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of the most exemplary and useful members of the Society and acted
aa s pioneer in the district. He was an associate of Nelson of Birstall,
and for 60 years a faithful member of the Methodist Society. On
Sep. 14th 1747 he married Deborah North, of Little Horton, a fitting
companion, and John Nelson and his wife were present at the wedding.
He was a cheerful man, sparing in his diet, and he enjoyed good health
for nearly 80 years. In dress he was plain, never failing to wear a blue
coat and waistcoat, and refusing to put on mourning for anyone. He
hated parade or ftiss of any kind. On one occasion when he had
business in London, rather than allow his wife to make great prepara-
tion for the journey he left her in ignorance as to his destination and
walked all the way there and back, 400 miles, before retmming to his
wondering family.

As the head of a numerous family, it was his constant endeavour
to lead them to God. Twice every day his household was called
together to hear the reading of God's word and to unite in praise and

In 1790 he removed to Wansford near Bridlington, where to the
close of life, his zeal for God, and his endeavours to do good were
imabated. The day before his death, he walked several miles to a
service, and appeared unusually animated, and on retiring to rest,
calmly fell asleep in God.


List of Ministers of Gildersome Church.
1780-1787 Samuel Key.
1787-18 12 Matthew Sedgwick.
1813-1819 Joseph Wardle.
1819-1867 Andrew Guyse Kinsman.
1867-1885 Charles Henry Gibson.


1 886-1 889 Henry Bircham.
1 890- 1 895 Hugh Albert Claxton.
1 895- 1 906 David Cowling.
1 906- 1 908 Charles Sydney Hawken.
1 908- 1 91 1 Sydney Hawthorne.
1911-1915 Claude Hamilton Roe.
191 5 William Edward Colvile Barrett.

From Lawton's Collections, published in 1840, I have secured the
following information —

" Gilder some (Parish of Batley. Perpetual Curaq^) conse-
crated 29th Aug. 1787. Made District Church under 58 Geo.
HI. On 5th Oct. 1819 an additional burial groimd consecrated.
Augmented in 1789 with ^200.
» 1795 « ^200.
5j » 1797 » ;C200.

„ „ 1809 „ 1200.

„ „ 181 1 „ l%oo.

from the ParUamentary grant ; and in 18 12 with ;C400 from the

same grant, and all by lot.

Value of benefice in 1834 £10^.''*

1796 May 22nd First burial.

1832 or thereabouts licensed for marriages.

1870 New district formed and constituted a Vicarage.

1873 Feb. 15th Church destroyed by fire.

1876 Mar. 13 New Church dedicated by Bishop of Ripon.

The first Church erected about the year 1777 was not consecrated
until 1787. It was a rather ugly stone building to which additions
and improvements were made in 1872. A disastrous fire destroyed
it in 1873, and after this the present handsome structure was built.
The Bishop of Ripon consecrated it in 1876.

The Rev. A. G. Kinsman, a very worthy man, was Incumbent
for 48 years, and his successor the Rev. C. H. Gibson served for 18
years. The remaining Vicars have only served for comparatively short

In the Old Church there was a memorial tablet recording the
virtues of a Mr. Sharp, but the tablet was destroyed by the fire and has
not been renewed.

There are tablets in the present Church in memory of members
of the Stephenson family ; a family numerous, influential and wealthy,
once resident in the village ; to the Rev. Hugh A, Claxton, a former
Vicar, to the Rev. A. G. Kinsman, and others.

On the floor of the South porch there are two tombstones of

members of the Stephenson family, two of the inscriptions reading as
under : —

" In memory of Matthew Stephenson of Gildersome who
departed this life on the 20th day of August 1845 aged 70 years."
" Also of Sarah wife of the above Matthew Stephenson who
departed this life on the 6th day of Jime 1851 aged 68 years,"
and in Harlow Church Yard there are tombstones, side by side, to two
sons of the above, on which appear the following inscriptions —
" Thomas Stephenson of Harrogate, late of Gildersome.
Bom April 13th 1812.
Died January 4th 1883.
Matthew Stephenson of Harrogate, late of Gildersome.
Bom November 9th 18 13.
Died April 7th 1883."

Inscriptions on Tombstones in Gildersome Church Yard with notes.

In memory of Jeremiah Scott of Gildersome who died the 24th of
April 1792 aged 80 years.
(This is probably the man who voted for Fox in 1741.)
In memory of George son of George Clapham of Gildersome who
departed this life the 9th day of December 1792 in the 5th year of
his age.
In memory of Hannah Sharp of Gildersome, widow, who departed this
life the 29th May, 1798, aged 84 years, the relict of the late Mr.
Sharp of the same place.

(She was a sister of Dr. Hey of Leeds.)
In memory of Mr. Abraham Sharp of Gildersome who departed this

life the 3rd day of July 1804 in the 62nd year of his age.
In memory of John Gilpin of Gildersome who departed this life May
31st 1823 aged 80 years.

" The memory of the just is blessed."
Also of Mary wife of the abovesaid John Gilpin who departed this

life on the 8th day of April 1829 in the 83rd year of her age.
In memory of Isaac Gilpin of Gildersome who departed this life July
2nd 1824 in the 50th year of his age.

" Blessed is the man who trusteth in the Lord."
Also Martha, reUct of the Rev. Benjamin Clayton, Wesleyan Minister,
and daughter of the late John and Mary Gilpin of Gildersome who
departed this life March the 20th 1877 aged 84 years.
" Her end was peace."
In memory of Martha wife of Joseph Sykes, Cardmaker, Adwalton,
G— I 97

and daughter of Edward and Judith Appleyard of Newlanetop

who departed this Ufe July i6th 1821 aged 21 years.
Here heth interred the body of Neriah Gomersal who departed this

life on the 4th day of November 1827 aged 68 years.
Also Mary wife of the abovesaid Neriah Gomersal who departed this

life on the ist day of August 1831 aged 58 years.
Here rests the mortal remains of Elizabeth the wife of John Buttrey

of Bruntcliffe Lodge who departed this life Jime 23rd 1837 aged

73 years.
Also of the aforesaid John Buttrey who died September 19th 1838

aged 72 years.

" Whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth."
In memory of Mary Julia Sarah daughter of the Rev. Andrew Guyse

Kinsman who died on the 7th July 1839 aged 19 months.
" Of such is the kingdom of Heaven."
Also Ann Kinsman the beloved wife of the above who died suddenly

on the 17th day of Oct. 1848 in the 51st year of her age.
In memory of Catherine, daughter of the Revd. Andrew Guyse and

Ann Kinsman, who died on the 7th day of April 1842 in the 17th

year of her age repeating just before her death the following lines —
" Jesus can make a dying bed
Feel soft as downy pillows are ;
While on His breast I lean my head
And breathe my soul out sweetly there."
Also the Revd. Andrew Guyse Kinsman, M.A. who died May 29th

1867 in his 80th year.
In memory of Margaret wife of WiUiam Bedford, Coal Master of

Gildersome who died Nov. i6th 1835 aged 34 years.
Also the above named William Bedford who died Sep. 12th 1855 aged

56 years.
In meinory of Abraham HoUiday of Gildersome Street who departed

this life on the 20th day of February 1840, in the 56th year of his

age. Also of Sarah, wife of the above Abraham HolUday, who

departed this life Aug. nth 1863 aged 77 years.

Inscriptions on Tombstones in Gildersome Cemetery.
In memory of Robert Holliday of Gildersome who died Dec. nth 1890

aged 70 years, and of AUce Holliday his wife who died November

27th 1895 aged 71 years.
In affectionate remembrance of Ann Lavinia Ogden who died Aug,

3rd, 1874, ^£ beloved wife of Thomas Ogden of Gildersome and

eldest daughter of the Rev. A. G. Kinsman.

Also the above Thomas Ogden who departed this life Nov. 14th 1879
aged 61 years, also John Edmund Octavius Ogden, 3rd son of the
above who died Dec. 15th 1901 aged 41 years.
In loving memory of Isaac Beaumont of Gildersome who died 17th
July 1875 aged 75 years.

" There remaineth therefore rest to the people of God."
Also of Mary the beloved daughter of the above who died 6th Jany.
1874 aged 40 years.

" Looking tmto Jesus."
Robert Hudson —

Born October nth 1839.
Died April 15th 1912.
In affectionate remembrance of Joseph Henry eldest son of Lewis J.

and Lucy E. Booth who died May 24th 1891, aged 27 years.
Also of the above named Lewis James Booth, Cloth Manufacturer,
Horsforth, who died Nov. 7th 1906 in his 72nd year.
The names Dixon, ElUs, Lister, Helliwell, Leathley, Morris,
Brooke, etc. appear on other tombstones.

United Methodist Church, Mount Zion, Gildersome.

Mount Zion was formed by persons who seceded or were expelled
from the Wesleyan body, and had for their place of Worship the old
School in the Bottoms. In 1863 (May 29th) land was bought from
Lord Cardigan at Harthill for the purpose of building the present
Chapel. Adjoining this land were two small cottages with garden —
the total area being 156 yards, belonging to the Township. To get
consent for the sale a Town's Meeting was called on December 24th,
1863. It was held in the old Town's School, under the Chairmanship
of John Ellis. The Notice calling the meeting was signed by the Rev.
A. G. Kinsman (Minister) Thomas Bedford (Churchwarden) Thomas
Clough and Jeremiah Smith (Overseers).

Plans for the Chapel were prepared gratuitously by Mr. Chas.
Sands of Birstall, and die work carried out at a cost of £1,200. The
members of the Congregation did all the excavating during the evenings
and on Saturdays. The Chapel was opened on April 12th 1865.
Sermons were preached by Rev. J. H. Carr (Birstall) and Rev. J.
Guttridge (Sheffield). A Pubhc Meeting was held, over which J.
Feamside, Esq., of Bradford, presided, the principal speaker being Rev.
J. Haslam. The sum oi £$io 14s. iid. was raised by subscriptions
and collections at the opening services.

The first Trustees were Messrs. Samuel Hall, James Holliday,


Albert Sowden, William Dixon, Robert Brooke, William Lister,
Samuel Cawthome, George Dixon, Edward Marshall and Joseph

Gildersome was in the Birstall Circuit until 1898 when the Morley
and Gildersome Circuit was formed.

In 1889, the old School being too small, land was purchased from
Lady Cardigan, adjoining the Chapel in order to build a new School.
Plans were drawn by Mr. S. S. Holdsworth of Gildersome in 1892.
The Foundation Stones were laid by Mr. Henry Booth (Gildersome),
Mr. Wilson Topham (Tong), Mrs. Alfred Page (Armley) and by Mr.
Holbert Marshall on behalf of the Scholars. The School which cost
^2,200 was opened in November 1893 by Mr. Wilham Mart (Leeds).

The devotion and self sacrifice of the people worshipping here
cannot be too highly commended.





RECORD B. REV. N. BOOTH and his descendants











1. Adam de Booth— 1 2th century.

2. William de Booth, his son, Uving in 1274 m. Stella d. of Sir BUchard

Brereton of Cheshire who had a son Thomas.

3. Thomas de Booth whose son was John de Booth.


John de Booth, Lord of Barton in right of his wife Loretta, daughter
and heiress of Sir Gilbert de Barton, 20 Ed. I. i.e. 1291
who had sons Thomas and Robert.

5. Thomas del Booth who built the chapel on Salford Bridge married
Elena d. of Robert de Workedly. His will is dated 1348.
They had children —

1. John de Booth of Barton, Lord of Barton upon

Irwell CO. Lane.

2. William.

3. Henry.

6. John de Booth, m. i. Joan d. of Sir Henry Traflford of Trafford.
2. Maud d. of Sir John Savage.

By his first wife he had children —

1. Sir Thomas whose son Sir John was killed at

2. Sir Robert, Sheriff for life died Sep. 14th, 1460.

3. William, Archbishop of York, bom about 1390,

died Sep. I2th 1464.

4. Richard.

5. Roger, died Aug. i8th 1467. His son Charles was

Bishop of Hereford.

6. John, Prebendary of Lincoln.

7. Ralph.

8. Margaret or Isobel, m. Ralph Neville, Earl of

Westmorland, and other daughters.

By his second wife —

9. Lawrence, Bishop of Durham afterwards trans-

lated to York, enthroned Archbishop 1476,

Keeper of the Privy Seal, Lord Chancellor,

died May 19th 1480.
To this John de Booth, Thomas Barton gave Uberty for ever to
bear his arms, viz. Argent 3 Boars' heads erect and erazed sable.

Crest on a wreath — and — Lion passant.


Robert de Booth or Bothe, Knight, made Sheriff, married Dulcia
or Douce yr. daughter and coheiress of Sir Wm. Venables.
She died Sep. 23rd, 1463.
He died 1460. Both are buried at Wilmslow.
They had 14 children.

William married 1442 died 1477.

Raufe m. Margaret Sibell, Sandwich, Kent.


Hamond or Hamon, Clerk L.L.D.

Lucy m. John Chantler of Bache.

Ellen m. Robert Legh of Adlington.

Alice m. Hesketh (Robert) of Rufford.

Joan m. Hamon Massey of Rixton.

Margarey m. James Scarebrick.

John, Bishop of Exeter died 1478, Warden of

11. Robert, Dean of York.

12. Edward or Edmond, Archdeacon of Stow.

13. Peter.

14. Philip.

8. William, m. 1442 Maud or Mary dau. of John Dutton of Dutton,
Esq. He died April 6th, 1477 and she remarried Sir
WiUiam Brereton.

They had 14 children.

1. George b. 1445 d. March 25th 1484.

2, 3, 4, 5 Richard, Lawrence, John, William.

6. Douce m. Thomas Legh of High Legh.

7. Anne m. John Legh of Booths, afterwards Geffrey


8. Ellen m. Sir John Legh of Bagiley.

9. Margery m. John Hyde of Hoghton, Lane.

10. Alice m. John Ashley of Ashley.

11. Elizabeth m. Thomas Fitton of Pownall.

12. Joan m. William Holt of Lane.

13. Isabel.

14. Catherine.


9. George, m. Katherine dau. of Robert Montford, Lord of Bescote,
1445-1484 Staff., and Monkspath, Warwickshire.
They had 5 children.

1. WilHam born 1473 died 15 19 being a Knight.

2. Lawrence.

3. Roger.

4. AHce or Anne m. William Massey of Denfield


5. Ellen m. Thomas Vawdrey, afterwards TraflFord,
of Bridge TraflFord.

10. William, Knight, m. ist Margaret coheiress of Sir Thomas Ashton,
1473-1519 Ashton- under- Lyne. 2nd Ellen dau. of Sir John Mont-
gomery, Throwley, Staff.

They had 10 children.

1. George, Bom 1490 Died I53I.Id » -c

2. John |Byistwife.

m. Margarey d. of Sir Piers Button.

3. William.

4. Hamnett or Hamo.

5. Edward from whom the Booths of Twemlow.

6. Henry.

7. Andrew.

8. Jane m. ist Hugh Button heir of Sir Piers Button.

2nd Thos. Holford of Holford.

9. Borothy m. Edward Warren of Pointon.
10. Anne m. Sir Wm. Brereton of Brereton.

ii. George, m. Elizabeth dau. of Sir Thomas Butler of Bewsey nr.
1490- 1 53 1 Warrington.

They had 10 children.
I. George, Bom 1515 Bied 1543.
2-3. John, Robert died 1573.

4. Ellen m. John Carrington of Carrington, Esq.

5. Anne m. Wm. Massey of Poddington.

6. Margaret m. Sir Wm. Bavenport of Bramhall.
Elizabeth m. Richard Sutton of Sutton, Esq.
Borothy m. Robert Tatton of Wythenshawe, Esq.

9. Alice m. Peter Baniel of Over Tabley.
10. Ciceley died without issue.


12. George, tn. Elizabeth d. of Sir Edmund Trafford of Traflford on
1515-1543 May 20th 1535 and had children.

1. WilUam bom 1540, died 1579, knighted 1578 by

Queen Elizabeth.

2. Elizabeth or Anne m. Sir William Chantrell of


3. Mary m. Randle Davenport of Henbury.

4. Anne or Elizabeth m. Thomas Wentworth of


13. William Kt. m. Elizabeth d. of Sir John Warburton of Alley who
15401579 had 13 children.

1. George, B. 1566 D. Oct. 24th 1652, created

Baronet 161 1.

2. Edmvmd, B. 1567 died without issue. Barrister at

Gray's Iim 1598.

3. John, m. Prestwich of Hulme, Manchester,

died 1644.

4. Robert, B. 1570 was a soldier in Holland died 1628.

5. Peter, B. 1576 died aged 5 months.

6. Richard, B. 1578 m. Massy of Cogshall died

Mar. 28th 1620.

7. WLUiam d. 1572.

8. Mary.

9. Elizabeth, twice married.

10. Dorothy, m. Rafe Buningham of Barrowcock,


1 1 . Alice, m. Panton.

12. Elinor, B. 1573.

13. Susan, B. 1577, twice married.


14. George, Baronet 1611, Sheriff 1623, married at age of 11 Jane
1566-1652 d. of Sir John Carrington by whom he had no issue, 2nd
Katherine d. of Sir Edmund Anderson, Chief Justice of
Common Pleas, who died in 1638 leaving 12 children.

1. William, D. Ap. 26th 1636 m. Vere d. of Sir

Thomas Egerton.

2. Francis, b. 1603 D. 1616.

3. Thomas, B. 1604 D. 1632 killed by a fall from his


4. Edmund, B. 1608 D. 1617.

5. John, B. i6ii,D.9th May 1678, Knighted 1660, m.

Dorothy d. of Sir Anthony St. John.

6. Mary unmarried.

7. Alice, m. George Vernon of Haslington, Esq. died


8. Frances, D. 1669.

9. Susan d. 1637, m. Sir William Brereton of Hand-

ford, April 3rd 1624.

10. Katherine, unmarried.

11. Cicely died young.

12. Elizabeth 2nd wife of Richard, Lord Byron of

Newstead — no issue.

15. Sir William Bart., died 1636, m. Vere d. of Sir Thomas Egerton
(?i6oi)-i636 and had issue.

1. Thomas, B. 1620 D. 1632.

2. George, B. 1621 D. Aug. 8th 1684, created Baron

Delamere Ap. 20th 1661.

3. William died in infancy.

4. Nathaniel, B. 1625 died Sep. 27th 1675, buried at

Batley in the Dighton tomb.

5. Charles died yovmg.

6. Elizabeth.

7. Katherine, m. John Jackson co. York (? of



i6. Nathaniel, m. I. Sarah who was buried Feb. 3rd 1665.

1625-1675 2. AUce Thornton who survived him.

They had children as under.

1. Nathaniel, B. Mar. 7th 1653.

2. Sarah, B. Nov. 8th 1655.

3. John, B. Ap. 3rd 1659, m. May 29th 1681 at Batley

Church to Jane Ryley of Gildersome, Died
July 6th 1717.

4. Samuel, B. Oct. 17th 1660, died in infancy.

5. Mary, B. Aug. 29th 1662, died in infancy.

17. John, m. Jane Ryley at Batley Church May 29th 1681 . She died
1659-1717 Mar. 31st 1722.

They had 6 children.

1. Nathaniel (Rev.) 1683-1734.

2 . Mary, Bom 1 687 died 1 747, m. William Hudson of


3. John, born 1688 died Aug. 14th 1733, m. Ann

Lloyd of Liverpool.

4. Joseph, Born 1694 died Dec. i6th, 1761, m. Ann

Sykes Oct. 17th 1722.

5. EUzabeth, Bom 1695 died 1765 (? m. Samuel

Crowther May 12th 1719-)

6. Joshua, Bom 1699 died 1703.


i8. Joseph, m. Ann Sykes Oct. 17th 1722 at Batley Church.
1694-1761 Ann Booth nee Sykes died Jan. 25th 1749.

Joseph Booth died Dec. 17th 1761.
They had 11 children.

1. Jane, B. Aug. 1723 D. Nov. 22nd 1789, m. Rev.

Alvery Jackson, Barnoldswick.

2. Samuel, Born March 19th i724,died Aug. 6th,i786.

3. Joseph, Born July 25th 1728, died Feb. 29th 1812.

4. Ann, Bom Sep. 20th 1730.

5. Nathaniel, Born Feb. 22nd 1732, died Nov. 26th

1 8 16 (Schoolmaster).

6. Mary, Born Jan. 17th 1734 married Cawthrey.

7. Martha, Bom July 13th 1737.

8. Grace, Born Dec. 19th 1739, died Sep. 29th 1800

m. Peat.

9. Elizabeth, Born Mar. loth 1741 (? married


10. William, Born Nov. 15th 1744.

1 1 . John, Born Nov. 22nd 1748, m. Hannah Bom

1723, Died June 3rd 1779.

19. Samuel, m. Sarah She was bom in 1728 and died Ap. 20th

1724- 1786 1793.

They had 5 children of whom I can find records.

1. Samuel, Bom Ap. 6th 1755, died April 24th 18 18.

2. Benjamin, Bom Feb. loth 1759 (? died Sep. 9th


3. George, Bom Sep. 8th 1763,

4. Elizabeth, Born Jan. 8th 1758.

5. Wilham, Born June 6th 1769.

20. Samuel, married Haimah Mortimer of Moor Side, Famley.
1755-1818 They had 2 children —

1. Benjamin, born Jime 2nd 1783, died Ap. 21st 1830.

2. Joel, Born May 14th 1785, died Oa. 26th 1800.


21. Benjamin, married Mary dau. of Samuel Crowther of Dean Hall,

1 783- 1 830 Morley, and Aim his wife nee Boot±i. Samuel was bom

Ap. 8th 1764, died Nov. i6th 1840. He was the son of

Samuel and Sarah Crowther of Gildersome Street.

Ann was bom July ist 1762, died Jan. 26th 1835.

Mary the wife of Benjamin was bom Jan. 12th 1787 and
died Jvme 14th 1851.

Mary and Benjamin had 5 children —

I Jemima, Bom June 26th 1811, d. Sep. 24th 1876,
m. I. Andrew Hodgson. 2. John Arran.

2. Edwin, Bom Sep. 30th 1813, died Nov. 5th 1900

m. Hannah Naylor.

3. Henry, Bom Sep. ist i8i7,died Aug. 9th 1897m.

Ann Sanderson.

4. Hannah, Bom Oct. 13th 1819, died Mar. 6th 1913

m. George Holliday.

5. Agnes, Bom Mar. 12th 1826, died Aug. 3rd 1876,

m. Francis Booth.


22. Henry, married Ann dau. of Benjamin and Rosetta Sanderson,
1817-1897 nee Lumby, of Old Hall, Gildersome, on Dec. 25th, 1843.

They had 12 children.

1. Sophia, Bom Jan. 18th 1845, m. July 21st 1869 to

Henry Booth of Wakefield.

2. Catherine, Born June 19th 1846, died Feb. 19th

1919, m. Oct. 20th 1866 to WilUam Walker.

3. Lucy Agnes, Born Aug. 5th 1848, died May 5th,

1900, m. lo Sam Harland.

4. Philip Henry, Born May 9th 1851

m. Aug. 4th, 1874 to Juha Holliday.

5. Ellen, Bom July 24th 1853, m. Jan. 9th 1878 to

John Oates Kelly.

6. Emmeline, Bom Aug. 13th 1855, died Sep. 12th


7. Emmeline, Born Sep. 19th 1858.

8. Charles Edwin, Born Dec. 12th i86o,m. Feb. 13th

1890 Stella S. Anderson in Australia.

9. Annie Margaret, Bora Jan. 28th 1863, m. June loth

1896 to WilUam Bedford.

10. Clara Lavinia, Bom May 2nd, 1864, m. Nov. 15th,

1898 to Francis Sutcliffe.

11. Arthur Nathaniel, B. Nov. 21st 1865, d. Dec. 29th,

1906, m. May 21st 1890 to Charlotte A. White-

12. Carry Sanderson B. Dec. 8th 1867

D. Nov. 26th 1891.

Henry Booth died August 9th 1897.

Ann Booth bom Aug. 26th 1820, died Sep. 14th, 1898.


2q Philip Henry, married JuUa HoUiday, Aug. 4th 1874. QuUa
1 85 1 Holliday was bom June 12th 185 1 and is the daughter

of Robert and Alice Holliday of Gildersome).

They have six children.

I Mary Louisa, Bom June 28th 1875, married John
Hobson Bates, Aug. 14th 1901, they have
children Geoffrey Booth, Emest and Kathleen.

2. Florence Helena, Bora May nth 1877.

3. Alfred, Born Dec. 24th 1878, married Jan. loth

191 1 Marie R. Cooke.

4. Margaret, Born Sep. 28th 1881.

5. Henry, Bom April 27th 1883, mamed Mar. isth

1906 Eva Firth.
6 Julia Constance, Bora Feb. 21st 1885, mamed
Norrison Stead, June 4th, 1912, they have a
child Charles Douglas Holliday Stead.

24 Alfred, married Marie Roberts Cooke of Wakefield Jan. loth
^' 191 1. Marie R. Cooke was bora June 20th

1888 and is the daughter of Joseph B. Cooke,
Sohcitor, Wakefield.

They have children.

I. Philip Alfred, Bora Dec. 29th 191 1.


The Rev. Nathaniel Booth, No. 17-1 Record A, and his descendants.

18. Rev. Nathaniel, B. Feb. 6th 1683 died Nov. 3rd 1734, married
1683-1734 Hannah Crowther June 30th 1708. She was

born Sep. i8th 1679, and died April 3rd 1755,
and was the daughter of John Crowther.
They had a son.
I. John, B. 1716 D. July 22nd 1783, buried at Morley.

19. John, married i. Sarah Marshall B. 1703 D. Sep. 17th 1757,
1716-1783 leaving no children. 2. Mary Aspinal.

They had 7 children.

1. Nathaniel, B. June 9th 1760 D. Mar. 8th 1813

Scatcherd's Delamere.

2. Sarah, B. May 30th 1762.

3. John, B. Sep. ist 1763.

4. Hannah, B. Ap. 4th, 1765.

5. Mary, B. Jan. loth, 1767.

6. Joseph, B. Mar. 4th, 1769, D. ? 1834, married his

cousin Elizabeth, B. Aug. nth, 1766, D. Sep.
25th 1811.
7. Jane, B. June 3rd, 1776. The father gives her
name as " Ginney " in his record which is

20. Nathaniel, m. Sarah Sinkinson, B. 1765, D. July 22nd, 1815.
1760-18 13 They had 2 children.

1. Mary B. D. , married John Procter.

2. Harriet, B. 1795, D. Dec. 8th, 1797.

21. John Proctor, had a son Edward who died Nov. 15th 1882.


William Hudson and his descendants.

i8. William Hudson, B. 1690 D. Oct. 7th 1749, married May 23rd,
1720 to No. 17-2 Mary Booth, sister to Rev.
N. Booth.

They had two children —

1. William, B. 1722 D, 1779.

2. Mary, B. April i ith 1724, married John Sinkinson.

19. William Hudson, B. 1722 D. 1779. Married ?

They had a son — . .
I. William B. 1756 D. Dec, 6th 1829 unmarried.

20. William Hudson, B. 1756 D. 1829 unmarried.

Mary and John Sinkinson had one child, Sarah who
married Nathaniel Booth (Scatcherd's Delamere).
Sarah Booth, B. 1765 D. July 22nd 18 15.
Nathaniel Booth, B. June 9th 1760, D. March i8th,

H— I



Joseph Booth, No. 19-6 Record B, grandson of the Rev. N .Booth
and his descendants.

20. Joseph Booth, B. Mar. 4th 1769, D. 1834 ?

Married his cousin Ehzabeth d. of Nathaniel Booth,

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