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Schoohnaster. She was bom Aug. nth 1766 and died
Sep. 25th 181 1.

They had children as under —

1. Edward, B. April 23rd 1797, m. May 20th 1826,

D. July 20th 1883. Professor of Music.

2. Jane, B. Aug. 14th 1800.

3. Francis, B. Dec. 7th 1802, D. Mar. 15th 1874,

Organ Builder of Wakefield.

4. Agnes, B. May 5th 1806, D. Mar. 23rd 1837,

21. Frjuicis, B. 1802, D. 1874, married Maria Ackroyd d. of John

Ackroyd who married Mary d. of N. Booth, Schoolmaster.
Francis and Maria were therefore cousins.
They had two children who attained mature years.

1. Charlie, B. Ap. 27th 1836, D. leaving many


2. Henry, B. Dec. nth 1841, D. Jan. 21st, 1916,

married Sophia Booth.

22. Henry, B. 1841 D. Jan. 21st 1916, m. July 21st 1869 Sophia d. of

Henry Booth of Gildersome.
They had children —

1. Frances Marian, B. June 29th 1870.

2. Philip Fred, B. Feb. 23rd 1872.

3. Margaret Hilda, B. Oct. 28th 1876, D. Nov. 30th

4. Lionel Barton, B. April 29th 1883.



Nathaniel Booth, Schoohnaster (the son of Joseph nximbered i8
on record A) and his descendants.

lo. Nathaniel, B. Feb. 22nd 1732^ D- Nov. 26th 18 16 married July

4th 1757 to Alice Ashworth, daughter of Rev. Thomas

Ashworth. ^ .. , o

AUce Ashworth B. Feb. 26th 1735, D. Mar. 27th 1798.

They had eight children.

1. John, B. June 9th 1758, D. Sep. 3rd 1765.

2. James, B. Nov. 20th 1759, D. July i8th 1827.

3. Ann, B. July ist 1762, D. Jan. 26th 1835,

m. Samuel Crowther of Dean Hall.

4. Hannah, B. Ap. 2nd 1764.

5 EUzabeth, B. Aug. nth 1766, D. Sep. 25th i8n,
m. her cousin Joseph Booth, Organ Builder.

6. Mary, B. Dec. 12th 1768, D. Feb. 9th 1852,
m. John Ackroyd, March 3rd 1799-.

7 Ahce, B. Mar. 2nd 1773, m. Tom Harrison.

8. Agnes, B. Dec. 15th 1776, D. May 8tli 1853,^ m.
Rev. William Tate, Oct. 13th 1797-


20. James, B. Nov. 20th 1759, D. July i8th 1827, m. I. Mary dau.

of Robert and Mary Elliott. 2. Elizabeth dau. of William
Birdsall of Rawdon.
They had 17 children as under —

1. Elizabeth, B. Ap. 4th 1784, D. Feb. 5th 1816 un-


2. Ann, B. Dec. 28th 1785 D.

3. John, B. Mar. 5th 1788, D. Jan. i6th 1869.

4. Mary, B. July 27th 1790 married John Raper.

5. Susarmah, B. Jan. 20th 1793.

The above by first wife.

6. Joseph, B. Feb. 28th 1795 died in infancy.

7. Joseph, B. Jan. 21st 1796, D. Jan. loth 1874.

He married his cousin Elizabedi Booth.

8. Hannah, B. Oct. 17th 1797.

9. Wilham, B. June 26th 1799 died 1801.

10. William, B. June nth 1801.

11. Ahce, B. Jan. 7th 1803.

12. Nathaniel, B. Feb. 27th 1805.

13. Sarah, B. Jan. 27th 1807, married Samuel Morris.

14. James, B. Oct. 31st 1808.

15. Benjamin, B. Jiily 12th 1810.

16. Jane, B. May 15th 1812.

17. Jemima, B. Nov. 15th 1815.

21. John, B. Mar. 5th 1788, D. Jan. i6th 1869, twice married, had

surviving children —

1. Elizabeth m. Rev Benson.

2. Mary, m. Enoch Hard wick.

3. Haimah, m. Robert Hudson.


2ia. Joseph, B. Jan. 2ist 1796, D. Jan. loth 1874 married Elizabeth
Booth, his cousin, the daughter of George and Mary
Booth and had children.

1. Alfred, B. May 14th 1822, D. Dec. 29th 1900, no


2. Walter, B. Feb. loth 1824, D. Dec. 19th 1894.

3. Edmund, B. Nov. 20th 1827, D. Nov. 29th 1900.

4. Franklin, B. Feb. 28th 1829, D. Dec. i8th 1909

5. Lewis James, B. Nov. 14th 1834, D. Nov. 7th 1906.
Walter Booth had 2 daughters, Emma and Mary.
Edmund had a son John Israel, and two daughters

Selema and Ehzabeth.
Franklin had a daughter, Sarah Elizabeth.
Lewis James had four sons Joseph Henry, Alfred, Stead

and Walter, and three daughters Emily, Hester

Hannah and Arabella.

The sons of Lewis James Booth have migrated to

Horsforth nr. Leeds.


John Booth No. 17 record a and his descendants Booths of Glendon.

18. John, B. at Gildersome 1688, D. at Cheshunt Aug. 14th 1733,

married in 1720 to Anne Lloyd of Liverpool. Buried
at Cheshunt. His widow died in 1737 ; they had four
sons and several daughters.

1. John Lloyd, B. May 1721, D. 1782.

2. William.

3. Montagu, D. Oct. 1791. Buried Canterbury


4. Benjamin, B. June 21st 1732, D. Ap. 21st 1807.

He married Jane Salway of Ludlow ; was a
London Merchant, and a Director of the East
India Company. He is buried at Cheshunt.

19. John Lloyd of Theobalds, Herts., then of Glatton co. Huntingdon

and lastly of Glendon which he bought 1758. He went
to India in 1766. B. May 1721, D. 1782, m. Phoebe
Wilkinson of London, who died about 1764.
Had a son Richard, B. March 1753, D. Feb. 24th 1807.

20. Richard of Glendon Hall, Northamptonshire, High Sheriff 1794,

B. 1753, D. 1807, m. Janet dau. of Sir GiUies Payne,
Bart, and had seven children.

1. John, B. Mar. 25th 1794, D. 1848.

2. Richard, B. 1799, D. 1821, unmarried.

3. George Neville died unmarried.

4. Janet m. H. R. Sarel.

5. Anne died unmarried.

6. Letitia Mary died unmarried.

7. Caroline Matilda, m. in 1834 Richard Palmer.


21. John, B. Mar. 25th 1794, D. 1848, High Sheriif 1818, and D.L.,

married Oct. nth 1835, had issue —

1. Richard, B. Nov. 24th 1836, D. Sep. 21st 1898,

educated at Marlborough and Exeter Hall,

2. Montagu, D. 1885.

3. John.

4. Thomas.

5. Baron George, Lt.-Col., Royal Scots, B. 15th

Jvme 1845, D. Feb. 28th 1912.

6. Charles.

7. Mary.

8. Janet, m. Capt. Wetherall.

22. Richard, J.P. North., B. 24th Nov. 1836, D. Sep. 21st 1898,

married April 24th i860 Margaret Home
Reeves of Moseley, Worcestershire, and had
issue — three sons and four daughters.

1. Beatrice Augusta de Capell, B. 1861.

2. Robert Home Brooke, B. June 25th 1862.

3. Arthur Payne, B. Nov. 27th 1864, m. C. E. Willows.

4. Richard Jasper, B. Feb. loth 1866,

D. Nov. loth 1912.

5. Margaret Agnes, B. 1868.

6. Mildred Janet, B. 1869.

7. Phyllis Helen, B. 1874.


George Booth, No. 15-2, Record A, and his descendants.

16. George, B. 1621 created Lord Delamere Ap. 20th 1661, D. Aug.

8th 1684, married i. Katherine d. of the Earl of Lincoln
who left a daughter, Vere, who died unmarried Nov.
14th 1717.

2. Elizabeth d. of Henry Grey, Earl of Stamford who
had seven sons and five daughters.

1. William, B. 1648, D. Jan. 20th 1661.

2. Henry, B. 1651, D. Jan. 2nd 1693, created Earl of

Warrington Ap. 17th 1690.

3. Charles, died in France unmarried.

4. George, D. 1726 leaving a son who died immarried.

5. Cecil, D. 171 1 unmarried.

7. Robert, D. 1730, Dean of Bristol 1708.
8-12. Ehzabeth, Diana, Anne, Jane, Sophia.

17. Henry, Lord Delamere, B. 1651, D. 1693, mar. Mary dau. of Sir

James Langham of Cotters Brook, Northampton, created
Earl of Warrington Ap. 17th 1690.
They had children.

1. James died in infancy.

2. George, B. May 2nd 1675, D. Aug. 2nd 1758.

3. Langham, B. 1684, D. 1724, M.P. for Cheshire,


4. Henry, B. 1687, D. 1726, ruined by South Sea

Bubble, unmarried, died at Rotterdam.

5. Elizabeth, D. 1697 m. Sir Thomas Delves.

6. Mary, D. 1741, m. Hon. Russell Robartes,

18. George Booth, Earl of Warrington, born at Mere Hall, May 2nd

1675, died Aug. 2nd 1758, married Mary
eldest daughter and co-heiress of John Oldbury.
They had one child, Mary, B. 1703, D. Dec. loth 1772
m. May 1736 to Harry Grey, Earl of Stamford.


19- Mary married Harry Grey, Earl of Stamford, their eldest son was

20. George Harry Grey, B. 1737, M.P. co. Staff. 1761, succeeded to
Earldom of Stamford 1768, Lord Lieut, co. Chester 1783,
created Baron Delamere of Dunham Massey and Earl
of Warrington 1796, Died 1819, married 1763 to Hen-
rietta second dau. of the Duke of Portland.
Their eldest son was

21. George Harry Grey, sixth Earl, B. 1765, D. 1845 mar. Henrietta
dau, of Lord Elcho, who had a son —

22. George Harry Booth Grey, B. 1802, D. 1835 summoned to Parlia-

ment as Lord Grey of Groby 1832, m. Katherine dau.
of Earl of Wemyss, who had a son —

23. George Harry Grey, B. 1827 succeeded in 1845 as seventh Earl

of Stamford and Warrington, died 1883.



Ann (the daughter of Nathaniel Booth, Schoohnaster), Record E.,
No. 19-3 and her descendants.

20. Ann Booth, B. July ist 1762, D. Jan. 26th 1835, married Samuel
Crowther of Dean Hall, Morley who was bom April
8th 1764 and died Nov. i6th 1840. He was probably
the grandson of the Elizabeth Booth who married
Samuel Crowther May 12th 17 19.. .They had children.

1. Mary, B. 1787, D. 1851, married Benjamin Booth.

2. James, B. 1789, D. 1856, m. i. EUzabeth Webster

of Morley. m. 2. Mary dau. of Rev. W.
Scarlett, Gildersome.

John, B. i79i,D.i857, married Sarah Newton of

Samuel, B. 1791, D. 1870, married Hannah
Hartley, Gildersome Street.

Thomas, B. 1793 ? Died at Havannah in Cuba,
West Indies.

Joseph, B. 1795, D. 1865, married Harriet Bil-
brough, BrimtcliflfflFe.

Ehzabeth, B. 1797, D. 1857, married Joseph
Webster, Huddersfield.

Ann, B. 1799, D. 1858, married John Fox, Morley.

Caleb, B. 1801, D. 1884, married Hannah Holds-
worth, Farnley Moor Top.

Alice, B. 1805, D. 1883, married Edward Bil-
brough, Bruntcliflfe.

Sarah, B. 1807, D. 1865, married Thomas San-
derson, Gildersome.




21. Caleb Crowther, B. i8oi, D. 1884, married Feb. ist, 1844, Hannah

Holdsworth, B. 1808, D. 1873 and had children.

1. Mary Ann, B. July 31st 1846, D. Jan. 20th 1874,

married William Bilbrough.

2. Edward, B. Oct. ist, 1848, married Mar. 1870 to

Dorothy Ellen Dambrough and had children
Arthur Edward, Agnes EUen (dead), Walter,
Annie, Gilbert, Cyril and Marion.

22. 3. Samuel, B. Feb. 19th, 1851, married Feb. 1873

Mary Turner ; Dec. 1874, Grace Bancroft
Ineson; Dec. 19 10 Mary Agnes Pitts; and had
children Frederick Turner by ist wife ; Charles,
Martha Hannah, Leonard Holdsworth, James
Ashworth (dead), Elizabeth (dead), Exmice
(dead), Agnes by the second.

23. Charles Crowther, B. Aug. 6th, 1 876, married April 6th 1904

Hilda Louise Reed, and has children Phyllis Margaret,
GeoflBrey, Bernard Martin and Donald Ineson, he is a
Professor of the University of Leeds, is M.A. Oxon. and
Ph. D. Leipzig.


Abraham Holliday and his descendants.

Abraham Holliday, B. Dec. 28th 1784, D. Feb. 20th 1840, married
Sarah Booth of Adwahon B, Aug. 27th 1786, D. Aug.
nth 1863 and had issue

1. Thomas, B. April 4th 1808, D. July 5th 1884,

married Ann Bradley of Morley.

2. Ann, B. Jan. 21st 1810, D. Oct. 27th 1889, married

Samuel Leathley, Gildersome.

3. John, B. Jan. 17th 1812, D. May 12th, 1862,

married Ann Greenwood.

4. Samuel, B. Dec. 8th 1813, D. Dec. 3rd 1880,

married Ann Middlebrook.

5. Rowland, B. Jan. 8th 1816, D. April 13th 1869,

married Jane Rayner.

6. Charlotte, B. May 4th 1818, D. Oct. 9th 1893,

married WiUiam Booth.

7. Robert, B. Mar. 3rd 1820, D. Dec. nth 1890,

married AUce Oates of Morley.

8. Maria, B. Mar. 4th 1822, D. Mar. 7th, 1892,

married John White.

9. Lewis, B. Mar. 25th 1825, D. Nov. 29th 1875,

married ist Nancy Crowther. 2nd Margaret
10. WiUiam, B. April 6th 1830, unmarried D. Jan.
7th 1914.


2. Robert Holliday, B. Mar. 3rd 1820, D. Dec. nth 1890, married

in 1844 to Alice d. of Thomas and Jane Gates. (Thomas
Gates was born in 1770 and died in 1833). Alice Gates
was bom Jan. 5th 1824, and died Nov. 27th 1895,
They had issue.

1. Sarah Jane, B. Mar. ist 1845, married William


2. Cynis, B. April ist, 1846, married Elizabeth

Blakeley Burnley.

3. Maria, B. Ap. 13th, 1848, married William


4. Henry, B. Aug. 19th 1849, D. May i8th 1912,

married, i. Margaret Bedford. 2. Mary Alice

5. Juha, B. June 12th 1851, m. Philip Henry Booth.

6. Ezra, B. Get. 6th, 1853, married i. Sarah Ann

Wood. 2. Emma Teale.

7. Annie, B. Get. 17th 1855, married Samuel Charles


8. Arthur, B. May 13th 1857, D. April nth, 1859.

9. John, B. Get. 20th i860, married Hannah Emma

ID. AUce Ann, B. Ap. 20th 1864.
II. Mary Eliza, B. June nth 1865.

3. Cyrus Holliday, B. April 1st 1 846, married July 15th 1868 Elizabeth

Blakeley Burnley, who was bom Oct. 19th 1841, and died
March 27th 19 18 and had issue — Robert Arthur, William
Henry, Percival, Alice, Frances Elizabeth, Frank Gates,
and Julia Constance.

4. Robert Arthur Holliday, B.May 14th 1869, married Laura Buttrey

and had issue — Hilda, Albert Clifford, Cyrus Henry
and Leslie.



Agnes Booth No. 19-8, Record E. who married the Rev. William
Tate and their descendants.

20. William Tate, (Rev.) B. at Newcastle-on-Tyne, Oct. 13th 1773,
D. May 9th 1836, m. Agnes Booth of Gildersorae,
Oct. 13th 1797 by whom he had issue.

1. Mary Ann, B. Nov. 24th 1799, D. Oct. ist 18 19,

married Wm. Hodgson, Ap. i8th 1817.

2. Jemima, B. Sep. ist, 1801. Burnt to death Feb.

22nd 1807.

3. Alfred, B. Nov. 7th 1803, killed in Canada Nov.

22nd, 1853.

4. Joseph Priestley, B. May 15th 1805, drowned

March 12th 1841.

5. Agnes, B. Mar. 22nd 1807.

6. William, B. Aug. 15th 1808.

7. Caleb Ashworth, B. Feb. 28th 1810.

8. Jemima B. Jan. 22nd 1812, D. Feb. 22nd 1813,

9. Johaima, B. Nov. 9th 1813, D. Mar. 23rd 1816.

10. Anne Maria, B. May i8th 1817.

11. Henry, B. May nth 1819, see note.

12. Edwin, B. Sep. 7th 1822, D. Jan. 27th 1S47.


21. Henry Tate, B. May nth 1819, d. Dec. 5th 1899,111. 1. March ist,

1 841 Jane Wignall of Aughton. 2. Oct. 8th 1885,
Amy Fanny Hislop. He had the following children by
his first wife —

1. William Henry, B. Jan. 23rd 1842.

2. Mary Ellen, B. Jan. 27th 1844, D. May i6th 1855.

3. Alfred, B. Nov. 17th 1844, D. Nov. 26th 1844.

4. Alfred, B. Nov. 12th 1845.

5. Edwin, B. Mar. 22nd 1847.

6. Caleb Ashworth, B. Oct. 25th 1850.

7. Isolina, B. May 15th 1852.

8. Henry, B. Dec. 5th, 1853, D. Feb. 12th, 1902.

9. Agnes Esther, B. July 2nd, 1855.
10. George Booth, B. Jan. 15th 1857.

Henry Tate, No. 21, was created a Baronet in 1898, and was
J.P. for the counties of Surrey and Denbigh. He was a sugar refiner
and noted for his philanthrophy and love of art. He founded the Tate
Gallery in London. He was well known to my father and I had some
correspondence with him relative to opening a Bazaar at Gildersome
which owing to his health he could not do, but he sent us five cwts. of

22. William Henry Tate (Bart.), B. Jan. 23rd 1842, m. Nov. i8th

1863 Caroline Hill Rigby Glasgow who was born on
Feb. 8th 1845 ^^^ ^Y whom he had issue.

1. Arthur Glasgow, B. Dec. 23rd 1864, D. May i6th


2. Ernest William, B. Jan. 7th 1867.

3. Ethel Caroline, B. May 12th 1870.

4. Alfred Herbert, B. May 3rd, 1872.

5. Helen Francis, B. June 30th 1873.

6. Agnes Mary, B. Feb. 21st 1875.

7. Isabel Marion, B. July 15th 1876.

8. Caroline Beatrice, B. Oct. 4th 1878.

23. Ernest William Tate, m. Ap. 20th 1892 Mildred Mary Gossage,

of Liverpool, by whom he has the following children —

1. Mildred Clara, B. July 20th 1894.

2. Joan, B. Dec. 26th 1896.

3. Henry, B. June 29th 1902.




SjHE following information is obtained from the publica-
tions of the Record Society, the Chetham Society, and
other sources —

Before the year 1199 Augustin de Barton paid £1 6 o for
lands at Barton. In 1222 Gilbert de Barton succeeded
to the estate,

May 24th 1277 John de Barton (No. 4) claimed at the Assize, 4 houses,
75 acres of land and 2 parts of a mill : at the same time the Abbot
of Stanlawe claimed a right of pasture, on land once held by
Gilbert de Barton as Lord of the Manor, but failed to estabhsh
his claim.

Aug. i6th 1297 John de Barton and others held an enquiry as to the
extent of the lands of Sir Edmund, the King's brother.

An inquisition dated 1294 is signed by John de Boudon.

June 26th 13 1 8 Robert de la Bothes, and others, held an enquiry re-
lative to an estate, and in 1322 he was allowed a sum of money
because his com was trodden down and his goods destroyed by
the Scots.

In 1327 he held an inquest as to the property of the Earl of Lancaster.

Record that Douce Venables who was bom in 1400 married Robert del
Booth the son of John Booth of Barton, that she died Sep. 23rd
1453, and he in 1460. There is a brass in Wilmslow Church to
the memory of both. On Mar. 19th 1436 Douce Venables is
referred to as Dulcia.
In 1 42 1 the manor of Fallibroome passed to the Booths of Dimham.

On Mar. i6th 1441 Robert Bothe and William Bothe for 100 marks
acquired certain rights.

At the battle of Blore Heath fought Sep. 23rd 1459 between the Lan-
castrian and Yorkist forces many men fought against their own
relations and it is recorded.
" A Booth a Booth, and Leigh by Leigh is overthrown."

In the Dodsworth MSS. Vol. 39, P. 118, among the Booth deeds in
the Bodleian Library there is a memorandum re Staveleys.

Margaret Ashton bom about 1472 married Sir WiUiam Booth.


George Booth of Dunham, died 1531, was the son and heir of Sir Wm.

Booth by his first wife Margaret.
The will of Johannis Boethe dated 1536 records that he was the son,

by Ellen daughter of Sir Nicholas Byron of Clayton, of Sir John

Booth of Barton who was killed at Flodden.
There is a copy of the will of John Booth, Archdeacon of Hereford in

1522, who died in 1542.
John Bothe in 148 1 took part in an undertaking as to the property of

Sir John Assheton.
In 1557 there is a reference to CeciUe Bothe.
In 1553 Dorothy widow of John Booth of Barton, made her will.
The will of Robert Booth, the younger son of George Booth of Dunham

Massey, by Elizabeth daughter of Sir Thomas Butler of Bewsey,

was proved Mar. 31st 1573, and that of Sir William Booth Kt.

on Dec. loth 1579.
In the Subsidy Rolls containing the names of those who paid subsidies

to the King to carry on the affairs of the nation in 1541, John

Booth, Squyer, and his mother are recorded as paying 120s.
Nov. 4th 1574 Was baptysed Alyce Booth daughter of Sir William

Booth (Wilmslow).
In 1584 John Booth son of Henry Booth, son of Edward Booth, son of

Sir William Booth, was made Vicar of Prestbury.
Lease of 1617-18 conveying tithes, etc. to Sir Geo. Booth Kt. and by

him conveyed to Col. John Booth, value in all ^^38 17 4-
The Act Books show wills proved from 1596 many of which have been

lost or destroyed. It is to be noted that the Harleian MSS. 2067

in the British Museum contains a large number of 17th century

transcript of wills. The book gives hsts of wills proved at Chester

from 1545 to 1620 amongst which is one of John Booth of Booth,

gentleman, 1612.
Oct. 24th 1616 Ralph Smallwood and Mary Booth married.
Ap. 3rd 1624 William Brereton married Susan daughter of Sir Geo.

July 20th 1621 Mr. Smallwood, Curate of Holt, married a couple.
Nov. 23rd 1630 Marriage of Thomas Smallwood and Margaret Skelhom

of Buglawton.

(The association of the Smallwoods with the Booths is here
shown. Thomas Smallwood became Vicar of Batley in

In 1631— June 29th— Charles I. addressed a commission to Sir George

Booth Bart, and others, instructing them how to proceed with

regard to the election of Knights. Amongst the names of those

i-i 129

who refused knighthood appears that of John Booth of Twemlowe,
who paid a fine of ;(^io. (This was one of the ways in which Charles
I. imposed on his subjects).

John Booth, son of the Vicar of Prestbury, was Fellow of Brasenose,

In Ormerod's History of Cheshire we find that from the Recognizance
Rolls it appears that in 1298 John del Bothe was appointed a yeo-
man of the livery of the Crown with 6d. a day during pleasure.
This is probably the one numbered 4.

Of No. 7 it is recorded " Sir Robert Booth of Dunham Kt. II Henry
VI. (1433) younger son of John Booth of Barton in Lane. m. Dowse
dau. and coheir of Sir W. Venables. This Sir Robert and William
his son and heir were made Sheriffs for both their lives of Cheshire
and to the survivor of them : the writ dated 1442 is the first patent
for life that I meet withal in our county. After Edward IV. had
the Crown he presently made William Stanley of Hooton, Sheriff
and so William Booth was ousted of his Sheriffship."

" Arms of Booth of Dunham Massey — Argent three boars' heads erect
and erased Sable, used with a crescent for difference before the
extinction of the elder line (No. 7 not being the eldest son). This
family produced an extraordinary number of Church dignitaries
during the 15th century. The half brother of Sir Robert viz.
Lawrence Bothe was Archbishop of York and Lord Keeper d.
1480 ; Sir Robert's Brother of the whole blood had also been
Arch, of York dying 1464 ; his brother Roger had a son Charles
Booth, Bishop of Hereford (1516) ; John, Archdeacon of Durham ;
Ralph, Dean of York, etc."

William Booth, Archbishop of York (No. 6-3) born at Barton in Lan-
cashire, in the parish of Eccles, probably about 1390, was the son
of John Booth of Barton in that county, by his first wife Joan,
daughter of Sir Henry Trafford of Trafford. Before adopting the
Church as a profession he is said to have studied law. He was
Sub-Dean of St. Paul's Cathedral in 1420, and in 1447 made
Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield. He sided with the Lancastrians
and on Jan. 20th 1450 he was named in the House of Commons
as one of those responsible for the recent disturbances. On July
2ist 1452, through Somerset's influence, he was translated to the
Archbishopric of York where his enthronement took place on
Sep. 4th. He acquiesced in the accession of Edward IV. and
assisted at his coronation. Owing to his advanced age, and debility,
on Aug. loth 1464 he was exempted from attendance at ParUament
and he died on Sep. 12th of that year. His ring and crosier were


preserved at York Minster up to 1830 but cannot now be found


On March 8th 1453 he aUowed Dame Alice NeviUe of Hunslet to
have an oratory for a year, and on Oct. 27th 1454 he allowed
Robert Neville and Ellen his wife to have an oratory at
Liversedge and Hunslet.

In 1455 the monks at Bolton obtained a decree with regard to
their tithes from him, and in the same year he granted indul-
gences to all who contributed to the building of a bridge of
stone 3,t Leeds

He was a Uberal and munificent benefactor to the see, and
expended large sums of money on the archiepiscopal palaces
of Southwell and York. His tomb yet remams m SouthweU
Church but the inscription is defaced.

His nephew, John, was Chancellor of Cambridge m 1463, Secretary
to Edward IV., and Bishop of Exeter until his death on AprU

5th 1478. , ^ 1 A U

Lawrence Booth, No. 6-9, Bishop of Durham, and afterwards Arch-
bishop of York, sprang from a wealthy family of good position.
He was the youngest son of John Booth of Barton in Lancashire,
by his second wife Maud, daughter of Sir John Savage, a Cheshure
Knight. Educated at Pembroke Hall, Cambridge, m 1450 he was
appointed master of his college. He became Chancellor of the
University, and Rector of Cottenham in Cambridgeshire. About
1458 he started a movement for the building of an arts school.
In 1449 he was appointed Prebendary of St. Paul's, and in 1456
Dean. He was also a prebendary of York and Lichfield. He
became Chancellor to Queen Margaret, and about 1456 keeper
of the privy seal, and m the same year a commissioner to renew the
existing truce with Scotland. On Sep. 15th in the same year he
was appointed Bishop of Durham by provision of Calixtus II.
Henry VI. soUcited the position for John Arundell, but the more
energetic Margaret, supported by many nobles, influenced
CaUxtus to appoint Booth, whose position, wisdom, noble burth,
northern origin and local knowledge made him in the Pope s
opinion peculiarly fitted for the position. He was consecrated by
his brother WUUam, Archbishop of York, on Sep. 25th 1457.
Owing to his Lancastrian sympathies Edward IV. suspended him,
but in two years time he was restored. On July 27th 1473 he was
made Lord ChanceUor, and he presided in the parhament ot
that year. He was installed Archbishop of York with great
solemnity on Sep. 8th 1476, on the throne vacated by his brother


12 years before. He died on May 19th, 1480 and was buried in
the collegiate chapel of Southwell beside his brother Arch. William.
Both brothers had made Southwell their favorite residence and
were great benefactors to the church there. Lawrence's main
benefaction to the see of York was the purchase of the manor of
Battersea in Surrey, and the transferring of it to the archbishopric.
Up to the time of his death he retained the mastership of Pem-
broke Hall.

Ormerod says : — " The town of Dunham Massy was the seat of the
ancient barons of Dunham Massy. Hamon Massy the ist Baron

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