, Iowa.

215 Cedar Street.
Born at Boone, Iowa, March 13, 1887. Son of Emmett Orion and
Leas Eliza (Moffett) Montgomery. Live stock buyer. Married,
October 17, 1911, Ruth Crooks.

Herbert Lincoln Easley, Springfield, 111.

717 South Walnut Street.
Born at Auburn, 111., August 18, 1884. Son of Robert Henry and
Mary Frances Easley. Banker. Served in Hospital Corps, U. S.
X., June, 1917, to July, 1919.

*CIyde Shallenberger, Braddock, Pa.

Born at Braddock, Pa., February 20, 1886. Son of Henry Clay
and Mary Jane (Sutch) Shallenberger. Attorney-at-law. Mar-
ried in 1918, Jane Fassell. Died at Sierra Madre, Cal., January
2, 1919.

John Carlos Shields, Jr., LL.B., Detroit, Mich.

1530 Penobscot Building.
Born at Hancock, Mich., November 12, 1885. Son of John Carlos
and Mary Jane (Hodge) Shields. Attorney-at-law. General
Attorney, Pere Marquette R. R., 1910 to date. Instructor and
Lecturer, Law of torts and of common carriers, Detroit College
of Law, 1916 to date. Married, January 1, 1915, Helen Slade.


John Chester Wilkie, Elyria, Ohio.

451 Earl Court.
Born at Detroit, Mich., April 1, 1885. Son of James and Adah
Zillah (Warren) Wilkie. Chief Engineer, Western Automatic
Machine Screw Company, Elyria, Ohio. Married, October 5, 1910,
Lena Marie Brede.


Ross Morris Parker, Minneapolis, Minn.

Vine Hall.
Born at Lisbon, N. Dak., January 12, 1886. Son of William Stittman
and Gertrude Margarette (Morris) Parker. Apartment hotel
operator. Married, July 12, 1916, Ellen Terressa Murray.

*Marion Helmuth Dinsmore, M.D. [Hahn. Med. Coll., Phila.],

Pittsburgh, Pa.

Born at Sharpsburg, Pa., September 25, 1883. Son of Samuel Win-
field Scott Dinsmore, M.D., and Mary Emma Lewis. Physician.
Died at Pittsburgh, Pa.

Byron Merrill Winegar, Winnipeg, Can.

Forestry Department, Canadian Pacific R. R.
Born at Escanaba, Mich., July 6, 1882. Son of Byron D. and Flor-
ence E. (O'Brien) Winegar. Forester with Canadian Pacific R. R.

Robert .Beath Mead, Batavia, N. Y.

Y. M. C. A.

Born at Escanaba, Mich., July 21, 1884. Son of Justin Newman and
Carrie (Beath) Mead. Assistant Superintendent, Metropolitan
Life Insurance Company, Batavia, N. Y. Enlisted in U. S. Tank
Corps, May 18, 1918; discharged for physical disability. Relative
in Fraternity, brother, Harold L. Mead, Alpha Omicron, '10.

Walter Lyon, Jr., Sewickley, Pa.

827 Bank Street.
Born at Millvale, Pa., October 11, 1883. Son of Walter and Char-
lotte (Wible) Lyon.

Alexander Burchard Wilson, Pittsburgh, Pa.

17 West Montgomery Avenue.
Born at Pittsburgh, Pa., June 29, 1885.

Hubert George Haller, LL.B., Detroit, Mich.

454 Taylor Avenue.
Born at Ionia, Mich., May 2, 1888. Son of John George and Rosetta
L. (Brumm) Haller. Attorney-at-law, 1909-13. In construction
business, 1913 to date. Served as Second Lieutenant, A. S., Jan-
uary, 1918, to January, 1919. Married, August 24, 1914, Vena

Edwin Miller Sterner, Flint, Mich.

412 Buckham Street.
Born at Flint, Mich., October 14, 1886. Son of Edwin and Charlotte
(Bean) Sterner. President and Manager of Edwin Sterner Com-
pany, Flint, Michigan. Married, October 11, 1911, Kittie May


Harold Edgar Schlesinger, B.S. in M.E., Detroit, Mich.

211 Chicago Boulevard.
Born at Detroit, Mich., April 4, 1887. Son of Robert and Esther
(Altman) Schlesinger. "With Grabonsky Power Wagon Company,
Detroit. Served as First Lieutenant, Q. M. C, in charge of De-
troit office, Motors and Vehicles Division, Q. M. C, during World

*Carl August Sinke, Grand Island, Neb.

Born at Grand Island, Neb., April 17, 1888. Son of Simon E. and
Emma C. (Gruner) Sinke. Chemist with Sugar Beet Growers'
Association, Santa Ana, Cal. Died at Santa Ana, Cal., December
18, 1918.

Edgar Steiner, B.S. in E.E., Chicago, 111.

Peoples Gas Building, 122 South Michigan Avenue.
Born in Chicago, 111., December 23, 1887. Son of Henry and Louise
(Scheffer) Steiner. Secretary and Treasurer, Russell A. Petten-
gill Company, industrial engineers. Married, March 30, 1911,
Maud E. Staiger.

Frank Avery Parks, Youngstown, Ohio.

229 North Heights Avenue.
Born at Youngstown, Ohio, September 20, 1885. Son of Benjamin
Franklin and Mary (Ripple) Parks.

Robert Thomson Campbell, Brainerd, Minn.

412 Fourth Street, North.
Born at Grand Rapids, Mich., April 5, 1886. Son of Hugh Colin and
Margaret (Thomson) Campbell. Connected with the Transconti-
nental and Great Northern Railways, 1909-17. City Engineer,
Brainerd, Minn., 1917 to date. Married, November 17, 1913, Ethel


*Louis Frank Brames, Detroit, Mich.

Born at Fort Wayne, Ind., October 8, 1886. Son of Louis and Mary
Anna (Tibbett) Brames. In business in Detroit, Mich. Died at
Detroit, Mich., January 3, 1916.

Roger Freeman Tallmadge, Reno, Nev.

Gray Reece & Wey Department Store.
Born at Saginaw, Mich., December 18, 1885. Son of Frank Wv and
Lizzie W. (Moorhead) Tallmadge.


Harold Le Roy Mead, D.D.S., Stephenson, Mich.

Born at Escanaba, Mich., February 17, 1886. Son of Justin Newman
and Carrie (Beath) Mead. Dentist. Married, June 6, 1914,
Nevada Cole Mead. Relative in Fraternity, brother, Robert B.
Mead, Alpha Omicron, '09.

George Victor Hucke, Kansas City, Mo.

Scarritt Building.
Born at Kansas City, Mo., March 9, 1887. Son of George and Clara
L. (Muehlbach) Hucke. Contractor and builder. Married, May
7, 1917, Katherine Kennelly. Relatives in Fraternity, brothers,
Clarence P. Hucke, Alpha Omicron, '11, and Harold E. Hucke,
Alpha Omicron, '14.

Edward Blackwell Cox, LL.B., Bismarck, N. D.

State Capitol.
Born at Sanborn, N. Dak., April 30, 1888. Son of Alfred Beecher
and Grace (Van Voorhis) Cox. Attorney-at-law. Assistant At-
torney General of North Dakota, 1917 to date. Married, June
18, 1912, Genevieve McFarland.

Jack Harold Brooke, Detroit, Mich.

1237 Third Avenue.
Born at Detroit, Mich., April 1, 1886. Son of Flavius Lionel and
Bride (Reidy) Brooke. With Detroit United Railway, 1909 to
date. Married, June 10, 1908, Edith Lucile Driscoll.

Richard Hagan Wilson, Willits, Cal.

Born at Leithfield, Ky., October 5, 1887. Son of Thomas Benton
and Sallie Belle (Hagan) Wilson. With U. S. Geological Survey.
Served as First Lieutenant, Company D, 517th Engineers, A. E. F.

John Henry Earle (P), Valparaiso, Ind.

606 East Erie Street.
Born in Chicago, 111., November 6, 1888. Son of Edward Hobart
and Effie S. Earle. Relative in Fraternity, brother, George H.
Earle, Alpha Omicron, '14.

Holland Brownback Slusser, B.S., Mt. Vernon, N. Y.

10 North Eighth Street.
Born at Louisville, Ohio, April 10, 1887. Son of Harvey H. and
Anna Mary (Brownback) Slusser. Chemjist. Division Superin-
tendent, Hodgman Rubber Company, Tuckahoe, N. Y„ 1917 to
date. Married, November 20, 1912, Mary B. Sober,


Alvin Joseph Lorie, A.B., M.D., Kansas City, Mo.

409 Commerce Building.
Born at Kansas City, Mo., August 31, 1886. Son of Joseph and
Laura (Weil) Lorie. Physician, specializing on ear. nose and
throat. Instructor in University of Michigan, medical depart-
ment, 1913-14. Married, April 15, 1917, Adele Hirsch.


Clarence Paul Hucke, B.S. in C.E., Kansas City, Mo.

3510 Campbell Street.
Born at Kansas City, Mo., February 6, 1890. Son of George and
Clara Louise (Muehlbach) Hucke. Truck body manufacturer,
Pehl-Hucke Body Company. Married, December 97, 1917, Agnes
Isabel Meyer. Relatives in Fraternity, brothers, George V.
Hucke, Alpha Omicron, '10, and Harold E. Hucke, Alpha Omicron,

Charles Earl Dawson, Detroit, Mich.

1244 Woodward Avenue.
Born at Pontiac, Mich., June 26, 1887. Son of Charles and Louisa
(Sloman) Dawson. Manager, Detroit branch, Chevrolet Motor
Company and retail store supervisor of same company. Married,
June 26, 1913, Ina Jean Smith.

James Marye Odell, M.D. [Jefferson Medical], San Francisco,

Letterman General Hospital.
Born at Rye Valley, Ore., March 9, 1889. Son of James and Mary
Margarette (Marye) Odell. Physician. U. S. Army officer. First
Lieutenant, M. C.

Chalmer Hiram Weaver, M.D. [Indiana], Auburn, Ind.

Born at Auburn, Ind., September 2, 1890. Son of Hervey D. and
Sarah Jane (Cowan) Weaver. Physician. Medical officer, U. S.
X. Assistant Professor of Obstetrics, University of Georgia,
1914. U. S. N. Medical Corps, 1915 to date; present rank, Lieu-
tenant commander.

De Forest William Evans, Chattanooga, Tenn.

G. H. Evans Lumber Company.
Born at Valparaiso, Ind., March 16, 1890. Son of Horace Martin
and Anna Maud (Skinner) Evans. Secretary and Treasurer of
the G. H. Evans Lumber Company, 1911 to date. Married, De-
cember 9, 1914, Grace Richmond Glover.


Carl Louis Centlivre, Fort Wayne, Ind.

634 Lawton Place.
Born at Fort Wayne, Ind., February 15, 1889. Son of Charles F.
and Amelia (Niermann) Centlivre. Secretary and Treasurer,
Roussey-Centlivre Rubber Company. Married, February 15, 1917,
Henrietta C. Loeffler.

Harry Arthur Staiger, Michigan City, Ind.

Born at Michigan City, Ind., April 5, 1889. Son of Herman Jacob
and Mary Christina (Kull) Staiger. Auditor with Cudahy Pack-
ing Company. Married, October 26, 1910, Garnett Lucile Schutt.

George Frederic Pushaw, Detroit, Mich.

779 Parker Avenue.
Born at Washington, D. C, August 30, 1888. Son of Warren Lancy
and Emma (Doriot) Pushaw. In automobile business. Assistant
Superintendent, closed body plant, Dodge Brothers, 1916-17. Com-
missioned Ensign, U. S. N. R., April 16, 1917; commanded U. S.
subchaser No. 142, Nov. 29, 1917, to May 3, 1919. Promoted to
Lieutenant (j. g.), September 21, 1918. Married, June 15, 1912,
Matilda Caroline Georgi.

John Burl Carr, Valley City, N. D.

Born at Leal, N. Dak., June 27, 1887. Son of Roneldo and Harriet
Catherine (Woodcock) Carr.

Clarence Frederick Carey, Escanaba, Mich.

522 South Seventh Street.
Born at Manistique, Mich., September 7, 1887. Son of John Fred-
erick and Mary C. (Wagner) Carey. Married, December 29, 1909,
Maude Curran.

John Roy Stafford, Romeo, Mich.

Born in Holt County, Neb., August 23, 1887. Son of John and Sarah
Elizabeth (Gulick) Stafford.' Mercantile business and biological

Sprague Jones, B.S., Toledo, Ohio.

1234 Ohio Building.
Born at Lima, Ohio, August 19, 1888. Son of Daniel E. and Mertie
Amanda (Sprague) Jones. Assistant Mechanical Engineer, Mills,
Rhines, Bellman and Nordhoff, Toledo, O. Married, June 26,
1913, Ruth Cochran.



Wallace Lewis Trigg, A.B., Youngstown, Ohio.

37 Scott Street.
Born at Youngstown, Ohio, September 5, 1889. Son of Wallace and
Lida Jane Trigg. Landscape gardener. Enlisted in 15th Engi-
neers, May 17, 1917; twenty-two months service overseas; dis-
charged May 15, 1919, as Sergeant, First Class.

Elmer Dayton Mitchell, A.B., A.M., Ann Arbor, Mich.

536 Walnut Street.
Born at Negaunee, Mich., September 6, 1889. Son of Samuel Sid-
ney and Nellie May (Morse) Mitchell. Assistant Professor of
Physical Education, Ypsilanti Normal College, 1915-17. Basket-
ball Coach, University of Michigan, 1917 to date. Married, July
10, 1913, Beulah Elizabeth Dillingham.

Jerone Josiah Edmundson, Birmingham, Ala.

5400 First Avenue.
Born at Ashville, Ala., September 22, 1879. Son of Atkina Tabor
and Isabelle (Hodges) Edmundson. Attorney-at-law. Candidate,
F. A. C. O. T. C, Camp Zachary Taylor, Ky., October to Decem-
ber, 1918.


Herbert Leslie Burgess, A.B. in Arch., Detroit, Mich.

931 Jefferson Avenue.
Born at Washington, D. C, December 1, 1891. Son of Robert W.
and Mary I. (Armour) Burgess. Salesman with Detroit Steel
Products Company. Corporal, 337th Ambulance Company, 337th
Sanitary Train, 85th Division, September, 1917, to January, 1918;
commissioned Second Lieutenant, F. A., June 1, 1918; assigned
to 312th, 306th and 319th F. A.; in Meuse-Argonne offensive.

Leo Franklin McCue, Carrington, N. D.

Born at Emmettsburg, la., July 21, 1892. Son of Thomas F. and
Elizabeth L. (Morris) McCue.

George Walter Mason, B.S., New York, N. Y.

Irving National Bank.
Born at Valley City, N. Dak., March 12, 1891. Son of Simon and
Annie (Simons) Mason. Manager of business extension depart-
ment, Irving National Bank, New York. Served as civilian in
charge of Industrial Engineers' Section, Rock Island Arsenal, Rock
Island, 111., 1918.


James Rodney Weeks, Jackson, Mich.

212 Wildwood Street.
Born at Quincy, 111., November 28, 1890. Son of Alton R. and Louise
(Lambert) Weeks. Factory manager. Served as Second Lieu-
tenant, Ordnance Special Training Company, Camp Hancock, Ga.,
during World War. Married, September 26, 1918, Emily Ed-

John Clarence Stephens, A.B., Indiana Harbor, Ind.

3420 Michigan Avenue.
Born at Sharon, Pa., May 31, 1892. Son of John S. and Hannah
(Murphy) Stephens. Attorney-at-law. Deputy Prosecuting At-
torney, Lake County, Ind., 1917 to date. Married, March 13, 1918,
Mildred Emily Holznagle.

Frederick Francis Scott, Marion, Ohio.

2T5 South Vine Street.
Born at Marion, Ohio, June 11, 1890. Son of James Willoughby
and Mary Jane (Carey) Scott. Contractor. Commissioned Cap-
tain, Infantry, August 15, 1917; assigned to 229th Infantry and
to 61st Infantry, 5th Division, A. E. F.; discharged July 5, 1919.

Paul Eric Cheney, Lyndonville, Vt.

Born at Lyndonville, Vt., May 19, 1892. Officer in U. S. Marine
Corps; commissioned Second Lieutenant, May, 1917; First Lieuten-
ant, July 1, 1918; Captain, July 2, 1918, to date. Served in 2d
Division, A. E. F., July, 1917, to May, 1918.

Lawrence Lewis Cook, Flint, Mich.

218 East Court Street.
Born at Flint, Michigan, December 6, 1890. Son of George W. and
Emma (Zimmerman) Cook. In automobile business. Served as
Regimental Sergeant Major, Camp Headquarters, Camp Mac-
Arthur, Texas. Entered service May 9, 1918; discharged May 5,

Harold Gordon Perkins, Detroit, Mich.

873 Lathrop Street.
Born at Norway, Mich., March 17, 1890. Son of Samuel and Susie
(Hosking) Perkins.

Clifford Lester Dougherty, Ph.C, B.S., Marengo, 111.

Born at Marengo, 111., April 22, 1822. Son of William TenEyck
and Mary (Barber) Dougherty. Chemist with Merck and Com-
pany, manufacturing chemists, New York, 1913 to 1918. Served as
Lieutenant, Research Division, Chemical Warfare Service, U. S. A.,
January 1, 1918, to May 1, 1919.


Louis Frederick Crosby, A.B., LL.B., Fort Wayne, Ind.

737 Fourth Street.
Born at Cleveland, Ohio, February 14, 1888. Son of Elbert William
and Louisa Mary (Pouchot) Crosby. Attorney-at-law. Deputy
Prosecuting Attorney, 38th Judicial Circuit, 1918-1920. Served
as Seaman, 2d class, U. S. N. Auxiliary Reserve, May 31, 1918,
to February 8, 1919.

Frank Mitchell Farris, Nashville, Tenn.

3612 Central Avenue.
Born at Nashville, Tenn., November 23, 1890. Son of Willis Manning
and Tommie (Haynes) Farris. Banker. Assistant Cashier, Cum-
berland Valley National Bank. Married, November 10, 1914, Mary
Frances Lellyett.

Allen Thornton Smith, LL.B., Flint, Mich.

Industrial Savings Bank.
Born at Olean, N. Y., January 21, 1890. Son of William Vernon
and Dora Elvira (Allen) Smith. Manager of the special service
department, Industrial Savings Bank. Married, October 17, 1917,
Vida Bernice Swarthout.


Harold Ernest Hucke, Kansas City, Mo.

304 Scarritt Building.
Born at Kansas City, Mo., April 19, 1892. Son of George and Clara
Louise (Muehlbach) Hucke. Construction engineer with George
Hucke and Sons Building Company, Kansas City, Mo. Relatives
in Fraternity, brothers, George V. Hucke, Alpha Omicron, '10, and
Clarence P. Hucke, Alpha Omicron, '11.

George Harwood Earle, Valparaiso, Ind.

606 East Erie Street.
Born at Chicago, 111., February 9, 1890. Son of Edward Hobart and
Effie S. Earle. Relative in Fraternity, brother, John H. Earle,
Alpha Omicron, '10.

Frank Nelson Parker, Dowagiac, Mich.

204 Spruce Street.
Born at Dowagiac, Mich., April 24, 1890.

Martin George Smith, A.B. (A P ), Toledo, Ohio.

454 Machen Street.
Born at Toledo, Ohio, March 30, 1892. Son of Augustus John and
Louisa Emma (Grossman) Smith. In real estate business. Served


as Boatswain's Mate, U. S. N. R., June 29, 1917, to December
15, 1918. Married, June 15, 1918, Ethel Anderson Frazer.

Henry Philip Seaborg, LL.B., Detroit, Mich.

1552 Penobscot Building.
Born at Ishpeming, Mich., April 17, 1888. Son of Christian and
Anna Sophia (Gylling) Seaborg. Attorney-at-law.

*John Lester Cook, Fenton, Mich.

Born at Fenton, Mich., January 21, 1891. Son of Wilford P. and
Annie Pauline (Barrows) Cook. Died at Fenton, Mich., April 20,

*Guy Morgan Standard, Creol Springs, 111.

Born at Dongola, 111., February 8, 1890. Son of Warren Standard
and Laura (Stoker) Standard. Law student. Died at Creol
Springs, 111., February 14, 1920.

Earl Alonzo Barrett, A.B. [Cornell] ; A.M. [Minnesota]

(A P ), Exeter, N. H.

Born at Yale, Mich., November 22, 1891. Son of Alonzo Benjamin
and Caroline Elizabeth (Cooper) Barrett. Instructor in Romance
Languages, Huron College, 1914-15; fellow at University of Min-
nesota, 1915-16; instructor in French and Spanish, Phillips Exeter
Academy, 1917 to date. Phi Beta Kappa. S. A. T. C, Harvard
University, 1918.

Daniel William French, Jr., Baker, Ore.

Born at Butte, Mont., November 8, 1891. Son of Daniel Wilfred
and Jennie Winnifred (Allington) French. Stock raiser. Mar-
ried June 12, 1918, Leah Herman.

Vaughan Roy Dibble, Novelty, Ohio.

Born at Fullerton, Ohio, January 11, 1892. Son of William E. and
Pearl E. (Hill) Dibble. Secretary and Treasurer, Dibble and
Ernest, water supply. In real estate and insurance business. In-
ducted in 16th Company, 2d Infantry, Replacement Regiment,
Camp Gordon, Ga., May 28, 1918; Sergeant, July 22, 1918; Ser-
geant, First Class, October 31, 1918; discharged January 26, 1919.
Married, September 22, 1917, Elizabeth L. Wilcox.

Gustave Adolph Torell, B.C.E., New Britain, Conn.

320 Chestnut Street.
Born at New Britain, Conn., July 4, 1890. Son of Andrew and
Josephine (Gustavson) Torell. With Carlson and Torell Com-
pany, New Britain, Conn. Served as Sergeant, 882d Aero (Re-
pair) Squadron, M. A., August 10, 1918, to March 31, 1919.


Melvin Carr Eaton, Ph.C. [Medico Chi. Coll., Phila.], 'Nor-
wich, N. Y.
Born at Norwich, N. Y., April 2, 1891. Son of Robert Dennison
and Maria Elizabeth (Smith) Eaton. Assistant Production Man-
ager, Norwich Pharmacal Company. Commissioned Second Lieu-
tenant, Q. M. C, August 15, 1917; quartermaster base hospital,
Camp Hancock; promoted First Lieutenant, February, 1918; in
A. E. F. with Base Hospital No. 53. Married, April 14, 1915,
Ethel Lucile Jewell.

Allen Andrews, Jr., A.B., LL.B., Hamilton, Ohio.

Rentschler Building.
Born at Hamilton, Ohio, September 29, 1890. Son of Allen and
Belle (Davis) Andrews. Attorney-at-law. Candidate, M. G. C.
O. T. C., Camp Hancock, Ga., August to December, 1918. Mar-
ried, March 10, 1917, Josephine Rich.


Reginald Lawrence Felton, Valparaiso, Ind.

Miller Building.
Born at Valparaiso, Ind., October 18, 1890. Son of Robert L. and
Mary (Schuster) Felton. Dentist. Commissioned Captain, Dental
Corps, September 8, 1917; in A. E. F., October 17, 1918, to August
16, 1919; discharged September 9, 1919.

*Allyn Taber Anderson (Y), Wilmette, 111.

Born in Chicago, 111., August 21, 1892. Son of Ernest Wilson and
Anna Mary (Cook) Anderson. In April, 1917, he enlisted in the
Marine Corps and went to France. He was wounded on July
16, 1918, and died July 25th.

Philip Earnst Petermann, Laurium, Mich.

Born at Laurium, Mich., August 22, 1891. Son of John Paul and
Ida E. (Groth) Petermann.

Wilbur Kingsbury Miller, Owensboro, Ky.

1405 Locust Street.
Born at Owensboro, Ky., October 9, 1892. Son of Reuben Anderson
and Margaret (Morehead) Miller. Attorney-at-law. Candidate,
F. A. C. O. T. S., Camp Zachary Taylor, Ky., August to Novem-
ber, 1918. Married, June 2, 1917, Marie Louise Hager.

Lyle F. Harris, A.B., Detroit, Mich.

1244 Woodward Avenue.
Born at Boyne City, Mich., October 13, 1893. Son of John M. and


Nellie (Noyes) Harris. With Chevrolet Motor Company. Com-
missioned First Lieutenant, August, 1917; assigned to 329th M.
G. Brigade; in A. E. F., June, 1918, to April, 1919.

Marshall Eugene Kobe (P), Scottville, Mich.

Born at Ludington, Mich., May 2, 1893. Son of Edward Eugene
and Jennie May (Teeple) Kobe. Merchant. Served as Private
and Sergeant, Medical Corps, during World War. Married, De-
cember 28, 1916, Verna Lenore Pedderson.

iSumner Maurice Spaulding, B.S. in Arch. [Mass. Inst. Tech.]

(AM ), Detroit, Mich.

1121 Union Trust Building.
Born at Ionia, Mich., June 14, 1892. Son of Lee P. and Hannah
H. Spaulding. Architect. Commissioned First Lieutenant, M. T.
C, August 15, 1917; assigned to Motor Supply Train, 411; in
A. E. F., July, 1918, to July, 1919. Married, April 20, 1918, Pauline
Matilda Snyder.

John Cyril Abbott, B.M.E., Detroit, Mich.

115 West Euclid Avenue.
Born at Lapeer, Mich., July 12, 1893. Son of William Sherman
and Edna (Houghten) Abbott. Mechanical and Efficiency Engi-
neer, Packard Motor Car Co., Detroit, 1915-17. Commissioned
First Lieutenant, August 15, 1917; assigned to 330th F. A.; in
A. E. F., July 22, 1918, to April 12, 1919, commanding Battery
E, 330th F. A.

Carroll Leslie Hoyt, B.C.E. ; B.S. and Engr. of Mines [Mich-
igan Coll. of Mines], East Jordan, Mich.

Born at East Jordan, Mich., March 23, 1892. Son of Louis A. and
Elizabeth Kathryn Hoyt. Oil geologist. Served as Lieutenant,
A. S., January to December, 1918.

Clarke Ueberhorst Haire, West Branch, Mich.

Born at Bay City, Mich., June 20, 1892. Son of Clark and Flora
(Ueberhorst) Haire. Manager and part owner stock farm. Mar-
ried, August 28, 1917, Margaret Katharine Dumond.

Arthur Joseph Halgren, Ph.G., Ph.C, Escanaba, Mich.

1011 Wells Avenue.
Born at Escanaba, Mich., May 31, 1895. Son of Peter Nels and
Ida (Schultz) Halgren. State drug inspector, Michigan. Sales-
man, White Rock Mineral Springs Company. Served as phar-
macist Mate, 3d class, Great Lakes Naval Hospital, during World
War. Relative in Fraternity, brother, Harry N. Halgren, Alpha
Omjcron, '20.



Walter Philip Wesch, Billings, Mont.

522 North 30th Street.
Born at Hot Springs, S. D., March 6, 1892. Son of Philip and
Hermina (George) Wesch. Architectural engineer. Served as
Private, Ordnance Department, March, 1918, to March, 1919.

John Albert Russell, Jr., LL.B. [Kent Coll. of Law], Chicago,


2538 North Drake Avenue.
Born at Chicago, 111., December 4, 1891. Son of John Albert and
Mary (Johnson) Russell. Attorney-at-law. Served as Yeoman,
1st class, U. S. N. R., Great Lakes Naval Training Station, June
18, 1918, to January 4, 1919. Married, June 15, 1918, Lillian

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